darius12does process handover work with current upstart bzr? (from an initramfs upstart to the "real" upstart)10:05
darius12what is missing? the ipc protocol between the two instances of upstart?10:36
darius12is it just that, or there needs to be any refactoring before this protocol is added?10:42
Keybukthe complete lack of any IPC is a major todo item right now10:43
Keybukthe necessary conf changes have already happened10:43
darius12I see.10:45
Keybuka related, but not critical path, item is the atomicity of start & stop10:50
darius12they are not yet atomic?10:51
darius12I 'm setting a qemu image to play with boot-time facilities (upstart and grub2)10:53
Keybukin the sense that:10:54
Keybuk start JOB with environment FOO=x BAR=y10:54
Keybukthis should start the job, storing those environment variables in it, and those environment variables should persist throughout the life of the job, including its stop scripts10:54
Keybukif I now do10:54
Keybuk stop JOB10:54
Keybuk start JOB with environment FOO=y BAR=x10:55
Keybuk(immediately after each other - ie. restart)10:55
Keybukthe job should stop with FOO=x and BAR=y and not adjust its environment until it has completely stopped10:55
darius12I see, interesting10:56
Keybukactually, it's turned out to be quite a headache11:16
darius12is "with environment" really needed?11:24
darius12(I guess it has to do with supporting different instances of a service right?)11:24
Keybukand if you don't have environment, you don't know what event started you11:33
darius12and I guess I need service instances11:37
Keybukinstance cases are even more fun11:39
Keybuksince in theory, the environment attached is similar enough anyway11:39
Keybukstart getty TTY=tty111:39
Keybukstop getty TTY=tty111:39
Keybukstart getty TTY=tty111:39
Keybukdoesn't really make much difference :)11:39
darius12and why is it such a problem for the atomicity? (I haven't looked at the source yet)11:44
darius12you are storing an event together with its environment, not?11:45
darius12I meant a job instance together with its environment11:51
Keybukyou'd need to store its current environment12:11
Keybukand its next environment12:11
Keybukspawn a new instance, and don't let it start until the other stops12:12
darius12right, I see12:20
KeybukI'm not sure which is the right solution12:57
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