Jack_Sparrowbroken__: I will be here00:00
Jordan_URufus_, I think that 0.6.0 is the latest stable release, which is basically what Ubuntu 7.10 ( Gutsy ) has by default00:00
unop__Tiikeri^, what is 6715s?00:00
Rufus_Jordan_U, they added some plugins and features recently00:00
Stepdirunop__ I checked that too. I said no to ext2.00:00
Jordan_URufus_, Stable plugins?00:00
excitatorytravisat: wow, ok, thank you :D00:01
Rufus_Jordan_U, no idea00:01
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unop__Stepdir, ahh, errm, IIRC ext3 is just ext2 with journalling included -- that explains why00:01
Stepdirunop__ funny because it identify's it as ext2 first line at boot. :-/00:02
Tiikeri^unop__ my laptop.... Compaq 6715 with 32 bit Sempron00:02
Dr_willisext3 can be mounted as ext2 :) backwards compatiability00:02
Jordan_URufus_, If they aren't stable they won't be included in the official Ubuntu repositories, you will likely need to add other repositories to get those features00:02
WeedGrinchAnyone know how to register a channel on freenode?00:02
broken__Jack_Sparrow, yea didn't fix anything. I tried reinstalling VLC as well.. but nothing :/00:03
PriceChildWeedGrinch, /msg chanserv help00:03
unop__Stepdir, i'm not sure why that is - but i would include both ext2 and ext3 support into the kernel00:03
StarnestommyWeedGrinch: /msg chanserv help register, but you may want to look over http://freenode.net/ploicy.shtml first00:03
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: I have a couple pages of notes....  which card #00:03
gigglesunop_ thx: I did not realise it was called Nautilus :P  Anyway, I went to Places, then Computer but I do not see the sda partition (which is called SW_Preload).  Do I need to reboot or anything like that?00:03
broken__Jack_Sparrow, ATI X1950Pro00:03
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Stepdirunop__ I think I will try that. Thanks for the help.00:03
PriceChild!away > vix|away00:03
unop__Tiikeri^, ahh, thats odd -- installing a 64bit OS on a 32bit machine - doesnt make sense, i'd think it was rubbish - but there may be a good reason for doing so00:04
broken__Jack_Sparrow, Xserver can't configure it by default whenever I do dpk-reconfigure xserver-xorg, it says it cannot detect video hardware.00:04
unop__giggles, you could try a reboot yes - might be a good idea anyway00:04
Tiikeri^i thought it too but then saw one installation guide that said so at very first line...00:04
ulafis it possible for gparted to skip the 4kb of bad sectors when resizing?00:04
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: May I assume you have already done this..  sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-generic restricted-manager00:05
Tiikeri^but ill test it soon anyway so... ill let you know did it work :D00:05
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gigglesok, let me try.  Thank you for all your help.  If I am not back here in 20 mins, I'll be in the corner sulking with a wet towel wrapped around my head.00:05
broken__Jack_Sparrow, I did, yes.00:05
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: IS your xorg posted00:05
unop__giggles, you'll be ok as long as your cross your fingers and touch wood :)00:05
broken__Jack_Sparrow, like pastebin?00:05
dn4is fdisk -l suppost to show the cdrom?00:06
unop__dn4, no00:06
BioniXWill Hardy Heron's Nautilus have TABS???????????00:06
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: yes, pastebin.. and did you install fglrx ?00:06
broken__I did install fglrx00:06
BioniXa MUST00:06
broken__Let me get a pastebin.00:06
unop__dn4, fdisk only lists "fixed disks" - and a CD-Rom drive does not fall into this category00:06
broken__Jack_Sparrow, I mean it was all working before until I decided to get rid of XGL00:06
Jordan_U!hardy | BioniX00:06
ubotuBioniX: Hardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu00:06
dxdtBioniX: it kinda already has tabs, in a way...  They just don't look like tabs, but they function like them I think.  I don't know00:07
dn4Unicron, thanks00:07
dn4unop__, thanks00:07
qwstarhow do I get tracker to work? tracker-stats says i have 119,249 files indexed, but nothing comes up when i search using tracker-search or the gui tool.00:07
NW2190hey, my Places > Network > Windows Network folder doesn't show my Windows Workgroups any more. Does anyone have any clue how to fix that?00:07
fantum13Why does update manager want to remove my apt-build installed packages when according to apt-cache policy, apt-build has the same priority as the standard repos?00:07
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: What does fglrxinfo  show00:08
crimsunfantum13: because they're not whitelisted.00:08
panfisthow do i see what im currently using as a swap partition00:08
broken__Jack_Sparrow, http://pb.udderweb.com/144 for xorg00:08
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: ok..00:08
crimsunfantum13: you probably want to file a wishlist bug against update-manager00:08
broken__Jack_Sparrow, I"ll get a paste of fglrxinfo as well00:08
fantum13crimsun: Do you know where I could get more information about this system?00:09
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: just look to see if it says mesa00:09
less-randompanfist: swapon -s00:09
broken__Jack_Sparrow, just says opengl00:09
crimsunfantum13: see the update-manager documentation & source00:09
fantum13crimsun: thanks00:09
neilwardle2002anyone had any problems with updating ubuntu  7.4 64bit to 7.10 64bit and not been able to use wireless?00:10
toc2rtaHow do i get firefox to work with my java ?00:11
stdintoc2rta: install the plugin, eg: sun-java6-plugin00:11
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: http://pb.udderweb.com/145          I made a minor edit   make a backup of your xorg first00:12
panfistless-random so apparently i dont have  a swap file right now?00:12
broken__Jack_Sparrow, ok.00:12
toc2rtastdin be more specific00:12
ronny1is there any increase in performance when using ubuntu 64 bit over ubuntu 32 bit ?00:12
toc2rtahow did you got java working with ur ffx ?00:13
stdintoc2rta: by installing that package00:13
panfistronny1 there definitely is if youre planning on using more than 4 gigs of ram...unless youre doing that its not recommended00:13
joankican anyone tell me how to get the latest version of adobe flash player?00:13
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.   as long as it does not say mesa instead of ati00:13
unop__ronny1, sure, you might not experience it but internally yes, the 64bit OS harnesses the full potential of the hardware00:13
osmosis_how do I change my default crontab editor ?00:13
neilwardle2002ronny1 depends on your processor :)00:13
Mad972Hi there, I got a problem with the hotkey of my aus laptop, it's not detected never were.00:13
travisatronny1: I find the biggest increase is in the amount of ram I can use00:14
broken__Jack_Sparrow, it says ATI but.. i'll try this new xorg.00:14
unop__osmosis, EDITOR=nano  crontab -e   ??00:14
broken__Jack_Sparrow, should I sreboot?00:14
travisatronny1: I have more ram then I know what to do with know :)00:14
joankican anyone tell me how to get the latest version of adobe flash?? please thx00:14
squshneed help with partitioning current drive to make ready for ubuntu install. two partitions on a drive, one with windows. please.00:14
travisatsqush: what is the problem00:15
neilwardle2002does anyone have any idea how to make a wireless card work as I did an update on 7.04 to 7.10 and cant turn the pci card on00:15
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: Sure, I am going over my notes as we do this..00:15
WeedGrinchWhen I type /msg chanserv register #Ubuntu-Modding00:15
WeedGrinchit says00:15
WeedGrinch(07:15:28 PM) ChanServ: (notice) Channel [#Ubuntu-Modding] does not exist00:15
neilwardle2002even with iwconfig00:15
gigglesunop_I'm back.  The reboot worked in that the partition now appears in Nautilus.  Problem now is that I can't find my data - there are file icons on the screen that disappear when I click on them.  How can I check that I have not lost the data?00:15
WeedGrinchSo how do i reg it, "it does not exist"00:15
fantum13crimsun: How can I allow myself to locally install packages that also exist on the repositories without update-manager disliking it?00:16
squshtravisat: i have drive: C:\ and E:\ i want to re-partition C:\ to dual-boot winXP and ubuntu. i a little lost as to how to do so00:16
crimsunfantum13: don't know, sorry.00:16
dhanar_10toc2rta: i use java bin package from java.sun.com00:16
broken__Jack_Sparrow, alright, thanks, I"ll brb.00:16
neilwardle2002which drive is primary drive00:16
fantum13crimsun: thanks anyways00:16
Mad972travisat: hi man, could you help me get the hotkeys of my laptop detected or at least point me toward someone who could please?00:17
Jack_Sparrowfantum13: What is the difference between what you are installing and the repos00:17
amenado!xglinfo  > amenado00:17
unop__giggles, errm, what i would do is - copy all the stuff from that partition over onto another parition first00:17
toc2rtai can't use sun i have a ppc, dhanar_1000:17
neilwardle2002repos is a repository not active00:17
travisatMad972: no idea I use a ibm model m, it has no extra keys00:17
travisatsqush: well are you trying to replace one of the drives with ubuntu, or resize one for ubuntu?00:17
squshtravisat: sorry, resize C:\00:18
danielski_plneed some help again, every time i start my computer ubuntu starts in "low graphics mode" i have to set my card and restart, this is Sh****g me00:18
Mad972know who could help me? been on the channel with my questions unanswered a long time :s00:18
fantum13Jack_Sparrow: Absolutely nothing. I used apt-build on a few things, and then afterwards, update-manager wanted to override them. Its happened before on things I've installed with dpkg manually (in that case it was Piding with SILC support).00:18
Indiadev_Techiesqush : can u explain ur question....00:18
fantum13Jack_Sparrow: The versions are the same, if it means anything.00:18
neilwardle2002get envy00:18
neilwardle2002envy seems to install latest graphics drivers so usually fixes most graphics problems00:19
Indiadev_Techiesqush: did u use the alternate cd....00:19
Jack_Sparrowneilwardle2002: BAd idea00:19
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »00:19
lordrohithHey guys00:19
dhanar_10toc2rta: aw...00:19
squshindiadev_techie: actually im on live cd now :)00:19
toc2rtayea.. i know that suck00:19
gigglesunop_ok, I'll see if I can copy stuff across but it looks bleak.  It's telling me I have 80GB free space in that partition - and it was almost full before I had the Vista blue screen.  Anyway, I have to sign off now and will check back tomorrow00:19
travisatsqush: ok on the live cd have you started the install yet?00:20
neilwardle2002it still gets the latest drivers from the manufact websites00:20
squshtravisat: yep, im on the "prepare partions" window, i dont wanna harm C:\ or E:\00:20
unop_giggles, hope you havent lost the stuff -- good luck00:20
puffI upgraded to gutsy, now emacs won't start in GUI mode, it gives me this error:  No fonts match `-bitstream-bitstream vera sans mono-medium-r-*-*-*-120-*-*-*-*-*-*'00:20
jrcdudeHey, what is recommended for a LAMP server, 32 bit or 64 bit?00:20
travisatsqush: ok I don't remember the options off hand what are they, you don't have to spell them all the way out00:20
unop_jrcdude, it depends on your processor00:21
jrcdudeSempron 3000+00:21
WeedGrinchYay! My channel is up! Feel free to join me at #Ubuntu-Modding00:21
Indiadev_Techiesqush: ok... so whats ur problem.....00:21
squshtravisat: edit part, delete part, under changes and it has my /dev/sda with /dev/sda1 (C:\) and /dev/sda5 (E:\)00:22
Indiadev_Techiesqush: did u use live cd install......00:22
Dimitreei need Hyperterminal for Ubuntu ! "Serial Port Termina" doesnt work/behave like Hyperterminal in windows and its unusable for me :[00:22
Dimitreeplease help00:22
lordrohithHey guys, when I try to install wine I get the following error00:22
lordrohithErrors were encountered while processing:00:22
lordrohith linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic00:22
lordrohithE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)00:22
squshindiadev_techie: you rock for helping, travisat picked it up...i feel like a goon turning down help, sorry00:22
joankican anyone tell me how to get the latest version of adobe flash?? please thx00:22
lordrohithI think this might be because I installed a 32 bit version of firefox yesterday00:23
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: How are you trying to install wine.. from repos or some other00:23
danielski_plneed some help again, every time i start my computer ubuntu starts in "low graphics mode" i have to set my card and restart, this is Sh****g me00:23
unop_!info minicom | Dimitree00:23
ubotudimitree: minicom (source: minicom): friendly menu driven serial communication program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.2-5 (gutsy), package size 163 kB, installed size 1108 kB00:23
joankiplease please someone answer??? sudo apt-get install ????? for adobe-flash latest version that works00:23
lordrohithJack_Sparrow , through terminal00:23
broken__Jack_Sparrow, it didn't work. It said there was an error in the xserver file and it couldn't start.00:23
unop_!flash | joanki00:23
toc2rtajack_Sparrow ? where can i go for the powerPC chat room ?00:23
ubotujoanki: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »00:23
broken__Something about unable to find screens.00:23
ubotuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:23
Dimitreeubotu, thank you00:23
ubotuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:23
Grabhow can i reboot my remote shell00:23
Indiadev_Techiesqush: actuall i went thro ur question in hurry.... sorry 4 that :-)00:23
unop_Grab, reboot remote shell?? do you mean reboot remote machine?00:24
Indiadev_Techiesqush: so C:\ is ur linux or win partition???00:24
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: From the ubuntu repos.. or from another source00:24
squshindiadev_techie: dude no worries, like i said you rock for offering. thanks again00:24
lordrohithubuntu repos00:24
unop_Grab,  i think you mean "exit"  and log back in00:24
lordrohithSorry, still a beginner with the lingo00:24
squshIndiadev_Techie: C:\ = win part00:24
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith:  does apt-get install wine  ring any bells00:25
lordrohithYeah, that's what I used00:25
lordrohithexcept with an addition00:25
lordrohithsudo apt-get install wine msttcorefonts00:25
Indiadev_Techiesqush: i have tried both alternet and live cd install... it work like charm....00:25
alexanderhmm hello00:25
joankiso ya'll are saying that really i can't get flash because i have gutsy???00:25
joankithat bites the big one00:26
TallenI am having a heck of a time getting my ATI 3850 card working proper in Linux Mint, anyone have one of those cards?00:26
Jack_Sparrowjoanki: you can install flash00:26
abitlaterjoanki you can install flash00:26
unop_joanki, sure you can have flash - at the moment, installing flash is not possible from the repos and must be done manually00:26
Jack_SparrowTallen: Ask in Linuxmint00:26
abitlaterjoanki search google for medibuntu00:26
squshIndiadev_Techie: well i have c: and e: on same disk...i wanna resize C: and not harm contents of rest of disk00:27
joankimedibuntu thx00:27
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: do one then the other00:27
lordrohithoh ok00:27
Tallenjoin #linuxmint00:27
Indiadev_Techiesqush: u can use gpart (gnome partition manager) for that...00:28
lordrohithJack_Sparrow  I encountered the same errow00:28
krammerhow can i install a tgz file?00:28
ubotuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.00:28
ere4siTallen, try   /j #linuxmint00:28
squshIndiadev_Techie: hmm... *fires up gpart*00:28
unop_krammer, you can't install it -- but you can extract the contents of it -- use this command -- tar zxf file.tgz00:28
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: let me scroll back and see the error00:28
speedcoreanyone who can tell me a simple command to kill an ssh tunnel?00:29
fantum13speedcore: killall ssh00:29
unop_fantum13, that kills them all - perhaps he wants to kill just a particular one?00:29
speedcoreanyway to see a particular tunnel and kill just that session00:30
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: go to system.... admin... synaptic  and search for wine and try installing there00:30
unop_speedcore, use the gnome tunnel manager (i think that's what it is called)00:30
speedcoreworks for feisty too?00:30
speedcoreservers got feisty...00:30
lordrohithAlright, will do00:30
squshIndiadev_Techie: haha, cool...thanks a bunch! (again.)00:30
unop_speedcore,  gSTM - Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager00:30
squshtravisat: thank you too!00:31
unop_speedcore, does your server run gnome tho?00:31
n3rdglasscan anyone help with forum registration? i want to register but cant00:31
speedcoreunop: yes it does run... gnome00:32
Dimitreeminicom is for experts :[00:32
Dimitreeplease i need Hyperterminal for ubuntu :[00:32
unop_speedcore, it should work00:32
n3rdglassi really want to post with some hardware confusion someone else said they had, found a wrapper that works great00:32
n3rdglassbut cant share :(00:32
speedcoreunop: ops I run dapper... LTS00:32
GibbI need help with flash in firefox, whats the deal?00:32
speedcorePlan to upgrade it to hardy when that LTS is out..00:33
unop_Dimitree, there is no hyperterminal for ubuntu00:33
speedcoreany tunnel manager for dapper?00:33
lordrohithJack_Sparrow , I received the following error00:33
Gibb!flash gibb00:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about flash gibb - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:33
lordrohithupdate-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-2.6.22-14-generic00:33
lordrohithFailed to create initrd image.00:33
lordrohithdpkg: error processing linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic (--configure):00:33
lordrohith subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 200:33
n3rdglassno forum mods here?00:33
ere4si!flash | Gibb00:33
ubotuGibb: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash - The Flash package is currently BROKEN, see « /msg ubotu FlashIssues »00:33
Indiadev_Techieplz help sqush : how do i resize my  drive partiton without harming its contents???00:33
n3rdglassany name i use it says the username doesnt meet the administrator standards...but they're not listed anywhere!!00:33
Indiadev_Techieplz help sqush : his question > how do i resize my  drive partiton without harming its contents???00:34
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: Something is really odd...  You have not changed any repos or done anything we should know00:34
lordrohithWell, I installed the 32bit version of firefox yesterday00:34
lordrohithThat's the only thing I can think of00:34
squshIndiadev_Techie: ??00:34
microphexfor some reason i don't have sound anymore, how do i reinstall my drivers?00:34
squshIndiadev_Techie: does gpart normally take this long to scan devices?00:35
Jay955is setup ubuntu hard to setup if your using it for a file server00:35
dm_edgeI'm sorry of being persistent, but can anyone help me solve my dhcp problem? I've been trying all kinds of stuff but nothing seems to work out... I'm also a total noob when it comes to linux:)00:35
askerhi which freenode server do you usually use?00:36
Starnestommyasker: irc.freenode.net or chat.freenode.net?00:36
LjL!ot | asker00:36
ubotuasker: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:36
n3rdglassany forum admin/mods available?00:36
n3rdglassubuntuforum.org that is00:36
webmarendm_edge: what is the problem00:36
crdlbn3rdglass: try #ubuntuforums00:37
Indiadev_Techieplz help sqush : yes it does..... but i dont know for what reason..... it happened when i pendrive too.....00:37
dm_edgeafter installing nvidia drivers kdm got stuck, so I returened it to the "nv" driver, but after logging in again to kdm there's no connection to the internet anymore00:37
n3rdglassty again crdlb00:38
dm_edgeit's set to dhcp but it doesn't receive an address anymore, but it used to work just fine00:38
toc2rtahow do i get video codecs for ubuntu ?00:38
Indiadev_Techiesqush : or u can use partition logic....00:38
squshIndiadev_Techie: okay ty00:38
Jack_Sparrow!restricted > toc2rta00:38
webmarenhave you tried manually configuring the address00:38
lordrohithJack_Sparrow do you think installing any programs could've changed something?00:39
squshIndiadev_Techie: looks like live cd only has gparted00:39
dm_edgeyeah, I copied what I saw on my other pc which has windows but no luck00:39
dm_edgeI tried to set the same gateway address00:39
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: If you used a script like automatix or envy, yes, it can mess things up...00:39
speedcorewhat is the gnome filemanager called...   I like to be able to move all kinds of files gui wise..    sudo nautilus?00:39
Starnestommyspeedcore: gksudo nautilus?00:39
lordrohithThe only program I installed today was Amarok00:39
Indiadev_Techiesqush: yes... did u try the drive resizing.....with gparted....00:40
speedcoreis it called nautilus?00:40
dm_edgebut anyways dhclient broadcasts to all addresses right? so it supposed to find the modem00:40
Starnestommyspeedcore: yes00:40
tecywiz121I have two buttons on my keyboard that don't do anything, and don't generate events in 'xev', I was wondering if it is possible to activate them?00:40
squshIndiadev_Techie: still scannin :\00:40
webmarencan you screenshot the wireless config panel00:40
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: It you installed things on your own.. you can mess things up...  All you have installed is amarok?  what else...00:40
dm_edgeit's not wireless it's wired00:40
broken__Anyone know of a good video recorder using your webcam? That has audio as well?00:40
dm_edgeadmtek card00:40
webmarenoh sorry i meant the network panel00:41
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: where are you at with the problem00:41
tecywiz121broken__, ffmpeg ;)00:41
dm_edgeI could, but it's all in Japanese, is it still fine by you?:)00:41
amenadodm_edge, which os are you running? version?00:41
broken__Jack_Sparrow, didn't solve it so I gave up.00:41
dm_edgekubuntu 700:41
dm_edgenot sure is it's 7.04 or 7.1000:42
Indiadev_Techiesqush: wait i will giv ya a link...00:42
dm_edgedownloaded it a few days ago though00:42
Jack_Sparrowbroken__: Wish I had better answers on those..  sometimes it is just a couple tweaks of xorg...00:42
amenadodm_edge, on a  terminal   sudo dhclient eth000:42
squshIndiadev_Techie: it JUST finished00:42
amenadoam assuming your nic is eth000:42
=== [phear]crippler| is now known as [phear]crippler
Indiadev_Techiesqush: what-- resizing ???00:43
lordrohithJack_Sparrow , I tried installing this mp4 converter yesterday, perhaps that might've messed things up00:43
squshIndiadev_Techie: no, scanning00:43
broken__tecywiz121, ?00:43
lordrohithlet me look up the instructions for it00:43
dm_edgeit's eth1, and it fails to get a response00:43
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: Where did you find it00:43
dm_edgeno dhcp offers00:43
lordrohithFrom the ubuntu community documentation page Jack_Sparrow00:43
amenadodm_edge,  ifconfig -a   and pastebin your result please00:43
squshIndiadev_Techie: it wont let itself be resized :\00:44
tecywiz121broken__: its a command line tool that can record from a webcam, I am sure that there are some decent frontends out there too00:44
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: That doesnt tell me much...00:44
fosois there a way to make transparency settings set by hitting alt and button 4 or 5 stick?00:44
broken__tecywiz121, ah ok, thanks.00:44
dm_edgeit's on my other pc, so I'll have to copy it first somehow here00:44
pedro__I just don't understand why when I connect to FreeNode, my internet connects gets down00:44
dm_edgecould you give me a minute?:)00:44
=== pedro__ is now known as pedro
lordrohithLet me show you to the guide on the program00:44
=== pedro is now known as pedro__
amenadopedro__, you are connected to freenode now, so it has not gone down00:45
toc2rtaJaack_sparrow any codecs for PPC ubuntu ?00:45
lordrohithJack_Sparrow , http://po-ru.com/diary/fixing-ffmpeg-on-ubuntu-edgy/00:45
Indiadev_Techiesqush: go to http://partitionlogic.org.uk/ to download partition logic.....00:45
pedro__amenado, but I mean the whole connection00:45
toc2rtaPPC channel is really not helping00:45
pedro__amenado, the internet goes down00:45
toc2rtatheir all idle00:45
pedro__amenado, very bizarre00:45
lordrohithHowever, I was unable to finish following the instructions because halfway through I started getting errors00:45
amenadopedro__, you are connected to freenode now, so it has not gone down, you are connected and chatting with me00:45
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: Nothing on that first page should be a problem00:46
broken__tecywiz121, hmm would you happent o know of any frontends? I can't seem to finda ny.00:46
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ert - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:46
pedro__amenado, I know, but it goes down at first... I wait the reconnection and everything goes normally00:46
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php00:46
amenadopedro__, just because your first attempt does not connect, just be patient00:46
squshIndiadev_Techie: DOH! i think i have this, just didn't think to...err...THINK... :D00:46
Indiadev_Techiesqush: http://partitionlogic.org.uk/download/index.html        its less than 5Mb....00:46
pedro__amenado, it is not about connection... my internet disconnect, the whole internet00:47
lordrohithJack_Sparrow yeah but it's the second link that I'm more worried about00:47
amenadopeople are alway in a hurry00:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about awn - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:47
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about avant - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:47
pullercan somone help me get flash workign on opera?00:47
=== pedro__ is now known as quittt
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: Yep, try to avoid tutorials for the edgy release.00:47
amenadopuller, umm try putting same libflashplayer.so where opera has plugins dir00:48
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: That link is probably what messed you up00:48
pulleramenado: i did00:48
lordrohithAh, I knew it00:48
amenadopuller, uhuh, and?00:48
tecywiz121broken__, none that support its recording features, sorry00:48
Indiadev_Techiesqush: it supports all available formats... like ext2. ext3, resierfs, fat, fat32, ntfs... n many more.....00:48
lordrohithJack_Sparrow is it fixable without a complete reinstall?00:48
dm_edgeamenado: I did ifconfig -a, where should I paste the results?00:49
squshIndiadev_Techie: i forgot what to use for ubuntu, ext2 or ext3?00:49
pulleramenado: mike@mike-desktop:/usr/lib/opera/plugins$ ls00:49
pullerlibflashplayer.so  libnpp.so  operaplugincleaner  operapluginwrapper00:49
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: I dont know how much time you have in tweaking this install, but a fresh install will fix the problem00:49
lordrohithI see00:49
lordrohithThanks for the help Jack_Sparrow00:49
danielski_plhow do i stop ubuntu from starting in low graphics mode?00:50
Jack_Sparrowlordrohith: Wish it was a better answer00:50
Indiadev_Techiesqush: ext3...00:50
squshIndiadev_Techie: ty00:50
amenado!pastebin | dm_edge00:51
ubotudm_edge: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)00:51
Indiadev_Techiesqush: ubuntu partition/drives will not be visible on windows.....00:51
squshIndiadev_Techie: ever hear of ultimate boot disc?00:51
amenadopuller and that didnt cure it?00:51
pulleramenado: nope00:51
amenadopuller.. okay..let me try to install one on mine00:52
Indiadev_Techiesqush: just make sure u dont go wrong will using a disk resizing/formatting tool....00:52
danielski_plhow do i stop ubuntu from starting in low graphics mode?00:52
pulleramenado: ok, i will be waitign around00:52
dm_edgepasted it in: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54793/00:52
squshIndiadev_Techie: yeah, for sure. hey im gonna get try this thing and see how it goes. thank you again for all your help00:53
dhanar_10i have a problem with xine and mkv. when playing mkv files, the sound is skipping. anyone experiences this too?00:53
squshIndiadev_Techie: are you usually in here?00:53
Indiadev_Techiesqush:  yes, i know i has all the tools for data recovery, formating, resizing...00:53
danielski_pldhanar_10: use vlc00:53
speedcorewhen running an ssh tunnel...  which computer is doing the most ssh calculations..  the sshd-server or.. the client... or both equal?00:53
soulriderso, if anyone is kinda free, check this out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4270243#post427024300:54
Indiadev_Techiesqush: givme the like for ultimate boot disc....00:54
hhp2kHello everyone! I've got an old Toshiba Thinkpad that I've been wanting to install Ubuntu on, but whenever I try, it loads the ubuntu installation screen.. and when I pick install Ubuntu (or Install Ubuntu in Safe Graphics Mode) it'll start getting busy for a while, display the loading bar, and then display a lot of background text.. and then eventually stop, and not do anything. Why is this happening?00:54
dxdtspeedcore: both if I understand you properly.  Both have to do encryption using each other's keys00:54
Indiadev_Techiesqush: ya when ever i get time from ma work.....00:54
speedcoredxdt: but which one is making the least encryptions?  both equal?00:54
squshIndiadev_Techie: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/00:54
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compizmanager - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:55
amenadodm_edge, can you kindly paste your /etc/network/interfaces  ?  the one you just pasted shows no ip address assigned to eth100:55
dhanar_10danielski_pl: i want to know if anyone experiences my problem too... btw, i don't like the interface of vlc... it's a matter of taste...00:55
squshIndiadev_Techie: ok man, im gonna try to resize this thing, like before, thanks a lot!00:55
dxdtspeedcore: I'm no expert in it, but I would assume they are doing equal amounts on the average.00:55
WeedGrinch!compizmanager is System —> Preferences —> Compiz Config Settings Manager.00:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compizmanager - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:55
psycholvlanjust one question.... why would hwclock no work... says select() to /dev/rtc to wait for clock tick timed out00:56
Indiadev_Techiesqush: just be very carefull.. or u wil spell disaster......00:56
danielski_pldhanar_10: i havent experienced that in xine but vlc has choppy video00:56
dm_edgeamenado: sure, but are there any other commands you'd like to see? since it takes to to move the data, I'd rather copy as much as I can at once00:56
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:56
dm_edge*time to00:56
johnny_whenever i try installing a package i get the error message DESTROY created new reference to dead object ' Qt::VBoxLayout', <> line 2 during global destruction. dpkg: syntax error: unknown user `postfix' in statoverride file E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)00:56
squshIndiadev_Techie: yeah i know, i've punished enough drives to learn to take my time00:56
ubotuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz00:56
ubotuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion00:57
squshIndiadev_Techie: anyways im outta here for now. have a good evening (or good [time of day for you])00:57
amenadodm_edge, the file /etc/network/interfaces should be that many lines, maybe you can post them here, separate each line with ";"00:57
dhanar_10danielski_pl: what is your xine-lib version? so you can play mkv files smoothly with xine, huh?00:57
Indiadev_Techiesqush: i m frm India... n u...00:57
hhp2kHello everyone! I've got an old Toshiba Thinkpad that I've been wanting to install Ubuntu on, but whenever I try, it loads the ubuntu installation screen.. and when I pick install Ubuntu (or Install Ubuntu in Safe Graphics Mode) it'll start getting busy for a while, display the loading bar, and then display a lot of background text.. and then eventually stop, and not do anything. Why is this happening?00:57
amenadodm_edge, the file /etc/network/interfaces should not* be that many lines, maybe you can post them here, separate each line with ";"00:57
microphexmy audio all of a sudden just stopped working and ive rebooted to no avail. how can i reinstall drivers?00:57
Indiadev_Techiesqush: its 6.27am here...00:58
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:59
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:59
jonnybegooddoes anyone here know the ubuntu server edition?00:59
Indiadev_Techiehhp2k : use alternate cd....00:59
Grabis that possible to start a screen and tell it to start irssi automatically? something like: screen -start: irssi  ??01:00
Indiadev_Techiehhp2k : dont use the live cd install....01:00
StarnestommyGrab: screen irssi01:00
jonnybegoodwrite a sh script01:00
danielski_pldhanar_10 how do i check that?01:00
speedcoreis there anyway to see network throughput in terminal... like a "top" for network?01:00
bruenig!info ntop | speedcore01:01
ubotuspeedcore: ntop (source: ntop): display network usage in top-like format. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:3.2-10.1 (gutsy), package size 2707 kB, installed size 11172 kB01:01
dm_edgeamenado: pasted in http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54794/01:01
hhp2kIndiadev_Techie: So download the installer instead?01:01
Indiadev_Techiehhp2k : how much ram does ur system have...01:01
hhp2kIndiadev_Techie: 128MB.01:01
dhanar_10danielski_pl: open system>admin>synaptic and search for "xine"01:01
dxdtWow, there is a last.fm package.  Who knew?  I didn't.01:02
Indiadev_Techiehhp2k : u should have atleast 256 mb ram to install ubuntu with the live cd....01:02
Motomoanyone know of a program to record live internet radio streams?01:02
Indiadev_Techiehhp2k : u can use the alternate cd version instead...01:02
amenadopuller it didnt work for me yet..which site requires that plugin?01:02
hhp2kIndiadev_Techie: Alternate CD version?01:02
pulleramenado: www.pandora.com01:02
pulleramenado: or anyother flash sites, games etc01:02
hhp2kIndiadev_Techie: Oh, I see. I found it. =) Thanks.01:03
amenadodm_edge, 2 lines are wrong, dont put those ip address in line 3 and line 401:03
=== [gquit]bombadil is now known as bombadil
dm_edgethe adress and netmask under lo?01:04
speedcoreI run an samba tunnel through ssh...  on a slow 566mhz celeron... and the transfer peaks.. at 288KB/sec..  without it peaks at 4500KB/sec.. Can it be the nic... the cpu is only 20%01:04
viatorwhats the coomAND  for deleting a user?01:04
amenadodm_edge yes, remove those two lines01:04
Indiadev_Techiehhp2k: download the alternate cd iso > burn it to a cd > boot it > n install.....01:04
danielski_pldhanar_10: couldnt find xine-lib in synaptic but i found others and they are 1.1.701:04
jonnybegoodis there any way to navigate int the server installation gui without using the arrows? :P i have spilled coke in it..01:04
amenado!who | dm_edge01:04
ubotudm_edge: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:04
mnemonicaJordan_U: Hey. I'm back from earlier... Had the issues with my wireless card. The wiki link didn't help. Could you help me out?01:05
hhp2kIndiadev_Techie: That's the plan. Thanks!01:05
danielski_pldhanar_10: im viewing LOST S04E01 and there is no sign of choppiness in audio or video like in vlc01:05
amenadopuller yep that didnt work for me..i will troubleshoot later, i have to leave for a few01:05
Indiadev_Techiehhp2k: it will show up a window 2000 or xp like interface.... so it will be light on ya ram.....01:06
geekittycan anybody help me with changing the root password (i forgot it-stupid!)01:06
dm_edgeamenado: oh sorry about that:)01:06
johnny_whenever i try installing a package i get the error message DESTROY created new reference to dead object ' Qt::VBoxLayout', <> line 2 during global destruction. dpkg: syntax error: unknown user `postfix' in statoverride file E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)01:06
johnny_does anyone know how to fix it01:06
erik__Hey- Anybody want to tell me how to SSH to a specific IP / Port? (Ubuntu > Smoothwall..)01:07
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/01:07
Indiadev_Techiegeekitty: wher u sleeping while assigning the password...01:07
danielski_plhow do i stop ubuntu from starting in low graphics mode?01:07
dhanar_10danielski_pl: in ubuntu, xine-lib is libxine... same here 1.1.7... so your mkv files play smoothly, huh? i'm viewing gundam 00 mkv (h264+aac) and patlabor mkv (xvid+mp3). the sound is skipping, especially in opening and closing song...01:07
WeedGrinchWhat makes compiz, better then beryl?01:08
* geekitty blush01:09
phaedra!compix-fusion | WeedGrinch01:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about compix-fusion - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:09
phaedra!compiz-fusion | WeedGrinch01:09
ubotuWeedGrinch: Compiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion01:09
dxdtWeedGrinch: Berly was a fork of the original project and then they remerged into the cool new compiz-fusion01:09
CandyBoycan anybody help me install avant window navigator?01:09
dxdtafter some politics were worked out01:09
regnigiliarshey how do i get ubuntu to recognize my SD card?01:09
dm_edgeamenado: deleted those 2 lines but still no effect01:10
danielski_pldhanar_10: mine only chops once at the start of the movie between 00:01 and 00:08 and thats it, no more skips after that thats not a prob to me though01:10
mnemonicaCan anyone direct me to a place that I might find "bcmwl15.inf" and "bcmwl15.sys"01:10
protolocoweb01:/var/www/unibicate# tar --list backup_-_2008-02-01.tgz  <--- this is listing me a bunch of files that are displayed so quickly, how can i handle them to put iin a file, and read it carefully ?01:10
phaedramnemonica,  Why wireless device are they for?01:11
phaedrawhy | what...01:11
regnigiliarshey how do i get ubuntu to recognize my SD card?01:11
dxdtCandyBoy:Googling got me here in the first hit http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=385981  or did you want to build it by source yourself or something else?01:11
dhanar_10danielski_pl: i see... so it's just me... strange... ok, thank you anyway. for now i will just avoid mkv files....01:12
baboI've downloaded a working torrent, I've burned the iso onto a disk at speed=0, I open the disk and i can see the iso file.01:12
baboHowever the disk still isn't bootable ...01:12
nemilarbabo: you burned it wrong ;)01:12
babocdrecord -v -speed=0 dev=4,0,0 vista.iso01:12
lycorisserver spanish ubuntu ?01:12
nemilarbabo: you burned the disk as a data disk.  you are supposed to burn a disk image from the ISO file01:12
Shuggledoes anyone know a good program for extracting multipart rars?01:12
nemilar!es | lycoris01:12
ubotulycoris: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:12
babonemilar: how ? I can access the setup.exe file on the burnt disk ...01:13
nemilarbabo: you're going to have to burn another disk01:13
lycoristhanks ^^01:13
babonemilar, if I'd burnt it wrong then i would just see an .iso image on the disk ...01:13
nemilarbabo: I thought that's what you said01:13
babonemilar, i can see the setup.exe file inside on the disk, which would suggest that it's burnt correctly no ?01:13
nemilarbabo: yeah I suppose01:14
nemilaryou burnt a disk from an image, right?01:14
nemilarnot just a data disk, copying the ISO over?01:14
Shugglenevermind, i got it01:14
putnumhi does ubuntu have the same auto install feature like gentoo has? I think they call it portage?01:14
nemilarputnum: yeah, Ubuntu uses APT01:15
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)01:15
putnumahh ok01:15
putnumit cheaks for dependiances?01:15
ulafhey guys, i just ran ntfsresize -s 21G -v /dev/sda1  , i was trying to resize an ntfs partition of 40gigs, and only 19G used.. i was trying to resize it to 21G.. but even though it looks like it resized it, i don't see unallocated space01:15
Starnestommyputnum: yes01:15
nemilarputnum: there are graphical add/remove programs, or you can use the command line (Basic format is "apt-get install packagename")01:15
putnumok awsome01:15
ulafi see only one partition01:15
babonemilar, from an iso I took from a torrent ...01:16
babothat other people seem to think works ...01:16
putnumdoes the lastest version of kubuntu come with kde 4.0?01:16
ulafi look at the size of my c drive, and it's capacity is 21G's, just like it supposed to be, but i don't see unallocated space when i use disk management01:16
putnumthe dvd image i mean01:16
Starnestommyputnum: it still has 3.501:16
nemilarbabo: what's the iso of?01:16
Moptop650Hey, im installing xubuntu on my other PC, and its asking me to put in disk labled "Xubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon _ - Release i386 (10071016)", what disk is that?01:16
babonemilar, vista01:16
putnumhow would i install it?01:16
ulafanyone use ntfsresize?01:16
nemilarbabo: you're talking about pirating, which is illegal ;)01:17
nemilarulaf: does gparted see the unalocated space?01:17
dm_edgeamenado: is there anything else I could try out?01:17
nemilarbabo: go to the store and buy a copy, it'll definitely work fine01:17
ulafnemilar: no, it says the capacity of the partition is like 36gigs, and 1.2 allocated space01:17
ulafnemilar: not allocated space, i mean free space01:18
nemilarh/o I'll brb01:18
ulafnemilar: there are no free allocatd space, ok01:18
nemilarcraiglist dude is here with my RAM01:18
babonemilar, yeah. I didn't get a copy of the last windows operating system that came with my laptop and that installed over with linux. the way i see it, M$ owes me ...01:18
orangeflywhy does firefox still tell me i need to install flash after i already have....???....01:18
danielski_pldhanar_10: mine only chops once at the start of the movie between 00:01 and 00:08 and thats it, no more skips after that thats not a prob to me though01:18
Moptop650Hey, im installing xubuntu on my other PC, and its asking me to put in disk labled "Xubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon _ - Release i386 (10071016)", what disk is that? I don't have any other disks >.>01:19
danielski_pldhanar_10: sorry bout that mate01:19
danielski_plhow do i stop ubuntu from starting in low graphics mode??01:19
SambieBabo, Microsoft owes us all :)01:19
scguy318!brokenflash | orangefly01:19
ubotuorangefly: The Flash plugin installation is currently broken. This is due to Adobe changing the tar file that the package downloads. Fixes have landed in -proposed for testing, but most most users are advised to wait until packages are approved and released in -updates.01:19
arooni-mobilewhy do i have to re-enable better gmail 2 every time i want to use it?   (firefox extension)01:19
baboSambie: yeah. It'll never be able to repay me for IE6. Not even Bill has enough money for that ...01:20
dhanar_10danielski_pl: it's ok. besides mkv is relatively new, right? i just have to be patient... i still have a lot if time...01:20
th3countproblem im having is in sound options, when audio is set to anything besides USBAUDIO no sound works, however when set to USB audio movies and audio play fine but anything through the OS or firefox has no sound.01:20
baboso what could be wrong with the iso then ?01:20
baboit's burnt properly but the program just tells me it's not bootable ...01:21
=== chryss__ is now known as chryss
baboI'm all out of suggestions ...01:21
SambieBabo, IWhat exactly happen and what happen to IE6? sorry I just came on my puter not that long ago so I wasn't able to get your story, if you even told one.01:21
Moptop650Hey, im installing xubuntu on my other PC, and its asking me to put in disk labled "Xubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon _ - Release i386 (10071016)", what disk is that? I don't have any other disks >.>, Nor will it let me open the cd drive?01:21
baboSambie, problem with burning an iso ( which shall remain nameless ).01:21
baboSambie, I'm a web developer ...01:21
lilg111111no sound in gusty01:22
danielski_pldhanar_10: its the first time ive heard of .mkv after downloading that LOST ep01:22
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: That is the disk you use to install xubuntu01:22
Moptop650But its currently in the drive01:22
dm_edgeamenado: are you still there?01:22
Moptop650If i just press enter for continue, it stalls at "Select and install software please wait (2%)" then goes back to the insert disk.01:22
LibertyShadowHas anyone else had trouble with the 169.* Nvidia drivers with Xserver freezes01:23
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: Alternatively, you can comment out the cd from you sources.list file and download the packages from the net01:23
smallfoot-i have tried alpha401:23
Moptop650So.. Do I have to abort the current installation thats going?01:23
smallfoot-and i can tell you all mens in this channels, that ubuntu 8.40 will be ROX BEST LINUX EVER!!01:23
SambieBobo, Maybe the ISO image that you've downloaded became corrupted?01:23
dhanar_10danielski_pl: yeah, it is really new and its advantages is it can store any video and audio format + subtitle. i heard that ibm has bought it. um... i think it's getting off topic...01:24
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: Yes, you would have to.01:24
Moptop650So.. would i have to start another install from scratch/01:24
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: What are you trying to install? xubuntu?01:25
smallfoot-ubuntu 8.40 hardy heron, will be the best linux ever in the world, its best, i tried it in alpha4, and it has bittorrent ,and cd burning and will have firefox301:25
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: And the machine you're installing xubuntu on is asking for the cd?01:25
dm_edgecould anybody else help me solve my problem? I'm using admtek card (not wireless) and I can't get IP by DHCP, eventhough I got it once after intalling kubuntu01:25
scguy318I can't say it's the best, else there would be no need for more Ubuntu versions :P01:25
dhanar_10smallfoot-: firefox3 beta or final?01:25
bruenig!ot | smallfoot- stop being obnoxious01:25
ubotusmallfoot- stop being obnoxious: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!01:25
smallfoot-dhanar_10, it has beta2, but it will have final in 8.40 final release01:25
Moptop650Its asking for whats already in the drive01:25
ptn107is anyone else having trouble accessing  packages.ubuntu.com  ??01:26
dhanar_10smallfoot-: i think it is 8.04....01:26
smallfoot-whats obnioxous?01:26
SambieYanno nothing is more boring then to talk OS talk to someone who is completely ignorant with the subject. A friend of mine is a Windows lover and thinks that Linux is unstable, I couldn't help but to laugh deep inside.01:26
smallfoot-dhanar_10, oh you're right maybe¨01:26
dm_edgeI've pasted ifconfig and /etc/network/interfaces01:26
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: Hmm. that is strange.01:26
smallfoot-yes, it is 8.04 now i know this01:26
Moptop650I know >.>01:27
abadtoothHow is 8.04 Alpha4 coming along?01:27
Moptop650its an OLD comp, 1998 bios.01:27
smallfoot-when will the countdown for 8.04 start?01:27
Moptop650Could that be a issue?01:27
smallfoot-abadtooth, its great01:27
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: What step is the installation on?01:27
abadtoothsmallfoot-: I've tried alpha3 and didn't notice much of anything new..01:27
smallfoot-abadtooth, it has kernel 2.6.24, it has new audio things called PulseAudio, and it has Transmission bittorrent, and Brasio CD burning01:27
Moptop650"Select and install software please wait (2%)"01:27
smallfoot-abadtooth, alpha3 sucks, its very buggy01:28
abadtoothYeah, so I read.01:28
Moptop650Doing the text installion from the alternative CD01:28
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: Maybe you should just wait... -_-01:28
kapacehello, i have just booted liveCd in a new computer, and it won't log in01:28
smallfoot-all who love ubuntu, put your hands in the air!!!01:28
FYIhello, is there anyway to get past the forced disk check every 25 mounts (it's freezing at a given % for me)01:28
abadtoothI might have to fire up Deluge and DL Alpha 4 and check it out in VMware01:28
* smallfoot- puts hands in air01:28
kapaceits just stuck at the login screen01:28
* Odd-rationale puts his hands in the air01:29
Moptop650I pressed enter a few time for Continue on the insert cd window, but it stalls for a few then goes back to it01:29
smallfoot-damn is only we 201:29
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: Hint: you can stick a paper click in the cd drive to force eject.01:29
* abadtooth abadtooth puts both hands in the air!01:29
FYIIs there anyway tos kip the forced disk check on ubuntu?01:30
abadtoothwhoops, forgot. No need to spell out name..01:30
Moptop650I dont think this one has that :S01:30
bruenigFYI, you want to turn it off altogether?01:30
bruenigor just a one time thing01:30
Moptop650Yeah it definately doesnt01:30
Moptop650Then again it could be hidden, the faceplate is missing01:30
Odd-rationaleMoptop650: Looks like your quite stuch then01:30
FYIbruenig: just a one time thing, I really need access to this computer, but it freezes on the disk check... I was wondering if there was aboot option or something01:30
* abadtooth is going to get a new EeePC in a couple weeks!01:31
Moptop650Ill just rip the drive open01:31
* Odd-rationale envies abadtooth01:31
bruenigFYI, if you do touch /fastboot I think that will skip it once01:31
* abadtooth is then going to install Ubuntu on it :D01:31
FYIbruenig: how do I do that?01:31
* hhp2k envies abadtooth as well01:31
dm_edgeOdd-rationale: sorry for being persistent but could you help me solving my network problem, I've been trying to solve it for the past 3 hours but no luck so far01:31
smallfoot-EeePC have so little screen, only 7" it sux, my computer need 24"01:31
kapacei can't login in liveCd plz, help :(01:32
smallfoot-livecd dont ask for login01:32
abadtoothsmallfoot-:  It's not for desktop computing..01:32
kapaceit is for me01:32
Odd-rationaledm_edge: Umm not a network expert at all. But what is your problem?01:32
smallfoot-abadtooth,  then when i go out, i come home and use computer, instead take computer out01:32
geekworxwhen i'm trying to install a eggdrop in redhat linux, and i type ./configure i have this error http://pastebin.ca/89198301:32
smallfoot-geekworx, you must goto #redhat01:32
smallfoot-geekworx, and #eggdrop01:32
geekworxsmallfoot-: i'm sorry but there nobody is online :S01:33
dm_edgeOdd-rationale:I can't get an IP address by DHCP, eventhough I got one once, but it stopped getting it after 1st reboot01:33
smallfoot-try in #lnux01:33
geekworxthere too :S01:33
geekworxsmallfoot-: can you help me at pvt?01:33
abadtoothsmallfoot-: It's handy to have a small laptop for vacations, or for me when everyone else is trying to sleep..01:33
geekworxpm me i dont have registered this nickname01:33
Jack_Sparrowgeekworx: MAybe you need a distro with better support01:33
smallfoot-geekworx, im noob i dont know linux good, i use windows xp01:33
geekworxohh okay01:33
smallfoot-geekworx, you need install tcl, i think01:33
geekworxjack-desktop: nope see the error01:33
geekworxi know but whats the command for install that tcl :S01:34
gverigIs there a good SSH GUI client (with address book) for Ubuntu?01:34
Odd-rationaledm_edge: Are you using the gnome-network-applet? Is the wireless set to roaming or manual?01:34
smallfoot-geekworx, i dont know, in ubuntu it is 'sudo apt-get install tcl', but i dont nkow in redhat01:34
smallfoot-geekworx, try 'rpm --help' or 'yum --help' or something01:34
geekworx-bash-3.00$ apt-get01:34
geekworx-bash: apt-get: command not found01:34
dm_edgeOdd-rationale:I'm using kubuntu, and using the network applet over there01:34
geekworxthis its rehat :S01:34
mnemonicaCan anyone direct me to a place that I might find "bcmwl15.inf" and "bcmwl15.sys"01:35
smallfoot-mnemonica, mejbi in windows or google01:35
Jack_Sparrowgeekworx: Please understand.. this is NOT the place for your questions on redhat anything01:35
LibertyShadowmnemonica: Are you using a dell computer?01:35
geekworxJack_Sparrow: okay i'm sorry01:35
mnemonicaLibertyShadow: Yes.01:35
mnemonicasmallfoot-: Mejbi is a website?01:35
LibertyShadowmnemonica: Do you know your service tag? (Don't type it here)01:35
eshaase_i get "md5sum mismatch install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz" when i try to install flashplugin-nonfree, any idea how to update the md5sum?01:36
mnemonicaLibertyShadow: I'm sure I could find it... should be on my computer somewhere.01:36
mnemonicaLibertyShadow: Why?01:36
bruenig!topic | eshaase_01:36
ubotueshaase_: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic01:36
smallfoot-mnemonica, mejbi, but those 2 are files01:36
=== geekworx is now known as geekroz
Jack_Sparroweshaase_: Flash is broken, you need to go to adobe and install it manually if you simply MUST have it01:36
lilg111111do anybody know how to get the sound working in gusty01:36
FYIhello, is there anyway to skip the mandatory file check at boot time?01:36
LibertyShadowmnemonica: It's on the bottom01:37
bruenigFYI, boot into recovery mode01:37
Jack_SparrowFYI: If it errors on the file check.. you should not be installing it01:37
mnemonicasmallfoot-: ... I don't understand what mejbi is.01:37
BaKKaRhallo, why do i can't browse the php files from my local server ... it loads as a file and my firefox asks me to save it or open it with other application .. the *.php files don' et arsed, why?01:37
overcluckermnemonica: are you still trying to get broadcom drivers!?!01:37
LibertyShadowmnemonica: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/index.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=gen01:37
Odd-rationaledm_edge: OK I use kubuntu, too! Here's something that helped me with my wireless. I went to /etc/network (wiht dolphin as root) and moved all the contents of the folder to the recycle bin (so I could put it back if it didn't work. Reboot.01:37
Jack_Sparrowmnemonica: Which Dell is that?  I have a few here01:37
mnemonicaoverclucker: Yes. I had to go afk for a while.01:37
LibertyShadowmnemonica: You enter your service tag there, download the .exe and extract the .inf, or whatever you need for ndiswrapper01:37
robdig!sound | lilg111111:01:37
ubotulilg111111:: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php?page=DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:37
smallfoot-mnemonica, maybe01:37
mnemonicaJack_Sparrow: Dell Inspiron 640m01:37
dm_edgeOdd-rationale: I'm using a wired network, does it still apply?01:38
eshaase_ok, i guess i'll wait for flash, so later on when this is fixed, i should be able to do this: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree"?01:38
FYIbruenig: I will try that01:38
BaKKaR!php BaKKaR01:38
mnemonicaLibertyShadow: Interesting.. I'll try that out and get back to you.01:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about php bakkar - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:38
mnemonicaJack_Sparrow: Any advice?01:38
Jack_Sparrowmnemonica: I have a C640 .. but01:38
=== Varka_ is now known as Varka
kapaceBaKKaR: where are you browsing01:38
kapacefile:// or http?01:39
dm_edgeOdd-rationale: also, what's dolphin:) I'm sorry but I'm a total noob01:39
Jack_Sparrowmnemonica: Sorry had to answer the phone01:39
ubotuDolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.01:39
Odd-rationaledm_edge: IDK. Like I said, I'm not a network expert. you could try. If it doesn't work. just put all the files back and you will be right where you started.01:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about streamtuner - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:39
lackliis there a way to export streamtuner bookmarks?01:39
BaKKaRkapace: http://localhost/ and when i try to load any php file it doesn't get parsed01:39
Jack_Sparrowmnemonica: Do what liberty said01:39
dm_edgeOdd-rationale:alright I'll go try it, thanks:)01:39
ubotuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!01:40
Jack_Sparrowemma: He is long gone.. please dont feed the troll01:40
emmaI didn't know he was long gone.01:40
lacklii've been looking for a file with the streamtuner bookmarks, so i can export then to rythmbox01:40
lacklii guess i have to copy it over manually01:40
Odd-rationaledm_edge: To open dolphin as root do alt + f2 then "kdesudo dolphin" but be REALLY careful when you browse file as root.!01:41
=== grekkos is now known as something
=== something is now known as grekkos
emmaI just bought a Maxtor 500 GB external hard drive. Do I have to do anything special with it, to make it work correctly with Ubuntu?01:41
emmaIt would seem, maybe, that it is in NTFS format?01:41
BaKKaRany body would give me some time to help me get my php server up?01:41
fumanchulight some candles ¿?01:41
Odd-rationaleemma: Ubuntu can read/write ntfs01:42
BaKKaRmy php files are not parsed, they load as a file firefox asks me to save it01:42
kapaceBaKKaR: can you use your php scripts externally?01:42
kapacetry using your ip to use your scripts01:42
TonrenIf I install firefox-3.0, will I still be able to run 2.0?  Will 3.0 change my 2.0 install in any way?01:42
BaKKaRkapace: when i browse the www everythin is OK, but for example torrentflux is not workin when runnin from my localhost01:42
fumanchuBaKKaR, you should install php01:43
danielski_plgetting really sick of this problem with my ubuntu, might just leave my computer on till the update of 8.0401:43
kapacecheck what localhost maps to01:43
BaKKaRfumanchu: i have php mysql and apache all installed01:43
kapacelol after two ubuntu livecd boots, then ubuntu doesn't ask me for a user/apss01:43
fumanchuBaKKaR, something about php is missing01:43
fumanchusome apache-php module01:43
kapacelocalhost might be mapped to file://01:43
BaKKaRkapace and fumanchu when i try to load them i am usin the http:// protocol01:44
emmaOdd-rationale,  but do I want it to?01:44
danielski_plshould i just download 7.10 and reinstall since ubuntu is giving me a hard time atm, it keeps booting in low graphics mode and i cant play 3d games WTF??01:45
fumanchuBaKKaR,  libapache2-mod-php501:45
kapacecan i use restricted drivers with liveCD?01:46
Odd-rationaleemma: That is really your choice. NTFS /read/write is quite stable now imo. Just be careful when you name a file. You can put ":" in ubuntu but not in windows.01:46
BaKKaRfumanchu: will try that now01:46
FYIbruenig: I tried booting in recovery mode, but it freezes at something like pins, apic etc.... when I try booting with acpi=off it gets stopped at some IRQ stuff01:46
ConstyXIVcan ubuntu do full-disk encryption?01:46
Jack_Sparrowdanielski_pl: Have you edited xorg or gone through the restricted modules routine01:46
emmaOkay I don't think I've ever used : in a file name. I think I might be the only person who still uses _ instead of spaces.01:46
Thurin1ConstyXIV: If Debian can, Ubuntu can.01:46
fatejudgerRecently, GDM seems to be taking several minutes to load. It's outputting this log: http://pastebin.com/d4a126cf2 Does anyone know how to fix this?01:46
Thurin1ConstyXIV: You really need to look at the Kernel you are using rather than the 'distro'01:47
Thurin1ConstyXIV: I believe that the Ubuntu kernel has support for it though.01:47
Dr_willisI thouhgt the enctyption was a new feature in gutsy.01:47
FYIis there anyway to do that fastboot from grub command line?01:47
Dr_willisBut not tried it yet. :)01:47
danielski_plJack_Sparrow: edited xorg, no restricted modules cant see my card anymore if it does it wont start the drivers it just ends up restartin gnome01:47
Odd-rationaleemma: I had a big problem with special characters in file names. And for a while a couldn't figure out why I could not open a folder under windows. Learned the lesson the hard way.01:48
Thurin1But if someone is that concerned about their security.. they might as well use BSD instead of Ubuntu, but that's another story ;D01:48
Jack_Sparrowdanielski_pl: What video card?01:48
danielski_plnVidia 8500GT01:48
emmaI see.01:48
Jack_Sparrowdanielski_pl: The 8000 series seem to have some problems...  All I can suggest is the wiki and read carefully01:49
danielski_pltried everything in the wiki01:49
Jack_Sparrowdanielski_pl: You will end up going to nvidia for the drivers and building them.. from what I understand01:50
danielski_pldone that01:50
danielski_pldidnt work01:50
FYIalright, trying to boot from a live cd now01:50
Jack_Sparrowdanielski_pl: I know people running them and they work..  but not plug and play by a long shot01:50
danbhfiveare there local ubuntu groups?01:50
destevengparted says 'Unable to detect filesystem' and e2fsck says something about bad super-blocks although I can mount this disk, anyone know how to solve this?01:50
dm_edgeOdd-rationale: I did it, but now I don't have any adapters when I do ifconfig except for lo01:51
danbhfivedesteven: sounds like a bad harddrive, i would say replace the drive01:51
mnemonicaLibertyShadow: Are you sure that the bcmwl15 driver is there? I don't see ti.01:51
Odd-rationaledm_edge: Have you reboot?01:51
dm_edgeOdd-rationale:yeah, but /etc/network/ is still empty01:52
destevenit definitely isn't a bad hard drive, surface scan didn't give any errors01:52
danbhfivedesteven: unless its new, you could reformat, this is just my opinions though01:52
danielski_plJack_Sparrow: i installed restricted drivers when ubuntu was fresh and they worked perfectly after installing compiz-fusion and screenlets and some ubuntu themes things started to F***k up01:52
Odd-rationaledm_edge: Ok sorry, I gues it didn't work. Just restore the fileback again...01:52
LibertyShadowmnemonica: Hold on one sec01:52
Jack_Sparrowdanielski_pl: If that is where is messed up.. try asking in #Compiz01:52
robdigdanbhfive: the list of "official" local groups is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamList01:52
dm_edgeOdd-rationale: sure no prob, any other ideas?01:53
danbhfivethanks robdig01:53
Odd-rationaledm_edge: Not atm01:53
desteventheir are many files on it which I didn't backup, so can't reformat, maybe I should resize and start moving the files to a new partition on the free space?01:53
robdigdanbhfive: np01:53
d33dHey, anyone know why I would have a horrible ssh connection (extremely slow) after a dist-upgrade?01:53
LibertyShadowmnemonica: ftp://ftp.us.dell.com/network/R151517.EXE01:53
dm_edgeOdd-rationale: by the way, what is the command to rerun scripts? I mean if I change etc/network/interfaces there should be a cmd that make linux run scripts again01:54
LibertyShadowin a terminal change to the directory where you download it01:54
destevenbtw fdisk says it's gpt, don't know how that happened01:54
LibertyShadow >> unzip -a R151517.EXE <<01:54
mnemonicaLibertyShadow: What is it?01:54
Odd-rationaledm_edge: Don;t know. sorry.01:54
dm_edgeOdd-rationale: alright, thanks anyways:)01:54
Odd-rationaledm_edge: np01:55
LibertyShadowmnemonica: That is the exe that you would extract in windows to do the installation... it has bcmwl5.inf in it.... that is what you are looking for correct?01:55
mnemonicaLibertyShadow: Yeah. Thanks for the help.01:56
praveen_hw to extract a sentences which has a particular word in it ?01:56
LibertyShadowmnemonica: You could also right click on the exe and "Extract here" if you prefer the gui solution01:56
praveen_from a file01:56
LibertyShadowmnemonica: but what you are looking for is in the "DRIVER" directory01:56
LibertyShadowmnemonica: np01:56
LibertyShadowmnemonica: good luck01:57
xenthroQ: is there a command line image viewer?01:57
Jack_SparrowLibertyShadow: that is a 52 meg download ouch01:57
FYIhow do I mount my hd from the live cd?01:57
d33dHey, anyone know why I would have a horrible ssh connection (extremely slow) ?01:58
d33dHey, anyone know why I would have a horrible ssh connection (extremely slow) ? - Sorry for repeat (to a remote server).01:58
speedcored33d I got the same problem01:58
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter01:58
d33dspeedcore,  any fix ?01:58
sovietn00bany good way to respin ubuntu?01:58
LibertyShadowJack_Sparrow, I would upload the DRIVER directory to a web location, but I think people prefer to download from dell's official sight rather than a personal http directory...01:58
speedcoreI dunno...  Check the /etc/ssh/ssh_config if compression is on01:58
JohnuahI wanna a cheap Linux Kernal laptop, can anyone give me some advices?01:58
speedcored33d: compression is only good for weak links between fast computers01:59
d33dspeedcore, I think i just figured it out.01:59
speedcored33d: what was the problem?01:59
Jack_SparrowWhat is the filename on the driver..01:59
sovietn00bJohnuah: System76, Dell are your best bets, or install Linux after you buy cheap Windows Laptop01:59
speedcored33d: I'm tunneling samba over ssh and it's much slower than it should be01:59
d33dspeedcore, DNS servers on my machine here were finding the right ones i believe01:59
LibertyShadowJack_Sparrow: http://www.skidmore.edu/~vnewell/driver/01:59
toc2rtaBest bittorrent for ubuntu ?02:00
FYILiberty shadow, you live in saratoga county?02:00
d33dspeedcore, (not remote machine)02:00
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:00
speedcored33d: so before you did a too long path of routers?02:00
LibertyShadowFYI mebe02:00
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in !GNOME under !Dapper: System -> Administration -> Disks - For !Edgy and later, see !fstab and !DiskMounter02:00
FYIlibertyShadow: I goto school across the river :)02:00
Jack_SparrowLibertyShadow: thanks02:00
FYIand south02:00
xenthrotoc2rta too many to mention ktorrent/deluge/azureus/qtorrent/qbittorrent/rtorrent/fluxtorrent there are so many02:00
Johnuahsovietn00b: Thankyou , but i am not sure if there is a laptop priced less than $200??02:01
speedcored33d: you know any tips on speeding up ssh tunnels? any way?02:01
abadtooth 02:01
LibertyShadowFYI sweet man, is that hudson valley?02:01
sovietn00bJohnuah: If you can scrunge a bit more, look at the ASUS EEE02:01
sovietn00bJohnuah: Its about 299 for low model, 399 for high model, linux preinstalled, flash memory, biult in wifi02:02
d33dspeedcore, I am behind a firewall and I have to use a certain dns server (port through the firewall) to connect. Well, I guess I have to set my dns server to the firewall ip. and it works just fine ---- kinda.02:02
JohnuahSome guy said  that the function of EEE is not enough.02:02
Dr_willisI want an Asus eee - but im finding full laptops in a similer price range now a days. :)02:02
Dr_willisBut i dont have $300 anyway. heh.02:02
LibertyShadowJack_Sparrow lol I havent chmodded02:02
jack-desktopif i'm using "vncviewer -listen", how do i accept the connection and try to control the desktop afterwards?02:02
orangeflyi just added a partition....how do i change the permissions so i can write to it....???....02:02
Dr_willisEEE is a bit of a specilized item. Depends on your needs.02:02
d33dspeedcore, course it just slowed way down again. Dangit -- just doing a sudo apt-get upgrade....weird maybe a reboot is needed.02:02
FYIjack_sparrow: I am trying to mount, but my harddrive isn't in mtab and fstab02:02
sovietn00bDr_Willis: Johnuah: True, EEE is a bit limited, bit half computer, half smartphone02:03
testfireHey guys, I cannot add/remove files from my flash drive unless I'm root, how can I fix this?02:03
LibertyShadowJack_Sparrow fixed :D02:03
destevenqtparted and gparted don't recognize the filesystem on my disk although I can mount it, what's wrong?02:03
sovietn00btestfire: as root, change permissions under properties02:03
Dr_willisjack-desktop,  from what i am reading in the vncviewer manual only some clients support that feature. Ive never used it.02:03
Johnuahsovietn00b: The EEE pc does really attract me but I 'm wondering whether it will satisfy me or not on normal usage.02:04
sovietn00bjohnuah: what are your needs?02:04
ScorchinI'm running Gutsy and can't mount my NTFS drive to be readable. Here's what I've got my fstab set to at the moment for it:02:04
Scorchin/dev/hda1  /media/Omega  ntfs  umask=0002  0  002:04
Scorchinany ideas why it's not working?02:04
testfiresovietn00b:  Thats another thing, I change them and immediately they change back (In other they cannot be changed either.)02:04
Dr_willisjack-desktop,  actually only some Vnc SERVERS support the reverse/listen feature it seems.02:04
BaKKaRwhy do i get this error >> " apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName"02:05
Jack_SparrowLibertyShadow: Good to know02:05
dm_edgeIs there anyone that knows how to solve network problems in ubuntu? I've been trying for hours to set up my network connection though nothing works. There was an internet connection once after installation, and after installing nvidia drivers I couldn't get an IP address by DHCP ever again, does anyone have an idea? I'm running kubuntu 7, and using admtek card (wired network)02:05
Johnuahsovietn00b: The most I'm care of is the rather small flash memory02:05
jack-desktopDr_willis, thanks for the info02:05
speedcoreI think the EEE PC with an 3G modem... and VNC or SSH ...  to normal workstation or server.. is the sexiest of uses02:05
toc2rtaJack_sparrow ? i require ur assistance02:05
Dr_willisjack-desktop,  vnc is a very very flexiable system. There may be other ways to do what you are trying to do (whatever that is) :)02:05
sovietn00bJohnuah: get a couple of USB drives02:05
Jack_Sparrowtoc2rta: I dont have much time, I am about to go to dinner02:06
JohnuahIt limitts me to store my inportant files on it, eg, pics, movies, mp302:06
speedcoreJohnuah: Tunnel huge drives from the internet...02:06
testfireHow do I format my USB flash drive?02:06
AndreLAlguma Brazuka na sala?02:06
=== danbhfive is now known as danbh_inTheMatri
AndreL 8-)02:07
speedcoreit's very easy to stream mp3's and movies and such... more networks.. for use with an eee pc02:07
toc2rtaDr_Willis,Jack_sparrow , i know this channel isn't a place for PPC users but i strongly need help getting firefox to work with java02:07
Dr_willisIm suprised there is not some 'online storage' company working with asus/eee to  have online drives with it.02:07
AndreLme use Opera chat02:07
Dr_willistoc2rta,  My experience with ppc is bad.. the imac is now in the closet.02:07
sovietn00bJohnuah:set up a mybook drive to take in the laptop bagg.....there's space considering its EEE ;-)02:07
speedcoretoc2rta: I can't help you... but what computer do you run ubuntu on? old mac?02:07
Jack_Sparrowtoc2rta: I cant help with ppc... I simply dont have any answers02:07
Johnuahsovietn00b: Can I mod the EEEpc to enlarge the memory storage02:07
AndreLBrasileiros na sala?02:07
sovietn00bJohnuah: Check on that02:08
sovietn00bIm not sure02:08
toc2rtaehh actually02:08
toc2rtaon my PS302:08
LibertyShadowtestfire: can't you use gparted, and just change the device in the upper right hand corner02:08
Dr_willisJohnuah,  some of them can be.. some cant.   from what i see on the eee forums02:08
[1]panfisti am having an issue with grub. according to my BIOS i am booting off of the secondary slave which is where linux is installed. grub is installed on this drive but by default will not boot my OS. i have to change the root drive everytime from hd3,0 to hd0,0, even though that partition doesnt have an OS on it02:08
speedcoreJohnua: Flashcards are cheap.02:08
=== praveen is now known as praveen_
speedcoretoc2rta...  ps3.. wow that's CELL02:08
testfireLibertyShadow:  I tried that, but it doesn't reset the permissions02:08
=== praveen_ is now known as pravee_n_
speedcoreisn't the cell pretty diffrent from the G5...  core usage wise02:09
toc2rtai have the latest java installed but can't get it working with java02:09
dxdtI wouldn't buy the Asus EEpc right now.  I've heard interesting things from EE profs at the university that newer models may be coming using newer, lower power screens based off of new patents and such.02:09
toc2rtaits possible though02:09
levanderIs ubuntuforums.org down?02:09
toc2rtai never used G5 or a mac before02:10
borisattvanoe. works for me02:10
dxdtlevander: no02:10
toc2rtathis is mt first time using linux or PPC02:10
sovietn00bdxdt:never buy the first of anything, too risky (wii strap, any1?)02:10
praveenmy menu bar is hidden in x-chat hw do i restore it ?02:10
levanderI had to Ctrl-F5.  Seems to be downloading now...02:10
borisattvadoes anyone know why would the gnome terminal randomly stop receiving keyboard input when telnetting into BBSs?02:10
speedcoretoc2rta: run any benchmarks on it... is it fast? compared to a pc?02:10
dxdtsovietn00b: lol.  I suppose so.  I'm OK with early adoption, but I usually don't have the dollars for it :-/02:10
fatejudgerWhen I boot up ubuntu, my ntfs partition is no longer being mounted. Then, when I try to manually mount it, fuse tells me that the "device or resource is busy". Does anyone know what's going on?02:10
JFactorcan anyone help me set up my s-video tv out?\02:10
BaKKaRcan anyone tell me when i try to start apache2 i get this error, why? " apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName"02:11
harushimoI have a quick question02:11
sovietn00banyone used Ubuntu Customization kit?02:11
toc2rtaIts as fast as a windows XP with a 1gig memory sitkc02:11
BaKKaRsovietn00b: yeah i did.02:11
toc2rtaits reliable02:11
harushimoI have external hard drive which is formatted in NTFS. I can copy/write files to that hard drive02:11
sovietn00bbakkar:is it good?02:11
harushimothat's my question02:12
Odd-rationaleharushimo: Yes.02:12
BaKKaRsovietn00b: very handy i would say.02:12
BaKKaRsovietn00b: for n00bs :)02:12
speedcoretoc2rta: ok cool02:12
harushimoit won't cause any problems because I never done this before. I just want to make sure02:12
speedcoretoc2rta: good luck02:12
JusticeZeroHi, I need to shut down the X server to install the Nvidia driver (having graphics issues, new install, want to see if using Nvidia's driver helps) What do I do to do that so I can run the driver install?02:12
=== praveen is now known as praveen_
quitttis there a GUI for bible application?02:13
sovietn00bBaKKaR: you're in 8th grade, and have 1 night to make it happen, easy way out's fine :/02:13
cheesypiecesguys, can anyone suggest a good LDAP media server program, or PS3 media server?02:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about bible - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:13
BaKKaRJusticeZero: o > sudo init 3 .. and then run the NVidia binary02:13
=== michael__ is now known as frankgrimes99
JusticeZeroOK, thanks Bakkar.02:14
BaKKaRJusticeZero: or better off, Ubuntu utsy installs that by defult02:14
WeedGrinchCheck out #Ubuntu-Modding!02:14
harushimoanother question if I add a hard drive to ubuntu, will it automatically get detected?02:14
WeedGrinchWill your computer detect ubuntu on it?02:14
JusticeZeroEr. I don't know that it has.02:14
BaKKaRharushimo: i have ubuntu gutsy .. and yes it does.02:14
Odd-rationaleharushimo: It should02:14
WeedGrinchYea it shuld02:14
WeedGrinchMine always has02:15
ubotuFor help with enabling the TV-Out, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaTVOutNewbieEdition (Nvidia cards) or http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Tvout (ATI cards, *untested*)02:15
BaKKaRharushimo: every drive i plug it .. i found it to be automatically mounted read-write02:15
=== xxploit is now known as gaming-os
speedcoreis SSH compression ON in ubuntu by default?02:15
JusticeZeroOkay, well, it installed -a- nVidia driver... Last time I was fighting with a similar issue, it seemed the one Ubuntu installed wasn't the latest.02:15
ubotuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for usage. Putty is a nice SSH client for Windows; it can be found at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/02:15
heatmzzrok, trying to get dvds to play, installed libdvdcss2 and libdvdread, am i missing something?02:15
Odd-rationaleBaKKaR: except for ext3 surprisingly02:16
quitttlet's dance on the volcano!02:16
harushimolast question, how I reformat the drive to fat32 in ubuntu02:16
BaKKaROdd-rationale: i have tried only vfat fat32 and ntfs :-)02:16
harushimobecause its an ntfs format02:16
JFactorDoes anyone know how to get the s-video working in gutsy with an nvidia 6150 card02:16
WeedGrinchWhy do you want fat32?02:16
Odd-rationaleBaKKaR: Those automounts fine with read/write support02:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about s-video - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about svideo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:17
WeedGrinchstupid bot :@02:17
Odd-rationaleharushimo: I would keep it ntfs02:17
BaKKaRJusticeZero: this is th open-source driver .. try the NVidia binary closed-srouse one.02:17
JFactorI have been trying to get this to work for about a month now02:17
BaKKaR!nvidia JusticeZero02:17
harushimooh okay...then02:17
JFactorMy resolution has been screwed up many times because of it02:17
Odd-rationaleharushimo: With fat32 you have a file limit of about 4 gb02:18
harushimoyeah I forgot about that02:18
fumanchuBaKKaR, did it work ?02:18
sovietn00banyone know is Ubuntu Customization Kit works w/ 64-bit isos?02:18
BaKKaRfumanchu: yeah, i found that lib installed already02:18
harushimothis drive be installed in my computer thats why I asked02:18
BaKKaRfumanchu: but when i tried to browse it like it worked :)02:19
Odd-rationaleharushimo: Also fat32 requires fragments more than ntfs02:19
Johnuahsovietn00b: Sorry , I'm offline for minutes/02:19
JFactorI cant see the light02:19
BaKKaRfumanchu: i have tried this after noticing this error >> apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName02:19
fumanchuBaKKaR, you should check /etc/hosts02:19
ubotuUbuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon) is the latest version of Ubuntu. Upgrading to Gutsy:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GutsyUpgrades - Downloading: http://www.ubuntu.com/download - New Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/710tour - Please use bittorrent to download if possible, see !torrents02:19
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu02:20
fumanchuit doesn't affect apache though02:20
rikkimaruhow do i figure out what X display I'm in02:21
BaKKaRfumanchu: it is right locat host >>> linuxbox (the name i have choosed for the host)02:21
BaKKaRfumanchu: so it seems riht02:21
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:21
fumanchurikkimaru, try who02:22
fumanchuBaKKaR, never mind that.. only if it really bothers you :P02:22
rikkimarufumanchu: which number is the display..?02:23
JFactorDoes anyone know anyone who knows how to deal with s-video issues?02:23
BaKKaRfumanchu: at least now it does work :) .. but nothin out of the /var/www/ works02:23
=== [1]panfist is now known as panfist
StarfishI just dist-upgraded to Gutsy, and I seem to have lost a bunch of things, namely audio functionality and video ability02:24
fumanchu" but nothin out of the /var/www/ works " what do you mean02:24
BaKKaRfumanchu: when i try to run eyeOS from within the /var/www/eyeOS/indexphp it runs fine ... but from anyother directory won't02:26
fumanchuanother directory like ......02:26
quitttwhat is name of the light mozilla-basead browser?02:26
macabro22guys I've been trying all day to compile and install the latest alsa module02:27
silent_quittt: your hair smells fantastic02:27
JusticeZeroOK, now i'm stuck with minimum graphics, can't get my graphics working right again, and I never did get out of X to install the Nvidia driver..02:27
macabro22can someone help me with this?02:27
JusticeZero"E: /var/cache/apt/archives/nvidia-glx-new_100.14.19+ trying to overwrite `/usr/bin/nvidia-xconfig', which is also in package nvidia-xconfig"02:28
JFactorUbuntu does not recognize my S-Video can anyone help?02:28
BaKKaRfumanchu: like /usr/share/wordpress/index.pho won't run and give me the same error again02:28
fumanchumacabro22, why compile alsa02:28
fumanchuBaKKaR, check the user permission02:28
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com02:28
macabro22fumanchu: the repo version doesnt work properly with my laptop sound card02:28
fumanchuBaKKaR, to the folder02:28
Ububeginwhere can i find *.vimrc file... i cant seem to find in my home directory...i used ls -la command..but its still not there...02:29
fumanchuBaKKaR, should be www-data02:29
macabro22fumanchu, can please help me solve a problem?02:29
silent_fumanchu: you compile alsa only if your hair gives off a tantalizing scent. In your case, compile.02:29
macabro22fumanchu:  http://www.pastebin.ca/89201402:29
fumanchusilent_, what? x)02:29
macabro22fumanchu: it seems ubuntu is loading the old module02:29
danonurahello. if i type "java -version" in terminal i get  (build 1.6.0_03-b05, mixed mode). does a symbolic link need to be created?02:30
fumanchumacabro22, what ubuntu version02:30
fumanchur u using02:30
macabro22fumanchu: I need to remove the old one and then install the one I just compiled. Ubuntu Gutsy02:30
macabro22fumanchu: the problem is I am not sure which file to remove02:31
jeezmosI'm trying to set up my "trackball explorer 2.0" in ubuntu.  First question ... after editing my /etc/X11/xorg.conf, doing CTRL+ALT+Backspace will restart X and load the changes I made, right?02:31
=== cwillu_ is now known as cwillu
fumanchumacabro22, don't remove, rename02:31
kibahow to avoid a fsck check?02:31
fumanchukiba,  /etc/fstab02:31
Ububegindanonura: hmm, for my case, i tried compiling and running a hello world .... U have change classpath, dats all...02:31
pygmymathjeezmos: aye thats right02:31
BaKKaRfumanchu: ok had it setup Group www-data and had read and write permission, no change02:31
pygmymathjeezmos: remember startx if it dies on you hegh02:31
joe-fhow can i change my systems time?02:31
fumanchuBaKKaR, what does it say, exactly02:32
joe-fits off by 5 min02:32
Ububeginwhere can i find *.vimrc file... i cant seem to find in my home directory...i used ls -la command..but its still not there...02:32
macabro22fumanchu: ok, but which one02:32
heatmzzrok, trying to get dvds to play, installed libdvdcss2 and libdvdread, am i missing something?02:32
novato_brpoxa o povo do brasil tem q parar com essa mania de comprar lixo pra revender aki02:32
heatmzzrwhat am i missing02:32
BaKKaRfumanchu: firefox opens a dialouge box askin me to save the *.php file or open it with another applicaion, default firefox .. i press open with firefox .. same happens again like a loop02:33
astro76Ububegin: there isn't one by default, create one02:33
astro76Ububegin: also you might want to install vim-full if you haven't already02:33
jnascimentoUbubegin: try find ./ -name "*.vimrc"02:33
fumanchumacabro22, is that the latest kernel for gutsy?02:33
pygmymathheatmzzr: go into the gnome-app-install (add/remove programs) look under the sound / video section and download everything to do with gstreamer codecs02:33
pygmymathheatmzzr: check out the other section aswell for anything dvd related02:33
fumanchuBaKKaR, oh.. thought you fixed that..02:34
Ububeginastro76 : k, hmm... i will create one and try02:34
BaKKaRUbubegin: a ood thin to use locate if it your first time do >> sudo locate -u then locate *.vimrc02:34
jeezmosk.  it's a 7-button mouse, but using "xev" it seems only 5 are recognised ... the back/forward buttons are using the same button # as the right-click and middle-click buttons.  This is the case no matter how many buttons I tell xorg.conf to look for.  any ideas what I could be doing wrong?02:34
kibahow to avoid fsck check?02:35
BaKKaRfumanchu: it is fixed, when i run the php files from within /var/www/what-ever ... but not anyother location!02:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about k-meleon - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:35
JusticeZeroI wish there was a 'throw up my hands and let the wizard try to heal the system' utility.02:35
fumanchuBaKKaR, that's apache's config..02:35
fumanchutake a look at gugle for that one02:35
fumanchukiba, you mean on boot fsck?02:36
BaKKaRgugle? is that google?02:36
jetscreamertouch /forcefsck02:36
danonura Ububegin:thanks.i'll look that up.i can't run java applets from webcams etc.i've followed several manuals at ubuntu forums and geek etc but still can't get it. maybe what you mentioned is the problem.02:36
fumanchuBaKKaR, xD yes02:36
jetscreameror shutdown -Fr now02:36
kibayes when it boot up, fumanchu02:36
BaKKaRfumanchu: lol, ok thanks02:36
fumanchusorry.. misspelled it02:36
fumanchukiba check /etc/fstab02:36
fumanchuthe last 0 002:36
BaKKaRfumanchu: no worries, thank you mate02:37
macabro22fumanchu: I suppose so02:37
fumanchu0 102:37
=== Celesafk is now known as Celes
fumanchuput 0 0 to skip fsck02:37
scolytushi all! I've just set up Ubuntu 7.10 Server. There was a Bug writing GRUB/MBR. What do you need for a bug-report?02:37
kibathe last 0 1?02:37
fumanchuBaKKaR, np02:37
Ububegindanonura : oh, in ur case, look up jvm... i think its all that line..02:37
TonrenSomene please help me stop Firefox from crashing again.02:37
faintofheartsAnyone know how to force compiz-fusion to use metacity instead of emerald?02:37
fumanchukiba, of the partition you want to skip02:37
TonrenI think it's mostly with Flash.02:37
Cpudan80Hey guys02:37
kiba0 0 is skip?02:37
Cpudan80Quick question02:37
fumanchukiba yes02:37
Cpudan80Is it possible to remote mount a EXT3 partition?02:38
UbubeginTonren: maybe can try the #firefox channel...02:38
danonuraUbubegin:in google? or repositories?02:38
innertruthfaintofhearts: metacity --replace02:38
toc2rtaUbuntu is the best !02:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about office - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:38
toc2rtadamn no need for me to buy windows anymore02:38
Cpudan80I would have to SSH to a box to login before I could remote mount it.... could I do all that in fstab?02:38
TonrenUbubegin: Thanks, I'll try.02:38
quitttdo you know a good Office application that is not heavy as OpenOffice02:38
innertruthquittt: AbiWord02:38
fumanchuquittt, abiword gnumeric02:39
fumanchuif you're running kde02:39
Catharticshi rullie02:39
CatharticsWhat's going on?02:39
CatharticsHow do you know how many people are on here?02:40
CatharticsWhere is the list?02:40
Catharticswow really are there 1127 users here?02:40
fumanchukiba, http://man.he.net/man5/fstab02:41
Ububegindanonura: maybe google or can try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java ...02:41
fumanchucheck 6th field02:41
CatharticsI'm just really new to this UBUNTU arena, but so far so good i'm loving it.02:41
toc2rtai click on the Azureus icon but it doesn't open ?02:41
CatharticsIt's crystal clean and so easier.02:42
danonuraUbubegin:k thanks02:42
CatharticsThe only problem i had was with the installation.02:42
UbubeginCathartics : welcome to ubuntooing...02:43
CatharticsThank you so much, I'd really appreciate that warm welcome.02:43
CatharticsHow you been doing ubub?02:43
MalazNoob question: How would I go about upgrading SDL to a later version (than 1.2.11)?02:43
jetscreamerinstall a later version02:43
MalazHow would I go about installing a later version of SDL (than 1.2.11)?02:44
CatharticsAnd it's really cool that people can share each other's problem here that's what i call a 24/7 tech support.02:44
Makuseruhi, maybe someone can help me, im trying to run ePSXe, but when i try to open an ISO i get this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54803/ can anyone help?02:44
icolt45<<<just killed windows installed ubuntu 7.1 "I like it!"02:44
CatharticsOh yeah icolt.02:44
CatharticsI did the same.02:44
CatharticsI love ubuntu now.02:45
MalazWe need a different channel for spamming how awesome ubuntu is...02:45
Catharticshaha. lol.02:45
CatharticsI'm sorry.02:45
astro76Malaz: it's #ubuntu-offtopic ;)02:45
Yasumotomike__: you're good02:45
mike__I am so new to this.... cool02:45
icolt45lol me to02:45
mike__how can I find a place to ask ? about ubuntu02:46
astro76mike__: you're in it02:46
mike__just wanted to check :)02:46
WeedGrinchAsk away my friend02:46
MalazSo, upgrade SDL, how do I do it?  Anyone want to help?02:46
CatharticsI guess they need to program this IRC chat software in such a way that when they login the first place they reach would be "Newbie's paradise"02:46
CatharticsWhere everyone could say "ubuntu is cool" without anyone being offended.02:47
MalazAlas, no such place exists02:47
bazhangstill offtopic alas02:47
=== Johnson is now known as obf213
MalazIt's almost as bad as being <racial comment>02:47
Catharticsi'm not gonna boor you guys with off topic comments..02:47
CatharticsI'm gonna go hit the sacks.02:48
CatharticsLater fellaz.02:48
CatharticsYa'll have a good one.02:48
mike__I would like to reinstall ubuntu on my laptop due to some screwups. I have Vista also on it. How can I reinstal but not mess up Vista?02:48
quitttyou give too much value to 'offtopic'02:48
WeedGrinchWhen i tried to partition on vista02:48
quitttremember this IRC at first02:48
innertruthjust format your vista02:48
WeedGrinchIt screwed it up02:48
WeedGrinchJust delete vista ;D02:48
WeedGrinchIt sucks anyways02:48
tritium!enter | WeedGrinch02:48
ubotuWeedGrinch: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:48
tritiumNo problem.02:49
astro76mike__: can't you do the same thing you did to install it the first time?02:50
neopsychehi.. im looking for a simple program to record TV on ubuntu.. not something complicated like MYTH TV but a simple recorder .. that can record to mpeg4 / FLV etc. and simply have a time set to record like a VCR.. it would be like a virtual VCR (not PVR like MYTH TV)02:50
mike__I am thinking so.... JUst wondering?02:50
astro76mike__: reinstall is the same as your initial install, so go for it02:50
WeedGrinchim looking too02:50
innertruthneopsyche: mencoder02:51
TonrenCan someone please help me get Firefox to stop crashing on Kubuntu 7.10 with Java(TM) Plug-in 1.6.0_03-b05?02:51
=== Zetto_ is now known as Zetto
innertruthneopsyche: mmm actually mencoder+cron... maybe not simple enouth02:52
MalazSo, how to install a later version of SDL.  How to update from 1.2.11.  Please help, I'm dying over here!02:52
Dr_willisHmm using Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.6.0_03-b05, mixed mode, sharing)  - and i dont see any crashes i can blame on java. :) flash perhaps.. but not java02:52
MalazStuck in a bug.  Can't play starcon 2!  Terrible!02:52
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sdl - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi02:52
neopsycheinnertruth: one other thing.. it must have a GUI02:52
ShadowApexHey guys, anyone have any extensive knowledge of scripting in Linux?02:52
Malazoh...  Well, thanks for actually responding.  You're the first!02:52
tritiumWeedGrinch: don't guess at factoids.  Experiment with ubotu in a private query02:53
MalazNoob question: How would I go about upgrading SDL to a later version (than 1.2.11)?02:53
harushimohow do format a usb drive02:53
microphexwhats the best way to go about getting the best drivers for my geforce 8400m gs mobile card?02:54
TonrenMalaz: If you're referring to upgrading SDL beyond the version supplied in the repositories, then unfortunately, it isn't really within realistic reach of a "noob".02:54
harushimoI need to reformat it. how would I be able to do that02:54
bazhanggparted harushimo02:54
ushimitsudokiharushimo: many ways, but one easy way is using gparted ... simple GUI02:54
harushimois the program name gparted or gpart02:55
tritium!nvidia | microphex02:55
ubotumicrophex: To install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:55
harushimoI read it was gpart02:55
avsa242Can anyone (assuming they have the time...may be a bit consuming) confirm with Hardy, a fresh install of mythbackend-master an inability to connect to the mysql server (mine is bound to my lan ip, denies connections from it as well as localhost)?02:55
ushimitsudokiharushimo: gparted02:55
harushimothank you02:55
bazhangharushimo: gparted02:55
astro76avsa242: hardy in #ubuntu+102:55
MalazTonren:  Well, thanks for responding.  I suppose there will be a new version in the repos with the release of 8.04?02:55
avsa242doh, sorry02:55
heatmzzrok all, trying to play dvds in my friends computer, seems to have the same files i do in mine and mine plays fine, libdvdcss2, libdvdread3, any others im missing or what am i doing wrong02:55
tritiumMalaz: yes02:56
TonrenMalaz: That's probable.  The unfortunate thing about Ubuntu's package-based distribution system is that it's hard for inexperienced users (and a hassle for experienced users) to go past the versions in the repositories.02:56
TonrenMalaz: And the maintainers can't upgrade versions frivolously at the risk of breaking other stuff.02:56
TonrenIt's a tough balance to strike.02:56
Djnethello all02:57
bazhangstarcon2 would likely not tip the balance02:57
theaxemanI just installed Ubuntu on my third system in the last week. Everything's going great. But, I got to the login screen on this lastest install, and I must've typed in something wrong with my username/password during the setup and can't get in.02:57
theaxeman<theaxeman> Is there a way to get in without doing a re-install?02:57
MalazAhh, but SDL would, maybe02:57
Tonrenbazhang: That's not an Ubuntu problem, but a wine problem.  (I'm assuming starcon2 is a Windows game.)02:57
ronny1is there any increase in performance when using ubuntu 64 bit over ubuntu 32 bit ?02:57
tritiumtheaxeman: yes, boot into single-user (recovery) mode02:57
Malazbazhang: The version in the repos is nearly up to date.02:57
Djnethas anyone gotten red alert 2 to work on wine02:58
bazhangTonren: you must be new here ;]02:58
Tonrenronny1: It's debatable.  You will experience horrible compatibility issues with Flash in 64bit, though.  I recommend sticking with 32bit.02:58
MalazTonren: starcon 2 is released under the GPL, and has been ported to linux.02:58
Tonrenbazhang: Why?02:58
theaxemanCool. Thanks!02:58
ushimitsudokidjnet: best place for that is AppDB at winehq.com02:58
sahabiEscape character is '^]'.02:58
Dr_willisMalaz,  you mean the Ul-Quarm masters ? :)02:58
TonrenMalaz: Oh.  I hadn't heard of it.02:58
MalazTonren: You must be new at everything to not have heard of starcon 202:58
Dr_willis!info uqm02:59
ubotuuqm (source: uqm): The Ur-Quan Masters - An inter-galatic adventure game. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.6.2.dfsg-3ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 566 kB, installed size 1372 kB02:59
MalazDr_willis: That I do.  Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters02:59
TonrenMalaz: I haven't had the time to play a lot of games lately.02:59
TonrenOh, STAR CONTROL.02:59
MalazTonren: It's not a 'lately' kind of game02:59
Djnetwho here have tried to install freecnc or freera02:59
CelesI have a question about open arena can anyone help me?02:59
Dr_willisHeh - Yep its  an oldie.02:59
WeedGrinchSAsk it02:59
WeedGrinchAsk it *02:59
eshaase_i setup a new gutsy machine with x11vnc and when i use vncviewer to connect to the machine my mouse moves around ok but i can't click or enter my login to the screensaver, this works on my feisty machine and i have no way of explaining why this is hapenning, anyone have any ideas?02:59
MalazTonren: It's the kind of classic that should be mandatory to have a vote in any democratic system.  Kind of like the age of majority.02:59
Zombineanyone using gkrellm here?02:59
TonrenMalaz: Then you've played Master of Orion, as well.  :-)03:00
Dr_willisI suck at the UQM game however.. its just a bit.. well tedious at times.03:00
CelesHow come one cannot play on multiplayer mode of open arena..when I go to search for servers nothing shows up :(?03:00
Dr_willisCeles,  be sure its looking on the internet, not the local lan.03:00
MalazTonren: I wouldn't call myself a human being if I hadn't.  I played it so much it developed a crack and exploded in my computer03:00
CelesHow do I make sure of that Dr_willis ?03:00
MalazTonren: Sadly I haven't played it since.03:00
TonrenMalaz: Brilliant.  I'll see if I can fit in Star Control 2 sometime.03:01
Dr_willisCeles,  should be a button there some where in the  game browser listing.03:01
Celesand what is this punkster thats apparently disabled? is it a anti bot system?03:01
Dr_willisCeles,  if it has it.. lots of those games do.03:01
Dr_willisPunkbuster is an anti-cheat system03:01
ubotuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php03:01
Celesyes and thats "disabled"03:01
danonuraUbubegin: i found i have CACAO jvm installed.03:01
MalazTonren: It's an epic(ish) interstellar adventure game of massively epic proportions.  By the way, it is not affiliated with Starcon 3 in any way.  Ever.03:01
Dr_willisCeles,  its not a feature of openarena - just the original arena game i think03:01
Dr_willisCeles,  check that !games site for  specifics for openarena perhaps.03:02
TonrenSo, can anyone help me fix FIrefox?03:02
Djnet<Tonren> wats wrong wit firefox03:02
aszwet1hello i need help setting up an atheros 5005gs card on ubuntu 7.10 in lspci it's showing as unclassified device03:02
TonrenDjnet: I believe Flash is causing it to crash.03:03
linux__aliencan i compile Vanilla Kernels in Ubuntu?03:03
linux__alienThis is the first time i am using Ubuntu03:03
theaxeman>Malaz< I'm in single-user, Recovery Mode. Is there a command to reset the username/password?03:03
linux__alienso does Ubuntu allow kernel compilation and stuff like that?03:03
aszwet1in iwconfig it shows up as ath0, but i can't et it to find any wireless networks on the "mm-applet"03:03
Tonrentheaxeman: passwd03:03
danonurare: java . virtual machine which one?03:03
Djnetaszwetl: use restricted drivers manager03:04
Djnettonren: hmmm reinstall it03:04
aszwet1Djnet, i have them enabled03:04
TonrenDjnet: All due respect, but I really doubt that's going to work.  I don't think reinstalling has ever helped anything on Linux for me.03:04
ubotuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)03:04
bazhanglinux__alien: see above03:05
theaxemanI just installed Ubuntu on my third system in the last week. Everything's going great. But, I got to the login screen on this lastest install, and I must've typed in something wrong with my username/password during the setup and can't get in.03:05
theaxeman<theaxeman> Is there a way to get in without doing a re-install?03:05
heartsbloodhow do I run fsck.hfsplus on a gutsy system?03:05
theaxemanI'm in single-user, Recovery Mode. Is there a command to reset the username/password?03:05
Djnettonren: uninstall it first it works for me when i have problems03:05
TonrenDjnet: Well, I'll try.03:05
heartsbloodI need to fix a hfsplus FS but it appears hfsprogs isn't in the gutsy repo03:05
Djnetaszwet: then i dont know wats wrong03:05
aszwet1thanx :)03:06
bazhanghttp://symbolik.wordpress.com/2007/11/10/vanilla-kernel-26231-on-gutsy-gibbon/ linux__alien also here03:06
harushimoi want to zero my ntfs partition. how do I do that with gparted03:07
KrAsHeRthat's the thing... everytime i try to install nvidia restricted driver, it corrupts my x server... which configuration files i need to backup to stop having to reinstall all the system?03:08
TonrenWhat the hell is "ubufox"?03:08
=== Simps2[Linux] is now known as simps
bazhanghttp://openarena.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ Celes03:08
TonrenKrAsHeR: /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:08
aszwet1can anyone help me with wireless setup using madwifi?03:08
pawanany application to convert mp3 audio bitrate03:08
bazhanghttp://linuxappfinder.com/package/ubufox Tonren03:09
KrAsHeRTonren: Just xorg.conf?03:09
Tonrenbazhang: If I'm trying to reinstall Firefox, should I uninstall ubufox?03:09
TonrenKrAsHeR: That's the big 'un.03:09
Tonrenharushimo: Have you checked the man page?03:09
bazhangTonren: not sure--why not try without and see what happens03:10
KrAsHeRTonren: well... how about that... i've done this one time... the xserver got screwed... i restored the backup... and... big surprise... nothing happened!03:10
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:10
KrAsHeRTonren: just like ubuntu simply ignored it!03:10
TonrenKrAsHeR: I'm sorry, dude, I can't really spend the time to give you detailed help... you shouldn't be messing with stuff that screws up Xorg if you aren't an advanced user, though.03:10
bazhanghttp://gparted.sourceforge.net/faq.php harushimo03:10
bazhangsudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg KrAsHeR03:11
KrAsHeRTonren: Well man... it's a restricted driver... if i can't install my video driver... what great piece of software mark shuttleworth is burning money financing it... don't you think?03:11
bazhangofftopic KrAsHeR03:12
Hammer89hey... for some reason I can't get Gnome to work... it was working fine till I changed my emerald theme03:12
TonrenKrAsHeR: Ubuntu isn't perfect.  :-\03:12
Celesbazhang, that doesnt really help03:12
bazhangHammer89: more specific please--dont work doesnt do it03:12
linux__alienis there any current alternative to Adobe Flash problems?03:13
bazhangCeles: your welcome03:13
Celesbazhang, thanks for trying..03:13
KrAsHeRTonren: let me correct you... 7.10 isn't perfect... in older versions... the video driver worked like magic... now, with this stinkin' failsafe mode... everytime is failsafe!03:13
Hammer89bazhang: I changed my metacity theme... and my emerald theme... then pressed alt-cntrl-backspace... logged back in... but all I'd get was a black screen with an X as a cursor03:13
Celesill ask later... ><03:14
the_alamoi have installed the latest nvidia driver using envy.  today there is a linux-hreaders update.  what do i need to do before/after i install the update to that my system doesn't crash.03:14
TonrenKrAsHeR: Yeah, Ubuntu has broken with updates for me, too.03:14
harushimoI look at the man page, internet, documentation on the internet...is there a way to reformat or zero an hard drive using gparted03:14
bazhangthe_alamo: envy uh oh.03:14
alexanderhey, I'm trying to compile freeciv from source but getting an error concerning gtk+03:14
harushimoi'll keep looking. if anyone knows, drop me a line03:15
alexanderhas anyone encountered this problem, surely gtk+ is installed by default03:15
bazhangharushimo: in the faq03:15
heatmzzr_ok, how do i get the program to do the box thingy, the eyecandy? have squiggly windows now but not the configuration program03:15
eshaase_i setup a new gutsy machine with x11vnc and when i use vncviewer to connect to the machine my mouse moves around ok but i can't click or enter my login to the screensaver, this works on my feisty machine and i have no way of explaining why this is hapenning, anyone have any ideas?03:15
astro76alexander: not any -dev packages03:15
Djnethey does anyone have a guide to install cedega03:15
alexanderastro76: sorry what?03:15
=== fireman233 is now known as fireman2333
Falco98anyone know if there's a trick to squeeze a linux install onto a disc which is already half-full of valuable data in NTFS?03:15
bazhang!ccsm | heatmzzr_03:15
ubotuheatmzzr_: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), install 'compizconfig-settings-manager'. A new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion03:15
heatmzzr_thanks bahang03:16
Falco98i.e. could the linux installer (or any other tool) make a new partition without destroying the current one?03:16
TonrenCan someone, anyone, PLEASE help me fix Firefox.03:16
bazhangFalco98: sure03:16
the_alamobazhang, trouble?  i used envy because the driver that the restricted-drivers app installs isn't great for my card.03:16
astro76alexander: you'll need to look for a gtk package ending in -dev or -devel, these contain the headers and such necessary for compiling03:16
Djnettonren: reinstalling didnt work03:16
bazhang!envy | the_alamo03:16
ubotuthe_alamo: envy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:16
linux__alienone general question for Ubuntu . Whats the difference between Fedora and Ubuntu in terms of packages and is Ubuntu only a end user system or can it be used by developers too ?03:16
Falco98bazhang: can you give me some quick details?03:16
TonrenDjnet: Nope.03:16
alexanderastro76: alright, thanks a lot, I'm looking now... I want gtk2-dev or something like that?03:16
WeedGrinchI install EggDrop but I cant locate any of the files with search.... Help?03:17
bazhangFalco98: you mean a dual boot?03:17
bazhangFalco98: vista installed first?03:17
astro76linux__alien: linux is linux, both are suitable for devs or anyone else03:17
Falco98bazhang: yeah, that's what i'd like to end up with, but my point is, the disk i want to install on already has an NTFS partition that i don't want to destroy.. even if it's not full03:17
alexanderastro76: looks like the closest thing is gtk2.0-binver-2.10 there is no -dev03:17
travisatlinux__alien: ubuntu devs generally use ubuntu I would hope03:17
Falco98bazhang: xp, but yeah it's already windows'd03:17
WeedGrinchWhere do files i install from Sudo Apt-Get install X go?03:18
WrecI need an advanced user to help me switch the linux kernel that is booted by default. My menu.lst file does not seem to be editing what the grub is doing. I know exactly how this is supposed to normally be done. I need someone with lots of experience.03:18
cry01hi, anyone can tell me whats the difference between a presanitized header and an orginal kernel header? And also how I would apply a patch like this one? I am quite confused... http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2008-January/022833.html03:18
bazhanglinux__alien: fedora uses rpm--ubuntu uses apt--one is stable and usable, the other not so much03:18
the_alamobazhang, well i think that ubotu is maybe a little biased and well, just wrong.  i needed the newer driver for my card to function properly03:18
bazhangoops deb03:18
linux__aliendevelopers i mean the kernel coz i play with the kernel03:18
linux__alienso just wanted to know03:18
astro76!info libgtk2.0-dev | alexander03:18
ubotualexander: libgtk2.0-dev (source: gtk+2.0): Development files for the GTK+ library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.12.0-1ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 2588 kB, installed size 9132 kB03:18
bazhangthe_alamo: well the rules here say dont support envy03:18
Wrecdoes anyone else have wireless issues in the 'new' kernel?03:19
alexanderastro76: thanks a lot03:19
travisatlinux__alien: yes you can dev on the kernel in ubuntu03:19
nickrudthe_alamo: too many people don't realize that a kernel upgrade requires reinstall of envy, or have issues during an upgrade to the next release.03:19
Wrecdoes anyone know how to change the default OS to boot in grub03:20
bazhangFalco98: so you have multiple partitions on this disk?03:20
Falco98the_alamo: funny, fedora didn't support my laptop's wireless card *at all*, but ubuntu found it with no problems whatsoever :-P03:20
linux__alientravisat, ve not used much of Ubuntu just used Live CD. Now ve got a laptop Dell Inspiron 1520 and installed ubuntu and fedora too fedora didnt recognize the wireless card and know the problem but i dont have any other internet connection except the wireless to fix it even to download the packages i need a connection so Ubuntu detected it and its good too so just wanted to know about it a little more03:21
Falco98bazhang: yeah; one is a small partition with XP on it, and is almost full.  the other contains all my data, and is about half full.  Optimally I'd like to ... er, make a new partition using the empty space on this drive, and put linux on it in a multi-boot type situation.03:21
sjolshagHow do I get the snd_intel8x0 sound out of the headphones and from the speakers after Suspend/resume cycle?03:21
nickrudWrec: set the default (near the top in /boot/grub/menu.lst) , count your os's starting with 003:21
Wrecnickrud: this does not change the default booting contrary to all reason ><03:21
Falco98bazhang: the problem is, i'm *just* familiar enough with partitioning to know that this has always been impossible, at least with traditional DOS partitioning tools... but I don't know what Linux can do...03:21
the_alamobazhang, it is true that ubuntu doesn't support envy but this is a community channel and i am asking the community for help.03:22
ubotuenvy is not needed or supported. Use the Resticted Manager to install binary drivers and see « /msg ubotu binarydriver »03:22
jmlaneHi all. My friend managed to screw up and deleted my user from our ubuntu machine. I restored a backed-up /etc/passwd and /etc/group (from /var/backups) but when I go to login or su I get "Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info". Any ideas?03:22
Wrecnickrud: I've tried this along with the 'saved' function (and have learned a lot in the process), but the simple function to boot what I want remains unreached03:22
nickrudWrec: you sure? I've used it in the past, but not recently03:22
bazhangthe_alamo: just be thankful the stricter ops are not about03:22
astro76the_alamo: the community doesn't want to help with it either03:22
erawfishthe_alamo: see the "not supported"? what ubotu says is LAW here03:22
fireman23333333#debian r jerks03:22
Milk_anyone running ispconfig in ubuntu?03:22
fireman23333333they all  suck03:22
linux__alientravisat, whats the audio player to be used with ubuntu. i used to use Amarok and here is there anything else ?03:22
linux__alienapart from amarok?03:22
fireman23333333what is an ubuntu03:23
Wrecnickrud: yes, I've put off homework for 4 hours restarting the pc. Also, I tried changing the timer from 3 to 10 just to see if it would. It didn't change.03:23
astro76!ubuntu | fireman2333333303:23
ubotufireman23333333: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:23
sjolshaglinux_alien: rythmbox, juk, etc03:23
bazhangfireman23333333: stop03:23
nickrudthe_alamo: it's worded that way so we can say no with a clean conciense03:23
Wrecnickrud: I'm thinking I'm editing the wrong file or it doesn't like the separate boot partition03:23
harushimoits look like gparted doesn't have an option for a zero fill the drive03:23
erawfishplease channel note: fireman23333333 was repeatedly banned in #debian and evaded bans when his trolling got out of hand. so ban him now or suffer later03:23
sjolshaglinux_alien: "apt-cache search sound"  usually gives a pretty good overview03:23
harushimoi'm guessing I can use dd right03:23
harushimoto do that03:23
cry01hi, anyone can tell me whats the difference between a presanitized header and an orginal kernel header? And also how I would apply a patch like this one? I am quite confused... http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2008-January/022833.html03:24
bazhangerawfish: thanks for the heads up03:24
nickrudWrec: shouldn't make a difference. And it's possible you're editing the wrong file if there's more than one menu.lst on your partitions.03:24
fireman23333333that didnt answer any questions03:24
erawfish!language | fireman2333333303:24
ubotufireman23333333: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:24
bazhang!caps | fireman2333333303:24
ubotufireman23333333: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.03:24
fireman23333333what is the differance betwwem ubuntu and vista?03:25
nickrudfireman2333: then take it as a warning to be nice03:25
erawfishand ban evasion is a reason for a kline. so you should actually be klined (baned from the whole network)03:25
nickrudfireman2333: and not silly03:25
bazhangfireman23333333: stop now--last warning03:25
WrecI have a / partition and a /boot partition. The /boot partition has a /boot/grub/menu.lst along with a menu.lst~, but I dont' think that would make a difference.03:25
erawfishnickrud: he asked the same questions in #debian. was fun to watch in a train wreck kinda way03:25
Wrecnickrud: I have a / partition and a /boot partition. The /boot partition has a /boot/grub/menu.lst along with a menu.lst~, but I dont' think that would make a difference.03:25
nickruderawfish: heh03:25
ubotuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository (in !Backports for !Edgy)03:25
fireman23333333OMG were can i go to learn more about ubuntu?03:25
=== Andre_Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim_
fireman23333333or any linux thing03:26
erawfishfireman23333333: at www.ubuntu.com03:26
SambieStop acting like a child Fireman03:26
IndyGunFreakfireman23333333: uh, ubuntu.com?03:26
=== Andre_Gondim_ is now known as Gondim
bazhangwww.ubuntuguide.org fireman2333333303:26
fireman23333333I am only 1503:26
fireman23333333i know some stuff though03:26
SambieThat figures03:26
=== Gondim is now known as Andre_Gondim_
bazhang!ot | fireman2333333303:26
ubotufireman23333333: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!03:26
nickrudWrec: try unmounting your /boot partition, see if there's a menu.lst under there.03:26
fireman23333333thank u ubou03:27
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
Lokii-ubotu is a bot03:27
ubotuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.03:27
Wrecnickrud: you mean see if there's one somewhere else?03:27
ozzloyfireman23333333: sage'03:27
fireman23333333ubuto is not real03:27
nickrudWrec: yes. It's possible that you're seeing the one in /boot partition, but the mbr is pointing to the /boot on the primary partition03:28
fireman23333333he knew my name'03:28
* Celes hugs ubotu and makes him real :)03:28
SambieUbotu, Is your name happen to be Bender? If so... Lets go get drunk! :)03:28
bazhangFalco98: this is possible--though you should back up important stuff as always03:28
fireman23333333so i think u lieing03:28
WrecI moved /boot from the primary partition when I made the boot partition03:28
astro76would someone please kick the fireman23333333 troll, now he's trolling #mediawiki03:28
Wrecnickrud:I moved /boot from the primary partition when I made the boot partition03:28
* nickrud worries about possible magic in the channel03:28
heatmzzr_fireman, telling the truth03:28
AlgorithmicContrCould someone help me out? Whenever I shutdown Ubuntu the usplash is very dim and doesn't even seem to appear at all. Conversely, the usplash theme on boot startup is fine.03:28
fireman23333333falco98 are u 10 years old?03:28
Falco98bazhang: oh?  can you point me in the right direction?  important stuff is pretty well backed-up atm, though i'll make copies onto external drives and stuff before i get too deep03:29
nickrudWrec: moved? or copied? That's the thing I would confirm first, make sure I was actually editing the menu.lst that grub is using03:29
SambieFireman, Don't you have school tomorrow?03:29
=== Andre_Gondim_ is now known as Andre_Gondim
Falco98fireman2333: huh?03:29
SambieIt's 10:30PM03:29
bazhangSambie: dont feed it03:29
Sambieisn't suppose to be bed time?03:29
zer0neMy window manager closed, and now I don't have any sort of minimize/close/maximizebuttons, and my windows have no size controls.  What's the command I can run in compiz-fusion to restart the windo wmanager?03:29
nickrud!ops | fireman2333 (seems to be a consensus)03:29
ubotufireman2333 (seems to be a consensus): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!03:29
* erawfish things he sees many people regretting it already03:29
astro76bazhang: you have the patience of a saint my friend ;)03:29
SambieBazhang, I apologize :)03:29
Wrecnickrud: wow, that's even stranger. I must have forgotten to copy it over. But, now I have a different problem haha. How do I get it to look at the /boot partition instead of the /boot on the main one.03:30
=== jmlane_ is now known as jmlane
bazhanghttp://apcmag.com/6101/dualboot_windows_xp_and_ubuntu Falco98 this is for feisty but works for gutsy as well03:30
Wrecnickrud: must have forgotten to delete it*03:30
bazhangastro76: living in asia will do that to a person ;]03:30
Falco98bazhang: thanks, i'll check it out..03:30
KalirAh cripes, did someone just come in here claiming to be 15 and saying he needed/would hax?03:30
bazhangFalco98: there is also a youtube video ;]03:30
Celesumm okay does anyone play open arena here?03:30
jmlaneCan someone tell me where user account authentication information is managed/kept by default?03:30
Falco98hehe awesome03:30
csc`Kalir: yah, you just did03:30
Hammer81*tries again* For some reason when I try to log on my computer using the gnome desktop environment all I get is a black screen with a white X... can anyone help?03:31
dxdtKalir: haxor!03:31
Kalircsc`: Cheeky.03:31
Falco98bazhang: is it linked from that page, i guess?03:31
erawfishjmlane: /etc/passwd /etc/shadow03:31
nickrudWrec: my memory fails, a sec03:31
Wrecnickrud: when I made the /boot partition using gparted, I tagged the new partition at the beginning of the disk to be the boot disk03:31
nickrudWrec: not enough03:31
bazhanghttp://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6104490811311898236 Falco98 not sure which is installed first though03:31
Wrecnickrud: hmmm03:31
erawfishWrec: that is irrelevnat. partition bootflags are meaningless03:31
theaxemanGot my password/reset problem fixed: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword03:31
Wrecerawfish: noted XD03:31
Falco98bazhang: iirc, isn't the linux installer smarter about these things?03:31
erawfishWrec: at least under linux it is03:31
jmlaneerawfish: Ah, forgot to restore new /etc/shadow... Thanks.03:31
bazhangtheaxeman: thanks for the link--that is an awesome site03:32
Wrecerawfish: that's all there is in my world :P03:32
bazhangFalco98: it can pass the turing test imo03:32
fireman23333333Falco98 are u 10?03:32
erawfishWrec: edit your menu.lst. that is what grub cares about. but since you changed /boot, you will need to reinstall grub with trub-install too03:32
fireman23333333Falco98 are u 1003:32
Falco98what do you mean, fireman?03:32
erawfish!ops fireman23333333 ban evasion03:32
fireman2333333310 years old03:33
Falco98why do you ask?03:33
erawfish!ops | fireman23333333 ban evasion03:33
ubotufireman23333333 ban evasion: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!03:33
Wrecerawfish: how do I go about reinstalling grub with trub-install03:33
bazhangbye fireman233303:33
Kalamansi!seen th0r03:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen th0r - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi03:33
Falco98yeah, that' smy highschool graduation year :-P03:33
Falco98though today is my birthday :-P03:33
bazhanghappy birthday!03:33
erawfishnalioth: he WILL ban evade forever. he did the exact same thing in #debian. the regulars there had a pretty hardt ime03:33
Celeshow old?03:34
KalamansiFalco98 happy bd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!03:34
erawfishgrub | Wrec03:34
nickrudWrec: I wanted to be sure, so I looked it up. the root (hdx,x) points to your /boot partition03:34
Falco98thanx =)03:34
edjuwireless is up, but iwconfig doesn't show an ip.  is that normal?03:34
naliotherawfish: i suspect i won't have any trouble  :)03:34
erawfish!grub | Wrec03:34
ubotuWrec: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:34
toc2rtaKalamansi ?03:34
Falco98Celes: 2803:34
erawfishnalioth: kline?03:34
toc2rtawhat is the site that i go and paste my source.list ?03:34
Hammer81*tries again* For some reason when I try to log on my computer using the gnome desktop environment all I get is a black screen with a white X... can anyone help? (starting to feel like a pest ;) )03:34
erawfishwould be about time...03:34
Celeshappy 28th Falco98  :D03:34
Falco98ty ;-)03:34
Celesim only in my mid twenties03:34
Celesbut I still feel old.03:35
NoogenHammer: probably a graphic problem?  what kind of card do you have? ATI?03:35
Wrecnickrud: where do I edit it to be (hd0, 0)03:35
jmlaneAny sort of access logs on a system where I can check who might have made changes to my /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow?03:35
Wrecnickrud: because that is where it is, right at the beginning03:35
Kalamansierawfish : how to save the config of my ethernets? so that when i restart my ubuntu still my workstation can connect to the server.. thanks03:35
Hammer81Noogen: yeah... it worked fine before though03:35
Falco98bazhang: do you happen to know whether that partitioning installer allows a user to choose a different HD to rearrange the partitions on, etc?03:35
erawfishKalamansi: edit /etc/network/interfaces03:36
NoogenHammmer: ic, what model?  and do you remember what you did to break it?03:36
Falco98the webpage seems to be mildly vague on this point, even though it looks as if the options include this in general03:36
geekittyany help possible with dpkg error?03:36
Kalamansierawfish : thanks03:36
twentyafterfourcan anyone recommend a good place to look for help on an obscure kernel/driver issue?03:36
bazhangFalco98: though gparted is used on the installer--you might be better off with the gparted live cd for that--just my 2 cents03:36
erawfishtwentyafterfour: ##kernel03:36
Hammer81Noogen: Radeon Xpress 200m... last thing I did was change some metacity/emerald themes03:36
Wrecubotu: that's not my problem03:36
twentyafterfourerawfish: thanks03:36
Wrecerawfish: can you be more clear?03:36
nickrudWrec: in /boot/grub/menu.lst , change #groot= to the correct device03:36
erawfishWrec: it is. and ubotu is a bot03:36
astro76jmlane: sudo commands and logins are logged to /var/log/auth.log03:36
Falco98bazhang: oh, use the gparted liveCD and then use the linux installer once it's done?03:36
nickrudWrec: then run   sudo update-grub03:37
Kalamansierawfish : how to filter the downloads of workstation pc2(xp) and pc3(win98)? where pc1 is my server..03:37
jmlaneastro76: Thanks!03:37
erawfishnickrud: since he deleted /boot he also deleted stage 2 of grub03:37
bazhangerawfish: I have found the people in #debian to be quite nice actually--thus suspecting him of trolldom right away03:37
Hammer81Noogen: I'm working a K desktop environment installed on the same computer right now... till I get it fixed03:37
Kalamansibazhang : ni hao ma?03:37
Wrecerawfish: I have nothing to do with windows03:37
erawfishWrec: but your problem is the same03:37
nickruderawfish: he said he copied it over to the /boot partition, he's booting but default is not controlling the boot os. That's what lead me to believe he hadn't changed the groot03:37
NoogenHammer: would you know which driver you are using?  vesa, radeonhd, or ati?03:37
bazhang你好 Kalamansi03:38
KalamansiFalco98 : happy birthday. whats the food and drinks there. any party?03:38
erawfishWrec: and solving it is done the same way too. your choice if you want to ignore it03:38
Falco98i have food if you bring the beer O:-)03:38
Hammer81Noogen: whatever the default restricted driver is...03:38
zer0nehow do I restart my window decorator in compiz fusion?  it crashed and I have no window controls03:38
KalamansiFalco98 : where are you located?03:38
Wrecerawfish: I'll try that if nickrud doesn't help me solve this. They're doing a good job so far.03:38
Falco98south carolina, USA03:38
Falco98for now :-P03:38
KalamansiFalco98 : why for now?03:38
bazhangzer0ne: alt-f2 metacity --replace03:38
EmmerPanybody using vimperator?03:38
Falco98getting transferred at the end of this week03:38
Falco98by my company03:39
KalamansiFalco98 : you moving from time to time with your family?03:39
Wrecnickrud: should I get rid of the # before it (I forget if that's the comment character)03:39
nickrudWrec: no, leave the #03:39
KalamansiFalco98 ahh okay03:39
Falco98Kalamansi: moving closer to my girlfriend, for the most part03:39
ubotuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server-specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ServerFaq/ - The #ubuntu-server channel provides specific support03:39
erawfishnickrud: he needs to change those things too of course, no question. but when moving /boot there is a high chance grub files are moved too. which is bad. right now they still might even work cause it'S on the same place on disk right now. but he might soon use the space again and then hi grub files get overwriten (on disk) and grub stops working03:39
Falco98and also closer to better jobs03:39
Wrecnickrud: well, it's set to the correct one on the primary's /boot03:39
alex_1hello, can someone plz help me with installing tar files03:39
erawfishso if stage2 and friends changed sectors on disk. he needs to reinstall grub03:39
nickrudWrec: after update-grub , run sudo grub-install /dev/hda1 (or sda1 if that's right)03:40
KalamansiFalco98 i see. what kind of job you want? i can give you a work tho.03:40
KalamansiFalco98 but you are too far from my country03:40
Falco98some sort of IT job..03:40
Creedencehi everyone. I am looking for a program to sync files from a network drive (samba) to my ubuntu laptop. Sort of like Windows offline files. Any ideas?03:40
Falco98what's your country?03:40
Hammer81Noogen: maybe if I were able to set the metacity/emerald stuff back to whatever the defaults were?03:40
Wrecnickrud: I'm not sure what the status of each of the /boots are at this point03:40
KalamansiFalco98 i see.. we need linkbuilder, virtual assistant, web master, web dev03:40
Wrecnickrud: did you want me to get rid of the primary's boot03:40
KalamansiFalco98 : philippines03:41
Falco98Kalamansi: ah cool03:41
KalamansiFalco98 come here03:41
KalamansiFalco98 hehe03:41
NoogenHammer: yes, that could be the issue03:41
Falco98hehe maybe :-P03:41
bazhangofftopic guys03:41
nickruderawfish: hm, I think we're thinking in the same way, coming from different directions. Wrec no, leave the original /boot , you're going to be mounting the /boot partition over it. Until you have everything working correctly, leave that there as fallback03:41
Hammer81Noogen: do you know how I can do that from KDE?03:41
toc2rtaKalamansi how do i get my firefox to noticed my java directory ?03:41
jeismamy sound doesn't work since i've installed kubuntu, how do i go about fixing it?03:42
nickrudWrec: and I don't believe I got sucked into boot on a second partition, I think that's a waste :)03:42
Kalamansitoc2rta i dont know. i dont use desktop anymore. currently im having problem in CLI03:42
jfkdsljioi was writing a text document and the computer was shut down, is there any way to retrieve this unsaved document?03:42
KalamansiFalco98 you know how to filter the download?03:42
NoogenHammer: i believe it's Menu-> System03:42
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).03:42
Falco98um, not sure?03:43
Falco98like what?03:43
astro76jfkdsljio: not if you never saved03:43
bazhangjfkdsljio: open office may allow you to restore--sometimes it does at least03:43
NoogenHammer: i forgot, it's one of the menu next to add and remove program03:43
jeezmosI'm trying to get a 7-button mouse to work in Ubuntu, but using "xev" it seems only 5 are recognised ... the back/forward buttons are using the same button # as the right-click and middle-click buttons.  This is the case no matter how many buttons I tell xorg.conf to look for.  any ideas what I could be doing wrong?03:43
KalamansiFalco98 like your ubuntu box CLI will auto clean the downloads03:43
NoogenHammer: i'm in gnome now03:43
kupesoftwhat's the good command-line music player - sox won't play .flac files!03:43
Mixxjeezmos - gl i've tried everything.03:43
astro76kupesoft: moc03:44
Hammer81Noogen: hmm... I can only find the emerald stuff... not metacity03:44
nickrudWrec: reading back over my instructions,   sudo grub-install /dev/hda  (or sda)  not hda103:44
Falco98oh.. well i'm not familiar enough with it yet :-P03:44
Mixxjeezmos - i've only ever got 5 recognized03:44
jfkdsljioit was just gedit03:44
jfkdsljioi dont suppose gedit saves drafts03:44
bazhangjfkdsljio: depends if you had auto save enabled03:44
KalamansiFalco98 okay.03:44
WeedGrinchWhat IRC clients can I can from sudo apt-get?03:44
bazhangjfkdsljio: then your out of luck03:44
Falco98how about FTP servers?  O:-)03:44
KalamansiWeedGrinch : sudo apt-get pidgin03:44
jfkdsljioi found it i found it!!!!03:44
WeedGrinchIs pidgin the best?03:44
KalamansiFalco98 : like file server?03:44
jfkdsljioim so fhappy03:44
Wrecnickrud: k, I"ll try that03:44
bazhangxchat WeedGrinch03:44
KalamansiWeedGrinch yes03:44
gilda_everyone luvs pidgin WeedGrinch03:45
Falco98WeedGrinch: i would also suggest the chatzilla firefox extension03:45
StarnestommyWeedGrinch: not for irc, but pidgin works for everything else03:45
KalamansiWeedGrinch all you need there in pidgin03:45
nickrudWrec: after you do that, I want to kinda examine your system before reboot03:45
NoogenHammer: post your xorg.conf, use pastebin in the url03:45
Wrecnickrud: alright, what shall I give you03:45
KalamansiFalco98 file server?03:45
Falco98Kalamansi: no, FTP server.. just a basic (preferably GUI) server which i can create a few random accounts03:45
WeedGrinchI'll give chatzilla a try03:45
_stink_i have a dapper install w/ a well entrenched /home directory. i want to install gutsy on a new machine and have it use the /home from the old dapper install via nfs. i'm not worried about the nfs setup, but i am worried that the settings in places like .gnome2 will get screwed up because i'll be running old gnome and new gnome under the same /home. any suggestions? can this work?03:45
Hammer81Noogen: alright03:45
KalamansiFalco98 : really? how to config?03:45
Falco98so i can login remotely and get files from my PC and network03:45
nickrudWrec: brb, off for a cigarette.  I want   /boot/grub/menu.lst , the output of   mount   , and the /etc/fstab03:45
WeedGrinchfalco98 use VNC?03:45
danielski_plhow do i remove all open source nvidia and non open source nvidia drivers?03:46
Falco98i currently have a windows FTP server set up which allows me to login remotely and download files from myself03:46
Wrecnickrud: I put the /boot on a separate partition because grub error: 18 called for it as a way to fix it. It never worked, but a friend convinced me to keep it out of security.03:46
Falco98WeedGrinch: VNC?03:46
KalamansiFalco98 sounds interesting. kindly teach me how to do that ftp server?03:46
erawfishFalco98: use sftp03:46
Kalamansi!ftp server03:46
ubotuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP03:46
Falco98Kalamansi: well that's what i'm asking :-P03:46
erawfishdon't use ftp03:46
astro76_stink_: yes that may be a problem03:46
KalamansiFalco98 ah so you want to setup ftp?03:46
jfkdsljiook i just enabled autosave, thats great i didnt know something simple and small like gedit would have an autosave feature, how cool is that03:46
Falco98thanks ubotu ;-)03:46
Falco98(you wascally wobot)03:46
Kalamansierawfish : how to setup file server?03:46
WeedGrinchuse filezilla for ftp?03:46
Falco98Kalamansi: yep03:46
KalamansiFalco98 i havent try that...03:47
erawfishby installing samba of a nfs server03:47
_stink_astro76: ah, ok. do you know i can point gnome to a different place for settings?03:47
Kalamansierawfish : CLI or GUI?03:47
ubotunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.03:47
ubotuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:47
erawfisha fileserver is a daemon. neither cli nor gui03:47
astro76_stink_: I would think the cleaner thing to do would be copy the settings, and then mount your nfs mount somewhere else03:47
astro76_stink_: ad of course it's not just gnome03:48
Kalamansierawfish : which is best?install in gui o cli?03:48
StarfishI have a script-ish question: I'm running ktorrent on another machine, would there be a practical way to have it notify me via some IM method when it finishes a download, and/or periodically with stats ?03:48
_stink_astro76: right, pretty much everything might break :) i'll try that, thanks much.03:48
erawfishwth is there no sarah connor chronicles tonight? who stealed it?03:48
gilda_erawfish, u think the big writers strike may have sumthing to do with it ?03:49
=== ilhamhafizovic is now known as BioCore
Hammer81Noogen: http://pastebin.com/m62c5247b03:49
erawfishno. cause every tv guide announces it03:49
Kalamansierawfish : currently i have server and workstation gets their net connection thru it. is it okay to install fileserver in a current server who give internet connection to my workstations?03:49
erawfishKalamansi: if you tell the fileserver daemon not to listen on the public interfaces yes. no otherwise03:50
=== justin__ is now known as aroo
gilda_Kalamansi, and if u are using a single nic card on that box ur inet traffic can slow down ur internal traffic03:51
Kalamansierawfish : how to tell the fileserver daemon not to listen on the public interfaces?03:51
Agent_boblooking at new mother boards,  which is better for linux  ASUS or gigabyte ?03:51
=== Ash908 is now known as Ashfire908
erawfishby config file editing03:51
DILausus 6403:51
Kalamansigilda_ : i have four nic cards. 2 nics cards have internet sharring...i have 2 spare left03:51
erawfishAgent_bob: irrelevant03:51
ogrecan anyone walk me through an install from source of vmware player?03:51
erawfishDIL: by what miracle do you come to this OT suggestion?03:51
Kalamansierawfish : how to config file editing please? thanks03:51
bazhangasus Agent_bob03:52
erawfishKalamansi: sudo nano <file>03:52
gilda_lol k .. just listing a caveat not aware of ur hw Kalamansi03:52
DILmy son if you have to ask?03:52
KalamansiAgent_bob : i use gigabyte and it runs smoothly =)03:52
NoogenHammer: ic, you are using ati (restricted driver).  fyi, you might not be able to find metacity in kde because it's for gnome03:52
erawfishhazhang by what miracle do you come to this OT suggestion?03:52
Wrecnickrud: here is menu.lst: http://pastebin.ca/892117  |  here is the output of mount, http://pastebin.ca/892118  |  here is /etc/fstab   http://pastebin.ca/89212103:52
Agent_bobbazhang particular reasons ?03:52
bazhangerawfish: I live here03:52
bazhangAgent_bob: three asus computers ;]03:52
DILerawfish, i have a kv8se and love it03:53
erawfishbazhang: great non sequitur but irrelevant again03:53
Hammer81Noogen: yeah... there's no way to open the metacity manager thing from terminal or something?03:53
Creedencehi everyone. I am looking for a program to sync files from a network drive (samba) to my ubuntu laptop. Sort of like Windows offline files. Any ideas?03:53
bazhangerawfish: irrelevant? not so my esteemed friend03:53
Kalamansigilda_ : so better to use another computer just for file server?03:53
gilda_Agent_bob, i have some minor issues with my msi k9n neo - with it having the mcp65 sets for the sata/pata and sound03:53
ogreerawfish:  quit trolling03:53
erawfishDIL, bazhang: your reasoning skills are simply scary. anecdotes are no reasons. they're anecdotes. and you guys have anecdotal evidence03:53
bazhangerawfish: mmkay03:54
DILyu blood claat03:54
ogre!ops | erawfish03:54
ubotuerawfish: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, Seveas, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici or Jack_Sparrow!03:54
gilda_personally Kalamansi  i would suggesting using a box for routing and a box for files - but id like to keep the file box qos'd offline imo03:54
Agent_bobgilda_ k ty i'll drive around that combo03:54
bazhangogre: that was too much03:54
naliothlet us be civil, please03:54
nickrudWrec: according to what you've shown me, you're not doing anything with /boot on a separate partition. It's not mounted currently and it's not in /etc/fstab03:54
erawfishAgent_bob: asus and GA use the same chips and chipsets. and they use a metric different ton of them. so your question is kinda too unspecific and certainly not relevant to #ubuntu but more like hardware03:54
jribogre: yes?03:54
DILerawfish, do you know socrates my friend03:55
nickrudlol, erawfish is a troller !!03:55
bazhangerawfish: no need to be hasty on your side either03:55
Wrecnickrud: yes, it's not automounting03:55
Kalamansigilda_ : okay thanks. you mean, better not to connect to the internet ? (file server) just local?03:55
ogrejrib:  just letting you know of a troll03:55
erawfishnickrud: guilty as charged03:55
nickrudWrec: because it's not listed in /etc/fstab .03:55
Wrecnickrud: right03:55
badkittyI cannot play a dvd with totem. It says I do not have the appropriate plugins? I have libdvdcss2 installed and ubuntu-restricted-extras... am I missing something?03:55
rezourxehi, does anybody know of any application for music production?03:55
erawfishWrec: can you please tell me what the problem is, description?03:56
jribbadkitty: did you eject the cd and put it back in after installing those things?03:56
jribogre: I just see him providing support?03:56
StarfishI have a script-ish question: I'm running ktorrent on another machine, would there be a practical way to have it notify me via some IM method when it finishes a download, and/or periodically with stats ?03:56
ppibburrecho foo > music.ext :)03:56
nickrudWrec: restate, erawfish is no troller03:56
badkittyrezourxe: Yeah Ardour03:56
badkittyjrib: I even restarted03:56
gilda_thats just me opinion Kalamansi but thats if u got the equip to spare03:57
ppibburrStarfsih: what stats?03:57
Wrecnickrud has solved my issue with the default OS, but I've found that my separate /boot partition is not being used at all. We're currently working on how to get my separate partition to become useful03:57
badkittyjrib: It plays many dvd's but not the one I am trying.03:57
erawfishWrec: k03:57
WrecI've already given up on getting my wireless card to work in the new kernel because so many people have had unsolved problems03:57
nickrudWrec: personally, I would not change to a separate boot partition if that's all you need to do03:57
Wrecso I'm trying to have the old kernel start on default03:58
nickruds/need/want/ Wrec03:58
erawfishWrec: curious: what chip?03:58
jribbadkitty: hmmm, that's kind of strange.  What kind of dvd?  Is it different than the others in some way?03:58
mewshifor those trying to get proper dual-head on an ATI chip, update to the newest driver directly from ATi03:58
Wrecumm, I had the exact error on a page somehwere...03:58
Wrecone sec03:58
badkittyjrib: No, Curb your Enthusiasm is the Title... funny stuff03:58
rezourxebadkitty: thx! im very graceful man... owe u one...03:58
erawfishWrec: not error. chip03:58
jribbadkitty: all I can suggest is trying a different player like mplayer, vlc, gxine, or ogle03:59
Agent_bobWrec mount the boot partition some place safe,  copy everything from the present /boot  to it, and remount it on /boot   add a line in fstab to automount it,  and reinstall the boot loader.   badabing you are done.03:59
hou5tonI have a webcam that is supposed to work out of the box .... and doesn't.  I've looked all over and can't find answers that work.  Get error message with Camorama:  "Could not connect to video device (/dev/video0)03:59
badkittyjrib: I tried with Totem and with VLC. VLC will play one chapter but its just the into...03:59
Wrecerawfish: AR241303:59
erawfishsounds like exotirc atheros04:00
jribbadkitty: I'm not familiar with vlc and DVDs, but with mplayer you can specify 'mplayer dvd://4' for the 4th chapter for example04:01
badkittyjrib: Im gonna play with vlc a little more.04:02
WrecD-Link AirPlus G DWL-G510 Wireless, or AR2413 802.11bg NIC by atheros, same thing I believe04:02
* gilda_ spots wireless04:02
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Agent_bobroot ?     people should not irc as root.04:03
=== whatto is now known as micromegas
jw144000I'm having trouble booting the Ubuntu 7.10 live CD. It used to boot when turning the computer on, but now it just goes straight to Windows, can anyone help?04:03
WrecI'd have to catch you guys tomorrow for that error since I'd have to use my laptop running windows next to me to communicate.04:03
ppibburrAgen: ssh04:04
Starfishppibburr:: a non-null message would be more helpful :)04:04
=== gilda_ is now known as gilda
LinuxGrasshoppermsg nickserv register <sean>04:04
micromegasare you sure your bios is set to boot from cd?04:04
ubotuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications04:04
Creedencejw144000, that's a BIOS setting. you need to set your CDrom to boot before your hard disk04:04
bazhangWrec:  we await your return ;]04:04
ogreanyone know what happened to vmware in repos?04:04
erawfishWrec: http://madwifi.org/wiki/Compatibility/Atheros#AtherosAR5005G should work according to this.04:04
WeedGrinchCreedence, cant you just do it in the boot menu?04:04
DILjw144000, do you know how to change boot order04:04
bazhangLinuxGrasshopper: umm better try that again ;]04:04
ppibburrstarfish: check the web client plugin?04:04
jw144000DIL: No04:04
redbrainomg this is a huge channel i never feel alone using linux again hahaha04:05
gildalol welcome aboard redbrain04:05
bazhangogre: it is fixed finally04:05
micromegasumm, this is the first time ever i'm using irc... and i'm on irssi. is there a way to filter out all the messages about people leaving and joining?04:05
redbrain:) ty gilda04:05
SANTAbioshow do i remove my ssh server?04:05
ogrebazhang:  its not in the repos yet.04:05
Agent_bobbazhang and erawfish thank you both for your thoughts.   and sorry to cause a ruccus in here.   i go now.04:05
bazhangmicromegas: get xchat ;]04:05
SANTAbiosi t always screws04:05
Falco98new question:  can i set up a dual-boot situation with my current XP installation on the primary HDD, and ubuntu on a secondary HDD?04:05
redbrainget irssi :P04:05
micromegasoaky okay :P04:05
SANTAbiosmy ssh server sucks it stops responding how do i remove it04:06
bazhangogre: for gutsy? vmware-server? you sure on that?04:06
erawfishFalco98: yes04:06
Wrecerawfish: it was working until today with the linux-header update04:06
gildayes u can Falco9804:06
Starnestommymicromegas: /ignore #ubuntu joins quits parts?04:06
DG19075Falco98; yes04:06
micromegasbut i guess xchat will have all that random text too...04:06
LinuxGrasshopperhey guys got a question about belkin routers; do they have a loopback function?04:06
DILjw144000, when you boot it will eiher be F2, del, or f10, look for boot or something similar make cd the first device in boot order f10 save chages04:06
bazhangagent-bob no ruckus at all ;]04:06
erawfishWrec: recompile madwifi drivers then04:06
micromegasoh, thanks, Starnestommy04:06
jw144000DIL: OK04:06
Falco98ok, so GRUB knows where to find a linux install either way, then?04:06
SANTAbiosmy ssh server sucks it stops responding how do i remove it04:06
Falco98i guess it just reconfigures the boot part on the main booting HDD either way?04:06
erawfishFalco98: yes. grub is smart04:06
Falco98thanx :-P04:06
Wrecerawfish: I'm not sure I have any madwifi drivers to begin with O.O04:06
nickrudWrec: a rule of thumb: when you compile something for your kernel, you have to recompile for each kernel upgrade04:07
dan_lhey, does anybody have some time for some reinstall help?04:07
erawfishFalco98: no. it only reconfigures that when you tell it to. if you don't tell it to do it, your ubuntu just won't load04:07
SANTAbioshow do i remove my ssh server?04:07
ogrebazhang:  im not seeing it at all. im just typing in vmware in synaptic and nothing comes up04:07
SANTAbios help me04:07
bazhangogre: you must not have the correct repos enabled--I just dl'd it a few days ago and it is brilliant04:07
astro76!repeat | SANTAbios04:07
ubotuSANTAbios: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:07
LinuxGrasshopperdan_l: what do you need help with?04:07
Wrecnickrud: was I compiling anything?04:07
erawfishWrec: you better do when you want wlan, cause that's the drivers for your chip04:07
micromegasyou mean uninstalling the ssh-server?04:07
SANTAbioshow do i remove ssh from knonsole?04:07
micromegassudo apt-get remove ssh-server?04:07
tofaffyHow do I change my mysql password if I can't remember the original one I set?04:07
ogrebazhang:  universe? multiverse?04:07
NoogenHammer: sorry, i also do not know how to start that from terminal *if it exist*.  Also, you have the infamous ati 200m video card .  What I can suggest next is?  1.  Check your  xorg.0.log for any error.  2.  Tweak your xorg.conf options such as disable composite.  3.  check for driver update if all else failed?04:08
erawfishSANTAbios: ssh is not ssh-server. different things04:08
Wrecerawfish: I must have them then because I"m using my wifi with that device right now04:08
nickrudWrec: you must have at some time, to use the madwifi drivers. Or, how did you get your wireless working in the last kernel04:08
bazhang!info vmware-server | ogre04:08
ubotuogre: Package vmware-server does not exist in gutsy04:08
micromegas(ssh is a client)04:08
dan_lLinuxGrasshopper:  I'm deleting gutsy 64 and going to gutsy 386.  I'd like to know what best practices I should be performing.  I'm going to kill the ubuntu partition from windows and just use that as the place for the 386 install.04:08
Wrecnickrud: I have no. idea. haha04:08
bazhangogre must be canonical gutsy partner then04:08
ogrebazhang:  thats what i was saying04:08
erawfishWrec: ndiswrapper is the other choice. but let's not go there. so why are you asking about it if it works?04:08
gildaWrec, what is your wireless issue if ur using it right now04:08
ogrebazhang:  i believe i have that repo enabled as well04:09
nickrudadd   deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu gutsy partner   to your sources.list, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get  install vmware-server  ogre04:09
Noogenyeah, it's in the partner04:09
bazhangogre I have that enabled and just got it via apt-get04:09
astro76SANTAbios: sudo apt-get remove openssh-server04:09
Wrecerawfish: my wireless issue only occurs in the new kernel. I'm using feisty's kernel right now, actually. The 2nd to most recent kernel gave me grub errors that I spent entire weekends trying to fix.04:09
ogrenickrud:  bazhang: thank you04:09
bazhangogre it is super easy to setup--just need to go to www.vmware.com and get the free registration key04:10
Wrechow would I check if I'm using hte madwifi drivers04:10
erawfishWrec: lsmod |grep ath04:10
gildaWrec, one of the things that u need to make sure u have installed with the new kernel is the kernel headers and then u should be able to just modprobe ath_pci04:10
gildaand go from there04:10
erawfishor if any of your interfaces is named ath04:10
kenalexhas anyone experienced any othe r compatibility issues with ubuntu x86_64 other than the macromedia flash issues ?04:10
nickrudWrec: when it comes to wireless, erawfish knows much more than I do, I'll leave you in his capable hands04:10
Starnestommykenalex: some java-related problems04:10
Wrecnickrud: okay, thanks for all the help, man.04:11
d0uglashi. i got 4 hard drives and i want to merge them into two pairs, one mirroring the other. Do i want to use software raid or lvm for this, and if raid, is that raid 1? thanks04:11
d0uglas(four 300gig drives, so 600gig total storage mirrored)04:11
nerdatronHey folks, just installed ubuntu 7.10 (desktop) and wondering what order I should install certain server apps04:11
Wrecnickrud: one of the greatest part about linux, the community.04:11
kenalexoh well might as well use the 32bit version of ubuntu04:11
nickrudWrec: yeah, we troll here for people to help :)04:11
erawfishnerdatron: there is no order04:11
SANTAbiosisanyone in hear smart04:11
gildanerdatron, you only need to install certain serve apps if u plan on using em04:11
SANTAbioshow do i remove the ssh server on ubuntu04:11
StaticSignalHey, everyone! I'm having an issue with Pidgin. It used to start up just fine, but after I ran some updates, it won't even launch. Being really new at this, I don't know how to troubleshoot! Someone want to take a crack at this one?04:11
SANTAbioshow do i remove the ssh server on ubuntu, someone smart just help me out04:11
astro76SANTAbios: I just answered that quetion for you a minute ago04:11
nickrudSANTAbios: sudo apt-get remove --purge openssh-sever04:12
erawfishStaticSignal: apt-get remove openssh-server04:12
Wrecerawfish: ath_rate_sample        14080  104:12
Wrecath_pci                97312  004:12
Wrecwlan                  204868  5 wlan_wep,wlan_scan_sta,ath_rate_sample,ath_pci04:12
Wrecath_hal               192592  3 ath_rate_sample,ath_pci04:12
erawfish!paste | Wrec04:12
ubotuWrec: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:12
erawfishand yes you use madwifi04:12
jw144000DIL: I changed the boot order to have the CD-ROM boot first, and the Live CD still wouldn't load. :|04:12
reZohello, i have a problem with my gtk2 theme, i'm creating it in conjunction with mac menu gtk2 hack. the background "panel-bg.png" displays for every *tested* application other then nautilus. tested are epiphany, gnome-terminal and other gtk2 applications. is there a special setting nautilus uses with the gnome-panel background or something?04:12
WeedGrinchstaticsignal: sudo apt-get remove pidgin04:12
WeedGrinchthen install04:12
Wrecerawfish: okay, how do I got about update those04:12
Wrecgo about*04:12
erawfishWrec: module-assistant (under the new kernel)04:13
gildajw144000, what happens when u do stick in the live cd then ?04:13
sethkjw144000, try burning another copy04:13
jw144000gilda: I see the Ubuntu logo show up04:13
erawfishubotu: you are a bot severely lacking in information04:13
gildaand then jw144000 ?04:13
dan_lNew kernel killed my wifiz.04:14
nickrud!info module-assistant04:14
ubotumodule-assistant (source: module-assistant): tool to make module package creation easier. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.11 (gutsy), package size 97 kB, installed size 508 kB04:14
gildajw144000, did you try booting in safe grafix mode ?04:14
jw144000I see a screen telling me to boot Ubuntu from the CD, and some stuff about Firefox, Thunderbird, etc04:14
dan_lOr new "colonel" as I like to call it.04:14
jw144000gilda: No04:14
protolocoi would like to log mysql-bin.00* for 20/30 minutos and then read it by another mysql server... (like benchmarking) how can i do that ?04:14
sethkjw144000, that's what you are supposed to see, so what's the problem?04:14
jw144000sethk: I can't get the CD to boot when turning the computer on04:15
erawfishnickrud: of course the repos have it. but ubotu doesn't know anything about it04:15
nerdatron2server apps install order: apache2->MySQL->PHP->SVN  anyone see any problems with that order?04:15
Noogenhe probably got a bug that froze during livecd boot04:15
jw144000I'm trying to get to a live session of Ubuntu04:15
erawfish!lamp | nerdatron04:15
ubotunerdatron: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)04:15
DILjw144000, ensure your cd did not fail can you use the cd04:15
sethkjw144000, if you see the menu about booting from the CD, you _have_ booted from the cd04:15
WeedGrinchnot nessicarily04:16
WeedGrinchexcuse my spelling :p04:16
sethkWeedGrinch, certainly necessarily04:16
nerdatron2ahh thanks erawfish04:16
SANTAbiosso i delted my ssh directory, so now im fucked, how do i reinstall it?04:16
edjuwireless is up, but iwconfig doesn't show an ip.  is that normal?04:16
MudassarIs there any body who can give me some time ?04:16
WeedGrinchsethk, even when I dont have a CD in, it still asks that04:16
Creedencejw144000, that's a BIOS setting. you need to set your CDrom to boot before your hard disk04:16
Creedencehi everyone. I am looking for a program to sync files from a network drive (samba) to my ubuntu laptop. Sort of like Windows offline files. Any ideas?04:16
nickruderawfish: I that's a nice thing about ubotu, you can suggest a factoid:   ubotu  <factoid> is <text>04:16
gildaiwconfig does not show ip's ifconfig does04:16
jw144000Creedence: I just did that04:16
Creedencejw144000, sorry04:16
sethkWeedGrinch, then you've installed the cd equivalent of grub onto the hard drive04:16
WeedGrinchjw140000, fit f12 when you boot04:17
Creedencejw144000, hit the up button :P04:17
nickruderawfish: the couple things I suggested were acted on in a couple hours04:17
sethkWeedGrinch, not you, sorry, jw14400004:17
WeedGrinchsethk, before i install ubuntu, without having a CD in, it asks that04:17
erawfishnickrud: I don't know enough about how ubuntu does it. but the way ubuntu updates their kernels simply stinks :P04:17
jmlaneI have two drives on my ubuntu... I want to use one as the OS filesystem and use the other to hold stuff like the contents of /home and my FTP server documents. Is this possible and how would be the best way to do it?04:17
SANTAbiosso i delted my ssh directory, can anyone please  help ubuntu support sux04:17
kenalexwow virtual box is fast04:17
RaskahRatHello =)04:17
jmlaneTwo hard drives in the machine, that is04:17
WeedGrinchsantabios, Ubuntu support owns!04:17
sethkWeedGrinch, it asks you if you want to boot from the CD in general?  YOu said it prints a message listing firefox as an option.04:17
sethkWeedGrinch, worry, I keep aiming wrong.04:18
SANTAbioshow do i reinstall ssh when i manualy deleted it?04:18
YouKnowMeSANTAbios, recreate it?04:18
StarnestommySANTAbios: sudo apt-get install ssh?04:18
sethkSANTAbios, there's a force flag04:18
erawfishthen suggest them to provide better support for user compiled or non-free kernel extensions ubunut ships. like madwifi04:18
tofaffySANTAbios, try apt-get autoremove ssh then reinstall it...04:18
WeedGrinchsethk. firefox? huh?04:18
erawfishso it will work when kernels are updated04:18
astro76SANTAbios: you should give the sucks comments a ret04:18
gildaSANTAbios, you were told multiple times how to properly remove the open-ssh set you had installed04:18
CreedenceSANTAbios, sudo apt-get reinstall ssh04:18
nickruderawfish: its all this 'taint' and 'blob' stuff. I just knuckle under, I'll take the fanatical work :)04:18
sethkStarnestommy, no, the package manager doesn't know he deleted it04:18
Starnestommysudo aptitude reinstall ssh?04:19
sethktofaffy, has a good suggestion, or, use dpkg with the force flag04:19
erawfishnormally m-a does this, however ubuntu prefers to ship restricted debs. if they do that they have to live with the consequences or stuff breaks. like Wrec's04:19
sethkStarnestommy, that's better  :)04:19
Wrecerawfish: thanks for the help, I'll be back tomorrow04:19
heatmzzr_i cant figure it out, other machine seems to have same files but still wont play dvd. beginning to piss me off.04:19
sherl0kyou might want to 'sudo aptitude purge ssh' first04:19
ubotuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:19
sherl0kto remove all the confis04:19
gildaMudassar, help out lend a hand thats how u can help04:19
astro76!contribute | Mudassar04:19
ubotuMudassar: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate04:19
nickruddang, and just when erawfish gave me the clue to fix wrec's wireless04:19
erawfishI understand why ubuntu does this, cause debian people have enough problems telling newbies how to use m-a (which sucks in its own ways) but it is at least a solution, even when it's a bad one04:20
Mudassarsir i need a little help if someone can guide me04:20
SANTAbiossethl how do i force flag i delted the ssh directory, and now i cant remove it or reinstall it, god i hate ubuntu04:20
RaskahRatI have set my /home to be on a mounted partition that i now want to install another OS onto. Is there any easy way to make home part of the / filesystem? i figured that i can enable and log in a root in a terminal and just unmount /home make another dir for it and remove it from fstab but i'm thinking there is an easier way.04:20
ubotuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:20
SANTAbiossethl how do i force flag i delted the ssh directory, and now i cant remove it or reinstall it, god i hate ubuntu04:20
Mudassaractually I m just shifted to Linux...04:20
gildajust ask the question Mudassar04:21
Mudassargilda, can we talk in private ?04:21
WeedGrinchAsk it!04:21
MrBigmy ubuntu server often freezes connection (all protocols: ssh, www, svn...) after few minutes, if I want to reconnect, just give him a ping then it works fine. What do you guys think about this? It's quite annoying04:21
nickruderawfish: I didn't realize madwifi was in restricted, usually people that miss out on restricted don't have linux-generic installed. That will pull in restricted modules and ubuntu-backported modules04:21
MudassarI just installed Linux with ubuntu distribution... it's marvellous04:22
WeedGrinchGlad to hear ya like it04:22
Mudassarso it attracted me to contribute in it.04:22
WeedGrinchmudassar, have you installed beryl?04:22
DezineYes, Ubuntu is wonderful and surely an eye opener.04:22
gigamonkeyIs there some more clever way to completely remove Evolution than going into Synaptic and marking for removal everything with "evolution" in the name?04:22
MudassarI have made it like MAC OSX Leopard04:22
macabro22hello can I  just installed Alsa from source (i NEED to -- my sound card isn't well supported by the repo version) and I think the module isn't being loaded properly. No sound devices are being detected. Can someone help me ensure the ALSA module is loaded ?04:23
sethknickrud, madwifi has a binary layer in a subdirectory.  There's a project to replace it with an open source layer, but Atheros sicked lawyers on them and slowed them down.04:23
gigamonkeyI marked just "evolution" for Complete Removal but there are still other packages that seem to be part of evalution that are not marked for removal.04:23
alohamilkywayhaving difficulty using my speedtouch 330 usb modem on my ubuntu feisty computer04:23
nickrudsethk: like I mentioned earlier, 'blobs' . I understand why they were stripped upstream04:23
MudassarI want a place where I can learn the basics of Linux, its architecture and basic modals... so that I can start working in it.. I know the OS, Programming, networks and other concepts..04:23
zelrikriandohey do you know what is ubuntu-desktop for?04:23
ghostIs Debian a lighter weight distro than ubuntu? I have an aging notebook that I want a lighter distro on. I know you can streamline ubuntu but I don't really know how to do that. I guess its possible to install 'ubuntu-base' with the alternate disk?04:23
astro76!docs | Mudassar04:24
ubotuMudassar: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com04:24
SANTAbioshow to i force something to uninstall04:24
WeedGrinchwhat do you want to install?04:24
sethknickrud, yes, I know, I was adding the fact that there's a group trying to fix the problem.04:24
nickrudzelrikriando: it's a list of packages/applications that are selected to create a nice working desktop and default applications04:24
alohamilkywayhaving difficulty using my speedtouch 330 usb modem on my ubuntu feisty computer, i did all the firmware stuff, but still doenst work04:24
SANTAbiosmy ssh wont uninstall it says error, no one has help me with working solution04:24
MudassarDocument is for reference, I need a place where I can learn the things step by step...04:24
MudassarI can work in C++, Java ... any language..04:24
panfistwhat is the preferred method to login to a graphical environment on an ubuntu machine remotely. i don't need to share desktop sessions, actually no one would ever want to log in at the physical terminal04:24
astro76Mudassar: the rute guide I had ubotu point out is a good start04:24
WeedGrinchsudo apt-get reinstall ssh04:24
SANTAbiosno one04:24
gildawhat do u want to learn Mudassar04:24
SANTAbiosreinstasll is not a command04:24
nickrudsethk: yeah. Real Soon Now (and thanks to the lawyers, not so soon. [choose personal favorite cuss words])04:25
WeedGrinchoh :$04:25
astro76SANTAbios: becaue everytime you asked a question you capped it with an insult, what do you expect?04:25
alohamilkywayanyone who can help me?04:25
StarnestommySANTAbios: sudo aptitude reinstall package-name04:25
MudassarI want to learn the basics of Linux ... as I m new in it... and then I want to be expert system programmer..04:25
sethknickrud, also making the point that Atheros is not open source friendly04:25
SANTAbiosjust pissed04:25
zelrikriandonickrud: I see somebody advicing to remove it on a forum04:25
ghostIs Debian a lighter weight distro than ubuntu? I have an aging notebook that I want a lighter distro on. I know you can streamline ubuntu but I don't really know how to do that. I guess its possible to install 'ubuntu-base' with the alternate disk?04:25
nickrudsethk: Is any wireless opens source friendly? I simply don't know04:25
zelrikriandoto fix some color issue...04:25
erawfish!errors | alohamilkyway04:25
ubotualohamilkyway: If you have problems or errors, you will need to describe/paste them. Please use the !pastebin for errors that cannot be quoted in a single IRC message04:25
LibertyShadowis there a command to find if you are using AIGLX or XGL... when it comes to rendering I am a noob04:25
erawfishnickrud: yes. ralink sorta04:25
LibertyShadowultra-noob that is04:26
gildaMudassar, the basics - are kinda all over the place the best place to start with learning would suggest learning the command line04:26
ubotublender is a free application for 3D modelling, animation, rendering, etc. You can install it from Ubuntu's repositories, and tutorials are at http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro04:26
sethknickrud,  Yes.  There are fully open source drivers for some Marvell chipsets and the Intel 220004:26
Noogeni have gutsy server.  When I boot using server image, sound works find.  Generic image aplay -l said sound not found?  anyone ever ran into the same issue?04:26
WeedGrinch:D yes!04:26
nickrudzelrikriando: it's ok to remove, it's only a list. But when it comes time to upgrade to the   next release, you should reinstall it04:26
erawfishnickrud: and intel is fairly open sauce friendly too. soon atheros will be04:26
MudassarI m learning the command line04:26
DILghosy, how old, i have ubuntu on a gateway solo and it works fine04:26
Mudassarcan we talk in private ?04:26
DILghost, how old, i have ubuntu on a gateway solo and it works fine04:26
erawfishnickrud: the new WLAN stack could be avery very nice04:26
nickrudsethk: erawfish thanks. it gives me something to recommend if I'm asked. I've been keeping my mouth shut on that stuff04:27
gildai dont tend to talk to much in private unless dealing with a issue04:27
zelrikriandonickrud: my issue is a color problem when reading videos formats with vlc04:27
sethknickrud, I researched it because I was choosing which chipset to use with the product I'm working on.04:27
pawanhow to play rm files04:27
ghostDIL It works, but I am looking for something with a smaller footprint04:27
astro76Mudassar: despite the fact that this http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz is a document, it's also a tutorial ;)04:27
erawfishpawan: helixplayer04:27
ghostIE i want it to run faster04:27
DILghost, k04:28
nickrudzelrikriando: I've not had any problems with vlc, why are they suggesting removing the ubuntu-desktop package?04:28
ghostDIL any suggestions?04:28
pawanhow to install04:28
heatmzzr_i want to watch dvd's this thing is kicking my as04:28
Alysumhello how do I find out my CPU clock speed in a terminal ? tks04:28
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at !Medibuntu or (for Feisty and earlier) http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs04:28
erawfishAlysum: cat /proc/cpuinfo04:28
zelrikriandonickrud: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-254264.html04:28
dxdtubuntu-desktop is a dummy package.  You can actually remove it and it doesn't like remove your desktop.  It simply is a metapackage that is a list of the basic components that come with the standard desktop.04:28
sethknickrud, there are also some USB/Wifi chipsets that have fully open source drivers.04:28
astro76!install | pawan04:28
ubotupawan: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate04:28
SANTAbioshow do i restart ssh server so i can putty into it anyone?04:28
DILghost, puppy?04:28
pawanhow to install helixplayer04:29
ghostDIL is that a debian like? I am kinda addicted to apt04:29
StarnestommySANTAbios: sudo invoke-rc.d ssh start04:29
jw144000DIL: I checked my settings again, and I have the CD-ROM set to boot first. It still wouldn't boot the CD.04:29
erawfishSANTAbios: /etc/init.d/ssh restart04:29
gildasudo /etc/init.d/ssh ( or damon name ) start04:29
gigamonkeyWhat about gnome-terminal; is it similar to ubuntu-desktop. I tried to uninstall some screensaver and Synaptic said it was also going to remove gnome-terminal.04:29
erawfishghost: how much RAM do you have?04:29
sethkjw144000, do you have any other bootable CDs?  Try one, to see whether the problem is the computer or the cd itself.04:29
Mudassarthanks for the tutorial04:29
Starnestommygigamonkey: that's just a terminal emulator04:29
MudassarI will start reading and practicing it04:30
jw144000sethk: I just tried a Windows XP CD to see if it would boot, it wouldn't.04:30
DILjw144000, from what you described earlier you were in the live cd04:30
nickrudzelrikriando: there's no real reason to remove totem-gstreamer , you could replace it with totem-xine . And I don't see where removing totem-gstreamer would affect vlc anyway04:30
gildagnome terminal gigamonkey is part of the ubuntu desktop package but it is just a front end for a terminal04:30
astro76Mudassar: enjoy ;)04:30
MudassarI have configured many things in Linux (ubuntu)04:30
ghostIBM t30, its not 'that' old04:30
erawfishghost: that's plenty for even ubuntu itself.04:30
zelrikriandonickrud: ok...04:30
Mudassarbut I am not able to configure Wifi Wireless Lan and share my internet04:30
sethkjw144000, ok, then we won't waste time reburning the cd.  All the likely things you've already tried, so we are down to unlikely things04:30
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
nickrudzelrikriando: seriously, they don't interact at all04:30
erawfishghost: things like puppy are for 32MB machines04:30
ghosterawfish, yes, but I don't want to go through the hassle of uninstalling half of ubuntu's features to make a lighter os04:31
DILjw144000, if you see firefox click on it you will get to the net04:31
sethkjw144000, I've occasionally been able to fix this sort of problem by using "load default values" in the BIOS setup.04:31
sethkjw144000, it's not likely to work, but it shouldn't hurt anything either.04:31
gildaghost, starting with the server edition and building your way up can make it a little lighter04:31
ghostbasically i need to customise my kernel and clean up my init scripts but thats to much work04:31
erawfishghost: but it's still better than puppy for your machine04:31
sethkjw144000, you may simply have a bad cd drive.  They tend to break all at once, not gradually.04:31
YouKnowMeerawfish, or DSL, DSL has a better GUI04:32
erawfishghost: install debian and do a light install without all the bells and whistles. e.. install a minimal gnome04:32
gigamonkeygilda: thanks. So how about completely uninstalling Evolution? There seem to be a lot of packages with "evolution" in the name and they don't all get marked for removal when I mark "evolution" for Complete Removal.04:32
erawfishYouKnowMe: those mini distros are all the same. sorta04:32
ghosterawfish thats what I was thinking04:32
YouKnowMesethk, I would doubt that if ha can burn the cd in the first place, or did he use a different comp?04:32
juananybody familiar with cairo-dock?04:32
ghostI would do like a slackware install but without apt- its a dealreaker04:32
nickrudI can't see installing ubuntu unless you want the full desktop.04:32
zelrikriandonickrud: ok, so you know any other things to try?04:32
astro76ghost: have you considered xfce/xubuntu ?04:32
ghostastro76, that was my other idea04:32
jw144000sethk: I'm going to try it on a different comp, brb04:32
sethkYouKnowMe, I don't know, but everything that breaks worked before it broke.04:33
sethkjw144000, k04:33
ghostbut does that not still load all the hardware features that i will never use?04:33
nickrudzelrikriando: you need to describe the problem better I think04:33
astro76ghost: it's really just gnome making your low-specced machine seem slow04:33
gildagigamonkey evolution is part of the ubuntu-desktop package and removing all bits and traces of it may tend to throw off things that are built on the backend of it04:33
YouKnowMesethk, touche :)04:33
sethkYouKnowMe, so, unless you thing things last forever ... :)04:33
zelrikriandonickrud: when I open a .ogg file with vlc, I have the colors wrong04:33
astro76ghost: that's not significant unless kernel memory footprint is an issue, plus many things are loadable kernel modules now anyway04:33
zelrikriandonickrud: that is too blue or too red...04:33
gigamonkeygilda: hmmm. anything that I'm likely to care about assuming I don't care about Evolution itself?04:34
gildagigamonkey, i am not sure off the top of my head04:34
DILwe arent all born knowing linux04:34
* bruenig is glad he was04:34
zozobraanyone here have experience with both ext3 and xfs file systems that would like to recommend one?04:34
usmc138Anyone know if Kde or Xfce are faster then gnome?04:34
zozobra@usmc138 xfce is faster04:35
ghostastro76 so maybe then xfce is just the way to go04:35
bazhangflux is usmc13804:35
bruenigxfce is for sure, kde is questionable04:35
YouKnowMeusmc138, I like fluxbox04:35
zozobraflux is great04:35
sethkzozobra, hard to say anything intelligent without knowing how you are going to use it.  xfs is in some ways better, but ext3 is more commonly used and is also quite good.04:35
gildausmc138, for speed given those choices xfce is faster04:35
bruenigopenbox is good04:35
nickrudzelrikriando: are you running compiz?04:35
=== Jannita is now known as Johanna
usmc138im a linux newb and have tried kde and gnome but not xfce04:35
astro76ghost: probably, anything but gnome or kde04:35
gigamonkeygilda: If I do what you just suggested to ghost a few moments ago, about installing a server setup and then adding, rather than a desktop setup and then removing, what am I going to be missing?04:35
bazhangfluxbuntu is very lightweight usmc13804:36
usmc138ive never heard of flux actually04:36
ghostastro76, would a conversion be easy?04:36
* nickrud read back and thinks bruenig must be a bot, knowing linux since he was born04:36
zozobra@sethk...i plan on setting up a 300GB disk to hold mp3s, dvd ISOs, and 300-600mb video files.04:36
gildagigamonkey, initially with the server edition you have nothing but the command line04:36
sethkgigamonkey, whatever you might be missing can still be installed.04:36
astro76ghost: sure you can apt-get install xubuntu-desktop from your current system04:36
KuwangerIs there any way I can have a certain key combination not be lockable by any app but a specific one, so I can use it to kill an errant task?04:36
gildagigamonkey, anything else can be installed04:36
ghostastro76 probably to many gnome apps already loaded though that will want the glibs?04:36
gigamonkeygilda: I see. No X at all. No Gnome.04:36
jw144000sethk: I just tried it on another computer and it worked. :/ I never got the menu with "Start or install Ubuntu" on this computer.04:36
zelrikriandonickrud: yes04:36
gildagigamonkey, correct04:36
gigamonkeyBut presumably not with Synaptic. ;-)04:36
sethkzozobra, I'd stay with ext3 in that case.04:36
sethkjw144000, ok, swap the cd drives between the two machines.04:37
astro76ghost: not an issue unless you run programs that use those libs... there are instructions available if you want to remove all traces of gnome (or kde) and have the same as a newly installed xubuntu04:37
usmc138well im out, gotta use windows to use my tvtuner04:37
nickrudzelrikriando: ok, video playback and compiz is a tricky issue right now. You should be asking on #compiz-fusion for the latest info on it04:37
kenalexis it true windows vista comes with a packet sniffer installed04:37
YouKnowMejw144000, meet me in #thischannel ?04:37
zozobra@sethk, would you recommend ext3 over reiserfs or jfs as well for my use?04:37
sethkzozobra, only because I haven't used xfs with very large partitions.  I don't know that it's a problem, in fact I doubt it, but I can't be sure.04:37
ghostastro76, is that on the ubuntu wiki?04:37
nickrudzelrikriando: I used to disable compiz to watch movies, right now I don't use it at all04:37
astro76!purekde | ghost04:37
ubotughost: purekde is If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »04:37
sethkzozobra, stay away from reiser; it's trouble.  Jfs is also good.04:37
zelrikriandonickrud: I ll try to disable compiz to check04:38
nickrudzelrikriando: create the file  ~/.config/compiz/disable , that should disable compiz on your next login04:38
zelrikriandonickrud: disabling it didnt fix the issue04:38
erawfishghost: damnsmalllinux uses apt btw04:39
ghosterawfish, ok04:39
nickrudzelrikriando: do you get proper color in other media?04:39
zozobra@sethk, is it correct that because jfs is journaled that a power outage will cause major corruption in the file system?04:39
nickrudzelrikriando: or other players?04:39
sethkzozobra, no, the reverse04:39
astro76zozobra: journaling systems are better with failures, not worse04:39
zelrikriandonickrud: opening the same media in MPlayer has the right colors04:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about puregnome - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi04:39
imagin1Hey I have an issue with mounting SSHFS with /etc/fstab and it says connection reset by peer.. when I use ssh it works tho. (manually)04:39
imagin1any idea04:40
zelrikriandonickrud: but some other problems appear :)04:40
sethkzozobra, the purpose of journaling is precisely to recover from such situations.04:40
sethkzozobra, note, however, the ext3 is also a journaling file system04:40
sethkzozobra, ext3 is ext2 + journaling04:40
nickrudzelrikriando: do you have the medibuntu repos enabled, or any other third party repository?04:40
gildawell gigamonkey you would have apt to run synaptic is the front end application for apt / aptitude04:41
zelrikriandonickrud: I do04:41
sethkzozobra, especially with such a large drive, you want journaling to prevent fsck from running after a crash and tying up your box for quite a while04:41
lxuserOkay so I'm in need of some basic help04:41
nickrudzelrikriando: me, I would disable those and revert to the ubuntu packages. I only pull libdvdcss and w32codecs from medibuntu directly04:41
gildajust ask the question04:41
lxuserI am trying to figure out my working :D04:42
panfisthow can i use xming, or cygwin, to log into an ubuntu machine remotely04:42
DILlxuser, ahhummm let me guess04:42
zelrikriandonickrud: how do I do that04:42
nickrudzelrikriando: It reduces the possible sources of problems to known packages04:42
=== jmlane_ is now known as jmlane
gigamonkeygilda: Yeah. BTW, is there some reason that apt keeps hanging on rather than being replaced/hidden by aptitude? I thought the latter was supposed to be far better.04:42
nickrudzelrikriando: system->admin->software sources , third party tab04:42
gildagigamonkey, preferance ?04:43
[-Delta-]Okay wording: First thing: I'm using a panasonic Toughbook CF-52. Basic problem: my screen is wide screen but boxes and other such things dont use it fully. The desktop background and mouse can go onto the edges but its like there is a invisible barrier.04:43
nickrudgigamonkey: I hear it on impeccable authority that ubuntu is sticking with apt, and is adding functionality that aptitude won't have any time soon. Mostly authentication I hear04:43
zozobra@sethk, thanks a lot for your help!04:44
xGeekI personally like apt.04:44
* rainwalker hearts apt04:44
sethknickrud, isn't aptitude just another apt front end?04:44
benanzoI need to be able to SSH to my home computer using putty on windows while I'm at work.  I have set up a nonpriviledged user on my computer with it's own key so my regular key is never stored on my work computer. If I password protect the private key is there any danger of someone getting a hold of it at my work?04:44
gildalol ive never used aptitude04:44
zelrikriandonickrud: so I disable all the medibuntu repos and then what?04:44
xGeekaptitude is the gui package manager?04:44
nickrudsethk: yes, but it doesn't necessarily use all the methods exposed by the apt libraries04:44
rainwalkerxGeek: no the GUI package manager is synaptic04:44
astro76benanzo: since it's encrypted with a password, they wont' be able to do anything with it04:44
sethkbenanzo, unanswerable.  If someone can get physical access to a machine, he can get data from it unless the entire file system is encrypted.04:45
nickrudsethk: that is, the new ones.04:45
* xGeek have never used anything except apt ... I've only used gnome and kde on rare occasions at friends houses04:45
xGeekubuntu is my server os only :/04:45
* gilda uses ubuntu as desktop os 04:45
benanzoOK, I was just wondering if it's safe to store the password protected private key on my work computer so I can use it to access my home computer04:46
sethkxGeek, that doesn't mean you can't run gui applications.  You install only the client X libraries (which are very small) on the server, and you use a workstation to be the X server04:46
nickrudzelrikriando: system->admin->synaptic, press the Origin button.04:46
sethkbenanzo, impossible to answer, really.  Windows is not known for its defensive prowess04:46
DILbenanzo, dangerous stuff do they have a privacy banner at work "no expectation of privacy"04:46
zhanxi started using my new removeable drive to store my home movies. but it keeps giving me errors and losing the files.. i fsck it and it had some errors is there a way to get the files back so i font have to redo the whole movie again04:46
benanzosethk: no one will have physical access to my home computer.  I'm just wondering if it's safe to store my password-protected private key on my work computer04:46
zelrikriandonickrud: the origin button?04:46
nickrudzelrikriando: the ones that are Local/* came from medibuntu04:46
xGeeksethk: like a thin client?\04:46
sethkbenanzo, the simple thing to do is to type the password and not use the key04:46
nickrudzelrikriando: lower left of the synaptic window04:47
macabro22Hello I tried to install ALSA from source and broke my audio ( I did because my microphone wouldn't work). Now I can't seem to undo what I did. Sudo make unistall wont do. If I use the live CD sound works. How can I fix that please? I ve been looking fo a fix all day. Can someone please help me out?04:47
sethkbenanzo, I meant physical access to your work computer, not home04:47
zelrikriandonickrud: ok04:47
macabro22cd #debian04:47
astro76benanzo: hmm I disagree, better to use a key encrypted by a strong passphrae04:47
sethkmacabro22, you can force a reinstall from the repositories.04:47
nickrudzelrikriando: hm, you should go about this another way, I think.04:47
gildabenanzo, better not connect from work if that concerned04:47
macabro22sethk: ok, let's try that04:48
difektai made a mistake when i was upgrading to hardy alpha 4, and decided to keep my pulse.conf.  how can i re-install and initialize pulseaudio so this file is re-created properly?04:48
nickrudzelrikriando: big changes remotely are delicate, I wanna do this without breaking things.04:48
sethkgilda, benanzo, it's fine to connect.  Having the private key eliminates typing the password; if you don't mind typing the password you don't need the key.04:48
difektasudo dpkg-reconfigure libpulse0 didn't seem to do it.04:48
zhanxis there a way to recover lost files on ext3?04:48
zelrikriandonickrud: I am listening :)04:48
nickruddifekta: sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudo && sudo apt-get install pulseaudio04:49
sethkzhanx, sometimes, but not a practical way, really.04:49
astro76sethk: you can have a password with a private key, in fact this is the only safe way to use key authentication04:49
difektanickrud thank you.04:49
cvdhey, its there a boot cd or something to repair mbr?04:49
gildai have no concernes with connecting sethk but saying if it was that vital he not have it go out then why set it up04:49
benanzoBut if I password protect the key then it's useless without the password.  Plus it's only good for a nonpriviledged user on my computer which I can the 'su user' to my normal user once connected04:49
astro76passwordless private key is a whole different story04:49
nickrudzelrikriando: I'm gonna be off the net in 10 minutes. I will be back on in about 40. OK?04:49
sethkastro76, I didn't say you can't have a password with a private key.  I said you aren't _required_ to have one.04:49
benanzoDoes that sound safe at all?04:49
benanzoor am I missing something04:49
zhanxsethk, i dont want to have to redo 3 movies and all the editing so...04:49
zelrikriandonickrud: :S it s late here04:49
astro76sethk: I am actually answering benanzo04:50
astro76question though ;)04:50
DILdont do it maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!04:50
sethkastro76, and there is absolutely nothing unsafe about the ssh connection where you type the password.  The password is not sent in clear text, and it's protected against replay attacks.04:50
nickrudzelrikriando: I'm at work, and heading home in 10. I could be available tomorrow, about 7pm pst04:50
ghostI AM IN LOVE!04:50
sethkastro76, I know, but it isn't true that it's unsafe without the key04:50
ghostso much faster04:50
ghostbut MAN is xubuntu fugly04:51
zelrikriandonickrud: ok, I ll try to wait for you tonight04:51
[-Delta-]Ack, I feel retarded, somone help me get the basics set up (VLC, codecs, Resolution setup, wifi ready)04:51
sethkzhanx, there is little chance if data has since been written to the file system.04:51
gildau can tinker it ghost04:51
nickrudzelrikriando: in 40, you mean04:51
astro76sethk: I never implied any of that but anyway..04:51
zelrikriandonickrud: yeah04:51
ghostgilda yeah I know i was just kinda kidding04:51
nickrudzelrikriando: see you then04:51
sethkzhanx, with video it doesn't do much good to get just pieces of it back.04:51
zhanxsethk, nope i stop as soon as i lost it i know better than to use it04:51
zelrikriandonickrud: ok04:51
BioCoreHi guys, I am a current mac user and wanted to experience or try out a Linux distro. People have told me that Ubuntu is very popular among new Linux users.04:51
ghostwhat is the name of the terminal for x04:51
sethkastro76, maybe I got the nick wrong, sorry.04:51
bazhanghttp://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy [-Delta-]04:51
gildao definately by default its fugly ghost04:51
kupesoftBioCore: it is,04:51
BioCoreso was wondering anyone could tell me which version to download04:51
BioCorecan I install the 64bit04:51
benanzoBasically I want: Password unlocks the key -> Key connect to nonpriv user account -> su username (enter strong password) to change to my regular user with sudo ability04:52
BioCoreor do I need the i8604:52
ghostTerminal is the name of the terminal in xfce?04:52
zhanxsethk, well i guess i reencode and edit it again thanks04:52
kupesoftBioCore: What type of mac do you have?04:52
astro76BioCore: you should stick with 32bit04:52
BioCoreMacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo04:52
astro76oh a mac04:52
sethkzhanx, ok, then there is a chance.  If it's possible you should boot a live cd and do an image backup (with dd) of the partition, of course _without_ mounting it.04:52
gildaBioCore, stick with 32 bit04:52
benanzoI work with technical people and I'm just a little worried they might try to mess with me04:52
BioCore32 bit04:52
kupesoftBioCore: The 32-bit will be fine, you'll be able to better use some proprietary software (like Adobe Flash)04:52
BioCoreok thanks a lot04:52
BioCoreI see04:52
voltheirhi - i am having trouble changing my default sound card to card 1 (as opposed to card 0) in alsa...when i go to sound prefs and change all the playbacks to 'adc' and hit test they work fine...but the system sounds just dont play and mplayer, etc doesn't play sound...please help!04:52
BioCorek thanks04:52
BioCoreand also04:52
sethkbenanzo, just don't put the key on the machine, and you don't have anything to worry about.04:52
creeedhello, how can I download recursively all contents of an URL, I tried with wget with different options like -R -lx .. I get just the index.html file but not the the contents, can someoneone give me advice please?04:52
kupesoftBioCore: unless you have lots of RAM (>3.5gb), then you'll need the 64bit version to use it all,04:52
BioCoredo the hardwares install properley?04:53
astro76benanzo: seems like a sound practice to me04:53
zhanxsethk, no can do my removeable is large than my hd04:53
[-Delta-]Depends: libsdl-image1.2 (>= 1.2.5) but it is not installable04:53
[-Delta-]       Depends: ttf-dejavu but it is not installable04:53
[-Delta-]E: Broken packages04:53
kupesoftBioCore: It should detect your hardware and work properly04:53
protolocoi would like to log mysql-bin.00* for 20/30 minutos and then read it by another mysql server... (like benchmarking) how can i do that ?04:53
gildaBioCore, also as a newbie then you dont have to mess around with the 32 compatibility layers for some stuff if u choose 32 bit vs 64 bit04:53
BioCorekupesoft, do you mean I need to mor ethna 3.5gb to use 64bit?04:53
rainwalker[-Delta-]: !paste04:53
sethkzhanx, sounds like re-editing might be less work than recovering, then.04:53
BioCoremoe than*04:53
benanzosethk: how can I connect to my home then?  I don't want to send my password in the clear when authenticating04:53
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:53
kupesoftBioCore: If not, come back here and we'll help you out,04:53
kupesoftBioCore: (:04:53
ghostdag i might throw this on my fast notebook'04:53
BioCorek thnxs04:53
ghostif it does everything the gnome does04:53
sethkbenanzo, an ssh client does _not_ send the password in the clear04:53
astro76benanzo: the password is not sent in the clear04:54
ghost(until kde4.1 is out)04:54
kupesoftBioCore: No, I'm saying that 32bit only supports about 3.5GB of RAM, if you have more, you need a 64bit OS,04:54
astro76benanzo: even with out key auth04:54
* voltheir looking for help changing default sound card... it worked before i did the system upgrades04:54
sethkbenanzo, telnet does, but you aren't using telnet.  that's why you use ssh in the first place.04:54
[-Delta-]Tbh, i'm barely see half of this convo due to the messed up resolution and lack of color04:54
[-Delta-]*+ color blind04:54
jw144000sethk: I'm in the Live CD right now (I had to click on wubi-cdboot.exe or whatever it's called to get here, then select "Ubuntu-Linux" at startup). From what I see, the only options I have to install Linux are: "Guided -use entire disk" and "Manual", and like I said, I want to dualboot, I don't want to loose Windows XP04:54
gigamonkeyOkay, this is killing me. Is my problem that apt is more designed for installing things than uninstalling them? Or am I missing something. Now I'm trying to get rid of OpenOffice and there are dozens of packages (it seems) that I need to individually select for removal.04:54
sethkjw144000, ok, then you use manual.04:54
tritiumgigamonkey: it uninstalls things as easily as it installs them04:54
zhanxne1 use the new razer sound card? waiting for it in the mail.04:55
sethkjw144000, I think there's a third option, something like "use unused space"04:55
gildagigamonkey, are you using apt-get remove --purge ?04:55
creeedhello, how can I download recursively all contents of an URL, I tried with wget with different options like -R -lx .. I get just the index.html file but not the the contents, can someoneone give me advice please?04:55
jw144000sethk: I clicked on manual, and now I don't know what to do04:55
gigamonkeygilda: I'm in Synaptic.04:55
kupesoftgigamonkey: apt-get remove openoffice.org\*04:55
sethkjw144000, first question, do you have empty space?  Or do you need to shrink an existing partition?04:55
benanzoBut in sshd_config it says: "# Change to no to disable tunnelled clear text passwords" for PasswordAuthentication04:55
ghosthey I am removing the list of gnomeapps,04:56
ghostnevermind it started moving04:56
jw144000sethk: I don't have any partitions.04:56
astro76creeed: wget is good, the site might be blocking it however04:56
jw144000I mean, I have never made any partitions04:56
sethkbenanzo, tunneled is not unencrpyted04:56
sethkjw144000, if you boot windows, you have at least one partition04:56
benanzoI guess I misunderstood that04:56
ghostDoes xubuntu have a graphical login manager?04:56
Flannelghost: xubuntu uses gdm04:56
kupesoftghost: Yes, it uses GDM04:56
ghost... i just uninstalled it04:56
kenalexhas anyone ever experienced video flickering in ubuntu ?04:56
ghosti can just sudoaptget gdm04:56
kupesoftkenalex: Yes, I have. What's your X driver?04:57
ghostand it will autoconfigure itself?04:57
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:57
gildadamn splits04:57
jw144000sethk: OK. I apologize, I'm new to this stuff. From the looks of it, I have three partitions.04:57
kupesoftkenalex: Do you know what your video driver is?04:57
DessanWoo net splits04:57
sethkjw144000, no need to apologize.04:57
gildaalways a rollercoaster Dessan04:57
=== suehtnilaP is now known as Palintheus
kenalexkupesoft:i am using the ati fglrx driver04:58
sethkjw144000, It's likely that all the disk space is used up, and you'll have to shrink one of those partitions.04:58
ganeshhi how the live cum install cd works with ubiquity04:58
DessanI remeber my days as an Oper trying to fix the servers.04:58
ghostCan some one recomend a site for xfce looks configs? I would like to look at some ideas and what not04:58
Flannelganesh: what?04:58
gildaxfce-look.org i think it is ghost04:58
ganeshplease give the docs for live cum install cd04:59
ghostk just like kde-looks.04:59
creeedastro76, can you test it by you please, here is the URL: http://opulus.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/opulus/trunk/04:59
astro76!language | ganesh04:59
ubotuganesh: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:59
kenalexkupesoft:are you there ?04:59
* gilda holds her hands up in the air and squeels wheeeeeeee 04:59
DessanHey folks, if the people you were talking to don't answer its because of the netsplit04:59
Flannelganesh: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation04:59
Dessanplease hold questions for about 5 min05:00
astro76creeed: hmmm?05:00
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit05:00
ganeshFlannel, i am trying to make the cd with ubiquity , but i am getting error05:00
gildanice we got some back now05:00
Flannelganesh: there are instructions on that page, the first section.  Is there anything specific youre having trouble with?05:01
obiwannekody#archlinux got cut down by about half also05:01
obiwannekodyand it returns05:02
jw144000sethk: How do I shrink the partitions? And if I free up some hard disk space, would it be likely that I will have the option to resize the partition?05:02
ganeshFlannel, which page05:02
Flannelganesh: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation05:02
panfisthow can i get ubuntu running as an xdmcp server for clients on a trusted network05:02
sethkjw144000, I don't believe the installer will do it for you.  You probably need to boot the live cd and use gparted from it (unless you have something like partition magic available)05:03
ganeshFlannel, my trouble is "i am not able to make a partition using ubiquity"05:03
destructarhi all, I have been trying to install ubuntu (first time) since last night. running into an ata issue that I'm nearly positive is coming from my blu-ray drive which I'm trying to install from (via ubuntu burned dvd)... can't find any info via google (all info points to bad hdd but i'm positive that's not the issue)05:03
jw144000How do I access gparted?05:03
ganeshFlannel, "it means after creating the partition , it is not able to detect the created partition "05:04
sethkjw144000, I've done it from a terminal window, but it's probably on a menu somewhere05:04
destructaralso, I installed windows 2000 just to see if it would "work", and it did... but that's not a permanent solution05:04
Flannelganesh: try creating the partition in gparted, before using ubiquity05:04
ganeshFlannel, but it is not a good way of creating gparted & then going with ubiquity05:05
RaskahRatI have my /home mounted on a different partition and i want to use it for something else. I have logged in as root and tried cp -p -r /home/possum to another location, removed the partition from /rtc/fstab and used same cp -p -r to copy my home dir back into a /home on root partiton. Then when i go to login it has a hissy fit bout permissions. How can i completely preserve permissions? Is there an easier way to do this?05:05
ganeshFlannel, but it is not a good way of creating partition thro gparted & then going with ubiquity05:05
astro76RaskahRat: cp -a05:05
badkittyI use the liveCD to create the partition05:05
jw144000Is at least 86GB of free space enough for Ubuntu?05:05
Flannelganesh: When something isnt working, youve gotta try and find a way that works05:06
badkittyjw144000: Yeah thats plenty05:06
RaskahRatastro76, ok thanks heaps =D05:06
jw144000badkitty: Can you help me with manually installing Ubuntu?05:06
sethkRaskahRat, cp -av05:06
badkittyjw144000: PM me05:06
ganeshFlannel, i uploaded the error in ubuntu forums also05:06
sethkRaskahRat, the v just makes it noisier, the -a is what makes it do what you want05:06
creeedastro76, I just got it right now thanks for your idea05:07
ghostI just installed Xubuntu, how do I set xubuntu to use zsh05:07
sethkRaskahRat, there's a way to do it with tar, but it's more complicated05:07
ghostlike i had my gnome set up too05:07
RaskahRatsethk, oh ok i dont understand the archive option lol, without context and such its hard to understand the man pages fully05:07
ghostI just installed Xubuntu, how do I set xubuntu to use zsh05:08
sethkRaskahRat, it will copy the files and preserve the permissions, which is what you need.05:08
gildadestructar, what is the issue with ur blueray drive05:08
RaskahRatthanks sethk and astro76 =D05:08
rubeezi am running gutsy x64 on a GA-P35-DS3L board and E2140 CPU but was not able to get cpufreq working...any suggestion on how to troubleshoot is greatly appreciated05:08
destructarnot sure... i'm getting the error: ata3 irq_stat 0x00000040, connection status changed05:09
Kalamansihow to setup file server? so that workstations pc2 xp and pc3 win98 can save and download their files to the pc1 server ubuntu.. thanks05:09
gildaand the disk loads no further ?05:09
marpstarcan somebody recommend me a gtk media player that supports last.fm and album art but isn't rhythmbox, listen, banshee, exaile, or bmpx?05:09
creeedhow can I install Qt on gutsy?05:09
josspykermarpstar: vlc05:09
marpstari'm looking for something more library oriented05:10
destructareverything i saw pertaining to this error pointed to a bad hard drive, but when i switch slots with my blu ray the ata changes... so right now it's ata1 in the message, but when I move blu ray to stata3 the messages changes05:10
ghostdoes anyone know of a good xubuntu resource kind of like ubuntuguide05:10
gildamarpstar, did u try amarok at all ?05:10
marpstargilda, yes I did, I've had problems with it crashing and want to stick with something gnome-based05:10
Flannelcreeed: libqt (with some wart on the end), I believe.  The online DB is down at the moment05:11
gildadestructar, does the cd load and get past that point or stall ?05:11
marpstarI liked exaile, but there is a bug in the way it refreshes the library05:11
marpstarlisten doesn't work well with larger libraries05:11
marpstarbanshee is OK but has a bug where it's stops scrobbling tracks05:12
marpstari really like BMPx, but it's album art support is terrible05:12
firestormx37marpstar have you tried out songbird, its still in the development stages but it works pretty well05:12
marpstaryeah, firestormx37, I have... it's quite buggy yet05:13
destructargilda, so to be a little more clear: i insert the disc, get the ubuntu install screen, choose "start or  install ubuntu", get a "loading linux kernel" window, screen changes to ubuntu progress slider image, screen changes to black with white text that says "ata3 irq_stat 0x00000040, connection status changed" among other things like "action 0x2 frozen"05:13
marpstarI realize I'm asking for a lot, since I've tried almost every other player05:13
jw144000Can anyone help me with manually installing Ubuntu?05:13
jw144000I'm in a live CD session now05:13
gildadestructar - i want u to try loading the ubuntu disk - pressing f6 - at the end of the lines that appear that u can edit try adding  all_generic_ide05:13
whyameyeis it possible to run a 32 bit app on 64 bit Gutsy?05:14
destructarok rebooting now05:14
badkittyjw144000: I will but y ou gotta pm me05:14
jw144000badkitty, I just did05:14
badkittyjw144000: Nope ... are you identified??05:14
creeedFlannel, from witch source you got it please?05:14
jw144000badkitty: I don't understand05:15
destructarok i have the graphical slider...05:15
Flannelcreeed: it'll be in main05:15
destructarerror text again... crap05:15
gildasame error or different ?05:15
badkittyjw144000: I just PMed you05:16
jw144000I got your PM05:16
badkittyok msg me in there05:16
jw144000I just did05:16
destructarsame, so again to be a bit more clear, the second message is: "ata3: exception Emask 0x10 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x4080000 action 0x2 frozen"05:16
jw144000badkitty: You're unable to receive my PM's?05:17
badkittyjw144000: Do you have a identified IRC account on freenode?05:17
jw144000badkitty: No05:17
badkittyie have you registerred? Ok you have to do that in order to PM05:17
gildahmmm destructar not sure at this point - sounds like the ata is not fully supporting ur drive on ubuntu did you check the hardware compatibility ?05:18
destructaryes but didn't find blu ray, so i'm guessing it's not supported, which is pretty disappointing as it's the only drive i have on hand tonight05:19
destructaris there a way to install from a flash drive?05:20
creeeddoes anyone know a good ubuntu site, where I download packages? I need libqt3!05:20
destructarusb flash drive... i have one around here somewhere05:20
gildadestructar, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick05:20
jw144000badkitty: I'll BRB, need to reboot05:21
astro76!info libqt3-mt | creeed05:22
ubotucreeed: libqt3-mt (source: qt-x11-free): Qt GUI Library (Threaded runtime version), Version 3. In component main, is optional. Version 3:3.3.8really3.3.7-0ubuntu11.1 (gutsy), package size 3222 kB, installed size 8920 kB05:22
badkittyjw144000: k05:22
gildadestructar, it is an older how to but do not see why it can not be applicable now05:22
Flannel!synaptic | creeed05:22
ubotucreeed: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto05:22
Flannelcreeed: You don't download packages manually.  Use the repositories05:22
RaskahRatOk i just copied my home directory using cp -a so i coulsd use my disk for something else used same cp command to move it back to a /home on the root partition and when i login i get a box complaining about a $HOME/.dmrc being ignored and that other users should not be able to access my home dir. What am i doing wrong? how do i copy my home dir so that it comes back and is read exactly trhe same05:25
astro76RaskahRat: what are your permissions on ~/.dmrc now?05:26
pawanhow to install real player05:26
astro76!real | pawan05:26
ubotupawan: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:26
jetscreamerhelix-player is a realplayer clone05:27
jetscreameror so05:27
pawanit is not able to play rm files05:27
pawansays get realplaye05:27
pawanhow to install bin file05:28
jetscreamerenable the extra sources05:28
jetscreamerdon't do the bin unless you have no choice05:28
astro76pawan: chmod +x file.bin && sudo ./file.bin05:28
jetscreamerpawan: but you would chmod +x it and ./blah.bin05:28
creeedI need Qt 4.3.1 and exactly dev-tools like qmake, any idea?05:28
jetscreamerwhat he said05:28
astro76creeed: like Flannel said, synaptic05:29
RaskahRatastro76, -rwxrwx---05:29
astro76RaskahRat: chmod 600 ~/.dmrc05:29
jw144000badkitty: Could you PM me the link you gave me again?05:30
astro76RaskahRat: you didn't copy these files to a ntfs or fat partition did you?05:30
dimedohey there, is there a way to force an application to use a given alsa device, even if that program has no options for this?05:30
RaskahRatlol yes... yes i did.05:30
astro76RaskahRat: they don't support unix permissions05:30
badkittyjw144000: http://www.wikihow.com/Register-a-User-Name-on-Freenode05:30
RaskahRatastro76, oh IC05:30
astro76RaskahRat: you'll need to tar everything05:30
RaskahRatastro76, i might just do the same thing but stash it in /opt for a minute instead lol05:31
RaskahRatastro76, thanks again mate ^_~05:31
ssswhen I do a apt-get update05:33
=== jw144000 is now known as valiantsouljah7
sssI get this error Err http://security.ubuntu.com dapper-security/main Packages05:33
sss  502 Proxy Error ( The ISA Server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  )05:33
ghosthey I am in xubuntu now but i seem to have no file manager, or my file manager won't start05:33
badkittysss: When ever you want05:33
ghostwhat is the name of the xfce file manager so i can see a terminal output05:33
=== valiantsouljah7 is now known as jw144000
astro76!info thunar05:34
ubotuthunar (source: thunar): File Manager for Xfce. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.0-6ubuntu3 (gutsy), package size 208 kB, installed size 640 kB05:34
pawanhow to install audio/x-pn-realaudio05:35
sssError on apt-get update => http://pastie.caboo.se/14763905:35
ssscan someone help?05:35
MoLE_sss, you're behind a microsoft cache (ISA server).  Need a special tool to get around these (if on active directory authentication)05:36
zelrikriandohmm badkitty, this name reminds me something05:36
badkittyzelrikriando: Hmm.. southpark??05:37
zelrikriandobadkitty: no a msn contact05:37
badkittyzelrikriando: hmm I dont think I used it on MSN05:37
tmbahi, I managed to wipe out my /boot partition and now am trying to reinstall grub and linux image on it. So far I've booted a livecd and chrooted into the main linux partition, but when I try to apt-get install linux I get lots of dependency problems. Are there any better ways of doing it, or how to continue when apt-get does not want to install grub and the linux images in /boot?05:38
zelrikriandobadkitty: that s ok...the badkitty I am talking about blocked me anyways05:38
badkittyzelrikriando: LOl k I wont block you ;-)05:38
MoLE_sss, the package is NTLMaps - make sure you read the documentation first, though05:39
sssMoLE_: Thanks for the hint05:39
MoLE_sss, of course the cache may simply be offline.05:39
MoLE_sss, it does run on windows, of course.05:40
zelrikriandobadkitty: where are you from05:40
jmlaneThe contents of my /home folder is empty. Anyway to recover/rebuild this?05:40
pawanhow to install audio/x-pn-realaudio05:40
tmbajmlane: might be its just not mounted05:40
destructarfor anyone who might care: i suspected problems with a pioneer blu ray drive... was just able to get busybox installed by first booting to windows 2000. when booting in to linux got ata problems coming from blu ray, just unplugged blu ray and booted to busybox with no issues05:41
badkittyzelrikriando: USA05:41
tmbajmlane: that is.. if you have home on different partition05:41
destructarof course i have no clue where to go from here to get gui installed05:41
astro76jmlane: remove and readd the user05:41
zelrikriandobadkitty: ok :) me Canada05:41
ghostoddly enough when I installed xubuntu-desktop, it did not install the filemanager with it05:41
ghostwhats up with that!05:41
astro76jmlane: system > admin > users and groups, or command line methods05:41
pawanhow to install real playe05:42
jmlanetmba: Not sure, I didn't think so.05:42
astro76jmlane: oh you mean /home/ not your ~/05:42
ghostIf i delete all the .hidden folders in my /home will that hurt the programs or just reset there settings05:43
jmlaneastro76: Right.05:43
tmbajmlane: in that case, how did all the contents in it disappear in the first place?05:44
jmlanetmba:  Good question.05:44
* zelrikriando is waiting for somebody05:44
tmbajmlane:   :)05:44
tmbajmlane: are you able to log in to gnome with your user at all?05:45
jmlanetmba: Not sure, I am sshed in remotely.05:45
sethkjmlane, ssh'd in is logged in05:45
sethkjmlane, presuming you didn't delete the files after you logged in, of course05:46
jmlaneI can log in through ssh, but it says /home/$user is missing05:46
heatmzzr_how do i add repositories?05:46
pawanhow to start real player05:47
jmlaneYeah, it appears that I toasted my /home/ directory's content somehow....05:47
sethkjmlane, I would do this.  Create a new user, then create the missing home directory, and copy everything from the new user's home to the recreated home05:47
jmlanesethk: Sounds like a good idea.05:47
sethkjmlane, you'll need to use sudo to do the copy, then   sudo chown -R name:name /home/name05:47
tmbajmlane: I think sethk's idea is a good one too. Just make sure /home is not on different partition05:48
jmlaneWill using adduser generate the .profile, .bashrc, etc. files?05:48
sethktmba, that's a good point05:48
tmbajmlane: if it is, it might be just a mount that is missing05:48
sethkjmlane, yes05:48
skyhookhey, when I "completly remove" app using synaptic, it should remove all the config files right?05:48
norvjmlane: yes, it'll base it off of what's in /etc/skel05:48
bod_Hi guys, is it possible, from the terminal to "echo" the title of the song being played in amarok?05:50
norvskyhook: it might, I doubt it, but it won't remove home directory ones05:50
jmlanetmba: Nope, fdisk -l shows one partition on the OS hdd05:50
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CelesDoes anyone here play open arena? I need help with it!05:50
tmbajmlane: one partition?  what about swap?05:50
spdfbod_: I imagine its possible if amarok has a dbus interface05:50
bod_1 sec05:50
jmlaneSwap is shown in /etc/fstab, but not in fdisk -l05:51
skyhooknorv: ah I see thanks05:51
tmbawell, you're out of my league then. Only you would know how stuff was installed. Perhaps lvm or something?05:52
bod_spdf, sorry, got a reply from someone in #amarok, he gave me a command to try but it just printed a blank line, il let you know if he gives me a decent answer,.,.;)05:52
astro76jmlane: can you pastebin your fstab, mount output, and fdisk -l output05:52
jmlaneastro76: Yes. What exactly is the mount output you are looking for?05:52
jmlaneJust mount?05:53
astro76jmlane: yes05:53
J_Humphreyhow can I change the mount point on an extra partition? I just set up a new partition so that I could have /home/ in a seperate partition, but its named /media/disk, and it would be nice if it followed the normal /dev/sda# format05:54
astro76J_Humphrey: if you want it to be a separate home, it will need to be mounted to /home, but there's a process to moving your existing home over05:54
bod_spdf, heres the command : dcop amarok player title05:55
nemilarJ_Humphrey: you need to edit your fstab05:55
tmbaJ_Humphrey: also, when its in /media, its already mountec05:55
astro76J_Humphrey: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome05:55
spdfbod_: Try, dcop amarok player encodedURL05:55
bod_spdf, ok,.,.1 sec05:56
jmlaneastro76: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54810/05:56
Ein2015ooo fstab peoples05:56
tmbaso, folks, I've managed to wipe out my /boot partition. What to do to re-install grub on it + linux images?  chroot?05:56
Ein2015i'm trying to get my server to automatically mount all my harddrives for everybody to use on startup.05:56
zelrikriandoahhhh he lied to me05:57
jmlaneActually, what J_Humphrey is wanting to do is exactly what I was in the process of attempting, except I only just formated and partition the new harddrive.05:57
dan_lI did it!!!05:57
dan_linstall with no head ache.  I even did NDIS wrapper by myself05:58
nemilarastro76: those directions are silly and over-complicated ;)05:58
dan_lI rulez teh webz05:58
astro76jmlane: this would have been usefull info05:58
norvkdcop is quite nice, is there a GTK equivalent?05:58
bod_spdf, that gives me the file path to my track, and some weird % everywhere05:58
astro76nemilar: really I haven't read it :O05:58
dan_lOk, so I have a dumb question:  In th process of confiruging ndiswrapper, I accidentally screwed up the blacklist.  How do I manually edit the blacklist?05:59
J_Humphreyhow do I find out what the current mount point/name is for current partitions?05:59
zelrikriandoanyone knows nickrud?05:59
norvJ_Humphrey: df05:59
nemilarastro76: it would be some much easier, after you create the new partition, to just go back into ubuntu, you'll have all the partitions mounted, just cp the stuff from /home to /media/newdisk, umount /media/newdisk, rm /home/* , edit your fstab, remount05:59
Ein2015brb, gotta smoke... and then i'll want somebody to help me with my mounting problems, if possible.  :)05:59
nemilarJ_Humphrey: 'mount'05:59
spdfbod_: Yeh, its just encoded characters05:59
spdfbod_: So, that's working at least05:59
tmbaJ_Humphrey: use the 'mount' command05:59
norvJ_Humphrey: all except swap partitions, for those use cat /proc/swaps06:00
nemilarnorv: cat /proc/mounts06:00
astro76nemilar: agreed... just read it, it's pretty bad ;)06:00
nemilarnorv: actually you're right, I never realized mounts doesn't show the swap partitions06:01
nemilarnorv: my bad06:01
zelrikriandowb nickrud06:01
jmlaneastro76: Actually, from the looks of it, /dev/hdc2 might be /home.06:01
bod_spdf, yer, i now have the commands to find, the track plplaying, the file path, the artist, and the track & artist in the same command06:01
alexhhi everyone06:01
alexhI need help06:02
alexhwith ubuntu java chat room not comes blank06:02
alexhusing AMD6406:02
nickrudzelrikriando: ready? It will take a while. What we will be doing is identifying stuff that was installed from medibuntu, replacing ubuntu packages.06:02
jmlaneWhat is the easiest way to check what the contents of a partition are?06:02
cvda boot-cd to repair mbr?06:02
spdfbod_: check out http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/DCOP_Functions06:02
zelrikriandonickrud: get started I want to sleep after :)06:02
nemilar!es | alexh06:03
nickrudzelrikriando: ok :)  first, reenable the medibuntu repos, so it's easy to identify them06:03
ubotualexh: Si busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.06:03
spdfbod_: You'd just have to do something like, dcop amarok player 'artist()', I believe06:03
bod_spdf, ty,. why have none of these dcop amarok functions been printed anywhere,. there not in --help, --help-all, man, info ,.06:03
nemilarjmlane: you mean, its files?06:03
norvbod_: also, just running dcop amarok player will print out a list of functions you can call06:04
bod_spdf, take out the  () and the command woeks06:04
astro76jmlane: no hdc2 is an extended partition (not a data partition but a container for logicals)06:04
nemilarjmlane: just running 'mount' will tell you what directory it is mounted to06:04
astro76jmlane: probably was hdc106:04
bod_norv,. ty06:04
alexhubuto how i switch to the spanish room06:04
jmlanenemilar: Yeah, files. Well, I don't know if you can call them files when it isn't a regular FS...06:04
zelrikriandonickrud: ok06:04
norvbtw, is DCOP the same /in principle/ as AppleScript's calling?06:04
nemilarjmlane: what's the fstype?06:04
nickrudzelrikriando: ok, open synaptic, and press the origins button. You should see medibuntu listed in the top left pane06:05
astro76alexh: /join #ubuntu-es06:05
zelrikriandonickrud: I am there already :)06:05
bod_norv, thats quite a bit of reading,. ty06:05
Prez00in gutsy I can no longer open picture urls directly from the gimp, I get an error06:05
nickrudzelrikriando: cool. In the right, what packages do you have installed?06:05
jmlanenemilar: astro76 just said it was extended, for logicals... Not sure what logicals are, but I assume it is some special OS stuff.06:05
spdfbod_: Check out that wiki link, it has some explanations as well06:05
Prez00I used to be able to in previous release06:05
boyhppyhow do you get rid of the grub bootloader?06:05
bod_spdf, wil do cheers,. gonna go grab some breakfast,.brb06:05
zelrikriandonickrud: skype skype-common (for non free)06:05
nemilarastro76: ? (jmlane) did you get his problem fixed?06:06
mkquistboyhppy: why would u do that?06:06
zelrikriandonickrud: nothing on free06:06
nickrudzelrikriando: thats all? If so, you waited up for nothing06:06
norvjmlane: nemilar: logical partitions can be used for anything primary partitions can, except booting, pretty much06:06
astro76nemilar: no he's in some state in the process of moving /home and I'm not sure what he's done06:06
zelrikriandonickrud: I have other stuff wait06:06
jmlanenemilar: My problem is the missing contents of /home, but it appears I deleted them when deleting the crap off /media/store.06:06
nemilarastro76: ahh06:07
nemilarjmlane: so did you delete all copies of your home directory contents?06:07
zelrikriandonickrud: libavcodec1d libavformat1d libavutil1d libpostproc1d (on main)06:07
jisatsuwhenever I reboot, it doesn't pick up my nameservers properly and I have to edit /etc/resolv.conf by hand. any idea how to fix that?06:07
nemilarjmlane: btw, for your looking at files, question, Apps - Accessories - Disk Usage Anylizer is a great tool for mounted partitions06:08
boyhppysince i installed ubuntu on an external hard drive and if I don't have the external hard drive isn't plugged into the pc, grub booter won't work and then i can't boot from my XP operating system (my other operating system)06:08
jmlanenemilar:  Well, unless there is an automatic backup kept somewhere else, yes.06:08
nemilarjmlane: ouch.  I'm sorry to hear that06:08
zelrikriandonickrud: ok that s it...06:08
mkquistboyhppy: where did u install grub?06:08
norvboyhppy: if you have 2 disks you don't technically need a boot loader06:08
jmlanenemilar: Not using GUI... Trying to teach myself barebones Linux slowly.06:08
mkquistnorv: well there is that... =p06:08
boyhppywhen you install ubuntu, it installs GRUB on your bios06:08
nemilarjmlane: did you loose anything important?06:09
mkquistboyhppy: no it installs it on ur hard drive06:09
jmlaneNot really, new install, but I had a few accounts.06:09
sfearscan anyone help me figure out why .iso's i save to my desktop give me an error (inavlid disk image) when i try to burn them with k3b.06:09
zelrikriandonickrud: ?06:09
nickrudzelrikriando: ok, select livavcodec1d , then on the menu bar package => force version06:09
nickrudzelrikriando: what options do you see06:10
norvboyhppy: fixmbr on windows XP's hard disk (in windows XP). then install grub on the external. set the boot order to boot first from external, then from an internal HD06:10
boyhppybut when i take my external hard drive out, it shows the grub and it says error so i can't boot for my other OS06:10
nemilarjmlane: oh, okay... not so bad then.  So where are you stuck now?06:10
astro76boyhppy: right because grub is in the MBR of your internal hard drive, but the config file is in /boot on the external drive06:10
zelrikriandonickrud: I see 2 options06:11
zelrikriandonickrud: one is regular ubuntu the other is medibuntu06:11
jmlanenemilar: Not really stuck, just generated a template user so to get a /home/$user dir.06:11
nickrudzelrikriando: choose the ubuntu one, then repeat for each of the other packages06:11
afpacHi, any ideas about how do I make the stock ubuntu desktop like this - http://www.thelinuxvault.net/images/6/6b/ModifiedUbuntuScreenshot.png06:11
nemilarjmlane: cool cool06:11
jmlaneIs there a quick way to copy a source to multiple destinations?06:11
zelrikriandonickrud: for all of them?06:12
mkquistboyhppy: go with norvs advice06:12
tds5016Hello. can someone please help me get direct rendering working on this laptop?06:12
norvastro76: I had a problem that when I added a USB thumb drive, grub would just refuse to load with the same error at stage 1.506:12
nickrudzelrikriando: each of the ones that is visible when you choose medibuntu.org as the origin06:12
spdfafpac: Well, the bottom bar looks like Avant Window Navigator to me06:12
tds5016I have the proprietary Radeon drivers installed.06:12
zelrikriandonickrud: ok06:12
tds5016but it's still outputting...06:12
afpacspdf: ok, a clue, thanks :)06:12
tds5016Xlib:  extension "XFree86-DRI" missing on display ":1.0".06:12
tds5016 06:12
nickrudzelrikriando: not skype, it doesn't matter.06:12
dan_lfolks, how do I know if my update manager is working?06:12
tds5016under the glxinfo06:12
ceriandhas anyone tried to get sound working on a dell m1330 running hardy?06:12
pcrackhi i want to build my own ubuntu based linux..can anybody lead me to a new good site06:12
spdfafpac: And they're using a dark gtk theme/engine and a custom icon theme as well06:13
tds5016can someone please help me out with that?06:13
spdfafpac: Check out gtk-look.org06:13
dan_lI seem to remember tons of updates that I needed to do with a fresh install06:13
afpacspdf: i see06:13
norvastro76: I realized it was detecting the thumb drive first and making it hard disk 0 0 or such. lilo seemed to fix this, though I never found out why06:13
zelrikriandonickrud: I cant on skype anyways06:13
dan_lThat was the stupidist question anybody has ever asked.  I should quit.06:13
dimedohey, where can i find the ALSA config files in ubuntu?06:13
norvpcrack: use Ubuntu first.06:13
spdfafpac: Er, sorry, gnome-look.org06:13
zelrikriandonickrud: I am applying those06:14
nickrudzelrikriando: heh, true, no skype in ubuntu :)06:14
astro76norv: but his only happens when he removes the external, leaving only window06:14
afpacafpac: right, thanks06:14
norvastro76: yes, it's a different issue06:14
spdfafpac: There's an alright black gtk theme called Blue-Junior on there, that might be what they've used06:14
zelrikriandonickrud: done06:14
nickrudzelrikriando: now apply the changes06:15
afpacspdf: will keep in mind06:15
nickrudzelrikriando: I looked away, you were ahead of me06:15
nickrudzelrikriando: try vlc for kicks06:15
leetcharmerhihi all:)06:15
zelrikriandonickrud: for some reason I had to apply the changes twice06:16
ImaginalWhen something(window/video/game) moves quickly sideways, I see broken horizontal lines. This is not an issue in Vista. Hsync and Vrefresh are correct... WXGA. Any ideas?06:16
leetcharmerdoes anyone know how to copy from vi to evolution?06:16
norvastro76: it seems LILO uses uuid or something a little more picky about what drive maps to what number, but that's just my speculation06:16
zelrikriandonickrud: no change in the vlc06:16
nickrudleetcharmer: highlight the stuff in vi with the mouse , then press the middle button in evolution06:16
astro76norv: lilo installs completely to the MBR, not relying on a file in /boot, could be that06:16
ghostHey guys I have abit of an emergancy06:17
astro76norv: or are you talking about your issue.. I'm sleepy and confused ;)06:17
norvastro76: hmm, I was told it still had a staging process because the MBR is too small for any real storage (splash image in LILO?) .. .btw, my issue06:17
ceriandhas anyone tried to get sound working on a dell m1330 running hardy?06:17
thekayhanghost: shoot06:17
leetcharmernickrud: now, if I wanted to copy from vi  to another terminal program without using gdm, what would I do?06:17
nickrudzelrikriando: hum. in a terminal, type   apt-cache policy libavcodec1d06:18
ghostI followed the instructions to rid your system of gnome after i installed xubuntu06:18
ganesh even making a partition through ubiquity , im not able to install on the created partition , why06:18
ghostwell it seems lots of things where un installed that didn't need to be un installed06:18
nickrudleetcharmer: you mean in a console? install gpm , it works the same06:18
zelrikriandonickrud: it s writen...medibuntu06:18
obiwannekodyok, ghost06:18
J_Humphreyok, I messed up my directory, this is the error message when I try to open up computer: "Could not launch menu item.  Failed to change to directory '/home/name' (no such file or directory"   How do I change my directory back to normal?06:18
ghostforinstance, now I can't get wifi06:18
nickrudzelrikriando: pastebin the output of that command06:18
obiwannekodyghost:  what exactly is the problem?06:18
norvghost: if you aren't running low on disk, don't bother pulling out packages to things you don't need06:19
nickrud!pastebin | zelrikriando (just in case you don't know pastebin)06:19
ubotuzelrikriando (just in case you don't know pastebin): pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)06:19
ganeshhi, even making a partition through ubiquity , im not able to install on the created partition , why06:19
leetcharmernickrud: I'm on an XO laptop (from OLPC) -- and can't install gdm.06:19
ghostnorv the original perpose of switching to xfce was for smaller system06:19
MoLE_ghost, I'd probably just run sudo aptitude reinstall xubuntu-desktop, which should pull in all the dependencies like network manager.06:19
obiwannekodyghost, how did you connect to wifi, what type of card do you have, and is it a secure wifi problem06:19
thekayhanghost: did you install the xubuntu package06:19
zelrikriandonickrud: http://pastebin.com/m663bad606:19
leetcharmernickrud: I wanna paste stuff from vi to an e-mail in webmail opera :)06:19
ghostI did install xubuntu-desktop06:19
MoLE_ghost did you then remove packages afterwards?06:20
ghostits possile i remoeved things that are under the gnome package that xubuntu also uses06:20
norvghost: oh, didn't catch that. IMHO, it's not that much smaller and even on 4GB of disk, 500MB of ram, Kubuntu still seems to work well06:20
ghostgood idea06:20
nickrudleetcharmer: that technique will work.   highlight with the mouse, and press the middle button in the opera webmail text box06:20
tds5016I am using xgl... I really need help if anyone is willing... please!06:20
ghostoh yeah06:20
ghostwhole lot of packages06:20
MoLE_ghost: I suspect you removed thinks like network-manager which controls network access06:20
ghostthakns for pointing me in the right direction06:20
ghostYeah it was network manager and a lot of other things06:21
MoLE_ghost: sudo aptitude reinstall xubuntu-desktop06:21
ghost(i figured fix that one first to fix the other stuff06:21
norvI thought xubuntu used network-manager06:21
J_Humphreyok, I messed up my directory, this is the error message when I try to open up computer: "Could not launch menu item.  Failed to change to directory '/home/name' (no such file or directory)" How do I change it back to normal?06:21
ghostMoLE_, already on it :)06:21
obiwannekodyghost, xfce is slightly faster than the other DE's, although KDE 4 looks like it may be getting better06:21
nickrudzelrikriando: then somehow your force version didn't go through.  Try it again06:21
ghostobiwannekody I am waiting for 4.106:21
leetcharmernickrud: That takes me back and forth between websites, not paste :(06:21
norvobiwannekody: ghost: prelink also makes a difference for startup speeds06:21
obiwannekodyghost, me too06:21
obiwannekodyghost, what does 'ifconfig -a' give you? (is your wifi card listed?)06:22
ghostI need to research prelinking, I did it a while back and i did not find much benifit, but I will look into it again06:22
nickrudleetcharmer: middle button? opera must be overriding it then. Middle button paste is a real low level X function. I have no idea why the olpc works differently06:22
ghostobiwannekody, installing network manager will fix the problem, thanks :)06:22
HemebondEvening all. Has it been busy in here today?06:23
norvghost: shouldn't affect your DE choice, and it's not an amazing change.. but it helps on low-end hardware06:24
leetcharmernickrud: :) found a way to do it.  Open the file via file:///home/olpc/file06:24
Hemebondubotu: broken sound06:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about broken sound - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi06:24
J_Humphreyok, I messed up my directory, this is the error message when I try to open up computer: "Could not launch menu item.  Failed to change to directory '/home/name' (no such file or directory)" How do I change it back to normal?06:24
zelrikriandonickrud: I did it again...seemed to went through06:24
zelrikriandonickrud: but didnt fix my issue06:24
Ein2015does anybody here know how to configure finch?06:24
nickrudzelrikriando: the apt-cache policy says ubuntu is installed?06:24
ganeshhi, even making a partition through ubiquity , im not able to install on the created partition , why06:24
zelrikriandonickrud: yes06:24
J_Humphreyganesh, what kind of partition did you make?06:25
thekayhanganesh, you can't install on a mounted partition06:25
nickrudzelrikriando: ok, to keep from using the medibuntu libraries again disable the medibuntu repos again06:25
biotroxcan anyone help me..?06:25
biotroxi'm having troble checking my kernel features06:25
ganeshJ_Humphrey, ext3 filesystem06:25
J_Humphreyganesh, is it mounted?06:25
jmlaneIs there any sort of documentation explaining what all the default ubuntu users/groups do?06:26
norvghost: I believe, not certain, that the conserve memory option actually conserves more than before prelink. not sure, I wouldn't count on it06:26
ganeshthekayhan, yeah im not able to install on the mounted partition06:26
J_Humphreyganesh, and it needs to be bigger than around 2.5GB06:26
ganeshJ_Humphrey, yeah it is mounted & 5 Gb partition06:26
zelrikriandonickrud: ok06:26
J_Humphreyganesh, it can't be mounted if you want to install something to it06:27
nickrudzelrikriando: do the apt-cache policy on each of the libraries (libavcodec1d libavformat1d libavutil1d libpostproc1d) make sure they are all ubuntu06:27
norvjmlane: they're all system ones06:27
ganeshJ_Humphrey, if already i make a partition through gparted it is working06:27
thekayhanganesh: no he's saying that you need to unmount it first06:27
ganeshJ_Humphrey, but if i make a partition thro ubiquity it is not so , why ?06:27
jmlanenorv: All are required?06:28
J_Humphreyganesh, i have no idea06:28
norvjmlane: you shouldn't touch any, that is06:28
zelrikriandonickrud: they are all good06:28
J_Humphreyhow can I get my directory back to / ?06:29
norvanyone at all know why bash takes quite a bit longer to start than sh, besides being more advanced?06:29
thekayhanJ_Humphrey cd /06:29
ganeshthekayhan, no if i am installing on the partition which i created early , it is working fine but my prob is im not able install if i create a fresh partition thro ubiquity06:29
J_Humphreythekayham, no, you dont understand, I cant access anything on my computer06:30
nickrudzelrikriando: ok, now you're using only ubuntu libs. Next thing, start vlc and go to settings->preferences->video->output modules, enable advanced options (lower right) which module are you using?06:30
musikgoathi, any recommendations for troubleshooting an issue with listing a directory.  ran fsck on boot and the disk seems to be fine.  but when I ls a particular directory, this happens to be /var/www/  it takes about 30 seconds to a minute to list06:30
norvJ_Humphrey: you can boot up into rescue mode or make init=/bin/sh06:31
ganeshthekayhan, if i am installing on the partition which i created early ,it is working fine but my prob is im not able to install if i create a fresh partition thro ubiquity ?06:31
obiwannekodymusikgoat, how big is it?  large directories on large partions take sometimes take a while.  also, what is the file system?06:31
zelrikriandonickrud: I dont find it...06:32
nickrudzelrikriando: you have the preferences window open?06:32
zelrikriandonickrud: yes06:33
badkittysup nickrud06:33
musikgoatobiwannekody: attempting a du -sch is causing a delay as well,  its larger, but that is in subdirectories, not in the webroot06:33
zelrikriandonickrud: I am under the tab "general video parameters"06:33
nickrudzelrikriando: second down is video, click the triangle next to it, you should see filters, output modules (what we want) and subtitles06:33
obiwannekodymusikgoat, and the file system is... ext3?06:34
odioushello chaps. just wondering if i can apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade from alpha 4 to 8.04 when it comes out?06:34
nickrudbadkitty: in over my head on vlc color mangling I fear06:34
musikgoatobiwannekody: checking my logs06:34
zelrikriandonickrud: ok I got : predefined06:34
zelrikriandofor the module06:34
nickrudzelrikriando: set it to xvideo06:35
badkittynickrud: Hmm thats no fun.. I can't get VLC to play my curb yur enthusiasm dvd properly06:35
xXBuddahXxCould anyone help me out with a quick problem?06:35
karexhi, do you know how to save document directly to storage media while editing, so that it's save if there's electrical interrupt06:35
nickrudbadkitty: plays others ok?06:35
jmlaneIs there a way to 'reload' the /etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/shadow files to check for non-existent users or groups?06:35
zelrikriandonickrud:  ok06:35
badkittynickrud: As far as I know.. haven't played too many.. only when my GF kicks me out of the living room06:36
zelrikriandonickrud: anything else?06:36
nickrudzelrikriando: now try the video06:36
badkittynickrud: But as far as I know its fine06:36
zelrikriandonickrud: didnt fix it06:36
xXBuddahXxI cant change my screen resolution, and it wont save it when i do.06:36
nickrudbadkitty: then maybe you could mention that particular disk on a vlc forum06:36
odiousxXBuddahXx: did you try restarting?06:36
ganeshhow the grub is getting edit when i install from ubiquity06:37
xXBuddahXxSeveral times, My monitor model isnt on there and it wont save it when i change it06:37
odiousxXBuddahXx: try running 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart' from the command line06:37
nickrudzelrikriando: I'm not certain what is up then. It's odd that it said predefined, mine didn't even have the option (unless you're translating, mine said default)06:37
karexhi......................................... anyone could help me???06:37
zelrikriandonickrud: I am translating06:37
badkittynickrud: Perhaps I shall06:37
xXBuddahXxIf i run that will it restart my comp imediatly?06:38
nickrudzelrikriando: and it's only oggs that have problems?06:38
zelrikriandonickrud: I remember having problems with wmv06:38
odiousxXBuddahXx: it will restart your gui06:39
zelrikriandonickrud: hm hold on06:39
zelrikriandonickrud: yeah wmv06:39
kenalexwhat could be the reason some applications are using some enormous fonts while other applications (eg python idle) and the desktop  fonts are properly sized06:39
musikgoatobiwannekody: rather, i thought I was,  I will reboot it, cause the logs are littered with iptables stuff.  do you know of another quick way to find out your filesystem type in command line?06:39
zelrikriandonickrud: .avi works fine06:39
karexthank you...06:40
xXBuddahXxMan, i feel like such a noob, Wheres CMD at?06:40
odiousxXBuddahXx: applications -> accessories -> terminal06:40
obiwannekodymusikgoat, Just check /etc/fstab06:40
xXBuddahXxThanks man!06:40
obiwannekodymusikgoat, it states what is mounted where06:40
musikgoatoh yes, its ext306:40
nickrudzelrikriando: I am at a loss then06:40
zelrikriandonickrud: sorry they dont06:41
musikgoatobiwannekody: and its only 17G atm06:41
zelrikriandonickrud: the .avi dont06:41
zelrikriandonickrud: MPlayer works fine though on .avi06:41
nickrudzelrikriando: I can't think of anything else to check right now06:42
zelrikriandonickrud: that s ok06:42
obiwannekodymusikgoat, how long does it take to display the directory in the file manager (if you have X)06:42
musikgoati don't have x, its headless06:43
zelrikriandonickrud: I needed this to see my video screen captures actually06:43
nickrudzelrikriando: sorry to keep you up for nothing06:43
zelrikriandonickrud: no problem :)06:43
zelrikriandonickrud: I am gonna go to bed for now06:44
nickrudzelrikriando: I'm around often, maybe I'll have a brainstorm06:44
zelrikriandonickrud: I am usually around on freenode06:44
nickrudzelrikriando: or you might have some luck with #vlc06:45
musikgoatobiwannekody: it seems to only be at this level that the delay has,  but seeing that sudo du -sch took just as long, do you think it could be disk issues?06:45
zelrikriandonickrud: ok06:45
jmlaneis it possible to remove the lost+found directory on a partition, say if I want to mount this partition as /home?06:46
sluggojmibanez: it's possible, but not necessary06:47
jmlanesluggo: Is there any benefit to leaving it there?06:47
fitztrevHow can I have OpenOffice Writer not auto increment my number bullets when making a list?06:47
obiwannekodymusikgoat, I don't think so, but it could be possible.  have you done any speed tweaking?06:48
sluggojmlane: that's where fsck will store things it recovers when it runs, but i believe it'll automatically recreated06:48
Hammer89anyone know how to remove that little black triangle from the main-menu applet?06:48
nickrudfitztrev: don't use numbers?06:49
obiwannekodymusikgoat, does the disk grind/click while you are using ls?06:49
fitztrevnickrud: I want to be able to manually enter numbers06:50
twentyafterfourfitzrev: I would look for an auto-format feature and turn it off... ;)06:51
twentyafterfouror use abiword06:51
fitztrevtwentyafterfour: Ok, I see the option in AutoCorrect, but how do you disable it?06:52
chaosrlhey, i just updated, and now gutsy is extremely slow. is there any way i can roll back to before?06:52
musikgoatno, it seems like its not really doing much except its usual minimal hd noise06:52
musikgoatobiwannekody: ^^06:53
jmlanesluggo: Cool, thanks.06:53
jmlaneI don't need to set any special permissions on /home if it is mounted from a separate partition?06:54
twentyafterfourfitztrev: format menu06:54
obiwannekodymusikgoat, I don't think it is a hardware problem, but if it is a software one it is beyond me.  Is it for every directory or just in /var?06:54
HemebondThe latest updates broke my sound. Now I have to hax teh mainframe and recompile teh kernils.06:54
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
twentyafterfourfitztrev: autoformat sub menu06:54
nickrudfitztrev: or create your own style that does what you want. Like a paragraph with hanging indent and a decimal tab on the first line06:54
backgenHey guys, i need some serious help, Does anyone have any experience using Boot Camp on Mac OSX to install Windows XP cuz i just did it, and the Windows install went very smoothly but i can't boot onto my Mac partition now (I know it's not Linux related, but it;s my Roomates MacBook Pro and he's gonna kill me!!!!)06:54
HemebondGet your papers in order.06:55
friedtofuhm... cant you install linux and triple boot? o.O06:55
HemebondNotify next of kin.06:55
chaosrli upgraded the old 2.6.22-14 kernals that i'm not even using. is there any way to undo the updates?06:55
nickrudbackgen: try asking on #macosx06:55
backgenthanks nick06:56
* nickrud gives last rites to backgen06:56
gildatsk tsk the cardinal rule - never touch some1 elses puter06:56
enduserIs there a form of ubuntu I can put on my old Mac G3?06:57
chaosrlhaha just kidding everyone. i just remembered wrong and booted the wrong kernal. sorry.... xD06:57
twentyafterfourenduser: I would think that it should work06:57
backgenum...the mac osx channel is pretty dead...can anyone here help?06:57
Slartwhat was the kernel update about? it didn't change version numbers.. or did it?06:58
gildaenduser i do believe ull need a ppc version06:58
ubotuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ06:58
fitztrevtwentyafterfour: nickrud:  just installed abiword cause I'm in a rush.  works great! thanks!06:58
twentyafterfourfitzrev: cool, good luck. if you want to try it later look in the autoformat menu in oo.org06:58
enduserwhere would I find a ppc version?06:58
jmlaneWhat options should I add to a fstab entry for a partition containing /home?06:59
ghosthow do I delite entries in my 'menulist' now that I am in xfce06:59
twentyafterfourjmlane: defaults should work06:59
ghostthere is no application to control what is in there, so where is that information normally stored?06:59
nickrudenduser: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ06:59
Frogzoojmlane: nothing really, consider noatime maybe07:00
J_5what is news for in /var/log?07:00
jmlanetwentyafterfour: I don't need anything else?07:00
nickrudJ_5: if you have an nntp server that's where the logs would go07:00
twentyafterfourjmlane: this is my entry: UUID=f1399cd7-bc7e-4ec9-9771-ac78d7a63e90 /home           ext3    defaults        0       207:00
gildaghost u can edit the menus thru xfce -- umm its in the settings menu somewheres07:00
J_5oh ok, thanks07:00
jmlaneFrogzoo: what's the inode access time table for?07:01
ghostgilda, I have played with that app, it does not seem to be able to edit the things that where there before xfce07:01
endusertwentyafterfour gilda nickrud thanks I will go check out that link and then I am sure I will have a few more questions.07:01
backgenguys guess what07:01
gildaah k ghost07:01
bod_if i use the terminal to echo a value that i know will be ; 95.696503  ,.,. how can i tell the terminal to round it to the nearest whole number?07:01
ghostgilda they appear to be hold over's from the gnomemenu07:01
backgenturns out i'll stay alive07:01
gildaah then maybe u wanna stop starting gnome services with xfce07:01
jmlanetwentyafterfour: cool, thanks.07:01
backgenwe had been pressing the Apple key instead of the Options key on bootup and thats why it wasn't doing anything!07:02
ghostgilda they are not gnome apps07:02
ghosttl:dr i switched from gnome to xfce a few minuts ago07:02
gildathe menu from previous gnome installation / whatever would be a service though not an apps07:02
ghostdo you know where that data is saved in gnome then07:03
gildaif u have hold overs a test would be to not starrt gnome services and see if its still gomes up07:03
Ein2015does anybody here know how to configure finch?07:03
ghostbecause I know they are just little files with instructions stored in some folder07:03
ghostlet me check07:03
ghosti don't have a .gnome07:03
ghosti deleted it07:03
levanderLately, sometimes when I do a 'apt-get update' some of the index files fail to download.  Is this because the server the index file is on is having problems?07:04
levandersecurity.ubuntu.com is one that I'm having trouble with tonight.07:04
Frogzoojmlane: by default, ext keeps an updated record of the time a file was last accessed, turning off atime will reduce disk traffic07:04
macdlevander, chances are, yes.07:04
Frogzoolevander: yes07:05
levanderubuntu.com has been having trouble handling the apt load lately?07:05
Hammer89is 3d acceleration possible with an ATI Radeon Xpress 200m integrated GPU on Ubuntu?07:05
bod_levander, i just did a sudo apt-get update without problems07:05
nickrudHammer89: yes, system->admin->restricted manager07:06
arooni_is there a keyboard shortcut for: minimize, maximize windows in nautilus ?07:06
bod_does anyone know how to round a numbeer in the terminal,.,. eg ,.,. round 5.7 to 607:07
levanderbod_: I just tried another 'apt-get update' after you said that.  Here's the output: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54813/07:07
Frogzooarooni_: it's gnome you want, not nautilus07:07
arooni_ok gnome07:07
jmlaneFrogzoo: Thanks.07:08
twentyafterfourarooni_: it depends on which window manager you use07:08
Frogzooarooni_: arooni_ sys -> prefs -> kb shortcuts07:08
Hammer89nickrud: (or anyone else) do you have any idea how to get direct rendering working on my ATI GPU?07:09
bod_levander, thats really weird,. this is mine ,.,. : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54814/07:09
nickrudHammer89: did you do the restricted manager and reboot? I have a 200 and that worked fine07:09
arooni_twentyafterfour, i'm using the fany one (compiz fusion built into gutsy)07:09
Hammer89nickrud: yeah... but direct rendering still isn't working07:09
bloodboyhello, i need to perform a system rescue on my 7.10 ubuntu system07:10
jmlaneDoes /home need the sticky bit?07:10
twentyafterfourarooni_: Compiz has options, install the compiz manager07:10
Hammer89nickrud: http://pastebin.com/m3817164307:10
arooni_alt + f10 and alt + f507:10
bloodboymy system locks up at boot time because of a failed init of the network manager07:10
arooni_pretty nifty!!!!07:10
levanderbod_: Where's yours?07:10
bloodboyplz someone help07:10
levanderbod_: nm, just saw07:10
nickrudHammer89: pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:10
bloodboyi already have the alternate ubuntu iso downloaded and burned to a cd07:10
bod_levander, what? my pastebin?07:10
twentyafterfourarooni_: apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager07:11
bloodboyi need the specific command for resetting my system files in linux to the default07:11
Hammer89nickrud: http://pastebin.com/d2b41e16f07:11
bod_levander, ok,.,.07:11
levanderAm I the only one having trouble with 'apt-get update' servers right now?07:11
Pokabloodboy: there is no such command i am afraid07:11
twentyafterfourarooni_: cool. compiz is nice...07:11
bloodboyPoka what shoukd i do?07:12
bloodboyi;m pissing in my balls here07:12
bod_arooni_, you can change those hotkeys to whatever you want in ccsm07:12
bloodboyi cant access my data07:12
Pokabloodboy: what happened?07:12
Poka!ask > bloodboy07:12
kenalextwentyafterfour:yes it looks bad ass07:12
karleyif I install ubuntu-restricted-extras will it mess with VLC plugin for firefox?07:12
bod_anyone having problems with apt-get today?07:13
nickrudHammer89: according to that, you've got 3d working fine. Do you have xserver-xgl installed?07:13
karleybod_ no07:13
Hammer89nickrud: how do I check?07:13
bloodboyafter i installed the glib library the whole system can't boot up anymore07:13
Hammer89nickrud: the first pastebin link I posted said direct rendering wasn't working07:13
obiwannekodybloodboy, does the fallback kernel boot?07:13
st3v3dndhoping someone can help here. I just got a new dell sp2008wfp, which should display at a resolution of 1680x1050, but I can't get ubuntu to display at any resolution near that.07:13
bod_karley, could you do me a favour,. and pastebin your output for sudo apt-get update   ?07:13
Hammer89nickrud: it's direct rendering I'm having issues with07:13
bloodboyany kernel can;t boot07:13
nickrudHammer89: ps -A | grep X , if you get Xgl back you're running xserver-xgl and you will see that error.07:14
=== arooni_ is now known as arooni-mobile
bloodboyi think there is a seriuos bug woth the wireless network manager in ubuntu07:14
bod_bloodboy,  thats not good,,.,. recovery mode?07:14
bloodboyrecovery mode works07:14
levanderbod_: Here's my sources.list, I don't see anything wrong with it.07:14
jmlaneThanks for all the help guys07:14
=== kitofhawaii is now known as kitofhavarti
ghosthey if i want to search my computer what would the cli command be. Say i am looking for a file, i want to search everything under /, what would I type07:14
st3v3dndI have run dpkg-reconfigure, and the resolutions selected there, are not even the ones available in the resolution selection window.07:14
nickrudHammer89: lines 728 thru 731 say you do07:14
bod_bloodboy, use recovery mode to remove the package that screwd things up07:14
Pokaghost: find / -name "file" -type f07:15
bod_levander, well,.,. where?07:15
bloodboytheres no GUI in there, i feel naked and so helpless07:15
gildaghost, locate filename07:15
Hammer89nickrud: http://pastebin.com/d1f5cb15407:15
bloodboyif i remove glib will it solve the problem?07:15
bod_bloodboy, cli is more usefull then gui,.,. removing it might,. might not,.,.dunno07:15
MoLE_st3v3dnd, what hardware are you on? ie: which driver is xorg using?07:15
bloodboythere is some regression issues in Ubuntu 7.1007:15
methodsisn't there something in the new init system that insures a service crashes to restart it ?07:15
bloodboyy so many bugs in 7.10 compared to fiesty?07:15
Hammer89nickrud: running glxinfo | grep "direct rendering" gives me this: http://pastebin.com/d66a1042007:16
Pokabloodboy: file a bug report. be happy.07:16
st3v3dndMoLE_: It's currently using nvidia07:16
bod_i have no bugs in mine bloodboy07:16
Hammer89nickrud: which says direct rendering isn't working...07:16
levanderbod_: my sources.list: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54816/07:16
nickrudHammer89: yes, you are running xserver-xgl. You have 3d working otherwise your compiz wouldn't be working. It's a known issue07:16
MoLE_st3v3dnd, did you install using the restricted driver manager?07:16
bloodboyi want to tell you guys about my error, but i'm no linux expert07:16
bloodboyi need your help to diagnose the problem and solve it07:17
AlgorithmicContrgood night07:17
nickrudHammer89: It sucks having ati. It's 3d accell available to all apps with compiz running or compiz running and 3d available to no other app07:17
PokaHammer89: what card?07:17
MoLE_ghost, are you looking for a specific file?07:17
kaushalwhere does the update manager download the packages07:17
st3v3dndMoLE_: it shows it as being in use in the restricted driver manager07:17
Hammer89Poka: Radeon Xpress 200m07:17
bod_levander, try this one07:17
ghostI am looking for where the gnome menu keeps its data07:17
nickrudPoka: he has ati 200m with xserver-xgl running, so glxinfo reports no direct rendering07:17
ghostso i can manually edit that data.07:17
bloodboymy question is , how do i boot ubuntu with the network daemons disabled?07:17
Pokaubotu: help07:17
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:17
bod_bloodboy, why not just unplug ur wifi dongle?07:18
bloodboyit's inbuilt07:18
Hammer89nickrud: it's not possible to get Direct Rendering working with my gpu?07:18
kaushalThe packages files will be cached locally for installation07:18
bloodboyok let me try now07:18
bloodboyi disable wireless in BIOD07:18
nickrudHammer89: you can test this yourself. uninstall xserver-xgl , then log out and back in. You will see glxinfo reporting direct rendering: yes07:18
bloodboythanks for the idea07:18
bloodboythanks a lot07:18
kaushal:( :( ::07:18
bloodboyi will disable wireless in BIOS07:18
bloodboywill see how it goes07:18
PokaHammer89: it should work.07:18
st3v3dndif I run nvidia-settings it allows me to pick the resolution i want, but when I try to apply it, it gives an error "Failed to set MetaMode (35) 'CRT-0: 1680x1050" @1680x1050 +0+0' (Mode 1680x1050, id: 50) on X screen 0"07:19
bloodboykthx again07:19
bod_!enter > bloodboy                             please read the private message from ubotu07:19
PokaHammer89: did you install radeon driver?07:19
Hammer89nickrud: that wont screw me up? (I'm sortof an emerging linux user... not quite up to par yet ;) )07:19
kaushalPoka:  Hi07:19
Hammer89Poka: I installed the default restricted driver... whatever that may be07:19
Pokahi kaushal07:19
nickrudHammer89: nope, won't hurt anything. You won't be able to run compiz, though until you reinstall xserver-xgl07:19
PokaHammer89: i don't run that card but let me look it up for you.07:19
kaushalwhere does the update manager caches the package for installation07:20
kaushalI mean which folder07:20
Pokakaushal: /var/cache/apt07:20
Hammer89nickrud: hmm... is reinstalling it actually going to fix anything... or is it just going to cause glxinfo | grep "direct rendering"to give me accurate results?07:20
endusertwentyafterfour gilda nickrud: I am downloading an iso disk for xubuntu 7.10 to try on the Mac G3 with 64mb ram. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will keep you posted.07:21
karleyif I install ubuntu-restricted-extras will it mess with VLC plugin for firefox?07:21
twentyafterfourenduser: that amount of ram might be a problem07:21
Odd-rationalekarley: No it shouldn;t07:21
PokaHammer89: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver07:21
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto07:21
bod_Hammer89, when using grep dont use "" unless the word/words your looking for actually include "" or you may get bad results07:21
twentyafterfourenduser: you will probably need the "alternate" install, the livecd probably needs a lot more RAM than that07:21
nickrudHammer89: it's not a 'fix' . When you have xserver-xgl installed glxinfo will report no direct rendering. It's just the way it is.07:21
HemebondHalp. I am suffering from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/1604107:22
nickrudHammer89: if you want to run 3d games for example, you must not run xserver-xgl so the 3d acceleration is not hogged by xserver-xgl07:22
Hammer89nickrud: gotcha.... my desktop is heavily dependent on compiz though07:22
nickrudHammer89: yup. That's why I don't run compiz on my 20007:23
Hammer89nickrud: is that going to be fixed any time in the near future?07:23
endusertwentyafterfour: I am downloading the alternate CD maybe it is not an ISO sorry I am new at this so I don't know what all the terms mean.07:23
Hammer89bod_: thanks for the advice :)07:23
twentyafterfourenduser: the alternate cd is what you want07:23
nickrudHammer89: yes, the latest ati drivers don't require xserver-xgl. April will see it in ubuntu07:23
levanderbod_: Really weird, I got errors on different repositories when I tried yours: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54818/07:23
twentyafterfourenduser: you should be on the right track, good luck07:24
Gm4nI'm trying to install subversion on my box, but when I say apt-get install subversion, it throws me a "Couldn't find package subversion"... any suggestions?07:24
Hammer89nickrud: awesome... I'll just hang on till then... compiz is more important to me now than direct rendering07:24
twentyafterfourenduser: you should probably think about getting more ram though07:24
bod_levander, that was actually me editing yours,. il give you my one, 1 sec07:24
gildai hate winter\07:24
levanderbod_: I'm wondering if it's because I don't have certain apt-key's installed???07:24
endusertwentyafterfour: that is what is almost downloaded may done in 5 more munites. Where would I buy more ram for this old thing?07:25
st3v3dndMoLE_: any thoughts?07:25
gildaenduser, u would not believe the amount of ram thats buyable online for the old g3's07:25
twentyafterfourenduser: what kind of g3? It probably uses pc100 or pc13307:25
nickrudGm4n: system->admin->software sources, make sure the first four items are selected and the cdrom is not07:25
bod_levander, this is my one : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54819/07:25
Hammer89nickrud: just curious... will upgrading from 7.10 to the newest release in April mess up my desktop setup/theming?07:26
nickrudHammer89: no.07:26
MoLE_st3v3dnd, pastebin your xorg.conf file (in /etc/X11/) and I'll have a look.07:26
endusertwentyafterfour and gilda: here are the specs http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powerbook_g3/stats/powerbook_g3_333.html07:26
Hammer89nickrud: good :P07:26
nickrudHammer89: but the general rule of thumb still applies: back up before upgrading to a new release ;-P07:27
gildathis is the key part for when u purchase more ram to know enduser Supports 144-pin PC100 SDRAM SO-DIMM memory modules.07:27
puffHi, I upgraded to ubuntu gutsy.  Now alt-tab works, but shift-alt-tab (which works like alt-tab but goes in the other direction) doesn't work.07:27
Hammer89nickrud: aye... not sure how to back everything up though... especially with themes/settings/etc07:27
bod_was 7.10 released 2007 ?07:28
twentyafterfoursorry enduser: pc100 sdram for a laptop is $20 for 128mb: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/category/category_slc.asp?CatId=552&Nav=|c:150|&Sort=0&Recs=1007:28
nickrudHammer89: back up your home directory. All your settings are in files/directories that start with a period in that directory07:28
st3v3dndMoLE_: http://pastebin.com/m1fe4e75a07:28
astro76bod_: ubuntu release versions are year.month07:28
gildathats the 144 pin twentyafterfour ?07:28
Hammer89nickrud: Hmm... okay07:28
nickrudHammer89: try  ls -a   in a terminal07:29
twentyafterfourgilda: not sure07:29
nickrudHammer89:  ls -a ~  that is07:29
twentyafterfourgilda: yes07:29
gildagood lol07:29
bod_astro76, kk,. ta, so gutsy has only been out about 6 months then will be replaced,.,.lol07:29
ubotuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.07:29
patbamgreetings earthlings. anyone know of a way to convert an svg to a pdf?07:29
Hammer89nickrud: I've got hidden files set to be visible from nautilus07:29
bod_,.,.laugh out loud07:29
Gm4nthanks, nickrud, that did it for me :)07:30
nickrudHammer89: then you can see them all. A good tool for backups is sbackup07:30
astro76bod_: yes a big part of ubuntu is regular releases every six-months07:30
twentyafterfourubotu: anti-lulz07:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about anti-lulz - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:30
endusertwentyafterfour gilda: I don't know the ram might have been updated. I guess I have to get it running before I can check.07:30
ghostits very up to day07:30
ghostSo does anyone know where gnome's menu-lists are stored on the system?07:30
endusertwentyafterfour gilda: unless you guys know a way to check without an os on the machine.07:31
Hammer89nickrud: I've got sbackup installed... not sure how to use it though... there's no man page?07:31
puffWhere's a good place for somebody to ask about getting wine working under ubuntu?07:31
ghostthey are not stored under ~07:31
bod_astro76, but they dont start from scratch? each new release is just a modification of the previous?07:31
MoLE_st3v3dnd, it looks fine - have you tried changing the resolution using system --> admin --> screens and graphics?07:31
nickrudGm4n: you should probably check that dialog , the updates tab and enable the security and updates as well. Don't enable proposed unless you are good at bug reports ;)07:31
gildaenduser ur bios should know but fekked if i know how to find that on an old g307:31
twentyafterfourenduser: not sure about macs07:31
gildaits probly command+c or sumething07:31
mkquisthey all, general linux question...  does anyone know if linux has better hardware control than windows?  Or is it just different?07:32
Gm4nnickrud, this is actually for a friend. I'm a debian user myself ;-)07:32
nickrudHammer89: no, but the default backup is pretty good07:32
puffbod_: That's more or less correct, it would be accurate to phrase it as "a regular overall update every 6 months".07:32
Pokamkquist: control?07:32
twentyafterfourgilda: 64mb should run but it might not be very fast, go ahead and try the install.07:32
MoLE_mkquist, what do you mean by "hardware control"07:32
st3v3dndit doesn't give it as an option.07:32
nickrudGm4n: heh. Then you should have been able to track that source issue down yourself (lol, since it's a long line ;)07:32
astro76bod_: no of course not from scratch... somewhere in every six-month cycle it is synced up with debian, keeping any ubuntu patches if still necessary07:32
st3v3dndxrandr -q doesn't show it either07:32
gildai didnt say it wouldnt twentyafterfour that was some1 else07:32
endusergilda: how do I get to the bios?07:33
MoLE_st3v3dnd, are you still in 'bulletproof X' mode?07:33
mkquistwell, got a little kinda dodgey machine that seems to work in linux, but only in windows w/a separate ata controller...  With linux, it usually works with the onboard ata controller...07:33
Gm4nprobably so, nickrud, but I've never seen ubuntu, and I'm used to non-CD sources included by default. I figured it was something you guys would know off the top of your head =P07:33
gildanot sure enduser for ur mac07:33
puffAnybody know how much of the tweaking & etc I'll hvae to re-do after updating to gutsy?07:33
twentyafterfourgilda: sorry didn't try to suggest that you did say that ;)07:33
HemebondWhat's the command to show what version of Linux you're running?07:33
endusergilda: sorry I just understood fekked.07:33
st3v3dndMoLE_: not sure what you mean, it's just booting X normally though07:33
bod_puff, astro76, im just sorta makin sure when i upgrade to hardy im not gonna have to wade through bugs for months untill they're all fixed,. like i would have to say on windows vista the day it was released07:33
Gm4nHemebond: uname -a07:34
HemebondThank you.07:34
MoLE_st3v3dnd, what's the maximum resolution you can get?07:34
twentyafterfourendusers: macs don't have the normal bios afaik07:34
nickrudGm4n: yeah, that was a text replace in xchat. See it often. But your best source of support for ubuntu is still going to be your debian skills.07:34
mkquistits not a ms bash question...  just a question...07:34
st3v3dndMoLE_:  1152x86407:34
gildamkquist, some ppl notice that linux runs the hw they have better others dont - it depends onthe applications u choose and the way u work ur hw07:34
mkquistidk, maybe this should be a question in #debian...07:35
Pokamkquist: should be OK. unless your hardware are cutting-edge.07:35
Gm4nI'm planning on applying those (if/when needed, debian is pretty friendly so maybe I won't have to). Thanks for the help, nickrud :)07:35
nickrudbod_: I either run the pre-release ubuntus, or wait a month. Same things07:35
MoLE_st3v3dnd, is an onboard video card?07:35
st3v3dndMoLE_: yes07:35
endusertwentyafterfour gilda the cd is downloaded I am going to burn it and then give it a try. I will keep you posted in a few minutes.07:35
ganeshthekayhan, if i am installing on the partition which i created early ,it is working fine but my prob is im not able to install if i create a fresh partition thro ubiquity ?07:35
bod_nickrud,  to make sure theres no buggies?07:35
st3v3dndMoLE_:  it displayed higher than that though before this07:35
MoLE_st3v3dnd, was the colour depth the same before?07:35
mkquisthardly cutting edge, a box i got running windows.  Came with another form of linux, like pclinux (i think that was it).  But the only way to run windows was w/ a pci ata controller07:36
nickrudGm4n: I switched to ubuntu so I didn't have deal with unstable anymore, and spend some time here so I don't get rusty. I have zero problems on my installs07:36
st3v3dndMoLE_: yes07:36
nickrudbod_: yup07:36
Pokamkquist: should be OK. give livecd a try07:36
ubotuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.07:36
bod_ nickrud  will i be disapointed if i upgrade to hardy in april?07:36
mkquistlive cd works w/xubuntu07:36
MoLE_st3v3dnd, so what happened when it changed?07:37
Pokamkquist: so get a image burn it off and there ya go. solve!07:37
gildatoss it on give it a whirl mkquist see what u think after a while07:37
nickrudbod_: doubt it highly. The last LTS release was rock solid (but they pushed back the release 2 months to deal with issues, I would be pleased if they did that again, it worked out very well in the long run)07:37
mkquistno that I know.  Im running gutsy on my machines.  I like it, but this is for someone else.  A windows person07:37
st3v3dndMoLE_: When I hooked up the new monitor, and configured it, first auto detect screwed it up07:38
gildaah depends on what the windows person does before you convert them mkquist07:38
st3v3dndthen a manual reconfig got me to where I am now07:38
mkquistthanks all, just curious if there was any 'definitive' thoughts on it.  Maybe it's just one of those things07:38
bod_nickrud,  so your hoping for a june release date? if it was june would you still wait your month or upgrade in june?07:38
gildayoull want to get all their favorite stuffs in order and whatnot07:39
mkquistgilda: well, they just might convert thru no choice... =p07:39
Pokamkquist: yeah it is. just tell him to give livecd a try and see how ti goes.07:39
MoLE_st3v3dnd, Are you sure that your monitor can handle 1680x1050?07:39
gildathat works to *eg* mkquist07:39
mkquistPoka: yea that was kinda my thought07:39
st3v3dndMoLE_: Yes, that's its default resolution07:39
nickrudbod_: not hoping for a june release, just pleased if they decided to push it back to make it better if needed. And I will install it in a prerelease version, then reinstall when it's released07:39
bod_nickrud,  pre-release - beta ?07:40
mkquistas usual thanx all07:40
gildast3v3dnd, you can forcefully declare the resolutions in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you believe the machine can handle it07:40
nickrudbod_: yeah, probably the first release candidate, a month or less before release07:40
Pokamkquist: yw07:40
gildabut ull want to make sure the refresh rates r correct07:40
MoLE_st3v3dnd, what you could try is backup your working xorg.conf and then edit the "screen" section so that the only mode available is 1680x1050.  Stick with 24 bit colour.  Then restart the x-server (logout then login again)07:40
Pokagilda: most of the modern lcd/crts are intelligent enough i believe07:40
st3v3dndgilda: I have afaik. they get ignored07:40
Pokagilda: they can self-adjust their res.07:41
st3v3dndMoLE_: I tried that, it ignores it and drops it to 800x60007:41
bod_nickrud, cool,.,.so beta prob in march?07:41
nickrudbod_: probable07:41
gildaPoka, i have a methusala of an old ibm monitor not up to standards on the new stuffs ;)07:41
bullgard1What is meant by "desktop search tool"?07:41
Pokagilda: ;)07:41
Rictooguys, I've never installed ubuntu (im a gentoo user) but im guiding someone else through it07:41
Rictooand he is here07:41
nickrudbullgard1: like google desktop search07:41
bod_nickrud, can u link me to a page with the major changes info on hardy?07:41
Pokano so then ;)07:41
Rictoodoes this mean it would format his windows partition?07:41
Rictoodoes this mean it would format his windows partition? http://img128.imageshack.us/my.php?image=zomgzqi9.png07:42
MoLE_st3v3dnd, must be a problem with monitor refresh rates.  Did you know you can import a windows .inf file for an unknown monitor if you have the driver CD?07:42
st3v3dndMoLE_:  I'll give that a shot07:42
nickrudbod_: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+specs?show=all07:42
Poka!enter | Rictoo07:42
ubotuRictoo: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:42
bod_nickrud, thankin you muchly07:42
gildaRictoo, you may want him to use the guided partitioning - but if u do not *check* the ntfs partition u should be good to go07:43
twentyafterfourubotu: factoids, u has them07:43
MoLE_st3v3dnd, if 'plug and play' doesn't work and your monitor isn't listed, you could try a generic monitor at the appropriate resolution as well07:43
bod_nickrud, any idea what this is :    windows-authentication-integration07:43
bullgard1nickrud: But I do not know "Google desktop search" either.07:43
Rictoogilda: He did, but how come on the picture it says ntfs Used: 0mb?07:44
kaushalhi again07:44
kaushalwhere can i get information about linux-headers and linux-image07:45
kaushaland whats their purpose07:45
gildaRictoo, i am not sure - its been eons since i had win on a puter to see ntfs pop up07:45
gildabut could be related to it not using ntfs-3g and not reading the partition correctly ?07:46
Slartkaushal: linux-image is your kernel.. that is what linux is07:46
friedtofuwell - Rictoo, if there is nothing saying NTFS on it, you're DELETING your NTFS partition...07:46
kaushalSlart: Thanks07:46
kaushaland what about linux-headers07:46
Rictoofriedtofu: there is07:46
Rictoolook at that, friedtofu07:46
Slartkaushal: headers contain information about the kernel.. for programmers and when you're compiling software that needs to work with the kernel07:47
friedtofuah. yeah - why does it say 0 used?07:47
gildaif you have him drop to cmd with and sudo fdisk /dev/sda1    then p    to double check07:47
RictooI'm just confused as to why it shows the ntfs part as 0mb used07:47
Rictoono idea07:47
bod_levander, did you try my sources.list ?07:47
Rictoohe did the guided partitioning07:47
kaushalSlart: Thanks Again07:47
Slartyou're welcome, kaushal07:47
kaushalCan i have the documentation for this07:48
kaushalthat would be great07:48
ThreeFingerPetecan anyone recomend some resources for overclocking an ATI in linux/ubuntu?07:48
Pokakaushal: apt-cache search linux-headers-`uname -r`07:48
Slartkaushal: well.. you have the source =).. look at the ubuntu site.. there might be some info on www.kernel.org07:48
st3v3dndMoLE_: I tried messing with screen resolution under the admin section, and I got to 1680x1050, but it's not fitting it to the monitor07:50
unagimy webcam works via tvtime, how do i get it to broadcast on aim or msn07:50
Pokaunagi: do they even support video?07:50
unagiyes on windows they do07:50
st3v3dndMoLE_: It's too big, and I have when I mouse to the sides it scrolls the desktop07:50
master_obredari need help with wine pleeeeeez07:51
nickrudbullgard1: it indexes your files, ideally reading the file itself. That way when you search, you search by name and content07:51
Poka!ask | master_obredar07:51
ubotumaster_obredar: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:51
endusertwentyafterfour and gilda:  The Mac found the Install CD and I am starting the install!!! I will keep you posted Thank so much for your help!!07:51
=== _max is now known as max`
bullgard1nickrud: Thank you for explaining.07:51
nickrudbod_: has something to do with integrating into windows domains07:52
bod_nickrud, english?07:52
alancan someone help me mount my usb hd. it doenst auto mount07:52
theTravok, so I've done some theming of my ubuntu install, however between login and system ready I still have a screen full of that god awful salmon/peach pink colour.  How do I make it just black or some other subtle colour?07:52
nickrudbod_: that's about as english as I can get, I don't know much at all about windows networking and authentication :)07:52
master_obredari downloaded wine useing the terminal and i cant figure out how to use it cause it doesn't show up in my applications menu     i'm useing ubuntu 7.0407:53
alanit also says in mtab that /dev/sda1 is mounted to /07:53
Poka!wine| master_obredar07:53
ubotumaster_obredar: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.07:53
bod_nickrud, ok,.,.ty07:53
master_obredari did that07:53
unagimaster_obredar:  what are you trying to install07:53
master_obredareven added the extra info07:53
master_obredarveoh player07:53
unagisudo wine whatever.exe07:54
alanyou dont need sudo usually for that.07:54
unagito install?07:54
alanfor wine.07:54
alanyou dont need root access.07:54
master_obredarok i'll try it brb  ty07:54
Slartunagi: sudo wine?? why oh why?07:55
unagito install?07:55
alan... no.07:55
ere4sitheTrav, if you go to system - admin - login window then the local tab you can set the background07:55
Slartunagi: no07:55
FlynsarmyAnyone familiar with XMing able to help me get my ubuntu windows on XP?07:55
Slartunagi: you do not want to let windows software roam around freely on your linux system... now do you? =)07:55
unagii honestly didnt think it would07:55
theTravere4si, thanks, I have already set that to black.  I'm using the Blue Swirl theme if that makes any difference07:55
alancan someone help me mount this stupid usb hd that doesnt auto mount?07:55
* nickrud doesn't want windows software roaming around his system, root or not07:56
unagiseeing as how its basically a virtual machine, nothing should get past wine07:56
Slartunagi: eh.. wine is nothing like a virtual machine07:56
alanwine is not a virtual machine07:56
endusertwentyafterfour and gilda:  It is having some trouble finding CD-Rom Drivers. I don't have any, so I am going to try to continue by picking manually select CD-ROM modules. Cross your fingers.07:56
alanwine is an emulator07:56
bullgard1nickrud: So the Ubuntu program 'Tracker Search' is a 'desktop search tool'?07:56
Slartunagi: you're thinking of virtual box07:56
nickrudbullgard1: exactly07:56
alani made a funny07:56
Pokaalan: wine is not an emulator07:56
MoLE_alan :P07:56
unagicorrect, but how different does it really handle exe than a vm would07:56
Poka!wine | alan07:56
ubotualan: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.07:56
master_obredarsays that it could not load it07:56
Slarthehe.. you brought it on yourself, alan =)07:57
ere4sitheTrav, that's what I changed and got a black screen until system ready...07:57
nickrudI've always wondered just how it isn't an emulator07:57
unagii would love it if i could get my tuner to work07:57
bullgard1nickrud: Are there more desktop search tools available in Ubuntu 7.10?07:57
MoLE_unagi, very differently.  It's a whole different code base.07:57
Pokabullgard1: find07:57
nickrudbullgard1: the only other one I know of is beagle07:57
alani think emultor usually refers to hardware.07:57
alanbut im just pulling that out my butt.07:57
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about emulator - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi07:58
bullgard1nickrud: Thank you for your help.07:58
master_obredarwhat about this thing called crossover07:58
PokaMoLE_: alan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emulator07:59
MoLE_master_obredar, crossover is wine with some refinements.07:59
alanpoka is just full of info tonight.07:59
nickrudmaster_obredar: a version of wine oriented towards running office apps07:59
kaushalhi again07:59
kaushalI have onboard NIC Card07:59
MoLE_nickrud, they are shifting towards games as well now07:59
master_obredarwine wont let me open veoh exe.07:59
alani personally think wine runs everything just fine07:59
kaushalwhere can i get information about NIC07:59
FlynsarmyAnyone here use XMing?07:59
alanunless you want to use office 2007 for some reason...08:00
lordleemotheTrav: gksudo gedit /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default08:00
lordleemoLook for:08:00
alannetwork interface cards?08:00
Pokaalan: every now and then ;)08:00
nickrudlordleemo: thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you08:00
kaushal00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Unknown device 10c0 (rev 02)08:00
MoLE_I usually find the latest wine runs apps better overall.08:00
kaushalI have installed e1000 module08:00
MoLE_compared to crossover or cedega08:01
Omar_ When I use the "ping" command how do I stop it??08:01
neetoI have my laptop connected through my desktop and I have NAT enabled with IPmasq. I can connect to my desktop from my laptop via ssh, but I can't connect to my laptop via my desktop. Is there a reason for this? Am I doing something wrong?08:01
alanthey just got wine to run photoshop cs2 apparently08:01
kaushalit takes time to initiliaze08:01
alani'll be happy if they can just get the ipod store to work.08:01
twentyafterfouromar_: type ctl+c08:01
kaushalhi Poka08:01
MoLE_alan, I wouldn't hold my breath b/c of the DRM libraries that itunes requires08:01
theTravlordleemo, thanks, there was a default value, I guess it must have been using htat08:02
Pokakaushal: hi08:02
twentyafterfouromar_: works for most commands08:02
Omar_oh ok, thanks08:02
kaushal00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Unknown device 10c0 (rev 02)08:02
st3v3dndDoes anyone know how to fix my new problem? I got my resolution to 1680x1050, but it doesn't fit it all on the same screen, and I have to scroll the desktop.08:02
alanMoLE_: Yeah, sucks.08:02
lordleemotwentyafterfour: your welcome08:02
kaushalwhere can i get driver for this08:02
kaushalOnboard NIC Card08:02
Pokakaushal: install the driver and ./configure && make && make install; sudo insmod <that_driver>. what's so hard?08:02
lordleemotheTrav: oops your welcome08:02
MoLE_st3v3dnd, how did you go with changing the monitor settings?08:02
st3v3dndMoLE_: I just tried using the .inf from the install disk. Going to restart X. Hopefully it goes as plannned.08:03
kaushal00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation Unknown device 10c0 (rev 02)08:05
endusertwentyafterfour and gilda: I need to find drivers for the CD-ROM Drive. At this point I could skip this step and try to find them later, unless you guys have any leads?08:05
kaushalis there a driver for this NIC Card08:05
zphinxhas xine been removed from the repos?08:05
zphinxPackage xine is not available, but is referred to by another package.08:06
kaushalIts an Onboard NIC Card08:06
alani installed this alpha like an idiot.. and now im regretting it.08:06
alanalthough the disk mount thing is kind of cool.08:07
kaushalany ideas08:07
master_obredari'm new too linux and i'm really trying hard to learn08:09
lindzeynI am having the hardest time getting ubuntu to boot.  I installed ubuntu to an external harddrive because I had given up on getting it to work with my RAID 0 configuration.  The installation went fine but when I go to the boot menu to choose "USB Device" it throws an error and says there is a missing operating system.08:09
master_obredari'm a truck driver you see08:09
alantruck drivers belong on linux.08:09
master_obredari hate windows08:10
alancan someone help me mount my usb hd?08:10
master_obredarhelllo devilslayer08:10
alanit wont auto mount.08:10
devilslayeris it bot?08:10
alanand mtab says that /dev/sda1 is mounted at /, which cant be true.08:10
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about autojoin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:10
=== nikhil is now known as nikhil87us
master_obredarany was terminal says that it could not load L08:11
lukestarkillerhaving issues connecting an Apple WIreless (bluetooth) keyboard, I've read the howto on ubuntu forums and followed all the instructions, but no go - It does say it's connected in Bluetooth Preferences but no input is detected08:11
master_obredar'c:windows/system32/veoh.exe"module not found08:12
alanmaster_obredar you need to cd to the directory of the windows app you want to load08:12
master_obredar??? how08:12
alanso wherever you saved it, in the terminal cd to that directory08:12
alanyou used an installer?08:12
master_obredarfisty fiesta08:13
master_obredaror the veoh08:13
master_obredarthat i downloaded from the net08:13
alani gotcha08:13
Pokamaster_obredar: $ wine veoh.exe08:13
alantype in cd /home/'whateveryournameis'/.wine/08:13
Pokacd ~/.wine/08:14
alanthat too.08:14
Pokaalan: much shorter and no need for username ;)08:14
alanpoka, well done sir.08:14
lindzeynHas anyone here successfully installed ubuntu on a RAID0 system08:14
Pokakaushal: ok. have you tried so far?08:15
endusertwentyafterfour and gilda: Well it looks like the CD Rom driver thing was a bigger issue than I first thought. I am going to try installing from a USB and maybe hunt around for drivers tomorrow.08:15
master_obredarpoka "says not owned by you"08:15
A[D]minShow i can restart iptables service ?08:15
erawfishables is no service (daemon in unix speak)08:16
Pokamaster_obredar: so not "owned" by you. :)08:16
master_obredar poka "says wine is not owned by you"08:16
alanmaster_obredar: what you are trying to do is get into a hidden folder in your home directory called .wine08:16
=== g4dist_p4r4hy4ng is now known as cO_eMo_666
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).08:16
nikhil87usanybody uses ktorrent ?08:16
alancd ~/.wine/08:16
Odd-rationalenikhil87us: me08:16
alanshould take you directly to that folder08:16
master_obredari use to have a wine emulator but now i don't08:16
Ademannikhil87us: i used to, switched to deluge, way better08:17
endusertwentyafterfour and gilda: It is getting late here so I might do the USB thing tomorrow too. Thanks again for your help.08:17
nikhil87ushow do you manage groups ?08:17
Ademan(well, in my opinion of course)08:17
twentyafterfourenduser: good luck08:17
nikhil87usya ofcourse08:17
roshanI get a no input signal. go to power save after installing restricted drivers or envy for my nvidia 8600 gt08:17
alanmaster_obredar: in order for you to run any sort of windows application "naively" you need to run it with wine.08:17
Ademanhonestly i don't know anything about groups, what do you mean exactly?08:17
master_obredari'm trying too08:17
nikhil87usthere is an option in left panel08:18
alanmaster_obredar: right. so what you need to do is get to the directory where you installed the executable.08:18
nikhil87usto creae custom groups08:18
alanmaster_obredar: though i dont even know if that will run in wine.08:18
endusertwentyafterfour: Thanks, I hope I see you here again some time.08:18
nikhil87usso I want to create with the tracker names08:18
master_obredari followed the install instruction from wine and it says that its installed but how do i access it08:19
alecw1I have a dazzle 80 video capture device, and I'm trying to get it to work with ubuntu ('kino' specifically). I have it plugged in, the light is on, but I have no idea what the heck to do now. How do I get this to work?08:19
alanmaster_obredar: actually i just read it does.08:19
master_obredarand use it08:19
roshani wanna learn more about linux but at the same time i want my drivers to work correctly. everything i have tried so far has failed horribly. i was wondering if i should try another distribution and see if it works on it, would this be a good idea?08:19
alancd ~/.wine/ in the terminal08:19
alanit will take you to that directory08:19
alanthen type dir08:19
alanand it will probably show you a directory called c i think08:19
alanjust like C:\08:20
master_obredaralan ok now what08:20
alanwhen you typed dir did you see 'c'?08:20
alanok now cd c08:21
alancd means change directory btw.08:21
alandir lists whats in the current direcotry08:21
master_obredarcd c08:21
master_obredarsays no such directory08:21
alani thought when you typed in dir it showed you a 'c' directory?08:22
alantype dir and tell me what you see.08:22
master_obredaryes it did and it reads as follows"dosdevices  drive_c  system.reg  userdef.reg  user.reg08:23
alancd drive_c08:23
alansorry lol08:23
alanthen type dir08:23
master_obredarok now what08:23
alanand i think you will have a directory called program files or somthing08:24
alanits just like in windows08:24
jscinozhey guys, i'm trying to use Timevault for backup, however timevault-notifier doesn08:24
master_obredarProgram\ Files  windows08:24
jscinozstupid smalle keyboard08:24
alantype in cd Program\ Files08:24
alanand remember linux is case sensative.08:24
alanthen type in dir08:24
alanand i think you will see a veoh directory08:25
tarelerulzIs there a  program that will tell you how fast your connection is running at ? T08:25
jscinozhey guys, i'm trying to use Timevault for backup, however timevault-notifier doesn't start, and after about 5min, it states http://pastebin.com/d39c1e65b any ideas on how to fix this?08:25
master_obredarno itt says    Common\ Files  Internet\ Explorer08:25
alandid you already install veoh from the internet?08:25
alanwhen you downloaded it i mean.08:26
master_obredarno only downloaded it08:26
alanoh, where did you save hte installation file to?08:26
alanis it on the desktop?08:26
Pokajscinoz: $ dbus-launch timevault-notifier08:26
master_obredarubuntume home08:26
jscinozpoka thank you08:26
alantype in cd /home/ubuntume08:26
Pokajscinoz: np08:26
alanwhats the installation file called?08:26
Kalamansialan : using desktop 7.10 ubuntu is advisable for server? of ubuntu CLI?08:26
dezI was reading someonething the other day saying people that use Ubuntu are 75% more likely to be flaming homosexuals08:27
alankalamansi, not my area really, couldnt help you if i tried, sorry08:27
alandez, thats mac users.08:27
master_obredarok now what08:27
jscinoznice dez, what m$/apple funded site said this?08:27
nikhil87usdez: I m from rest 25 %08:27
alanmaster_obredar: what is the installation file called?08:27
jscinozand eeven then, its a free world, nothing wrong with that lol :P08:27
dezits science, you cant argue with it08:27
jscinozpoka, that didnt appear to work either >_< same thing happened08:28
alantype in wine veoh.exe08:28
jscinozScience, it works bitches! :P08:28
alanscience damn you jscinoz!08:28
Pokajscinoz: ask in #dbus08:28
master_obredarubuntume@ubuntume:~$ wine veoh.exe08:28
master_obredarwine: /home/ubuntume/.wine is not owned by you08:28
alan... uh?08:28
alando you have multiple accounts or somthing?08:29
lindzeynHas anyone here successfully installed ubuntu on a RAID0 system?08:29
Pokamaster_obredar: chown -R master_obredar ~/.wine08:29
alanjust type in wine and see what happens.08:29
=== oli_ is now known as Wabbit
jscinozalright thanks poka08:29
=== Owner is now known as piNNoy
lukestarkilleractually it's sudo chown -R youraccount:youraccount ~/.wine08:29
korneliusgood morning all08:29
fdsafdsafewi really dont see how wine isnt illegal08:30
Pokafdsafdsafew: why should it be?08:30
korneliusany1 have some time to hel a total beginner?just a simple  question:)08:30
alanfdsafdsafew, probably because there isnt anything illegal about it.08:30
lukestarkillerreverse engineering isn't illegal08:30
master_obredarit says operation not permitted08:30
piNNoyhow do you turn off enter messages in irc ?08:31
alanmaster_obredar: i really dont know how to help you much furter.. that should just run08:31
piNNoyim on irssi08:31
alanfurther rather08:31
=== Aloha__ is now known as Aloha
fdsafdsafewlol alan think carefully08:31
Pokamaster_obredar: $sudo chown -R master_obredar ~/.wine (if you are in /etc/sudoers)08:31
jscinozis packages.ubuntu.com down?08:31
Poka jscinoz seems so08:32
fdsafdsafewpoka it turns windows into a runtime environment, but windows is nonfree08:32
ubotunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:32
alanfdsafdsafew: reverse engineering isnt illegal as far as i know.08:32
fdsafdsafewwine doesnt allow reverse engineered code08:32
fdsafdsafewthough im sure its in there somewhere08:32
Odd-rationalejscinoz: For me, too08:32
alanfdsafdsafew: bah.08:32
jscinozfdsafdsafew well if you're sure its in there go look :P thats how FOSS works :P08:33
alanfdsafdsafew: its all reverse engineered one way or another.08:33
korneliushey guys. how can i connect to undernet?08:33
vanchuis it possible to remove firefox without screwing ubuntu ?08:33
Mr__how do i save an svg as png?08:33
alankornelius /connect irc.undernet.net08:33
alanor somthing08:33
fdsafdsafewok i take it back im not "sure" lol08:33
korneliusalan-thanks man!08:33
Pokavanchu: $ sudo dpkg -r firefox08:33
alanmr_ what software are you using?08:33
Vip3rVanchu, maybe u could try 'sudo apt-get remove firefox'.. Should work08:34
master_obredarsays no such file directory08:34
alanmr_ gimp should just allow you to open the file and save it as a png08:34
master_obredarand it wont let me install windows xp08:34
vanchusorry I should reword it, if I remove firefox will it bugger up ubuntu ?08:34
fdsafdsafewalan documentation is not reverse engineering08:35
Pokavanchu: nope08:35
Vip3rDon't think so08:35
vanchulol cool thanks08:35
Poka!lol | vanchu08:35
ubotuvanchu: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.08:35
alanfdsafdsafew, its mental reverse engineering08:35
bluefoxxok, so i have this computer, that i *should* be able to run ubuntu on, but it doesnt agree with any live cds or similar, so i figured i could use my main computer that will correctly run a ubuntu boot disk to install to the hardrive i plan to use on the other computer[its a 6 gig wd] and then throw it in, then run some command as i recall reading about someone doing something similar on the forums, both computers run an celeron, this08:35
master_obredaris there a way to install xp as sacond os like it was08:35
kornelius alan , just wrote /connect irc.undernet.net  but it says Unknown command.08:35
bluefoxxi was wondering however, what the command was08:35
jscinozhey guys, i'm trying to use Timevault for backup, however timevault-notifier doesn't start, and after about 5min, it states http://pastebin.com/d39c1e65b any ideas on how to fix this?08:36
Pokakornelius: "/server irc.undernet.net"08:36
alankornelius: try /server irc.undernet.net08:36
Vip3rmaster, there is but you should install Windoze FIRST08:36
seanMy God how can anyone read everything08:36
korneliusthanks to all08:36
fdsafdsafewas opposed to physical alan08:36
alanfdsafdsafew, or magical08:36
Pokajscinoz: did you ask in #dbus?08:36
jscinozsean, most people use irc clients that highlight messages with their names in it, makes ite easy to tell when something needs attention08:36
jscinozpoka yes, nor esponse and there arent too many people there so it may be a while until someone responds08:37
alani can read everything, but my ADD doesnt help.08:37
biswabluefoxx: Try dpkg --configure -a08:37
seanok thanks ?08:38
Mr__how do i turn a svg into a png08:38
bluefoxxbiswa: ok, thank you, it should work since they are the same archeture, just different speeds right?08:38
lukestarkillerhaving issues connecting an Apple WIreless (bluetooth) keyboard, I've read the howto on ubuntu forums and followed all the instructions, but no go - It does say it's connected in Bluetooth Preferences but no input is detected - anyone have a solution?08:38
master_obredarhow can i add my xp back on as 2nd os  i have to partition i know that but how to do it08:38
alanmr__ open it in the gimp and save it as a .png08:38
Mr__won't open in gimp08:39
alanmaster_obredar google ubuntu wiki and im sure it will explain08:39
Mr__alan: won't open in gimp08:39
shadow__master_obredar, if you install xp after linux you must boot from livecd and chroot in your / and reinstall grub\lilo. you mbr will rewrite08:39
alanmr__ an svg you said?08:39
Vip3rMaster, the prob is that Windows will overwrite your MBR and then you will not be able to boot into Linux08:39
seanAhhhh your all Linux Gurus awsome ,     now i know where to ask the questions08:39
Mr__alan: yea08:39
alanmr__ try installing somthing called inkscape08:39
Vip3rshadow, u beat me to it ;0)08:39
master_obredarwhen i try it says that the partition isnt large enough08:40
alanmr__ then you can load it an export it to a png08:40
PokaMr__: $ sudo apt-get install inkscape; open & save with it.08:40
Kalamansisean where to ask?08:40
Vip3rmaster, can u give me your h/w config08:40
alanPoka is trying to steal my thunder.08:40
master_obredarmy what08:40
Pokaalan: heh08:40
Vip3rwhat is the size of your hard disk08:40
seanask you all as you all know more than me08:40
master_obredar40 gig08:40
sinthetekanyone know offhand how to get modssl installed in apache2?08:40
alanim out, later everyone08:41
Vip3rand how big is your windows partition08:41
v135tgewrvgi like pie08:41
bluefoxxwell, hopefully i can get a second box up and running ubuntu, my onlyu other comp at the moment is a laptop that only can run puppy[want ubuntu on it, not enough hardisk space]08:41
newy11hey all. whats a good program to download files of the net. eg like limewire but for linux08:41
sintheteki have openssl installed and am not seeing a modssl/libapache-ssl package anywhere08:41
Vip3rre u in linux?08:41
jscinozso... timevault.08:41
jscinozhey guys, i'm trying to use Timevault for backup, however timevault-notifier doesn't start, and after about 5min, it states http://pastebin.com/d39c1e65b any ideas on how to fix this?08:41
sinthetekseems none of these docs i'm looking at for gutsy modssl installation are valid08:41
seanid just be happy if i could use a web cam with Pigeon chat08:41
fdsafdsafewhowcome winamp in wine has an eq thats like 10 times better than any native linux eq08:42
fdsafdsafewits obviously emulating something linux has08:42
fdsafdsafewso its like, this makes no sense08:42
Pokasinthetek: $ apt-cache search modssl;08:42
master_obredarhow do i find out the size of the partition08:42
FloodBot1v135tgewrvg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:42
=== awarde_ is now known as awarde
_Leppyanyone alive?08:43
master_obredari am i think08:43
A[D]minSwhen i do  iptables -A OUTPUT -j LOG08:43
A[D]minSwhere it will log?08:43
Vip3rAre u in linux ?08:43
Vip3rOpen a terminal window08:43
master_obredarwhom me08:43
Vip3rYep, master08:43
Vip3rtype 'sudo mount' and press enter08:44
_Leppyonce your done helping master out, I'm giong to need some help as well.08:44
FloodBot1v135tgewrvg: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:44
Vip3rWhat's it say ?08:44
master_obredarbeats me08:44
A[D]minSanyone can advise please  when i do  iptables -A OUTPUT -j LOG  , where it will log ?08:45
Vip3rWhat si the output on the screen ?08:45
seanif there was classes to learn how to do stuff on Linux machines imagine the take up rate of it.08:45
master_obredardont see si08:45
_Leppyhe typod master08:45
seanthen for some i guess it wouldnt be cool08:45
lukestarkillerThere are classes08:46
_Leppysean, once you get over the learning curve, it's all pretty much the same08:46
lukestarkillerEdubuntu is made for that reason08:46
Vip3rDoes it say something like '/dev/sda3 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)' ??08:46
seanNothing available in Northern Territory, Australia08:46
master_obredarhde 308:46
Vip3rThat's it ???08:46
master_obredartype ext308:47
_Leppydude if it's available in Southern America, there's bound to be something08:47
deadlyallance649do you want the proof08:47
jscinoztimevault not working makes me sad :(08:47
seanhahaha  i bet there is08:47
_Leppythen again, I learned on my own08:47
Vip3rokie, type 'sudo fdisk -l' , press enter and tell me the output08:47
_Leppygot sick of blista and windows08:47
seanhaha yea08:48
seani cant believe how good certain things work,   Net Speed and P2P and the freebees08:48
_Leppyin fact most computers I sell at my shop come preinstalled with a prog called Wubi which installs Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio on an ntfs partition08:48
Vip3rMaster, please tell me the lines with 'Disk /dev/sd.......'08:49
_Leppylol dude network speeds are insanely faster. MS tends to rate limit you and lets other isps limit you through ms protacols08:49
deadlyallance649so my 45 yearold brother is computer incompadent and today he showes me the new game he plays and sayes to me "they have a linux version ..and i am learning to use gimp so i can script my textures for building my house08:49
master_obredarstart 1  end 9728  blocks 78140128+ id c system w95 fat32  (lba)08:50
seanthats a new concept, sales of machines with Ubuntu.      what about drivers for cameras and printers and other stuff.    The basic Windows user wouldnt have any idea.  i know its a mission for me08:50
Vip3rYo! But what about the FIRST line of the output?08:50
master_obredarDisk /dev/hda: 40.0 GB, 40007761920 bytes08:50
master_obredar255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 4864 cylinders08:50
master_obredarUnits = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes08:50
_Leppyusually if the customer says he has certain parts and accessories, I configure it all to be plug and pray08:51
Vip3rYEAH !! that's what I wanted. Any other similar line ?08:51
master_obredar/dev/hda1   *           1          31      248976    7  HPFS/NTFS08:51
master_obredar/dev/hda2              32        1024     7976272+   5  Extended08:51
master_obredar/dev/hda3            2386        4864    19912567+  83  Linux08:51
master_obredar/dev/hda5              32        1024     7976241   8e  Linux LVM08:51
seanand im a support manager for a comms company.  mind you ive been Microsofted08:51
_Leppylol so have I my friend...08:51
Vip3rHow come u have a LVM volume ??08:52
master_obredarhey my external has 80 gig08:52
_Leppymcse, net+, a+, degree in graphic design on mac and pc, and a degree in psych08:52
master_obredari dunno08:52