hmullercrimsun:  Sorry for the delay, I reinstalled desktop amd64 alpha 4 to get back to the base install00:22
crimsunok, so can you run:  pasuspender -- aplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav00:23
hmuller... installing pulseaudio-utils first00:25
crimsunyou also will need libflashsupport and padevchooser00:25
crimsunlibflashsupport is necessary for non-Free Flash 900:26
hmullerpaususpender reported that it was playing ... but no sound emitted00:26
hmullerwill inistall the other two you just mentioned and try again00:26
crimsunok, then it's not really a PA issue00:27
crimsunyou need ALSA working (audibly) first.00:27
hmullerok, same results00:28
hmulleralright, I'll try to get ALSA working then first00:29
crimsunhold on00:29
crimsundon't go trying $random to do that00:29
crimsunfirst, download http://trilug.org/~crimsun/alsa-info.sh and run it00:29
crimsunthen, tell me the URL that script generates00:29
hmullercrimsun: http://pastebin.ca/89192200:31
Xsss4helldoes Hardy have TABBED NAUTILUS??00:33
hmullerXsss4hell - it doesn't look tabbed to me00:34
Xsss4hell:( cry00:34
crdlbnope, but but you can have tabs with compiz :D00:35
Xsss4hellOpera has tabs, IE7 has tabs, Firefox has tabs. I love tabs. but why does the explorer whoops I mean Nautilus ;) miss the tabs??00:35
* crdlb can't imagine how tabs in a file manager would be useful00:36
Xsss4hellcrdlb how the heck can I have tabs with compiz?00:36
* crdlb also uses spatial mode so what does he know ...00:36
crdlbthe "Group and tab windows" plugin00:36
Xsss4hellI am working with my pc, that means, I am coding developing et cetera. So I have about 4-10Nautilus's open.. that sux Would like to have it in one browser. with sessions support like opera00:37
Xsss4hellcrdlb  dude, that not really tabbing for me it's merely a kind of "effect"00:37
* crdlb uses gnome-terminal + screen for such tasks00:37
ere4sipcmanfm has tabbed file management00:38
crdlbit allows you to group windows and click between them00:38
Xsss4hellI know screen...but don't know how to use it.00:38
crdlbthat's as close as a window manager can get to tabbing00:38
crimsunhmuller: sec, I have pretty high latency ATM00:38
hmullercrimsun: no rush00:39
Xsss4hellpcmanfm is nearly great.. the very bad side is, that it can not be set as the main filebrowser and it is by far not as good as Nautilus, except tabbing00:39
crimsunhmuller: what's the output from:  grep -nHr "options snd-hda-intel" /etc/modprobe.d*00:40
Xsss4hellDo you want to know howto enable superior tabbing and session restore and skinning to vista's or xp's explorer?00:40
Xsss4hellenglish -> http://qttabbar.wikidot.com/00:41
hmullercrimsun:  that may be part of the problem, it returned nothing00:42
Xsss4hellI would love to have this greatness in linux00:42
innertruthwhat is most intensive 3D graphics app for linux?00:43
Xsss4hellblender or maya?00:43
Xsss4helltry rendering something complex ;)00:44
innertruthwell i actually thinking about game or benchmark00:44
Xsss4hellnothing I know that can use the power of your entire system more dramatically than maya00:45
Xsss4hellOk maybe benchmarks00:45
Xsss4helltry searching in synaptic for benchmark?00:45
crimsunhmuller: no, that's not part of the problem.  It's a good thing. :)00:45
Xsss4hellisn't hardy getting tabs into nautilus? I got told that it will get something similar.. I hope not that old gay retro dual pane view...00:46
crimsunhmuller: you need alsa-driver 1.0.16rc2  (and /only/ alsa-driver, not alsa-{libs,utils,tools,..})00:46
crimsunhmuller: if you wait about 12 hours, I'll have uploaded a newer alsa-driver into hardy.00:47
Xsss4hellvista's explorer looks nice, but it's missing user friendlyness, some people like that sidebar on the right side, but no way in windows and linux00:48
innertruthXsss4hell: never heard of tabbed nautilus, where you read it?00:48
hmullercrimsun: ok, I'm going to give it a shot, if I can't get it done I'll pull the update when it hits00:48
Xsss4helland they all miss TABS00:48
Xsss4hellinnertruth  I've seen somebody's sourcecode in koders.org but don't remember00:48
hmullercrimsun: I remember I had to use 1.0.16 to get the mics working in Gutsy, but 1.0.15 worked for basic sound00:49
Xsss4hellhe/she implemented tabs.. but I think it was a quick & dirty patch00:49
Xsss4hellbut Like I told you before the most amazing tool that makes your windows I know this is a ubuntu chanell, is: http://qttabbar.wikidot.com/ I just want that somebody likes the idea if they didn't think of it by their own and copies it to hardy00:51
Xsss4hellWhat a Perfect Filebrowser should be able to do:00:56
Xsss4hell- a breadcrumbs bar (check)00:56
Xsss4hell- bookmarks (partially/ only on left pane)00:56
Xsss4hell- more plugins (partially)00:56
Xsss4hell- more viewmodes ie. apple's viewmode (missing)00:56
Xsss4hell- customizable/scriptable ie. last/most used or mindmap or 3d mode (missing)00:56
Xsss4hell- tabs (missing)00:56
Xsss4hell- aligning the sidebar anywhere just as opera does (missing)00:56
Xsss4hell- grouping tabs (missing)00:56
Xsss4hell- resume/save session (missing)00:56
Xsss4helltaling about nautilus00:56
Xsss4hellI hope somebody reads and implements parts of this ideas.00:58
Xsss4hellgood night/good fight00:58
innertruthi vote for more view modes01:01
hmullercrimsun:  I'm going to reboot into hardy, and retest01:02
innertruthlike a simple list mode in xfce manager01:02
hmullercrimsun: http://pastebin.ca/891951  ---- it shows alsa driver 1.0.16rc201:07
innertruththat problem with window title graphics corruption from 7.10 still not fixed in hardy, probably compiz issue01:07
innertruthlike dissapearing close buttons01:07
hmullercrimsun:  modified gnome-volume-control settings, unmuted surround and now both ALSA and pulseaudio work as expected01:21
cwillu_I'm wanting dpkg to always run ionice -c3'd02:13
cwillu_can I put a dpkg script in /usr/local/bin to do that and expect it to override /usr/bin/dpkg?  or is that path hardcoded?02:14
=== cwillu_ is now known as cwillu
hmullercrimsun: just reinstalled and retested.  alsa-driver 1.0.16rc2 is a requirement, and also to unmute surround02:46
hmullerI wanted to see if I only needed to unmute surround in the base install, but nope, 1.0.16rc2 is a must also02:47
hmullerGetting this message when inserting flashdrives --> "Cannot mount volume" "Invalid mount option when attempting to mount the volume."02:52
hmulleris this a known problem?02:52
Dr_willisive not noticed it.. Not tried however. :) i will when i get back on  my testing machine02:53
hmullerThey can be mounted manually through the terminal, I was just wondering if there was something 'special' we needed to do now under Hardy, i.e. set access rights etc.l02:54
hmullerIn Gutsy, they just automount02:54
theaxemanI just installed Ubuntu on my third system in the last week. Everything's going great. But, I got to the login screen on this lastest install, and I must've typed in something wrong with my username/password during the setup and can't get in.02:56
theaxemanIs there a way to get in without doing a re-install?02:56
avsa242Can anyone (assuming they have the time...may be a bit consuming) confirm with Hardy, a fresh install of mythbackend-master an inability to connect to the mysql server (mine is bound to my lan ip, denies connections from it as well as localhost)?02:56
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DanaG2.6.24 scheduler is teh suck, in my opinion.03:43
UnNaturalHighDanaG, and specific reason why?03:45
DanaGIt doesn't handle 'nice' loads 'nicely'.03:45
DanaGIf I run something CPU-intensive 'niced' in the background AND set to sched_idleprio, it bogs down the rest of the system.03:46
UnNaturalHighhmmm....haven't noticed that on my end03:46
UnNaturalHighI just converted a avi file with ffmpeg to an mpeg while it was niced and my system remained rather responsive03:47
DanaGbug 177713.03:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177713 in boinc "CFS in 2.6.24 kernel needs cpu_share adjustment for "niced" processes" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17771303:47
DanaGAnd check out the linked bugs, too.03:47
DanaGI'm running one instance of folding@home on each CPU core, at nice +19 and SCHED_IDLEPRIO.03:48
lufisXorg issues. It's not remembering my session or resolution after restarting it04:17
ethana3....it's been acting like it ignores mine04:19
ethana3sorry, i dropped offline for a sec there.. is it a radeon card?04:19
lufisintel onboard04:19
ethana3i have one of those two04:19
ethana3i815 i think04:20
ethana3hold on..  lspci | grep intel04:20
ethana3 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE04:21
lufissame as me :)04:21
ethana3that is?04:21
ethana3i'm using my radeon card right now04:21
ethana3if you hang out here alot04:21
ethana3then you'll probably know i want to use both04:21
ethana3for dual seat..  if that matters04:21
lufisi have a radeon around here somwhere04:22
DanaGWow, compiz-fusion is momentarily freezing every time I unminimize something.04:51
DanaGUgh, /me hates CFS.04:56
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RB2xhaman, you may want to ask again now that the netsplit's over05:01
xhamanok jeje thanks05:02
xhamanhey somebody can help me ?? i need to configure the  "server layout" in  xorg.conf but i cant find it (the xerver layout in xorg.conf) im in ubuntu 8.04 alpha 405:02
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DanaGWaah, I want my Legacy subpixel hinting back!05:12
DanaGI can no longer set fontconfig to use the legacy LCD filter.05:12
DanaGThe new method hurts my eyes sometimes.05:13
UnNaturalHighDanaG, I just used my other laptop, which has compiz-fusion on it and I noticed that minimize bug05:52
UnNaturalHighwell not sure if it is a bug05:52
DanaGPackaged version, or custom-compiled?05:52
DanaGAnd do you run a distributed computing client?05:52
UnNaturalHighno distributed computing client05:53
UnNaturalHighlet me guess you are the opposite of that my situation, lol05:53
UnNaturalHigh*of my05:53
DanaGBut that means neither of those is a factor.05:54
DanaG(I use the Lamp animation on minimize.)05:54
shirishguys nautilus doesn't respond, I have to kill/close it everytime.05:57
master_obredarhello all07:28
master_obredaranyone here07:30
* snadge bows to the almighty ubuntu overlords07:50
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Roe1@anyone: any idea on gnome-appearance-properties segfaulting??08:04
Roe1gdb trace: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/gdb.bt.txt | apport log: http://www.deinon.net/~roel/apport.crash08:04
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mrtimdogHi. Is there a similar thing to bootchart for gnome session startups?08:18
Roel|workyou can use bootchart for the same purpose08:26
Roel|workmrtimdog: http://blogs.gnome.org/gpoo/2005/08/12/a-graph-of-gnome-session/08:26
mrtimdogAh, ha, perfect! Thanks Roel|work, I'll give it a go.08:28
Roel|workur welcome08:29
Roel|worklet us know the results!08:29
mrtimdogI'll see what I can do :)08:30
mrtimdogOk, not quite as simple as the artictle. Just trying to work out if I can do it.08:38
mrtimdogAnyone got the current bootchart package to run with/for gnome session startups?09:38
zorglu_!info dpkg12:20
ubotudpkg (source: dpkg): package maintenance system for Debian. In component main, is required. Version 1.14.15ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 2235 kB, installed size 7032 kB12:20
coz_hey guys, just did hardy updates  and emerald is broken...just thought I would let you know12:29
gesercoz_: in what way broken?12:37
coz_geser, it just doesnt start up at all12:37
geserhave you tried to start it from a terminal? any output?12:38
coz_hold on12:38
geser"emerald --replace" in a gnome-terminal or xterm12:38
coz_geser, right... no errors or read outs at all12:39
geserwhich version of emerald, there were two uploads of emerald in the last few days12:40
coz_geser,   0.5.212:40
coz_geser, I have been doing dist-upgrade  daily  .. to day were compiz and  compiz fusion plugins  updates  and then no emerald12:41
geseremerald 0.5.2+git20080205-0ubuntu2 was uploaded half an hour ago, perhaps this one works better12:42
coz_let me try an upgrade  hold on12:42
coz_geser, no nothing available12:43
Dr_WillisHmm. when shouldone do a dist-upgrade, vs a normal apt-get update/upgrade?12:43
gesercoz_: it needs some time to get build, published and copied to the mirrors12:43
coz_Dr_Willis, generally  I do at least for something like these alphas. sudo apt-get update  then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:43
Dr_WillisId just never seen a general rule on when one should be done.12:44
coz_geser, ok no biggie:)  I can wait..just wanted to let you guys know12:44
Dr_WillisNormally if i see a lot of packages held back. I try a dist-upgrade12:44
coz_Dr_Willis, no rule  actually12:44
coz_Dr_Willis,  but when dealing with  alpha releases  there are going to be updates regularly12:44
Dr_WillisJust now the 2 different ways got 37 updates.  so they seemed to be the same for now.12:45
coz_Dr_Willis, are you also using compiz fusion there?12:45
Dr_Willisyep. And it seems to crash quite a bit on me.12:46
coz_Dr_Willis, mm  darn     see if emerald works now after the updates12:46
Dr_Willisi dont even thinki got emerald installed.. lets see12:47
geserthe difference between "upgrade" and "dist-upgrade" is that the first doesn't install new packages or remove conflicting ones12:48
zorglu_q. on hardy, kubuntu version, is it possible to disable the eye-candy fadeaway on the logout splash ?13:02
Dr_Williszorglu_,  ive seen where that can be done.. but i dont rember where.13:03
Dr_WillisI find the fadeing effects annoying at times in  places on the ubuntu/kubuntu also.13:03
zorglu_Dr_Willis: this is mandatory for like 3 releases now :) time to put a option somwhere :)13:04
zorglu_Dr_Willis: well on virtualbox this freeze the input/output, and on one of my laptop it make the screen flash... so annoying is the word :)13:05
Dr_WillisYep. Eyecandy addiction13:05
Dr_Willislike the little icon 'flash/expansion' ive seen under kde.. its often so fast you dont notice it.. untill you get on a sloooow machine13:05
zorglu_q. in hardy install cd, my install is stuck on 'scanning the mirror'... what does this mean ? is there a way to get log or more information on where it fails ?13:20
_EnchainedI have a problem printing with hardy13:46
coz_geser,  the emerald updates just came through and all is well :)13:51
gesergood to hear13:51
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slytherinDoes anyone know if the latest broadcom driver - b43 - still needs firmware?14:22
oxigenhi i just try to install on alpha 4 nvidia driver, but all i have in xorg.conf is this: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54854/15:26
oxigenhmm, is this normal?15:27
oxigenno info about anything!?15:28
mndohere's my http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54856/15:29
oxigenmndo, yea, that looks like a normal conf file15:30
mndomy was trashed to after installing the driver.. this is a backup from gutsy.. :)15:30
oxigenit looks you have the same card!15:31
oxigenbut that's good idea maybe i should try to use my old conf15:32
oxigenbut this is a ugly bug, isn't it!?15:32
mndoin deed, i need to check if there is a bug report, or else file one..15:33
mndobut i haven't the time to do it..15:33
slytherinoxigen: I don't think it is a bug, xorg in hardy is supposed to work config less. What you are seeing here is minimal config. In my opinion even this should not be there.15:34
oxigenmndo: do you use 64bit?15:34
oxigenslytherin: oh, didn't know that! how can i install nvidia driver then? autorecognition doesn't work...15:36
slytherinoxigen: do you need binary driver?15:36
mndowithoutthe conf file all i get is a black screen and a cursor..15:36
oxigensome that will work! :)15:36
oxigeni need gl support, i use blender15:37
slytherinmndo: File a bug then. As I said, it is supposed to work.15:37
oxigenslytherin: but where is now configuration for all this?15:38
slytherinoxigen: if you install binary driver and config less xorg does not work for you then you can do - sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg - to generate xorg.conf15:38
oxigenslytherin: thanks, i'll try!15:39
kalpikoxigen, then you can do "sudo nvidia-xconfig" if X does not use the Nvidia driver :)15:40
nanonymeslytherin, sorry, what's -phigh?15:40
slytherinnanonyme: it asks you only questions with high priority. In other words it tries to gues most of the things.15:41
oxigenslytherin: hmm, i get the same content in xorg.conf after that command!?15:42
nanonymeah, right15:42
slytherinoxigen: looks to be an issue then. better search any existing bugs and file one if there isn't already15:43
dashanybody using vmware-server on hardy?15:43
oxigenslytherin: ok, 10x15:43
dashseems like something broke in the past few days, I had to roll back to gcc-4.115:43
AaronMTAnyone know if this bug is fixed in the latest hardy version? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/12165315:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 121653 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22 "[gutsy] fglrx breaks over suspend/resume" [Wishlist,Confirmed]15:44
kalpikoxigen, did you try doing sudo nvidia-xconfig?15:51
oxigenkalpik: no, not yet..15:54
kalpikoxigen, that should add the nvidia driver line15:54
* oxigen searching for some similar bug...15:54
oxigenkalpik: oh, indeed!15:55
kalpikoxigen, is it solved now? :)15:56
oxigenkalpik: thank you! i'll reboot x now..15:56
oxigenkalkalpik: no luck, now i have super low res (640x480)16:03
oxigenor something16:03
mndobtw, is anybody running kde4 on hardy?16:11
booobshi! I made a fresh and clean install of Hardy_4. Everything went fine. I installed the "restricted ati driver modules" and rebootet. Now the X-Server didn't work anymore. Blackscreen! A look in the xorg.conf shows, that it's nearly empty! Is this a bug??? Really stupid.. -.-16:12
booobsAnyone heared of this problem?16:13
mndojust been talking about it :)16:14
mndohappens the same with nvidia..16:14
PiciCheck your /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:16
hitstrange, play/pause and stop keys are not working anymore on keyboard, all other media and launch keys are fine16:17
booobsYea it seems that the restriction driver modules "installer" destroyed the xorg.conf16:18
PiciThe new xorg version does not need for xorg.conf to be populated with data.16:19
oxigendoh, always the same problems, nvidia and java :/16:19
booobsah okay16:19
booobsyea found the bug http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68639416:24
oxigeni think im too old for fixing this things again, i will wait for the final release, hopefully you will fix it till then.. :)16:26
thornsInstalling nvidia-glx-new went perfectly ok for me.16:28
oxigenlucky you16:28
thornsAnd I only use the command line tools16:28
booobsi'll install 7.10 :D16:29
* oxigen rebooting to his old but working 6.06..16:29
zyg2hello, is hardy in code freeze now?16:46
bardyri dont think so16:46
bardyrzyg2, there isnt a code freeze16:47
zyg2so the packages are regularly updated?16:47
scizzo-zyg2: afaik yes16:49
affluxdepends on what you mean by code freeze16:52
affluxFeatureFreeze will be on Feb 14th, which means, only bugfixing uploads from then on16:54
MrSteinIs it a known issue, that there is no login sound on the desktop CD live ? (alpha4)16:58
MrSteinotherwise I'll report it ;-)16:58
MrSteintoo late ;-)17:01
MrSteinit is bug 189297 , for reference17:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189297 in ubuntu "no login sound" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18929717:02
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pvandewyngaerdeare there qt4.4 packages for ubuntu ?18:50
zyg2ever since installing hardy alpha 4 I've yet to see any package updates, that is unusual from what I remember with edgy/feisty/gutsy alpha releases - is this an expected behaviour?18:51
ubotuKDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde419:09
pvandewyngaerdeare there qt4.4 packages for ubuntu ?19:11
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Assidso has postgresql 8.3 made it to the hardy tree?20:17
Pici!info postgresql8.320:17
ubotuPackage postgresql8.3 does not exist in hardy20:18
PiciAssid: I see postgresql 8.3~rc2-120:18
Assiderr someone gotta update that20:19
ethana2This is a very general thing, but my performance isn't that great..20:19
Assid8.3 is stable now20:19
ethana2and i don't see why..  Is it just the bloat of FF2?  ..but pidgin's like this too20:19
ethana2whatever it is, it'll be fixed by the official release, right?20:20
KonstigtAnyone with a clue on my Xorg crashes in bug 188869 on Launchpad?20:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188869 in xorg "[hardy] Xorg crashes on startup" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18886920:35
flipstardid you read the latest entry ?20:37
flipstarmaybe there is a coherence20:37
Konstigtflipstar: yes, I wrote it :)20:37
flipstaroh..my bad20:38
flipstaryou reinstalled the graphic drivers probably ?20:39
Konstigtyes via driver setup but not manually20:40
flipstarwhats the message when you run X in tty1 ?20:41
Konstigthave only tried stopping/starting via /etc/init.d/gdm stop/start20:42
Konstigtso there I don't see anything, I only see the logfile which shows the crash & backtrace20:43
flipstarhm is gdm crashing or the x server ?20:43
flipstarif X crashes after login i would first try to see what happens if i try to run X manually ..20:44
Konstigtgdm starts the xserver which then crashes (when I have certain additions in my xorg.conf)20:47
Konstigtso I dont think X crashes after login, X doesn't even start20:47
flipstarright then try to see what happens when you run X in tty1 or so ;)20:48
flipstargot to go20:48
BethesdaI got directed here to solve a nautilus problem on 8.04?21:41
ethana2network locations?21:41
BethesdaYes that's right :)21:41
ethana2anything that deals with gvfs is probably just broken21:41
ethana2basically, just wait for updates21:41
ethana2it'll fix itself21:42
BethesdaOk, thanks for your time =)21:42
ethana2no problem21:42
ethana2oh hey, bethesda:21:42
ethana2well wait, nevermind.. i guess i just want someone to talk to, lol21:43
ethana2very lonely and bored right now21:43
BethesdaSo what are you upto then ?21:43
Assidanyone here used amsn and done video conference?21:43
ethana2basically just hanging out on irc channels..21:43
ethana2very laggy21:44
ethana2but not the newest version i don't think21:44
ethana2i could try it21:44
BethesdaI just discovered IRC today ( don't hit me xD ) I think it's very cool!21:44
ethana2and it could just be the network connection21:44
BethesdaI use Amsn Assid.21:44
ethana2bethesda: irc was very mysterious to me for a while21:44
Assidyou ever tried to do a webcam ?21:44
ethana2i still don't have a clue how to use usenet21:45
Assideither send or receive21:45
BethesdaAssid, no : /21:45
ethana2i usually only use it for webcam actually21:45
ethana2i prefer pidgin for everything else21:45
BethesdaSame here to be very honest.21:46
Assidethana2: amsn?21:46
Assidi dont like pidgin so much21:46
Assidtoo damn ridgid21:46
Assidi wanna remove groups.. and it doesnt do it21:46
ethana2ohh.. which version?21:46
hitamsn sucks, u should try emesene21:46
Assidemesene ?21:46
BethesdaWell, I'm not sure what my problem is with Pidgin, but damn those file transfer times are WAY up.21:47
Bethesda: /21:47
ethana2MSN for example.. all that traffic goes /through/ microsoft21:47
hittho emesene's file transfer isn't fully finished yet21:47
Assidethana2: i wanna remove groups..21:47
ethana2me too.21:47
ethana2just set it not to show empty ones, and ignore them21:47
Assidi dont see emesene21:47
ethana2i just removed a group21:48
ethana2it complained at me, but the group is gone21:48
Assidi dont wanna delete the group21:48
Assidi just dont want grouping21:49
Assidethana2: which messenger21:49
BethesdaComplained at you? Is it a Windows product? :P21:49
ethana2i'm in pidgin21:49
Assidsee thats what im talkin abt21:49
ethana2no, various protocols use the 'buddy' group21:49
ethana2if you only have one group, it's probably a non-issue21:49
Assidpidgin should let me get rid of the grouping. and also let me access the metadata21:49
ethana2but i find them extremely handy21:49
BethesdaAny of you good with drivers by the way?21:50
ethana2not really21:50
BethesdaOi, you can try, lol :P21:50
ethana2if you have to worry about them, there's a problem21:50
ethana2i basically stopped using windows half a year ago now21:51
Assidi wanna move away from it now21:51
Assidi really want to21:51
BethesdaI stopped using it 2 months ago...21:51
ethana2google has basically said that if nvidia will open specs, they'll write drivers21:51
Assidbut theres always something stopping me21:51
ethana2so now we wait ;)  The X-Fi also got recent initial OSS support21:51
ethana2what is stopping you now?21:51
BethesdaAssid, like what for example?21:51
Assidgaming.. stuff like photoshop/corel etc21:52
Assidsome other dev. stuff21:52
ethana2or CS3?21:52
BethesdaGaming under Wine is ok... if you read the Howto's :)21:52
ethana2WINE can only run CS221:52
Assidyeah i knw21:52
BethesdaI mean, I can even play Oblivion on High mode lol21:52
Assidand now my designer gets me files on corel1421:52
ethana2unmodified.. you can almost always import some dll or five21:52
Assidwhich isnt really gonna work at all for me21:53
AssidBethesda: you use compiz?21:53
BethesdaI do yes, used Compiz Gnome but now Fusion21:53
maccam-desktopsomeone mentioned X-Fi drivers? yeah they're 64-bit only :-(21:53
BethesdaSince my PC got upgraded, lol.21:53
AssidBethesda: compiz +gaming ? or you disable compiz21:53
ethana2the old drivers for the X-Fi can go die21:54
ethana2I'm talking open source ones21:54
BethesdaNo? I just leave it on, nothing's wrong for me21:54
rskmaccam-desktop: x-fi have drivers in OSS now21:54
BethesdaWoW, Morrowin, Oblivion , you name it mate.21:54
rsknot alsa thou21:54
ethana2and only very primitive as of yet21:54
Assidyou using wine ? or cedega?21:55
ethana2Halo only needs one .dll, WMP needs two21:55
BethesdaAt the moment just Wine.21:55
BethesdaTrue Ethana221:55
ethana2Unless cedega can ship on ubuntu disks, it's worthless to me21:55
BethesdaThe thing is with Wine, like the forum says: DO NOT expect it to work.21:55
BethesdaAnd if it does...<321:56
ethana2i wouldn't assume.. just check AppDB21:56
Bethesda /nod21:56
BethesdaThe Ubuntu forms share a great deal of Information aswell.21:56
BethesdaAbout how to edit .ini files and so on.21:57
Assidim highly considering mving my desktop to windows + linux.. windows for gaming.. and other graphical shit i cant do21:57
Assidalso wil have vmware incase i dotn wanna dualboot21:57
Assiderr reboot21:58
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:58
Assidjussi01: ?21:58
BethesdaAssid, you could always make an image of your Windows current state and try it.21:58
jussi01Assid: you used a swear word, try to keep it clean :)21:59
Assidi did ?21:59
ethana2jussi01: there are three primary tiers of widespread expletives; should we stick to tier two or tier one?22:00
Assidcurrent state of windows is all messed u22:00
BethesdaMessed up?22:00
BethesdaAs in, DLL problems.22:00
Assidi got too much junk in there22:00
jussi01!guidelines | ethana222:00
ubotuethana2: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines22:00
Assidi really should clean it up22:00
Assidanyone here the package manager?22:01
BethesdaI'm sorry, what do you mean?22:01
Assidwell.. pgadmin is out of date.. and so is postgresql 8.3 package22:01
Assidthey both have newer releases out there22:01
BethesdaYou tried: sudo apt-get update22:02
Assidyeah i have the packagemanager checking everyday22:02
Assidwe are in +1 :P22:02
BethesdaHmm, ok.22:02
BethesdaTrue :P22:02
BethesdaHey, you can never be to sure lol.22:02
Assidtrue at that.. but pgadmin release mentioned is prtty old22:03
Assidlike over a month22:03
Assidatleast i think22:03
Assidif anyone here is in the package management PLEASE check kthis22:03
BethesdaI will do this now.22:04
Assidsweet thanks22:04
Assidthinking of whether or not im gonna put up a mirror during the release phase22:05
Assidi put up 2 or 3 mirrors for gutsy release (before it hit public)22:05
Assidman 300gb b00m!22:05
Bethesdalol, yeah. And it's outdated indeed...22:05
Assidi had guys who were leachiing at 7M/sec22:05
AssidBethesda: if you can report/or whatever..would be nice22:06
BethesdaWhat info would you like?22:06
Assidme ?nothing..22:06
Assidjust want someone to update these :P22:06
ethana2oh hey, is firefox 3 in the hardy repos?22:07
BethesdaAh, nevermind , I get it.22:07
BethesdaLemme get my VMware on ethana22:07
BethesdaIt wasn't on A4 at least : /22:07
Assidi dont see it22:07
BethesdaNeither do I...22:08
Assidwhats firefox-gnome-support?22:08
BethesdaOh boy22:09
BethesdaI can see it! 3.0!1111111122:09
Bethesda( Dev Version ) though.22:09
phinassid, ive always just installed it, but i beleive its for mostly the save/open dialogs22:09
phinThis is an extension to Firefox that allows it to use protocol handlers from Gnome-VFS, such as smb or sftp, and other Gnome integration features.22:10
phinthere ya go22:10
phinyay for google :P22:10
Assidread that22:10
Assiderr apt-cache show :P22:10
phinthat too :)22:10
BethesdaSo what do you guys get when you run sudo hdparm -tT /dev/nameofharddisk22:11
phinto slow22:11
* phin damns his 4200 laptop drive22:11
ethana2that's sneaky ^_^..22:11
Bethesdalol Phin !22:12
ethana2"What do you get when you type 'sudo rm -r /'?"22:12
Bethesda Timing cached reads:   2388 MB in  2.00 seconds = 1194.13 MB/sec ///  Timing buffered disk reads:  250 MB in  3.02 seconds =  82.82 MB/sec22:12
BethesdaMeh, I'm disappointed :P22:12
phin Timing cached reads:   606 MB in  2.00 seconds = 302.96 MB/sec22:13
phin Timing buffered disk reads:   84 MB in  3.05 seconds =  27.50 MB/sec22:13
phinim satisfied22:13
phinits a dell laptop i bought for 30022:14
ethana2using SATA?22:14
Assid369.91 and 23.9322:14
phinmy load times are actually pretty good22:14
phini just need more mem22:14
phinim at 51222:14
phini can slap a 1gig stick in this22:14
phinthat should kill my swap issues22:15
Bethesda2GB here, but 1GB worked very OK for me too.22:15
BethesdaJust that with VMware, 1GB was so-so for me.22:15
phini could always lighten my setup more22:15
phingo with flux or whatever22:15
Bethesda /nod22:15
phinbut i enjoy the gnome desktop22:15
phingvfs and etc are all very convienant things22:15
BethesdaGotta agree with you.22:16
BethesdaThe cool thing is my friends are mosly like: "LOL do you use Linux?!!"22:16
phinmost like my setup22:17
BethesdaThen I show them how it works..."So where did I download this again?"22:17
phinand a few friends now run ubuntu on a 2nd pc22:17
phinmostly for file servers22:17
AssidTiming cached reads:   820 MB in  2.00 seconds = 409.54 MB/sec22:17
Assid Timing buffered disk reads:   72 MB in  3.01 seconds =  23.96 MB/sec22:17
phinbut still dick with the desktop22:17
AssidBethesda: EXACT same issue here22:17
Assidthey see my laptop.. then they go.. okay can you burn me a disk22:17
Bethesdahaha yeah!22:18
phinmy current desktop is beryl and just avant-window-navigator22:18
BethesdaWell it's good isn't it ;-)22:18
phinthey all get a kick out of it22:18
phinand stalonetray22:18
Assidspecially when i tel them im using alpha software.. they go .. oh i wil wait for the release.. i go .. hrmm gutsy is 6 months old.. all these "effects" you like so much is there too22:18
BethesdaDid any of you guys ever noticed you have to press "Start" before you can press "Shutdown" on Windows? Lol, that's a blast xD22:19
Assidtats not too bad22:19
phinthats neither here nor there22:19
Assidyou have to start to shutdown dont you22:19
Assidyou cant shutdown whats not on22:19
Bethesda=P well22:19
phini still have a windows pc22:19
phinwhich is way better22:19
phinbut thats for a few games and photoshop22:19
BethesdaI remember that time when I had AC Power switch on the wrong mode when I installed a new computer, new parts22:20
BethesdaZAP ZAP, it shutdown without starting :P22:20
Assiddoesnt stay that way too long22:20
phinnever had that happen22:20
BethesdaLucky you ;)22:20
Assidi went from a quad core22:21
BethesdaHey guys, I got to go, college tomorrow ! Cya all soon!22:21
Assidto a start up time of around 1.5 mins22:21
Assidand oh yeah.. i bought anew monitor22:21
Assidit took me 1 hr to get it to work22:21
Assidwhy ? cause my previous one was a CRT .and was set for 85hz.. which an lcd doesnt do22:22
Assidso i had to go to safe mode.. set it to some crappy resolution in color depth.. then hell broke lose..it refused to do anythng.. not even the official drivers helped22:22
Assid1 hr later after alot of uninsallng and reinstalling i had it22:22
Assidafter that for kicks ibooted hardy from an external usb drive i had..was in in like a few seconds22:23
phinya the new xorg stuff is great22:24
phinthats the main reason i jumped to it with this laptop22:24
Assidhad to search online for someone with the same monitor to get PERFECT settings but thattook like a mnute or 222:24
phini run dual monitors when im sitting at my desk with it22:24
Assiderr.. xorg messed up 1 thing tho22:24
Assidmy screen left around 1/2 inch on the left side22:24
Assidlike the horizonal positioning was off22:24
Assidbut it wasnt.. it just left that much out22:25
Assidso after i found that other monitor definition.. CTRL ALT BKSPACE.. was up properly22:25
Assidi hope my tv tuner card works perfectly tho22:27
Assidim gonna have hell if it doesnt22:27
Assidanwyays.. im outta here.. almost 4 am here22:27
ethana2oh hey, is there a hardy alpha out for the PS3?22:43
bardyrits ubuntu hardy alpha4.2122:47
ethana2do they incorporate workarounds for the latest firmware updates?22:47
bardyror 0.5 actually22:47
ethana2wow.. daily .iso's22:47
ethana2that's awesome.. so they /do/ exist22:47
bardyrw00t, der er kde 4.0.1 opdateringer23:14
bardyrhelt mærkeligt at der er 2 kde udgivelselser indenfor en måned23:14
bardyrwrong chan :/23:18
rulliehi, anyone has some archive of screenshots and video for HH?23:19
dn4ok I install the restricted drivers23:50
dn4and my xorg.config is very messed up23:51
dn4I mean it boots up but all my windows, like mozilla, or any games do not have the X button or the other in the top right cornor23:51
dn4ontop of that when I bring up a terminal it does not show anything, it seems the default settings were 640X80023:52

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