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barryi'll be right with you guys.  my machine is acting stupid15:00
MootBotMeeting started at 15:01. The chair is barry.15:01
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barryhello and welcome everyone to the ameu launchpad reviewers meeting15:02
barrywho's here today?15:02
BjornTme (at least partly)15:02
bigjoolswhich part? :)15:03
barryflacoste, schwuk ping?15:04
barry[TOPIC] agenda15:04
MootBotNew Topic:  agenda15:04
barry * Roll call15:04
barry * Next meeting15:04
barry * Action items15:04
barry * Queue status15:04
barry * Mentoring update15:04
barry   * jtv graduates15:04
barry   * schwuk to be mentored by sinzui15:04
barry * Review process15:04
barry   * Tool update15:04
barry   * Release-critical review (flacoste)15:04
barry[TOPIC] next meeting15:04
MootBotNew Topic:  next meeting15:04
barrysame time, week += 1?15:04
barryanybody know they can't make it?15:05
bigjoolsI will be on leave15:05
barryactually, it's possible i might be late.  i have a meeting at my son's school an hour before that15:05
barrybigjools: cool15:05
barryi might ask someone else to chair it just in case the meeting goes long15:05
schwukI'll be in leave as well15:05
barryschwuk: cool15:06
barry[TOPIC] action items15:06
MootBotNew Topic:  action items15:06
barry * intellectronica to put cover letter draft on wiki15:06
intellectronicadidn't, i suck15:07
barrywe'll just carry it over then15:07
barry * (continued) gmb to work on the review web site15:07
barrythis topic came up on the asiapac meeting15:07
barrythumper has thoughts about using launchpad to help kill off PR and not spending a lot of extra time on a separate project15:08
barrythumper is going to write his thoughts up on the wiki15:08
gmbWell I haven't had a lot of time to spend, so that's fine with me ;)15:08
barrygmb: have you gotten a chance to look at review-board?15:08
gmbbarry: No, as I'm sprinting this week without a hotel internet connection :(. But I will as soon as I get chance.15:09
barryi wonder if we could do something quick and dirty, like bring that up on devpad while we wait for uber-reviews on lp15:09
barryi read the article but haven't had time to grab the code and fire it up15:09
gmbI wonder how easy it would be to get lp-review working with it...15:10
barrydoes anybody else have thoughts on using review-board in the short term?15:10
barrygmb: that, and bzr15:10
statikthe tricky thing with review-board is getting it to accept our diffs15:10
statikI never finished adding bzr support to review-board15:10
statikdue to lack of time15:10
barrystatik: did it seem like a lot of work?15:11
statikit shouldn't be that hard, but it's more time than I have right now15:11
statikthe devs would be happy to get a patch for that15:11
BjornTis review-board web-only, or can you access it via a command line tool, or e-mail?15:11
statikno email (well, notifications I think)15:11
statikweb and rest api15:11
statikbut the review itself is done by clicking in ajaxy things in the web ui15:12
BjornTthen it gets a big -1 from me. i don't want to use a browser to do reviews15:12
flacostesame here15:13
flacostereview-board doesn't solve the PendingReviews problem at all15:13
* sinzui likes his tools15:13
barryok, then let's not waste any more time on it15:13
barrythanks for the feedback!15:13
barry * (continued) sinzui to look into running `make lint` and output PR stanza by default in `review-submit`15:13
sinzuibarry: I have not...I completely forgot.15:14
* sinzui sets a todo15:14
barrysinzui: np, thanks15:14
barry[TOPIC] queue status15:14
MootBotNew Topic:  queue status15:14
barryi know we had a ton of branches while the sprints were happening last week.  thanks everyone for working hard to clear the backlog!15:14
barrythere's still a lot of pink in pending-reviews, but i think we'll catch up15:15
barryanybody have any comments on the queue?15:15
barryhow have on-calls gone this week?  any comments on that?15:16
bacyesterday was fine.  didn't have much on-call traffic so i caught up on PR reviews15:16
jtvFor which we thank bac15:16
bigjoolsI think a couple of sprints have reduced on-call significantly15:16
barryindeed, thanks bac!15:17
bigjoolswe should consider having backup reviewers on-call15:17
gmbIt wouldn't have been so bad, but most of the remaining reviewers were mentees :/15:17
bigjoolsI dread putting something on PR and wondering when it will get reviewed!15:18
barrybigjools: PR needn't be post-and-forget.  even if you have a branch on PR, you can still ping an on-caller if they're available, or your reviewer if need be15:19
barrybut yeah, if we have more branches than cycles to review them, we need more reviewers or fewer branches15:20
bigjoolsbarry: I can but with timezone issues plus a lack of on-call reviewer it makes it harder15:20
barrybigjools: yep15:20
jtvCould we also ping the on-call and say "have a branch for me?"15:20
barryjtv: you mean if you have spare cycles to review stuff?15:21
jtvbarry: right15:21
barryjtv: you have spare cycles?! :)15:21
bacjtv: grand idea15:21
jtvbarry: no, but I do get pangs of guilt sometimes15:21
* bigjools has an 800-line soyuz branch waiting for someone just like jtv :)15:22
barryjtv: ah yes, guilt can overcome oppressively stressful overworking sometimes :)15:22
jtvbigjools: jtv is currently reviewing a 2000-line one15:23
* bac remembers when 2000+ was the norm... :(15:23
barrymoving on?15:23
barry[TOPIC] mentor updates15:24
MootBotNew Topic:  mentor updates15:24
barryfirst off: congratulations jtv on graduating15:24
* jtv bows15:24
barrygive all your 2000+ branches to him :)15:24
* jtv runs15:24
barryalso, welcome schwuk who is joining the team, mentored by sinzui15:25
barrythanks sinzui for volunteering to mentor schwuk15:25
* bigjools high-fives schwuk15:25
* schwuk starts to wonder what he's let himself in for15:25
barrywhere "volunteering" means "allowing himself to be volunteered by barry" :)15:25
barry[TOPIC] review process15:26
MootBotNew Topic:  review process15:26
barry   * Tool update15:26
barryjtv: weren't you having some trouble with lpreviews?  did that get cleared up?15:26
jtvbarry: it did, thanks.15:27
barryjtv: great!15:27
jtvbarry: provider may have been guilty.15:27
barryjtv: you mean your isp?15:27
jtvbarry: yes.15:28
barryjtv: glad it's working now.15:28
barryanybody have anything else to discuss on the tool?15:28
barry   * Release-critical review (flacoste)15:29
barryflacoste: the floor is yours15:29
flacosteok, this is about clarifying the process around release-critical reviews15:29
flacostethe process should be this:15:29
flacoste1- when submitting a RC branch for review, make sure that the reviewer is aware that this is a RC branch15:30
flacoste2- if you cannot complete the RC review, make sure that there is someone assigned to complete the review before you leave15:30
flacostethis means talking to another available reviewer that will do the job once you leave15:30
flacostewe probably need to make the whole team aware of (1)15:31
flacosteany comments?15:31
bigjoolssounds good to me15:32
barry+1.  flacoste, can you capture this on a wiki page?15:32
flacostebarry: i can send an email to the list about this, and I'll let you find a proper place to put that on the wiki15:33
flacostehow does that sound?15:33
barryflacoste: +115:33
barry[ACTION] flacoste to email RC review policy to list15:33
MootBotACTION received:  flacoste to email RC review policy to list15:33
barry[ACTION] barry to capture RC review policy in a wiki page15:33
MootBotACTION received:  barry to capture RC review policy in a wiki page15:33
barryflacoste: done?15:34
barryflacoste: thanks15:34
barrythat's it for the agenda.  we have 10 minute left if anybody has anything else15:34
barryotherwise we can end early!15:35
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:36.15:36
barrythanks everyone!15:36
bigjoolscheers barry15:36
jtvthanks barry15:36

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