usererror56I am having difficulty getting a frontend only to connect to the smb shares on the backend.  Anyone have a few minutes to offer some tips?01:07
superm1thanks rhpot199101:13
usererror56the new front end connects to the sql database just fine, but i cannot figure out how to get it to play the saved videos on the backend from the frontend.  it keeps looking on the local hard drive instead of over the network....liveCD works just fine and asks me for the share names but i cannot find in the frontend setup where to put in the share names for the backend.01:17
Technobabbledoes anyone know off the top of their head what settings the PVR 150 uses or could point me to a setup.  i've got it working but it's got like a 5 second latency02:34
usererror56for video or sound?02:36
usererror56i am not sure then, i had an audio issue on a diff card.02:37
onesojournercan some one help me with vnc02:37
usererror56if you're trying to VNC back to a frontend i'd like to know how to set it up correctly too, manually. :)02:39
superm1why not just use the automatic method02:45
superm1and what's happening onesojourner02:45
usererror56i don't know what the correct vnc package to install is for enabling a vnc server on my front end.02:47
superm1mcc will configure and install it though for you....02:47
usererror56i'll check as soon as this game is over!02:48
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Tuv0ksuperm1, it does not want to update my database04:29
superm1Tuv0k, which trunk updates?04:39
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Tuv0kfrom the update I just did04:44
superm1yes i understand that04:44
superm1but be more specific04:44
superm1trunk on hardy?04:44
superm1or trunk on gutsy04:44
Tuv0kyes sorry04:44
superm1which one04:44
Tuv0ktrunk 1568904:47
superm1okay so you got the one from hardy today05:06
superm1try stopping mythbackend, and doing mythtv-setup in a terminal05:07
Tuv0kit keeps dying at the upgrade attempt05:17
Tuv0k Restarting MythTV server: mythbackend                                                                                                   No /usr/bin/mythbackend found running; none killed.05:18
Tuv0kQSettings: error creating /home/mythtv/.qt05:18
Tuv0k Tried to connect to session manager, Authentication Rejected,05:19
Tuv0kthe mythfilldatabase runs fine though05:19
Tuv0k None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed05:19
superm1even in mythtv-setup?05:21
superm1can you get some verbosity to where it's failling?05:22
superm1are your SQL tables clean?05:22
Tuv0kgoing to reboot08:29
Tuv0kDriver error was [2/145]:08:41
Tuv0kQMYSQL3: Unable to execute query08:41
Tuv0kDatabase error was:08:41
Tuv0kTable './mythconverg/recordedseek' is marked as crashed and should be repaired08:41
superm1so there's your problem08:53
superm1repair your tables08:53
superm1and try again08:53
Tuv0khow do I do that sup?08:59
Tuv0ksuperm1, fixed it09:23
WcktKlwnwhat's the latest one the HVR-1600?10:30
tafkazhi there. i could need some help with acpi shutdown using mythwelcome....13:22
tafkazanyone experienced on this ?13:22
tafkazacpi shutdown and wakeup is fine, unless i want mythwelcome to be used13:23
tafkazbut i would like to use mythwelcome so if the box has been waken up due to a scheduled recording, it shutsdown afterwards13:24
tafkazgutsy that is...13:24
tafkazi have for example now the problem, that the idle count was not performed after the recording was finished13:24
tafkazmythwelcome tells me that myth is idle...and the mythbackend logs show no action at all...but the idle countdown is not performed13:25
tafkazany idea13:25
tafkazif i restart mythbackend the countdown will be started immediately...13:26
tafkazwhat could hold mythbackend to start that countdown ß13:27
tafkaz-& +?13:27
tafkazhm....actually looking into the mythbackend log a bit deeper...there is the EITScanner being run every 2-3 minutes...13:28
tafkazbut that shouldnt prevent the shutdown, should it ?13:29
tafkazsorry, had to go for a moment...14:03
tafkazany idea on my mythwelcome prob ?14:03
Aquahallicafternoon folks18:51
BlainAnyone get, or is thier any documention on getting the Gyration MCE remote to work with Mythbuntu18:51
Aquahallicon a standalone frontend... are all the settings for the gui (sizes and prefs) held in the mysql db on the master backend?18:52
AquahallicIf I have a frontend running on a machine... and I setup something in correctly in the gui settings and it now chokes... do I  have to delete that frontend's settings out of mythconverg or are they local??19:20
Tuv0kthis is starting to get silly now20:05
Tuv0kmythbuntu is not enough, we need a UMCE?20:06
DavieyTuv0k: have you come here to troll?20:06
Tuv0khave you?20:06
DavieyAre you being serious?20:07
Tuv0kare you?20:07
[nrx]cunt-punt alert20:07
[nrx]heeyy :/20:08
Tuv0kI'd like to report you, for kicking for no reason20:10
Tuv0kI ask a question and get a troll flame20:10
Tuv0kif the page is outdated, remove the page20:10
Davieygo ahead20:10
Tuv0kwhat is your problem?20:10
Tuv0kyou did kick the guy that used a vulgarity in a family channel, but me for asking a legitimate question. Any fool ccan have OPs control, huh?20:11
Tuv0kdid not20:12
duncanI suddenly got a problem with my mythtv-record-status. I forgot everything I programmed - I am pretty clueless right now. Any suggestions where to start?20:12
duncanit not I20:12
superm1!family | [nrx]20:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about family - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:18
superm1hm what was it20:18
superm1!ohmy | [nrx]20:18
ubotu[nrx]: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.20:18
superm1Tuv0k, that project was started20:18
superm1but the developers got overwhelmed and its on hold for now20:18
[nrx]uh huh20:19
superm1[nrx], no but seriously, just watch the language or we will have to ban per the code of conduct okay?20:19
Tuv0ksuperm1, But sup, before I could check dayes or whatnot to see if I was mistaken, I was called a troll, and that does not bother me, so much as being kicked without so much as a warning or anything. But the use of vulgarity is ok.20:20
superm1Tuv0k, sorry for the mistake here, we've had several trolls in the past to deal with20:21
superm1so sometimes identifying one early is the better bet20:21
Tuv0kI was afraid to be kicked and or banned, and not be able to get your assistance again.20:21
Tuv0kI understand20:21
superm1just be careful of tone and what you say, and things should be fine20:21
superm1sorry :)20:21
[nrx]i appreciate that, and i was an ass, i know :)20:22
Tuv0kglad you were around20:22
[nrx]i was just acknowledging what you said :)20:22
Tuv0kI got banned from #fluxbuntu for typing "wt_"20:22
Tuv0kI did not even type the "f"20:22
Tuv0know, I would have to go through trickery to get back into the channel for real support, and its a shame.20:23
Tuv0kdropping the issue now20:23
superm1any time you are banned from a channel, you can to #ubuntu-ops about it20:23
Tuv0kbtw, my mythv is working perfect20:23
superm1and they will assess the situation from the logs20:23
Tuv0kbut this update will not allow the mythweather and some other plugins20:24
joejaxxTuv0k: ?20:24
DavieyTuv0k: i'd raise the issue in #ubuntu-ops and ask to get the ban taken off, if it's been suitable time.. I would not try and circumvent the ban, that can lead to a kline for the whole of freenode20:24
Tuv0kbut the new features look and feel are nice20:24
Tuv0kmore options20:24
superm1Tuv0k, they are still stuck in NEW20:24
superm1they will show up in the next few days20:24
superm1once they do, the new mythweb is very nice :)20:24
joejaxxTuv0k: do you have logs?20:25
Tuv0kand either I have enough freespace to running xfs defrag, or now it just works20:25
Tuv0kI had to learn how to fix my database last night20:25
Tuv0kthat was fun20:25
joejaxxit is not nice to exaggerate20:26
KjetilKTuv0k: I didn't find anything relevant in the FAQ, when you told me to RTFFAQ the other day...20:29
KjetilKalso, tv_grab_no is broken, so I can generate any EPG stuff20:29
Tuv0kwell it was more like try reading the faq, but hyperbole is good...20:30
KjetilKif I understood how the channel numbers that the tuning turned up mapped to the channels, I could perhaps fix it...20:30
KjetilKTuv0k: hehe, yeah20:31
KjetilKI managed to get a tv_grab_no.conf file, but the channel numbers there doesn't match the channel numbers where I find stuff...20:32
Aquahallicsuperm1 you have a minute??20:43
Aquahallicare the settings for GUI and Playback on a remote frontend only install held in the mysql db on the master backend?20:44
lime4x4how can i stop mythbuntu from asking for the password for the wireless network everytime it boots up?20:46
rhpot1991_laptoplime4x4: I like to harcode that stuff in /etc/network/interfaces but there are other (sometimes better) ways that it can be done, depending on your needs20:49
lime4x4i'm using a secured wireless card that requires a wep passphrase20:50
rhpot1991_laptopwill the box ever need to connect to any other wireless?20:51
lime4x4when i reboot the box it asks for my passphrase then the keyring manager comes up then i have to enter the password for that as well20:51
lime4x4nope just to my wireless router20:51
rhpot1991_laptopthe section "Adding it to /etc/network/interfaces" is what I do20:53
lime4x4ok thanks20:54
toorimasuperm1: the new updates, mythweb among other things, when u say they will show up in the next few days, do u mean in 8.4 beta or in 7.10 stable?20:56
[nrx]anyone suggest a reason why my back button during tv playback actually exists mythtv completely?20:59
Aquahallicare frontend GUI settings held local or on the master backend in mysql db???20:59
toorima[nrx]: bd error that makes mythtv crash?21:00
rhpot1991_laptopthat or you have something funky in your lircrc would be something to check21:01
lime4x4confused already..lol the wireless-key would that be the same as the passphrase?21:06
[nrx]bd error?21:06
toorimaops db21:06
[nrx]hm... what kind of error would it be? is there something I should check, or?21:06
rhpot1991_laptopcheck the frontend logs21:07
toorimawell i've had problems with the recordedseek field21:07
toorimain the past21:07
rhpot1991_laptoplime4x4: I used my hex key in wireless-key, if you have a passphrase you can try it there21:08
rhpot1991_laptoplime4x4: let me verify we are talking wep and not wpa21:08
toorimait has been marked as crashed and have made my jumping/skiping very funky21:08
rhpot1991_laptoptoorima: have you repaired/optimized your tables?21:08
superm1toorima, 8.04 stuff21:09
toorimayeah i've repaired it twice from that21:09
superm17.10 stable won't be seeing 0.21 until its out21:09
superm1Aquahallic, yes21:09
toorimasuperm1: oh ok, u got my hopes up there but i'll just wait till april21:09
superm1toorima, you can use the weekly gutsy builds though too21:09
superm1for trunk if you really want21:09
superm1that's why they're there :)21:10
toorimai'll think about it but i also like to keep it stable, but guessing trunk is pretty stable?21:10
superm1that's a relative question21:10
Aquahallicso.. if I made some changes on my frontend I have here on my laptop.. and it jacked my frontend so bad it won't even load to let me set them back.. I have to use something like phpmyadmin and edit them back directly in the db?21:10
toorimai think i'll wait for hardy21:11
toorimabut might upgrade early tho21:11
superm1Aquahallic, yeah you can do that21:11
rhpot1991_laptopAquahallic: mytweb can change a lot of the settings too, needs to be running on that box though21:11
superm1toorima, well there are still a few things broke in hardy, like the missing plugins, and vnc is a mess21:11
superm1so at least hold out until those are cleared up21:11
Aquahallicahh. yes.. do have mythweb running on there21:11
rhpot1991_laptopcan just use nx :)21:11
superm1rhpot1991_laptop, but it's not in apt :)21:12
toorimasuperm1: k thx man, keep up the good work21:12
rhpot1991_laptopI still recommend it, a lot smother than vnc over the interwebs21:12
Aquahallicoh...  the frontend is on my laptop... I have mythweb running on my master backend... so I can't set my GUI settings for this frontend from mythweb then can I??? meaning... mythweb will only let you change settings for the frontend that resides on the same box.. right?21:13
superm1Aquahallic, i would just use phpmyadmin21:14
superm1and find all the settings for that machine21:14
superm1and drop them21:14
rhpot1991_laptopAquahallic: yep, also I'm not entirely sure what settings mythweb has, just that it has some that I use (user jobs for one)21:15
rhpot1991_laptopphpmyadmin is definitely more versatile21:16
Aquahallicyeah... I installed phpmyadmin.. I never set a root password for mysql21:18
Aquahallicbut I try to logon and set one without -p and it denys me... so evidently it's been set somehow21:19
Aquahallicand it's not my root user pw...:/21:19
toorimaAquahallic: try /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt21:20
[nrx]i've checked the log... and there's nothing there that suggests a problem21:20
toorima[nrx]: and no db is marked as crashed? it won't show up in the logs i think21:21
[nrx]toorima, can i paste 3 lines?21:22
toorimaalso there could be something fishy with your lirc21:22
[nrx]log entry21:22
[nrx]2008-02-04 21:19:56.500 TV: Attempting to change from WatchingLiveTV to None21:22
[nrx]2008-02-04 21:19:57.123 TV: Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None21:22
[nrx]2008-02-04 21:19:57.143 DPMS Reactivated.21:22
[nrx]that's the entries form when i hit the back/stop key21:22
[nrx]that's when mythtv just exists completely21:22
toorimathink that is what my logs says when i stop watching live tv and exits to mythmeny, but it shouldnt crash then21:23
Aquahallicthat's only my mythtv user that's not my root acct though.... hmm... I guess that user does have access to mythconverg doesn't it... can I login to phpmyadmin with the mythtv user???21:23
toorimahmm not the 3rd line tho21:24
[nrx]when i start watching livetv, that line changes to DPMS Deactivated21:24
toorimahold on, ill try mine now21:24
rhpot1991_laptopAquahallic: you should be able to21:24
rhpot1991_laptopwill only have access to mythconverg though21:25
rhpot1991_laptoptry empty password for root21:25
Aquahallicyup... I'm IN....;)21:25
rhpot1991_laptopgo ahead and set a password on root then21:26
* Aquahallic thinks out of the box while spinning compiz cube back over to phpmyadmin....;)21:26
toorima[nrx]: i only get the second line21:26
[nrx]hm :/21:27
[nrx]any other suggestions/ideas?21:28
[nrx]this only happens coming out of livetv... it's fine with everyhing else21:28
rhpot1991_laptoplook for back button entries in your lircrc21:28
rhpot1991_laptopnot sure anything can cause a problem there, but its worth checking21:29
toorima[nrx]: it works well when u exit recorded shows?21:29
AquahallicHoly BeJeezus....21:29
[nrx]rhpot1991_: this is a bit weird... there are backbutton entries.. and there is one for livetv, but it doesn't work. The 'STOP' button seems to be configured to exit21:29
[nrx]the Back/Exit button is mapped to 'D' for some menus21:29
Aquahallicany idea where the different frontend's settings would be located??21:29
[nrx]i'm not really bothered about what button it is.. as long as I have a button that works and will take me out of live tv back to mythmenu21:30
rhpot1991_laptopmy exit is mapped to D21:30
[nrx]for live TV?21:30
rhpot1991_laptopfor everything it looks like21:31
rhpot1991_laptophmmm, no xine stuff in here, I might be hitting the wrong file21:31
rhpot1991_laptopmy symlinks got busted at some point it looks like21:32
rhpot1991_laptopin this one exit -> esc21:32
rhpot1991_laptopthats for all of mythtv21:33
[nrx]i just can't figure this out21:34
rhpot1991_laptopD delete in both "Watch a Recording" and "Delete a Recording"21:34
rhpot1991_laptopsays the mythtv wiki21:34
[nrx]thing is.. with irw, if i hit the back/exit button on the remote.. it shows in irw as BackExit21:35
rhpot1991_laptopso you have one pointing at d, and others too?21:35
[nrx]and that's mapped in lircrc21:35
[nrx]but.. it does nothing21:35
lime4x4rhpot1991 i'm using wep21:35
lime4x4my router generates a passphrase and key21:36
rhpot1991_laptoplime4x4: should be good to do that then, might want to search around about using a passphrase if its not working right though21:36
[nrx]prog = mythtv21:37
[nrx]button = BackExit21:37
[nrx]config = Esc21:37
rhpot1991_laptopthtas your only backexit?21:37
[nrx]that's correct for lircrc, right?21:37
rhpot1991_laptopI wonder if you are hitting the wrong lircrc then21:37
[nrx]yes it is21:38
[nrx]i have /home/mythtv/.lircrc and /home/mythtv/.mythtv/lircrc21:38
[nrx]not symlinked.. the same file copied21:38
rhpot1991_laptopyou are sure that the mythtv user is running it?21:39
rhpot1991_laptopand not some other user21:39
rhpot1991_laptopas far as the frontend goes21:39
[nrx]as in, user mythtv is running the frontend?21:39
toorimashouldnt it be Back/Exit instead of BackExit?21:39
[nrx]my button is mapped to BackExit21:40
[nrx]backend is running as user mythtv and frontend is running as me21:40
toorimak maybe diff depending on what remote21:40
rhpot1991_laptoptoorima: that depends on how lirc is setup21:40
[nrx]toorima, i don't think it matters because you set that up yourself21:40
rhpot1991_laptopthts prob why, check for a lircrc in your home dir21:40
egghead2does anyone know if you can control two set top boxes with one ir blaster? or do u need two?21:40
rhpot1991_laptopit will pick that up if you are running the frontend21:40
rhpot1991_laptopjust symlink them all to the same file, will save you headaches in the end21:41
rhpot1991_laptopegghead2: well if you wanted them all to do the same thing, I guess you could21:41
rhpot1991_laptopwould be hard to tell which one to do what though21:41
egghead2rhpot, lol, naw i wanted then seperate21:41
[nrx]i think i've just fucked up my lircrc21:42
[nrx]sorry, language21:42
[nrx]i'm just massively frustrated21:42
AquahallicThanx... I got my frontend back...:P21:42
egghead2i thought maybe setting up a seperate remote for each box might do the trick21:42
egghead2hi aqua21:43
rhpot1991_laptopwhat did you do overwrite it?21:43
Aquahallicnow my question... I have the frontend running in a window.. and TV playback in GUI size....21:43
rhpot1991_laptopyou can regenerate it with MCC21:43
AquahallicHeya EGG21:43
[nrx]i cpied the one from /mythtv21:43
rhpot1991_laptopegghead2: sorry I don't know much about irblasting, might want to find someone who is actually using it and ask them if you can do 2 signals21:44
Aquahallicif I'm watching tv in a window'd view.. is there a kboard shortcut to bring it to full screen??21:44
egghead2rhpot, k thanks :)21:44
[nrx]i can't believe i've messed up my remote again.. it took me 2 days to get it working 99% :(21:44
Aquahallicrhpot1991_laptop:  I found the db setting for the GUI sizes and just hand edited it...:)21:45
lime4x4okay anybody now where i can what screen resolution i should be using for a 51 inch widescreen using dvi set to 1080i21:45
Aquahallicegghead2:  you trying to get that irblaster working with your dishnet??21:45
rhpot1991_laptop[nrx]: backups are important when playing around21:45
[nrx]yeah :(21:45
[nrx]i may cry lol21:45
egghead2aqua, yup21:46
Aquahallictrying to do 2 different with the one remote?21:47
egghead2want to control 2 boxes from one ir blaster, do able?21:47
Aquahallicshould be I'd think21:47
egghead2yea read the faq a couple time but, seem it could go either way21:47
[nrx]okay, i've ot it back to what it was21:47
Aquahallicyou have each box on it's own source?21:47
egghead2i gotta go, quiting time :)21:47
egghead2ill call you later :)21:48
Aquahallick... call me later if you want...HAHA21:48
egghead2ok cya21:48
Aquahalliconly .99c a min21:48
[nrx]right. which one does mythtv use.. is it the one in /.mythtv/lircrc or the on in /.lircrc?21:48
rhpot1991_laptop[nrx]: after you get them all in place you will want to sudo /etc/init.d/lirc reload and sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart21:48
rhpot1991_laptopI'll be honest I don't remember, I just get one out there and symlink it all over21:49
BlainAnyone get, or is thier any documention on getting the Gyration MCE remote to work with Mythbuntu21:51
[nrx]rhpot1991_ i've got Back/Exit working21:53
[nrx]but, it still quits mythtv from live playback instead of returning to mythmenu21:53
rhpot1991_laptopI'd watch live tv then hit esc on a keyboard to verify its doing it there21:54
[nrx]it does it with the keyboard, too21:54
rhpot1991_laptopand did you reload/restart lirc?21:54
[nrx]the remote's all good21:54
rhpot1991_laptopprob not an lirc porblem then21:54
[nrx]just the 'Esc' config seems to make mythtv quit completely instead of stopping live tv and returning to the menu21:55
[nrx]it was mapped to 'D' but in live tv playback, it did nothing21:56
[nrx]so i can only presume that either a) 'Esc' isn't the right config .. or, b) I have a serious problem/error somewhere21:56
[nrx]check me out, sherlock.21:56
rhpot1991_laptopsee mine uses esc with no problem21:57
[nrx]that would suggest a problem with mine somewhere then huh21:57
Aquahallic[nrx]: when you hit Esc from a keyboard does it work??21:57
rhpot1991_laptopyou are running the regular builds and not trunk or anything?21:57
[nrx]Aquahallic, it also quits completely if i hit Esc on the keyboard21:57
[nrx]rhpot1991_ running mythbuntu, yeah21:58
[nrx]Esc works on every other menu.. no problems, just during live tv it doesn't.21:58
[nrx]lemme explain this a little more..21:58
[nrx]I use the theme with the round menu options.. like circles with the images in them?21:58
[nrx]the blue one.. with the blue rippled background21:58
AquahallicI had that problem too... I'm trying to remember what it was21:58
[nrx]so i get in.. hit TV.. then Watch Live TV21:58
[nrx]when i've been watchin and I hit Esc, it goes back to the blue rippled background for about 2-3 seconds, then bombs out entirely21:59
[nrx]i have another wee issue if anyone wants to make a suggestion? :)22:01
Aquahallic[nrx]: are you logging mythfrontend??22:01
[nrx]Aqua, yeah, but there's no errors in there when MythTV bombs out22:01
[nrx]here's another issue..22:02
[nrx]i get that with some channels22:02
Aquahallic[nrx]: can you pastebin your frontend log so I can have a peek?22:02
[nrx]i'm remote to it.. so it's kinda difficult tbh22:03
Aquahallicwell.. unless I can see what your frontend is saying I can't really comment on it...:(22:04
[nrx]i pasted it to someone a wee bit earlier if you can scroll back...22:05
[nrx]but there's no errors at all when mythtv bombs out22:05
AquahallicI saw it...22:12
AquahallicI can't tell anything from it...:/22:13
Aquahallicmight look in keymappings though???22:13
Aquahallicyou can set what keys do what22:13
[nrx]http://pastebin.com/m37eabcfd - any ideas on that?22:13
[nrx]that's when i change to a channel that isn't working correctly22:14
Aquahallicsame capture card as the other channels that work properly?22:19
Aquahalliccould be a bad signal22:19
[nrx]if i use a normal proper freeview box, it's fine22:20
[nrx]if i use the same capture card in a windows box, it's fine22:20
Aquahallicthat's not mythtv though... different players22:21
[nrx]so the signal is still the same22:21
Aquahallicsee if you can find a channel that doesn't work properly... then schedule up a recording.. let it record a few min of it..then try to play that back with something other than the mythtv native frontend22:22
[nrx]i can select the channel.. and watch it22:22
[nrx]but it's all just garble on the screen22:22
[nrx]including the OSD22:23
Aquahallictry to record it and see how it plays on another player22:23
[nrx]seem to be seeing quite a lot of errors now too, actually22:23
[nrx]for instance: 2008-02-04 22:23:08.055 Preview Error: Previewer file '/var/lib/mythtv/recordings/1001_20080204222305.mpg' is not valid.22:23
Aquahallicright.. that's prolly one of the channels you said that gives you the other error22:24
[nrx]that's from mythbackend.log22:25
Aquahallicwhen you view livetv.. it's actually dropping a .mpg file down22:25
[nrx]Run 'mythcommflag --file 1001_20080204222307.mpg --rebuild' to fix22:25
[nrx]got a few of them, too22:25
Aquahallicso.. if the tuner isn't tuning it properly.. then you're going to have mangled video22:25
[nrx]okay, so that explains that then22:26
AquahallicI'd check your tuner setup22:26
[nrx]i've gone thru the backend setup numerous times and I can't see anything wrong with it22:26
[nrx]does mythtv rely on tzap?22:27
Aquahallicis it odd.. or even or maybe just the higher channels??22:27
Aquahallicany sort of rime or reason22:27
[nrx]yes.. it's channel4 (all channel 4 channels) and ITV2 and ITV322:27
Aquahalliccan you tune that channel 4 correctly with just a tv hooked to THAT SAME wire?22:28
Aquahallicnot in the rest of the house.... but on THAT wire going into your capture card22:28
Aquahalliccause..it's funny it's channel 4... since most devices output on chan. 3 or 4 depending on what the switch is set to22:29
Aquahallicmight have something hooked in that's feeding back and screwing channel 422:30
[nrx]im gonna try it with tzap22:32
directhexit's digital. you only have 6 frequencies to tunr into22:32
directhexitv1 and channel 4 share the same frequency22:33
Aquahallicahh.. so it is some feedback on the chan. 4 freq then you think directhex??22:35
directhexif itv1 works, that frequency is fine22:36
directhexand itv222:36
Aquahallicdirecthex: is there a way if I'm watching mythtv in a window and I want to switch it to full screen to do that from a keyboard?? or do I have to go and re-setup the frontend window settings each time I want to switch??22:37
directhexmythtv isn't really geared towards changing resolutions, so i'm afraid there's no quick switch22:38
Aquahallicawwee... k22:38
directhexthe multiplex used by channel 4 is shared by itv1, itv2, itv3, iv4, citv, more4, e4, channel4+1, and the teletext channels22:40
[nrx]so.. how do you get it to work?22:40
directhexyou mention mangled video. mangled how?22:41
[nrx]it's difficult to explain22:41
[nrx]think of horizontal stripes.. multicoloured22:42
[nrx]perfect audio in the background (correct for the channel) but just no picture22:42
directhexwhat's your graphics card?22:44
Aquahallicdirecthex: let me ask you this.... I have a frontend on my laptop... those settings are saved in the mysql db on my backend... I found them with the hostname of my laptop... is there a way I can force mythfrontend to pass a different name... or... someway setup a different profile in the db and I can just pass an arguement through a launcher to use a different set of settings on the db??22:44
[nrx]ati radeon22:44
directhexAquahallic, not that i know of. interesting idea though22:45
directhex[nrx], interesting. what screen resolution?22:46
[nrx]er. 1024.76822:46
[nrx]im on the TV out22:46
[nrx]all other channels work fine though22:46
[nrx]does that help at all?22:47
directhex[nrx], no, that looks normal to me22:48
directhex[nrx], however, ati drivers are a known cause of strife - and the input resolution varies per-channel22:49
directhexlet me check my sources, see if i can spot another channel which runs the same res as 422:49
[nrx]ok :)22:49
directhexitv1 works?22:51
[nrx]normal ITV works, yes22:51
[nrx]earlier, E4+1 was working..22:52
[nrx]which was weird22:52
directhexodd. can you make a quick recording from channel 4, then try the recording file (.mpg) on another pc?22:52
directhexpreferably one not running the radeon/linux combo22:52
[nrx]2 ticks22:53
[nrx]where will it store the recording? scuse my ignorance but \i haven't recorded anything yet.. been too busy trying to get it all working22:58
[nrx]i.e. were can i pull it from to view it elsewhere :)22:58
[nrx]btw, the OSD doesn't even show up.. dunno if that helps at all?23:00
[nrx]nm, found it23:02
directhexno osd definitely smells like a driver issue23:02
directhexand i think /var/lib/mythtv/recordings is default23:02
[nrx]yeah, got it :)23:03
[nrx]my mac wont play the file23:03
[nrx]stupid fricken macs.23:03
directhexdoes your mac have a codec for mpeg2-ts?23:04
[nrx]pft. i know nothing about macs23:04
[nrx]i'll go try on the pc23:04
[nrx]back in 523:04
directhexyou'll need a codec on windows too23:04
directhexgoogle for "haali" and "ffdshow-tryouts" in that order23:04
directhexit's technically capable of working - http://img.hexus.net/v2/articles/MythTV/wmp-files-01.jpg23:05
[nrx]i've got it playing on my pc23:13
[nrx]but it's upside down and back to front23:13
[nrx]so anyway, the video is there23:17
Nach0hi everyone in 'cyberspace land' :)23:17
[nrx]directhex :)23:19
Nach0i have a quick question if anyone can help, I just installed 7.10 on an avit AV8 motherboard onto a sata HD, the install went fine but when the system rebooted is shows no OS found.23:20
Nach0im now re-installing, anyone know why this would of happened?23:20
[nrx]grrr... it wont let me watch LiveTV now :( !!23:22
[nrx]it says that all available slot are taken and to stop current in progress recordings..23:27
[nrx]there are none!23:27
alexvd_nrx: restart the backend23:28
alexvd_/etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart23:29
[nrx]this is fucked up23:29
[nrx]channel 4 is working now?23:29
Aquahallicon a different pc [nrx]??23:30
[nrx]and now my remote is knackered. again.23:30
[nrx]no.. the same one lol23:30
alexvd_nrx: can you use the keyboard23:30
[nrx]i deleted all recordings and it's let me back in to watch live tv23:31
[nrx]but as i say.. channel 4 is working now23:31
[nrx]but itv2 etc isn't23:31
directhexthey look screwed up, or failing to tune?23:32
alexvd_what are you recording from23:32
[nrx]directhex.. what's the difference :(23:32
alexvd_well failing tune could be a number of things23:32
[nrx]it's as though there's no codec for it.. so all you get is garble on the screen in lots of different colours23:32
directhex[nrx], if the video looks screwy, it really seems radeon related to me. failing to tune is something very different23:32
[nrx]channel4 works..23:33
[nrx]bbc1, bbc2, stv/itv doesn't now23:33
[nrx]i give up23:33
[nrx]where's the sense in this?!23:33
directhexi'm convinced it's a radeon issue, and ati are well known for having abortive drivers in linux23:34
[nrx]how come then.. on the screwey channels, the volume bar still works okay? as in, the ubuntu one23:35
[nrx]i'm giving up for tonight23:35
[nrx]got an early start23:35
[nrx]thanks for all your help directhex :)23:35
directhexthe channels are displayed using Xv, a video extension for hardware acceleated 2d video rendering23:35
[nrx]it really is/was much appreciated23:35
directhexi think there's an environment variable like NO_XV you can set to something non-zero to check for different behaviour23:36
[nrx]would it have anything to do with envy?23:36
directhexonly in the sense that different ati drivers have different sets of bugs23:38
[nrx]im gonna hit the sack23:38
[nrx]again, thanks for your help.23:38
[nrx]if you're around tomorrow, i'll maybe pick your brains again if that's okay :)23:38
alexvd_directhex: I am setting up a new hard drive for videos. It is sdc1.  I mounted in fstab and set a symbolic link to map it to /var/lib/mythtv/recordings.  How do I setup the permission so that i can copy files across the lan to it and the mythtv user can read from it?23:41
alexvd_sorry error in above. I created a new file in /var/lib/mythtv/ called videos23:42
alexvd_and the drive will have a symbolic link to sdc123:42
directhexalexvd_, make sure one of the following scenarios is true: 1) the mythtv user owns the place it's mounted, and has write permission 2) one of the groups the mythtv users is in has group ownership, and has write permission 3) global write permission23:43
directhexcopying files across the lan, pick your poison - nfs, cifs, sshfs, whatever23:44
alexvd_directhex: so i setup the permissions on the videos file exactly as the recordings.  Its owner is Mythtv and group is alexvd23:44
alexvd_directhex: the owner mythtv has read write and alexvd group has read23:45
directhexalexvd_, that works23:45
alexvd_directhex: so do I do a sudo chown mythtv:alexvd /dev/sdc1 to the drive.23:47
directhexno, on the mountpoint23:47
alexvd_directhex: then a chmod 755 /dev/sdc123:47
directhexaltered device node permissions are harmful23:48
alexvd_so the mountpoint of the harddrive23:48
alexvd_the mountpoint I thought was /var/lib/mythtv/videos23:48
alexvd_are you saying i dont have to do anything to the drive23:49
directhexnever mess with device nodes. you're talking a mount point issue23:49
directhexusers write to files, not devices. files are a function of mounted disks, not device nodes23:50
alexvd_so in fstab i have this /dev/sdc1 /var/lib/mythtv/videos                         xfs    defaults,errors=remount-ro      0       123:50
alexvd_that should be correct23:50
directhexsmells correct to me23:50

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