coz_hey guys00:10
coz_I am running hardy alpha4 here and noticed that when doing a command that requires a password the prompt has changed to  " [sudo] password for " username" "  is there a way to change the password prompt back to just  "password" ?00:11
coz_ah oh nevermind just found it :)00:18
stdincoz_: you can do "sudo -p "password:" command"00:18
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dn4any ideas on why dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg stops and writes the xorg.config file right after setting up the keyboard?00:19
dn4sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:21
dn4hmm ok00:36
dn4so there is emphasis on a minimal xorg.config00:36
dn4this is wack on crack man, I re-wrote my xorg.config for a higher resolution but it does not recognize it00:50
mixandgohello, anyone has any idea why in ubuntu 8.04 evolution won't send/receive mail00:53
rskmixandgo: cause it's alpha00:54
mixandgorsk, well, ok but it's not working at all ?00:54
RAOFmixandgo: Works for me00:55
mixandgoRAOF, i had this popup message at startup but I closed it00:55
mixandgodunno what it said00:55
mixandgomaybe I missed some important info00:55
RAOFHm.  In what way does in not send/recieve mail?00:56
mixandgoit's greyeed out00:56
mixandgoI cannot click it00:56
RAOFOdd.  Do you have any accounts set up?00:57
mixandgoof course00:57
mixandgoabout 6 of them00:57
RAOFAh!  Perhaps it believes you are offline?00:57
RAOFBottom left hand corner - there's a connector-like icon.00:57
RAOFDear kdm4: get your filthy hands off my gdm!00:58
mixandgoRAOF, yeah that was it. THANK YOU !!! :D01:00
RAOFHeh.  It's probably integrating with network manager - is that working correctly?01:00
mixandgoI guess so01:01
mixandgoeverything seems to work fine01:01
RAOFEh.  Maybe you accidentally clicked on that at some point.  Who knows? :)01:01
RAOFIf this reoccurs, feel free to file a bug.  Especially if you can work out how to trigger it.01:01
mixandgoI also had some ... glitches with motion01:02
mixandgoon upgrade01:02
mixandgoI mean, it kept taking snapshots in /tmp01:02
mixandgoand it kept going for about 20min01:02
mixandgowhen I Crt-C it01:02
mixandgoare there any repos I need to add ?01:07
mixandgocause I cannot install libungif01:07
RAOFmixandgo: That's because nothing should be using libungif anymore.  If you've found a package that needs it, check whether there's an existing bug about it.01:11
mixandgoit's emacs cvs01:11
RAOFYou mean emacs-snapshot?01:11
mixandgono, i mean emacs from cva01:12
mixandgoemacs 2301:12
RAOFAs in: trying to build emacs from CVS?  Install libgif-dev.01:12
mixandgoI allready had emacs from cvs01:12
mixandgoand now libungif was removed01:12
mixandgobut I reinstalled it01:13
RAOFlibungif is just an unmaintained version of libgif that doesn't do encoding to gifs.01:13
mixandgoand everything works ok01:13
mixandgoI see.... so, maybe emacs should use libgif then01:13
RAOFIndeed it should01:13
mixandgoprobably it's got a configure option01:13
mixandgobut I don't remember exactly01:13
RAOFIf you're building from source, you can accomplish that by simply removing libungif and installing libgif.01:13
RAOFmixandgo: They're drop-in compatible.  No configure options required.01:14
RAOFJust a rebuild.01:14
mixandgoaha, ok, thanks01:14
thompaanybody got acer acpi module working on latest kernel?01:37
thompaor is it in kernel already?01:38
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ethana2so...acpi needs its own drivers?01:43
ethana2...which would differ by laptop?01:44
ethana2is this why HAL can't hibernate happily on our toshiba?01:44
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* DanaG finally fixed that subpixel hinting... it turns out the 'legacy' constant was renamed.02:31
freakyyhi all. im trying to install the ati drivers but my xorg.conf seems to be incomplete. its missing a device section for the graphics card - still it is running without further problems. i still want to install the ati drivers. when doing dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg nothign special happens02:54
freakyyi mean02:55
freakyyno device is added, theres no step where i choose a driver from existing ones02:55
freakyyalso the monitor configuration step with refresh and sync rates also isnt processed - i mean, doesnt even ... appear02:56
freakyyso, what can i do so dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg does, what it used to do without missing out those steps so my xorg.conf is complete?02:56
freakyyalso the touchpad configuration is left out - or mouse - the emulate 3buttons stuff -02:58
freakyynothing appears anymore02:58
freakyyim lost02:58
freakyyany help is much appreciated!02:59
freakyy(or how to say that in english02:59
freakyycan noone help me :(03:02
DanaGOh yeah, dpkg-reconfigure for xorg has been drastically simplified in Hardy.03:15
freakyycan i do nothing about that?03:15
DanaGI usually just edit xorg.conf manually.  I have one configuration I just keep somewhere.03:16
freakyynow i cant install the ati drivers :((03:19
DanaGSure you can... try displayconfig-gtk.03:24
DanaGwtf/  my end key got wedged.03:27
DanaGi can't use shift, either.03:28
DanaGxorg thinks my 'end' key is stuck down.03:28
DanaGWell, that was frickin' annoying.03:29
DanaGAah, keyboard repeat is what's broken.03:40
DanaGWell, that's part of it.03:40
DanaGI held down my 'end' key until it started repeating, and then disabled repeating.03:40
DanaGThen I tried re-enabling repeat, and it didn't work.03:40
DanaGAnd now all my function keys are screwy.03:41
DanaGI have to hit ctrl-z-z to get ctrl-z.03:41
DanaGThat's just plain weird.03:42
nomasteryodaDanaG, definitely03:44
DanaGAnother odd thing: killing gnome-settings-daemon fixes it.03:44
ethana3if i would describe everything in gnome as laggy on good hardware03:47
ethana3what would you recommend i do about it?03:47
ethana3i think i'll start killing processes ^_^03:48
ethana3my RAM is nowhere near full, but my swap has 22MB in it03:49
ethana3python was zombie...03:50
DanaGOh hell, somehow even ctrl-alt-backspace is now broken.03:51
RAOFSwap being non-empty is not necessarily an indication of ram pressure.  The kernel will tend to swap out really infrequently used pages when idle.03:51
DanaGxev gives this:      state 0xc, keycode 22 (keysym 0xfed5, Terminate_Server), same_screen YES,03:51
ethana3..any ideas on why gnome isn't really snappy right now?03:52
ethana3like in pidgin, at the rate i type, I'll be two words ahead of the text as it shows up sometimes03:52
ethana3and that really messes with me03:52
RAOFethana3: I had troubles with the -rt kernel - it was extremely non-snappy, to the point of being essentially unresponsive.03:54
ethana3is the -rt kernel the one this hardy alpha uses?03:54
alteregoliofor unknow reason supertux2 doesnt work03:54
RAOFethana3: Not unless you've explicitly installed it03:55
ethana3i did nothing of that sort03:55
ethana3it just seems..  laggy03:55
ethana3and i think.. that means something's wrong?03:55
ethana3when i make windows smaller.. they perfom drastically better03:56
ethana3i think this has to do with texture sizes on my radeon03:56
ethana3how do i check the maximum texture size of my card?03:58
RAOFethana3: It's easy to tell -04:00
RAOFIf the window has contents, then it's below the max texture size ;)04:00
ethana3..uh, i would think it would just use multiple04:00
ethana3..but when dealing with 4 square textures or 6 instead of one, i would expect a perfomance hit04:01
ethana3i'm not sure i know what i'm talking about exactly.. but i thought there was a simple way to tell04:01
ethana3glxinfo | grep texture...04:02
alteregolio4096x4096 or something04:02
RAOFethana3: No, it doesn't do anything like that.  If the window is too big, it just doesn't work.04:03
ethana3Well on an old card, is it conceivable that that size could be, say, 512x512 ?04:03
DanaGHmm, cannot open input pEvdev.04:03
ethana3so then it's gnome...04:03
RAOFethana3: No.  Compiz won't start unless your desktop resolution is < MAX_TEXURE_SIZE04:03
ethana3that makes sense i guess04:04
ethana3but what would do this?04:04
ubotuDebian bug 443292 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "Mouse: cannot open input pEvdev" [Important,Open]04:08
DanaGNow I can't use evdev for keyboard.04:17
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ethana3so when firefox 3 switches tabs.. does it re-render the page before displaying it?04:32
RAOFI don't know.  Possibly it caches the tabs.04:33
alteregolioyeah, it re-renders04:33
ethana3so if i wanted it to save the rendering, i'd have no basis to complain about memory usage..04:33
ethana3and it would really only be the /illusion/ of snappiness04:34
alteregoliothats why i avoid firefork04:34
ethana3If epiphany had an ad blocker and user agent switcher i'd use it.04:35
* DanaG uses firefox-3.0 for several reasons.04:58
DanaGOne is that the redirect-blocking thingie makes http-redirect login pages less annoying.04:58
ethana3i use ff3 when i can05:00
ethana3but when i need scim, i have to use epiphany05:00
ethana3so where is the bloat, exactly?  in gecko, or just the parts around it?05:00
ethana3using XUL for your UI is instant FAIL05:00
DanaGTab Mix Plus on Firefox 3.0 == fail.05:01
ethana3well of course-- it's an extension05:01
hydrogenusing firefox = fail05:01
hydrogenthat is all05:01
DanaGNope, I disagree.05:01
ethana3so gecko vs. webkit-- which is better?05:01
ethana3i really wonder that..05:02
ethana3you can't lock yourself to the lowest common denominator on every platform and expect to excell05:02
ethana3hydrogen: browser of choice?05:07
ethana3i tried it, and i hated it05:07
ethana3....and it's proprietary, so it won't run on the PS305:07
ethana3..actually, it might, i don't know if they've done a PPC compile.. regardless05:08
hydrogenit's pretty much the best browser option05:08
DanaGOpinions, all.05:09
DanaGI don't like the way the address bar and tab bar are in Opera.05:09
ethana3for me, it's webkit and gecko05:09
ethana3first, i want to know which one is better...05:09
ethana3i'll decide browsers from there.05:10
hydrogenthe one that works..05:10
DanaGPerhaps there is no "better".05:10
ethana3more features = better; less memory used = better; more responsive = better05:10
ethana3i used dillo and elinks05:11
ethana3...when i completely murder an install, and nothing else works..05:12
h3sp4wn_The cvs of dillo2 is quite nice if you are lucky enough to check it out when its working05:13
crimsunok, good.  alsa-source now does the right thing with suspend-to-ram, pulseaudio, and GSt05:16
DanaGOh yeah, that reminds me... I forgot to re-test capture.05:16
DanaGNope, still hangs.05:16
crimsunwith alsa-source?05:16
DanaGI haven't built from source myself.05:17
crimsunAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.16rc2.05:17
crimsunCompiled on Feb  5 2008 for kernel 2.6.24-5-generic (SMP).05:17
crimsunii  alsa-modules-2.6.24-5-generic                 1.0.16~rc2-0ubuntu1+2.6.24-5.8             ALSA modules for kernel 2.6.24-5-generic05:17
DanaGeek, cat /proc/asound/version05:17
DanaGAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.15 (Tue Nov 20 19:16:42 2007 UTC).05:17
crimsunI uploaded a snap last night with the most important HDA fixes backported05:18
DanaGHmm, I'll try building with module-assistant.05:20
crimsunDanaG: remember to log out of any X sessions, log into a tty, and use "sudo /sbin/alsa force05:22
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crimsun"sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload"  afterward05:23
DanaGHow about the reload-alsa.sh?05:23
crimsunaccomplishes the same05:23
crimsunalthough hardy ships the original alsa initscript (just as /sbin/alsa)05:23
crimsun(not the upstream /etc/init.d/alsasound but the original Debian alsa initscript)05:24
DanaGAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.16rc2.05:29
DanaGCompiled on Feb  5 2008 for kernel 2.6.24-5-generic (SMP).05:29
DanaGStill hangs on record.05:30
DanaGALSA /usr/src/modules/alsa-driver/pci/hda/../../alsa-kernel/pci/hda/hda_intel.c:588: hda_intel: azx_get_response timeout, switching to polling mode: last cmd=0x008f1c0005:30
DanaGOh, and I just thought of something I should wishlist: udev rule to unload emu10k1 after last card of such type is removed.05:32
DanaGFunny message on opening alsamixer on a usb sound card and then removing said sound card:05:33
DanaGalsamixer: function snd_mixer_poll_descriptors (POLLNVAL) failed: Success05:33
crimsunDanaG: ok.  grep -nHr "options snd-hda-intel" /etc/modprobe.d*05:33
DanaGoptions snd-hda-intel index=0 power_save=5 power_save_controller=105:34
DanaGI added the two power-save options myself, but I believe it was still broken even without them.05:34
crimsunwe don't handle ./configure options properly yet05:39
crimsun(using m-a)05:39
freakyyDanaG: that program doesnt work at all for me05:42
DanaGHmm, should I retry building it manually?05:45
crimsunyou can just edit the source05:45
DanaGWhat do I need to edit?05:46
crimsunI just checked; it's just currently hardcoded to support *_POWER_SAVE05:48
crimsunhmm, I need a single-stepper for that driver.05:50
DanaGHmm, by 'single-stepper', do you mean a person, or a test driver?05:54
crimsunDanaG: meaning a way to poke at the codec with single_cmd=105:55
crimsunI'm not convinced your codec isn't just broken with some screwage workaround in $other_oses' drivers05:55
freakyyi dont understand why dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg now doesn't do what it did anymore :(05:55
DanaGHmm, some time I can try an older BIOS version.05:56
DanaGI posted my BIOS changelog on my web space at www.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette05:56
DanaGThat reminds me of another random 'feature' on my laptop: fn-super is ctrl-alt-del.05:57
DanaGCapture works in XP with Gateway's driver and in Vista with both Gateway's and Microsoft's stock driver.05:58
crimsunwhat was your SSID again?06:00
DanaGFrom changelog: Change audio verb table for Vista DTM test.06:00
DanaG00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller [8086:27d8] (rev 02)06:01
DanaGSubsystem: Gateway 2000 Unknown device [107b:0681]06:01
crimsunDanaG: can you post the driver file, preferably extracted?06:04
DanaGThe .sys file?06:04
crimsunXP, please06:04
crimsunand .inf, etc.06:04
DanaGI've actually used two different driver versions in XP: Gateway's, with broken Stereo Mix, and Intel's with INI modded to match, for working Stereo Mix.06:05
crimsunseparately posted would be appreciated06:06
snaxanyone have any luck with the new version of emacs-snapshot which supposedly has Xft support?06:08
DanaGI've put each in a separate folder.06:08
h3sp4wn_snax: Used it a few months ago briefly06:09
snaxthe latest update is supposed to have Xft (antialiasing) support but it doesn't appear to work06:10
h3sp4wn_dunno when I used it I just had a patch against the cs06:10
crimsunooh, that /is/ interesting06:20
crimsunthis codec does patching inline06:20
DanaGPatching inline?06:21
crimsunthe pin behaviour changes at runtime depending which jack is used06:22
crimsunmeaning the alsa driver incorrectly assumes that the pin configs remain static06:22
DanaGOh yeah, and on the bug report here, I posted a link to specs:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/11114506:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 111145 in linux-source-2.6.20 "sigmatel STAC9250 on ATI HDA SB on gateway laptop - no sound capture " [Medium,Won't fix]06:23
crimsunyeah, I'll see if I can wrangle some weekend time for it06:23
DanaGAlso look at my comments on that bug.  Thanks!06:24
DanaGOh yeah, which pin is it that's switched on plug-in?06:32
DanaGThat reminds me of another thing: the mic jack is stereo, and the line-in jack does not exist.  I haven't tested the CD input, though.06:33
DanaGHmm, I haven't worked with HDA codecs to know how the various pin settings work.06:38
crimsunwell, under ordinary circumstances, you'd change /usr/src/modules/alsa-driver/alsa-kernel/pci/hda/patch_sigmatel.c::stac925x_PA6_pin_configs[]06:40
crimsunhere, however, the entire pin_configs[] is moot, because the infrastructure doesn't permit /changing the configs at runtime/06:41
DanaGOne of my friends has a Dell XPS M1330 with an audio chip that supports two configs per pin:  (mic/line or center/sub), (headphone2 or rear), and (headphone1 or front).06:43
DanaGCould I just edit the pin config to use the setup it switches to, rather than what it starts on?06:44
crimsunsure, but you're also assuming it's a fairly "regular" codec.06:45
crimsunmake sure your friend is using our 1.0.16~rc2-0ubuntu106:45
DanaGI'll have to install that the next time I see her.  I'm curious to see what it'll be able to do in Linux.06:48
Tuv0kgnome login broken agaun, forgot how to fix06:58
Tuv0klogin to gnome just restarts gdm06:58
am^2ui just installed hardy yesterday , but i cant seem to conect to the internet using the eth007:46
am^2uall settings are same as were on gutsy , but this one fails to connect. it doesnt even open the router admin oage when i point FF to it07:47
am^2ualso, alsa doesnt show me the option of 2ch,4ch,6ch sound07:49
am^2uI am running a Asus m2n-vm dvi motherbaord with no soundcard07:49
guardiantried to install kubuntu from hardy alpha 408:06
guardianwhen clicking the "kinda last instal button" of the installer, it brings me back to the timezone selection08:06
oly-hi, i have just been trying virt-manager, and hit a problem pxe boot is not working after looking further i think this is because it has not detected my network cards, has anyone else hit this problem ?08:49
oly-when i go into virtual networks config page, its empty and all the options are greyed out08:50
oly-i am guessing it should list both my physical network cards there08:50
DanaG‏‮Right-to-Left Override!  And Right-to-Left Marker, too.08:51
c1|freakyhi all. where is the wallpaper in hardy located (the new kubuntu one)?08:53
Oli``Anybody having issues with libxen3.2_3.2.0-0ubuntu3_i386.deb ?10:03
clustywas wondering what does the server edition of ubuntu bring new?10:06
avatar_clusty: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/Roadmap10:14
thornsHi everyone!10:24
thornsDo we get prime time news about Hardy in here?10:25
rskthorns: not so much10:25
rskmostly questions about howto fix something that broke in hardy =:)10:25
thornsThat's great too10:26
thornsBut I have to say it's running perfectly here.10:26
thornsWhat's the latest broken thing?10:27
rski think pidgin10:28
rskcoredumps for some10:28
thornsI'm running KDE so... :)10:31
thornsKopete is for kids so all I'm left with is Psi (I use Jabber)10:31
thornsKopete is like the mirror image of Pidgin, one for Gnome and one for KDE.10:32
thornsAnd I've had both crash :)10:32
thornsNot Psi however ;)10:32
rskim waiting a while before i upgrade to hardy10:33
rskonly have 0.25mbit internet connection10:34
rskwouldn't be able to surf the web any time of the day10:34
rskif i have to download maybe 100mb updates everyday :/10:34
rski think closer to beta maybe10:35
thornsYou do?10:35
rsknot so much updates then10:35
thornsrsk: Well I don't think I see that many updates a day10:37
thornsI have this installation since Sunday10:37
thornsI think I've only updated twice, once when I installed and once today. Today's update was <=2MB10:38
Tuv0kgedit is unusable10:38
thornsBTW I have a very fluctuant connection to the internet. I get about 1MB/s, 80kB/s on average. :)10:39
thornsTuv0k: ^^10:39
thornsTuv0k: What about Kate?10:39
Tuv0kI care less about kate10:39
thornsI see.10:40
thornsHey, has all kde4 packages been built for amd64?11:05
thornsYahoooooo! :-D (sorry, couldn't help myself)11:08
mrtimdogAnyone here using network-manager-vpnc?11:30
persiaHi.  My workstation doesn't reboot anymore due to a complaint that it cannot resume (cannot read from the resume partition).  This message doesn't seem to end up in syslog or dmesg, and my workstation never sleeps (although it is off sometimes).  Could anyone point me towards where I should be fixing this?  Does anyone else have this issue so that I should be filing a bug?12:12
persiaOh.  By "doesn't reboot", I mean "prompts for human action in VT1 when the focus is somewhere else at reboot".12:13
denndaHey there12:25
denndaHardys user-interface is lacking the ability to enable horizontal and vertical scrollbars on laptop-touchpads. This is a regression. Is there any way to set that manually?12:26
denndaI set that in gconf-editor, but it doesn't work12:27
persiadennda: You might check bug #173411 for hints on workarounds12:29
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173411 in xorg "[Hardy][Regression] Touchpad vertical scroll does not work" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17341112:29
persiaI think you need a stub xorg.conf for now, until X recognises them properly.12:29
denndaAh nice, already known :)12:35
denndathanks persia12:35
denndaIs having problems with a partition while bootup (thus needing to enter "exit" to proceed with booting) a known problem, too?12:35
denndaforget what I just said12:37
persiadennda: That was the question I asked just before you came in :)  I just have to press enter in VT1, but it slows the boot considerably.12:38
dennda(Trying to mount an encrypted file-system without the proper settings in crypttab and such is doomed to fail)12:38
denndaMaybe there's a problem too12:38
denndalemme try12:38
denndaok, commenting out the partition in fstab solved the problem for me12:41
denndatapping doesn't work the way I am used to as well12:43
persiaAh.  For me, it's a failure to resume from the (non-encrypted) swap partition.12:43
h3sp4wn_persia: It is playing with fire to lvm or encrypted anything on a development version I would say13:16
persiah3sp4wn: None of my base disks are on LVM, and I'm not using encrypted filesystems.  Unfortunately, the boot process seems to think I am, and as it cannot decrypt a valid resume file from my (unencrypted) swap (which doesn't have a resume file anyway) the boot complains and waits for user input (which is annoyingly invisible until I press Alt-F1)13:18
df7i was able to install Vmware workstation 6.0.2 or 6.0.1 useing vmware-any-any-update115 but i cannot start created VM. it fails with error "version mismatch with vmmon module: expecting 167.0, got 161.0" any ideas?13:54
Konstigtmaybe you need to build a newer vmmon module13:55
KonstigtVirtualBox solves this issue automatically instead of just complaining about it :)13:56
df7virtualbox works fine but i want to try new vmware feature, 3d rendering in guest os13:57
df7does 32 bit vmware work on 64 bit hardy?14:06
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df7ok problem resolved in vmware-any-any-update-11614:15
pdlnhr1i have been testing out hardy and have some issues, what is the correct way to file bugs?14:31
Pici!bugs | pdlnhr114:32
ubotupdlnhr1: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots14:32
Picipdlnhr1: I usually put "[hardy]" in my bug titles to differentiate them from regular release bugs14:32
pdlnhr1Pici:  thanks.. i am assuming i search for similar bugs14:33
am^2uhey , i just installed hardy on a my PC (asus m2n-vm dvi , nforce 630a) . i am not able to connect to my internet. all settings have been double checked14:33
am^2ucat /etc/resolv.conf has the correct nameservers listed too14:34
pdlnhr1am^2u:  is the interface up and has an ip?  can you ping your router?14:34
am^2uinterface is up14:34
pdlnhr1does it have an ip?14:35
am^2ui had put it down during the installation due to the scanning mirror problem14:35
am^2usudo route -n is blank14:35
am^2uwhen i point FF to my router page it doesnt open14:36
pdlnhr1and ifconfig eth0  shows an ip?14:36
am^2uwait , i ll show the output of sudo ifconfig eth014:37
pdlnhr1looks like it doesn't have an ipaddress14:38
pdlnhr1are you using dhcp?14:38
am^2ui configured the DHCP14:39
am^2uto use specefic DNS14:39
iNeoIs hardy as stable as debian testing? or is it more like unstable?14:41
pdlnhr1can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces14:41
pdlnhr1you and manually add routes to get it working too14:41
am^2uhow do i do that ?14:41
am^2ui will ahve to log off14:42
am^2ui am on windows right now14:42
am^2usince i cant conenct tothe interent :(14:42
pdlnhr1but i would suggest fixing dhcp first14:42
am^2uyou mean enter the correct one ?14:43
am^2ui checked it again , its correct14:43
pdlnhr1well.. you said you were trying to use a specific dns server... why don't you just try to set up dhcp normally and see if it works, if it does.. than mess around with a different dns server14:44
pdlnhr1just how i would do it... or set your ip address manually if you know what it should be14:44
am^2uthat wouldnt work IMO, since it didnt work on fiesty. but i ll try it anyways14:44
am^2uone more question, the asus m2n-vm DVI board (nofrce630a chipset)14:45
am^2uis it compatible with ubuntu 7.10/ 8.0414:45
pdlnhr1i have no idea.... i can't get dual head in hardy working yet14:46
am^2umy previous board, asus a8n-vm had an option of switches in alsa14:47
am^2uto switch between 2ch,4ch,6ch sound14:47
am^2uhowever this board gets no such option at all :(14:47
iNeoIs hardy as stable as debian testing(lenny)? or is it more like unstable(sid)?14:48
pdlnhr1am^2u:  it is alpha... i think you  just have to roll with it and log bugs... if you can't deal with the issues you can downgrade back14:48
am^2ubut i checked http://www.linux-tested.com/results/asus_m2n-vm_dvi.html14:48
am^2uinterestigly , now even fiesty doesnt get the switches option14:49
jhaigIs there a roadmap for Hardy somewhere on www.ubuntu.com?  I remember seeing one for Gutsy.14:49
pdlnhr1there is a release schedule if that is what you mean https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule14:50
jhaigYes, that's what I meant.  Thanks.14:50
phaidroson a dell xps m1330 lappi I don't have sound with hardy. modules are loaded but the speakers as well as the headphones keep quiet. an y ideas how to investigate?14:57
phaidrosmixers are set as well14:57
phaidrosmplayer using different audio outputs (-ao sdl/pulse/alsa ..) gives also nothing14:57
ubotuKDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde415:25
Assidhow goes it15:26
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h3sp4wn_Does kde4 actually look and run ok now ?15:38
Assiddunno.. im into gnome these days15:41
Assidthose damn qt trolls!!!15:41
h3sp4wn_I am not really into gnome - but I don't have the time to mess around atm :/15:44
Assidim planning on using hardy on my primary/work desktop15:47
Assidnot too sure if its a good idea.. but so far.. NO real bad issues with it15:47
Assidatleast on my laptop15:47
Assidam just tired of having a shitty looking desktop15:47
h3sp4wn_For me having a desktop at all distracts me15:51
iNeoIs hardy as stable as debian testing(lenny)? or is it more like unstable(sid)?15:54
Assidhardy says mooo15:55
phaidrossound in hardy is mooo :)16:01
mahmoud_iNeo: AFAIR, ubuntu releases are based on debian unstable16:02
iNeomahmoud_: thanks16:02
h3sp4wn_iNeo: Its not like either16:04
h3sp4wn_iNeo: Its like sid most of the time - but usually one or 2 times within the 6 months its completely screwed16:04
iNeoh3sp4wn_: the reason for asking is: how stable will it be16:04
mahmoud_iNeo: for what purpose?16:05
h3sp4wn_Depends on how sensible you are, whether you can use aptitude to fix simple package errors16:05
h3sp4wn_(or just use safe-upgrade if there is any issues)16:05
iNeoh3sp4wn_: I work with debian testing for more then 6 years and never had a problem16:06
PiciiNeo: LTS releases pretty much need to be stable and whats what the devs are working towards for this release.16:06
iNeoThanks all, I will update my desktop16:06
h3sp4wn_iNeo: My problem with it is because of some many arch's something can be perfectly fine but not work on something noone uses it on (and it cannot go to testing until it builds on all)16:07
h3sp4wn_And if something is fixed it can be broken for ages - At least you get the new stuff straight away with sid (if its broken you have a day at most to wait)16:07
iNeoh3sp4wn_: Man arch??, I also work with NetBSD that are a lot off archs :))))16:08
iNeoI'll have a look at it, thanks16:09
Reabyi have problem with hardy, metacity doesn't load with gnome startup16:51
Reabyand when i start kaffeine i get folloing error16:51
Reabyreaby@reaby-desktop:~$ Ikkunointiohjelman varoitus: Buggy client sent a _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW message with a timestamp of 0 for 0x2400007 (Kaffeine P)16:51
ReabyIkkunointiohjelman varoitus: meta_window_activate called by a pager with a 0 timestamp; the pager needs to be fixed.16:51
Reabyi tried to fix metacity problem by adding metacity to session autostart, but it didn't work16:52
h3sp4wn_iNeo: With NetBSD does one arch delay all the rest though ? (i.e s390 xorg driver where makes no sense anyway etc)17:21
h3sp4wn_The good or bad thing about Ubuntu is its likely to release on time ready or almost ready or quite broken17:22
bp|_Wanted to report a little problem about an update that must have happened earlier today. Herdy releases updates so frequently I'm losing track. It broke DNS connectivity with a NetGear G407 router. Other problem spotted on my Toshiba Equium M70-272 are Azureus crashing on the Torrents tab (failed assertion) without generating an Apport report, nm-applet 0.6.5 crashing when trying to save a network profile.17:47
bp|_[First problem was worked around thanks to the guys in #ubuntu.]17:47
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Assidthunderbird is faster on windows than on ubuntu18:28
Assidhow crazy is that18:28
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c1|freakyhi all. can someone tell me what i can do if my xorg.conf is incomplete?18:43
c1|freakydpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesnt help18:43
c1|freakyit doesnt even configure the mouse anymore18:43
redheathi all18:51
redheatfolks, I really really need some help here18:52
redheatI installed Ubuntu 7.10, but something went wrong and I cant get access to my other two windows ,windows vista and windows xp18:52
redheatcan someone help me ..18:52
Piciredheat: try #ubuntu for 7.10 support.18:53
redheatisn\t this the channel for 7.1018:53
Piciredheat: No, this is for 8.04 aka Hardy18:54
redheatoh ok18:54
Piciredheat: see topic.18:54
redheatoops, sorry didn't read it18:54
pdlnhr1can someone tell me if nautilus-connect-server has been deprecated for hardy?  if so what is to be used now?  or maybe where i can find out myself19:04
lemopdlnhr1: it's been off since moving to gvfs - i think it will be back later19:07
pdlnhr1lemo:  thanks... is there an alternitive i can use in the meantime?19:08
PiciI've just been typing in things, like: sftp://user@host19:08
lemoyeah, that's the only one i know :/19:08
pdlnhr1thanks... that will work19:09
pdlnhr1and bookmarks work... sweet19:11
Assidany updates today ?19:15
PiciAssid: There are always updates.19:15
Assidokay impossible to finish these backups today19:15
Assidmaybe tomorrow19:15
Solarionso, why does hardy keep forgetting my keyboard modifiers (swap capslock and left control) or no modifiers at all being remembered (alt, ctrl, caps lock do *nothing*)19:40
ethana3this might have something to do with my problem19:41
ethana3i don't know, but my caps is a backspace, not a caps19:41
ethana3...and that behaviour doesn't even /exist/ in the options19:42
Solarionthere seems to be a lot of keyboard horkage in hardy19:42
ethana3well, my layout is new19:42
ethana3caps lock is worthless19:42
ethana3we use it as backspace19:42
Solarionthe solution is to log out, make sure gconf is dead, cd into .gconf/desktop/gnome/peripherals and rm -rf keyboard, then log back in again and redo your settings.19:43
Solarionit'll remember for a while and then it'll get horked again19:43
Solarionseems random19:43
zuccoI'm having this problem with hardy alpha 4: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/2334319:45
mrtimdogAnyone else use vpnc connecting to a CISCO host and have it drop its connection every few minutes?19:57
bardyr!info linux-image-generic20:09
ubotulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 25 kB, installed size 52 kB20:09
ethana3whoa, the kernel's only 52kB?20:15
ethana3The windows kernel i think is like, literally one thousand times that20:16
ethana3i must be mistaken.. that's not possible..20:16
Piciethana3: Its a metapackage.20:16
ethana3thank you, Pici.  that makes much more sence.20:18
c1|freakyhi all. can someone help me? is there any tool i can generate a complete xorg.conf with? dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg produces a very minimalistic config. which is missing stuff i need to install the ati graphics driver20:26
Picic1|freaky: If you're looking to get compiz to work with an ati card on Hardy, it won't work fyi.20:27
ethana3i'm doing it now20:27
ethana3but whatever20:27
Piciethana3: hrm? you are?20:27
c1|freakyim trying to install just the graphics driver20:27
ethana3c1|freaky: what card?20:28
c1|freakymobility x70020:28
ethana3ok..  how old is that?20:28
Picibug 17366320:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 173663 in linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24 "[fglrx] compiz will not launch with fglrx driver - falls back to metacity on xserver 1.4 (1.3 is ok)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17366320:28
c1|freakyi got the driver but the xorg.conf isntr complete20:28
c1|freakyi just need20:28
c1|freakya complete xorg.conf20:28
c1|freakynothing else but dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesnt produces complete configs as it did with gutsy and earlier versions. it doesnt even configure the mouse anymore i have no idea why that is but i need a complete xorg.conf20:29
ethana3ok, now i would think that you /have/, but just to be sure..20:29
ethana3have you tried the radeon driver?20:29
ethana3and found it not satisfactory in some wise?20:29
c1|freakyi want to install my own driver as the one from kubuntu never worked for me since 4 kubuntu versions20:30
c1|freakyi installed hardy on my laptop 2 days ago20:30
ethana3it would probably default to that...20:30
ethana3someone else?  i avoid proprietary drivers for hassle..20:30
c1|freakythat restricted manager thing also isnt available for me - where u can install the ati drivers20:30
ethana3i tried once20:31
ethana3...got lost, confused, and gave up20:31
c1|freakyso does anyone know how to generate a complete xorg.conf ?20:31
ethana3well, you should have a failsafe xorg.conf20:32
ethana3which i think is fairly verbose20:32
ethana3..but it uses vesa and has hundreds of modes in it20:32
c1|freakyyea i need something which generates a complete xorg.conf for me :( why doesn't dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg work as before :\20:34
ethana3we're trying to get rid of xorg.conf20:34
ethana3once we can do advanced things without it, i will be glad to see it go20:35
c1|freakyand how do i install drivers now oO20:35
ethana3if i were you, i'd get a performance comparison before bothering20:35
ethana3radeon vs. fglrx on mobility x70020:36
c1|freakywhat performance comparison? i jsut want my graphics driver to work :\20:36
ethana3if you just want it to work, i'd use radeon20:36
ethana3not the proprietary driver..20:36
c1|freakyso how would i install the ubuntu ati driver which works?20:36
ethana3it's already there20:36
c1|freakyi dont just want it to work20:36
c1|freakyi want it to work as it should work. with drivers20:36
ethana3ok, on this machine, i play tremulou20:37
c1|freakyi dont play anything20:37
ethana3s**  ...and use compiz20:37
c1|freakymaybe i want to try compiz20:37
ethana3then radeon will be great for you20:37
ethana3in which case..20:37
ethana3it should already be in use20:37
c1|freakyi cant install the drivers20:37
ethana3unless you changed something..20:37
ethana3somebody help me out here, please...20:38
ethana3what are your symptoms?20:38
ethana3no output at all?  no 3d?20:38
ethana3i'm assuming its somehow broke20:38
c1|freakyits using mesa drivers20:38
c1|freakyi want ati drivers20:38
ethana3because if it is not, then it does not need fe--20:38
c1|freakyno performance20:38
ethana3that would do it20:38
ethana3does your xorg.conf have a device section?20:39
ethana3that's all you need20:39
c1|freakyit doesnt have a device section20:39
c1|freakyit has almost nothing20:39
c1|freakyey man20:39
ethana3well very little yes20:39
c1|freakynm ok20:39
ethana3wait, could you pastebin it for me?20:39
ethana3i'd like to have a look20:40
c1|freakyit has a device section20:42
c1|freakyno touchpad20:43
c1|freakyjust nothing20:43
c1|freakyis working20:43
ethana3ok, you do have a device section..20:44
ethana3just add a new line under Identifier:20:44
c1|freakyyea but if i do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg20:44
c1|freakyit just gives me that ... xorg.conf20:44
ethana3Driver    "ati"20:44
c1|freakyok ill restart X20:45
c1|freakystill the DRI driver20:47
c1|freakyfglrxinfo even has a segmentation fault20:47
c1|freakyafter execution20:47
ethana3glxinfo | grep vendor20:49
ethana3fglrxinfo?  you're not even using that20:49
c1|freakyyea and my touchpad also can't scroll down. copy to clipboard after selecting doesnt work20:50
c1|freakyserver glx vendor string: SGI20:50
ethana3can't scroll down?20:50
c1|freakyclient glx vendor string: SGI20:50
c1|freakyOpenGL vendor string: DRI R300 Project20:50
c1|freakywith the scroll section of my touchpad20:50
ethana3i think that's a setting20:50
ethana3have you turned it on yet?20:50
ethana3i don't remember the default setting for it..20:51
c1|freakyif i make a touchpad section and add SHMConfig "on"20:51
c1|freakyit still doesnt work20:51
ethana3does it work as a mouse?20:51
ethana3does it work at all?  surely you have a cursor..20:51
c1|freakythe synaptics driver doesnt wanna work because it thinks that setting isnt there but it is20:51
c1|freakyyes the touchpad works20:52
ethana3so did you go to system -> prefs -> mouse20:52
c1|freakywill dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg not work anymore in hardy?20:52
ethana3i see..  i don't know the answer to that one20:52
ethana3well this is alpha20:52
ethana3so i wouldn't assume so..20:53
DanaGtake a look at my xorg.conf at www.csc.calpoly.edu/~dgoyette/xorg.conf20:53
DanaG(Note that I haven't updated it in a while.)20:53
DanaGOh, and evdev is broken.20:53
DanaGstupid googlified links.20:53
c1|freakymaybe ill downgrade back to gutsy20:55
ethana3if you want something that works?20:55
DanaGMy touchpad works fine, though.20:55
ethana3most of my stuff works fine too, but remember that alphas aren't supposed to work20:55
ethana3that's not their main purpose20:56
DanaGTime to sleep my laptop.  Will be back later.20:56
bardyrhow can i see what package /usr/lib/libblktap.so.3.0.0 belongs too ?20:59
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linuxprobieAfternoon peeps, having trouble establishing a Raid in ubuntu. I set the raid in Bios, but tubuntu still views it as two hard drives.21:31
mndolinuxprobie: the raid that most motherboards have is not a true raid, half the work is done by the drivers..21:32
linuxprobieOkii, so how do I get feisty to make the raid for me?21:33
c1|freakycan someone help me with this:21:37
c1|freakyData incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:37
c1|freaky        Undefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen".21:37
c1|freakyhow do i reference to a device for a screen in xorg.conf?21:37
Reabylinuxprobie: try http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Software-RAID-HOWTO.html21:38
Reabyc1|freaky: you got bad xorg.conf file.. make new: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg21:44
c1|freakythat doesnt help21:45
hwildeanybody ever hear of false power button pressed messages?22:05
hwildeI don't even know what to search for its so random22:05
ethana2bad acpi driver?22:05
ethana2is it a laptop?22:05
crimsunhwilde: utterly false or simply duplicated?22:07
ethana2is it a VM?22:08
hwildeumm utterly fasle as far as I can tell22:08
hwildeas in nobody is pressing the power button, and that relay is not even being fired on the mb22:08
hwildeit is an embedded motherboard22:08
hwildeIs there anything else that could initiate /etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh ?22:12
blue|palmhi there, i have just installed a few kde 4 applications onto my hardy 4 desktop, but all fonts are horrible (very aliased) how do i correct this?22:26
Jordan_UWhen I try to modprobe fglrx I get the error: "FATAL: Could not open '/lib/modules/2.6.24-5-generic/volatile/fglrx.ko': No such file or directory" and there is no fglrx.ko listed in 'dpkg -L xorg-driver-fglrx'22:59
crimsunthat would be in l-r-m23:00
crimsuni.e., linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r)23:00
Jordan_UAhh, thank you23:01
Jordan_Ucrimsun, It's not there either23:02
kawasakihey all, i installed kubuntu hardy and i have kde3.5.8. i want to edit my hardy sources.list to include the kde4 PPA... is this the right? deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu hardy main23:07
crimsunJordan_U: because you're looking for the wrong filename23:08
Jordan_Ucrimsun, Modprobe is complaining about "fglrx.ko", is that not the correct file name?23:11
crimsunno, it's not.23:11
Jordan_UDo you know how to get the module to work?23:12
crimsunJordan_U: does jockey not work?23:15
Jordan_Ucrimsun, No, it is crashing at login23:16
Jordan_U( know bug )23:16
Jordan_UI will try updating jocky...23:17
crimsunyou mean the driver crashes or jocky crashes?  The latter would seem a bit odd.23:17
Jordan_Ucrimsun, Jocky, and now that I have updated jocky it no longer crahes but fglrx is not shown as an option to install / enable23:18
DanaGoH YEAH, this morning I looked at IDT's page with specs about the STAC9250, and they have some interesting things about stuff such as the "EAPD" feature, channel phase offset, and zipper noise.23:18
crimsunright, those are all known23:19
Jordan_Ucrimsun, Any idea how to fix this issue?23:20
crimsunDanaG: also, are you using acpi_osi=Linux in lilo/grub?23:20
crimsunJordan_U: no, I don't use fglrx, sorry.23:20
Jordan_UThanks anyway23:20
crimsunDanaG: (or acpi_osi=!Linux)23:20
DanaGNope; in fact, my DSDT doesn't have the string 'Linux' anywhere, I believe.23:20
crimsunbeautiful.  Friggin Gateways.23:21
DanaGI can post my disassembled DSDT on my web space.23:22
crimsundon't need it yet.23:23
DanaGI wonder what brand laptop I'll get next time around.23:25
crimsunHPs are mostly decent, as are Thinkpads/Lenovos, etc.23:25
DanaGSummer is when I'd be getting one, so perhaps I should decide only then.23:25
crimsunI would avoid Toshibas and ASUSes.23:25
DanaGWhat's bad about Asus?23:29
DanaGOh, and Toshiba has been on my 'bad' list for ages due to their keyboards.23:29
crimsunpersonal negative experiences, YMMV.23:29
DanaGThe biggest thing I want is a 14 or 15" laptop that won't be any weaker (i.e. screen resolution, CPU, and GPU) than my current Yonah 1.83 + GeForce Go 7600 128MB + 1440x900 display.23:31
crimsunmacbook air?   /me ducks23:31
c1|freakythe next laptop i buy will be a really small one for coding stuff. just a nice little handy thing :D23:32
DanaGIf I were to do really-light, I like HP's offerings.23:34
DanaGOh, and their business models expose Microsoft's and Intel's rules about stickers and branding.  And they offer FreeDOS -- and make it cheaper if you choose it.23:37
ethana2Dell is awesome23:39
ethana2it should only get better from here23:40
* DanaG wants Gigabit Ethernet.23:40
DanaGI wish somebody would make a laptop that can use Realtek's Multi-Streaming.23:41
hmullercrimsun:  What are the chances that alsa-driver >= 1.0.16rc2 will make it into Hardy final?23:43
crimsunhmuller: 100%, seeing how it's already in hardy right now and has been as of yesterday.23:43
hmullercrimsun:  is that linux-backports-modules?23:44
crimsunhmuller: no, alsa-driver is the name of the source package.  The relevant binary package is alsa-source.23:44
crimsunhmuller: i.e., you would use module-assistant with alsa-source to generate a deb23:45
crimsunAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.16rc2.23:45
crimsunCompiled on Feb  6 2008 for kernel 2.6.24-7-generic (SMP).23:45
crimsunthe "1.0.16rc2" tag is misleading; it's actually much closer to 1.0.16 final given the number of hg changesets I backported23:46
crimsunthere are a few forwardports, too23:46
hmullercrimsun: I see it, thanks!23:46
crimsunhmuller: I'll likely upload 1.0.16-0ubuntu1 on Saturday or Sunday23:47
crimsun(and again, it won't be 1.0.16 final as it exists; there will be numerous backports and forwardports)23:48
DanaGThat's a new term to me.23:49
crimsunpatches carried forward from older releases to our current 1.0.16~rc2-0ubuntu1 source package.23:49
crimsunthey've all been sent/tagged upstream23:49
hmullercrimsun:  right on.  This solves two bugs for the Dell Inspiron 1420 with the Intel HD Audio controller23:49
crimsunhmuller: yep.23:50
hmullercrimsun:  Just regurgitating to ensure I understand, it's better to create the deb for future upgrading and removal versus compiling from sources?23:55
crimsunhmuller: absolutely.23:55
crimsunwell, if "compiling from sources" == "tar xf alsa-driver-1.0.16.tar.bz2 && cd alsa-driver-1.0.16 && ./configure && make && sudo make install"23:56
hmullercrimsun: exactly23:56
hmullercrimsun: it's easier in the short term, but not sustainable in the long term23:57
crimsunwell, arguably it's not even easier in the short term.23:58
crimsunsudo apt-get install alsa-source && sudo m-a clean,a-i alsa-source && sudo /sbin/alsa force-reload23:58
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