stdinhmm, I take it #ubuntu-modding is not an approved channel?00:24
naliothstdin: i'm on it00:24
stdinnalioth: ok, I forget sometimes that you are all seeing/all knowing :)00:24
no0ticweedgrinch on -irc seeks approval for the creation of an #ubuntu-* channel00:28
naliothno0tic: we see him.  he's already created it, though.  :)00:31
ubotuemma called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:40
Jack_SparrowIt is handled.. problem is gone01:41
naliothHelvasca: can we be of service?03:09
HelvascaI got banned from #ubuntu after a bit of stupidity about 3 weeks ago, by jumping in an saying "join #trivia" and I was wondering if anything can be done.03:10
Andre_Gondimhow may i have ubuntu cloak?03:11
naliothubotu: tell Andre_Gondim about member03:12
Andre_GondimI am Ubuntu Member https://launchpad.net/~andregondim03:12
naliothAndre_Gondim: one moment pleae03:15
naliothHelvasca: have fun (helping folks)03:16
Helvascathanks nalioth I wont be so stupid next time!03:16
naliothfreenode recommends setting up your nick in this fashion: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup Andre_Gondim 03:17
naliothAndre_Gondim: please make sure your nick is set up in the above fashion  :)03:17
Andre_Gondimnalioth, wait a few03:18
Andre_Gondimnalioth, now I only need reconect?03:23
naliothAndre_Gondim: no03:23
naliothAndre_Gondim: one step at a time :)03:23
Andre_Gondimnalioth, i recive the mail confirm me in 03:23
naliothAndre_Gondim: but you still have not set up your nick according to policy  :|03:24
Andre_Gondimnalioth, what else a i need?03:24
naliothAndre_Gondim: /msg nickserv info Andre_Gondim 03:25
Andre_Gondimnalioth,  i need to registers nick?03:25
naliothAndre_Gondim: you need an alt nick linked to your primary nick and an email03:25
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=== Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim_
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Andre_Gondimnalioth, I think I did everything...03:29
ubotunickrud called the ops in #ubuntu (fireman2333 (seems to be a consensus))03:29
Andre_Gondimnalioth, anything else?03:32
naliothAndre_Gondim: uno momento, por favor03:33
ubotuerawfish called the ops in #ubuntu (fireman23333333 ban evasion)03:33
Andre_Gondimnalioth, ok03:33
ubotuogre called the ops in #ubuntu (erawfish)03:54
jdongwait you're not mutt03:58
konqui-89I got banned from Ubuntu earlier and I really really really need help with my sound and my questions arent being answered on the forums... I desperately need your help so I can get this pc to my friend..05:01
master_obredardamn another dead room07:38
jussi01master_obredar: how can we help today?07:38
master_obredarhave prob with wine 07:39
master_obredarspec diont know how to use07:39
Jucatothis isn't exactly a help/support channel :)07:39
jussi01master_obredar: This isnt #ubuntu - you have probably been forwarded here07:40
master_obredari did the download as it told me to but cant find it on my sys to try and use it07:40
master_obredarno i've tried about 12 ubuntu room and no one would even say hi07:41
master_obredari downloaded it threw the terminal and i still cant find it in my apps list07:41
jussi01master_obredar: try typing: /join #ubuntu07:41
jussi01in the bax you type to talk to me07:42
ubotuIt's the middle of the night in the US and Europe, and surrounds.  This means that a lot of people are likely asleep, therefore there are less potential people who can answer your question.  Please be patient, and consider asking at a time when more people will be awake.  This is particularly true in the quieter channels.07:42
Jucatojussi01: <master_obredar> no i've tried about 12 ubuntu room and no one would even say hi <--- I presume he's been to #ubuntu07:42
master_obredari new with linux --ubuntu07:44
master_obredari'm still here07:45
jussi01master_obredar: with the space...07:48
master_obredar/ join # ubuntu07:48
master_obredar/ join #ubuntu07:49
master_obredarjoin #ubuntu07:50
Jucatomaster_obredar: /join <space> #ubuntu07:50
jussi01did I say something wrong? :/07:52
JucatoI guess it wasn't obvious to him where to put the space07:53
dgjonescan somebody have a look at <P5YCH00> can u tell me what you guys think of it   http://store.picbg.net/pubpic/FE/47/3da73df9d7b1fe47.jpg in #ubuntu, doesn't seem appropriate, the link is going to a male model10:39
jussi01Afternoon all..10:41
jpatrickafternoon jussi01 10:44
jussi01gday jpatrick 10:45
ikoniahowdy 10:52
ubotuThere are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit13:32
Hobbseexchat-gnome replies as such, and not as xchat, doesn't it?13:36
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)15:02
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)15:02
LjL!staff | have a look at the above mass join please... they haven't parted yet, and they don't even look very much like bots15:05
ubotuhave a look at the above mass join please... they haven't parted yet, and they don't even look very much like bots: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel or Gary,  I could use a bit of your time :)15:05
LjLwas there a split? it was a long time ago if there was one15:07
Jack_SparrowLjL: gary and dave2 etc see, to be the same person..15:09
LjLJack_Sparrow: ?15:10
Jack_SparrowOne sec15:10
MezJack_Sparrow, they have the same hostmask yes, that's cause they're staff ;)15:10
LjLit must have been a rejoin from netsplit, some of the joiners are known to me15:11
Jack_SparrowGot it15:11
LjLbut i have no idea when the netsplit was15:11
jribLjL: I was with 20 people in #ubuntu since 8am at least15:11
LjLjrib: ... wow.15:11
LjLjrib: wait, that is 14 utc?15:12
jribtwo hours ago15:12
LjLok, 1415:12
MezLjL, and ogra was in the mass join too ...15:12
LjLnice split15:12
LjLMez: yeah and so were other nicknames that i don't precisely know, but recognize15:12
MezLjL, I recognised one or two15:13
LjLalso i repeat myself, but i'm TIRED of seeing "yacc" in -unregged15:13
LjL[16:28:32] <Poka> Ljl uses fibre pele2. :-]15:28
LjLi don't like this. how does he know?15:28
LjLinteresting hostname, and was trolling about root earlier.15:29
LjLnickname registered 24 minutes ago15:30
jdongLjL: aww you've got a stalker buddy?15:35
LjLjdong: more than one, i'm sure. but i can't connect this one to anyone. host isn't a proxy (at least from what i can tell)... nickname etc are unknown to me15:36
LjLand i think i only ever mentioned having fiber in -offtopic15:36
LjLof course, he could just /whois ljl-temp15:36
LjLbut somehow i suspect that's not what he did - what with the nickname being registered 20 minutes ago15:37
LjLah wait, ljl-temp is cloaked as well15:37
jdongthat's weird15:38
LjLthe other guy who was arguing "root is good" (stwange) is also on an interesting host, but the nickname's been registered for a long time15:39
LjLikonia: i'm not *sure* he's not a troll, but anyway...15:42
ikoniaLjL: I'm not certain either, but he wasn't trolling asking someone to stop saying lol every minute15:42
LjLyeah i know15:43
LjLbah, sentences he said are all too short and typo-less15:43
LjLikonia: there are many different keyboard layouts, and even given one keyboard layout, people tend to repeat similar typos.15:47
dbmoodbubuntu is starting to get really crowed do you think you should put a limit and use the overflow channel a bit more ? - say 1000 max on ubuntu16:25
LjLthe overflow channel is there for attacks16:27
LjLit's certainly not there to stop legitimate users from joining16:27
dbmoodboh sure just thought it might get a bit crowded in ubuntu from time to time16:27
LjLwell that's a problem with being popular, but making joining harder is not the solution16:28
dbmoodb.... making the joining spread is one no ?16:29
dbmoodbtis not harder just spread out 16:29
LjLdbmoodb: elaborate, i don't understand the idea16:30
dbmoodbwell lets say you put a limit on the number of users to lets say 800 and then you would have 400 in the overflow, allow the users from the second channel to join the first channel after they have joined the second one if they really want too that way the second one can deal with more basic problems perhaps 16:31
PriceChildThat's just reeeeeeeeeeally annoying?!16:32
PriceChildPeople join #ubuntu, they want to ask a question, they want an answer.16:32
LjLwell for starters, i see no way in the irc protocol to implement that... secondly, ew.16:32
PriceChildThey don't want to get told to /join #ubuntu when someone else is ready16:33
LjLafter all as i always say, conversations aren't really that hard to follow, unless the user doesn't use highlights16:33
LjL(in which case you tell them to)16:33
dbmoodbhow do i use highlights /16:34
LjLwhat stays crowded is the questions16:34
LjLdbmoodb: by having your nickname mentioned16:34
dbmoodbto follow 3 or 4 conversations at once 16:34
dbmoodbwhich do not involve my name but i might be able to help with16:34
LjLdbmoodb: well highlight the nick of the person involved.16:35
dbmoodbops wrong channel16:35
dbmoodboh i see. i still think it would be nice to have an ubuntu juniors too - for answering basic simple questions quickly16:36
LjLthat would have to be the main channel16:36
LjLor you'd just waste more time redirecting people to the "juniors" channel16:37
dbmoodbmmm perhaps if it is possible to buffer posts into a database then filter them and perform some magic and move people about virtually 16:37
LjLerr... it's not like we can control how the IRC network works16:38
dbmoodbwell in ubuntu's version of pidgin you are using the ubuntu alias fro the freenode servers no ?16:39
dbmoodbso theoretically you can 16:39
PiciEr.. 16:39
PiciIts still IRC, theres nothing special about it being called irc.ubuntu.com/org/whatever16:40
PriceChilddbmoodb, ok... so all we need to do is code a new kind of irc server, then hire a hundred employees to constantly be filtering these questions... then tell all our helpers to move to this new system... and done!16:40
PriceChildPici, he's saying we could point irc.ubuntu.com to our own server rather than irc.freenode.net16:40
dbmoodbwell it sounded simpler before16:41
dbmoodbno i'm saying you point it to freenode but not for the ubuntu freenod ones directly 16:41
dbmoodbjust have a proxy kind of thing operating - i don't know adapt some squid code for irc16:42
ubotuAnswers to various questions can be found at http://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu16:42
dbmoodb--that is a good site16:42
PriceChilddbmoodb, so we'd be filtering both questions and answers?16:42
PriceChildhow do you differentiate/16:42
dbmoodbthe filter ?16:42
stdinhow can it tell what's an answer and what's a question? and what about if you need to ask the person a question to give them an answer, would that get filtered?16:43
PriceChildstdin, i assume this is a person doing the filtering...16:44
LjLstdin: err... metabot :)16:44
dbmoodbhopefully not price16:44
dbmoodbperhaps jabber could provide a different way to do it in the future mmm?16:45
LjLwe're not moving from IRC i think16:46
dbmoodbyes hence a xmpp room in addition to this could relieve some stress maybe16:46
* PriceChild notices bip is 11 hours out16:47
ubotuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu (whether you get a response there or not). Please be aware that this channel is mainly for other discussion.16:47
LjLwhen was this factoid changed16:47
LjLthis ought to be !support-#ubuntu-offtopic, no?16:47
LjLthis used to list support options16:48
PriceChilddbmoodb, so new users have to register accounts and go through all of that to get into the room?16:48
PriceChildthat sounds like a step backwards16:48
dbmoodbi said xmpp not oh i know lets force users to make accounts16:48
dbmoodbubuntu could have their own xmpp server etc.16:48
PriceChildbut xmpp requires users to have their own accounts no?16:48
PriceChildwhether they have gmail, jabber, or some ubuntu one16:49
dbmoodbnot in all set ups if i understand it correctly and even if that is true they could just be given one for a short period based on ip16:49
PriceChildYou know... he might have something there...!16:51
PriceChildwait no... still lost16:51
mneptokwe could borrow old man johnson's barn and put on a show!16:53
PiciSuggestion: fooser to be kicked/banned from #kubuntu, is bot.17:19
=== no0tic__ is now known as no0tic
Picis/is bot/is a bot/17:20
stdindoes it speak?17:20
PiciOh, it did in #ubuntu.17:20
Picisee #K17:20
Picior nalioth could take care of it ;)17:21
stdinI see it's also in -modding...17:21
nalioth-modding . . . 17:23
ubotuIn ubotu, jussi01 said: !usb is For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick For a persistent live USB install, please see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent18:08
ubotuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick18:08
Pici!no usb is <reply> For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent18:10
ubotuI'll remember that Pici18:10
* jussi01 hugs Pici 18:10
* jpatrick hugs ubotu 18:14
jussi01do we really recomend ies4linux ?????18:14
ubotuies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!18:14
stdinjussi01: for web developers that need to make sure their site works with IE, yes18:16
jussi01stdin: I just dont like that script - I understand the reasoning...18:16
stdinI've never used it, so I don't know that much about how it works18:17
PiciIts just a set of scripts to install IE in wine.18:17
jpatricklooks evil18:19
jussi01it is evil18:19
jpatrick2) Open /etc/apt/sources.list  sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list18:19
* jussi01 feels vindicated18:20
jpatrick"Also replace gedit with kedit if running Kubuntu instead of Ubuntu.[4~"18:20
jussi01what is kedit??18:20
naliothIE is an insult18:21
stdin"sudo gedit", why oh why oh why18:21
TheSheepsudo ed18:22
Picisudo cat "text" >> 18:22
jussi01ok, so can we change the factoid now?18:22
ubotuIn ubotu, jpatrick said: !ie4linux is <reply>evil -.-18:23
* jussi01 whack an 's' in that18:23
naliothevil and you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking about it18:23
* jdong wonders if the wording "In ubotu" should be tweaked...18:25
jussi01gah, I hate launchpad18:34
* no0tic quotes jussi01 18:35
jussi01I can never make it do what I want...18:35
jdongjussi01: we should start a "I hate launchpad" team on LP18:39
jdongjussi01: I'm sure scott K would join us too :D18:39
jussi01jdong: lol, probably...18:39
* jussi01 is looking for a needs packaging bug to fix... something simple... :D18:40
PriceChildI have decided, I shall now be acronymanonising (yes with a "j" jdong) "fails to work" for kicks.18:42
PriceChild*with a "s"18:42
* jdong sees jussi01 is looking for work and pulls out his tomboy notes18:43
jdongjussi01: needs-packaging: Eclipse 3.318:43
jdong*runs away*18:43
jdongthere's only like 150 patches in the 3.2 we currently have ;-)18:44
LjLjdong: diff, merge, compile, delete line where compiler gives error, repeat the process until compile succeeds18:44
LjLit doesn't have to actually work18:45
LjLfew packages do that18:45
jdongLjL: you stole that out of the Gentoo Reiser4 Patching guide without a GFDL header!18:45
LjLwhops :)18:45
jdongthere was, oddly, a forum thread on gentoo about that18:45
jussi01PriceChild: please op me so I can kick jdong !! please!!18:46
jdonghow someone just "randomly edited" a line in the reiser4 patch giving an error and dropped 5 hunks18:46
PriceChildI didn't do it.18:46
jdong /load autorejoin.pl18:46
PriceChildbad bad jdong!18:46
jdongPriceChild: I don't even think the irssi script works 18:46
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jpatrick+1 the anti-LP talk18:54
ubotuDRebellion called the ops in #ubuntu (stumped)19:41
PriceChildikonia, pm please?20:03
ikoniaPriceChild: always20:04
ikoniasorry lag 20:04
PriceChildno probs :)20:05
ubotuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:50
ubotuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)20:50
ikoniathere seems to be an unusually high ammount of persistant troublesome users in #ubuntu for some reason20:59
jussi01ikonia: yeah, weird, I have had nothing but red from there21:06
ikoniajussi01: I may pop out for a while, it's crazy silly at the moment21:07
jussi01ikonia: I dont blame you21:07
ikoniamuch higher than average nusances 21:08
dhgwillmmm, i think i can go back to #ubuntu now21:08
dhgwilli've been tested and i didn't get kicked off the network21:08
dhgwillfixed by the bot21:08
LjL... why would the bot be there in the first place21:09
ikoniain where ?21:09
LjLikonia: -read-topic21:14
ikoniaLjL: I can't see anything on the bot in there21:14
ikoniaam I missing something obvious ?21:14
ikoniain -read-topic21:15
ikoniasorry, I'm being stupid21:15
jussi01run!!!! its ompaul :P21:16
LjLikonia: the guy requested an exploit test, which succeeded (after a couple of failed attempts...), but the bot tells them to "wait a minute or two" (made it easier to code).21:16
LjLi thought it was clear that meant that you should, well, wait a minute or two21:16
ikoniaLjL: I-miss-read what you said, sorry forget it, it was obvious, I miss-read21:16
ompauljussi01, run faster, my on join lag is disappearing21:16
jussi01ompaul: lol21:17
ompaulLjL, you are a bad influence21:53
ompaulLjL, very very bad influence ohh yeah21:53
LjLompaul: i what?21:53
ompaulLjL, I just helped someone in #gentoo21:54
LjLhardly my fault is it :P21:54
LjLwell i did that too once21:54
ompaulLjL, hehe21:54
ompaulLjL, I just saw someone having a bad day with NTP 21:55
LjLperhaps he thought it was another day21:55
LjL(given NTP wasn't working)21:55
ompauldamn geek jokes21:56
LjLyeah sorry mine aren't particularly sharp even in the context of the geek jokes category21:57
PriceChildHello there blaker.22:24
PriceChildblaker, do you understand why I muted you two hours ago in #ubuntu?22:24
blakeri do not22:24
blakerit didn't really bother me, if it did i would have come right back with a new moniker and hostname...22:25
PriceChildSo do you think that threatening to evade bans "unless you want to ban 2 million people in the *.ri.cox.net hostname pool, i will be back when i see fit"22:25
PriceChildis clever.... or do you think it would have been wise to try and discuss the situation?22:25
blakeri would actually be rather pleased if i got an entire state banned from the network22:26
PriceChildWhy though?22:26
PriceChildWhat on earth is the point?22:26
mc44PriceChild: psychology of trolls is an interesting way to go mad, PriceChild ;)22:27
blakerstanding up to authority and spitting in its face22:27
PriceChildblaker, I placed a mute on you rather than a kickban, because i didn't want to get rid of you. I wanted to talk about the situation.22:27
PriceChildI don't think its in anyone's interest to think of the #ubuntu ops as the "authority".22:27
blakerwhat's to discuss? i'm trolling in #ubuntu, occasionally looking for legitimate support, but for the most part i'm just a racist prick looking to annoy people.22:28
PriceChildWhen has anyone ever accused you of that?22:28
blakeri don't know22:28
PriceChildAh, I wasn't up to date with what happenned in -offtopic.22:29
blakerwhat happened?22:30
PriceChildYou know full well what happenned. Do you really want logs./22:30
blakeri used the "n-word"22:30
blakeris that what you are referring to?22:30
PriceChildNo, rather what else you said in that sentence.22:32
PriceChildblaker, I have no idea why you are doing what you are doing.22:32
PriceChildI am sure that you must have better things to be doing.22:32
LjLdidn't y'all know it's the "make a troll happy" day today?22:32
LjLkeep up to date22:33
mc44no one likes rhode Island anyway ;)22:33
* PriceChild watches #ubuntu22:33
LjLmc44: no one likes the UK for that matter22:33
PriceChildmeh there's only a couple ri,ri,cox.net in there and one of them has crack in their name22:33
PriceChild<blaker> i may be back in #ubuntu later with a few bots =]22:34
LjLPriceChild: a couple?22:34
PriceChildok didn't check properly22:35
LjLPriceChild: anyway his host might be less dynamic than he wants us to believe22:43
PriceChildhaven't seen any ri's22:44
PriceChildhe's still online anyway22:45
PriceChildLjL, fireman?22:49
LjLuh... that's not ri22:50
PriceChildi know but its wierd22:50
PriceChildand blaker's still on22:50
konqui-89Hi, I understand the mishap we had earlier probably sounds incredibly disrespectful and juvinile but I beg you to please forgive me, as I promise I will not bring up off-topic conversations anymore. I have no problem with obeying channel policies, I just felt a bit "trolled" upon at the time. But I honestly understand that distrobution-specific channels cannot have random people coming asking questions about other distros... that 23:41
konqui-89would be extremely chaotic.23:41
konqui-89Could you please grant me access into the ubuntu channel again? As I am persuing business OJT with linux(specifically ubuntu) and I need to learn how to fix problems that arise. 23:42
PriceChildWhich channel konqui-89?23:43
konqui-89^thats a huge reason I was so upset about my ban from a great source of support23:43
PriceChildaha now I remember you23:44
konqui-89Thats probably a bad thing.23:45
konqui-89What are the chances of my re-entry to ubuntu?23:47
PriceChildkonqui-89, Do you use any other nicknames on irc?23:47
konqui-89I was probably using Pandab34R or PandabeaR23:48
PriceChildone minute more sorry23:52
konqui-89Its ok23:53
SeveasPriceChild, he's not coming back yet23:53
SeveasPriceChild, and likely not for a while23:53
PriceChild!guidelines | konqui-89 (I suggest you read these some time)23:54
ubotukonqui-89 (I suggest you read these some time): The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines23:54
konqui-89Thanks man, really appreciate it. Finally get this sound under control :)23:54
PriceChildkonqui-89, I haven't removed the ban.23:54
konqui-89My mistake. I thought you had.23:55
konqui-89Seveas, may I ask why I wont be back for a while - likely?23:56
Seveaswe don't appreciate if people insult others after being generally unhelpful, disrespectful and offtopic23:57
Seveasand since you've done all 4, we don't appreciate you :)23:58

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