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aboganirtg: Are you around?09:49
amitkabogani: rtg should come online in 2-3 hours10:03
aboganiamitk: Thanks Amit. I have a problem on -rt. Can you help me, please?10:10
amitkabogani: sure, what is it10:11
aboganiamitk: Thanks. After last (security) update of the kernel X don't want start at boot with nvidia X driver on 64bit (32bit works fine).... I suspect that the problem still live in Hardy.10:12
aboganiWhere should I look?10:12
aboganiDo you have some suggestions?10:12
aboganiWho could explain me why 32bit version works fine and 64bit not?10:12
amitkabogani: is the problem in Gutsy?10:13
aboganiamitk: Yes.10:14
amitkabogani: I am checking the updates...10:17
aboganiamitk: I suspect that isn't dependent from last update only...10:18
aboganiI have only one 64bit system and i don't update/dist-upgrade often10:19
amitkabogani: could you post the /proc/version_signature of the working and non-working kernels?10:30
aboganiUnofficial for both10:33
amitkabogani: do you know the last tag where it was working?10:35
aboganiamitk: Sorry i don't remember. :-(10:38
amitkthat makes it a bit hard to narrow down the problem :)10:39
aboganiI know Amit ;-)10:40
amitkabogani: Do you have the problem with Hardy Alpha 4?10:40
aboganiamitk: No Hardy (-rt) works very well but unfortunately my test system don't have a nvidia video card. Sorry but i don't enough computers :-)10:42
amitkabogani: Do we _ever_ have enoughc computers? ;-)10:43
amitkcould you confirm with the Hardy live cd on the computer with the nvidia?10:44
aboganiamitk:  I'll do this test!10:45
aboganiamitk: Thank you for the moment! :)10:45
tjaaltonabogani: reinstall the driver10:53
tjaaltonabogani: unless you are using -nv10:53
aboganitjaalton: Ok i'll try that first! Thanks Timo.10:56
amitktjaalton: why?10:57
tjaaltonamitk: that's a valid question, but people have said that it helped..11:02
tjaaltonabogani: do you use the official driver or envy?11:02
tjaaltonabogani: also, the logfile would be nice11:03
amitktjaalton: packaging problem?11:03
tjaaltonamitk: with envy at least, our packages should be fine11:04
tjaaltonif the package doesn't divert some files, upgrading the server will break it11:05
tjaaltonI'm not sure if envy diverts libglx et al11:05
ograhey ... i seem to have lots of oopses recently with the -5 kernel related to tick_notify and _spin_unlock_irqrestore is that known ?12:07
ograit spills my logs and after some hours the system just hardlocks12:07
thegodfatherogra: what about collecting those OOPSes?12:07
thegodfatherit's difficult to guess without12:08
ograwell, in fact its always the same it seems12:08
thegodfatherwell it doesn't help if you don't show us your OOPS ;)12:08
ograthere ist is :)12:09
thegodfatherogra: it's somewhere in RPC code. i guess you are running NFS of somekind12:10
ogralets check, i'm not sure 12:10
ograogra@laptop:~$ ps ax|grep nfs12:10
ogra 6603 pts/0    R+     0:00 grep nfs12:10
ograah, yeah12:11
ograthe client stuff12:11
thegodfatherdo you have some aggressive acpi features enabled?12:11
thegodfatherwell it's a laptop.. hmmm12:11
thegodfathertry to disable acpid or whatever is used for power manager now12:12
thegodfatherfor what i can see something goes bad between the 212:12
ograi dont do it explicitly and i think there is an APIC message during boot ...12:12
thegodfatherACPI != APIC12:12
ograACPI not connected to local APIC or so ?12:12
ogralet me reboot i'll check12:12
thegodfathertry to boot with the usual options.. noapic noacpi or whatever they are called now12:13
thegodfatherbecause i run nfs/rpc stuff here but i don't see it12:13
thegodfatheron the other side i don't run any power management stuff12:13
ogra(if booting wouldnt take 1h nowadays that would help :) )12:13
thegodfatherjust press the reset button :)12:13
thegodfatherthat's why we have journal FS'es12:13
thegodfatherreboot -n -f will do12:14
ogratime not connected to IO-APIC ... no ACPI in that meassage, i was wrong12:14
ograwell, that speeds up shutdown ... booting is the painful thing here :)12:14
ograto quote one of my favorite bugs: the worm on the screen is only 1cm long during boot and stops there for a minute or two *g*12:15
thegodfatherit should be easy to figure the problem12:19
thegodfatherthere is only one call to spin_unlock_irq in the whole sunrpc driver12:19
ograi wiped the nfs stuff for now ... nothing i  need anyway12:19
thegodfatherand it might not even be a bug in sunrpc at the end12:21
thegodfatherthe code didn't change since Aug.12:21
thegodfatherit's probably recalc_sigpending12:21
ogradid we switch to tickless recently ?12:21
thegodfatherin .2212:21
ograah, well, no probs with .22 12:21
ogramight indeed as well be the new hal and its powermanagement 12:22
thegodfatherthis is a kernel bug... userland even if broken should not trigger this kind of OOPS'es12:22
thegodfatherthe thing is:12:22
thegodfatherand you are getting an OOPS in the unlock12:23
ograah, right12:23
thegodfatherso it might even be the unlock operation to be broken (very unlikely)12:23
thegodfatheror the doonething that corrupts memory12:23
thegodfather(as an example)12:23
thegodfatheranyway file a bug12:23
thegodfatherthe file is net/sunrpc/svc.c12:23
thegodfatherthere is only one call to that unlock thingy12:24
ograwill do12:24
ograbug #8922412:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 89224 in ubiquity "GrubInstaller failed with code 1" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8922412:32
ograbug #18922412:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189224 in linux "sunrpc causes kernel oopses on 2.6.24-5-generic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18922412:33
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Kanohi BenC , lum is still -6 not -716:50
rtgKano: upload are in process. patience.16:50
Kanortg: ok16:51
BenCKano: lum can't build until the kernel does16:51
Kanowell it did here already ;)16:51
rtgBenC: he is pointing out that the git repo hasn't been updated, but I just have been busy this morning.16:52
BenCah, gotcha16:52
tseliotBenC: did you have a look at my suggestions on the wiki?16:55
BenCtseliot: haven't had a chance yet16:57
tseliotBenC: I hope we can do this before February 14. Envy works great with my solutions17:00
benjewe have found how to resolv disk detection under kernel 2.6.24 with the fujistu amilio laptop17:02
benjepatko, give the link to the modificated .config please17:03
benjedid we must open bug for this version of the kernel ?17:04
amitkbenje: that would be appreciated, thank you17:05
patkobenje, here is the working .config: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54869/17:06
BenCOk, in case people haven't seen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting17:06
BenCThe regular IRC kernel team meeting is in session17:06
benjeamitk, it's need review to stay generic we take off the ide generic support for this is working 17:06
amitkbenje: please attach the config to the launchpad bug17:07
BenCAgenda is at the URL above17:07
benjeBenC, this is for me ? 17:07
BenCthis is for the channel17:07
benjeamitk, which else file must we post the original dmesg and this for now 17:07
BenCSo a friendly request to hold off on general conversations until after the meeting17:08
amitkbenje: yes. We can continue this after the IRC meeting17:08
BenCWe are going to make this quick, since everyone is fairly busy17:09
BenCrtg: You've uploaded 7.11 today to fix the build failures in the 6.10 upload...guess we'll know soon if the builds process17:09
rtgindeed we will17:10
BenCrtg: since you've been closest with the kernel tree this release cycle...is there anything we should be concerned about with beta coming up?17:10
rtgsome of the virtual features are new, virtio, kvm, etc. They are not part of
rtgiwlwifi remains at 1.2.0, but most of the other wireless cards are supported upstream.17:11
rtgthere are some collision issues with legacy v.s. new drivers.17:11
rtghopefully, blacklisting in modules-tools-init will help that.17:11
BenCI noticed the whole b43/legacy/bcm43xx issues...are they resolved now?17:12
rtgwe'll see.17:12
Kanowell it build the module17:12
rtgI'm sure Kano will let me know if they aren't.17:12
Kanothe b43legacy17:12
Kanobut i really prefer removing the pciids17:12
BenCBlacklisting is prefered, since it lets the user decide17:13
rtgblack listing is effectively the same.17:13
BenCremoving pci id's hard codes too much17:13
Kanoecho bcm43xx >> /etc/modules17:13
Kanouser decided17:13
BenCif the pci id's are removed, then the module wont bind to the device17:13
Kanonot automatically17:13
BenCnot at all, unless you echo the pci id's into newid in sysfs17:13
BenCunless you are just commenting out the MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE() in the driver, and that's the same as blacklisting anyway17:14
BenCbut requires us to muck with the source17:14
rtgThere are more issues with bcm then just PCI ids, it also depends on the SSB bus driver.17:14
Kanoonly the new one17:14
Kanowell new 217:15
Kanoboth depend on ssb17:15
Kanoyou could basically even disable bcm43xx17:15
Kanodebian did that17:15
rtgWe aren't gonna do that for now, so lets move on.17:16
BenCRight, let's hash this out on kernel-team@ where it needs to be17:16
BenCwe know there is an issue, resolving it is beyond the context of the meeting17:16
BenCrtg: anything else?17:16
rtgI'm not as familiar with the current bug list as I should be.17:17
rtgso, there are probably other issues.17:17
Kanoalso has anybody else with the 64 bit no splash?17:17
BenCwell, I was looking past the bug list17:17
rtgyep - I've seen it.17:17
BenCKano: off topic...17:17
Kanothats a kernel issue17:17
rtgthis -7.11 upload is against the 2.6.24 rebase17:17
rtgso, we'll have a stable code base against which to do our bug shooting.17:18
BenCrtg: excellent17:18
rtgthats it from me...17:18
Kanoor kernel config17:18
amitkrtg: so we will go with upstream ALSA and iwlwifi for Hardy, correct?17:18
BenCamitk: mobile...you were at the sprint last week...anything we need to worry about with the kernel+beta for them?17:18
rtgamitk: correct.17:19
amitkBenC: not really17:19
BenCamitk: how important is 8.04 and 2.6.24 to UME right now?17:20
amitkall the mobile code is self-contained in it's flavour patchset and will probably go beyond Hardy17:20
rtgamitk squeaked in an lpia update this morning moments before I uploaded.17:20
amitk8.04 is important to the customer, but schedules are tight and they _might_ not make it. So we will move them to a PPA after Hardy17:21
amitkrtg: yeah well.. I couldn't get back to sleep at 5am, so I pushed a patch instead ;)17:22
rtgsounds like jet lag.17:22
BenCinsomnia goes hand-in-hand with last minute kernel patches, hehe17:22
rtgand FTBSs cause insomnia.17:22
rtgforgot to mention ndiswrapper updated to 1.5217:23
amitkrtg: is there anything else (major) that we will switch to LUM and upstream for Hardy?17:23
rtgnothing on the radar.17:23
BenCOk, I think that covers us as far as status right now17:25
BenCWanted to get some intros out of the way...joining us from a few weeks ago is Stefan Bader (sbader)...17:25
BenCstefanb I mean17:26
stefanbHi :)17:26
BenCAnd just starting with Canonical on the kernel team yesterday is Colin King (king_)17:26
king_Hi too! :-)17:26
BenCBoth are generalist on the kernel team, and will help handle our main workload for hardy 8.04 and beyond to following releases17:27
BenCAnd now some much needed, and usually avoided, discussion on our QA bug list17:28
maks_left freebsd king_ ?17:28
king_No.. I haven't touch FreeBsd for 10+ years now17:29
BenCSo anyone who hasn't seen it, ogasawara (who is on the QA team, concentrating on the kernel) maintains this page: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogasawara/hardy-buglist.html17:29
BenCIt's an excellent starting place for community to work with the kernel team17:30
rtgIt needs serious love for the next few weeks.17:31
BenCI'm sure ogasawara would appreciate feedback on this page as well (please, don't punish her inbox with requests to get your bug added :)17:31
BenCYeah, since 2.6.24 is released, and uploaded, this list is primary focus17:32
ogasawarafeedback would be great.  I suppose I should add a blurb to the top about what the list for anyone new17:32
BenCThe churn is at a minimum now, so stable code base to work from17:32
BenCogasawara: something like "Go away if you value your sanity"?17:33
maks_have you already some nfs patches?17:34
maks_we have reports that nfs on 2.6.24 is quite buggy17:34
maks_aka does not sustain load17:34
maks_both nfs v3 and v417:34
BenCogasawara: One thing we discussed earlier was being more liberal with "Wont Fix" on some of these reports, and working harder to assign and respond to them more quickly17:34
BenCmaks_: is there an open bug report?17:35
maks_lots of informal reports on channel too17:35
BenCOk, we'll investigate that17:36
ogasawaraBenC: so one thing I haven't done in the past few weeks is assign to anyone as I wasn't sure how much work you guys already had on your plates17:36
BenCogasawara: that's my fault...I've been slacking on initial processing of your list17:36
stefanbI normally go forward and self-assign me from that list17:37
BenCThat's good17:38
king_I probably need some assigning to me to kick off with17:38
BenCking_: Oh, I can get you started off right :)17:40
king_BenC: the more the merrier17:41
ogasawaraoh no, famous last words :)17:41
BenCOk, let's wrap this up so we can get back to work...any out-of-band issues to bring up?17:41
BenCexcellent...meeting adjourned then17:42
BenCogasawara: thanks for joining us on short notice17:42
BenCThanks everyone, have a great week17:43
stefanbsee you17:44
king_bye for now17:44
amitkbenje: so please attach the .config to the bug report and add an explanation if necessary17:45
rtgamitk: ' hardy lpia   Successfully built  (NEW)'17:46
amitkrtg: ofcourse! you thought I would commit a broken patch at 5am? ;-p17:47
rtgamitk: and did you think I _didn't_ do a test build just to make sure?17:47
tseliotBenC: when can I ping you again?17:47
BenCtseliot: let me get some lunch...in an hour?17:49
benjeamitk, ok17:50
tseliotBenC: ok, thanks :-)17:50
amitkrtg: :)17:50
* amitk -> groceries17:50
benjeamitk, do you need the old dmesg and the new . we start explain what's happened with std kernel17:51
amitkbenje: add everything that you feel is necessary.17:52
Kanortg: when i change version+ rules clean i have got this problem: http://paste.debian.net/4849917:54
rtgKano: use 'debuild -b' from devscripts to catch all of the package build deps.17:55
Kanortg: all installed, just not the other headers17:56
Kanoi only compile generic17:56
Kanoyou have one binary17:57
rtgKano: build problems are outside my area of interest. Its building on the archive, so its right for me.17:59
Kanortg: you have too many binaries to build it on etch17:59
Kanoyou usually dont need em17:59
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rtgKano: The hardy release is built within the Hardy environment. That is all I really care about (or am responsible for).18:00
Kanortg: call it like you want: this is bad18:02
benjeamitk, there many problem :  boot with gutsy => kernel panic => soluce set noapic ; cd desktop gutsy noapic => no cdrom => must use netboot cdrom ;18:03
Kanortg: and: you only need to delete the file18:05
benjedo you think i must separate the post amitk 18:06
Kanortg: ubuntu/sound/alsa-driver/utils/mod-deps18:06
Kanodelete it and it will be created when needed18:06
benjebetween gutsy and the kernel 2.6.24 ?18:07
rtgKano: you're right. How in the _fuck_ did a binary get checked in?18:08
rtgyhis was a clean checkout from the ALSA HG repo.18:08
Kanomaybe add it in the clean rule extra18:09
rtgKano: the original source directory is cloned into a build directory before building. there should not be any binaries to begin with.18:10
KanoLANG= grep ELF -Rs *|grep Binary18:17
Kanopretty simple check for binaries18:17
rtgKano: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-hardy-lum.git;a=summary18:27
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tseliotBenC: are you there?19:19
tjaaltonmaks_: client or server? (NFS instability)19:32
amitkbenje: I would restrict the report to Hardy for now, since it is unlikely that this will be fixed for Gutsy19:34
benjeamitk, ok this is quick description with .config http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54902/19:38
tjaaltonmaks_: seems to be server, so that's probably why I havent seen that19:38
benjeamitk, i take off all about gutsy ;)19:40
amitkbenje: looks good. Make sure to attach the .config as an attachment, not inline text19:41
amitkbenje: and leave the gutsy parts in there, it might help in debugging19:41
benjeok amitk 19:41
benjeamitk, i found this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/178843 the message is the same for the first boot of 2.6.24 about noapic but not for the same model and not all the same problem . do i post to it or open a new one?19:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 178843 in linux "kernel panic on boot in kubuntu 8.04 alpa 2 becouse of Apic" [Medium,Triaged] 19:59
benjemust i 20:00
amitkbenje: new bug with a comment listing the other bug number20:03
benjeamitk, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/189368 20:35
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189368 in linux "kernel panic with notebook Amilo Xa 2528 P5811 kernel 2.6.24" [Undecided,New] 20:35
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tormodwould be nice if someone could look at, and at least triage/milestone bug #186062. thanks23:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186062 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.24 "please update linux-wlan-ng (prism2_usb) to latest upstream version (>=1847)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18606223:33
rtgtormod: from here? linux-wlan-ng-0.2.8/src/prism2/driver23:46
tormodrtg: no, from svn. Where do you document where the code comes from?23:46
rtgtormod: I didn't do this one. the previous guy didn't leave any tracks.23:47
tormodbad guy ;) svn://svn.shaftnet.org/linux-wlan-ng/trunk23:47
rtgtormod: put the svn URL in the LP report so we can remember it.23:48
tormodwhat about Ubuntu changes, are they documented beside the commit comment?23:48
rtgtormod: I'll put a BOM file in the prism2_usb directory (Bill of Materials)23:49
tormodanyway, the only Ubuntu changes I could see by looking at the git history, are included upstream.23:51
rtgtormod: does it need an updated p80211 ?23:53
tormodyes, they are hand in hand23:53
tormodp80211 was supposed to be something general for several drivers, it ended up in monogamy with prism223:54
tormodI think l-u-m used to have p80211 as a subdir of prism2 or the other way around.23:55
rtgtormod: ok, test building.23:59

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