frank23in which branch is the most recent kubuntu documentation?   ubuntu-hardy/kubuntu or kubuntu-hardy/kubuntu ?  what's the difference betweeen the 2?00:35
nixternalbut nothing has been updated just yet00:49
nixternalwe are waiting for GUI freeze so we can start the editing00:50
frank23That's what I figured. I was just trying to figure out bzr and building the documentation00:53
frank23I can build the kubuntu docs in the ubuntu-hardy branch but not in the kubuntu-hardy branch00:54
nixternalif you cd into the kubuntu directory, you should be able to easily run make in that directory00:54
nixternalI haven't tried building them in kubuntu-hardy, I may have to pull in some extra libs yet00:54
nixternalthough, I thought I pulled in all of the necessary libs..I will have to check00:55
nixternalhaven't had much doc time here recently00:55
frank23yeah I think there are things missing00:55
nixternalOK, thanks for bringing that up..I will go through and look in a little bit at what might be missing00:59
frank23will there be separate documentation for kde3 and kde4 in hardy?01:01
nixternalok, I am test building it now to see where it break01:02
nixternalfor hardy we will have a little bit of KDE 4 docs01:02
nixternalour main push will obviously be for hard+101:02
nixternalfrank23: trying running:  make all01:02
nixternalit is building fine for me, the kubuntu-hardy branch01:03
frank23xsl:import : unable to load ubuntu/libs/ubuntu-banner.xsl01:03
nixternalwhat branch do you have checked out?01:04
frank23there is no ubuntu directory in the kubuntu-hardy branch01:04
nixternalwe wouldn't use ubuntu-banner.xsl anyways01:04
frank23It's http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/kubuntu-hardy01:05
nixternalwe use kubuntu-banner.xsl which is located in kubuntu/libs01:05
frank23I started with the http://calcium.ubuntu.com/~mdke/ubuntu-doc-initial.tar.bz2 then checked out kubuntu-hardy from the local shared repository then01:07
frank23then branched a working copy kubuntu-hardy.frank101:07
frank23then frank@monster:~/ubuntu-bzr/ubuntu-doc/kubuntu-hardy.frank1$ bzr merge https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-doc/ubuntu-doc/kubuntu-hardy01:08
frank23then commited that01:08
nixternalthat is interesting01:08
nixternalsomething weird happened with your merge01:08
frank23I don't know bzr well at all01:08
nixternalobviously I don't either...I say at I am r3630 when there are obviously 3632 revisions01:09
nixternalguess bzr up doesn't work like I am used to01:09
nixternalnow we are at r363201:10
nixternallet me try this again01:10
nixternalstupid bzr has to many ways to do the same thing01:11
frank23oh its working now01:11
frank23i ran make within the kubuntu subdirectory01:12
nixternalI was still able to build it fine with the latest checkout01:12
nixternalmake all01:12
nixternalthat is what you want to run with the Makefile01:12
frank23maybe the problem is with my makefile in the root directory of the kubuntu-hardy branch01:13
nixternalya, the makefile in the root directory is probably pretty banged up, and I don't think should be there actually01:14
nixternalit was used to build all of the docs at once for the website01:14
frank23I was trying to run make from kubuntu-hardy01:14
frank23that's probably all it was01:15
nixternalit is, because that make also tries to build Ubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu documentation01:15
nixternalI will hack that really quick01:15
frank23Anyways I'd be interested in at least proofreading the kubuntu docs for hardy once they get going. I had worked a bit on the kubuntu dapper docs01:17
nixternaltry and update your checkout, it should be fixed up now01:17
nixternalif it doesn't update right away, give it a few minutes and try again01:17
nixternalbzr is silly slow like that for some reason, or at least used to be01:17
nixternal3634. By  Richard A. Johnson <nixternal@kubuntu.org>  1 minute ago01:18
nixternaldon't need this makefile anymore01:18
nixternalshowing it on LP, so I am guessing it works quick now01:18
frank23ok i got the changes01:18
nixternalnow the Makefiles should be in kubuntu/01:19
frank23is kubuntu-kde4 just a copy of kubuntu right now?01:23
nixternalright now it is01:26
nixternalyou planning on helping us out with some Kubuntu docs?01:26
frank23I could help some I think. not sure how much time I'll have01:27
nixternalI was going to say, I need to go through and create a TODO list pretty soon01:27
nixternalit could be small, or it could be large01:27
* nixternal hopes for small01:27
nixternalmy doc time is limited big time now by development time01:27
nixternaljenda: you still alive man? I haven't talked to you in ages01:28
* nixternal throughs jono a Michael Jackson CD! That is real rock-n-roll man...01:28
* nixternal pukes01:28
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cwo_plin_plan_pG nnj08:28
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