* P3L|C4N0 saludos01:42
no0ticP3L|C4N0, hola \o)01:50
P3L|C4N0o/ hola amis no0tic01:50
effie_jayxque mas P3L|C4N002:20
P3L|C4N0effie_jayx, slds02:22
no0ticeffie_jayx, hola :)02:25
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erUSULno0tic: are you op on #ubuntu ?16:08
no0ticerUSUL, no16:08
erUSULno0tic: nevermind16:09
erUSULLjL: ping16:09
erUSUL** Changed in: flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu Gutsy) Status: Fix Committed => Fix Released16:09
erUSULsomeone should change the topic and maybe asociated ubotu factoids ???16:10
LjLerUSUL: hallelujah16:11
erUSULLjL: indeed very bad pr for new users16:11
Piciis it uploaded yet?16:11
LjLerUSUL: i didn't get the update yet though16:11
LjL(i'm on es.*)16:11
LjLperhaps we should wait until it's reached most/all mirrors16:12
* Pici uploads LjL 16:12
* LjL fails checksum16:12
erUSULLjL: didn't really check... i'm suscribed to the bug and receibed the launchpad email about it16:12
LjLerUSUL: i'll set up a periodic apt-get update and change the topic as soon as i have it in the archive16:12
erUSULLjL: i used proposed so it has been fixed for me a few days ago16:12
fetovagreetings hola :)16:29
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