no0ticWeedGrinch, hi00:27
WeedGrinchI just created #ubuntu-modding, It will be a channel about personalizing ubuntu, help with themes, desktop effects, and anything else that has to do with personalizing/modding ubuntu00:27
WeedGrinchI was wondering if it was ok, that I did this, and I was wondering what the policies are for running an #ubuntu-* channel00:28
naliothWeedGrinch: what do you plan to offer in #ubuntu-modding ?00:32
WeedGrinchHelp, and talk about Modding/Personalizing Ubuntu00:32
nalioth#ubuntu offers help now.  :)00:33
WeedGrinchI know, but this is specific help.00:33
WeedGrinchIf there is a commonly asked question, I will write a tutorial about it :)00:34
naliothWeedGrinch: how long have you been around the Ubuntu online community?00:35
WeedGrinchI've been using Ubuntu for about 2 years, on and off, now I ONLY use ubuntu.  I am rather new to the community though.00:36
naliothWeedGrinch: are you familiar with ubotu ?00:37
WeedGrinchIsn't that the info bot in #ubuntu00:38
naliothWeedGrinch: right.00:39
naliothWeedGrinch: we like to provide quality support for Ubuntu00:39
WeedGrinchYea, I've noticed that, whenever I need help #Ubuntu helps a lot.00:39
naliothi suspect you could help out on #ubuntu and add factoids to ubotu and help many more folks00:40
WeedGrinchAlso, In the near future, I may buy a domain for the channel, if it becomes semi-popular, the site would contain tutorials, and maybe a java based IRC so people without an IRC client can talk with us00:40
LjLWeedGrinch: there are a few topics that can be "specific"... yet, even though we get, for instance, many people asking about wireless problem, we don't direct them to a wireless-specific channel. that's because we feel that even though #ubuntu is crowded, having a central place rather than scattering knowledge around many separate and little-communicating venutes is a better route00:40
LjLWeedGrinch: do you think what you have in mind has a reason to not follow this scheme?00:41
WeedGrinchnalioth, I do not know how to add factoids, I assume they are the help files ubotu says00:41
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:42
LjLWeedGrinch: the bot already has some factoids about themes and similar things. i'm sure there is room for improvement00:42
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:42
WeedGrinchLjL, I agree #Ubuntu help a lot.  I am just trying to help, and learn new things myself.  If you don't make me to make a channel, it's ok, I won't.00:42
LjL!search theme00:42
ubotuFound: eyecandy, brokenusplash-#kubuntu, launch-feedback, brokenusplash, i-candy, wallpaper, panel-#kubuntu-kde4, changethemes, icandy, themes00:42
LjLWeedGrinch, if i had decided that i don't want you to create a channel, i'd say "i don't want you to create a channel"... but i'm just discussing for the moment. don't you think you could better help by contributing to ubotu and to #ubuntu, for instance?00:43
naliothWeedGrinch: we just think you could help more folks where more folks are  :)00:44
LjLyeah, that's what i said about scattering knowledge, in a nutshell00:44
WeedGrinchWell, Ok, if that's what you think is best, I'll try to add some factoids, and help out around #ubuntu00:45
WeedGrinchWhat do you suggest I do with my channel?00:47
LjLWeedGrinch, if you're not yet entirely familiar with the IRC community, yes, i do recommand that you see how #ubuntu works (and how the bot works, and how the wiki pages that the bot links to work), and help improving them -- and then, if after you're familiar with everything you still think (this time with some more hands-on experience on IRC vs. Ubuntu) that another channel would be useful, well... you'll have gained experience in the meanwhile to make00:47
LjLthe channel really good00:47
WeedGrinchHow do I delete my chan?00:48
LjLWeedGrinch: /cs drop #ubuntu-modding - but i suppose you could just keep it registered as well if you still plan on proposing it at a later time00:51
WeedGrinchAlright, I'll just leave it reged00:51
LjLWeedGrinch: really, i don't want to stop you from doing something useful, i just think you should get a better idea of the community first, and get an informed opinion on what things are needed00:52
LjLWeedGrinch: if #ubuntu goes a bit fast, a trick could be to have some keywords on highlights (all today's IRC clients support that), so you could be highlighted by people saying "theme", or "effects", etc00:53
WeedGrinchOk, thanks for the advice.  Is there anything that you reccomend I add factoids about? Or anything that needs more documentation?00:53
WeedGrinchOh i see thanks00:54
naliothWeedGrinch: only you know what factoids are missing or need improvement00:54
LjLWeedGrinch: well, there is the page about APT pinning that's really in a bad state - but that has nothing to do with themes :)00:55
WeedGrinchYea, I dont know a great deal about other things.00:56
puffThere's an interesting (to me) question here... I agree about keeping a focus of attention, but I find #ubuntu really spammy sometimes.00:57
WeedGrinch:) :P00:57
WeedGrinchPuff I answered ur question in #ubuntu-modding, have a look00:58
LjLWeedGrinch: what i do with the bot usually is, just use it to give people answers, but whenever i give people an answer, check it myself as well (even if i've checked it many times already). that way you become familiar with the factoids and the wiki pages and stay updated on what needs improvements00:58
WeedGrinchOk thanks :)00:59
LjLpuff, it's an issue that's often been raised, and of course creating secondary channels may have merits, we just think the drawbacks outweight them.00:59
naliothpuff: this is why when you speak to someone in #ubuntu (or any large channel) you preface or append your text with that persons nick00:59
puffnalioth: Yeah, it's still really difficult.01:00
naliothpuff: if helps if you only concentrate on helping one or two persons at a time01:00
puffI wish there were better support for "public" conversations in the irc clients...01:00
LjLpuff: well, once you're in a conversation, i usually don't find it too hard to follow *that* conversation. it can certainly be hard to spot questions that you may know about... that's where highlights may help01:01
LjLerr, IRC is like the chief medium for "public conversations" isn't it :)01:01
puffE.g. you start a conversation and your client divides your window; window 1 shows the full flow, window 2 shows just the traffic from people in the conversation.01:01
puffIdkanow about _chief_ medium, but :-).01:02
LjLpuff, i'm sure some advanced clients can be set up to work like that, with some scripting01:02
LjLirssi for instance01:02
puffMy client is emacs :-).01:02
* LjL runs01:02
WeedGrinchI use Gaim01:02
LjLGaim is possibly a bit limiting for following a channel like #ubuntu (although i haven't used it myself)01:03
LjLi think most people using GNOME are either on X-Chat if they want a GUI, or irssi otherwise01:03
WeedGrinchGaim is really nice for IRC actually01:04
LjLwell, whatever suits you best - i'm using a client that most people laugh about sarcastically whenever it's mentioned, so i won't sneer at other people's choices :)01:05
WeedGrinchhaha, thaks01:05
puffokay, ciao.01:08
WeedGrinchOk, Ill be in #ubuntu, and #ubuntu-modding01:08
Andre_Gondimhow may i have a croak?03:01
Andre_Gondimhow may i have a cloak?03:05
no0ticAndre_Gondim, what type of cloak?03:07
Andre_Gondimno0tic, ubuntu cloak03:07
no0ticAndre_Gondim, only members can have one03:08
Andre_Gondimno0tic, I am Ubuntu Member03:09
no0ticAndre_Gondim, then, ask in #ubutnu-ops03:09
no0ticAndre_Gondim, there was a Community Council meeting today?03:10
Andre_Gondimno0tic, I think no03:10
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no0ticAndre_Gondim_, boa noite ;)03:27
Andre_Gondim_no0tic, boa03:27
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Andre_Gondimno0tic, Brazilian?03:30
no0ticAndre_Gondim, nacì no brazil03:30
no0ticAndre_Gondim, but I'm italian03:30
Andre_Gondimno0tic, sounds good03:30
no0ticAndre_Gondim, onde moras?03:31
Andre_Gondimno0tic, Porto Alegre - RS, no sul, mas nasci em Campina Grande - PB, nordeste, e tu és de onde?03:31
no0ticAndre_Gondim, I can't really speak fluently in portouguese :)03:31
Andre_Gondimno0tic, I was born in Campina Grande at Paraíba states, but I'm living in Porto Alegre - RS03:32
no0ticAndre_Gondim, eu nacì no estado de sao paulo, perto de santos, guarujà, conhece?03:32
no0ticAndre_Gondim, entendo tudo, mais nao falo bem :)03:32
Andre_Gondimno0tic, a bom, heheh já estive em são paulo tres vezes, mas muito rápido03:33
Andre_Gondimno0tic, Gabriele é um nome feminino ou masculino? desculpa, mas no Brasil é feminino03:34
no0tic:) masculino03:34
no0ticmy parents are italian :)03:35
no0ticmeus pais sao italianos (?)03:35
Andre_Gondimno0tic, suspeitei disso, mas preferi não presumir03:36
Andre_Gondimno0tic, como soube que eu era brasileiro, meu ingles ruim?03:38
no0ticnao, teu ip :)03:38
no0ticseu, talvez melhor :)03:41
no0ticAndre_Gondim, justo?03:41
Andre_Gondimno0tic, não entendi heeh03:42
no0tic"seu ip", nao "teu ip"03:42
Andre_Gondimno0tic, a sim, correto heeh03:42
no0tichola P3L|C4N0 :) \o)03:46
P3L|C4N0o/ hi no0tic03:46
no0ticbom, agora boa noite :)03:50
no0ticP3L|C4N0, buenas noches :)03:50
no0ticgood night03:50
P3L|C4N0no0tic, noapte buna03:50
no0ticP3L|C4N0, que idioma es esto?03:51
P3L|C4N0no0tic, romaneste03:51
P3L|C4N0no0tic,  rumano03:51
Andre_Gondimno0tic, vou nessa, abraços03:51
no0ticAndre_Gondim, muito prazer de falar contigo03:52
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* fetova forget the ubuntu-es-op chanel :(18:30
no0ticfetova, hi18:31
fetovahi no0tic :)18:31
fetovajpatrick: ping19:01
jpatrickfetova: ARG19:01
fetovaholas :P19:01
jpatrick@pong | fetova19:01
botijoFacto pong no encontrado19:01
fetovade el te iba a preguntar :P19:01
fetovahay modo de ponerle en un query que en x canal ponga ot a x usuario? :)19:02
fetovay por cierto que es ARG :P19:03
jpatrick@ping > fetova19:03
fetova@ping | fetova19:04
fetovaque ese solo por query...19:04
fetova[13:04] <botijo> (En el futuro, hablame en privado para experimentar) Pong!19:04
jpatrick@ot | fetova19:05
botijofetova: #ubuntu-irc es un canal de soporte, para hablar de temas no relacionados por favor visita #ubuntu-es-offtopic. ¡Gracias!19:05
jpatrickfetova: /msg botijo @cosa19:06
fetova[13:06] <botijo> fetova: por favor mirase arriba19:07
fetova /msg botijo @ot | fetova19:07
jpatrickfetova: porque ya lo ha dice antes :p19:07
fetovaoras... le programaste eso? :P bien :D19:07
fetovapor cierto...19:08
fetovacomo va el nombre del canal de op de ubuntu-es?19:08
fetovase me olvido...19:08
jpatrickpero como P3LCANo19:09
jpatricko algo raro19:09
jpatrickfetova: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-es-freenode19:09
fetovava :P19:10
fetovano esta ahi :(19:10
fetovayo si :P19:10

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