* nixternal kicks kpov hard00:50
* ScottK read cprov at first there and wondere'd what he'd done now.00:51
nixternaltrying to get a grip on the truetype garbage, came close but was attacked at about 80% by it again, as well as opengl stuff00:53
voriannixternal: kpov still?01:10
vorianhow about ligature?01:10
nixternalvorian: ya, still the same with kpov01:11
nixternalligature was pulled for this release01:11
voriangood :)01:12
nixternalhey, work on kgrab again...never mind what I said, however, let me get you the tarball to work with01:12
Jucatokpov = kde point of view?01:12
ScottKPulled ligature sounds painful01:12
voriannixternal: really?01:12
JucatoScottK: hahah! :)01:12
voriannixternal: the "author" said he was happy to become compliant01:12
nixternalI am not to worried about it now01:13
vorianthat's cool01:14
nixternalvorian: actually, linke me to your kgrab package01:18
nixternalI will pull in your stuff, build and commit from here01:18
nixternalI will patch up the copyright file if it needs it01:19
vorianhold on01:19
nixternalI didn't want to recreate the package earlier and not be able to give you the karma01:20
voriannixternal: looks like someone nuked it01:20
nixternaloh, I did, I thought you went to your ppa with it :)01:20
vorianI'll upload it again01:20
voriannot with the revised version01:20
vorianoh, wait01:20
nixternalya, that is fine...I will patch it up and reupload to revu so I can get another motu to ack it and upload it01:20
voriannixternal: http://ppa.launchpad.net/vorian/ubuntu/pool/main/k/kgrab-kde4/kgrab-kde4_0.1.1-0ubuntu1.dsc01:21
nixternalroger, thanks01:21
vorianthanks to you :)01:21
nixternalRiddell: how can I get this package to use the FindFreetype.cmake (kpovmodeler)?01:22
dasKreechnixternal: I didn't do anything01:22
nixternalthis is getting annoying..I would think this would be fixed upstream in the CMakelists.txt file01:22
nixternaldasKreech: stop it, change your name already :p01:23
ScottK2What does "X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=Scribus" in the packages .desktop do?01:23
ScottK2and would it be harmless for Debian to add (I'm guessing yes)?01:24
nixternalkpovmodeler doesn't even build from svn either01:24
voriannixternal: also lemon should recommend mysql-client-5.001:24
vorianI am making that change now01:24
nixternalplease do then reupload to revu, and then make note of it with a comment on revu01:25
nixternalerr, mysql client?01:25
vorianpoint of sale systems record data01:25
vorianplus i was just testing it out01:25
nixternalya, sorry, I was thinking about something else01:26
vorianyou were thinking p.o.s. :P01:26
dasKreechvorian: Yes?01:26
vorianpiece of s*01:27
nixternalOK...it is time I download all of the CMake docs I can and get to reading01:29
nixternalgo figure, kpovmodeler CMakeLists.txt isn't configured correctly, at least from what I can tell01:56
Jucatokpovmodeler exists again?01:56
nixternalFreetype and OpenGL are required, however CMakeLists.txt doesn't have either find_package(Freetype REQUIRED) nor find_package(OpenGL REQUIRED)01:56
nixternalI guess it does, it was included in the extragear tagging01:57
Jucatopfft.... extragear is becoming kdeaddons...01:57
jjesseevening and good morning gentleman01:57
nixternalnow after those edits, I will see if it builds now01:58
nixternalhowdy jjesse01:58
jjessehowdy nixternal01:58
* nixternal goes and makes a chicken sammich01:58
nixternalback in a few01:58
Jucatohi jjesse01:58
jjessehello Jucato01:58
jjessejust for the record, whoever said multiple version of the .NET framework can exist on the saem server lied01:59
jjesserunning into problems w/ the 1.1 framework and the 3.0 framework fighting for iis02:00
nixternalwait a second, the 3.0 framework doesn't include backwards compatibility for the 1.1 stuff?02:00
nixternaldidn't the 2.0 framework at least allow for that to occur?02:01
jjessethe 2.0 did, having problems with the 3.002:01
nixternalhell, shows you how much I pay attention to .NET...didn't even know they had a 3.002:01
jjessecurrent version is 3.502:02
nixternaldo you guys use .NET a lot with your stuff?02:02
jjesseall the time02:03
nixternaldo you like it?02:03
jjessei don't do time dev work w/ it, but i like how the product uses it02:03
jjessecurrently reading .net framework essentials book02:03
nixternalI have taken a few .NET classes now, and overall, I do not like it..there are some things that are cool, especially when tying stuff in to databases and what not quite easily02:03
nixternalie. it is fairly easy to dev on02:04
jjessei agree, prodcut i consult on runs on iis, .net and sql server02:04
nixternalI went and saw this guy mimic both the Apple website and the Microsoft website using Symphony, Rails, and something else02:04
nixternalthat was pretty cool02:04
jjessethat is prretty cool02:04
nixternaland he did it fast02:05
nixternalin 30 minutes, he had a framework up that mimiced apple.com02:05
nixternalwithin the hour he was mimicing msdn stuff02:05
HobbseeRiddell: awww, i don't get to come, i suppose02:05
nixternalHobbsee: you have to get a passport/visa for the stick before you can go :)02:06
jjessego where? can i drive?02:06
nixternaljjesse: if you can, you are one bad mofo02:06
nixternaleastern europe somewhere for UDS02:06
jjessethat would be sweet02:06
Hobbseenixternal: i've already got a passport02:07
* Hobbsee just didn't get offered spondosrhsip02:07
nixternalI have to get my unpaid parking tickets taken care of before Illinois will update my passport02:07
jjessei didn't know they were doing sponsorships already02:07
jjessethat's cool02:07
nixternalall of this crap just kicked in January 1st02:07
nixternalmy x-wife checked on base and they said I shouldn't have an issue getting a passport updated in Maryland since they don't follow Illinois parking tickets :)02:08
Hobbseethey were talking about it before02:08
jjessewalking the dog02:08
nixternalI will need to pool a bit of cash if I can get there02:08
nixternalcome May, if I am not working, I will be flat arse broke02:09
nixternalI might have just been offered a job working on opensource software though, and I am sure they will let me go if I am working for them then02:09
Gabz^laptopIs kdm broken or is it just my ati card ?02:09
nixternalprobably both :)02:10
* dasKreech has run .NET 2.0 with 3.102:10
dasKreechI'd advise Killing 1.x02:10
nixternalGabz^laptop: which KDM? 3 or 402:10
Gabz^laptopwhatever the default is off a the latest altnerate cd is02:10
Gabz^laptopor how to i check ?02:10
dasKreechreleased alternate or daily ?02:11
Gabz^laptopalpha 402:12
nixternalshould be KDM 3...what is it doing that it isn't working?02:14
* nixternal notes he has ATI card and KDM works fine02:14
Gabz^laptopit doesn't display the mouse moves around fine the caps lock key doesn't light up on press through02:15
Gabz^laptopthere is some garble on the top of the screen02:15
Gabz^laptopso it half looks like a kernel panic...02:21
nixternalRiddell: just so you know, I made a patch for kpovmodeler as it is what I believe it needed...I made the necessary changes to the CMakeLists.txt and committed it to KDE svn as well02:31
* nixternal goes and eats for real this time02:32
Jucatowow! go go kde svn commiter!!02:37
Jucatonixternal: what's for dinner? :D02:37
=== wolfger_ is now known as wolfger
dasKreechJucato: Chicken Sammich02:48
dasKreechyou are vegetarian?02:49
JucatoI was asking nixternal of course, not you :P02:50
Jucatocoincidentally, I'm having cordon bleu for lunch :D02:50
Jucatowhich is chicken :D02:50
* dasKreech chuckles02:51
dasKreechI have Cheese pasta02:51
Jucatoyou're making me hungrier02:51
Jucatoright... lunch... nvm laundry02:51
dasKreechHobbsee: Where is UDS?02:53
ScottK2dasKreech: It's not announced yet.  Earlier today R!ddell mentioned eastern europe.02:54
dasKreechAh ok02:54
dasKreechThat's kinda  trek for me02:54
Hobbseewhat ScottK2 said02:55
dasKreechare we going to start shipping with Koffice?02:57
seeleman, they should have it in the US again.  its so cheap for everyone else to fly here :P02:58
* Hobbsee tickles seele02:59
* seele waves03:00
dasKreechseele: it'll be close next year :)03:01
jjesseok interseting question, install of hardy of the latest alpha, ewhne i go to session type it only shows kde, not kde or kde403:25
jjesseshouldn't it show both kde4 and kde3?03:26
yuriyjjesse: you have to install kde403:28
jjessehrmm ok03:29
jjessemaybe i just still am misunderstand03:29
jjesseeven on hardy i need to isntall kde4?03:32
dasKreechhunger_t: hey-o03:33
dasKreechjudging from the instructions I saw on the site it looks like you install then install KDE403:33
vorianjjesse: yep03:33
jjessewhen will the first kde4 hardy cds come out?03:34
nixternaljjesse: next week hopefully03:46
Hobbseeno cds for you.03:46
nixternalgotta wait for an infrastructure change03:47
jjessegrumble :)03:47
* dasKreech still votes on two PPAs03:47
nixternalwhat for?03:47
dasKreechone for stable one for Weekly builds of trunk03:48
Hobbseethe problem there is more the people that want to do the trunk builds03:48
nixternalwe don't need to build kde 4 weekly anymore03:48
nixternalplus now that kde 4 is officially released, we really want to follow their release schedule now..it is the proper thing to do03:49
yuriyare the taskbar fixes in 4.0.x? if not, i think they should be backported, they are rather important for a usable desktop03:52
Gabz^laptopnixternal, i found my bug by the way https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/18034303:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 180343 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "ATI driver update causes Display Corruption on Radeon IGP 330M/340M/350  (dup-of: 133192)" [High,Triaged]03:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 133192 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "Blank screen or distorted image because of wrong default AGPMode value" [High,Confirmed]03:53
nixternalyuriy: they are almost all there03:53
nixternalthe resizing was just added to branch/4.0.203:53
yuriynixternal: oh, nice : )03:54
dasKreechnixternal: Yeah we do need to build weekly03:55
jjesseseems like a lot of work?03:56
nixternalya, to much work03:56
nixternalwhat is the command to find out which package a file belongs to?03:57
dasKreech!find echo03:57
ubotuFound: localechooser-data, echolot, echoping, libbusiness-onlinepayment-openecho-perl03:57
Jucatoiirc dpkg -S <file> (presuming the .deb is still around. if not, you have to either use apt-file or packages.ubuntu.com...)03:59
nixternalderr, nevermind03:59
* Jucato has forgetten Debiannese04:00
nixternalmesa-common-dev is what gl.h belongs to04:00
nixternalyou shouldn't have to build-dep on mesa-common-dev though iirc04:01
voriannixternal: libglu1-mesa-dev04:02
jjessehrm maybe this is a sign, my vms are all locked up.... must be time to restart04:14
jjesseand go to be04:14
jjessenight all04:14
dasKreechI think having a easy way for devs to jump into current KDE dev on our platform is a bonus04:28
dasKreech more since many people see the potential of KDE4 but stll have lots of itches to scratch04:28
nixternalI am beyond the potential of KDE 4...everything I need to do on a daily basis I can do on it, and it doesn't crash but every-so-often04:29
nixternaland most of the crashes are silly krunner04:29
dasKreech :-) Yes but we have new frameworks coming in for 4.1 and apps that need to be built around them or ported to take advantage of them04:30
dasKreechhaving a way for people to simply track trunk would be very useful04:31
nixternalif ( jpatrick == true || apachelogger_ == true || ScottK2 == true ) { revu->package(kpovmodeler); }04:31
nixternalScottK2: you around at all? want to see if you can quickly review 2 packages so I can get them uploaded for tomorrow's 4.0.1 release04:48
=== firephoto_ is now known as firephoto
=== firephoto_ is now known as firephoto
ScottKnixternal: Can I look at them in the morning?05:27
nixternalmaybe I can get someone else to look for them...if not then riddell can when he wakes up05:27
ScottKnixternal: Point me at them and I'll have a look.05:27
nixternalkgrab should be fairly straight forward05:28
nixternaljust say yay and I will archive and upload them05:28
ScottK2Can I assume the build and stuff05:29
nixternalon both i386 and amd6405:29
ScottK2nixternal: For kgrab either add a watch file or make me a promise it's in the Debian KDE svn tomorrow too.  With that I'm good.05:34
nixternalalready in route to debian05:34
ScottK2nixternal: For kpovmodeler, why use kubuntu in the patch name?  You're sending this one to Debian too, right?05:36
nixternalnope, but will work with them on it05:36
nixternalgotta work around their naming for kde4 apps05:36
nixternalor work with it05:37
ScottK2nixternal: OK.  For kgrab did you want to make Kubuntu developers the maintainer?05:37
ScottK2Now's the time to sort it out.05:37
nixternalwe have been doing that for KDE apps05:37
ScottK2nixternal: Your description needs work.  Don't whine about other stuff, just say what this does.  You can fix that later.05:38
nixternaley? which pkg?05:38
nixternalhrmm, that is the description from teh kde 3 package05:38
nixternalI didn't even read it, just did a copy/paste05:38
ScottK2Including the Debian non-free ref?05:38
nixternalif it is int he description, then yes05:39
ScottK2This goes in multiverse, right?05:39
ScottK2It'll be non-free or need repacking in Debian due to GFDL.05:39
nixternalit is in main for kde 3, it is/was a part of the kdegraphics pkg05:39
nixternalumm, doesn't it specifically state there are no front or rear texts or invariant sections?05:40
nixternalit is in debian main05:41
nixternalfor kde 305:41
ScottK2OK.  Nevermind then, but if it depends on something non-free it should be in contirb.05:41
nixternalwhat is it depending on that is non-free?05:42
ScottK2+ kpovmodeler uses the povray package, currently available only in Debian's05:43
ScottK2+ non-free, unsupported repository.05:43
ScottK2That's in the long description.05:43
nixternalahh ya05:43
nixternalahh, it doesn't dep on povray, just suggests it right?05:44
nixternalit is in Debian's description as well05:44
ScottK2Dunno.  Just read the description.05:44
ScottK2It's a suggests.05:45
ScottK2Please change it to ... can use the povray package available in Ubuntu's multiverse repository ..05:45
ScottK2With that change, I'm good.05:45
ScottK2Same deal about watch file or get it in Debian05:46
nixternalya, good call on the desc though for Ubuntu's repo05:46
nixternalshows you that we at least merge though :)05:46
ScottK2I'm marking my advocations down now.  Got ahead and upload and I'll archive after I advocate.05:46
ScottK2That's simple enough.05:47
ScottK2Unless we talk them into removing that bit entirely05:47
ScottK2nixternal: You need to advocate kgrab too05:48
nixternalya, I am the one who uploaded it, so I will05:49
nixternalI just used vorian's stuff from last night05:49
nixternalso he gets the karma05:49
ScottK2OK.  Advocated and archived.  Go for it.05:50
nixternalthank you sir05:50
nixternalhave a good night05:50
ScottK2You're welcome.  Good night.  BTW, the Scribus maintainer took me up on the offer to do a scrub of the Ubuntu diff and see what can be incorporated in Debian.  The idea being to see if we can get to a sync.05:52
Jucatomm.... gravy....05:53
ScottK2nixternal: I'd say go ahead and stuff them in their SVN.05:56
nixternalI was just thinking about doing that as well05:56
ScottK2They may not want it, but they can't bitch you didn't give it to them...05:57
ScottK2Lack of svn commits seemed to be an issue in todays back and forth05:57
jpatricknixternal: if(jpatrick.getStatus() == "sleep") { packageRevu == false }; ;)09:01
jpatrickand now I'm in the libraby09:03
nixternalif (nixternal.getStatus() == "awake" && getTime(Chicago) >= 03:00) { sleep = 1; }09:03
jpatrickfree internet!09:03
jpatrickwhat was the outcome of the debian thing?09:03
nixternalworking together09:03
jpatrickyay \o/09:04
* nixternal beds09:07
jpatricknight nixternal09:07
nixternalwhen Riddell wakes up, let him know that both kgrab-kde4 and kpovmodeler-kde4 are in new09:08
* jpatrick smacks apachelogger__ for ScottK2 09:11
dinosaur-rushi all09:44
dinosaur-rusemu: I've just realized that our calculations were completely wrong. we calculated total size of packages *after* installation, not *before* (size of all available .deb's)09:44
emudinosaur-rus: yeah... I realized it to, we should have taken Size, and not Installed size09:45
emudinosaur-rus: but its weird the "Size:" is much bigger, than "Installed size:" there is something wrong.09:48
dinosaur-rusemu: I doubt we'll be able to get that information without actually walking through directories of existing mirrors because I don't see any reason to store "package size" in package itself (it'll be just equal to size of .deb file)09:48
emudinosaur-rus: Maybe we could genereate a list of _all_ packages and let apt-get make a dry run with this.09:49
emuthat will show us how much have to be downloaded09:50
emudinosaur-rus: I know that there is such a list on packages.ubuntu.com but this is currently down.09:51
dinosaur-rusemu: or get lots of free space on HDD and dump entire directory structure from existing mirror (or, better, several mirrors as you and server will get *huge* traffic)09:53
apache|mobilejpatrick: wha?09:54
apache|mobilewhere is master Riddell btw?09:54
jpatrickapache|mobile: nm, no idea09:55
jpatrickRiddell: yo10:01
jpatrick< nixternal> when Riddell wakes up, let him know that both kgrab-kde4 and kpovmodeler-kde4 are in new10:02
gribeluis there any chance of Kubuntu getting the recent plasma updates that allow panel resizing etc before KDE 4.0.2 will be released?10:33
Trigger7gribelu: were these changes backported to the 4.0 branch?10:36
Jucatofor 4.0.2 afaik. didn't make it to the 4.0.1 cutoff10:36
Jucato(so unless Kubuntu starts releasing KDE 4 SVN packages, I doubt that...)10:37
Trigger7hm, that's great news10:37
gribelui have no clue.. in only know what was mentioned here http://vizzzion.org/?blogentry=806 and here http://commit-digest.org/issues/2008-01-27/10:37
gribeluthe info on commit-digest mentions the multi-row panel before 4.0.1 was tagged so maybe it'll have made it into 4.0.110:38
Trigger7gribelu: this was committed to trunk, which will be 4.1. in theory the 4.0 branch gets no new features, just bug fixe10:38
* Jucato thinks they made that an exception...10:39
Jucatoyou'll have to ask  nixternal. he said it's in branches for 4.0.210:39
gribeluthey should.. it's the first thing everyone complains about when they see kde410:39
Trigger7nixternal: ^^10:40
gribeluoh so i'll bug nixternal when he wakes up10:40
Trigger7r769763 is what have been backported. seems as if it is just possible to resize the panel via config file now10:54
Trigger7but better than nothing10:54
apache|mobile__Riddell: W: kde4libs-bin: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath ./usr/lib/kde4/bin/kdeinit4 /usr/lib/kde4/lib11:14
apache|mobile__apparently I have rpath11:14
Riddellapache|mobile__: lucky you :)11:19
Riddellapache|mobile__: what version?11:20
apache|mobile__Riddell: 4.0.1 on gutsy11:20
Riddellapache|mobile__: did you compile that yourself?11:20
apache|mobile__I'll do some investigation on hardy later today11:21
apache|mobile__Riddell: btw, are you going to push 4.0.1 to the ppa, or should stdin and moi take care of it?11:21
Riddellapache|mobile__: would be most cool if you and stdin did11:22
apache|mobile__I'll be home in about an hour11:22
Riddellapache|mobile__: excellent, soprano 2 to start off11:26
apache|mobile__yeah, noticed that already when I tried to compile kdelibs :)11:26
_StefanS_Riddell: I'm having trouble making that patch thing work for kwin-style-crystal, could you help me out?12:47
Riddell_StefanS_: what do you hvae?12:48
RiddellHobbsee: nobody's been offered sponsorship.  but last I heard you weren't running Kubuntu12:49
HobbseeRiddell: this is true.  i was joking.12:49
_StefanS_Riddell: well I insert the patch and patch -R in the rules file. The first one is just after 'config.status: configure', and the patch reversal is under 'clean:'12:50
Hobbseestill, i'm going to be, at least a bit, after 4.01.12:50
Riddell_StefanS_: put debian/rules into a pastebin12:50
_StefanS_Riddell: let me try one more time12:50
HobbseeRiddell: btw, do you need me to step thru kde4 again?12:51
_StefanS_Riddell: if it fails, i will get back12:51
RiddellHobbsee: some things will need given back but not for a while12:53
_StefanS_Riddell: this is my rules file: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/54839/12:54
_StefanS_Riddell: I havent run either dch -i, debuild -S or anything yet. Is that wrong?12:55
Riddell_StefanS_: you forgot the "-" at the start of "patch -p1 -R.."12:56
_StefanS_Riddell: oh12:56
Riddellalso reversing the patch should probably be after "distclean"12:56
_StefanS_Riddell: is it both patch commands that need - ?12:57
Riddell_StefanS_: no, just the clean one13:00
_StefanS_Riddell: alright13:00
Riddellit allows that command to fail (when it isn't already applied)13:00
_StefanS_good info :)13:01
_StefanS_Riddell: So what are the steps afterwards? dch -i, debuild -S and debdiff *dsc?13:01
apache|mobilestdin: pling13:02
stdinapache|mobile: plong13:03
apache|mobilestdin: already finished uploading?13:03
stdinapache|mobile: I've put up soprano and kde4libs13:03
stdingiving it a min for kdepimlibs, I hate having to requeue :p13:03
apache|mobilestdin: ok, I'll prepare the kdebases meanwhile13:04
stdinapache|mobile: ok, I'll start on the kdea*'s13:05
Riddell_StefanS_: well test build it first (debuild)13:07
_StefanS_Riddell: alright13:07
stdinapache|mobile: you can use http://stdin.pastebin.com/d1641d2a3 if you want, I have it as ~/bin/backport so I just cd to the source dir and do ' backport -ppa -s "Changelog comment here" ' :)13:07
* ScottK cheers nixternal for stuffing new packages into the Debian KDE svn.13:08
apache|mobilestdin: yeah, you already pasted that once :)13:08
* apache|mobile prefers the manual way though13:08
_StefanS_Riddell: well it cant find the file to patch, are you sure the path is debian/patches/... ?13:08
apache|mobileI wanna feel the package ;-)13:08
_StefanS_Riddell: lemme pastebin that13:08
stdinapache|mobile: yeah, but that get's old when you have a ton of packages to do ;p13:09
_StefanS_Riddell: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/54843/13:09
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
apache|mobilestdin: true, but you could have made the script all more userfriendly :P13:09
apache|mobilelike, autofetch latest source13:09
apache|mobiledetect whether it's already a gutsy backport13:09
apache|mobileif so create a new entry with ~ppa113:10
_StefanS_Riddell: the contents of my patch is this: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/54844/13:10
apache|mobileif not -> new entry with ~gutsy1~ppa113:10
apache|mobilebuild sources13:10
Riddell_StefanS_: it looks like that patch is at -p0 not -p113:10
_StefanS_Riddell: argh :)13:10
_StefanS_Riddell: its because you skip the changelog?13:10
Riddell_StefanS_: --- client/crystalclient.cc  there's no directories there that need removed13:11
_StefanS_Riddell: normally I mean13:11
stdinapache|mobile: I could, but then I'd spend more time making the script than backporting the package and that kind of defeats the point13:11
Riddellit just depends on where you run the diff command13:11
stdinI just whipped it up in a couple mins during the 4.0.0 release13:12
apache|mobilestdin: you should have done it in ruby :P13:12
_StefanS_Riddell: so what should I do then ?13:12
apache|mobilestdin: btw, I think we should delete the hardy packages from the ppa13:12
stdinapache|mobile: probably, the UI for removing packages is a bit clunky though13:15
apache|mobilestdin: ah, ain't that bad :P13:15
stdinif the package you want to remove isn't in the 1st 50 listed, you have to search for the package name13:17
stdinthat's why I say "clunky" :p13:17
apache|mobilewhateva :P13:17
stdinooh kde4libs is building now... GO GO GO :D13:18
* Jucato read that as GO GO GOD...13:18
stdinI suppose if you're religious then that's fine too :)13:19
stdinRiddell: there are 2 Maintainer fields in kdeartwork-kde413:22
stdinapache|mobile: remember to remove debian/shlibs.local from kdepimlibs, you remember what happened last time to kde4libs...13:22
* apache|mobile starts crying13:23
apache|mobilethat should be fixed in hardy13:23
apache|mobilewell, actually debian I guess13:24
_StefanS_Riddell: it just keeps rejecting it.. donno what is wrong13:24
_StefanS_Riddell: even with patch -p013:24
Riddell_StefanS_: does the patch apply if you run patch manually?13:27
_StefanS_Riddell: nope13:28
Trigger7apache|mobile: what's the problem with the shlibs.local file?13:28
Riddellthat'll be the problem then13:28
_StefanS_Riddell: nope the real problem is that it doesn't know what file to patch in the first place.. It needs to be specified. and then it works13:29
apache|mobileTrigger7: it doesn't get removed before building so it depends a lower version13:30
Riddellapache|mobile, stdin: I changed >> to > for the shlibs so it shouldn't need a rm13:30
apache|mobilei.e. 0ubuntu3 would depends 0ubuntu213:30
apache|mobileRiddell: cool13:30
stdinah, ok :)13:30
Trigger7jupp, what Riddel emtnions fixes the problem13:30
apache|mobileRiddell: actually, you didn't for pimlibs13:30
_StefanS_Riddell: debuild is working it seems, it continued to configure now..13:31
Trigger7apache|mobile: good hint. i will fix it in debian13:31
apache|mobileTrigger7: thanks13:31
RiddellTrigger7: dato already discussed it with pusling, I didn't see the conclusion though13:32
Trigger7Riddell: the conclusion was: yep, we should do it13:32
_StefanS_Riddell: so now the real question is how to get some dsc files out of the package for creating a proper debdiff (?)13:33
apache|mobiledebuild -S -sa13:34
_StefanS_apache|mobile: thanks13:34
_StefanS_ah .. dpkg-source: unrepresentable changes to source..13:34
apache|mobile_StefanS_: does `make -f debian/rules clean` do any good?13:36
_StefanS_lemme try13:36
stdinshouldn't debuild clean anyway?13:37
_StefanS_never works..13:37
apache|mobilestdin: I'm not sure if it does it before dpkg-source starts complaining13:37
apache|mobilebut technically it would13:37
_StefanS_apache|mobile: it didnt help..13:37
stdinI know debuild -S cleans, so -sa shouldn't change that13:38
apache|mobile_StefanS_: did you add binary files?13:38
apache|mobilelike images or something13:38
_StefanS_apache|mobile: nope..13:38
apache|mobileok, I'm clueless13:38
_StefanS_apache|mobile: always happen for me, and I dont know what I do wrong. It is never recoverable with debuild13:38
_StefanS_crap. once again.13:38
apache|mobile_StefanS_: I'd suggest to just redo the changes in a clear unpack13:39
_StefanS_apache|mobile: yes..13:39
stdintry renaming your source dir and unpacking the source again, then diff -Nru original-dir modified-dir too see what's changed13:39
_StefanS_apache|mobile: tonio helped me once with this error actually... but cant remember what i did13:39
apache|mobilelogs ftw! :D13:40
_StefanS_or he did ;)13:40
_StefanS_Riddell: well it builds now, but debuild -S doesnt give me any dsc files to make the diff... jeeez13:49
_StefanS_Riddell: any ideas.. ?13:49
Riddell_StefanS_: what happens when you run debuild -S ?13:49
_StefanS_Riddell: everything looks good, but it doesnt produce those dsc files13:50
Riddellis there a source.build file?13:50
_StefanS_Riddell: http://pastebin.ubuntu-nl.org/54847/13:50
_StefanS_Riddell: no source.build13:51
Riddell_StefanS_: even in the directory above?13:51
_StefanS_Riddell: ./kwin-style-crystal_1.0.5-0ubuntu2_source.build you mean13:52
_StefanS_Riddell: its there13:52
Riddelland kwin-style-crystal_1.0.5-0ubuntu2.dsc ?13:52
_StefanS_Riddell: yes its there as well13:53
_StefanS_Riddell: but it seems that the diff betwieen ubuntu1 and ubuntu2 was never produced13:53
Riddell_StefanS_: probably because you compiled it before changing the version number13:54
Riddellmkdir orig; cd orig; apt-get source foo; cd ..; debdiff orig/*dsc kwin-style-crystal_1.0.5-0ubuntu2.dsc13:54
_StefanS_two secs..13:54
_StefanS_its all there now :)13:55
* _StefanS_ is as good with debian packaging as the swedish chef from the muppets is with food.13:56
_StefanS_= bork.13:56
_StefanS_Riddell: mail is on the way13:57
Riddellbut now you're an expert13:58
_StefanS_Riddell: so the proper way of doing things is actually writing the changelog before testing with debuild? else the original dsc is lost (?)13:59
Riddell_StefanS_: yes, that's usually best13:59
Riddell_StefanS_: of course this manual adding of patch lines in rules isn't needed for packages which use cdbs where you just include a patch rule set14:00
_StefanS_but for smaller stuffs I guess this is the usual busines14:00
_StefanS_Riddell: what would be needed to enable cdbs support for this package?14:01
_StefanS_Riddell:  just for my notes :D14:01
stdinapache|mobile: how's kdebase* coming?14:01
_StefanS_Riddell: kwii will draw some new buttons for the windeco this coming weekend, and also a matching blue image for the window title's background14:05
apache|mobilestdin: just waiting for it's deps14:05
apache|mobilesomething is eating my bandwith14:06
_StefanS_oh my they just announced 50mbit connections here locally..14:06
_StefanS_gimme gimme14:07
apache|mobile_StefanS_: sync?14:07
stdinyou mean "up to 50mbit"14:07
apache|mobilestdin: it's always up to ;-)14:07
stdinthe "up to" part is important I've found14:07
_StefanS_apache|mobile: nope unfortunately14:07
apache|mobileI want 50 up14:07
_StefanS_stdin: I have 20mbit now, and got the full bandwidth14:08
stdinapache|mobile: not with my cable modem, constant 3.5Mbps down14:08
stdin0.5 up14:08
apache|mobilepfft, cable :P14:08
stdinand that's because I'm too cheep for the 10 or 20 Mb/s :p14:08
_StefanS_stdin: its 50048/505614:08
_StefanS_stdin: or 20480/10240..14:08
_StefanS_probably more interesting..14:09
* apache|mobile is wondering why pimlibs ain't scheduled yet14:09
stdinI'm going to change ISPs sometime soon, probably get DSL with BT14:09
_StefanS_apache|mobile: they have a 15mbit sync14:09
_StefanS_apache|mobile: its vdsl14:09
stdinmeans I'll need a new router though, I hope the'll provide :)14:09
* apache|mobile finds all that ppa stuff very strange and goes for a cigarette14:10
apache|mobile_StefanS_: omg14:10
apache|mobilethat would be awesome :D14:10
apache|mobilejust imagine14:10
_StefanS_apache|mobile: yep within the first quarter its ready here.14:10
apache|mobilereleasing amarok14:10
apache|mobileanyway, drugs14:10
_StefanS_apache|mobile: yes release some packages !14:10
* apache|mobile scuttles off14:10
_StefanS_sleep well14:10
apache|mobile_StefanS_: there are packages in the ppa14:10
apache|mobilefor tp114:10
_StefanS_apache|mobile: more than amarok?14:11
_StefanS_apache|mobile: tp1?14:11
apache|mobiletech preview14:11
stdinthe one with "DON'T REPORT BUGS!!!" all over the UI :p14:11
* apache|mobile notes that he's working on one of the most lovely projects eva14:11
apache|mobilekubuntu is becoming what suse used to be for amarok14:11
apache|mobilestdin: yeah, got a problem with that note? :P14:11
* apache|mobile created that himself14:11
stdinapache|mobile: nope, I just wish all out packages had that on them :)14:12
apache|mobilewell, more like "think before reporting"14:12
apache|mobileb0rkage reports in LP are pretty much useless if they are actually about KDe14:12
stdinmaybe we should make people take an IQ test before letting them report a bug, just a thought14:13
apache|mobileby times I actually think this would make sense14:13
apache|mobilebut now... tabacco island :D14:13
Riddell_StefanS_: uploaded, thanks14:22
_StefanS_Riddell: keewl :D14:22
Riddell_StefanS_: interested in coming to UDS?14:23
vorianI have a kde4 package in REVU that should be ready14:23
vorianif anyone is interested14:23
apache|mobilelink plz14:23
apache|mobileI disagree with nixternal14:24
apache|mobile-kde4 only makes sense if there is a KDE 3 version14:24
apache|mobileRiddell: what's your opinion on this?14:25
_StefanS_vorian: what is it?14:25
vorianit's a point of sale front end14:25
Nightrose-kde4 makes it easier to search for them14:25
vorianaka, cash register14:25
vorianit's a business app14:25
apache|mobileNightrose: yeah, but at some point we will have to rename them14:25
Nightrosehmm right14:26
apache|mobileevery package we don't have to rename is saving us time14:26
Riddellapache|mobile: I don't especially mind14:26
apache|mobilevorian: please close a needs-packaging bug in the changelog entry14:26
voriani didn't file an ITP14:27
apache|mobilevorian: please do so :)14:28
vorianI'm on it14:28
apache|mobilestdin: kdebases uploaded, waiting for build14:29
apache|mobilevorian: extended description exceeds 80 characters per line14:29
vorianok, i'll trim it up14:29
apache|mobilevorian: just add some line breaks14:30
apache|mobileplease add under which version of GPL the packaging is licensed14:30
apache|mobilevorian: the wrapper creation in debian/rules is out of date, please have a look at the latest kdebase-workspace for reference14:31
apache|mobilevorian: can I just not find the complete copies of GFDL/LGPL or are they not included?14:35
vorianjust headers iirc14:36
apache|mobilevorian: upstream needs to add a complete copy of these 2 licenses14:36
apache|mobilewithout them the package won't pass the new queue14:36
vorianapache|mobile: GPL-2 and LGPL are included in the COPYING file14:38
apache|mobilevorian: GFDL missing though14:39
apache|mobileRiddell: can you please have a look at the COPYING whether it is enough to make a complete LGPL unncessary? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/lemonpos-kde4-0802050230/lemonpos-kde4-0.4/COPYING14:40
* apache|mobile is wondering14:41
apache|mobilevorian: this might be related to my broken kde 4, but I get an ecoding issue for the upstream's author name14:41
apache|mobileMiguel Chávez Gamboa14:41
Riddellapache|mobile: that's just the GPL14:42
apache|mobileRiddell: search for "lesser"14:42
* apache|mobile thinks that doesn't last for 2 lpgl files :)14:42
vorianapache|mobile: it should be Miguel Chávez Gamboa14:44
* vorian is changing14:44
Riddellapache|mobile: that really is just the GPL14:44
apache|mobilevorian: upstream needs to add LGPL and GFDL then14:44
apache|mobile"This, to provide a modern good-looking interface to impact the user and the client"14:48
apache|mobilevorian: that this sounds strange there14:48
apache|mobileIMO you should merge sentence #1 and #214:49
apache|mobilebut I'm no native en speaker.. so ;-)14:49
vorianyeah, neither is the author :)14:49
vorianof the package that is :)14:50
=== Huahua_ is now known as Shely
stdinmaybe a good idea to clean out the kubuntu-members PPA, it seems some package are auto-requeued after some time16:10
jeroenvrpI am looking for a way to make sure the icons in the file-picker used by Gnome/GTK under KDE is using the KDE icons. With the gtk-to-qt-engine all icons are changed, but not these icons?!16:10
jeroenvrpnow there are brown icons16:11
jeroenvrpgnome default16:11
jeroenvrpand if I change it in the gnome or gtk theme-settings; it has no effect16:11
jjessefor hardy what is the best package to install kde4? is there a kde4 meta package?16:16
Riddelljjesse: yes, kde4-core or just kde4 for the whole shebang16:16
jjessethatnks Riddell16:16
apache|mobilestdin: did you do edu yet?16:17
stdinapache|mobile: yeah, but I have to re-upload kde4libs, it picked libgif416:17
apache|mobilestdin: thats why I recommend a file which lists what needs to be changed for gutsy16:18
apache|mobileor enhance the script16:18
stdinthe "libgif-dev | libungif4-dev" bit just didn't pick the right one for gutsy16:19
apache|mobilestdin: yeah, I forgot to tell you16:20
apache|mobilethe thing is, it will pick whatever is installed if none is it will use the first16:21
* stdin uploads kdeedu-kde416:22
nixternalno bugging yet, to early :)16:24
dasKreechThe Shirt! the Shirt! the Shirt! the shirt!16:24
* ScottK hands dasKreech a smelly fish to slap nixternal with.16:24
jjessemornin nixternal16:24
nixternalas for backporting in a fix for the plasma panel, not so important considering in a month it will be out anyways16:24
nixternalhahah dasKreech16:24
nixternalas long as it is out for 8.04 release day, that's all that matters...we don't need to backport to make the devs happy :)16:25
nixternalwho cares about the devs anyways :p16:25
nixternalwho sent me 300 emails in 7 hours?16:26
ScottKIf that's not enough I can whip up a script to solve the problem?16:26
nixternalmore than enough16:28
stdinapache|mobile: you can do kdegames-kde4, kdegraphics-kde4 and kdemultimedia-kde4, I'll do kdenetwork-kde4, kdesdk-kde4 and kdetoys-kde4. kdeutils-kde4 doesn't seem to be up yet. then it's just extragear-plasma and kdewebdev-kde416:28
stdinnever mind about plasma and kdewebdev, I'll do those too :)16:35
Riddellstdin: I don't think extragear-plasma is updated16:37
Riddellcould be wrong though, nixternal?16:37
Riddellok, I'm wrong :)16:38
stdinstill need kdeutils-kde4 though16:38
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
nixternalRiddell: it was16:42
nixternalhad to remove lancelot and fifteenpuzzle from it16:42
apache|mobilestdin: aye16:51
* apache|mobile goes on a package hunt again16:52
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)17:04
lucifaintHi, I just updated and it looks like there is a broken dependency, libungif4g.17:06
lucifaintShould I report a bug?17:06
Riddelllucifaint: hardy or gutsy?17:06
Riddelllucifaint: stdin is working on that17:07
lucifaintok thanks17:07
=== toma is now known as toma_
apache|mobilestdin: graphics, games and mm are up17:10
stdinapache|mobile: I've done network, sdk, toys, plasma and webdev :)17:11
stdinI think we're just about there now17:11
apachelogger_ stdin: now if only kdelibs would work :P17:11
stdinI've reuploaded it (again), I didn't change it to gutsy for ~ppa217:12
stdinso ~ppa2.1 has gone up17:12
=== Nightrose2 is now known as Nightrose
=== kitterma is now known as ScottK2
stdinapachelogger_: you need to change mm to b-d on any cdbs, not (>= 0.4.50) and graphics will need to be rebuilt after kde4libs is done17:26
apachelogger_stdin: for mm please also file a bug report, so we change it in the hardy package17:30
DaSkreechI read that as kittenma17:31
stdinapachelogger_: it doesn't matter so much in hardy, but it saves us having to backport cdbs for no good reason17:32
apachelogger_exactly... save us time by not changing the depends for gutsy :P17:32
stdinapachelogger_: bug 18931017:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189310 in kdemultimedia-kde4 "kdemultimedia-kde4 should not have a versioned build-depends on cdbs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18931017:43
apachelogger_I have to visit a friend, I will upload mm and graphics when I am back... ppa should be busy some time anyway ;-)17:45
stdinapachelogger_: have fun :)17:47
jpatricksmarter: any updates on bespin?17:48
smarterjpatrick: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-February/003200.html17:48
Riddellstdin, apachelogger_: how's gutsy looking?  I hear the release will happen within the hour17:50
stdinRiddell: looking good, everything's just pending building now. multimedia need's a re-upload, but I could do that17:52
stdinPPA's are being slow today though, lots of people using them17:52
Riddellhardy is a bit patch17:53
nixternalthat's it...I am changing my online hacker nick...17:53
nixternalI no longer go by nixternal17:53
Riddellnixternal: why?17:53
nixternalI am now....Vanilla Ice!17:53
nixternalJucato's friend Eddie just pm'd me a link to the YouTube video of Ice Ice Baby17:54
nixternalI shot tea out my nose and then started dancing17:54
Riddell"All right stop collaborate and listen " not sure that's a good sentiment for us17:54
Riddellthis video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl66pbKW5qI17:55
nixternalyou know what...rolf....that would make for a good blog topic for all of the communities to bring them together17:55
nixternalI did not see that17:56
DaSkreechRiddell: Just checking can we be a pure KDE distro if we ship OO.o ?17:57
nixternalhahaha seele singing some John Denver!!! I love that song17:57
RiddellDaSkreech: no, it's where we fail.  but koffice 2 could well replace it shortly17:57
nixternalomg, I am going to hell for witnessing aseigo singing and dancing to 'Like a Prayer'17:58
nixternalthe DJ looks like he is about to wet himself17:58
mhbyou're so going to hell for watching videos instead of working. Now keep working!17:58
nixternalhey...I think I deserve a mini break, I mean I did get all of extragear 4.0.1 packaged and uploaded17:59
nixternalplus I have to write some SQL scripts right now and I am procrastinating17:59
mhbeveryone's just slacking off now, it's not like those good old days when everyone either worked to the bone or got poked by the Pointy Stick of Doom17:59
* DaSkreech goes for ole pointy18:00
nixternalwell, the pointy of stick of doom is now over on the dark side, so we can get away with more :p18:00
mhbnixternal: is it me or are those videos really chaotic and only several seconds in length?18:00
RiddellDaSkreech: if you end up running the next KDE conference, you'll be worked to the bone :)18:00
nixternalmhb: ya, kind of stinks...I would have loved to have seen Riddell's entire performance18:00
mhbthere's some loud noise and a shape that could resemble both Riddell and Santa Claus etc.18:00
DaSkreechRiddell: I'm getting there already :) I presented the proposal last night and they want a new one18:01
nixternaloh no18:01
* mhb stops making fun and keeps on learning18:02
* nixternal notes there is someone there with a real video camera recording everything..wonder where those videos are18:03
jjessehrmm why was secrekdevideoweb.com blocked form work ?18:09
nixternalprolly pr0n18:09
DaSkreechYou forgot the t18:09
jpatricksmarter: tres bien18:11
smarterjpatrick: ;)18:11
smarterjpatrick: I'm currently working on qdevelop18:11
jpatricksmarter: I'm currently working on getting that into debian ;)18:12
smarterjpatrick: qdevelop?18:12
jpatricksmarter: bespin18:12
jpatrickmhb: "Unknown host secretkdevideoweb.com" :'(18:12
smarterjpatrick: ok, thanks ;)18:12
mhbjpatrick: what did you expect18:12
jpatrickmhb: "someone there with a real video camera recording everything.."18:13
mhbjpatrick: are you the member of the KDE l33t society?18:13
mhbjpatrick: if you were, you'd have access to it...18:13
jpatrickmhb: :P18:13
* mhb wonders whether the president has a secret mailing list, too18:14
jjesseit isn't icantfindbinladen@whitehouse.gov ????18:14
smarterpresident of what? ;)18:15
jpatricksmarter: Wmii18:15
* jpatrick wonders how long his packages will sit in the Debian NEW queue for18:18
jussi01jpatrick: forever! :P18:32
* DaSkreech actually has gardenSkape notes if you want them nixternal18:36
ScottKjpatrick: My recent experience has been a little over a week.18:42
mataharii wanted to post a bug for hardy - but i don#t know where....18:43
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots18:44
mataharidoes anyone know a workaround for the bug in the user-management?18:48
jpatrickScottK: great18:51
* apachelogger_ thinks Riddell should join amarok's project amoc18:51
apachelogger_amarok's music of crap, our band project :D18:52
jpatrickmhb: aseigo's in #kde-devel - might want to ask him if he has a special list :p18:52
apachelogger_actually that thing is pretty much dead, needs new life18:53
apachelogger_Nightrose: I think it was a good thing we didn't publish our karaoke record, imagine nixternal danincg to it18:54
apachelogger_Riddell: btw, why is hardy patchy?18:54
=== uga is now known as uga|away
ScottK2Nothing like Microsoft and being responsive... http://www.realtechnews.com/posts/5352#more-535219:06
apachelogger_stdin: is kdelibs building again or still?19:07
ScottK2nixternal should be made aware of this one ^^^19:07
stdinapachelogger_: done building for gutsy19:08
nixternalSELECT AVG(ChangeClose) AS AvgChange, TYear19:08
nixternalFROM NDX19:08
nixternalWHERE AvgChange > 019:08
nixternalGROUP BY TYear19:08
nixternalORDER BY AvgChange DESC;19:08
nixternalwhat doesn't that work?19:08
apachelogger_stdin: https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members-kde4/+archive/+builds?build_text=&build_state=building19:09
apachelogger_whats that then?19:09
* apachelogger_ is listening to Junge Römer (live @Radiokulturhaus) by Garish on FM4 Soundselection: 14 [Amarok]19:09
ScottK2nixternal: What's the error?19:10
stdinkde4libs 4:4.0.1-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa2 in ubuntu hardy RELEASE < hardy (remember I said before about ~ppa2.1)19:10
apachelogger_didn't read it carefully enough :P19:10
apachelogger_stdin: how can this happen with your script anyway?19:10
nixternalno error...I am using it in an Access DB, but when I run it, it pops up a dialog asking for me to input something for AvgChange, and if I don't enter anything and hit OK, it just shows a blank table19:11
stdinapachelogger_: because I used dch -i19:11
* apachelogger_ is horribly terrified19:11
stdinI patched debchange to allow incrementing of ~ppa releases, the script only does the initial backport19:12
stdinI should have used "dch -D gutsy -i"19:12
ScottK2nixternal: From what little sql I know, that looks reasonable.  Dunno.  Maybe the why is you're using a Microsoft product to try and do something.19:12
apachelogger_this calls for a new ruby framework :P19:12
nixternalya, I have to, and that is the way this stupid book shows it too19:12
ScottK2stdin: Why have you done this?19:13
* apachelogger_ notes that neither the KDE extragear release framework nor the neon framework are anywhere but finished19:13
stdinScottK: done what, patched debchange?19:13
stdinbecause it's easier to bump ppa versions that way19:14
stdinie: ~ppa1 -> ~ppa219:14
ScottK2Are you planning on the being uploaded to Ubuntu or is this just your local change?19:14
stdinit already is uploaded, it's in hardy now19:15
stdin2.10.11ubuntu3 has the patch19:16
ScottK2I think an API change on a basic tool like debchange ought to have been discussed first, but that's just me.19:16
apachelogger_stdin: pushing graphics and mm to the ppa19:16
ScottK2Particularly a change to support stuff that's not part of Ubuntu.19:16
stdinapachelogger_: I've done 4:4.0.1-0ubuntu1~gutsy1~ppa2 (removed version on cdbs)19:17
stdinScottK: well hobbsee approved, she was the one that asked (told) me to patch it ;)19:18
apachelogger_stdin: also did a new mm?19:18
ScottK2OK.  That's two opinions out of how many Ubuntu developers?19:18
stdinapachelogger_: that one is mm19:19
ScottK2I don't see optimizing our tools for making third party repositories as a good thing.19:19
stdinScottK: dch/debchange still works exactly the same, but when there's a ~ppa suffix it increments that instead of the ubuntu revision19:19
apachelogger_stdin: which build did fail then?19:20
* apachelogger_ lost the overview :S19:20
ScottK2stdin: Exactly what I personally don't think we want.19:20
stdinapachelogger_: graphics, just needs rebuilding against the fixed kde4libs19:20
ScottK2But them I'm oddly conservative in that I think the Ubuntu repos are the ones we actually want people to use.19:20
apachelogger_stdin: ah, wth, if something fails it's your fault :P19:21
stdinapachelogger_: it always it :p19:21
apachelogger_for kubuntu, yes19:22
apachelogger_for amarok, it's always Nightrose's19:22
ScottK2stdin: If you fixed the bug where Ubuntu revision numbers get added onto Debian only dch options, I totally forgive you ;-)19:22
stdinScottK: I had to learn perl ad-hoc, took me a good couple hours to figure out how to just get it to bump the ppa version without breaking anything19:23
ScottK2I feel your pain.19:24
ScottK2In another project last year I got told "you're the postfix expert, you can be the maintainer for X".  X was written in Perl and I knew no Perl.19:25
stdinfrom what I've seen of it, I don't _want_ to know perl :p19:26
* apachelogger_ is wondering why people use it anyway19:26
smarterHas anyone bought this? http://www.kysoh.com/tux_overview.html19:32
stdinooh, someone's building OO.o on the PPA, that'll kill 3 buildd for a good few hours19:32
apachelogger_can't the LP guys just add a blacklist to ppa?19:33
apachelogger_or add some system to build such things only with _empty_ queues19:33
stdinthat's nothing, 2 of the buildds were locked in a loop for 3 days until a couple hours ago19:33
apachelogger_that explains a lot actually :)19:34
ScottK2Maybe they should offer a paid account where you get better buildd priority.  Some people would pay for that.19:34
stdinthe worst is the language pack builders, they lock all the i386 buildd's for ~5 hours at a time, so if you need a -dev you're screwed19:35
stdinthat happened during the RC2 release iirc19:35
apachelogger_ScottK2: that actually sounds like a good way to make money19:36
stdinas long as -kde4 got the highest priority, sure ;)19:36
RiddellHobbsee: could you give back kdebase-workspace on amd6419:37
ScottK2apachelogger_: And the super extra special account that gets build as soon as it's published even if some other build has to die to do it....19:40
apachelogger_sounds radical19:41
apachelogger_but reasonable19:41
jpatrickRiddell: prepare yourself for another monster LUKS patch19:49
* Riddell braces19:49
jpatrickjust got to get debian/rules right and it's ready19:49
LureRiddell: thanks for qlandkarte reject ;-)19:54
apacheloggerstdin: how about some multirow patching for the taskbar? ;-)19:54
LureRiddell: already uploaded new version19:54
LureRiddell: are we supposed to ask upstream to not do this in future?19:54
apacheloggerLure: what did upstream do?19:54
LureRiddell: I suspect they may be violating GPL if they do not offer source fo that binaries, right?19:54
Lureapachelogger: they have included some binary libs for osx and windows/mingw19:55
apacheloggerLure: binaries shouldn't be in a source archive19:56
apacheloggerthough, I think they only violate GPL if they changed something in the libs code19:56
Lureapachelogger: agreed19:56
RiddellLure: yes, they should include the source code19:56
Riddellapachelogger: no19:56
apacheloggerok :)19:56
Lureapachelogger: they need to offer source if they ship binary19:56
Lureapachelogger: if that binary is under open source license, which I think it is19:57
apacheloggerwell, has to be otherwise linking would be a violation19:57
stdinapachelogger: sure, let me just learn how to use KDEs classes and I'll get right on that :p19:59
apacheloggerstdin: nah, I have a patch at hand :P19:59
apacheloggerjust wanted to get some attention19:59
apacheloggerNightrose: ein wenig jubel wäre toll ;-)19:59
apacheloggerthere we go :D20:00
Nightrosegood? *g*20:00
apacheloggerNightrose: merci20:00
Nightrosehehe gern geschehn20:00
smartermultirow plasma taskbar is not in kde 4.0.1?20:01
apacheloggershouldn't be20:01
apacheloggerit's a feature20:01
apacheloggerso it's only in 4.1 AFAIK20:01
smarterAccording to: http://www.kde.org/announcements/changelogs/changelog4_0to4_0_1.php plasma got some new features20:02
apacheloggersmarter: only small ones I assume20:03
apacheloggerstdin: did you install .1 yet?20:08
stdinapachelogger: not yet20:09
apacheloggerstdin: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/img051.png20:09
apacheloggerI have a feeling gmail is broken :S20:09
stdinI hope that's just gmail20:10
flipstari have the same problem on other websites20:10
flipstarlike launchpad20:10
apacheloggerlp works for me20:11
DaSkreechgmail has been horribly broken for me in the past few weeks20:11
stdinI just remembered, gmails doesn't use https by default. stupid gmail20:11
stdin"Need to get 201MB of archives." lovely20:11
apacheloggermaybe konqueror doesn't get the redirects right20:11
apacheloggeraccess gmail -> URL change one -> open in konq -> URL change two -> open in konq -> gmail shows up20:12
apacheloggerstdin: ~400 here :D20:12
stdinyeah, but I only have -core and a select few apps20:13
apacheloggerstdin: dbg headers?20:13
stdina few, yes20:13
apacheloggeractually the wallpapers in workspace are already 50mib20:13
apacheloggerand dbg headers also use quite some space20:14
* apachelogger is afraid that if he restarts kdm now, it will break20:14
apacheloggerwhy are the user faces those awfully old ones again? :S20:16
stdin7440B/s 6h59min26s < now that sucks!20:16
apacheloggerwas at 100% for me20:16
stdinI'm using gb.a.u.c, going to try another one20:16
apacheloggersounds like a plan20:17
apacheloggerI think redirects are broken20:18
DaSkreechWhoot 4.0.1 Time to format my machine and install KDE4 :)20:18
* DaSkreech is going to miss basket :(20:19
apacheloggerredirects are totally b0rked20:20
apacheloggercan't even search kdelook20:20
* apachelogger starts crying20:20
* Nightrose hands apachelogger the stressball20:20
stdinhmm, archive.u.c is faster, but still slow. I have a feeling someone on my network is P2Ping20:20
ScottK2apachelogger: Man up and get to work fixing it.20:20
apacheloggerI wanted to have a multirow taskbar :'-(20:21
ScottK2You want the boot camp speech now?20:21
apacheloggernah, just tell me what component is causing this20:22
* ScottK2 doesn't know jack about KDE4. Sorry. I'm just standing in for the stick and telling people to get to work.20:22
apacheloggeryeah, I thought so :P20:23
* apachelogger goes hunting then20:23
emuare the kde 4.0.1 packages already fully available in hardy and gutsy ppa?20:24
jpatrickemu: yep20:24
apacheloggerjpatrick: are ye sure? :P20:24
jpatrickapachelogger: downloading now20:25
apacheloggerlast I checked gutsy was still building some stuff20:25
emuwill kubuntu.org have an Anouncement for that?20:25
apacheloggerof course20:25
apacheloggerstdin: hm, every link is actually affected20:26
stdinapachelogger: nice :S20:26
apacheloggeremu: wie ist der status der news?20:28
emuapachelogger: für kubuntu-de.org so gut wie fertig.20:29
* emu is actually polishing it.20:29
apacheloggeremu: sehr gut :D20:29
apacheloggerkde bug 155942 doesn't sound that good20:32
ubotuKDE bug 155942 in general "Kopete: first account doesn't finish connect, the second account connect well" [Normal,Resolved: worksforme] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15594220:32
apacheloggerkde bug 155492 even :D20:32
ubotuKDE bug 155492 in general "Konqueror do "save as" with ALL urls" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15549220:32
nixternaloh man, I am totally loving Yakuake and KDE 4.0.1 now, true transparency is rockin'!20:36
jpatrickbug #186841 | Riddell20:38
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186841 in kdebase "[hardy] Please merge latest version of kio media LUKS support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18684120:38
nixternalhrmm, with 4.0.1 the System Settings in Kickoff is the KDE 3 System Settings20:40
jpatrickRiddell: ok, he's debdiffs are huge...20:40
emuwill there be a updatet Kubuntu-Live CD with KDE 4.0.1?20:40
emuIf yes. Could somebody tell me the url?20:40
blueyedapachelogger, stdin: bug 188498 - also happened for me with the latest 4.0.0 packages. Talked to Jonathan about it yesterday already.20:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188498 in kdebase "konqueror opens new window" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18849820:43
blueyedYay, 4.0.1! :)20:43
ubotuGlad you made it! :-)20:44
apacheloggerblueyed: filed against the wrong package20:44
blueyedapachelogger: please fix20:45
blueyedthanks :)20:45
apacheloggerI had to open a new konqueror to do that :D20:45
gribeluso umm.. is the panel supposed to support multiple rows now?20:46
apacheloggerthat bug is awakening anger20:46
apacheloggergribelu: no!20:46
gribelugawd damn20:46
blueyedI have FF as default browser now because of this..20:46
apacheloggerNightrose: halt mich fest20:46
Nightrosewasup honey?20:46
apacheloggerblueyed: that is not a solution at all20:46
blueyedapachelogger: didn't it happen for you since the last week already?20:46
apacheloggerNightrose: dieser scheiß konqueror will nit :(20:46
apacheloggerblueyed: no20:46
blueyedapachelogger: sure, but for the moment the best workaround.20:46
* Nightrose tritt konqueror20:46
* emonkey packt den apachelogger und singt ihm ein beruhigendes Lied zu20:46
apacheloggerblueyed: we don't work around, we fix :P20:47
* apachelogger singt mit emonkey20:47
apacheloggermhh, mein lieblingslied von slipknot :D20:47
apacheloggerNightrose: gell ;-)20:47
jpatrickyay für Deutsch20:48
apacheloggerIch bin göttlich!20:49
apacheloggereher master of the universe-lich20:49
apacheloggerbug fixed20:49
apachelogger:D :D :D20:49
emonkey.oO(bald hassen uns die Leute hier wegen dem Deutsch )20:49
apacheloggeremonkey: wurde so angefragt, weil ja unsere franzosen nichtmehr flooden20:50
apacheloggermüssen die deutschsprachigen ran ;-)20:50
emonkeyhier wird mehr Deutsch gesprochen als in #ubuntu-ch20:50
blueyedapachelogger: fixed it.. :) File Associations => text/html => left click action => show file in embedded viewer20:53
blueyed(I've now configured it for the whole text group)20:53
blueyed(needs konqueror restart)20:53
ubotuGlad you made it! :-)20:53
* blueyed hugs Konqueror again20:54
apacheloggersomething is defenitely strange here20:54
apacheloggershouldn't the bug reappear when I remove my fix? :P20:54
blueyedapachelogger: Riddell said something about moving the kde4 desktop files yesterday..20:54
apacheloggerthat shouldn't cause this IMO20:55
blueyedbut it matched the time when it started for me.. (1 week ago or so)20:55
apacheloggerthis issue prolly resides within the konqueror package20:59
apacheloggerthere is something wrong20:59
blueyedapachelogger: but how has the konqueror package changed during 4.0.0? Maybe it's even a different cause on your end than on mine..21:00
apacheloggerthis is way too strange21:02
apacheloggerblueyed: possible but unlikely21:05
Riddellhi iRon, interested in coming to UDS?21:07
Riddelloh, he left21:07
* apachelogger notes Riddell is apparently on promo tour for UDS :D21:08
hungerapachelogger: Are you talking about konq-kde4? I can check when/whether it was updated if you need to know.21:08
apacheloggerhunger: would be awesome :)21:09
Riddellapachelogger: want to come to fosscamp if you can't do UDS?  it's just a weekend21:09
apacheloggerRiddell: where is that?21:09
apacheloggerand when21:09
hungerapachelogger: Got /etc under version control;-) It includes a package list here, so I can check when I updated it.21:09
blueyednow (after kdm restart) konqueror-3 appears to be the default browser (from konversation/kde3)..21:09
DaSkreech!info vym hardy21:09
Riddellapachelogger: May, czech21:09
ubotuvym (source: vym): mindmapping tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.10.0-1ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 1419 kB, installed size 3760 kB21:09
apacheloggerRiddell: well, depends on the exact date, but czech sounds good :)21:10
apacheloggerblueyed: please run `which keditfiletype`21:22
blueyedapachelogger: /usr/lib/kde4/bin/keditfiletype21:23
hungerapachelogger: I updated konq-kde4 from version 4:4.0.0-0ubuntu4 to 5 on 29th of jan. The next update was to kde 4.0.1 today.21:23
apacheloggerblueyed: dpkg -S keditfiletype21:23
blueyedapachelogger: kcontrol, kdebase-bin-kde421:24
apacheloggerhunger: hm, it might be that it was broken all .0 long, but it only got exposed now21:24
nixternalyes, and now YouTube and Konqi 4 work21:24
nixternaltoday is a good day!21:24
nixternalOK, time to go vote and get to the uni21:25
blueyedhttps seems to be broken still though..21:25
hungerapachelogger: OK, then I'll not look further. It is easy to check for the last change (git-blame), the ones before that are a bit harder.21:25
blueyednixternal: yes, go vote! :)21:25
nixternalhow is it broke blueyed?21:25
blueyednixternal: "The process for the https://daniel.hahler.de protocol died unexpectedly." - at least for e.g. https://daniel.hahler.de/21:25
blueyedmight be the certificate type and such21:26
nixternalyup, I got that too...only seems that sight I have seen it on though21:26
blueyedhttps://gmail.com/ works21:26
nixternalalrighty, I will talk to you all in about 7 hours...man what a busy evening ahead of me21:27
nixternalplus we have 6 inches or more of snow coming tonight...starting to get tired of that :)21:27
blueyedSigning out on gmail fails instantly with "Timeout on server" though..21:27
DaSkreechnixternal: Ship it to Jamaica21:29
jpatrickRiddell: may? czech? hmm21:32
Riddelljpatrick: interested?21:33
jpatrickRiddell: if Canonical buys me a new passport21:33
jjesse_is chez where the next uds is ?21:34
Riddelljpatrick: aren't you in spain?21:34
Riddelljpatrick: ssh, it's not announced yet :)21:34
jpatrickRiddell: passport-less tho, and we Brits can't move around with it21:35
Riddelljpatrick: sure we can, in schengen nobody should check21:35
jpatrickRiddell: no, UK government (damn them) never signed it21:35
Trigger7you just need a id card21:35
Trigger7ok. stupids ;)21:36
Riddellright but once you're in, you're in21:36
jpatrickTrigger7: you think I haven't tried that? :)21:36
Riddellhow did you get to spain anyway?21:36
emonkeyfunny that we swiss are not in the EU but we're part of Schengen21:36
* emonkey don't need a pass for czech21:36
jpatrickRiddell: passport hadn't expired21:36
Riddelljpatrick: well I think you'd have an easier job getting to czech than back into the british isles21:37
apacheloggeremonkey: actually you do, for identification21:38
Trigger7but why can we german travel to uk with just an id card? weird europe21:38
jpatrickRiddell: tell that to the French police ;)21:38
emonkeyapachelogger, We've got an ID Card which is enough ... I was in GB only with the ID Card21:38
apacheloggeremonkey: it ain't21:38
apacheloggertechnically you can be arrested without passport21:39
apacheloggerwell well21:39
apachelogger2 possabilities for the konqueror issue21:39
apachelogger1. something is b0rked while compiling21:39
apachelogger2. a file is missing21:39
jpatrickemonkey: yeah, the crap thing with the ID cards in Spain is that they don't let you move around, they only say: "this guy lies here"21:39
apacheloggerbecause it works when I compile from src21:39
* apachelogger kicks konqueror21:40
mhbjpatrick: really?21:42
jpatrickmhb: yep21:42
mhbjpatrick: I mean with our ID cards it should be possible to move around all europe without much trouble21:42
mhbI've flown to Greece with just that21:42
jpatrickmhb: ok, in Spain there's 1) national cards (natives only) 2) residence cards (what I'm stuck with)21:42
mhbjpatrick: aww, too bad21:44
=== uga|away is now known as uga
DaSkreech!info python hardy21:56
ubotupython (source: python-defaults): An interactive high-level object-oriented language (default version). In component main, is important. Version 2.5.1-1ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 137 kB, installed size 600 kB21:56
mhban unimportant announcement!22:01
* apachelogger is listening to Rivers Of Babylon by Boney M. on Greatest Hits [Amarok]22:01
jjesse_ok now i feel stupid where do i go in kde4 system settings to add a new user22:02
mhbI can host one or two folks at my place if UDS takes place in Prague22:03
* apachelogger is wondering22:03
ScottK2jjesse_: Open Konsole and then man adduser.22:03
mhbI can't pay the travel for you, but you can get the accomodation free as in freedom and beer alike22:03
apacheloggermhb: won't that result in endless discussion and no sleep? :)22:03
jjesse_ScottK2: i know how to use adduser, but where is the add user portion in system stetings in kde4?22:03
jjesse_not there yet?22:03
ScottK2Just know that way works22:04
jjesse_ScottK2: i know, working on updating chapter and want to make sure i tell them the correct way22:04
mhbjjesse_: well in KDE3 systemsettings, you used guidance config tool22:04
mhbjjesse_: those aren't ported to KDE4 systemsettings yet.22:04
jjesse_and is there a port for guidance config tool yet22:04
jjesse_ah beeat me to it22:04
jjesse_so hrmm how do i want to phrase this.... "to add new users start a kde3 session?22:05
apacheloggerjjesse_: just start the kde3 systemsettings22:05
mhbapachelogger: no, we do the blueprints during the day and implement them at night :o)22:05
apacheloggerresult is the same :P22:06
mhbjjesse_: launching "userconfig" might work22:06
mhbor sudo userconfig, to be exact22:06
jjesse_or typing kuser in the application launcher22:06
Nightrosejjesse_: there is user manager kde 4 for that I think22:06
* apachelogger declares war on the konqueror-kde4 package22:06
mhbjjesse_: perhaps.22:07
mhbjjesse_: perhaps there's another user configuration app in KDE422:07
mhbjjesse_: but then I can't find it :o)22:07
LureRiddell: are we supposed to backport some nice-to-have features from 4.1 to 4.0.x?22:07
RiddellLure: I'm not expecting it22:07
jjesse_mhb i can't find it either22:07
jjesse_thats why i felt stupid22:08
* Lure just notices suse backported panel size changes22:08
Trigger7Lure: is there a patch around?22:08
LureTrigger7: it is in trunk - I am using it (panel tiny, location on top)22:08
Trigger7Lure: i mean a patch which applies agains the 4.0 branch22:09
jjesse_are there 4.1 packages available yet or still building from source?22:09
* Lure hopes that they decide to include it officially in 4.0.2 - that would be better for everybody22:09
Lurejjesse_: I do daily build of trunk for my laptop22:09
jjesse_Lure: ah22:09
ScottK2jjesse_: 4.0.1, not 4.122:09
jjesse_sorry that's what i meant22:10
jjesse_boy i'm having a rough day today22:10
ScottK2Well since you're writing a book, I wanted to make sure.22:10
jjesse_ScottK2: i am22:10
Luretime for bed - good night all!22:13
LureRiddell: thanks for qlandkarte22:13
Riddellthank you Lure22:13
ScottK2Lure: Good night22:13
=== toma_ is now known as toma
ScottK2So I see Feb 19 is the planned date for 3.5.922:33
* DaSkreech still thinks we should have 4.1 packages. 22:34
* DaSkreech is grumpy22:34
jpatrickDaSkreech: we do22:35
blueyedDaSkreech: weekly builds?22:35
jpatrickah wait no22:35
* blueyed seconds DaSkreech :)22:35
DaSkreechTHat would mean a new ppa though22:35
DaSkreechas I understand ppas22:35
RiddellScottK2: just after feature freeze22:35
RiddellDaSkreech: go ahead if you want to, PPAs are as easy to make as launchpad teams22:35
blueyedRiddell: it's a bugfix release, isn't it?22:36
Riddellblueyed: 3.5.9?  mostly, except kdepim22:36
Riddellit'll be fine to get into hardy22:36
blueyedppas are though limited due to buildds, afaics.22:36
blueyedyes, great.22:36
DaSkreechRiddell: I thought there was only two machines for ppa allocation ?22:37
RiddellDaSkreech: I count 3+3=1 https://edge.launchpad.net/+builds22:38
DaSkreechHmm ok22:39
Riddellvorian: poke22:39
Riddellvorian: "It was downloaded from ftp://ftown.kde.org" typo, fix in next upload22:39
* _StefanS_ wonders what happened to the lpia arch.. did it ever amount to anything?22:41
ScottK2It's for UME.  Still developing.22:41
_StefanS_oh ok..22:42
_StefanS_gotta try the new kde4 packages...weee22:42
apacheloggerRiddell: ok, we have a major issue in KDE 4's konqueror22:42
apacheloggerdue to the complete path to kfmclient we expose some very strange bug22:43
apacheloggerwhere KDE 4 apparently by default wouldn't embedd html mimetypes22:43
Riddellwhy does the complete patch cause that?22:43
apacheloggerRiddell: I have no clue22:44
apacheloggermaybe because the desktop file also defines the mimetype at the end of Exec22:44
Riddellapachelogger: but if you remove the complete path then it is all fixed?22:44
apacheloggerand the mimetype of course includes a slash22:44
apacheloggerRiddell: yes22:44
Riddellgood work sherlock22:44
Riddelldoesn't sound too hard to fix22:44
Riddellhow did you work that out?22:45
apacheloggerRiddell: a guy from kubuntu-de made me think of it, one can workaround the issue by manually turning the embedding on - so I grepped for mimetype defintions in the desktop files, and voila22:46
Trigger7Riddell: dod you move any stuff from kdebase* packages into konqueror? we noticed some time ago, that if you just install konquror and not the rest of the packages you can't make any settings. but no one tried harder to find out what needs to be moved yet22:47
Riddellapachelogger: how about a second .desktop file which is the same but no absolute path and NoDisplay=true ?22:47
RiddellTrigger7: nope, not looked at that at all22:47
apacheloggerRiddell: kfmclients already have nodisplay=true :)22:48
Trigger7Riddell: ok. so we should keep it in mind and fixit one day22:48
Riddellapachelogger: ah, so we just need to exclude it from the debian/rules stuff22:48
apacheloggerRiddell: we can just leave the original desktop files in /usr/lib/kde4...22:49
apacheloggerthis way the original should override those with absolute path22:49
* apachelogger tests22:49
_StefanS_Riddell: I was thinking, are there any efforts to change the login splash ?22:50
Riddell_StefanS_: which?22:50
_StefanS_Riddell: oh sorry for kde4 :)22:51
mikde4 still don't have chat ????22:51
apacheloggerworks like a charm22:51
_StefanS_apachelogger: what works ? :)22:51
Riddell_StefanS_: no, we have a hard enough time getting artwork for the wallpaper never mind anything else22:51
Riddell_StefanS_: plus if anything should happen it should be removed22:51
_StefanS_Riddell: right I understand.22:51
apachelogger_StefanS_: konqueror in kde4 :D22:51
_StefanS_apachelogger: konversation/kde3 just crashed the entire kde4 session 4 mins ago :)22:52
apacheloggerRiddell: someone should probably talk to aaron about the wallpaper configuration in k-d-s-kde422:52
_StefanS_apachelogger: I just launched it :D22:52
apachelogger_StefanS_: never happened for me22:52
_StefanS_apachelogger: well now it doesnt crash. So..22:52
_StefanS_apachelogger: dont know what happened22:52
apachelogger_StefanS_: ye prolly didn't treat it well enough :-P22:53
_StefanS_Riddell: I'm experimenting with some windeco/style based on qtcurve/kde4 if thats ok, donno if you have interest in going down that path22:53
_StefanS_apachelogger: prolly not :)22:53
_StefanS_oh my its late22:54
* apachelogger is listening to 3.6: "Pond-erosa Puff (live)" by OpenBSD on The Songs 3.0 - 4.0 [Amarok]22:54
* _StefanS_ does really get the idea of desktop icons in kde4 acting as plasmoids..22:54
_StefanS_doesnt :D22:54
_StefanS_weee time to test konq in kde422:55
stdinwow, everything built :P22:55
* _StefanS_ passes a beer to stdin22:55
stdinmmm, pancakes and beer :)22:56
=== uga|away is now known as uga
_StefanS_apachelogger: is your konq downloading everything as files it its not regular *.html ?22:58
_StefanS_apachelogger: try going to kde-look.org, and search something22:59
_StefanS_apachelogger: mine wants to download search.php :)22:59
apachelogger_StefanS_: I am fixing this right now22:59
Riddellapachelogger: excellent excellent22:59
_StefanS_apachelogger: mime stuff?22:59
Riddellapachelogger: do you have the bug number for that?22:59
apacheloggerRiddell: bug 18849823:00
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188498 in kdebase-kde4 "konqueror opens new window" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18849823:00
* apachelogger testbuilds23:01
_StefanS_this might have slipped my mind, but do you intend to build 4.0.1(or .2) to include in final hardy?23:01
_StefanS_kde that is.23:02
_StefanS_apachelogger: do you know which package has the kwin headers? since there's not kwin-kde4-dev23:08
_StefanS_ah thanks23:08
_StefanS_apt never stops amazing me.. thank god we're not using rpm's :)23:09
_StefanS_Riddell: hmm kwin headers werent in that package it seems23:10
_StefanS_Riddell: any other ideas?23:10
_StefanS_Riddell: ah, it was just a cached configure that fooled me..23:14
=== uga|away is now known as uga
DaSkreechFood ans Liquor23:27
MaximLevitskyTake a look here:23:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178242 in kdebase "KDM doesn't work in XDMCP mode" [Undecided,New]23:31
MaximLevitskyWhom should I contact to ask to apply the fix for this bug23:32
blueyedcheers apachelogger, for fixing bug 18849823:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188498 in kdebase-kde4 "konqueror opens new window" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18849823:43
blueyedWhat was wrong?23:43
MaximLevitsky blueyed, you ask me?23:45
blueyedNo, MaximLevitsky. But am looking now.23:45
MaximLevitskyThis is simple bug with fix and it waits to be commited23:45
blueyedMaximLevitsky: you need a main sponsor for it..23:46
MaximLevitskyWhat do you mean?23:46
blueyedsomeone who can upload to "main".23:47
blueyedMaximLevitsky: can you create a debdiff for it?23:47
MaximLevitskyNot yet, I never created one, but, the fix is a simple patch sn't it?23:48
stdinyou need to create a debdiff then attach it to the bug report and assign ubuntu-main-sponsors. you should also probably add that tag "patch". see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff to find out how to make a debdiff (it's just a patch for a debian source package)23:53
stdinMaximLevitsky ^23:53
MaximLevitskyYou mean that I need to modify the package, then rebuild it, then create a binary diff, and send it?23:54
stdinnot a binary diff23:55
stdinyou don't need to build the package, just edit it's files and add a changelog entry23:55
MaximLevitskyThats better :-)23:56
MaximLevitskySo I grab the source the usial way, I mean apt-get source kdm, ...23:56
MaximLevitskyright, stdin?23:56
MaximLevitskyNow I will create such a diff, but whome should I contact to tell them to apply it?23:57
stdinthen add the patch to debian/patches and add an entry "Added patch acb.diff (LP: 178242)", then rebuild "debuild -S" and make a debdiff with "debdiff oldpackage.dsc newpackage.dsc > package.debdiff"23:57
stdinjust attach it to the bug report and assign ubuntu-main-sponsors23:58
MaximLevitskyAnd this will help, what do you think?23:58
stdinthat's the official way, yes23:59
MaximLevitskyThanks a lot, very much23:59

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