troy_skwwii: Yikes02:40
troy_skwwii: You are using Hardy apparently -- bzr no workie on the pull down!02:40
troy_skwwii: if you can figure out how to resolve it, let me know.  I want to pull a branch.02:48
_MMA_troy_s: Open backports and grab the 1.0 bzr package.02:50
troy_s_MMA_: Ok stupid question... where the hell is backports?02:51
_MMA_troy_s: Synaptic->Settings->Repos->"Updates" tab.02:53
_MMA_4th check box down.02:53
_MMA_Or uncomment it in your sources.list. I wouldnt leave it open though.02:54
troy_s_MMA_: Yet more reasons to love FOSS -- you learn things daily.  Always knew about backports, never really pulled them I guess.02:54
troy_s_MMA_: Breaks stuffs?02:54
_MMA_Well, for me, if F'ed a new BZR branch I did. Now like you, everyone needs to use the backported BZR to upload to my branch.02:56
_MMA_But yeah. Best to grab what you need only.02:56
troy_s_MMA_: What do you think of the Fela Kuti wallpaper?04:13
troy_s_MMA_: It's pretty bloody well crafted.04:13
_MMA_Yeah. I grabbed it. Im using Who's on all my desktops now though. :P Just something about it.04:15
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kwwiiI just added a search icon to https://code.launchpad.net/~kwwii/human-panel-icons/trunk17:12
troy_skwwii: Grr.20:51
troy_skwwii: I wonder if I pull the branch using the newer bzr and revert to the older one if that would fix the issue20:51
troy_skwwii: Or if it will be boned after you pull the original bzr version then push using the newer one.20:52
_MMA_No. It depends on what version was used to create the branch.20:52
troy_skwwii: Also, the directionality of the wave emissions is very close to the sound icon.  I was going to try and make a blob emanating from the center with a more circular full set for wifi.20:52
_MMA_You would have to pull the info, nuke the branch and re-up it with the old bzr version.20:53
troy_s_MMA_: So if I pull a branch using the new version, revert my bzr, destroy the .bzr and re-push a branch20:53
troy_s_MMA_: I think that might work.20:53
troy_s(as in a full bzr init, bzr add, bzr commit, bzr push)20:53
_MMA_It should.20:53
_MMA_(so I was told)20:53
kwwiiwow, what is the issue?20:59
kwwiisounds pretty devastating20:59
kwwiitroy_s: yeah, I was thinking that the waves are too much alike21:00
_MMA_kwwii: Your initial branch of the icons were done with a version of BZR incompatiable on some levels with the current release version of bzr found in Gutsy.21:00
kwwii_MMA_: hrm, I am running gutsy21:01
_MMA_Then you did like I did and grabbed a update from backports.21:01
_MMA_Look at the version of bzr you're running.21:01
kwwiiBazaar (bzr) 1.0.021:02
_MMA_kwwii: Do: bzr version21:02
_MMA_Yep. You grabbed the backport update.21:02
kwwiifreaky, I did not know that there was an issue with which version of bzr you had21:03
troy_skwwii: You must have bumped up bzr.21:04
troy_skwwii: If you are running gutsy21:04
troy_skwwii: Remove backports from the list and do a full remove / purge of bzr21:04
troy_skwwii: Then re-add it with backports disabled.21:04
troy_skwwii: It is sort of what I was getting at -- pull the branch as it is now current -- revert my bzr, strip the .bzr dir out, re-initialize and commit the new branch.21:05
troy_skwwii: But that would mean that you would need to continue work on the .90 implemented branch.21:05
troy_skwwii: Nice to see the asstastic power button icon is getting into trouble (as it should have been canned ages ago -- your icon is about as good as I have seen yet)21:06
kwwiiwhat is default in hardy?21:06
kwwiihehe, thanks21:06
kwwiifeel free to make any improvements you feel necessary, btrw21:06
_MMA_1.0 is in hardy.21:07
_MMA_Messed up thing for me is they didnt backport everything.21:07
_MMA_Like bzr-buildpackage.21:07
troy_skwwii: I'd like to get going on some... first... I think we need to resolve the bzr issue.21:08
troy_skwwii: Any chance you can revert your bzr so as to not cause issues on your end?21:08
troy_skwwii: If yes... I'll get an updated branch and fix it all.21:09
troy_skwwii: But first a shower.  Gotta love force majure.21:09
troy_sNice stuff here for those of a certain mindset... http://www.divinecaroline.com/article/37963/4358821:12
kwwiiok, so now I am at Bazaar (bzr) 0.90.021:21
kwwiihow do I get rid of the old stuff on launchpad?21:21
_MMA_kwwii: As long as your data on you machine you can kill the .bzr folder in that folder.21:22
_MMA_Im unsure how to kill the branch. Troy knows.21:22
kwwii_MMA_: I did a re-init of the dir after removing the .bzr dir21:22
kwwiiall I need to do is to push the new trunk in place of the old one21:22
_MMA_Sayz you. Ok. :)21:23
* _MMA_ has no experience actually doing it.21:23
troy_skwwii: The best thing I can think of is just that21:25
troy_skwwii: Just rm the .bzr, re-init, add, commit, push.21:25
troy_skwwii: And change the 'trunk' focus to your new branch21:25
troy_srelatively easy or at least should be.21:25
troy_s(the last step being inside of launchpad)21:26
kwwiibzr: ERROR: Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar pack repository format 1 (needs bzr 0.92)\n'21:31
maccam-desktopkwwii: grr, i'm reading through the logs/the launchpad page, and i can't tell: is the new theme design definitely pushed back to Hardy+1?21:31
kwwiimaccam-desktop: the raically new theme will come later, yes21:32
kwwiiwe are changing things21:32
maccam-desktopkwwii: ok. you should change the hardy-theme blueprint overview to make this clear, or make it deferred or something... i couldn't tell if the decision was official/final or not because of that21:33
kwwiitroy_s: https://code.launchpad.net/~kwwii/human-panel-icons/main21:34
kwwiiI did change the blueprint irrc21:34
kwwiiat least I think I did21:34
maccam-desktopkwwii: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/hardy-theme21:35
kwwiiyeah, I missed the overview part21:37
kwwiibut I did change the text itself :p21:38
kwwiinow it is changed21:38
kwwiitroy_s: let me know if that branch works21:38
_MMA_kwwii: Who replied to you.21:43
_MMA_"Who" as in the artist. :P21:43
kwwii_MMA_: I know Who (you are talking about) :p21:44
kwwiiI also replied back right at him21:44
_MMA_Ok. I just wanted to avoid a whole Abbott and Costello thing. :P21:44
maccam-desktopkwwii: by adding "This is the first step in that direction"? This is the theme spec for 8.04, not a general artwork spec :-\ I think it should say something like "The theme of Ubuntu 8.04 will be an improved version of the existing Human theme. The visual refresh has been deferred to Hardy+1".21:46
maccam-desktopjust my $0.0221:46
maccam-desktopi'll stop bugging you now, i'm certain you're busy with much more important tasks21:47
troy_skwwii: Woop.  +1.  Repo works.22:39
troy_skwwii: The colour icons are far surpassed by the monochromatic ones by a long shot.22:39
kwwiiI think that the simplicity of them should make it easier for others to contribute22:42
kwwiiI am off to bed, night all22:44
troy_skwwii: Damn you22:59
troy_skwwii: one second22:59
troy_skwwii: 1) nuke the other branch now :)23:00
troy_s2) give me a second... i added three.23:00

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