zulmathiaz: dang, i must have forgot about it00:02
Kalamansi!server configuration03:41
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support03:44
Kalamansihow to setup file server? so that workstations pc2 xp and pc3 win98 can save and download their files to the pc1 server ubuntu.. thanks05:08
CarlFKKalamansi: ask in #ubuntu - that's a fairly common thing05:13
CarlFKKalamansi: install sama will be step 105:14
KalamansiCarlFK : sama?05:14
CarlFKsorry samba05:14
KalamansiCarlFK : thanks.05:14
KalamansiCarlFK : which server? with GUI or CLI?05:14
CarlFKstep 2: configure samba to do what you want :)05:15
CarlFKum, there is only one server05:15
Kalamansii mean in console without x right?05:15
CarlFKfor home use, doesn't really matter05:16
Kalamansiwhich you prefer anyway? like more secured05:16
CarlFKthe less you install on a box the more secure it is05:16
CarlFKso install u-server, install samba.05:16
Kalamansiubuntu CLI?05:17
CarlFK Ubuntu Server05:17
Kalamansiwhich server? 7.10 CLI?05:17
CarlFKwhat ever is current stable05:17
CarlFK710 sounds like it05:18
Kalamansiokay ill do 7.1005:18
Kalamansiwithout x window CarlFK?05:18
CarlFKno X, no games, no bit torrent, no email, no wine, no browser, no k-recipes, no music palyer, no tv recorder...05:19
CarlFKlisting all the things you should not install is going to take much longer than listing the things to install05:20
KalamansiCarlFK : thanks ill install 7.10 without x now05:21
KalamansiCarlFK : server for internet sharing must have no x window too?05:22
KalamansiCarlFK and internet sharing server ubuntu must be separate from file server ubuntu too?05:22
CarlFKmust? no.   but that is the most likely box to be hacked, so best to have as little on it as posible05:24
KalamansiCarlFK : what i mean is, i have to use two box. one for internet sharing (without x window?) and two for fileserver.05:25
CarlFKyou don't have to05:27
Kalamansiwhy CarlFK?05:27
CarlFKbecause you can put everything on one box05:28
KalamansiCarlFK : is that okay? what if workstations will upload files?my internet will slow for that?05:28
CarlFKit will be fine05:30
Kalamansiwith 4 nics?05:33
KalamansiCarlFK with 4 nics?05:33
Kalamansiokay thanks CarlFK05:35
CarlFKagain:  that is the most likely box to be hacked, so best to have as little on it as posible05:36
Kalamansimeaning no updates to be downloaded right?05:36
CarlFKyou should worry abut that more than speed05:36
Kalamansionce you installed ubuntu no updates to download05:36
Kalamansiok i got you05:36
CarlFKupdates come out now and then.  apply them05:36
Kalamansiso no updates and upgrades05:36
CarlFKno no...'05:37
Kalamansiokay all no05:37
CarlFKI wouldn't put files on it05:37
Kalamansiokay all "no" . noted05:37
CarlFKeverything is a fiel...05:37
CarlFKI wouldn't put personal files on it05:37
CarlFKassume it is going to be hacked, and everything copied and deleted05:38
CarlFKso the firewall / routing config should be the only thing you care about05:38
CarlFKget it working, make a copy of the configs, apply updates05:39
KalamansiCarlFK : "firewall" im not good in CLI. but in GUI i use firestarter...what else? what firewall apps to install in CLI?05:39
CarlFKbut assume that some day the box will be hacked, and you should just wipe the drives and start over05:39
KalamansiCarlFK : what is the example apps of "firewall" and "routing" ?05:40
CarlFKwell, that gets sticky.  if you are good with something, that is better than making a mistake trying to be better05:40
Kalamansimy understand about firewall is - firestarter05:40
Kalamansifor routing - its like installing dhcp internet sharing05:41
CarlFK "firewall" and "routing"  are both just iptables settings05:41
Kalamansii see. thats my weakness..i am not good in typos script05:41
CarlFKi think firestarter just helps you configure rules for iptables05:41
KalamansiCarlFK : in GUI, yes.05:41
CarlFKinstall u-desktop, install firestarter, and whatever else you need05:42
CarlFKset it up, get it working05:42
KalamansiCarlFK : do you have samples of "firewall" and "routing" script?05:43
CarlFKmake a copy of whatever you would need to save time setting it up again05:43
KalamansiCarlFK but you said before dont install x window?05:44
Kalamansiim done installing and running firestarter before.. internet is very slow to pc2 and pc3. so i tried installing ubuntu without X, internet seems fast in pc2 win98 and pc3 winxp wotkstation05:45
CarlFKit is a trade off between "best" and "done"05:46
CarlFKbest will be to spend 6 years in college becoming an expert at OS and networking. but you probably don't need to put that much effort into it. :)05:47
KalamansiCarlFK : hehe yeah. i hate school. i learn noob tutorials in my bestfriend's ebook. setting up windows then setting up linux05:48
KalamansiCarlFK but demonoin is down..my only source of tutorials...05:49
KalamansiCarlFK its like 24 hours tutorials setting something05:49
CarlFKset up whatever is easiest.  just assume it will be hacked, so make sure you have backups, or just figure it out again if you have to05:50
sigmahas anyone here used kolab on a ubuntu server?06:23
KalamansiCarlFK hehe reinstall 7.10 again. something wrong.hang up dvd hehehe06:26
alternate_nickwhat is "news" for in /var/log/?06:45
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hsn_can someone give me comparsion of ubuntu vs sles? Which is easier to update and maintain? We plan to run ibm db2 server on it13:00
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ScottKhsn_: You're pretty unlikely to get an opinion here that ubuntu-server isn't wonderful.  Canoncial does provide db2 packages in their 'partner' repository, so there are db2 packages for the distro.13:07
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hsn_ubuntu server is maintained 18months and new version is every 6 months. Can i skip versions during updates?13:10
_rubenno .. only exception is lts -> lts13:10
_rubenim currently in the progress of migrating from sles9 to ubuntu actually13:10
_rubensles sure has some nice features, like yast and stuff like that .. but the fixed release schedule for one is a big plus for ubuntu13:11
_rubenone thing i hate about suse is that install and update sources are seperate13:12
ScottKhsn_: The next release (sched for April) will be LTS, so you'll be able to upgrade directly from that to the next LTS release in ~2 years.13:14
hsn_LTS is normal version or some versions comes with 2 flavours (normal / lts)?13:15
_rubenScottK: what determines if a certain release will be LTS? just the ~2 years ?13:15
ScottKIt's the normal release.  It's called LTS when Canoncial decides they'll give it extra support.13:15
_rubenhsn_: its identical to any other release, just with longer support13:15
ScottKUpgrades tend to be easier on Debian derived systems.  I upgraded a laptop Dapper -> Edgy -> Feisty -> Gutsy over the weekend and while it took a while (mostly due to slow ancient hardware) there were no technical issues with the upgrades.13:17
_rubenand with debian based systems the upgrade can be done 'online' .. with suse/sles it requires booting from the new version's installation media13:17
avatar_updating is so easy with apt13:19
_rubensudo do-release-upgrade is all there is to it ;)13:19
hsn_i am using kubuntu on desktop with adept package manager, server version comes just with aptitude?13:29
_rubenaptitude / apt-get and co / and possibly more tools ..13:30
hsn_server and destkop version share same .deb repo?13:32
avatar_hsn_: yes13:32
avatar_hsn_: server install is just a plain ubuntu install without the ubuntu-desktop metapackage13:33
ScottKIt's also got a kernel better tuned for server work.13:34
ScottKAlthough I've yet to notice a significant difference.13:34
ScottKAdept is a gui front end for apt-get, so it's the same under the GUI.13:34
_rubenkraut: hehehe13:37
hsn_can i browse/search via web available packages?13:41
_rubenhttp://packages.ubuntu.com ;)13:41
kaiiroxx ..13:49
kaiii use this when i miss specific files13:49
ScottKmathiaz: I'm pretty sure they turned the auto expire thing back on (bugs at least have a countdown displayed).  In any case it could come back at any time so I think bugs we don't want expired shouldn't get marked incomplete.14:50
mathiazScottK: It's just a message.14:50
mathiazScottK: I don't the janitor actually runs. I've come accross bugs that were marked expired for more than 60 days and hadn't been touched by LP.14:51
ScottKmathiaz: OK.  But we've no idea when it'll come back on, so we shouldn't assume it wont14:52
mathiazScottK: right.14:52
Schiz0Hey. I'm running a MySQL and apache server. The load is always around 1-1.5, which is fine. But every so often the load shoots up to like 15, and I'm wondering what's causing that. When it's high, I run "top" to try and see what's going on, but all it has is a MySQL process at the top of the list.15:08
mathiazSchiz0: It may be related an sql query run by the server. Does it happen at regular times ?15:09
mathiazSchiz0: you may wanna check the slowquery log also15:09
Schiz0It doesn't seem to happen regularly. But it is in fact a MySQL query (or series of them) doing that?15:09
Schiz0The code we run isn't too optimized, so I guess that would cause the problem. I'll check the slowquery log, thanks15:10
zulmathiaz: grrr....freaking mysql man pages15:47
mathiazzul: I think it's temporary.15:48
mathiazzul: may be mysql-doc hasn't been published yet.15:48
zulim pretty sure..15:49
zulit has15:49
zulmathiaz: should mysql-docs be built for amd64 as well?16:05
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mathiazzul: it's architecture indenpendant IIRC16:10
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mathiazzul: ok - I've seen another bug for mysqld.8 man page16:21
ScottKleonel: Is the clamav CVE list for Dapper something you'll have time for soon?16:23
zulmysql-client looks like its not getting removed16:23
sorenmathiaz, zul: What's the problem with the mysql-docs?16:26
mathiazsoren: the old version of mysql-doc ships mysqld.8, which is now provided in mysql-server-5.016:26
mathiazsoren: a new mysql-doc package has been uploaded that doesn't ship mysqld.816:26
sorenmathiaz: You know what to do then?16:26
leonelScottK:  Yes I'll start  past  noon   MST16:32
leonelScottK:  do you need it  sooner ?16:32
ScottKleonel: No.  When you can get to it is fine.16:33
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luckyonehow do you set the reply to address in ~/.muttrc?17:27
luckyonesoren: did you study in Prague during the Fall of 2002?17:28
sorenluckyone: I've never even been to Prague :)17:31
luckyonesoren: cool - one of my friends from prague uses a similar alias17:31
* luckyone uses *friends* liberally17:31
sorenmy_hdr is probably what you're looking for (in muttrc)17:32
luckyoneI did my_hdr Reply-to: a@b.c with no luck17:33
sorenluckyone: my_hdr "Reply-to: foo@bar.baz" ?17:34
luckyonesoren: I think I found it on the wiki17:38
luckyoneset realname="First Last"17:38
luckyoneset from="a@b.c"17:38
luckyoneset use_from=yes17:38
sorenluckyone: That doesn't set a reply-to header.17:47
faulkes-looks like a mutt config17:47
leonelScottK: looking at  dapper's changelog  IIRC  we put some patches in may 2007 or Jun and there's nothing patched since  Jan 6 2007  or  there was no patches  to dapper ??17:50
ScottKleonel: That's correct17:55
ScottKleonel: clamav 0.8x is basically unsupportable.  I'm trying to make a case to copy our backport into updates so everyone gets it.17:56
ScottKleonel: You're CVE list is the key point I think to getting it accepted.  There's no other way.17:56
leonelI've already got the CVE list   that affects  clamav  since 88.2  but I need to check one by one  which  are  only for  0.91 or 92 for the code change17:57
ScottKK.  I appreciate the effort.17:57
leonelthere are 22 cve's  but I think most of them  are for  newer versions  I'll let you know latter   Got to go to the doctor ( eyes exam )  in 30 minutes17:58
ScottKThanks and no rush.17:59
luckyonesoren: really?18:03
luckyoneit populates it on my client18:03
zulmathiaz: i was able to reproduce it :)18:17
CygnusX1Hello.  Would anyone happen to have working snort with inline startup scripts for Ubuntu Server 7.10?18:30
faulkes-not me and I don't recall seeing anything being done with it18:36
faulkes-but then again, I'm new here so18:36
sorenluckyone: It just sets the "From: " header. If you don't set use_from, it'll leave it to the MTA to set one for you. Reply-to is an entirely different header.18:52
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pteaguehas the upgrade issue with raid devices been fixed?19:44
sorenWhich one is that?19:45
pteaguewhen upgrading between 1 version & the next the drives in the raid array end up with different UUID numbers (or was it their /dev/sd[a-z] ?) causing all sorts of problems with the raid array...  i finally got mine set up again, but it had to completely rebuild 1 of the drives (apparently because it was in a different position than it had been before)19:51
Schiz0I'm using Ubuntu server 7.10, and I'm trying to optimize apache22. The apache performance Tuning manual says this: "On some operating systems, mmap does not scale as well as read(2) when the number of CPUs increases."  Is this true for Ubuntu 7.10?19:54
sorenpteague: UUID's should never, ever change.20:00
sorenpteague: Device nodes are free to do so, however.20:00
zulmathiaz: just using replaces doesnt work20:08
mathiazzul: what's the error ?20:08
pteagueok, then that must have been it... because simply scanning /proc/partitions for MD superblocks must have put them in the wrong order or something because it wouldn't auto build the md0 device after the upgrade from feisty to gutsy... i had to re-add them which sort of worked, but 1 drive was 'missing'... from what i can tell 1 of the drives that used to be at the beginning was now at the end & i had to have it re-add that disk & a20:08
pteaguet that point it had to rebuild it... not a nice easy upgrade20:08
mok0sorenn, the mac_addr trick solved my kvm problems completely! We have now deployed a couple of virtual servers in testing for production!20:10
zulmathiaz: whoops i think i might have made a mistake ill get back to you20:10
sorenmok0: I'm *very* happy to hear that.20:10
sorenmok0: Awesome!20:10
mok0soren: definetly cool!20:10
mok0soren: we have a jabber server on one of them; it works like a charm20:12
zulmathiaz: trying to overwrite manpages again20:12
sorenzul: Error message?20:13
zul trying to overwrite `/usr/share/man/man1/mysql_config.1.gz', which is also in package mysql-doc-5.020:13
sorenAnd it has "Replaces: mysql-doc-5.0"?20:14
sorenThat doesn't add up.20:14
zulReplaces: mysql-doc-5.0 (<< 5.0.56-0ubuntu1)20:15
zulthats with straight dpkg -i20:16
sorenzul: -> #ubuntu-devel20:17
akincerOk, so what are the odds of me getting folks to discuss the (ill-informed) rejection of Bacula?21:40
mathiazakincer: Did you reply to the thread on the ubuntu-server mailing list ?21:41
akincerYep. So far, no one has addressed my question. That was at 9:16AM EST21:41
akincerThere seems to be quite a bit of lack of understanding of the security issue? Mainly, a lack that it really isn't an issue at all with the latest packages and some thought21:43
mathiazakincer: you may wanna ask zul about this21:44
akincerWill zul be in the meeting tomorrow?21:44
mathiazakincer: you could also look at the MainInclusionRequirement document (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements)21:45
mathiazakincer: this is the criteria that are used to evaluate a MainInclusionReport.21:46
mathiazakincer: zul should be in the meeting tomorrow.21:46
ScottKakincer: If you want to get listend to, I'd suggest toning it down a bit.21:46
akincerWell it was rejected on a security issue that isn't.21:46
ScottKIn your opinion.21:47
mathiazakincer: it's worth noting that the rejection is not on the MIR itself, rather on whether it was worth spending time to write a MIR.21:47
ScottKYou aren't responsible for Ubuntu security, so you may have a different set of requirements.21:47
mathiazakincer: if a MIR is written, it still has to be accepted by the MIR reviewer - and that's not the server team.21:47
ScottKShowing up and calling people idiots isn't likely to get you reasoned dialogue.21:47
akincerI'm pretty sure I didn't call anyone an idiot21:48
akincerIf challenging the veracity of a conclusion WRT package decisions in Ubuntu is some taboo, then I'd be pretty disappointed21:50
mathiazakincer: If you're available tomorrow for the meeting and able to attend, it's worth discussing this item.21:50
mathiazakincer: Could you add an item to the Meeting agenda ?21:51
akincerUnless there is a fire I have to put out, I'll be there21:51
mathiazakincer: great ! Your views are welcomed.21:51
akincerI've never added an item before. Where does one do that?21:51
mathiazakincer: on the wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Meeting21:52
akincerAhh, I gotcha. I'll add it now21:52
mathiazakincer: I'd also suggest to have a quick look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements to remember what are the critiria used for inclusion into main.21:53
akincerI will before I put it on the agenda21:58
akincermathiaz: I'm going to read up and try my best to understand the decision, but I really think this is going to be a case of splitting hairs. Similar to how Mysql was (for a time) packaged to install with no password set. The solution there was to require a password to be set on installation. Makes sense. A similar approach could, I believe, be taken to remove the security "issue" with Bacula22:07
mathiazakincer: FYI, the decision is not final. It's perfectly ok to discuss it during the meeting and change our mind on it.22:11
freakyyhi all. what is a good groupware server?22:12
akincerI added the item. I'll make sure to be as well prepared as possible to give my point of view on the matter.22:14
luckyonefreakyy: opencrx22:14
mathiazakincer: excellent - I think zul should be around als.22:14
freakyythx ill have a look at it22:14
luckyonefreakyy: version 2.0 will have everything imaginable22:15
akincerIs that 6PM EST for the meeting?22:15
akincermy UTC converson sucks22:15
freakyyok thank you22:15
mathiazakincer: EST == UTC - 5 these days22:16
akincer3PM it is22:17
akincerI need sleep22:17
mathiazakincer: it's 4PM EST22:17
akincerIt's the simple math that will get ya22:17
akincersee what I mean22:17
akincerSomehow in my head 21 - 5 = 1522:18
akincerSee ya then, gotta go22:18
mathiazsee you tommorow akincer22:19
freakyyluckyone: why is it better than eGroupware?22:55
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