texastwisterI'm having problems getting LTSP clients to start a gnome session.  Gnome runs fine at the server.  The LTSP client boots properly and presents a login screen. When I login, I see "verifying password" and the screen flashes as it attempts to launch Xwindows, then it puts me back at the login screen.  This is edubuntu 7.10 i686.02:51
texastwisterUsing "Failsafe xterm" works fine.02:51
texastwisterAnd from the xterm, I can even execute "gnome-session" and get to the gnome desktop.  I just can't log directly in that way.02:52
texastwisterAny ideas?02:52
texastwisterI'm not sure where to look for relevant log messages.02:53
texastwisterWell I've made some headway... but have some lingering problems.  I removed Sabayon and  updated the LTSP image and now I can logn to gnome from  the LTSP clients.  But apparently some profile settings are broken.  I get some error messages on first login of every new user. and on one account the default background  is replaces with black and there are no desktop icons.  On another account the default background  is chan03:46
sleeHi is anyone here using edubuntu in a UK school?12:10
nblracer2netsplit over15:03
=== nblracer2 is now known as nblracer
nblracerhey im lloking for a guide/turtoral/help on setting up a small network with 5 or so computers, with something simmilar to roming profiles, So any one can login into any of the computers and it would sync up with other computers and/or a server with all there personal data and settings.15:29
nblracernot to spam it over two channels15:29
nblracerbut they said you might be better in this area15:30
nblracerany one?15:59
TelnetMantaIs this channel even alive anymore?16:27
TelnetMantaIt used to be very busy in here, I hope that the project hasnt lost support16:27
nblraceri agree17:09
stgraberRichEd: Is tomorrow meeting an early or a late meeting ? (looks like the fridge is once again out of sync :))17:27
TelnetMantadoes Ogra still frequent this chan?18:04
johnnyTelnetManta, yes he does20:47
johnnyhe prolly can't hang out and idle as often cuz everybody always mentions his name and makes his client bug him all the time :)20:48
johnnyi've had to leave some channels because of that20:48
TelnetMantaI knew I havent seen him in a while20:53
stgraberogra: Do you know of someone who could give me a hand with a QT bug ? (the italc demo stuff, upstream telling me that this bug is kind of ubuntu specific ...)20:53

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