budserIs there anyone here who might be able to help me with my display settings?00:50
budserI tried to set up advanced desktop effects and now my windows have no close/minimize/maximize buttons!00:51
budserI guess you're all watching the game :^/00:52
budserif there were a way to restore the default settings I would be happy00:54
skarfacebudser: run ccsm00:56
skarfacedo you have emerald?00:57
budserI did set up emerald01:00
budserI followed the instructions closely at http://xubuntublog.wordpress.com/01:01
budserbut I guess I don't have the right hardware to use advanced desktop settings01:01
budsercompiz, or whatever01:01
budserwell, I deselected "save session" and restarted01:16
budserlooks like it's back to how it was01:16
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budseranybody here know how to set up bluetooth?02:29
cookiemonster077while following a xubuntu tutorial i was given this code './usp_update install' to install usp i get an error when it is entered can u tell me why?02:58
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neur1trying to config sound, theres no alsa? what is there?05:41
neur1tries alsaconfig is that the wrong command05:42
totalwormfacetry alsamixer05:48
totalwormfacealso try 'sudo /etc/init.d/alsa status' to check if alsa is running :]05:48
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giac123hi just installed Xubuntu: fonts are microscopic09:24
giac123smaller than you can imagine09:24
giac123note: I didn't change any setting09:24
giac123is there anybody out there?09:29
TheSheepgiac123: set your dpi in the /etc/xorg.conf in the display section09:30
TheSheepgiac123: xubuntu tries to detect how large your monitor is and scale the fonts accordingly, but it fails with some drivers and/or monitors09:30
TheSheepgiac123: more details: http://scanline.ca/dpi/09:32
white_eaglehow to make xfwm to be my default compositing manager? I terminated compiz.real but xfce doesn't let me run window manager settings or window manager tweaks saying that I have another compositing manager running!?09:45
TheSheepwhite_eagle: just run xfwm410:09
RaskahRatHello =)11:50
RaskahRatI want to run world of warcraft under wine but i seem to get crap performance. My computer is not that great (P4 3ghz, 512mb ram, radeon 9250) but i am wondering if it is worth getting new driver from the ATI website instead of the driver installed with gutsy.11:52
TheSheepRaskahRat: just use the restricted drivers manager11:54
RaskahRatTheSheep, When i open it it tells me that i dont need restricted drivers for my hardware, but when i search people say to get drivers from ATI for games because of better performance.11:56
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto11:57
RaskahRatI realise that it will be not6 as good as running it nativly running it in wine but in winblows i get 45fps and under wine i get around 8fps11:57
TheSheepmaybe some settings in wine itself then?11:58
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.11:58
TheSheepor maybe you should get cedega?11:58
RaskahRathmmm yeah i'm poor lol11:58
TheSheepwell, there is a cvs version of cedega you can build yourself for free11:59
RaskahRatjust nervous cause i'm new to linux11:59
RaskahRatoh really?11:59
TheSheepthre is even a script that does it, I think11:59
TheSheepbut I'm not usre about it all, it might be old information11:59
TheSheepI don't play windows games11:59
RaskahRatOk damn..... for some reason Xchat runs full screen over my menu's and all and i can't figure out how to fix it. I cant even run commands with ALT-F212:01
TheSheeppress alt+f1112:02
TheSheepdouble-click on the window title12:02
TheSheepf11 alone?12:03
TheSheepjust drag the window's edge with the mouse?12:03
* TheSheep <-- out of ideas12:04
RaskahRatits annoying the hell out of me lol12:04
TheSheepbut there are window titles and borders?12:04
RaskahRatno... thats the problem sorry. But everything else does.12:05
TheSheeplooks like he window manager is not running12:05
TheSheepyou played with compiz?12:05
RaskahRati'm using compiz and emerald. But this only happens with xchat... if i quit everything else works fine.12:06
TheSheepI guess that's a problem with compiz and/or its interaction with xchat12:06
TheSheepI'm glad compiz doesn't ship with xubuntu by default :)12:07
RaskahRatyeah its a little buggy12:07
RaskahRati do like the shuiny  cube though /sigh12:07
TheSheeptry 3ddesktop12:08
TheSheepit does the cube without compiz12:08
TheSheepbut it's a hack12:08
RaskahRatin the binary driver howto, in the prerequisites, it says if "You need hardware-accelerated 3D support, or display refresh rates higher than 60 Hz. The open source drivers are fine for all other areas." but then it also says thjat the fglrx drivers dont support cards earlier than the radeon 950012:13
TheSheepRaskahRat: I really don't know, you might try asking on #ubuntu, #wine or even #compiz-fusion12:16
* TheSheep <-- uses nvidia12:16
RaskahRatTheSheep, ok thanks anyway12:18
PsynoKhi0greetings, should hdparm be selected in the list of services, on a laptop?12:28
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: not necessarily, if you didin't change anything in /etc/hdparm12:29
TheSheepPsynoKhi0: most people don't need to tweak their hard disk drive parameters12:29
PsynoKhi0TheSheep: ok, I was wondering if I could get rid of that intermitent HDD ticking12:31
PsynoKhi0when the computer is idle, I mean... I have checked whether laptop mode was enabled and it isn't, though still kinda wondering if that can affect HDD life span (rather old lappy I was given away, and first one I own so...)12:34
newermindhello there. I currently run Xubuntu 7.10 and I have a question regarding thunar: is13:53
newermindis it possible to show file transfers between folders?13:53
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RaskahRatHello all =)15:43
RaskahRatdoes anyone here have experience with ati drivers on 7.10?15:44
CapsAdminI'm trying to install xubuntu on my computer, but it doesn't seem to go any further than:16:06
CapsAdmin* Running local boot scripts (/etc/rc.local)16:06
CapsAdminIs this normal? Or is the CD defect or something16:06
CapsAdminI checked it, but it told me it was alright16:06
beetaiCapsAdmin: Did you do an md5sum check?16:10
CapsAdminI don'T16:13
CapsAdminI don't know, I chose the check cd option*16:14
beetaiCapsAdmin: What model of computer?16:37
beetaiCapsAdmin: Some computers won't boot all the way without disabling ACPI or other kernel options16:40
CapsAdminI have a p5ad2e- premium motherboard16:58
CapsAdminHDD is in raid 0 mode16:58
CapsAdminI want to dual boot xubuntu and vista16:58
CapsAdminI did splitt my hdd for xubuntu16:59
CapsAdminbeetai: 4gb ram and x850xt pe. I don't think that matters, but still17:00
beetaiCapsAdmin: From what I can see p5ad2e should work just fine.  From what you are saying you are not able to boot the xubuntu live install cd?17:02
CapsAdminWhen I choose start or install from the menu, it stops at what I said earlier17:03
CapsAdminI can't remember what that was, but it stops there17:03
CapsAdminNothing happens after that17:04
CapsAdminbeetai: It does boot, and I can choose what to do in the menu17:08
ubotuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help.17:20
PsynoKhi0Ermm I'm trying to compile catfish 0.3 but when making I get an error mesage about msgfmt not found, though I have the gettext-base package, do I need the "gettext" one too?17:21
beetaiCapsAdmin: I would download and burn a small linux like Damm Small Linux or Puppy Linux. Those are both 50 meg downloads. And see if I can boot off of those. If I could get a good boot from a small linux CD. I would then check the MD5sum on the xubuntu CD I had downloaded.17:51
jonohi all18:18
jonoanyone know who is working on the EEE port?18:18
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maxamillionjono: i have no idea, but i find it to be a very interesting concept .... would actually give me a reason to buy an EEE18:32
* maxamillion should find that out18:32
maxamillionjono: it appears that the project isn't actually part of the official xubuntu development team or cycle ... but that of the eeeuser.com community --> http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ubuntu:eeexubuntu:home18:36
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speedcoreRandyboy:  Is it a PCI or PCI-e card..  and what kind of mobo, one with pci-e or pci?21:14
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Euan2Hello, what are the minimum system requirements for Xubuntu?22:29
chrsghoytrequirements are listed on this page: http://www.xubuntu.org/get22:30
chrsghoytno problem22:30
chrsghoytI finally got video working in mythtv22:31
chrsghoytit only took me a couple of days22:31
chrsghoytnow I need to figure out how to get sound working in mythtv22:31
chrsghoytany mythtv gurus around?22:41
Moptop650Anyone mind helping me with installing xubuntu? Im having trouble with partitioning23:29
soren121moptop here needs some help, people!23:35
Moptop650Hey you >.>23:36
soren121hi lol23:36
Moptop650http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/5258/1000468uv9.jpg is what im looking at right now23:36
soren121can you select the partitions?23:37
Moptop650Select as in?23:39
Moptop650go down and edit them yeah23:39
soren121which one is the xubuntu partition?23:39
soren1211.7gb or 1.0?23:39
soren121im assuming 1.723:39
soren121cuz it has the boot flag23:40
soren121go down and edit it23:40
soren121then tell me what it says23:40
Moptop650yeah 1.723:40
Moptop650it says ---> http://img86.imageshack.us/img86/6858/1000469et1.jpg23:42
soren121can you put your cursor on the mount point?23:42
Moptop650I gotta change it to /23:43
Moptop650Thx lol23:43
soren121your welcome23:43
soren121as always23:43
Moptop650lets go back to msn23:43
ut4r82hello all I'm muchtar23:56
ut4r82I'm newbies in xubuntu23:57
ut4r82I wanna ask u how to install openoffice in xubuntu23:57
ere4siopen the synaptic package manager from the system menu and search for open office - click it then click the apply button23:58

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