thumperbarry: meeting soon?02:51
barrythumper: 9 minutes02:51
thumperbarry: ta02:52
mwhudsondammit, why is by clock slow02:52
barrymwhudson: okay, 8 minutes :)02:52
mwhudsonbarry: my clock says 10 :/02:52
* barry now tries to pull an agenda out of his ass02:56
MootBotMeeting started at 03:00. The chair is barry.03:00
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barrywelcome everyone to this week's asiapac launchpad reviewer's meeting03:00
barrywho's here today?03:00
thumperjml: ping03:01
barryafaict that's everyone who's here on the channel.  should we expect anyone else?03:01
thumperbarry: jml should be here shortly03:02
barryjml hi!03:02
barryjamesh: hi!03:04
barry[TOPIC] agenda03:04
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda03:04
barry* Roll call03:04
barry * Next meeting03:04
barry * Action items03:04
barry * Queue status03:04
barry   * we fell behind during the sprint03:04
barry * Mentoring update03:04
barry * Review process03:04
barry   * how to transition from on-caller to the next03:04
barry   * Tool update03:04
barry * On-call reviews03:04
barry   * Keeping the time to around 8 hours03:04
barry[TOPIC] next meeting03:04
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting03:04
barryso, today + 1 week?  is this a good time for everyone?03:05
barrywell, other than jtv ;)03:05
barry[TOPIC]  * Action items03:06
MootBotNew Topic:   * Action items03:06
barryi think all the outstanding action items are for ameu03:06
barrynothing for asiapac afaict03:06
barryanybody know of anything i'm missing?03:07
barry[TOPIC] queue status03:07
MootBotNew Topic:  queue status03:07
barry   * we fell behind during the sprint03:07
barrypretty much sums it up.  4 of us were sprinting in florida, so none of us did reviews last week03:08
sinzu16 were sprinting03:08
sinzu14 were on-call03:08
jmland some were at LCA :)03:08
barryoh right03:08
jmlI have a question.03:08
jmlIs my queue on PendingReviews still the place to look for reviews that I have to do?03:08
barryjml: go ahead03:08
thumperI'd say yes03:09
thumper(for now)03:09
jml(excluding on-call day, of course)03:09
barryjml: yeah, thumper's right.  it's a bit of a mess currently03:09
* barry looks to mwhudson and his PendingReview killing machine03:09
jmlbarry: no worry!03:09
mwhudsonbarry: we need gmb to finish his bit03:10
barryjml: to make matters worse, i did a branch assignment after my shift today, so folks do have branches on the PR queue03:10
barrymwhudson: don't worry, i'll bug him on wednesday :)03:10
jmlbarry: move on?03:11
thumperI do wonder how much work we should put into the PendingReview killing machine03:11
thumperwith the work on LP03:11
thumperand I'm wondering if there is any way we could sync up more03:11
barrythumper: ideally maybe the PR killer /is/ LP03:11
mwhudsonthumper: that's a fair point03:11
thumperparticularly I'm thinking of the combination of private remote branches and merge proposals03:12
mwhudsonthumper: it should be fairly easy to switch my plugin over to lp03:12
thumperwe are working on subscriptions for reviews now03:12
mwhudson(once we have apis, i guess...)03:12
barryit might be a while before we get the apis to support those though03:12
thumperanyway, continue03:12
barrythumper: what do you mean by "sync up more"?03:12
thumperperhaps just focus our LP work more to help with the review process03:13
thumperwe are doing reviews03:13
thumperso I'm wondering if we can try to move the review process to LP03:13
thumperfor the listings03:13
thumperthe "what reviews do I need to do"03:13
thumpertype thing03:13
thumperI'll think some more and get back to y'all later03:14
barrythumper: yeah, +1 to that.  i do think it's a bit silly to work hard on a separate PR killer unless it's good prototyping for what might eventually get moved to LP03:14
jtvit'd be great, but having the branches on different projects might complicate things03:14
barrythumper: please do!03:14
thumperjtv: I'd suggest that we just use launchpad for branches03:15
thumperrather than putting them on rosetta or malone03:15
thumperet al03:15
jameshthumper: sqlobject, cscvs, etc?03:15
jtvthen I guess it belongs under the person page03:15
thumperwe could for those too I guess (I had forgotten about them)03:15
spivThe non-launchpad branches are touched pretty infrequently.03:16
barryspiv: agreed03:16
thumperexcept bzr03:16
jameshspiv: PendingReviews currently has branches for zope, launchpad-loggerhead and cscvs03:16
barryi wouldn't mind special casing them03:16
jmlI suggest a spec!03:16
barrythumper: but bzr has its own review process03:16
thumperbarry: the launchpad copy of bzr03:16
barrythumper: ah03:17
jmlbecause this is prolly out of scope for this meeting03:17
spivThe launchpad copy of bzr is touched once or twice a month, I think?03:17
thumperspiv: ack03:17
barrythumper: do you want to work on a spec, or a wiki page with some thoughts and we can talk about it more on next week or on the m.l.?03:17
mwhudsonif we can get it working just for launchpad landings, it's still a huge win03:18
thumperbarry: action me, and I'll write something somewhere03:18
barry[ACTION] thumper to write up his thoughts about LP-as-PR-killer03:18
MootBotACTION received:  thumper to write up his thoughts about LP-as-PR-killer03:18
barryanything else on this topic?03:18
jtv"go thumper"03:18
* mwhudson as forgotten what the topic is :)03:18
jmlQueue Status03:18
thumpermwhudson: can you ask MootBot03:18
barry[TOPIC] mentoring update03:19
MootBotNew Topic:  mentoring update03:19
thumperMootBot: topic?03:19
* thumper was curious03:19
barrymwhudson: the topic is "mentoring update" :)03:19
jmlI am on neither end of a mentoring stick03:19
thumperme neither03:19
barryjml: we can change that if you want :)03:19
spivOoh, MootBot can talk through barry.  That must have been tricky to code... ;)03:19
barryspiv: not tricky, but a little, um, uncomfortable03:19
mwhudsonjtv is the only non-full-reviewer in the meeting?03:19
jmlbarry: I'm open.03:19
mwhudsoni guess we overlap enough with US people to mentor them03:20
thumperwho needs reviewing?03:20
barryi think i'm looking for a mentor for schwuk03:20
thumperbarry: you probably want someone closer to him than all us03:21
barryright now all the mentorees are in europe: danilo, allenap, bigjools03:21
barryand jtv03:21
jtv"somewhere inbetween"03:22
thumperwho is in asiapac who isn't a reviewer right now?03:22
jtvthumper: me03:22
thumperjtv: you're in the middle, so count as a reviewer03:22
barryjtv: jamesh is your mentor right?03:22
thumperI was meaning "not in training" even03:22
jtvbarry: right03:22
jtvthumper: I meant geographically really, but anyway, never mind me then.  :-)03:23
jmlthumper: no one, afaik.03:23
jameshI think jtv's reviews have been great, so I'd be happy for him to graduate03:23
thumperjtv: you are in asiapac03:23
jmlthumper: in fact, we are over-blessed with reviewers, since spiv isn't even on the LP team :)03:23
thumperjtv: congratulations on your promotion03:23
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barryjtv: congrats!  i will make it official after this meeting03:24
barryi just looked on directory.c.c and i think all of asiapac are now reviewers03:24
thumpergo asiapac!03:24
barryi think we may soon have some americans (in the broad sense) coming on line soon for reviewing, so there may be enough overlap for y'all to mentor03:25
barrymaybe in a cycle or two03:25
mwhudsonit's probably a /little bit/ soon to get Aaron on the team :)03:25
thumperjust a little03:26
barryi'll ask schwuk what he thinks about having an asiapac mentor.  if he's okay with it and one of y'all is too, then that's fine with me03:26
mwhudsoni'm not sure it's a good idea, unless he keeps strange work hours03:27
* thumper agrees with mwhudson03:27
barrymwhudson: you're probably right.  maybe we just have to wait until we get some ameu slots open then03:27
barrysuch is life03:27
barryanything else on this topic?03:28
jmlnot from such as I!03:28
barry[TOPIC]  * Review process03:28
MootBotNew Topic:   * Review process03:28
barrythere's probably not much to say about the tool, right?03:28
barry(that we haven't already said)03:29
jtvexcept it stopped working for me :(03:29
barryjtv: you mean the lpreview plugin?03:29
jtvbarry: right03:29
mwhudsonwell, i'm here to hear the comments now, i guess03:29
jtvbut the same happened to pqm-submit, so it may be my system.03:29
* barry will be using it tomorrow :)03:29
jmlmwhudson: has abentley talked to you about it?03:29
jameshjtv: for sending email, or other?03:30
jtvjamesh: sending email03:30
sinzuijtv: did you mail setting change?03:30
mwhudsonjml: he sent me a couple of bundles to fix some option texts03:30
jtvsinzui: not that I _know_03:30
mwhudsonjml: but nothing very significant03:30
jameshjtv: bzr-pqm-0.92 should be able to send through Canonical's SMTP server if you want to try that03:30
mwhudsonjtv: review-submit uses the stdlib's smtplib module03:30
jtvjamesh: I already use that server.  Maybe that's the problem: it's certificate expired03:31
jameshmwhudson: so does bzr-pqm, but the Canonical server is pretty picky about the sequence of commands03:32
jameshehlo, starttls, ehlo, auth, then send message using an @canonical.com address03:32
jtvjamesh: sounds like it... my mail client routinely claims it's "not an IMAP4 server"03:32
jtvjamesh: scratch that, my coffee's still too hot for thought03:32
mwhudsonjamesh: still, no idea why it would _stop_ working if it once did03:33
mwhudsonanyway, off topic03:33
barrymoving on?03:34
jtvmoving on03:34
barry   * how to transition from on-caller to the next03:34
barryso i'm still unsure of the best way to transition to the next on-caller.  i just did as many reviews as i could, then assigned all the general branches to people03:34
jmlbarry: what are the issues?03:35
barrybut what if people show up looking for on-call reviews and their branches are sitting in someone else's queue?03:35
barryis that a problem?03:35
thumperthe reviewer should get to them within 24 hours03:35
mwhudsonbarry: they check that the assigned reviewer hasn't started them and whip them out of the queue?03:35
jmlbarry: as in, someone asked for an on-call review and the on-caller passed the buck?03:36
barryjml: yeah.  i did that to one of intellectronica's branches today.  i just couldn't get to it03:36
barrymwhudson: yeah i guess so.  if the reviewer is unresponsive though (because of timezones or whatever) it makes things tricky03:37
jameshif the branch isn't on the top of someone else's queue, maybe it should be fair game03:37
jmlbarry: I reckon just pass the buck and send them a note.03:37
jmlbarry: the burden still lies with the branch author03:37
jameshthat said, we don't really distinguish between "hasn't been looked at yet", and "developer put branch back into needs-review state"03:37
jameshso it is difficult to say what the top of someone's queue is03:37
barryjamesh: maybe we need "started" and "needs-further-review" states?03:38
jmlno we don't!03:38
thumperbarry: people don't edit the wiki now03:38
mwhudsonbarry: going to sleep with a half-done review sounds like a bad idea03:38
thumperbarry: it'll be worse if you make them do it more03:38
jmlwe need to KISS until it's part of Launchpad03:38
jtvmwhudson: might be lunch though03:38
jameshI tend to agree with jml here03:38
jmlthen we can over-engineer it for fun _and_ profit :)03:38
barryyeah, okay.  if you guys say "it's not a problem" then i'll go to sleep and forget i ever mentioned it :)03:39
barryjust take notes if you find lines getting crossed and we'll figure out how to fix it when it happens03:40
barrycool.  moving on...03:40
barry[TOPIC]  * On-call reviews03:41
MootBotNew Topic:   * On-call reviews03:41
barry   * Keeping the time to around 8 hours03:41
barrysinzui: you had some concerns about exceeding 8 hours on reviews.  do you want a few minutes to talk about it here?03:41
sinzuibarry: I sent an email outlining my concerns. I have nothing to add right now03:42
barrysinzui: cool.03:42
barrythat's all i have.  we have 3 more minutes for any other topic not on the agenda03:42
mwhudsoni should get myself an on-call slot03:42
barryopen floor03:42
barrymwhudson: +103:43
mwhudsonthursdays again looks like a reasonable choice03:43
barrymwhudson: thursday asiapac slot?03:43
mwhudsonbarry: yep03:44
mwhudsonmight be cheeky and not spend all day this week on it though03:44
mwhudson(i'm off tomorrow)03:44
barrymwhudson: np.  btw, hope the move went smoothly!03:45
mwhudsonbarry: seems to be going ok so far :)03:45
barrymwhudson: can you edit OnCallReviewers?03:45
mwhudsonbarry: sure03:45
barrywell, we're out of time, so...03:45
MootBotMeeting finished at 03:45.03:45
barrythanks everyone and good night!03:45
jtvbarry: thank you, nice to see you again.  :-)03:45
thumperbarry: thanks03:46
barryyou too, and congrats jtv03:46
jmlbarry: g'night03:46
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