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newz2000every time I have to use gimp for more than cropping or resizing I think, "there has to be something better..." I love inkscape but sometimes I need raster editing. Is there anything new and exciting?03:26
_MMA_"Is there anything new and exciting?" newz2000: Look for yourself. https://launchpad.net/~inkscape.testers/+archive03:32
newz2000oh yes, I'm using that03:32
_MMA_Though I think the answer is "No".03:32
moon_ggood day03:32
newz2000there was a new update in the last two days even03:32
newz2000it looks like inkscape has some basic raster editing in it now too03:33
newz2000which is nice03:33
newz2000I wonder if krita was updated with kde403:33
troy_sgreets newz200005:24
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