lime4x4ok what do u do to find the right screen resolution for a tv? Everything i've seen so far suggest that i should be using 1920x1080 but it's too big for my screen00:34
directhexlime4x4, what's your tv?00:37
lime4x4a 51 inch widescreen i'm using the dvi connection00:37
directhexbrand & model?00:38
lime4x4hitachi 51f50000:39
directhexbloody rear projection00:42
lime4x4yeah but it still has a great picture yet. Don't feel like buying another tv00:42
lime4x4with hdmi inputs00:44
directhexi'm seeing suggestions that it has a native res of 720p00:45
lime4x41080i (HDTV) ? 720p (HDTV) ? 480p (EDTV) ? 480i (SDTV) ? 540p00:46
lime4x4i will try that and c what happens00:48
lime4x4well that didn't work. my desktop gets bigger and i can actually read it when i open a window but it's still way to big yet00:52
directhexdefine "way too big". it's normal behaviour to lose 5% of your border00:54
lime4x4well when i'm on the desktop i don't have the top or bottom panel00:55
lime4x4and when i'm watching tv the tops of people's head's are cut off00:56
lime4x4just my luck to finally get a system together setup that it works and now i have a finicky tv...lol00:58
directhexoverscan is normal, but can be adjusted in myth. don't ask me how though, my tv doesn't overscan00:58
lime4x4must be nice....lol01:00
lime4x4well i guess i'll go over to the mythtv-users room and c if they have any good advice01:01
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hansoffateHi, Anyone here know about setting up an STB?03:01
sshirleyafter installing mythbuntu, do i have to create the user mythtv myself?03:50
sshirleyi'm not sure if this is a linux, mythbuntu, or strictly myth question, but can anyone guess as to why my box is not saving my video driver or network configuration?03:58
hansoffatesshirley: no, it should work out of the box04:01
sshirleyif i go under 'users and groups', 'mythtv' is not there04:02
sshirleyalso, everytime that i boot up, it asks me to identify my card04:03
sshirleyvideo card04:03
sshirley'could not be detected'04:03
sshirleyi am using an ATI Radeon 2600 HD PRO. I want to use the fglx (??) driver, but it defaults to vesa.04:04
sshirleywhen myth (mythbuntu) boots up, i get a 'cannot to backend' error. i set both the backend and frontend to (both same machine)04:07
sshirleyI just noticed that in the mythbuntu control center, there is a standalone mythtv session started upon boot. it is set to my user (sshirley). should it be set to mythtv (or is it mythuser)?04:18
sshirleyok....mythbackewnd isn't running because /home/mythrecordings is not writeable by the current user. /home/mythrecordings has the same permissions as /var/lib/myth/records (the default during installation). the current user i believe is sshirley. i would think that mythbuntu would have created the user mythtv04:30
quirk__Anyone there that can help? I cannot seem to connect to my mysql database with the mythtv backend05:59
Tuv0k mythtv-status07:50
Tuv0kUse of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at /usr/bin/mythtv-status line 423.07:50
Tuv0kUse of uninitialized value in string eq at /usr/bin/mythtv-status line 424.07:50
agletHi - I've a question about the weekly -fixes build for mythbuntu...11:47
agletI've been using the weekly builds (the fixes branch) repo for months without any problems.  However, today, it wanted to upgrade to  0.20.99+trunk15758 which looks wrong to me.11:50
agletDoes anyone know whether that's intentional ?11:50
BlainHas anyone got the Gyration MCE remote to work completly with mythbuntu?15:15
MythbuntuGuest10Could some one tell me what the command is to initialize vcn15:20
rhpot1991_laptopMythbuntuGuest10: you can do it via MCC, or are you talking for a client?15:22
MythbuntuGuest10Actually I am not real sure. I have set it up before with the help of Dr_willis on here. He had me run a simple progrom in terminal that configured everything.15:24
rhpot1991_laptopso is the vnc server running or no?15:26
MythbuntuGuest10I have vnc4server installed.15:27
rhpot1991_laptopok, then you are looking for how to connect to it then?15:28
MythbuntuGuest10I think I just need to run something like vncviewer media-center:0 from another machine. last time I set it up I had to do some configuration in the terminal on the media center before it would work.15:30
rhpot1991_laptopreplace your ip15:31
MythbuntuGuest10ok thanks I will give that a try when I get home. thanks for your help.15:32
rhpot1991_laptopbookmark that or something15:32
MythbuntuGuest10will do thanks.15:33
rhpot1991_laptoptgm4883: you ever see dvd's that are copied via mythtv or other methods that have css errors when you try to play back the iso?15:33
BlainHas anyone got the Gyration MCE remote to work completly with mythbuntu?15:35
tgm4883where are you seeing the error?15:35
rhpot1991_laptopmythfrontend log15:35
rhpot1991_laptoplet me find an example15:35
tgm4883does the dvd stop playing?15:35
rhpot1991_laptoptakes forever to launch the menu, and on one it hangs when I go to play a song from it (its a concert), and the other get all corrupted video when I go to play it15:37
tgm4883error message?15:38
rhpot1991_laptopworking on it15:38
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tgm4883is the concert a big time pressed disk?15:39
rhpot1991_laptop not sure, how do I tell?15:39
tgm4883well i'm just asking if it's like a local concert burned disk or a pressed disk15:40
rhpot1991_laptopthats from the concert, launches hangs on the one VOB forever, then I choose a submenu (works fine), choose a song, and then it just hangs till I killed it15:40
rhpot1991_laptoppressed disc15:40
rhpot1991_laptopsomething you would buy or rent15:40
tgm4883i've never seen this happen before15:41
tgm4883try ripping with a different drive15:41
rhpot1991_laptopthe other one that gets corrupted video is an old excersize video I was trying to get on there for my wife, so I'm not surprised that had problems (though others in the series don't)15:41
tgm4883maybe it is a bad drive15:41
rhpot1991_laptopI'll try that and see15:41
agletDoes anyone know why the 0.20.2-fixes weekly build appears to be tracking trunk ?16:14
agletI'll take the overwhelming silence as a no then16:36
superm1aglet, looks like a mistake16:48
superm1aglet, i'll clean that up16:48
superm1thanks for reporting it16:49
agletCheers :)16:49
agletI'm all for staying on the bleeding edge but I'd rather know about it before I do ;)16:49
superm1can you comment on the forums16:49
superm1it looks like you opened a a post there16:49
agletWill do16:49
superm1just mention that its a mistake16:49
superm1i'll push the fixes again manually this time16:49
agletHave updated the post.  Thanks again !16:52
Lossifis there a good tut for mythstream out there?17:13
LossifI am having the hardest time trying to get "podcasts" to play on it...17:14
Lossifor actually videocasts17:14
LossifOr I guess the better question would be to ask , is there a good way to grab podcasts with myth?17:19
hansoffateHi, can anyone here help me setup a STB?17:41
Tuv0kBug 18368317:54
Tuv0ksuperm1, "won't fix"?17:54
superm1upstream decided17:54
superm1click on the upstream bug17:54
unagihow do i completely remove mythbuntu?17:55
[nrx]unagi: format your hard drive?17:55
unagiyea, no thanks17:56
Tuv0kjust like any other app17:56
superm1its all in apt17:56
superm1and mythtv-&17:56
superm1and mythtv-*17:56
[nrx]sorry :)17:56
unagiooooooh i didnt think about mythbuntu-*17:56
unagity =)17:56
unagiill probably try again tonight, ive finally gotten ubuntu to see the tv tuner, so thats progress17:57
[nrx]where does mythtv keep it's list of frequencies?18:03
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rhpHi all. I am experiencing crashes of mythfrontend when I try to export recordings to DVD. Also selecting the different steps is quite slow, but after "Create DVD" the mythfrontend window disappears. I do not see any logging that could indicate problems. Ideas?20:38
bkrhello all21:28
bkrhaving issues getting my machine to act as a backend properly21:28
bkrwhere do I edit the config for the machine to id the backend server?21:28
bkranyone out there?21:35
nettow0822I just did a kernel upgrade through updates and the backend won't start23:27
bobbob1016I just got MythTV working, after some mysql issues, and now when I go to "Watch TV" it says the TV tuner is already being used to record something, I can go to recordings and watch it from there, or delete it, and it isn't recording anything, since I just got Myth setup.  I think it might be because I installed ivtv-utils when I was trying to watch TV, but I uninstalled it, and I still get this message.  Any ideas?23:44

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