osmosishow can I get LWP::UserAgent  in dapper?02:17
nealmcbsoren, sommer: some questions are http://www.linux-mag.com/id/4829#comments - is anyone monitoring that?04:05
nealmcbs/are/are cropping up at the jeos article - /04:06
faulkes-           ~.13:17
* kraut gives faulkes- a terminal13:19
faulkes-yes, luckily however I keep this screened ;)13:39
XiXaQdoes anyone know if I'll be able to test out hardys KVM-stuff in a VMWare guest?13:47
avatar_jdstrand: i installed ufw, enabled and all my ssh sessions died13:47
avatar_jdstrand: default ipv6 policy seems to be BLOCK13:47
jdstrandavatar_: it will flush the policy13:47
jdstrandavatar_: flush the rules13:47
jdstrandavatar_: only on startup vi initscript or 'enable'13:48
jdstrandavatar_: once enabled, it will insert the rules (eg shen using allow|deny)13:48
jdstrandavatar_: wrt ipv6, you are correct13:48
jdstrandavatar_: next version will have ipv6 support13:49
jdstrand(started it today)13:49
avatar_at work where are using ipv6 for al of our services :)13:50
jdstrandavatar_: ipv6 will be on par with ipv4 when I am done13:50
jdstrandavatar_: I will also add a note about ssh to the wiki13:50
jdstrand(and README)13:50
jdstrandavatar_: I have to flush the rules on enable and startup to make sure the tables are in a consistent state13:51
avatar_okay, i already filed an bug (188934) before looking around on irc13:51
jdstrandavatar_: ok cool.  thanks for testing it out! :)13:51
avatar_i really like the simple pf style syntax13:52
jdstrandavatar_: fyi-- you can add rules to ufw before running enable, so this can help in the future13:52
jdstrandavatar_: eg 'ufw allow 22 && ufw enable'13:53
avatar_i found the before.rules and after.rules13:53
jdstrandavatar_: the chains are still flushed, but the port ends up being open13:53
sorenXiXaQ: What do you mean?14:01
sorenivoks: I've got a plan.14:01
XiXaQsoren, I'd like to see how hardys new virtualization stuff works in practice, but I don't want to replace gutsy as my os yet.14:03
sorenXiXaQ: So you want to run kvm inside of vmware?14:03
ivokssoren: yes?14:03
sorenivoks: It's a plan for how to do things like dovecot+postfix integration in hardy+1.14:04
XiXaQsoren, right.14:04
sorenXiXaQ: I doubt that'll work.14:04
XiXaQme too.. It's worth a shot though. :)14:04
lamontsoren: if it's a plan that calls for init.d scripts to modify config files, it's not the best of plans...14:04
sorenXiXaQ: You're welcome to try, but don't expect much :)14:04
zulXiXaQ: it probably wont work14:05
sorenlamont: It's not :)14:05
sorenXiXaQ: Actually, I wouldnt' even bother trying :)14:05
ivokssoren: atm i'm kind of blocked and can't access launchpad :)14:06
lamontsoren: good14:06
sorenivoks: No worries. I havent' written the spec yet or filed a blueprint.14:06
XiXaQdidn't work.. :>14:06
sorenXiXaQ: I'm guessing the vm presented by vmware doesn't expose svm or vmx?14:07
sorenlamont, ivoks: It's something that'll get triggered after dpkg has installed a stack of new packages. You can add rules to it and tell it what to do.. E.g. if a condition like (postfix is installed && dovecot-common is installed) is true and it wasn't the last time we ran, it'll ask you if you'd like to set up the SASL stuff.14:10
lamontcool.  that has good potential14:11
sorenYeah, that's what I thought. There are a stack of details I need to think through, but that's the gist of it.14:12
ochoohello all, I'm having problem installing pure-ftpd on gutsy14:23
ochoopure-ftpd exiting with error code 25214:24
lamontsoren: any chance you'll accept that -backport of postfix 2.4.7-1?14:28
lamont(and will launchpad even let you?)14:28
sorenbug #?14:28
lamontah, yes.14:28
lamontScottK: bug number?14:28
soren(and why don't you do it yourself?)14:28
lamontsoren: I prefer to avoid abusing the duck14:29
lamontmostly so that you remind me about bug reports and such... :-)14:29
lamontsoren: I'm not even sure that LP will accept it, since it's newer-than-hardy14:30
sorenI didn't know Launchpad even had special logic for backports.14:30
lamontit may or may not...14:31
sorenIs it a gutsy backport?14:32
sorenI can't seem to find it..14:32
lamontin theory14:32
lamontit might have gotten tossed.14:32
mathiazsoren: did you package cobbler for hardy ?14:33
sorenmathiaz: Not entirely, no.14:33
mathiazsoren: do you think you'll make it before FF ?14:33
sorenNo... Should I?14:34
lamontsoren: no worries - I'll upload 2.5.1 this week (I hope...  iz RC1 now) and then do the spate of backports14:34
sorenI believe the conclusion at the sprint was that I wasn't going to need it anyway, so if you and Marc needed it for se, I could send the current stuff to you.14:34
mathiazsoren: about bug 3206714:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 32067 in samba "the security parameter must be set to share, not user, in smb.conf - Smb/Gnome sharing broken" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3206714:49
mathiazsoren: what do you think about setting the status to Won't Fix with a comment like: this issue should be fixed in nautilus-share rather than samba itself14:50
mathiazsoren: as samba has a more general audience than the desktop use case referred to this bug.14:51
mathiazsoren: this is the approach taken by the EasyFileSharing Spec.14:51
mathiazsoren: WDYT ?14:51
sorenmathiaz: I think that's the sane solution. However, that bug has way too much of an angry mob written all over it.. Just marking it as won't fix will tick them off big time, and it has got my name on it, so I'll be on the receiving end of the hate mails.14:53
zulsoren: just take one for the team ;)14:54
sorenIs anyone by any chance have Microsoft Virtual PC running somewhere?15:19
mathiazzul: about bug 18513915:19
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185139 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "Default installation does not log to /var/log/mysql.err or mysql.log" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18513915:19
zulmathiaz: yep15:20
mathiazzul: I'd mark it as Won't Fix15:20
zulok will do15:20
mathiazzul: I think the current situation is ok. The message should be found in /var/log/daemon.log. WDYT ?15:20
zuli think 5.1 is doing that now as well, im a bit more of a traditionalist when i like to look for things in /var/log/mysql.* but i dont mind it15:21
ochooabout bug 18513915:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185139 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "Default installation does not log to /var/log/mysql.err or mysql.log" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18513915:21
zulmathiaz: its my mysql bug day :)15:22
mathiazzul: are you working on packaging the fixes or just bug triagging ?15:23
mathiazzul: I've uploaded a merge of mysql 5.0.51 and soren should have reviewed it.15:24
mathiazzul: may be you can base your work on my merge and upload it once it's all good15:24
zulsure...where is it?15:24
mathiazzul: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mathiaz/packages/15:24
zulwill do15:25
zulmathiaz: what about the mysql-doc thats there?15:29
mathiazzul: it needs to be uploaded at the same time as mysql-dfsg.15:39
zulmathiaz: ok15:39
zulIm just adding my stuff and ill do a test build as well15:39
zuland test run, etc15:39
mathiazzul: the current version in restricted has the manual and the man pages, because the man page were not GPL'ed until August.15:40
zuloh I see15:40
mathiazzul: the new version of mysql-dfsg has the man page included (they were GPL'ed in August)15:40
mathiazzul: so mysql-doc had to be updated to ship only the manual (which we're allowed to do in the restricted repository)15:41
mathiazzul: I've clarified the issue with MySQL Documentation team15:41
zulgood thank you :)15:41
mathiazzul: the build takes time now, as it will run all the tests.15:42
zulno problem Ill do other things while im waiting15:42
mathiazzul: I've added support for nockech option to skipp the tests at build time.15:42
sommermathiaz: hello, can you give me an example of why do-release-upgrade is best?15:48
sommermathiaz: I seem to remember you mentioning the sysvinit to upstart, but can't seem to find the details15:49
mathiazsommer: do-release-upgrade does more things than dist-upgrade15:50
mathiazsommer: for example, it will take care of removing evms when you upgrade to gutsy15:50
mathiazsommer: that cannot be done using apt-get dist-upgrade15:51
sommermathiaz: ahhh... that's the one I was thinking of evms15:51
sommerwasn't evms replaced with something else?15:51
mathiazsommer: yep - I think that's the main issue you have when upgrading a server.15:51
mathiazsommer: I don't think it was replaced. lvm can do pretty much everything evms ca do.15:51
sommergotcha, but there was a boot issue if emvs wasn't removed?15:52
mathiazsommer: correct.15:52
mathiazsommer: I think that's the problem the sender had.15:52
sommercool, I'm working on a upgrade section for the guide, and needed an example of why do-release-upgrade is preferred15:53
mathiazzul: can you make sure that bug 33940 is fixed ?15:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 33940 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysql_setpermission broken" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3394015:54
tjaaltonany comments on the libpam-ldap patch?15:54
zulmathiaz: it has15:54
zuli dropped it for 5.0.5115:54
mathiazzul: could you also take care of bug 153868 ?15:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 153868 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "package mysql-server-5.0 5.0.45-1ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade -  Access denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost'" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15386815:55
mathiazzul: cool - could you add a comment in the changelog then ?15:55
mathiazzul: I've forgot to mark it as fixed in the merge entry.15:55
zulmathiaz: ok doing a test build now16:15
mathiazzul: great - should be ready in an hour (depending on how powerfull your computer is :) )16:16
ScottKlamont: I'm here now.  It's pretty much a rule it has to be in a developmental release before we can backport it.16:17
lamontScottK: piffle16:21
lamontso I need to upload 2.4.7-1 to hardy, do the backports (you wanna file the bugs for me??) and then I can upload 2.5.1?16:21
ScottKI'll take care of filing the backport bugs.16:21
ScottKFor the source backports (which we'll need for dapper - feisty) it doesn't actually have to still be there.  Gutsy is the only one that needs to get executed before you upload 2.516:22
mathiazzul: for bug 185139, I usually add a comment about the reason why I mark the bug as Won't Fix.16:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185139 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "Default installation does not log to /var/log/mysql.err or mysql.log" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18513916:25
mathiazzul: It'd help me if I need to revisit the state of the bug.16:25
zulsorry about that16:26
ivokslamont: ping16:58
lamontivoks: ack16:59
ivoksivoks: any comments on bug #164837?16:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 164837 in dovecot "Dovecot SASL for postfix" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16483716:59
ivokser... lamont :)16:59
zulmathiaz: it built17:00
* lamont stabs at his laggy internet connection this morning17:01
mathiazzul: great :)17:02
lamontivoks: the final debdiff doesn't look tragically wrong, assuming it works.  modifying config files in init.d would be a far more ugly and objectionable approach.17:03
lamonttasksel may make the most sense for hardyt17:03
lamontand see also the ucf comments17:03
ivoksi'm also against modifying init script17:03
ivokslamont: so, green light from you for tasksel diff? :)17:04
lamontand I do need to run for a few hours - able to actually look at this in more depth in about 5 hours or so.17:04
ivoksok, could you add comment there?17:04
lamontif it works.  and make sure that ucf/dovecot gets tested, too.17:05
lamontI suppose17:05
ivoksso we could finish this; it's about time.. :)17:05
ivokssee you later17:05
sorenmathiaz: Oh.. I created a branch of my review queue on my laptop when we were at the sprint. I forgot to merge them when I got home, so I haven't done the mysql merge review. Crap.18:06
mathiazsoren: np. zul is doing it.18:09
mathiazsoren: but your comments are welcomed of course18:09
zullamont: ping18:52
lamontzul: sorta here19:40
zullamont: damn it I forgot the question now19:40
lamontthat's why we just ask....19:40
zuloh yeah for hppa do you actually care if mysql builds on it?19:42
zulok Ill leave it alone then19:43
lamontI'd have to put on my hppa-porter-team-lead for that, and that's not for another 2-3 hours yet.19:43
lamonthrm... 'hat' goes in there somewhere19:43
zulmathiaz: ping20:01
mathiazzul: doiiinggg20:01
zulWhat do you think of this? Server version: 5.0.51-3ubuntu1 (Ubuntu)20:02
zulShould it Ubuntu/Hardy or just leave it as it is20:02
mathiazzul: I think Ubuntu is enough20:04
zulgood for me20:04
mathiazzul: it's Debian in debian ?20:04
mathiazzul: there is the version number in the message also20:04
zulcorrect..its generated when ./configure is run20:05
zulmathiaz: its looks ok to me20:17
ivokslamont: here? :)20:33
ScottKleonel: If you're up for doing some research, it would be very useful for me to have a list of all the CVEs open against the released (not backports) version of clamav in Dapper.20:37
ivoksanyone has an idea how to setup postfix to verify recipient address on another smtp server (that part i know) and if the recipient doesn't exist, relay that mail to another smtp server (this is a problem)?20:39
ScottKivoks: I suspect you'd need a policy server for that, but I'm not certain.20:39
ScottKI think vrfy will just reject it if it doesn't exist.20:40
leonelScottK:   queued ..20:40
lamontivoks: you might have to resort to using the big hammer for that one20:40
lamont(aka pipe mailer)20:40
ScottKI think it's doable with restriction classes and a policy server.20:40
ScottKleonel: Thanks.20:40
ivokshm... any documenation on that?20:41
ivoksah, never mind, i'll look for it20:41
ScottKivoks: http://www.postfix.org/SMTPD_POLICY_README.html for policy servers and if you look in the docs for pypolicyd-spf (source package name) there's a readme on using restriction classes to process mail differently with different policy server results.20:42
ScottKBetween those two, I think you'll be able so sort it.20:42
ivoksi'm looking at that one right now, thanks20:43
ivoksthanks for help20:49
ivokssee you tomorrow20:49
=== _emgent is now known as emgent
mathiazzul: isn't bug 186978 fixed in the mysql-dfsg package you've just uploaded ?21:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186978 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "[mysql] [CVE-2008-0226] [CVE-2008-0227] buffer overflows in YaSSL" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18697821:45
CarlFKwhat is the name of the  kernel package that u-server uses?22:43
=== leonel_ is now known as leonel

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