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asacUbulette: profile migration pushed13:02
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asacUbulette: how did you take care that the time you use in DEBIAN_DATE is PST?13:18
asaci don't see any PST or something in the date expression used during checkout+13:19
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asacUbulette: you are a perl expert, right? j2se1.4-amd64 fails to build because of some illegal perl in rules (apparently)16:07
asacmost likely it became illegal in recent perls, because the package built in feisty :)16:08
asacUbulette: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4207/16:08
asacthants the complete expression16:09
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Ubuletteindeed, i'm good in perl (how did you know???)18:25
UbuletteI'll have a look in a short while18:25
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asacUbulette: you told me long ago :)18:32
Ubulettereally ? oh, ok18:32
asac(somehow my brain is still intact)18:35
Ubulettethe code is weird but correct. Which perl is that ?18:37
asac... it fails like in the past18:37
asacUbulette: try to build j2se1.4-amd6418:37
asac(i assume you have amd64)18:37
Ubulettei have but it's now running i386 :P18:38
asacoh damn ;)18:38
Ubuletteasac, so ff3 b3 will replace ff2 ?19:19
armin76Ubulette: guess you know that's not new? :P20:24
Ubulettewhat ? the corruption ? for me it's gone20:46
Ubulette[reed], what was wrong with b3_rc1 ?21:04
Ubulettewoow, and 200012rc421:05
[reed]build&release forgot to change some settings on their end21:06
[reed]to match what had been changed on dev-end21:06
[reed]so, makes those builds not match what nightlies had been using21:06
[reed]so, they fixed it21:06
Ubulettewhat's the eta for final b3 if everything goes according to plan ?21:07
[reed]next Tuesday21:08
Ubulette1 week !!!21:08
[reed]is that an exclamation of joy or despair?21:08
UbuletteI have time to do a rc3 preview than :)21:08
armin76ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/ <- 2030? :D21:08
armin76ah, that means it will be released in 2030 :P21:10
Ubuletteasac, is your "profile migrator" ready ? i'm about to push a preview to my ppa... :S21:14
[reed][03:11:46PM] <nthomas|afk> rhelmer|afk: linux slave thinks it's 203021:14
[reed][03:12:01PM] <rhelmer|afk> er21:14
[reed][03:12:03PM] <rhelmer|afk> really?21:14
[reed][03:12:20PM] <nthomas|afk> http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/2030/02/2030-02-05-11-firefox3.0b3/21:14
[reed][03:12:22PM] <rhelmer|afk> awesome21:14
[reed][03:12:29PM] <rhelmer|afk> stupid clock, i'll kick it over21:14
[reed][03:12:36PM] <nthomas|afk> probably screws the buildid21:14
[reed][03:12:40PM] <rhelmer|afk> yeah21:14
[reed][03:12:41PM] <rhelmer|afk> nthomas|afk: tx21:14
Ubulette[reed], cvs is much faster today21:16
[reed]I don't think cvs-mirror has changed.21:17
dejv_ntbplease can you look at bug #106316 if the upstream fix landed in ubuntu?21:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 106316 in ghdl "sync request" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10631621:17
dejv_ntbbug #10631421:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 106314 in firefox "[edgy] Firefox doesn't support X11/Gnome/KDE session managment" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10631421:17
Ubulettemozilla bug 9378921:19
ubotuMozilla bug 93789 in OS Integration "Mozilla should support X11 session management" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9378921:19
Ubulettetaggued as fixed21:19
[reed]mozilla bug 26225821:19
ubotuMozilla bug 262258 in XRE Startup "GNOME session support broken ("save current setup")" [Normal,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26225821:19
[reed]has patch, waiting for review21:19
[reed]if that's what you're talking about21:19
dejv_ntbnot sure21:20
dejv_ntbI'm cleaning up my bugs and see "resolved fixed" upstream at this one21:21
dejv_ntband just "in progress" in LP21:21
Ubulettethe moz bug linked in lp is fixed, apparently since 3.0 alpha 721:22
Ubulettenot ff 2.0.*21:23
dejv_ntbbut it isn't in "in progress" state for 2.0 either, is it?21:25
Ubulettei don't think so. [reed], you're the bugzilla expert here :) do you confirm ?21:27
dejv_ntbif upstream won't fix, "invalid" would be suited better21:29
dejv_ntbunless you [mozilla team] will hack the fix to 2.0 also :)21:30
UbuletteI wont for sure. i'll let asac decide.21:30
dejv_ntbIt's waste of time IMO21:35
dejv_ntbFF3 is way ahead of 2 and it has "remember tabs" feature21:36
dejv_ntbso this is now just nuisance at logging off21:36
dejv_ntbok, thanks for your time21:38
Ubuletteasac, you're profile script won(t work21:55
asacUbulette: which cases?22:11
Ubuletteseveral bugs22:11
Ubulettei've fixed them22:11
Ubuletteit was granparadiso, not ff-granparadiso22:11
asacUbulette: ok thanks22:12
Ubulette2/ if you have like me the 3 old profiles, you'll end up with the oldest one after 3 runs22:12
Ubulettei've added a stamp file22:12
asacI cannot rule out typo ... I tested the most important use cases though22:12
asacUbulette: really? ... oh right :) ... well you could have checked for *replaced as well22:13
asace.g. if such a directory exists you never want to migrate22:13
Ubuletteok, doable too.22:13
Ubulettehm, no, it's either *replaced, or *abandoned, or ...22:14
Ubulettewhy a * in ${LIBDIR}*/ffox-3-beta-profile-migration-dialog ?22:16
asacUbulette: now that i think about it: all should be renamed22:16
Ubuletteit's not needed22:16
asacwhat is not needed?22:16
asacLIBDIR* ?22:17
asacyeah ... i should have switched that back22:17
Ubulettewhat good does it do to rename all old profiles ?22:18
asacwhat good does it do to keep them?22:19
Ubuletteright :)22:19
asaci though it would make sense to wipe them completely ...22:19
Ubulettewe just rename anyway so there're still there22:19
asacthen i thought that some people might consider this: loss of data ... so i thought renaming them to something officially obsolete would be the right intermediate solution22:20
Ubuletteok, doing that rename with an explicit name22:20
Ubulettelike you did for the others22:22
asacyes fine22:22
Ubulettei see you like unnecessary ${} in shell22:22
asacsometimes yes22:22
Ubulettemakefile habit ?22:22
asacwell i have never looked into the details how shell parses variables (e.g. how does it detect the end) ... so if i squash things together i use ${} to be safe ... and then i change the rest to the same approach to keep things more easily readable22:27
Ubuletteit looks artificial to me. I've written zillions of lines of shell over the years.22:29
UbuletteI only use ${} when it's needed like ${FOO}bar or ${FOO}_bar or ${FOO}12322:31
Ubulettebut I keep $FOO.bar, etc..22:31
Ubulettefor ex, ${MOZDIR}/${FOUND} is totally useless22:32
Ubuletteasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/4222/22:40
asacmozilla bug 34481822:44
ubotuMozilla bug 344818 in Build Config "Linking - missing library deps" [Major,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34481822:44
asacUbulette: granparadiso and trunk most likely should be alpha.abandoned :-P22:47
asacanyway ... now ${} and $XX are completely mixed up22:47
Ubuletteit was already mixed up, i've tried to keep yours as much as possible, even if I don't really like it. What do you propose ?22:48
UbuletteI can either drop all non needed or add everywhere22:49
Ubulettei vote just for ".abandoned"22:51
Ubuletteok, committed23:00
Ubulettedamn, ppa buildds are stuck by a kernel (1h+), openoffice (6h+), kde, ...23:04
asacmozilla bug 13033623:06
ubotuMozilla bug 130336 in Plug-ins "can load plugin from new $HOME tree" [Normal,Verified: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13033623:06
asacUbulette: yes, i think there are plans to add a bunch more machines soon ... but those packages even block the real buildd's usually :)23:06
Ubuletteyep, the kernel will take 4 or 5h, oo, i don't know, it's painful23:07
Ubulettenew h/w is definitely good23:08
Ubuletteoh, another guy pushed a kernel23:09
Ubuletteseems everyone is pushing the same packages23:09
Ubulettemy bot failed on ff3 today because xul is now b4pre but ff3.head has >= b3 << b423:12
Ubulette[reed], do I need to ask for superreview for 292254 ?23:28
[reed]what's 292254?23:29
Ubuletteoops, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34481823:30
ubotuMozilla bug 344818 in Build Config "Linking - missing library deps" [Major,New]23:30
[reed]vlad is enough23:30
Ubuletteso it's enough like that ?23:30
[reed]it's a blocker, so it doesn't need approval23:31
[reed]and I added the checkin-needed keyword already23:31
[reed]I'll get to it sometime23:31
[reed]tree is still closed right now23:31
Ubulettereally ? i thought it was open since b4pre landed23:33
[reed]it's been closed since last night for stuart landing jemalloc23:34
[reed]see that23:34
Ubulettei was on it already23:34

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