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Moptop650Hey, im installing xubuntu on my other PC, and its asking me to put in disk labled "Xubuntu 7.10 _Gutsy Gibbon _ - Release i386 (10071016)", what disk is that?01:17
speedcoreanyone running ntop on xubuntu?02:59
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POloserhello. please help. i installes xubuntu 7.10 on old laptop (64 ram). run very slow :( Now i want add alternate option to grub to boot in text mode (but not single mode as recovery option). How can i do this?03:55
PsynoKhi0Hi, there is a line in the dmesg here saying "Error: Host SMBus controller not enabled! - upgrade BIOS or use force=1", how critical is that on a laptop?05:13
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venzQuestion: is there other alternative commands to install Xubuntu core files and not include the included application found in xubuntu-desktop?05:49
venzOR I just install Xubuntu then change each of the application included w/ my preferred application?05:50
Ein2015how do i get xubuntu to automatically mount all drives for all users?05:55
PsynoKhi0venz: http://www.binonabiso.com/en/Ubuntu-miniRAM-HOWTO.html something like that maybe... though it's all command line based do you better know what packages you want/need06:16
PsynoKhi0so you'd better know*06:17
venzI managed to find some of the packages I need06:17
venzPsynoKhi0: thanks06:18
PsynoKhi0thought I was after a more recent version06:19
venzthe link you posted and this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems is nearly the same, but for some wierd reason I'm unable to make it work06:20
PsynoKhi0Ein2015: sry I don't know06:21
PsynoKhi0cclampblues: hi06:21
venzI manage to have xfce4 (window manger installed), no login GUI (i prefered that), but the next step, which is the desktop manager I'm lost there06:22
cclampbluesi just installed gusty and was lookin for some help with a wireless card issue06:22
cclampbluesthe card is (pcmcia) smc ez connect ... it is not recognized by the system at all apparently = not listed when i check apps, system, network menu06:25
cclampbluesIt had worked previously. in drapper it was plug-n-play good times. in edgy elf some nice folks in here helped me get things working... i was hoping that i'd have that luck again06:26
cclampbluesany ideas on what i can do?06:27
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:28
cclampbluesgood bot.06:28
PsynoKhi0I'd start with dmesg06:28
cclampbluesPsynoKhiO: sorry im not even sure what that is... or how to access it... type it in a terminal window?06:31
PsynoKhi0you can do that though you might get flooded by network messages, safer to go to /var/log06:32
PsynoKhi0also, did you upgrade to Gutsy or run a clean install?06:33
cclampbluesits listed as supported on the help pages. so thats good.06:34
PsynoKhi0when you say it's not recognised by the system, do you mean it doesn't appear in the hal device manager?06:36
cclampblueswhat am i looking for in dmesg06:37
cclampblueswheres that?06:37
cclampbluesthat sounds helpful06:37
PsynoKhi0in dmesg, anything that could be related to pcmcia :)06:38
cclampbluesoh good. this will be fun.... ha.06:38
PsynoKhi0device manager is a package you can find in e.g. synaptic06:38
PsynoKhi0might work with sudo apt-get install hal-device-manager06:40
cclampbluesdont i need a working network connection for that though? or can it be installed from disc?06:40
cclampbluesin snypatic i see hal (hardware abstraction layer), hal-cuts-utils, and hal-info.... but not hal-device-manager06:44
PsynoKhi0yup you'll need a connection, or there might be a way to get it from a vanilla ubuntu CD, I think it ships with it as standard06:44
PsynoKhi0uh that's weird06:44
cclampbluesquick check through dmesg didnt return anything.06:46
cclampbluesas far as pcmcia06:46
PsynoKhi0my bad, look for "Yenta"06:50
cclampbluesok so i ran: sudo lshw and my card shows up.06:53
cclampbluesits listed as:  *network UNCLAIMED06:53
cclampblueswhats that mean?06:54
cclampbluesno yenta in synaptic06:55
PsynoKhi0I meant in dmesg =)06:55
PsynoKhi0but if your card is listed it's not needed to check that out anymore06:56
PsynoKhi0what's that card for btw? is that your only connectivity device?06:58
cclampbluesyeah. its a dell pentium 3 lappy. nothing onboard.06:58
PsynoKhi0found a thread about someone having an issue similar to yours, apparently it was solved following the following howto: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_checkout_and_install_madwifi_experimental_driver_for_ar500807:02
PsynoKhi0not sure the chip on the pcmcia card is the same but might be worth checking it out07:03
PsynoKhi0sorry couldn't be more helpful but gotta run and get some work done now07:04
cclampbluesthanks a lot.07:05
cclampbluesTheSheep: you awake?07:10
cclampblues!device manager13:24
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about device manager - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:24
cclampblueshowdy all, anyone want to help me out with a wireless networking problem in gusty?13:36
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:04
XubuntuNewbieWould someone here please be so kind as to explain how to get sound working in Xubuntu (7.10 Gutsy Gibbon)? I have a Soundblaster Live! Value card in this machine and ALSA seems to be already installed. No speaker icon showing and only beeps from internal speaker heard....14:12
cclampbluesi have an smc wireless card [model smc2635w (pcmcia)  --  with ADM tek adm8211 chipset] that does not show up in applications, system, network menu..... but when i lspci it shows up... with lshw it shows up as: *-network UNCLAIMED.... any advice would be greatly appreciated.14:16
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, from the info on the alsa webpage I would say it should just work. Did you double check alsamixer settings, might be muted or so.14:17
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, also check if alsamixer lists the card.14:17
XubuntuNewbiepredaeus: Thank you first of all for responding to my question... but how do I access 'alsamixer'? is it in GUI or shell?14:17
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, you can run it from shell14:19
XubuntuNewbiepredaeus: I did now try accessing it in the shell, and it SHOWS my soundcard there... 'sblive value CT4670' Tritech ID 3 chipset... but doesn't seem to work in the actual graphical interface still......14:19
XubuntuNewbieI think it is KDE I am using if I am not mistaken.14:20
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, then it could be related to the KDE sound daemon. I don't know about that, ask in #kubuntu for help with kde.14:20
XubuntuNewbieOkay will try that14:21
XubuntuNewbiepredaeus: I use whatever the standard graphical shell is when installing xubuntu.... I don't know if that IS KDE or something else :)14:22
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, xubuntu uses xfce as default, not kde. But of course you can optionally install kde or gnome, it's all interchangeable with ubuntu14:22
predaeusok xfce then14:22
XubuntuNewbieThen that's what it is :-)14:24
predaeushm are the mixers in alsamixer all up? sometimes one of the switches also mutes all the sound. You can chose the mixer with the arrow keys and change between the screens ALL-MIxers, Record, and eh output or something with the TAB key.14:24
predaeusMy soundblaster card comes with some switches in alsamixer on the ALL tab, if I enable the wrong ones, or disable don't remmeber then all the sound is muted.14:25
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, sometimes it's a bit of trial and error, sorry. Especially since I am no linux sound guru.14:26
XubuntuNewbieYes but it isn't just that it is muted, it doesn't seem that I get the speaker icon in xfce .... nothing that shows there IS working sound. I get a simple pc speaker beep from the internal speaker that is all....14:26
predaeusTheSheep, are you around? You seem to know lots about Xubuntu's configs *g*14:26
XubuntuNewbieOkay well no matter what I am very glad for your help!14:26
XubuntuNewbieI really do appreciate it.14:26
cclampblueswhere are you wanting (looking) for this icon to be?14:27
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, if you mean the audio volume plugin for the panel with the loudspeaker icon. It's bugged and keeps disappearing and reappearing for people.14:27
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, for some it helps to drap drop it onto the panel instead of selecting it to be added.14:27
XubuntuNewbieokay well is there a simple way to verify sound output on a linux box?14:28
predaeus*dragndrop sorry14:28
XubuntuNewbiewhere can the audio volume plugin thing be found? I know I sound like a total ... moron, but please bear with me....14:28
predaeuscclampblues, your problem probably general enough, maybe the folks in #ubuntu could help14:28
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, you can right click on an empty area on the panel -> Add New Item -> and then select the Volume Control plugin (as said before it does not work for some like that, and you will have to grab the icon in that selection window and drag it to the panel to add it)14:30
XubuntuNewbieThank you very much!! :)14:32
predaeusXubuntuNewbie, for some it disappears after reboot...it's a bug.14:40
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BlinkizHow do I see under what group a program is running?15:17
maxamillionBlinkiz: programs run under a user, the user belongs to a group15:18
BlinkizYeah, but I have started it with the sg command and would like to know if everything went okay15:19
maxamillionBlinkiz: heh ... gotchya15:20
maxamillionBlinkiz: i imagine htop would show you that .... 'sudo apt-get install htop' and then once its installed, just run 'htop' and in one of the ncurses menus i believe you would find the info you want .... http://htop.sourceforge.net/ <--- for more info15:21
Blinkizmaxamillion: I don't think htop will tell me that. It was a really simple command. Like "ps -G <groupname>" or something...15:23
maxamillionBlinkiz: oh, well yeah ... ps -G <groupname> would also work15:24
Blinkizit aint15:24
maxamillionBlinkiz: works on my machine15:24
Blinkizokay, it was working. hehe..15:24
maxamillionBlinkiz: just curious .. why do you want to launch a process under a different group?15:25
BlinkizAm launchng rtorrent as a different group so download torrent files will be created with the group permission of "fileshare".15:26
maxamillionBlinkiz: ahhhh, not a half bad idea15:27
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Ein2015anybody here know how to access a network drive in xubuntu?16:47
siggjenmount -t nfs IP:/path/to/share /mount/path16:49
cclampblue1hello can someone help me install a driver?16:50
siggjenmaybe you should specify driver for what16:53
cclampblue1sry. i am installing a driver for my wireless card on my laptop. i am running gusty -fresh install- my wireless card wasnt recoginized. i think its a driver issue. i found an appropriatee driver and have opened the tarball to a folder on my desktop... now i havee no idea what to do with it :)16:55
siggjenMaybe there is a README or INSTALL file you could read16:56
siggjenwhat network card is it (chipset)16:56
cclampblue1its smc2635w with adm8211 chipset16:59
Ein2015thanks siggjen16:59
cclampblue1i have copied some out of the INSTALL file - im not entirely sure how to do what it describes16:59
cclampblue1can i paste it here - it may flood a bit but its not too big?17:00
siggjenpaste it to pastebin.ca or sth17:00
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)17:00
Ein2015siggjen: says mount point doesnt exist17:00
Ein2015also, the server is passworded, so it'll probably bug me about that :-\17:01
siggjenEin2015: did you make a directory for the mountpoint?17:01
Ein2015nautilus made it easy, but i havent found anything similar in xubuntu.17:01
Ein2015oh, guess i should do that >.<  durrrr.  :-\17:01
siggjenEin2015: just install nautilus then q:17:01
Ein2015has such an assload of reqs tho >><17:02
Ein2015oh well i'll try it17:02
siggjenit's no ideal fix17:02
siggjenguess there is atleast 10 different tools to mount samba shares in apt17:03
Ein2015xubuntu runs a lot faster on this laptop than regular ubuntu did tho...17:03
Ein2015i cant wait to get money so i can get a better system (think, macbook with ubuntu ^_^)17:03
siggjenmacbook has all the keys wrong17:04
siggjenatleast with norwegian keyboard17:04
cclampblue1Ein2015: i pasted at pastebin.ca but it seems to have crashed my browser... not sure if its there... under cclampblues17:05
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cclampbluesdont know where the 1 at the end of ny nick came from....17:06
Ein2015heh siggjen i'm in the US :P17:06
Ein2015cclampblues: pasted what?17:06
cclampbluesthe install file text17:06
cclampbluesi just dont understand what to do... :/17:07
siggjen0 match17:07
cclampbluesEin2015 sry. now im confusing irc users.17:09
Ein2015thought so ;)17:09
cclampbluesha. one of those morning... days now i guess17:09
cclampbluessiggjen: was 0 match to me?17:10
siggjencclampblues: mhm17:10
cclampbluesok here it is http://pastebin.ca/89270317:12
cclampblueswhats mhm?17:12
TheSheepthat's acronym of 'meaningless humming mumle' ;)17:13
TheSheepmumble even17:13
cclampbluesahh. too many tla17:14
cclampbluesHey sheep i think you helped me with this issue in the past17:14
siggjenyou need latest module-init-tools it says, use  «apt-cache show module-init-tools» to show your version, mine is 3.3-pre4-2ubuntu4 it seems17:14
TheSheepcclampblues: di you try to use the restricted drivers manager?17:15
cclampbluesyeah it poped up saying there was no need..... or something to that effect17:15
TheSheepcclampblues: looks like this driver is already in ubuntu17:17
cclampbluessiggjen: where do i use that?17:17
siggjenin terminal i guess17:17
siggjenbut i'm off, gf is visiting17:17
cclampbluesTheSheep: in the past it worked when i plugged it in...17:17
siggjenguess you should listen to TheSheep17:17
cclampbluesthanks siggjen17:17
cclampbluesappriciate it17:18
TheSheepcclampblues: did you try 'sudo modprobe adm8211' ?17:18
cclampbluesTheSheep: so what do i do to get the damn thing to run :)17:18
cclampbluesno i will.... i dont have that card installed at the moment is that a problem?17:18
cclampbluesok let me switch back over to my mac.... brb17:19
cclampblues_ok here i am17:20
cclampblues_so run sudo modprobe adm8211?17:20
TheSheepand show me the last line of 'dmesg'17:21
TheSheepor 2 lines17:21
cclampblues_hang on im an idiot. didt put the card in :/17:23
cclampblues_modprobe: FATAL: Module adm8211 not found.17:24
TheSheepcclampblues: what does 'uname -r' say?17:25
BlinkizI want to make sun-java6-jre the default java runner. What command should I run to make this happen?17:25
cclampblues_dmesg: (as it pertains to the card) pccard: CardBus card inserted into slot 017:25
TheSheepBlinkiz: update-java-alternatives17:26
BlinkizTheSheep: Thank you17:26
TheSheepBlinkiz: or update-alternatives java17:26
TheSheepBlinkiz: depedning on the version17:26
cclampblues_i also have cpufreq: change failed with new_state 0 and result 0 (or 1 and result 0) is that normal.....?17:26
TheSheepcclampblues: no idea17:27
cclampblues_uname -r : 2.6.22 - 14-generic17:27
cclampblues_is that the kernel?17:27
TheSheepnow 'ls -ald /lib/modules/2.6.22-14-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/adm8211.ko17:28
TheSheepcclampblues: yes17:28
cclampblues_ok it didnt return anything specifically.... is that ok?17:30
cclampblues_oops. hang on. are there spaces between dashes?17:31
TheSheepcclampblues: looks like this driver isn ot in your kernel, but I have it in mine, 2.6.2417:32
TheSheepcclampblues: do you have linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-generic installed?17:33
cclampblues_yeah the last ls returned no such file or folder17:33
cclampblues_i dont know if i have linux restricted modules installed how do i tell?17:34
TheSheepapt-cache policy name-of-the-module17:34
cclampblues_can i upgrade the kernel? or is that prettymuch the same as reinstalling altogether?17:34
TheSheepcclampblues: 2.6.24 is in Hardy17:34
TheSheepcclampblues: you can upgrade, although it's still 3 monsths to release17:35
TheSheepso there may be rough edges and bugs17:35
cclampblues_oh i see17:35
ubotuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/17:36
cclampblues_ha. pretty cool17:36
cclampblues_still not sure where to find the restricted modules... sorry.17:37
TheSheepcclampblues_: just install them with 'sudo apt-get installl linux-restricted-modules-2.6.22-14-generic'17:38
TheSheepcclampblues_: you need to have the universe repository enabled, I think17:38
cclampblues_do i need an internet connection?17:39
TheSheepcclampblues_: ah, right17:39
TheSheepcclampblues_: you can download packages from http://packages.ubuntu.com17:39
TheSheepcclampblues_: and install them by double-clicking on the files17:39
cclampblues_well i can switch over ... youre talking about updating the kernel right?17:40
cclampblues_i wouldnt need the wireless card on nececiarily during that... right?17:40
cclampblues_will the apt-get install.... do it directly... or does it download it and then i install??17:43
TheSheepcclampblues_: it installs directly17:45
TheSheepcclampblues_: looks like there already was a driver for that card before feisty17:45
TheSheepcclampblues_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=442784&highlight=adm821117:45
cclampblues_yes i know. it worked perfectly in edgy elf.. (whatever) and you helped me get it going in fiesty... now not really at all. i dont understand it getting 'worse' over time :)17:46
TangentBuntuwhat's the command to rename a file?17:47
zoredacheTangentBuntu: mv17:47
cclampblues_ok ill switch over and try to run the new kernel install. if it works would it just recognize the card?17:48
TheSheepcclampblues_: yes17:49
cclampblues_TheSheep: thanks for your help. ive been messing with this since like 8 am....17:50
TheSheepcclampblues_: looks like they forgot to include the module in the kernel %)17:50
TheSheepcclampblues_: if the update doesn't help, you will have to compile it17:51
DekkoHere I am again....17:51
cclampblues_TheSheep: couldnt i just do that now? or wouldnt that work?17:51
TheSheepcclampblues_: you could, but it's better to have module compiled by the ubuntu team17:52
DekkoDoes anyone here know how to set SAMBA/SambaFS up so I can browse my windows network??? Tried reading up on it and it says "Ubuntu" is supposed to have a 'Windows Network' icon under the 'Network' category in the start menu... 'Applications' in Xubuntu....17:52
TheSheepcclampblues_: if it's in the update17:52
cclampblues_TheSheep: is it in the update?17:52
TheSheepcclampblues_: I don't know, may be worth trying17:52
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cclampblues_didnt you say the driver was part of yours...?17:52
TheSheepcclampblues_: but I'm running next version of xubuntu17:53
TheSheepcclampblues_: unstable17:53
XubuntuNewbieif anyone here could help me with this I'd be very happy....17:53
cclampblues_TheSheep: oh i guess im not thinking the same thing... thought the driver was with the kernel....17:54
TheSheepXubuntuNewbie: there should be some howtos on the forums17:54
TheSheepcclampblues_: it is with the kernel or with the additional modules17:54
TheSheepcclampblues_: it might be included in updated kernel17:54
XubuntuNewbieThesheep: I have looked at them, but it feels as if they're outdated.17:54
cclampblues_TheSheep: oh i see.. no guarantee either way... it could be in either place? cool. well ill give it a shot. thanks again. here goes...17:55
XubuntuNewbieThey refer to go into the "Applications/Start menu' of Ubuntu, then into Administration.... but there IS no administration subcategory.... ONLY the 'System' one.17:55
XubuntuNewbiewhich is what I think they're refering to.17:55
TheSheepXubuntuNewbie: I have no experience with samba myself (and I'm thankful for it ;) )17:55
XubuntuNewbieUsing Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 release.17:55
TheSheepXubuntuNewbie: look for a howto for xubuntu17:56
TheSheepXubuntuNewbie: ubuntu has it done differently17:56
XubuntuNewbieYou don't say.... :-P17:56
XubuntuNewbieI think its very confusing with the different distributions out there and the way to set them up and how to make it all work...... You have Ubuntu (Gnome based?), Kubuntu (KDE based) and Xubuntu (xfce?!) based....17:57
XubuntuNewbieAnd you now say they're set to operate somewhat differently between them.17:57
XubuntuNewbieI went with xubuntu for its clean interface. Really like it this minimalistic.17:58
TheSheepXubuntuNewbie: it doesn't cooperate with windows as well as ubuntu though18:00
TheSheepXubuntuNewbie: look for a howto with smbfs18:01
cclampblues__TheSheep: ok apparently i already had 2.6.22-14. it said 0 newly installed18:06
TheSheepcclampblues__: then compiling it is18:06
cclampblues__TheSheep: how is that done?18:07
TheSheepcclampblues__: well, you have the tarball already18:08
TheSheepcclampblues__: install the build-essential package18:08
cclampblues__for the device driver yes18:08
cclampblues__TheSheep: how do i do that?18:08
TheSheepcclampblues__: sudo apt-get install build-essential18:09
cclampblues__TheSheep: Ok... brb18:09
cclampbluesTheSheep: ok its installed.18:18
TheSheepcclampblues: now unpack the driver, and open terminal in its directory18:19
cclampbluesi cant seem to navigate tto my desktop18:24
cclampbluesha. its not ~/desktop/adm821118:24
cclampbluesTheSheep: the INSTALL file for the drive i downloaded can be read here http://pastebin.ca/892703 though18:26
TheSheepcclampblues: just right-click on the empty space in your directory and select 'open temrinal here'18:29
cclampbluesTheSheep: how do i open the terminal to the desktop directory... i know im lame... sry..18:29
TheSheepcclampblues: in Linux file names are case-sensitive18:29
cclampbluesok thats a good trick. im there...18:31
TheSheepcclampblues: ok, run 'make'18:31
cclampbluesok it spit out a bunch of stuff then this: make[2]: *** [/home/jdk/Desktop/adm8211/adm8211_hw.o] Error 118:33
cclampbluesmake[1]: *** [_module_/home/jdk/Desktop/adm8211] Error 218:33
cclampbluesmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic'18:33
cclampbluesmake: *** [modules] Error 218:33
TheSheepcclampblues: can you pastebin it?18:34
cclampbluesyeah where do you want it?18:34
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)18:34
cclampblueshttp://pastebin.ca/892796  - i put it here. it was already open in my window...18:38
TheSheepcclampblues: ok, 'sudo apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.22-14-generic'18:42
cclampbluesTheSheep: ok its installed18:45
TheSheeptry make again18:46
cclampbluesTheSheep: errors again... see: http://pastebin.ca/89281618:50
cclampbluesTheSheep: thank you again for your help18:50
TheSheepI don't really know how to build kernel/kernel modles on debian based systems :(18:51
TheSheepthere is osme magic to do with unpacking the sources and all18:51
TheSheepyou might look for a howto, I'm going to sleep now, sorry18:51
cclampbluesno need to be sorry. i really appriciate all your work/help.18:52
Roberthanyone know which is the right one for start the service management gui?19:13
TheSheepRoberth: services-admin19:19
RoberthTheSheep: thanks19:19
Roberthhmm i though it were an app for administrating init scripts:(19:20
TheSheepis one such app19:20
TheSheepnot installed by default19:20
TheSheepcareful, easy to break your syste19:20
Roberthwell i was more looking for an gtk gui which didnt involved runlevels etc19:22
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Breakageanyone else getting zombie mousepad processes that won't auto close?19:36
ArmchairArmadaI get them from time to time.19:37
Breakagehmmm, tried to kill them but still won't go.. this is happening alot :D19:37
Breakageit's annoying think i'll try leafpad.19:38
BreakageArmchairArmada: do yours go if you kill them?19:39
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nam31hmm I read somewhere that someone provided networkmanager 0.7 snapshots for ubuntu, any know what im talking about?19:42
dandielionousDoes anyone know about the mounting problem for audio cds in gutsy?19:45
dandielionousWhen I'm in thunar and click the audio cd it won't mount.  But it will mount from the audio players.19:48
TheSheepdandielionous: you can't mount audio cds, they don't have any filesystem on them19:48
dandielionousIs that something I can fix?19:48
TheSheepdandielionous: audio players play them unmounted19:48
TheSheepdandielionous: no, it's how the yare made19:49
TheSheepthey are19:49
dandielionousThank-you TheSheep.19:49
dandielionousI read on a forum something about stopping Hal from polling on the device.19:49
dandielionousBut I can't figure out what Xubuntu is calling my cdrom.19:49
dandielionousAnd I'm not sure what polling is.19:50
TheSheepit should be visible somewhere in /proc/bus/ide/19:50
dandielionousMaybe I need that. lol19:50
dandielionousnod nod19:50
dandielionousOnly thing I see is cdrom0 and cdrom119:50
dandielionousBut when I type in the command my terminal doesn't seem to recognize them.19:51
dandielionoushal - disable - polling - device /dev/scdo19:51
TheSheeptry 'cat /proc/scsi/scsi'19:51
dandielionousnot sure if scdo is my cdrom19:52
dandielionouskk ty I'll try that19:52
dandielionousI had it working before.19:52
dandielionousBut I don't know what I did.19:52
TheSheepworking what?19:52
TheSheepmounted audio cds?19:52
dandielionousThen I uninstalled Totem and Rythem box and it won't show me what's on the audio cd in thunar anymore.19:53
dandielionousIt won't mount it now.19:53
dandielionousUnless I'm in an audio player.19:53
dandielionousI could see the title of the cd before and cruise it's files.19:53
dandielionousI thought maybe this was a common problem.19:54
dandielionousmmmm cat didn't seem to work :)19:55
dandielionousI have /proc/bus input, pci and usb no ide :(19:59
TheSheepI just remembered cd drives are see as scsi19:59
dandielionousIs that the name of them?19:59
TheSheepthat's the name of the protocol of communication for the disk drive20:00
dandielionousnod nod20:00
dandielionousIs there a place I should look for the name of them then?20:00
TheSheepthe file /proc/scsi/scsi  should have a list of all your scsi devices20:00
dandielionousaww ty kind person :)20:00
dandielionousHas a document in there that doesn't show me what it says in the editor.20:02
TheSheepuse the cat command in terminal20:02
TheSheepwith a space20:03
dandielionouskk :)20:03
dandielionousAttached devices:20:04
dandielionousHost: scsi0 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 0020:04
dandielionous  Vendor: ATA      Model: Maxtor 6L100M0   Rev: BACE20:04
dandielionous  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI  SCSI revision: 0520:04
dandielionousHost: scsi2 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 0020:04
dandielionous  Vendor: Generic  Model: USB SD Reader    Rev: 1.0020:04
dandielionous  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI  SCSI revision: 0020:04
dandielionousHost: scsi2 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 0120:04
dandielionous  Vendor: Generic  Model: USB CF Reader    Rev: 1.0120:04
dandielionous  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI  SCSI revision: 0020:04
dandielionousHost: scsi2 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 0220:04
dandielionous  Vendor: Generic  Model: USB SM Reader    Rev: 1.0220:04
dandielionous  Type:   Direct-Access                    ANSI  SCSI revision: 0020:04
dandielionousHost: scsi2 Channel: 00 Id: 00 Lun: 0320:04
dandielionous  Vendor: Generic  Model: USB MS Reader    Rev: 1.0320:04
dandielionous  Type:   Direct-Access20:04
dandielionousThought that would be smaller20:04
dandielionousCan you tell if one of those is my cdrom?20:05
zoredacheit doesn't look like you have a cdrom in there... just a hard drive and one of those multi-flash reader th ings20:06
dandielionousOH I bet it's the Maxtor.20:06
dandielionousreally zoredache!20:07
zoredachedoes maxtor make optical drives?20:07
dandielionousMmmmmm well maybe that's why it can't mount it.20:07
dandielionousI think my cdrom is a maxtor.20:07
dandielionoussomething like that.20:07
dandielionouschecking on the front of the drive.20:08
zoredachethe model number 6L100M0 comes up in google as a 100GB sata drive20:08
dandielionousstupid bifocals20:09
TheSheeplooks like it's not there20:10
dandielionousthat's on the front of the drive20:11
dandielionouswell that's the only scsi that's not scsi220:12
dandielionousIt's scsi020:12
dandielionousDon't know why they can't just go with hda1, hda0 etc20:13
totalwormfacehello :]20:13
sanozukedoes anyone know's how to boot a .ISO from a HD20:14
dandielionousty so much TheSheep and zoredache20:14
zoredachesanozuke: generally, I extra the files from the iso, then setup grub to do whatever bootloader on the iso did20:15
totalwormfacesanozuke: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromAnotherDistro20:15
sanozukesee iam new to xubuntu20:16
dandielionous sudo hal-disable-polling --device /dev/scd020:16
dandielionousCannot find storage device /dev/scd0.20:16
dandielionousAs far as booting an .ISO I think you have to burn that for it to work.20:17
dandielionousThat's an image file. :)20:18
zoredachedandielionous: have you done any tests to see if the cdrom is good?  Can you still boot a cd off it?20:18
dandielionousI can play a cd off of it.20:18
dandielionousOut of the audio player.20:18
dandielionousI had it working before.20:18
dandielionousNow it won't mount in Thunar.20:18
dandielionousWhat other kind of tests were you referring to?20:19
TheSheepdandielionous: was it really opening in thunar?20:19
zoredachedoing something like booting off a livecd20:19
TheSheepdandielionous: or maybe when you clicked on it it opened in the music player?20:19
dandielionousYes I made up a test cd called experiment.  It was showing the name in Thunar.20:20
dandielionousAnd I cruised the files.20:20
dandielionousNow it don't work.20:20
zoredacheso then, what have you changed between when it worked and now?20:21
zoredachehave you applied any updates, upgraded kernels, installed software....20:21
dandielionousI did a complete uninstall of totem and Rhythmbox20:21
dandielionousInstalled lots of players.20:21
dandielionousCould it have anything to do with gstream?20:21
zoredacheit doesn't seem like adding or removing an audio player should change anything about the cdrom20:22
dandielionousI had downloaded and installed every type of gstream I could find in synaptic before.20:22
dandielionousThen uninstalled totem etc.20:23
dandielionousMaybe something to do with a COMPLETE uninstall of said programs.20:23
dandielionousAppreciate your help zoredache.20:24
dandielionousAre you using gutsy?20:24
zoredacheon one of my computers, yes20:24
dandielionousmmm do you have that problem?20:24
dandielionousWell I did something.20:25
dandielionousGuess I'll get back to working on it.20:25
dandielionousThanks for the help :)20:25
zoredacheso your problem is that you can't mount a cdrom right?20:25
dandielionousyes absolutely correct zoredache :)20:26
dandielionousNot unless I'm in an audio player.20:26
zoredacheand have you tried mounting from the command line?20:26
dandielionousWell, I have other problems but that is my current one.20:26
TheSheeptechnically, it's not possible to mount an audio cd20:26
dandielionousI have always been able to mount from kubuntu.20:26
TheSheepthunar must have some plugin that allows bwosing of audio cds20:26
zoredacheusing something like 'sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom'20:27
dandielionousI Understood you TheSheep. :)20:27
dandielionousLet me try that zoredache.20:27
TheSheepso mounting with 'mount' won't work20:27
TheSheepbut try :)20:27
dandielionousmount: can't find /dev/cdrom0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab20:28
zoredacheif that doesn't work also try 'sudo mount /dev/scd0 /media/cdrom', or 'sudo mount /dev/.static/dev/scd0 /media/cdrom'20:28
dandielionous block device /dev/hdc is write-protected, mounting read-only20:29
dandielionousI tried it without the 020:29
dandielionous wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdc,20:30
dandielionous missing codepage or helper program, or other error20:30
zoredachebut you have a audio disk in there right now?20:30
dandielionousIn some cases useful info is found in syslog - try20:30
dandielionousdmesg | tail  or so20:31
dandielionousend of message20:31
zoredacheas far as I know an audio disk will not mount...  But some audio players may see the disk as if it was a filesystem20:31
zoredacheperhaps you are looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/15962720:33
ubotuLaunchpad bug 159627 in ubuntu "[Xubuntu Gutsy] Audio CD will not mount" [Undecided,New]20:33
dandielionousI tried dmesg | tail is there someplace I could paste the output?20:33
dandielionousYes I was looking there.20:33
dandielionousThis is the information I found.20:35
dandielionousA little more complete. )20:35
=== notMax is now known as maxamillion
dandielionous dmesg | tail20:39
dandielionous[ 8019.056000] ide: failed opcode was: unknown20:39
nam31god dammit i can get flash to work with firefox:(20:39
dandielionousoooo I got a fix for that one :)20:39
maxamillionnam31: please don't curse in this channel ... its against the CoC20:40
dandielionousWorks great after I followed the instructions on that page. :)20:41
dandielionous[ 8019.056000] hdc: error code: 0x70  sense_key: 0x05  asc: 0x64  ascq: 0x0020:42
dandielionous[ 8019.056000] end_request: I/O error, dev hdc, sector 102420:43
dandielionousoooo maybe my device name is hdc!20:43
dandielionous 8019.056000] UDF-fs: No partition found (1)20:44
dandielionous hdc: command error: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }20:44
headhunter_just installed fresh xubuntu with default settings. hibernating works - but after a reboot xfce does ont ask me for my password. bug or feature?20:44
zoredacheperhaps a silly question, but did you take the cd out of the drive?20:45
dandielionouscheck in settings manager headhunter under sessions and startup to see if display chooser on login is checked :)20:46
dandielionousNo I haven't taken the cd out of the drive. zoredache ty :)20:46
zoredachesorry, that was for headhunter_20:46
dandielionous sudo hal-disable-polling --device /dev/hdc20:47
headhunter_zoredache: thank you, will try out next restart.20:47
dandielionousPolling for drive /dev/hdc have been disabled. The fdi file written was20:47
dandielionousPolling for drive /dev/hdc have been disabled. The fdi file written was20:48
dandielionous /etc/hal/fdi/information/media-check-disable-DVD_TS_H492C.fdi20:48
dandielionouschecking to see if this works20:48
dandielionousstill won't mount maybe I have to restart.20:49
dandielionousI'll be back :)20:49
James7891Hello, would anyone be able to help me? Ive just setup an Xubuntu Gusty install using a 10gig partition for the OS and a 25gig partition for my files.21:15
James7891Would someone be able to tell me how I can give myself write permissions for the second partition. also how do i move my "Home" folder?21:15
massctrlhi can someone point me where to configure the automatic adjustment of the volume?21:18
TheSheepmassctrl: volume normalization?21:19
massctrlTheSheep: where can I find that ?21:19
TheSheepmassctrl: it's a feature of some music players, but I don't think it's a global option21:19
TheSheepmassctrl: I may be wrong though21:20
massctrlwell, I have in in flash, and mplayer so, it looks global21:20
TheSheepJames7891: you have the second partition mounted somewhere?21:21
James7891yes, its mounted as  /media/disk21:21
TheSheepJames7891: ok, start thunar as root with 'gksu thunar' and copy your home to that partition21:22
TheSheepJames7891: so that the directory /home/username is copied as /home/disk/username21:23
James7891is there anything else i need to do?21:27
TheSheepnext, edit your /etc/fstab (you need to edit it as root)21:27
TheSheep!fstab | James789121:27
ubotuJames7891: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions21:27
TheSheepJames7891: you need to make that partition mounted at /home21:28
TheSheepJames7891: it's something like:   /dev/sda2 /home ext3 defaults 0 021:28
TheSheepput your actual partition instead of /dev/sda2 of course21:29
James7891if i use gnome partition can i change the mount point through that?21:30
TheSheepgnome partition?21:30
TheSheepmaxamillion: long time no see21:30
James7891Partition Editor, in the Add / Remove programs its listed as gnome partition editor21:31
maxamillionTheSheep: so true, how have you bee?21:31
maxamillionTheSheep: i've been idling here for the past month21:31
TheSheepmaxamillion: I must be blind21:31
maxamillionTheSheep: :P21:31
TheSheepJames7891: I guess, I'm not sure what it exactly does21:32
maxamillionTheSheep: i have helped a user or two also :D21:32
TheSheepJames7891: but I think it edits fstab for you21:32
TheSheepmaxamillion: good, good21:32
maxamillionTheSheep: isn't gnome partition editor just gparted?21:33
TheSheepJames7891: before you do that, make sure the permissions and ownership of the new directory are right21:33
TheSheepmaxamillion: yes, but I have only ever used it for resizing a windows partition21:33
maxamillionTheSheep: oh ok ... i'm not extremely well versed with it either, only know a bit about it from using sidux21:34
TheSheepJames7891: to set the right ownership, run 'sudo chown youruser.youruser /media/disk/youruser' from terminal21:36
TheSheepit's 'chown -R youruser.youruser /media/disk/youruser'21:36
TheSheep(-R makes it recursive)21:36
James7891okay, i think i've set the permissions and ive changed the mount point in fstab, do i need to un-mount and re-mount before it will take affect?21:39
TheSheepJames7891: yes, but there is a tricky part21:39
TheSheepJames7891: if you just unmount and re-mount it now, you will have no access to the old contants of /home21:40
TheSheepif it's not much, you can just leave it like that21:40
James7891its currently empty21:40
TheSheepok, so unmount the /media/disk21:41
TheSheepand run 'sudo mount -a'21:41
TheSheepthat should mount your new home21:41
TheSheeprelog after that21:41
James7891okay, thanks21:42
TheSheephe's not coming back21:45
TheSheepI hope everything is alright21:45
nanonymethat's why you'd hope to be geographically near to the people you're helping21:45
nanonymeyou can always pop over if all else fails ^^21:46
maxamillionnanonyme: yeah, not me ... i help enough people without them banging on my front door during the hours i am not online21:46
TheSheepworse if they come with torches and pitchforks21:46
nanonymemeh, i'd expect beer payments from non-female on-site support...21:47
TheSheepI actually do helpdesk for students at my regular work, believe me, people who come to #xubuntu are angels21:48
nanonymethat is, you can usually fix the problems quite fast. with guys it's nice to stay over and drink beer. with women you can just stay and chat your mouth off...21:48
zoredachethe people on #xubuntu have to follow the rules, and generally ask smart questions...  People that pay you, seem to think they don't have to think before asking21:49
maxamillionTheSheep: you do help desk? i thought you did server administration? (or are they the same department at your uni?)21:49
nanonymewhich uni would that be, btw?21:50
TheSheepmaxamillion: we don't have it divided21:50
TheSheepnanonyme: http://amu.edu.pl21:50
TheSheepmaxamillion: so you sit there and try to get cat6500 set up with gvrp, and then some student comes so that you can change her password or help her find Word in the apps menu21:51
nanonymei don't personally do any official tech support21:51
nanonymei've just fooled around with the uni systems long enough to usually be able to help people with problems not requiring administrative accounts or such21:52
maxamillionTheSheep: LOL21:52
maxamillionTheSheep: catalyst6500?21:52
TheSheepmaxamillion: yes21:52
maxamillionjeebus ... nice hardware21:52
TheSheepmaxamillion: we also have two cat400021:53
TheSheepmaxamillion: all for just under 300 computers, madness21:53
TheSheepmaxamillion: gov universities are like that21:53
nanonymeTheSheep, we try to solve most of the problems inside the student communities since at least here dealing with the official uni tech support is usually *pain*21:55
maxamillionTheSheep: uber maddness ... we have 4 cat4500 and 2 cat6500 ... but that's for a uni that handles between 16,000-20,000 users21:56
TheSheepnanonyme: we have our tech support recruited from students21:56
TheSheepnanonyme: I just stayed there after I finished studies21:57
nanonymeTheSheep, ours is somewhat the same21:57
nanonymea very unorganized department where the quality of answers depend entirely on your luck of reaching the right person in the right mood21:58
TheSheepexactly :)21:58
TheSheepbut we enocourage users to use a mailing list -- then the right person answers21:58
nanonymeyeah, often the wrong person answers too... at least here21:59
TheSheepit's a small departament, only 7 admins21:59
nanonymewell, i dunno if that would happen on a public mailing list though. but it might be you mostly get a sarcastic notice from one of the helpdeskers22:00
TheSheepwe have pretty good communication22:00
nanonymei've heard we have like a hundred or so22:00
TheSheepI can see there might be trouble with that22:00
nanonymewe could probably survive with a fraction of that though22:01
TheSheepwe can't afford to lose even one person22:01
nanonymesince we really don't have that many more computer systems than what you said...22:01
TheSheepnanonyme: which uni are you from?22:03
nanonymeHelsinki University of Technology22:03
TheSheepa biggie22:03
nanonymewe're expecting some changes in computing center hierarchy though since we're in the process of merging with two smaller uni's22:04
TheSheepcentralisation is evil in this case22:05
TheSheepno matter what IBM says22:05
nanonymewell, we're focused on engineering, one of the uni's is focused on marketing and another on arts22:06
TheSheepI mean the tech support part22:06
maxamillionTheSheep: i switched back to xfwm4 from openbox last night ... i forgot how much i love the built in compositing :D22:06
maxamillionjust enough eye candy to be appealing yet remain functional22:07
TheSheepmaxamillion: nice thing I recently discovered: awn works with xfwm4 without the need for glx22:07
maxamillionhuh ... that's very interesting22:07
TheSheepit needs compositing, so you have two choices: xfwm4 or compiz22:08
maxamillionTheSheep: do you use it now?22:08
maxamillionxfwm4 > compiz22:08
TheSheepno, it has a small bug that makes it hard to use with my settings22:08
maxamillionah ok22:09
TheSheepbascially, it 'raises' itself whenever you click on it22:09
TheSheepand I have my xfwm4 configured to switch workspaces to the windows that are rised22:09
maxamillionoh ... huh22:09
maxamillionohhhh ok22:09
TheSheepso I can22:09
TheSheepso I can't switch worksaces with awn, because it switches right back22:10
TheSheepit's a bug in awn, but they fixed it in xfwm4 in svn22:10
TheSheepI even compiled it on my desktop, but now I'm on my new lappy22:11
maxamillionmmmm new lappy22:11
TheSheepmaxamillion: it's yellow :)22:11
maxamillionmy new lappy is boring colored ...22:12
maxamillionand it doesn't work without pata_amd module (which for some reason, openSuSE 10.3 is the only binary distro i found with their default kernel having that module included)22:13
maxamilliondebian, ubuntu, arch, and fedora all don't22:13
nam32oh I miss arch:(22:13
TheSheepmaybe it's not free22:13
TheSheeparch is cute22:13
TheSheepvery simple22:14
nam32arch is my distro but xfce is broken for me there:(22:14
TheSheepnam32: compile your own22:14
nam32own what?22:15
TheSheepnam32: xfce22:15
TheSheepnam32: from svn trunk, thre is a new menu system22:15
TheSheepnam32: much saner22:15
maxamillionTheSheep: no, its free ... its in the source tree of a vanilla kernel i downloaded from kernel.org ... just not compiled by default by most distros because apparently there are issues getting the auto-hardware-probe stuff to resolve between it and amd74xx module22:15
nam32I dont think that will fix it, i think the problem is in another package, and the issue started when i reinstalled arch22:16
maxamillionTheSheep: but somehow openSuSE 10.3 figured it out ... so that's what i am currently running on my laptop, but it works so i don't complain22:16
nam32TheSheep: well... i tried xfce4-svn... lots of visual stuff was broken, and theres no graphical editor for the new menu system22:16
TheSheepnam32: use the xml, luke ;)22:17
nam32TheSheep: how can I do that when the new one has replaced it?22:17
TheSheepnam32: it uses different files for config22:17
TheSheepnam32: the ones from the actual freedesktop spec22:18
nam32TheSheep: i dont think thats a big pro to use it when lots of other stuff is broken22:18
TheSheepapparently I had luck when I tried it22:19
TheSheepit was some year ago22:19
TheSheepwell, maybe 4 months22:19
nam32oh okay22:19
TheSheepxfce development has its own tempo22:19
nam32well i guess its in a lot of changes for 4.622:20
TheSheepyeah, the thunar and desktop integration, the new menus22:20
TheSheepand lots of utilities under the hood22:21
nam32i friend of mine misses things liek ldap support etc22:22
maxamillionxfce 4.6 will be a major contender for desktop real estate among *nix users all over the planet22:22
nam32maxamillion: huh?22:22
TheSheepnam32: ldap support? that's pam thing, not a desktop...22:23
maxamillionnam32: well right now majority of users either use gnome or kde ... i think xfce will finally break through as one of the most used desktop environments with the release of 4.622:23
nam32well then its another thing something around network stuff:P22:23
TheSheepnam32: thunar won't do network browsing22:23
nam32maxamillion: well... dont be to optimistic...22:23
TheSheepnam32: at least not until gvfs integration22:24
nam32TheSheep: yeah like that is what my friend misses22:24
TheSheepnam32: you can get some of it with fuse and smbfs22:24
nam32maxamillion: the thing that users want is drag and drop...22:24
maxamillionnam32: i think you will be surprised considering how badly gnome needs a rewrite, kde is currently trying to sort out their rewrite and how xfce4 is starting to come together very well after their rewrite from xfce3 to xfce422:24
nam32TheSheep: well its not enough for mye friend22:25
TheSheepnam32: drag and drop is evil, it's only good for mouse users22:25
maxamillionnam32: if people wanted drag and drop, they would use ROX ...22:25
TheSheepnam32: it already sucks for touchpads and rackballs, and is horruble with tablets22:25
nam32hehe okay...22:25
maxamillionnam32: :P22:26
maxamillionand if you must ... you can drag and drop with xfce22:26
maxamillionyou just aren't forced to22:26
nam32maxamillion: yeah gnome need seriously a rewrite22:26
TheSheepthey will rewrite it in C#22:26
nam32welll.... drag n drop makes stuff so much easier22:26
nam32TheSheep: hope they get rid of python crap split the whole thing up in lesser packages22:27
maxamillionTheSheep: and i will write them the worst flame mail they have ever seen22:27
TheSheepnam32: not really, it's unintuitive, invisible22:27
maxamillionnam32: what python crap?22:27
TheSheepnam32: how often you have those 'how do I install a theme' questions in gnome?22:27
nam32TheSheep: never?22:27
TheSheepnam32: I used to get a lot of them22:28
nam32TheSheep: and your point is?22:28
TheSheepthere would be less if there was an 'install a theme' button22:28
TheSheepyou need to know in advance what you can drag and drop where and what the result will be22:29
TheSheepfor example, dragging files to launchers to run the apps with the files as parameters is werid to me22:30
TheSheepand why can't I drag and drop a firefox tab to the desktop to make a web link?22:31
TheSheepyou always have those incosistences where developers didn't think about something, or when the action is ambiguous22:31
zoredacheTheSheep: you don't get a link when you drag something to the desktop?22:32
TheSheepzoredache: I do in xfce, not in gnome22:32
TheSheepmaybe I have broken something22:33
zoredacheoh, I see.  I thought you where talking about xfce there22:33
nam32but... i think its years until there will be a gnoem rewrite, right now the devs are extending something that sucks enough allready22:33
Dev1hi all22:33
maxamillionDev1: hi22:34
Dev1anyone here any good with video?22:35
Dev1i'm not sure how to accurately set my contrast and brightness, and the #mplayer folks are useless22:35
nam32TheSheep: and you know what? we need e replacement for gnome-networkmanager!22:36
TheSheepnam32: what's wrong with it?22:36
maxamillionDev1: i can't help you there .. i'm a vlc user and it generally "just works"22:36
nam32TheSheep: its "gnome-slow" and drag a lot of gnome deps, i saw in a xfce developer interview that one of the developers want it to22:37
nam32Dev1: what is your issue?22:37
TheSheepnam32: the only dependency I see is the gnome keyring22:38
maxamillionnam32: well, there are so many other pre-installed parts of xubuntu that gnome network manager didn't pull in any more gnome-libs22:38
TheSheepnam32: and what is exactly slow in it? slower network? %)22:39
Dev1i can't seem to get the contrast and brightness right by eyeing it22:39
maxamillionyeah ... i've run it on pretty old machines ... its not really that slow22:39
nam32TheSheep: the app is slow22:39
Dev1and none of the video progs have a histogram22:39
Dev1not even vlc!22:39
TheSheepnam32: what is slow exactly? what do you do with it that slows you down?22:40
nam32TheSheep: its slow, as in gnome22:40
zoredachenam32: how are you measuring this 'slowness', and why do you think something else would be faster?22:41
maxamillionnam32: you should boot the xubuntu liveCD and do a 'dpkg -l' and read through how many gnome-libs are there by default anyways ... the gnome-networkmanager isn't adding any performance hit22:41
nam32maxamillion: yeah i know22:42
TheSheepmaxamillion: it's not even using any gnome libraries except the gnome-keyring22:42
nam32but its inreplacable at the moment22:42
TheSheepmaxamillion: ldd told me22:42
maxamillionTheSheep: oh ... huh, that i didn't know22:42
zoredacheit isn't unreplacable... you can manually configure your network22:42
zoredachepainful, for wireless though... :|22:43
* TheSheep is for a gradual improvement of what there is already and working22:44
nam32zoredache: manually configuring teh network isnt an option22:44
maxamillionnam32: uhmm.. why isn't it?22:45
TheSheepit's lightweight and doesn't require gnome libs ;)22:46
nam32maxamillion: stuff like wpa is a pain22:46
maxamillionnam32: yes, i completely agree... but it can be done22:46
nam32yes but it to mucj hassle22:46
maxamillioni like wifi-radar alot, but you still have to config wpa by hand22:46
nam32therefor i ham addicted to nm on my laptop22:47
zoredacheyou could always start it, let it configure the network and close it or something22:47
maxamilliongotta run22:48
nam32but anyway if it just wasnt for that macintosh comp are so expencive i would sit on mac os x22:49
=== justin__ is now known as aroo
nam32http://www.faqly.com/faq/view/id/34 haha look at gOS's help system:P23:58
nam32you type in an question, and some comes and answer it:P23:59

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