tagmanHow do I get past the installer being stuck at 15%?01:51
tagmanAnybody there?01:55
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2438 ubiquity/ (6 files in 5 dirs):03:07
CIA-24ubiquity: * Validate the boot device string that the user provides on the03:07
CIA-24ubiquity:  advanced page.03:07
CIA-24ubiquity: * Change the boot device Entry to a ComboBox that displays suitable targets.03:07
evandugh, pyqt is quite evil.06:30
superm1trying to implement the equivalent of that above commit for qt?06:33
evandyeah, and weird language gotchas like having to str() qstrings06:36
evandI just want a model with two columns, is that so much to ask for?06:36
superm1apparently :)06:37
superm1you see why i opted for the mythbuntu frontend to derive off the gtk one then?  I played with the qt designer for a little bit and decided it would be way to rough to work from06:38
evandI used to know Qt quite well :/06:38
evandbut yes, my brain can handle GTK much better06:39
CIA-24base-installer: soren * r322 base-installer/ (debian/changelog kernel/i386.sh): Add support for AMD CPU family 16 on i386.07:56
cjwatsonspeaking of GTK, if anyone knows how to implement a multi-column list in GTK where the columns flow newspaper-style rather than meaning different things, that'd be great09:08
cjwatsonthat is, it's only multi-column in that when it runs out of vertical space in one column it goes on to the next09:08
sorencjwatson: I don't think there's a widget for that in GTK, but I guess you could use a regular TreeView and call gtk_tree_view_get_visible_* to determine how many rows are showing and then do it manually.09:29
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
cjwatsonsoren: mm, that's the best I've come up with - it'll be nasty on resize though10:40
cjwatsonI think I'll ask gtk-list if anyone has any sample code10:44
sridharhow to be a member in ubuntu-installer@lists.ubuntu.com11:38
cjwatsonsridhar: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-installer11:53
sridharcjwatson: thanks12:06
cjwatsonsuperm1: I'm looking at your preservehome branch at the moment, and comparing it with the adduser source12:09
cjwatsonsuperm1: it seems to me that if you pass --gid to adduser it expects the group to exist already (although this isn't particularly documented)12:09
cjwatsonsuperm1: did you test this and confirm it to work?12:09
cjwatsonsuperm1: I think that you probably need to call addgroup explicitly if GIDOPT is set12:10
tjaaltondoes d-i run any scripts _before_ inittab is read?12:23
tjaaltonoutside the initrd12:23
cjwatsond-i runs entirely from its initrd so that question has no meaning ...12:23
cjwatsonthat does some stuff and then execs busybox init which reads inittab12:24
cjwatsonbasically just mounts /proc and creates some devices12:25
cjwatsonoh, and mounts /dev to put said devices in, of course12:25
tjaaltonI'm (again) thinking how it would be possible to disable the "convenience shells" run from inittab. maybe it would be too fugly to read a kernel parameter in rootskel/src/init and echo those tty-lines in a normal situation?12:27
cjwatsonyou could read a kernel parameter and have it sed -i /etc/inittab12:27
cjwatsonto eliminate them12:27
cjwatsonremind me why you're disabling them?12:27
tjaaltonunattended installations on a public place12:28
cjwatsonok, hope you've locked the bootloader12:28
tjaaltonthat's easy :)12:28
tjaaltonnetboot supports passwords now12:28
cjwatsonI think honouring a 'noshell' parameter or similar would be fine12:28
tjaaltonbut the place to do it is in src/init?12:29
tjaaltonok cool, I'll make a debdiff12:29
cjwatsonfeel free to just commit and upload12:30
tjaaltonheh, ok :)12:30
cjwatsonbzr branch in the usual place12:30
tjaaltonI'm so excited that Matt made all those fancy patches for syslog and sshkey-authentication for network-console :)12:31
tjaaltond-i will simply rock12:31
tjaaltonoh, it already does btw12:31
tjaaltonbut even more12:31
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cjwatson12:31 <tjaalton> I'm so excited that Matt made all those fancy patches for syslog and sshkey-authentication for network-console :)12:43
cjwatsonwas the last thing I saw12:43
cjwatsontjaalton: yeah, it's pretty cool12:43
tjaalton14:31 < tjaalton> d-i will simply rock12:43
tjaalton14:31 < tjaalton> oh, it already does btw12:43
tjaalton14:31 < tjaalton> but even more12:43
xivuloncjwatson, I'd like to add hooks similar to lupin/casper into d-i, what would be a good place? initrd, rootskel or udeb?13:10
xivulonthe reason is to support distros that do not ship a live CD and to make it possible to have netinstall capabilities in the future13:10
cjwatsonthat depends. hooks for what?13:11
xivulon1 hook to set a local ISO skiping the stage where an ISO is looked for (mount it as /cdrom?)13:11
xivulon1 hook to do initrd preseeding using a file on local device13:12
xivulonpossibly keeping the same boot arguments13:12
xivulonas in casper13:12
cjwatsonhaven't we done this before? this should use hd-media13:17
cjwatsonI do not want to add this to the CD initrd13:17
xivulonbefore I was using the initrd since I needed to do overrides of the ISO13:18
xivulonof the d-i installer^13:18
cjwatsond-i has multiple initrd variants13:18
xivulonbut I do not think it is necessary13:18
xivulonI'd go for either rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer.d or a udeb to be called before initrd preseeding13:19
cjwatsonrootskel is completely and utterly inappropriate13:19
xivuloncan you remind me when initrd preseeding kicks in (web interface is a pain to look code for)13:20
xivulonthat seems to leave udeb route13:20
cjwatsonusing a local ISO is already implemented by iso-scan13:20
cjwatsoninitrd preseeding using a file on a local device is a contradiction in terms13:20
cjwatsonthe purpose of initrd preseeding is to be entirely local to the initrd13:20
xivulonI think I used to do to seed locale/layoutcode... but can do that via boot parameters anyway13:21
cjwatsonindeed so13:21
cjwatsonfile-preseed runs after iso-scan and can already be used in hd-media mode to preseed from a file on a local device13:22
xivulonit would be good then to specify the path/name of the ISO13:22
xivulonwould be good then to specify the path/name of the ISO/preseed13:22
xivulonwhich takes precedence over standard paths13:22
cjwatsonit would be reasonable for iso-scan to support preseeding of iso-scan/filename (which it already uses as an output)13:23
xivulonit is already possible to set paramaters to look for a specific local path for preseeding correct?13:24
xivulonso that /path/to/preseed.cfg is looked for in all devices13:24
cjwatsonerr, no13:25
cjwatsononly on things that are already mounted13:25
xivulonand that depends on...13:25
cjwatsonI am very cautious of things that run around mounting everything in d-i13:25
cjwatsonthey have been known to cause data loss13:26
cjwatson(e.g. hibernated partitions)13:26
xivulononly a temporary mount is required, enough to copy over preseed (and possibly other files) then umounting13:26
xivulonit's difficult to specify the linux device from windows13:27
cjwatsonI know, but that doesn't really help matters13:27
cjwatsonmounting a hibernated partition that uses a journalled filesystem is enough to corrupt it13:27
xivulonalso a ro mount?13:28
cjwatsonhttp://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=417407 suggests a scheme for avoiding this13:28
ubotuDebian bug 417407 in os-prober "os-prober: protect partitions with "blockdev --setro"" [Important,Open]13:28
xivulondoesn't the iso-scan mount partitions anyway13:28
cjwatsonbut one does have to be pretty careful13:28
xivulonthat would be not much different13:28
cjwatsonhmm, yeah, I suppose iso-scan does have that problem; yet another reason it is not in the cdrom initrd :)13:28
cjwatsonthe boot arguments currently used by casper would not be accepted into upstream d-i13:29
cjwatsonI did warn you about this ages ago ;)13:30
xivulonon my side the situation is that I have C:\path\to\ISO and C:\path\to\preseed.cfg and need to convey this info over to the installer13:30
cjwatsonall d-i boot arguments used by udebs must correspond to debconf questions and must be properly namespaced13:30
cjwatsonso if you want this in d-i there's going to have to be a transition13:30
xivulonif you have any good idea on that I'd be more than happy to implement it13:30
cjwatsonthings implemented by iso-scan must generally be iso-scan/foo, etc.13:31
xivuloncasper of course has to use the initrd, while that is not required for d-i (as mentioned above), not sure if that helps matters13:31
xivulonI can do iso-scan mods, that means though that I have to use hdmedia initrd as opposed to the one found in the alternate ISO, correct?13:33
xivulonor do a netinstall skiiping isoscan (would still need preseed-scan though)13:33
xivulonon a different topic, I do not know how I missed it for so long, but there is an nsis package in the archives13:35
xivulonthis greatly simplifies the build process13:35
xivulononly thing is that I'd need v2.34 (now 2.33) since new code uses nsdialog interface which is much saner than previous implementations13:36
cjwatsonat present, iso-scan fundamentally conflicts with the normal cdrom boot process13:39
cjwatsonit might be possible to fix that in some way, but I haven't thought about it much and cannot guarantee that it's straightforward13:39
xivuloncan we have either one or the other accoring to boot arg maybe?13:40
cjwatsonwell, not right now13:40
cjwatsonthat would obviously be roughly the way to fix it but it needs some thought from a d-i developer to get it right13:41
xivulonhdmedia initrd + iso would still work though (assuming I can push the changes to hdmedia)13:42
xivuloniirc hdmedia also works for netinstallations13:42
xivulonI'd be happy with that too13:43
cjwatsonnetwork installations should generally use the netboot initrd13:44
cjwatsonhd-media doesn't include net-retriever13:45
xivulonhaven't looked at it in a while but thought that much functionality of netboot is also in hdmedia13:45
cjwatsonnet-retriever is kind of important :)13:45
cjwatsonyou can't get udebs from the network without it13:45
xivulonthen I didn't remember correctly...13:46
xivulonany reason to have different initrds as opposed of having boot switches? wouldn't think that the size would change dramatically13:47
cjwatsonthey conflict13:49
cjwatsonand actually the size is quite important and yes it does make a difference13:49
cjwatsondifferent boot methods require different sets of kernel modules13:49
cjwatsonthe netboot initrd doesn't need block device drivers, for instance; it can retrieve those later13:50
cjwatsonsimilarly the cdrom and hd-media initrds can save quite a bit of space by leaving out network drivers13:50
xivulonI am fine with it, it only makes it slightly inconvenient for people that want to use wubi in offline mode13:55
xivulonsince on top of the ISO/CD they also need to get an appropriate initrd (but only in some cases)13:55
cjwatsonI'm not saying it's perfect, just that there isn't a quick fix and that it needs some design work, that's all13:56
xivulonto conclude then I'd gess the best route might be to add an iso-scan/path parameter that will affect hdmedia13:56
cjwatsoniso-scan/filename (since the debconf question already exists)13:57
cjwatsonyes, that seems like a fairly obvious first step13:57
xivulonas for the preseed fetching I am a bit more cautious, I'd also need something similar to the above13:57
xivulondoes current local-device-preseed-fetching only affects hdmedia?13:58
xivulonin case I can simply patch that13:58
cjwatsonwell, there isn't really such a thing right now13:58
cjwatsonfile-preseed knows how to fetch a preseed file from a specified path13:59
cjwatson(about to be on the phone for two hours, sigh)13:59
xivuloncan we change (in a backward compatible way) the path syntax so that I can specify ANYDEVICE/path/to/preseed.cfg?14:00
cjwatsonI think it would be better to add a second question which says to do a device search, rather than to try to crowbar it into the syntax14:01
xivulonsee also ^ re nsis 2.34, I'll need to nag someone to have that in the archives...14:08
xivuloncjwatson the above is certainly ok for hdmedia, but not for netinstall (if block device drivers are not there I am not sure how I can preseed it)14:27
xivulonThat is only an issue for dedicated partition installation, you mentioned that if I use a local ISO with hdmedia, repartitioning is an issue, does that still hold true?14:28
xivulonI assume that using "iso-scan/filename" also in casper is not acceptable since there is no iso-scan package. But would be nice to standardize on that15:04
superm1cjwatson, I didn't actually get to test it to confirm it works.  I'll see if I can give that a go.15:05
xivulonsame with debian-installer/custom-installation (now in casper)15:05
xivulonwich includes preseed15:06
tjaaltonrootskel uploaded, hope I got it right the first time15:14
cjwatsoniso-scan/filename in casper would be OK; casper already abuses namespaces somewhat for compatibility15:23
xivulonok I'll change that, I like it better than find_iso anyway15:26
xivulonwhat about debian-installer/custom-installation within d-i? maybe scan-custom-installation/foldername?15:27
cjwatsonI am on the phone but will get back to you later15:27
xivulonpreliminary iso-scan "patch" to support preseeded filename http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54997/16:41
cjwatsonplease follow local style in terms of indentation16:51
cjwatson(indent is one tab except for case patterns which are half-indent, i.e. four spaces, to keep the depth reasonable)16:52
cjwatsonI think it would be better to just whack $DEVS and go through the normal code path, to avoid duplicating that code16:53
xivulonBug #189630 summarize above discussion16:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189630 in lupin "d-i/hdmedia should have hooks similar to the ones in lupin/casper" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18963016:53
cjwatsonand I really think this ought to be controlled by a separate preseeded variable which is off by default16:53
xivulonyou mean iso-scan/filename?16:54
cjwatsonI don't mean $DEVS, sorry, I mean the output of the directory-scanning code in the inner loop16:54
cjwatsonwell, er16:54
xivulonI just factored out try_dir since the same block would occur 3 times16:55
cjwatsonoh, um, ok, maybe I misunderstood16:55
cjwatsoncould you send an actual patch once you can16:55
xivuloncan do that tonight16:55
xivuloneven a debdiff at that :P16:55
cjwatsonI think rather than try_preseeded_filename you should just insert this into the loop that goes 'for iso in $dir/*.iso $dir/*.ISO; do'16:56
cjwatsonand have it check iso-scan/filename first and only if it's not set then do that scan16:56
cjwatsonthen it doesn't really need any refactoring AFAICS16:57
xivulonthen it should go in "for dev in devs", since I only need to check once per dev16:57
cjwatsonactually, probably should be around 'for dir in . *; do'16:57
cjwatsonsorry, hard to read code while chairing a meeting ;)16:58
evand11:00:25 < TheMuso> evand: I think atm, a series of radio buttons, as thats all that can be done from gfxboot, and I don't  think there is a need for more than one profile needed at the same time.17:03
evand11:00:43 < evand> TheMuso: fantastic, thanks17:03
evand11:00:48 < cjwatson> I actually implemented checkbox support in gfxboot-theme-ubuntu recently17:03
evand11:00:53 < cjwatson> in a hideously crude way but never mind17:03
evand11:01:01 < cjwatson> ("x  " FTW)17:03
evand11:01:11 < evand> haha17:04
evand11:01:12 < TheMuso> cjwatson: I still don't think it makes sense in this context.17:04
sorenI'm having an odd, odd problem trying to build d-i..17:09
sorenThe symptom:17:09
sorenDuring get-packages, I get:17:09
sorencyberorc: Helt sikkert. Har jævnt travlt, men det er ca. som forventet.The following packages have unmet dependencies: console-tools-udeb: Depends: libconsole (= 1:0.2.3dbs-65ubuntu6) but it is not installable17:09
sorenE: Broken packages17:09
sorenOnly this bit: The following packages have unmet dependencies: console-tools-udeb: Depends: libconsole (= 1:0.2.3dbs-65ubuntu6) but it is not installable17:09
* soren curses his mouse wheel17:09
xivulonevand thanks, I am not convinced that 1 profile is enough but if the TheMuso says so, it's fine with me17:11
sorenI can't imagine what would make libconsole uninstallable.17:13
CIA-24grub-installer: evand * r724 grub-installer.ubuntu/ (debian/changelog grub-installer):17:21
CIA-24grub-installer: * Generate a device.map when bootdev_directory is set (loop17:21
CIA-24grub-installer:  installations) (LP: #188460). Thanks Agostino Russo.17:21
sorencjwatson: Hm... the sources.list.udeb doesn't list a regular main, only the d-i one.. How is it supposed to get its hands on libconsole? Is it supposed to be a build-dependency of d-i?17:22
CIA-24grub-installer: evand * r725 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.27ubuntu317:23
sorencjwatson: Or is the main archive's absence from sources.list.udeb a bug?17:23
cjwatsonerr, you might just need to have it installed on the build system17:34
cjwatsonthe main archive should definitely not be in sources.list.udeb17:34
cjwatsonactually, why is console-tools-udeb depending on libconsole rather than libconsole-udeb? that's a bug17:35
cjwatsonI thought I fixed that ages ago17:35
cjwatsonI bet dpkg broke that on me17:35
cjwatsonudeb: libconsole 0 libconsole-udeb (= 1:0.2.3dbs-65ubuntu6)17:36
cjwatsonshlibs *look* right ...17:36
sorenIt built correctly on the buildd's as well. How odd.17:44
sorenAh, new console-tools from the day before yesterday.17:45
cjwatsonurr. any chance you could figure out why console-tools-udeb is getting the wrong dependency, despite the shlibs?17:47
cjwatsonthe change in console-tools isn't relevant AFAIK; it's a build system thing17:49
sorenWEll, I guess I'm going to have to.17:49
sorencjwatson: Sure, I was just wondering why it worked a week ago.17:49
sorencjwatson: and that explains it.17:49
cjwatsonit hadn't been built since gutsy, so I expect it needs tweaked to cope with dpkg-shlibdeps changes17:50
cjwatsonit was doing some kind of nasty stuff17:50
sorenWill you be around for the next couple of hours or later this evening?17:51
sorenMy crystal ball tells me I'll find the issue, but won't be able to tell if it's dpkg or console-tools that's doing the wrong thing.17:51
sorens/dpkg/dpkg and friends/17:51
sorencjwatson: Hrm... There's a shlibs.local, that says "libconsole0libconsole (= ${Source-Version})17:59
sorenErk.. That looks mangled here.17:59
sorencjwatson: Hrm... There's a shlibs.local, that says "libconsole 0 libconsole (= ${Source-Version})".17:59
sorencjwatson: dpkg-shlibdeps doesn't mention anything about udeb. I have literally no historical context, so I'm not sure where to point my finger.18:00
sorencjwatson: Adding the udeb: lines to shlibs.local fixes it..18:06
* soren goes to dinner. bbl.18:07
cjwatsonsoren: later as in much later18:08
cjwatsonnot the next couple of hours18:08
cjwatsonI *think* that shlibs.local should just go away18:09
cjwatsonwould be worth seeing what happens if you just rm the thing18:09
sorencjwatson_: Yeah, everything looks lovely without shlibs.local AFAICS.20:54
sorencjwatson_: Thanks for your input.20:54
cjwatson_great, thanks20:59
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
cjwatsonI like people figuring out d-i build failures for me ;)20:59
sorenI'm curious why it suddenly broke, though.21:02
sorenThat shlibs.local has been the for a looong time, apparantly.21:02
sorencjwatson: d-i's build/config/common still says "SUITE =? gutsy". I doubt that's intentional but somehow I feel I should probably ask to be sure :)21:43
cjwatsonyeah, doesn't actually matter because debian/rules overrides it, but should be fixed; go ahead21:45
cjwatsonsuddenly broke> dpkg-shlibdeps was practically rewritten ...21:45
sorenAh, yes.21:48
sorencjwatson: Ok, a bit of assistance... I'm working on the iscsi thing again. I've made changes to disk-detect and added a new udeb... How do I most easily test these things? the mini.iso d-i can build for me doesn't have the udeb's so that's not as easy as I had hoped..22:16
sorenMy apologies if this is already explained somewhere..22:16
sorenevand: Yeah, but they don't land on the mini.iso, do they?22:20
evandI thought they did, but it's been a while.22:20
sorenor am I being a muppet?22:20
sorenIt's quite conceivable that I am.22:21
evandargh, not sure then22:22
sorenEXTRAUDEBS ftw, it seems.22:24
cjwatsonfor adding a new udeb, localudebs or EXTRAUDEBS is about right22:28
cjwatsonyou might need to prod build/pkg-lists/whatever22:28
cjwatsonfor simpler changes it's often sane to just edit things on the fly in the running installer22:29
cjwatsonthat doesn't work if you add debconf templates though22:29
sorenI do.22:31
sorenBut the mini iso should do fine?22:32
sorenOr do I need to dive into debian-cd, too?22:32
cjwatsonmini.iso should do fine provided it's the cdrom one22:36
cjwatson(mini.iso is a delivery format rather than something that defines what udebs go on the image)22:36
cjwatsonif cdrom doesn't work, monolithic is the standard big hammer22:37
cjwatsonyou'll need to edit build/config/i386.cfg or similar to uncomment monolithic, and then run 'make' in build/ to get the right target name22:37
cjwatsonprobably rebuild_monolithic22:37
sorenAh... adding them to EXTRAS and cleaning and rebuilding got them into the initrd. That was what I was looking for, I guess.22:38
cjwatsonmonolithic builds all available udebs into the image22:38
sorenAh, ok.22:38
cjwatsonexcept that it doesn't need a retriever22:38
cjwatsonbecause it already has it all in the initrd22:38
cjwatsonobviously fairly giant22:38
sorenI can imagine :)22:39
sorencjwatson: I remember you said I could define /proc/cmdline aliases... Where was that again?22:41
cjwatsonin the preseed source22:41
cjwatsonI think it's /lib/preseed/preseed_aliases in the initrd22:41
cjwatsonright, early(ish) night time, I think22:42
sorenAlright. I think I have plenty to work with now. Thanks for your help.22:43
cjwatsonno problem22:43
sorencjwatson: Have you gone yet?23:04
xivuloncjwatson re iso-scan: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55035/23:26
xivulonhaven't tested it though23:26
xivulonwhen I use debuild I get "secret key not available"23:56
xivulonthe key is in my keyring, do I need to register it homehow?23:56

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