ReBooT_BRalguem brasileiro ou alguem que fale portugu├ęs ?00:33
ubotuNew bug: #189450 in launchpad-answers "Allow to delete a mirrored branch." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18945001:16
pooliethumper, jml, hi?05:13
poolieis it possible to delete a branch through the web ui?05:13
poolieoh, i was confused because staging logs me out when it resets05:14
pooliei'll fix that...05:14
jmlpoolie: there are still some kinks, but I believe that you can05:14
jml(or at least, I know that abentley is working on something related to branch deletion)05:14
pooliei think this is it: if the branch has attachments you can't delete it05:16
pooliewhich is, probably ok05:16
pooliebut you can't even think about deleting it, which is problematic :)05:16
poolieie the menu item is not there05:16
spivIt would be nice if the menu item were there, and lead you to a page saying "you can't delete this branch because..."05:19
pooliei think so05:19
jameshat a minimum, show the menu item in disabled state05:20
jameshto show "you have permission to delete the branch, but need to do something else first"05:21
poolieis there a "disabled state" in the launchpad ui standard?05:25
pooliebut i think that would not be a good choice here because it's not obvious what you have to do to enable it05:25
jameshwe use it for the tabs across the top.  Don't know about the menus down the side05:25
poolieoh right05:25
poolieit's bug 13398805:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 133988 in launchpad-bazaar "Explain why a branch can't be deleted" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13398805:31
thumperpoolie: this is the exact thing that abentley is looking at06:10
jmlthumper: how was the beach?06:16
thumperjml: very nice, but I didn't put enough sunscreen on Caitlin and she has a strip of red across her back :-(06:17
jmlthumper: get a new ozone layer06:19
poolieabentley, thumper, yay!06:35
pooliestub, hi?06:41
ubotuNew bug: #189489 in launchpad "In-code doctests require # ELLIPSIS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18948906:50
stubpoolie: hi07:21
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oojahIs there any support in launchpad for importing data from other bugtrackers? Say I had a project with a reasonably large "Request Tracker" database, how likely is it that we'd be able to work out a migration?08:35
mwhudsonfairly likely08:41
mwhudsonbut it's done case-by-case08:41
mwhudson(i think)08:41
oojahSure thing, that's what I'd expect.08:41
mwhudsonask a question on the 'launchpad' project i guess08:42
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oojahIt's no sure thing at the moment - I'm just trying to offer it as a possibilty to a project and without help importing data it'd definitely be a no-no :)08:44
thisfred_carlos, thanks for your answer yesterday, I suddenly had to run for a train ;)09:08
carlosthisfred_: np09:08
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brutopiahow can I get my account completely removed?09:42
brutopiadeactivating leaves it accessible09:42
jtvbrutopia: if it's deactivated, it's not really an "account" anymore.  More a record of the fact that your name is mentioned.09:43
brutopiahow can I then remove the record09:44
brutopiathat bastard gets indexed in google with my real name even if I changed the name months ago09:44
No`hi all10:08
No`pontentially stupid question of the day: is there any significant difference between "regular" launchpad and "egde"?10:09
jelmeredge runs a slightly newer version of the launchpad software10:10
No`jelmer: yeah, I know10:10
No`jelmer: but what are the main difference?10:10
No`is there a "CHANGELOG" available?10:11
No`or... said otherwise: "why should I switch to edge rather than the classic version?" ;)10:12
mrevellNo`: Hmm, there isn't a changelog as such10:12
mrevellNo`: I'm not sure how much you know about the LP release process, so I'll give you a quick intro :)10:12
No`might help, yes10:13
mrevellWe release a new version of Launchpad once a month. Leading up to that release, naturally the team commits code throughout the month.10:13
mrevellNon-database affecting changes are available the next day on Edge, thanks to Bazaar allowing us to automatically push it out once a day10:14
mrevellActually, this page might help: https://help.launchpad.net/BetaTesting10:14
mrevellSo, anyway, those commits aren't shown in a publically available changelog until the release, at which point I publish the release notes.10:15
No`ok, got it now. So there is no major difference between edge and normal launchpad, except on the foreground. The data is affected the same way?10:16
mrevellNo`: Yeah10:18
brutopiahow to remove launchpad account completely?10:18
brutopiais there anyone here with admin rights?10:19
ubotuNew bug: #189522 in malone ""I don't know" refused when reporting a bug" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18952210:25
mrevellbrutopia: Hi10:30
mrevellbrutopia: You can remove your Launchpad account by following this guide:10:31
mrevellbrutopia: https://help.launchpad.net/DeactivatingYourAccount10:31
mrevellDo you mind me asking why you want to deactivate your account?10:31
mrevellbrutopia: If that isn't quite what you want, then you'd need to file an admin request at: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion10:35
brutopiaI already deactivated multiple times and account page can still be accessed10:53
* Hobbsee waves11:41
FujitsuMorning, Hobbsee.11:41
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synickiko: you there?14:33
kikosynic, always14:36
kikowhat's up?14:36
synicactually, nevermind :)  I was going to ask you if you'd delete a branch for me, but I found that I could rename it, which is more what I wanted anyway.14:37
synicit became corrupted somehow14:37
kikoyou can delete it yourself, though14:38
synicI unlinked the bugs related to it, but the delete link never showed up14:39
synicno blueprints were related either14:39
kikosynic, and subscribers?14:39
synicthere were those, but I wasn't sure how to remove them14:39
kikosynic, yeah, you need to ask them to unsub currently. I know that abentley is working on this, though.14:42
synicah, yeah, that would have been a problem.  The developer that pushed the broken branch has disappeared; he might be off at school or something.  Thanks though :)14:43
synic(and that same dev was subscribed)14:43
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linux__alienI ve created a key and uploaded the key to the server and i ve got an email from launchpad too and ve installed FireGPG to decrypt it so selected the big chunk of text and tried decrypting it but it says its not a valid key 15:48
linux__alienhow do i proceed from here 15:48
linux__aliencan some one here help me please15:48
linux__alieni want to become a Ubuntero :)15:48
oojahlinux__alien: I'm sure someone can (not me, alas), but not everyone is paying continuous attention to the irc channel. Give them a little bit and I'm sure you'll get an answer :)15:49
kikoI'm paying attention15:50
kikobut I think linux__alien is doing something wrong on his end.15:50
kikohow about using gpg directly?15:50
pygihello folks15:52
pygiI have some problems when doing bzr push15:52
pygiUnable to obtain lock lp--1221404884:///lock15:52
pygiany ideas? ^_^15:53
linux__alienkiko, ok got it now i decrypted it and it gave me a link and it said the key has been validated but still my status as ubuntero is no 15:53
linux__alienwhat else should i do 15:53
pochulinux__alien: sign the Code Of Conduct15:53
pygianyone has any ideas? ^_^15:56
linux__alienpochu, i did that too i signed it 15:56
linux__alienand pasted it too and clicked continue 15:57
linux__alienand now it shows me a page showing Active Signatures 15:57
linux__alienand it shows me what i ve pasted against a check box 15:57
kikopygi, that's not the full message.15:57
kikolinux__alien, so you're an ubuntero now.15:57
linux__alienit says if you change your mind you can deactivate your signature 15:58
pygikiko, thats true :)15:58
linux__alienkiko, is that all ? Great so should i save some of these things?15:58
kikolinux__alien, save what? :)15:58
pygikiko, this is: http://pastebin.com/m8e97a1c15:58
linux__alienkiko, i ve saved the key after i used the FireGPG15:59
kikopygi, bzr break-lock.15:59
linux__alienanything else should i save?15:59
pygikiko, tried that, it breaks the lock, but when I try to push, it happens again16:03
kikopygi, do it until it reports no locks left16:03
kikolinux__alien, nothing.16:03
pygikiko, thanks16:07
kikopygi, IIRC there can be two locks -- a repo lock and a tree lock. IIRC.16:10
smgood morning17:44
smI believe rosetta strips out #. Default lines from po files, is that right ?17:44
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kikosm, hmmm, not 100% sure17:53
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smI believe so.. and I think my project or some tool needs them.. but I forget why17:53
* sm needs to find out what they are for17:54
smdoes anyone have a documented process for maintaining project translations from both launchpad and source-code contributions ?17:55
smmine is so-so17:56
smextracted comments from programmer to translator, I see17:58
carlossm: you can maintain translations in Launchpad directly, could you give more details of your needs?18:03
smmy project accepts translations both via launchpad and via darcs patches to the source18:04
smthis is tricky18:05
carlossm: well, we are able to lock languages so no one could translate for them if you manage them in darcs18:05
carloswhile the others using Launchpad could keep using Launchpad18:06
carlosif you want to use darcs and Launchpad for the same language... that's not a good idea18:06
carlosunless is the same user so there are no conflicts18:06
smI see, but I want to allow any translator to use either tool at any time18:07
carlossm: the problem there is that if user 'A' does a translation in Launchpad and user 'B' updates it too, you have a conflict18:08
carlosin Launchpad we know about it and we have some locking features to prevent data lose in those cases18:08
smyes, and dealing with this is tricky and time-consuming18:08
carlosbut darcs doesn't know how to handle it18:09
carlossm: do you mean is tricky and time-consuming our handling of duplicates? or in general that kind of conflicts?18:09
smhttp://paste.lisp.org/display/55481 is my current procedure for keeping lp and darcs in agreement, which is time consuming18:11
smmakes sense ?18:13
smmake mergelp uses msgmerge18:13
carlossm: does launchpad strip out #. comments?18:14
smI believe some, but not all18:14
carlossm: please, file a bug, we should not lose data at all18:14
smwill do18:14
carlossm: if possible, give us how to reproduce it so we can debug it better18:14
carlossm: thanks18:14
carlossm: about "apply any new translation patches"18:14
carlosis that people sending patches directly to darcs ?18:15
smI have a few developers who prefer that18:15
carlosso you are the only one able to do such commits?18:15
smcurrently that's true, though about to change18:15
carlossm: our advise is18:15
carlosuse Launchpad as the way to 'submit' translations to your project18:16
carlossm: you provide .pot file template updates18:16
carlosand people will use Launchpad or download/upload feature if they don't want to use the web interface18:16
carlosso you get translations from Launchpad from time to time and update your source tree18:17
smI see.. so they can still use their tools that way18:17
carlosyou save the translations merging in your tree18:17
carlosbecause we do it automatically every time you upload an updated .pot file18:17
smyou are right, this is much better18:17
carlosand also, the merge with .pot file is not needed either18:18
smpossibly the web interface was the only option when I started this..18:18
carlosbecause we do it too18:18
carlossm: hmm, not really, upload/download has been there since first day, although maybe we did some improvements that makes it easier18:18
carlossm: also, we are open to any suggestion to improve your workflow18:19
smok, maybe I just misjudged then. We had an existing darcs translation process that was working well when lp arrived. I thought I had to keep that going for some other reason too.. hmm18:20
smI think your suggestion is the way to go, I will simplify18:21
smthanks, carlos!18:21
carlossm: you are welcome18:21
smI should upload the latest pot to launchpad periodically, and I don't need to warn translators, am I right ?18:25
kikoyes, that's right18:27
kikoeverything will work out fine18:27
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ubotuNew bug: #189751 in malone "Assigning a bug to a non-published package gives a wrong string" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18975122:20
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Legendariohi. How should i do to upload different distributions of the same source? should i only edit the changelog and build the source again23:29
Legendarioanyone here that can answer me this, please?23:35
gryc_Legendario: sounds right23:35
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Legendariogryc, do i have to pbuild the package again?23:37
grycI believe so23:37
Legendariogryc, could you answer me a question about cdbs?23:46
grycsorry, I've only made it through the debhelper part of the packaging guide :D23:48
Legendariogryc, do you knwo how to specify the path of the make file in the debian/rules?23:49
grycno clue23:49
crimsunLegendario: did ion_ not answer you?23:52
Legendariocrimsun, sorry. i hadn't seen it...23:53

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