humboltosomebody still awake?00:54
humboltoI have some weird problem with my ltsp server00:55
humboltoI just upgraded from edgy to gutsy and now, when my clients boot, they get stuck after tftp has transfered the kernel image.00:55
humboltothe thing stops for 5 minutes or so and the everything goes on normally.00:56
nixternalRichEd: I need to have some IRC time privately with you and ogra when you both get some time to sit down..concerning Edubuntu chapter of the book..just have a few questions on some things before I rock it out this week04:04
humboltoHey, I got a little problem here with LTSP gutsy/hardy.04:47
humboltoOn some clients the boot process freezes for about 5 minutes right after tftp kernel download is finished.04:48
humboltoI had this working once tonight, but I don't know what killed it again.04:48
humboltoDoes anybody have any idea?04:48
humboltoSome hint?04:49
kgoetzis it a server or client side issue?04:49
humboltowell, I have no idea!04:49
humboltoIt might be a config issue.04:49
humboltoI am wondering if I might have put something wrong in dhcpd.conf.04:50
humboltoI tried so many things, but could not figure out what triggers this.04:51
humboltoSeems like the machines with the boot ROMs have problems, while the one with the bootdisk seems fine.04:52
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RichEdnixternal: sure ... we have the late edubuntu meeting tonight 20h00 UTC so ogra & i should be around when you wake up07:17
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stgraberogra: ping12:01
ograstgraber, pong12:01
stgraberogra: Who can I ping about a QT issue ? (italc of course)12:01
stgraberour remaining bug which causes the demo mode to fail seems to be a QImage bug and not an iTalc one (at least it's upstream's opinion)12:01
ograask riddell12:02
stgraber"[unknown] ASSERT: "i >= 0 && i < height()" in file image/qimage.cpp, line 1712" is the thing12:02
stgraberwith an interesting backtrace ... http://paste.stgraber.org/14112:03
stgraberogra: that looks like an evil bug, even Riddell doesn't know how to fix it (or workaround a QT bug)12:23
stgraberogra: I'll ask #kde-devel12:23
ograand file it upstream probably ?12:23
ogranot all QT devs might be on IRC ;)12:23
stgraberyes, well I need a quick fix for it (or at least a workaround), FF is next week ...12:24
ograhow important would you consider the demo mode ?12:25
ograi mean, could we just drop the UI stuff for it for this release without loosing to much functionallity ?12:26
stgraberI think in order of importance here it's : Overview, Control, Demo, Lock12:26
ogrademo is share teadchers desktop with the students, right ?12:27
stgrabereverything else works fine so I certainly just can disable the demo mode but it's a regression from what we had in tcm12:27
ograhmm and te demo mode was actually the only vnc related thing that worked without probs :/12:27
ogra(in TCM)12:27
stgraberasking in QT devel chan at the moment (as it's not really related to KDE)12:29
stgraberThey don't seem to have an idea of what is this bug (they are thinking of an application bug ...), I'm downloading QT's source code to check what there are at that 1712th line in qimage.cpp12:40
RichEdnblracer: was it you asking about guidance on a roaming network setup yesterday ?12:56
RichEdwell ask again now ... there are people around who could give you some pointers12:57
nblracerim looking though the cook book now12:57
RichEdah ... i'll also send you a mail extract from a teacher in the US who has a mac/edubuntu/win mix & match environment12:58
RichEdwith roaming students12:58
nblracerbut a little heads up im not planning to use edubuntu, on any of the clients or the server12:59
RichEdnp ... just the ideas he uses for profile and office setup13:00
nblracer"In the thin-client configuration...."13:02
nblracerthat not what i want13:02
nblracerekks that is almosty scary, how slow that will be13:02
nblracerI'm looking for a more sync system13:03
nblraceri wish i had what i said yesterday, i worded well13:05
RichEdogra & stgraber : where are the channel logs located ? nblracer wants to peek back into yesterday13:10
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/ - See also « /msg ubotu ircstats »13:10
nblracerbah beet me to it13:10
nblracergoogle knows all13:11
nblracerhey im looking for a guide/turtoral/help on setting up a small network with 5 or so computers, with something simmilar to roming profiles, So any one can login into any of the computers and it would sync up with other computers and/or a server with all there personal data and settings.13:12
markvandenborreanyone with an idea of the performance of rdp from a bunch of pxe edubuntu clients?14:50
markvandenborrethe thin client server is not too powerful, but if I'm not mistaken this one wouldn't be doing a lot of work, right?14:51
markvandenborreplease ask if my question is not clear14:51
yotuxI am coming from ubuntu and I have old user accounts that I still want to use14:57
yotuxI can not log into x it says there an issue with xinit or something anyone offer advice14:57
stgrabermarkvandenborre: by rdp you mean the remote desktop protocol ? (rdp5 and rdesktop as client) ?14:58
stgraberyou can install rdesktop in the chroot and then have it running on the thin client14:58
stgraberor do you also need a gnome session for normal use ?14:59
markvandenborrestgraber: might be the case, yes14:59
stgraberok, so rdesktop itself doesn't eat much CPU15:00
markvandenborreis there some prepackaged rdp client setup?15:00
markvandenborreit's more the network that I'm scared of15:00
stgraberaptitude install rdesktop and then just write a small shell script15:00
stgraberRDP works fine on 56k with the right settings15:00
stgraberso you won't kill your network with it15:01
markvandenborreright... that would be a good solution15:01
markvandenborrebtw: this is not for me, haven't touched windows in years15:01
markvandenborreI'm just selling an old server I had laying around on ebay15:01
markvandenborretogether with some recycled clients15:02
stgrabereven with -x LAN (32bit + background + all the effects) it works fine with ~20 clients on a 100Mb/s link15:02
markvandenborrein the hope that someone might pick it up15:02
markvandenborreand start experimenting15:02
markvandenborrenow someone's interested, and he asks if he can also do rdp15:02
markvandenborreso you've been a great help15:02
yotuxcan anyone offer advise on how to import users from  install into edubuntu15:09
markvandenborreyotux: you had users on an old machine?15:10
markvandenborreand now you want to migrate them to a new one?15:11
yotuxI was running ubuntu 7.10 this morning15:11
yotuxI am now running edubutnu 7.1015:11
yotuxI get xsession errors15:11
markvandenborreon a single desktop?15:11
yotuxI have setup my house with ltsp this morning15:11
yotuxI can't log-in on the server and I can not login on a thin client15:12
yotuxhere is the error message http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54987/15:14
yotuxI'm not new to linux but I am not at the level of debugging :(15:14
yotuxI have emails and other docs that I do not want to loose15:14
yotuxI thought that I could just use my old home partition without any problems I see that I am wrong :(15:15
markvandenborreyotux: sorry, have to go15:19
juliuxogra, ping17:17
juliuxogra, did you heared something from openthinclient.org?17:17
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humboltodoes anybody know what could cause my terminals to stop booting for about 5 minutes right after tftp has finished downloading the boot image? after all the .......18:19
RichEdogra: ^ from above18:59
RichEd<humbolto> does anybody know what could cause my terminals to stop booting for about 5 minutes right after tftp has finished downloading the boot image? after all the .......18:59
RichEdhumbolto: also ask in #ltsp ...18:59
humboltoRichEd: Well, they used to boot with no problems in Ubuntu LTSP Edgy. But now I have this problem. Therefore, this is a regression caused by Ubuntu, so I have to ask here.19:06
humboltoRichEd: My guess is, that maybe the boot ROM I was using with Edgy LTSP might not be 100% compatible with the boot image format in Gutsy. What do you guys think?19:07
RichEdhumbolto: sure ... happy with that logic ... s'just that our LTSP is the latest version from the core ltsp team who hang out in #ltsp19:07
RichEdogra could help you here, but he is probably taking a break before our late night meeting19:07
RichEdbut jammcq or sbalneaves or vagrant may be in #ltsp on US time and more alert there19:08
ogra_cmpchumbolto: thats an upgraded system ? or a fresh install ?19:08
* RichEd realises he used ogra's usual nick and not his current one ... 19:08
humboltoogra_cmpc: Upgrade, while the ltsp-client environment was built from scratch.19:08
ogra_cmpcso you went edgy->feisty->gutsy as noted in the upgrade notes ?19:09
humboltoogra_cmpc: Everything else seems quite fine. And the systems that boot from a floppy do not show this delay.19:10
humboltoogra_cmpc: edgy -> feisty -> gutsy yes.19:10
ogra_cmpcwhat kind of image is that ? rom-o-matic or something special ?19:10
humboltoogra_cmpc: tried a gutsy and a hardy client environment, both showed the same result19:10
ogra_cmpcif you use rom-o-matic ones i'd suggest using the pxe emulation mode they include19:11
humboltoogra_cmpc: Which means the boot from the ROM a PXE loader?19:12
ogra_cmpcright, the etherboot rom behaves like a pxe client19:12
humboltoso that would be the .zpxe image then?19:13
ogra_cmpcthere is a checkbox for pxe emu in the rom-o-matic settings no idea if that has a special extension in the end19:13
humboltook. I got this on #ltsp: i think it switched from using mkelf-linux to mkelfimage for the network bootable images19:14
humboltoand that: well, ltsp5 hasn't ever used mknbi, so i don't think that's your problem. but the switch from mkelf-linux to mkelfimage *might* be your problem. i don't know when that happened in ubuntu19:14
humboltoany comments?19:14
humboltoI regularly search the web for documents on the current LTSP design in Ubuntu. I never found anything explaining the latest architectural decisions.19:17
humboltoIs there a wiki page somewhere?19:17
humboltoThere must be some document, some place you use to coordinate yourself.19:17
ogra_cmpcthe best doc source on ltsp5 is teh edubuntu handbook atm installed on everz edubuntu system19:21
humboltoogra_cmpc: Saw the online version. Addresses Users but does not help much when troubleshooting a layer deeper. Things like nbd-server are not even mentioned there.19:25
ogra_cmpchmm i thought there is a whole section ...19:26
ogra_cmpcthe online version was onlz recentlz brought up to date19:26
humboltoogra_cmpc: OK, I'll check the offline version.19:29
lagaogra_cmpc: saw the mythbuntu plugin? ;)19:30
ogra_cmpclaga: yes, there were some changes i wanted to suggest but i have no working browser around atm19:31
ogra_cmpc(very limited env here atm)19:31
lagaogra_cmpc: any suggestions are appreciated, thanks19:31
ogra_cmpclaga: i'll make some comments on the bug tomorrow19:31
lagaogra_cmpc: take your time. i won't have time to make any changes till the end of the month unfortunately19:32
ogra_cmpcok, but note that feature freeze is on valentine ... and ltsp is in main19:32
lagaogra_cmpc: hum. i've already got my mythbuntu-diskless package again so i could just slip my files in via an update. i'll try to make those changes you suggested before valentine's, though19:33
RichEd=== edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting = 8 mins19:52
humboltoRichEd: Will the chat protocol of this meeting be available somewhere?19:56
RichEdhumbolto: "chat protocol" ... you mean like rules about how we discuss things ?19:56
humboltoRichEd: no, log.19:57
ogra_cmpchumbolto: all ubuntu channels are logged on irclogs.ubuntu.com but feel free to attend its an open meeting :)19:57
humboltoogra_cmpc: Great.19:57
ogra_cmpcjuliux: nobody contacted me from there afair19:59
juliuxogra_cmpc, i read that they use ubuntu so i think there was some communication19:59
ogra_cmpcgreat they use ubuntu though :)19:59
Pascal_1i've got already a samba server and a ldap server, then my windows client can connect on the pdc with an ldap autentication.20:15
Pascal_1My question is : is it possible to make it works same way for thin client with edubuntu ?20:15
Pascal_1i mean when thin client connect on edubuntu server, is it possible that the authentication based on samba ??20:15
RichEdPascal_1: we're mostly in the meeting now20:17
RichEdwait for ogra / ogra_cmpc later ... around 2 hours20:17
Pascal_1what do you mean ? my english is not really good      :-'20:17
RichEdPascal_1: = edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting <- we are all in there20:18
stgraberPascal_1: you can use LDAP login on your edubuntu server20:19
Pascal_1but this is not the place for that kind of question no ??20:19
stgraberPascal_1: you can read abut it in Ubuntu's wiki (I can give you an URL after the meeting) or maybe even in ubuntu-fr's wiki20:19
Pascal_1stgraber: i would like to make it works as  with my windows client20:19
Pascal_1yes if you can url interst me20:21
stgraberPascal_1: http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/ldap_client20:23
Pascal_1thanks a lot stgraber20:24
Pascal_1RichEd:  as i dont want disturb meeting on the other channel what do you mean with : f.y.i. meeting format is 1st session : tech (mostly related to development)20:26
RichEdwe discuss issues related to development and the next release20:27
johnnyhe's saying answers are going to be slower in here during the meeting i think20:27
RichEdso programming work / progress / issues & artwork & CD structure etc.20:27
RichEdso as johnny comments, the tech people will be busy focussing on that discussion more than on questions here20:28
RichEd( for a while - like 1- 2 hours )20:28
RichEdhey pygi ... we're in da meetin20:28
pygihello RichEd20:29
Pascal_1RichEd: i understood that it's for that reason i didnt say anything on this chan ;-)20:30
Pascal_1stgraber: i found that also : http://www.gesnel.fr/ubuntu/2007/05/30/integration-de-clients-ubuntu-dans-un-reseau-avec-ldap/20:30
stgraberPascal_1: ok, this one is a bit more complete as it also describes the way you can have network drives auto-mounted using libpam-mount20:31
Pascal_1yes !!!   great !!!20:32
Pascal_1thanks again all for your help bye20:34
johnnynixternal, where are you?20:35
nixternalChicago, but I am probably moving back to MD in the next few months20:35
nixternalI have a house in southern MD20:35
johnnywhere in southern md?20:35
nixternalLexington Park area20:36
nixternaldown by the base20:36
nixternalI was stationed at Patuxent River for a couple of years...my x-wife and daughter live there still20:36
johnnylexington park is a city?20:37
nixternalheh, barely, but ya20:37
nixternalLexington Park, Ridge, California, Hollywood, Leonardtown...all in St. Mary's County20:38
johnnytoo far :(20:38
nixternalyou up by bmore?20:38
johnnyin bmore20:38
johnnyas of june20:38
nixternalcool...my cousin just moved back there as well...I am probably going to actually move somewhere around DC unless I take a job on the base down by my x and daughter20:40
highvoltageogra_cmpc: which challenge?21:03
ogra_cmpctwo meetings in one room at the same time :)21:05
juliuxi have something from the marketing front;) 300 edubuntu coffee mugs are ordered21:05
juliuxand i am still waiting to get edubuntu flyers from RichEd21:05
highvoltagejuliux: \o/21:05
RichEdjuliux: let's just make sure that nixternal covered what he needed ... rich ?21:06
highvoltageRichEd: btw, been meaning to ask you, are you part of our loco-tem yet?21:06
johnnyogra so what's the current status of ltsp in hardy?21:06
johnnyvagrantc fixed autologin and added an optional guest login option to go along with it21:06
ogra_cmpcdidnt change much ... apart from my local install21:06
johnnywhich is pretty cool..21:06
RichEdhighvoltage: i been avoiding getting sucked in locally :) so not yet no21:07
ogra_cmpci'll pull the most recent upstream code next week, that has vagrants fixes21:07
ogra_cmpcwell, actually francis' fixes21:07
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highvoltageRichEd: ok, prepared to be sucked it soon :)21:07
highvoltageman I need sleep21:07
highvoltageyes, that too :)21:07
RichEd=== sorry quick comment regarding the naming discussion ===21:08
ogra_cmpcjohnny: as i said in the tech section before i'm mainly focused to get consolekit working, else we can dump ltsp21:08
RichEdthere is no intention for unilateral action about dropping the name edubuntu ...21:08
johnnyi wasn't in there at that point21:08
RichEdwe'll keep chatting about it, and will schedule a session for UDS to discuss the new add-on structure and any implications21:08
johnnyguess i'l have to go read logs at some point21:09
RichEdpart of the reason for adding "ubuntu education edition" into the name is that there are hundreds of computer manufacturers or system builders who are all wanting to pre-install unbuntu21:10
highvoltageubuntu- that sounds like a cool name actually.21:10
highvoltage(unbuntu, even)21:10
RichEdnot all of them - especially the foreign language companies - make it all the way in their "research" to get to edubujtu and understand it21:11
RichEdi.e. what it offers them and their clients21:11
RichEdbut if we introduce the concept of "do you want an education edition of Ubuntu" then it is very simple and clear to them21:11
RichEdand some will chose to pre-install the whole edubuntu bundle21:12
RichEdand some will select some components from the bundle, and go with that21:12
johnnythere's only two mentions of consolekit in the log21:13
highvoltagegoodnight guys21:13
RichEdhighvoltage: that post is pure coincidence and absolute synergy .. he gives the same motivation and benefits21:13
ogra_cmpcjohnny: there is nothing uploaded21:14
RichEdhighvoltage: before you go ...21:14
highvoltageRichEd: heh, I wondered what you would say about that. have you read the comments?21:14
ogra_cmpcjohnny: oh, you mean the irc log21:14
RichEd* Community Council Applicants * anyone21:14
highvoltageoh yes21:14
juliuxand something real cool, linux4afrika is an offical decade projekt from the UN, more informations on www.dekaden.org i will try to get something in english21:14
RichEdhighvoltage: not yet21:14
ogra_cmpcEdubuntu Council rather21:14
RichEdogra_cmpc: apologies ... brain running down21:15
ogra_cmpcjuliux: oh, did they recieve that status recently?21:15
juliuxogra_cmpc, yes i get an e-mail from hans-peter-merkel21:15
juliuxogra_cmpc, i can forward that to you21:15
juliuxhe is atm in tansania21:15
ogra_cmpcyes, please21:15
juliuxogra_cmpc, done21:16
ogra_cmpcso is there nobody for council stuff here ?21:16
juliuxubuntu-de will also support linux4afrika at chemnitz linux-tage, cebit and linuxtag in berlin;)21:16
ogra_cmpci'll likely be in berlin again21:16
highvoltageogra_cmpc: doesn't seem so. I meant to invite two people who had pending member requests to this meeting21:17
ogra_cmpcnot sure i'll make cebit (could couple that with a visit of my parents though)21:17
highvoltageogra_cmpc: but time caught me, we'll have to give them a chance at the next ecm21:17
juliuxogra_cmpc, more then one day?21:17
ogra_cmpcberlin ?21:17
ogra_cmpcnot sure yet21:17
juliuxRichEd, what we have to do that ogra_cmpc gets the order to attend more then one day on linux tag in berlin?21:18
ogra_cmpci have a friend who has a spare flat for me, i'll probably stay longer, but i'll decide that spontaneous21:18
ogra_cmpcjuliux: ask my line manager :)21:19
juliuxogra_cmpc, mail address?21:19
* juliux will send an ubuntu coffee mug and everything will be fine;)21:19
RichEdjuliux: send me an email request, giving details about "how oliver's presence will have a huge impact and benefits" ... and i'll pass it along21:19
juliuxRichEd, ok21:19
ogra_cmpci applied for official attendance internally, but there were no final decisions yet21:20
RichEdjuliux: an ubuntu coffee mug or an edubuntu coffee mug ? ;)21:20
ogra_cmpcan external request might raise my chances21:20
juliuxRichEd, depends who makes the decision;)21:20
highvoltagelast call for any EC issues?21:20
highvoltagesounds like a no. permission to go to bed? :)21:21
* ogra_cmpc wonders if jono planned another ubuntu grill session this year21:21
juliuxok i will write an request for ogra doko dholbach mvo pitti asac mcslow ;)21:22
ogra_cmpcgoing once ...21:22
juliuxso i can make copy and paste;)21:22
ogra_cmpcgoing twice ...21:22
ogra_cmpcmeeting adjourned21:22
juliuxogra, that is not jono part21:22
* RichEd bangs the gong21:22
RichEdthanks guys ... i'm done for the night21:22
ogra_cmpcjuliux: nowadays it is :)21:22
highvoltagegoodnight guys21:22
juliuxogra_cmpc, i was asked to organise an ubuntu lovedy21:22
ogra_cmpcoh, cool21:22
juliuxtetet says he will talk with the london office about that21:23
ogra_cmpche has my full support :)21:23
juliuxbecause if i ask around for speakers nobody comes :(21:23
juliuxsee last ubucon;)21:23
juliuxnow everybody  we have silence21:26
nixternalRichEd or ogra_cmpc: Is Edubuntu still going to be provided via ShipIt?21:42
RichEdnixternal: my assumption is that canonical / shipit will provide the Edubuntu Add-On CD yes21:44
nixternalgroovy, thanks21:44
RichEdi.e. we've got existing approval for 1CD which at the moment is Edubuntu21:44
RichEdso it is reassigned to the Add-On21:45
nixternalOK, I am looking at the CD images now21:46
stgraberRichEd: would be good to have an easy way to order both Ubuntu+Edubuntu at the same time21:46
ogra_cmpcwe also talked about two sleeve cd covers21:46
nixternalit lists "Classroom server CD" and "Classroom server add-on CD"21:46
ogra_cmpcthese are not relevant anymore21:46
nixternalwhat is the difference if Edubuntu is now an add-on?21:46
ogra_cmpcthet wont be built anymore soon21:46
ogra_cmpconly the addon will be there for alpha521:47
nixternalwhere can I get the add-on for Ubuntu so I can install it and play around with it?21:47
nixternalget some screenshots and what not21:47
RichEdstgraber: that is really a matter of adding a process saying order ubuntu here & edubuntu add on here21:47
RichEdsome people will need only the add-on if they picked up an ubuntu cd somewhere else, and then only if they have a bad internet connection21:47
ogra_cmpcRichEd: well, there was no final word from silbs about teh two cd shipping yet21:48
stgraberRichEd: yes and that's something we'll need because receive only an edubuntu CD will be useless21:48
stgraber(in most case)21:48
RichEdogra: so as i said ... we add a process ... person X ordering an Ubuntu CD from ubuntu.shipitcom will get it for free21:48
ogra_cmpcthe idea was to have ubuntu shipped alongside in a two cd sleeve21:48
RichEdthe same person X ordering an Edbuntu CD from edubuntu.shipitcom will get it for free21:48
nixternalogra_cmpc: is "Classroom server add-on CD" the image I want to install on top of Ubuntu desktop?21:49
ogra_cmpcbut as i said i didnt hear any final word about that21:49
ogra_cmpcnixternal: yes, but the seed changes are not done yet etc21:49
ogra_cmpci'm not sure what you get atm with it21:49
RichEdogra: that set will certainly be a need ... for handing out at education events / promotions .. OEM meetings etc.21:49
RichEdgovernment projects and the like21:49
nixternalhrmm, any idea when the seed changes may occur?21:49
ogra_cmpcnixternal: before FF21:50
ogra_cmpcbut then its still not tested etc21:50
RichEdit's really down to a matter of making sure that people order and get what they need ... and not wanton shipping of extraneos CDs21:50
ogra_cmpcthe complete setup (seeds cd building etc) is undergoing a change atm21:50
nixternalRichEd: how many people were asked about doing the chapter and said no before I gullably said "yes"? :p21:50
nixternalLet me see if I have this right, to be included in the chapter, not in these words though:21:52
RichEdnixternal: you were my first suggestion ... honest21:52
nixternal"The Ubuntu Education Edition can be brought into your system in 3 different ways: 1) You can install the 'edubuntu-desktop' package, 2) You can download and burn an image to disk, or 3) You can order a set of CDs via ShipIt"21:53
RichEdnot sure of what came before i was asked though21:53
nixternalI just want to make sure this chapter rocks and nothing is left undone or incorrect21:53
RichEdnixternal: for the interim from now until 8.10 ... you can't refer to Ubuntu Education Edition in isolation21:54
RichEdit is: Edubuntu - Ubuntu Education Edition21:54
RichEddon't oversell or overblow the componentisation ... some of that needs to be worked out and neatened21:55
RichEdwhat you really need to get across is the move:21:55
RichEdfrom: you get an eduntu CD and you install edubuntu21:55
RichEdto: you start with an Ubuntu installation, and by using Edubuntu Add OnCD, you add the Ubuntu Education Bundle to get you to an Edubuntu desktop21:56
RichEdthe wallpaper will remain edubuntu21:56
RichEdditto the look & feel & menu & icons21:56
RichEd^ so that is the ground shift ^21:57
nixternalrock on21:57
RichEdthe funky options will come with the 8.10 build up21:57
RichEdwe do not want to cause confusion21:57
RichEdor oversell21:57
RichEdwe're making a leap now ...21:57
RichEdand then we'll polish the whole environment in the next round21:58
* RichEd heads off to bed21:58
RichEdnixternal: feel free to mail any copy to me to make sure it is "accurate" and clear21:58
RichEdcc ogra21:59
nixternaloh, I will be :)21:59
* RichEd modifies his spam filter21:59
RichEdand turns off his monitor21:59
nixternalg'nite RichEd22:02
yotuxhow can I import user from ubuntu to edubuntu23:59

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