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dholbachgood morning06:43
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dholbachMithrandir, StevenK: you're aware of bug 188130, bug 186817, bug 185669, bug 188828, bug 186843?11:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188130 in moblin-image-creator "Update moblin-image-creator to 0.39" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18813011:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186817 in osso-af-settings "incorrect value defined for desktopentrydir in osso-af-settings.pc.in" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18681711:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185669 in cheese "Update hildon UI patch for cheese 2.21.5" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18566911:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186843 in moblin-ui-framework "drag events not being propagated to home applets correctly" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18684311:31
Mithrandirdholbach: I wasn't, but thanks.11:34
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smagounHas anyone looked at the latest version of liferea in hardy (1.4.11-1ubuntu2)? Does it completely obsolete frothing?15:35
smagountremolux: ^^^^15:35
tremolux_smagoun: We should check with StevenK .  My understanding is that he packaged Ian's Frothing and that is what is in Hardy.15:40
tremolux_smagoun: I tested the earlier version that StevenK sent to me, not the one in Hardy15:41
smagountremolux_: the latest version of liferea conflicts with frothing (overlapping files) so I'd like to shoot frothing15:42
smagoun...but only if it makes sense15:42
tremolux_smagoun: Hmm, Frothing is the hildonized Liferea.15:43
smagounyes, I know...15:43
tremolux_We need to move the hildon code into Liferea15:44
smagounyes, I'm asking if anyone knows whether that's happened.15:45
tremolux_smagoun: I don't know for sure.  I'll check it15:47
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smagoun_Mithrandir: I have a new Moblin Image Creator (0.40) to push to Hardy. Will that cause trouble for the UME nightly build?18:12
Mithrandirsmagoun_: assuming it works, it shouldn't be a problem.18:19
smagoun_Mithrandir: ok, thanks. I ask because the fsets changed at some point - we need mccaslin-lpia-hardy-ppa instead of mccaslin-lpia, for example.18:20
Mithrandiruh-hu.  That needs updating, then.18:21
smagoun_Is that something I can do?18:22
GrueMasterQuestion:  Why are we removing fsets that are still being updated (gutsy-PPA)?18:31
smagoun_GrueMaster: the gutsy PPA is no longer being updated. The most recent update was 2008-01-24, and to my knowledge everyone's concentrating on Hardy now.18:40
GrueMasterFunny, openoffice was updated on there today.18:50
GrueMasterStill, there are users/customers that are stuck on gutsy, and gutsy itsself is frozen for the most part.18:51
smagoun_GrueMaster: That PPA is used for both Gutsy and Hardy builds; OpenOffice was pushed to the Hardy part of the PPA18:51
GrueMasterOk, what about the linux-modules for 2.6.22?18:52
smagoun_I see a linux-ubuntu-modules pushed on 2008-01-21: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mobile/+archive18:53
GrueMasterDo I need to do a complete file search and list the latest updates?  The point is, we have customers still using this, so why is support being dropped from image creator?18:57
GrueMasterAll it does is keep image creator from running if you have projects open that use these platforms.18:57
agoliveiraGrueMaster: I was the guilty for pushing OO there :)18:59
smagoun_GrueMaster: check the moblin-dev list - HappyCamp just responded to your mail.19:01
GrueMasteragoliveira:  Missing the point.  I'm trying to find out why support for gutsy-ppa was summarily dropped from image-creator.19:01
HappyCampGrueMaster, I explained in the email19:02
HappyCampThe only reason I added it was for flash support.  And we only had PPA support for less than two weeks.19:02
agoliveiraGrueMaster: Oh, sorry. My conection dropped a few minutes ago and I guess I missed a part of the discussion.19:02
GrueMasterSo, ubuntu-gutsy main is getting the psb driver updates?19:03
HappyCampGrueMaster, no idea, though doubtful19:03
GrueMasterWell, they're in ppa.19:03
HappyCampWell we (moblin.org) aren't using the gutsy PPA.  We do have Hardy PPA platforms.19:04
smagoun_GrueMaster: no, main won't get driver updates. If you want gusty+PSB you can get the drivers from moblin19:04
HappyCampIf you really want it then you need to convince rustyl 19:04
GrueMasterSo, how are you building the latest gutsy images with psb support?19:05
HappyCampI am assuming we use menlow-lpia or mccaslin-lpia19:05
GrueMasterI think my main frustration is that I have to maintain daily snapshots for various developers, and when several snapshot projects that are in use are based on a platform that is summarily dropped, image creator should not fail to continue working.  I understand if no more gutsy updates are going into ppa, but does that mean that image creator should break as a result of that?19:10
GrueMasterAs part of my daily snapshot maintenance, I also have to update image-creator via git.  Otherwise I would have left it static.19:11
HappyCampGrueMaster, at the moment I don't have any plans to put it back in.  But you can look back in the version and restore what was taken out.19:11
GrueMasterSo you're saying I should fork image-creator?19:12
HappyCampI am surprised that you started using it so quickly and in such a short time became dependent on that platform to be there.  For Gutsy we want people to use moblin.org19:12
HappyCampThe hardy targets are Ubuntu only and do NOT pull from moblin.org19:12
HappyCampGrueMaster, You can fork it if you desire, but at the moment I don't plan to put it back in.  From what I know we don't need PPA, since we have the stuff on Moblin.org19:13
HappyCampSo gutsy ppa seems to be redundant/unneccesary, at least that is the impression I have gotten from robr and rustyl 19:14
robrHappyCamp / GrueMaster : it was decided at the sprint last week that we would use moblin and hardy ppa only . Moblin is still gutsty based for the immediate future.19:15
GrueMasterI just checked, and the daily ubuntu-gutsy images from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/moblin/gutsy/menlow_full use the ppa repository.  Since they do not provide project files with these images, I need to recreate build environments here using menlow-lpia-ubuntu-gutsy-ppa.  This is where my problem lies.  If the menlow-lpia platform were to include um-ppa-gutsy.list then my problem would be solved.  Until then, I am stuck with either maintaining a f19:28
GrueMasterThis is based on today's image at the above location.19:29
tremoluxsmagoun: the latest version of liferea in hardy (1.4.11-1ubuntu2) does indeed have all of the Frothing hildon patches, done by StevenK.  This obsoletes Frothing.19:44
smagountremolux: great, thanks19:44
amitkGrueMaster: I am guessing you aren't looking for driver updates on gutsy, only for a fset to be restored. In which case HappyCamp is in control.19:44
amitkGrueMaster: For my part, I _don't_ intend to push any driver updates for 2.6.22 from moblin into the Gutsy PPA19:45

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