tormodthanks a lot00:06
rtgtormod: it'll probably take a 3-4 days to show up in the archive.00:09
rtgoff to a mardi gras party.00:09
tormodwas just back from Carneval here :)00:10
rtgI saw pictures of that in Brazil. Looks like fun. gotta go.00:11
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aboganiMorning all08:53
aboganiamitk: No way last -rt kernel flavour on amd64 with nvidia-glx-new driver didn't works.08:56
amitkabogani: so reinstalling the driver doesn't help?08:56
aboganiamitk: "apt-get remove --purge nvidia-glx-new", reinstall and reboot don't help08:57
amitkdid you try the hardy live cd?08:59
aboganiamitk: 2.6.22-14.51 no, 22-14.47 works after depmod -a, before of the 22-14.47 works fine08:59
aboganiamitk: In your opinion where should i look? 09:00
amitkabogani: have you tried the hardy live cd?09:01
aboganiamitk: Yes it works but it is -generic or i can select -rt on boot menu? :-)09:02
amitkabogani: -rt is not on the live cd. You will have to install the -rt kernel separately09:02
aboganiso i should install Hardy, right?09:03
amitktjaalton: might have some more ideas09:03
tjaaltonabogani: what was the original problem?09:06
aboganiI can't explain to myself why, with the same hw, on 32bit works great and on 64bit is broken :-(09:06
aboganitjaalton: After last (security) update of the kernel X don't want start at boot with nvidia X driver on 64bit (32bit works fine)....09:06
tjaaltonabogani: does it work if you disable usplash (nousplash on the kernel cmdline)09:06
aboganitjaalton: Kernel loading all things without warning or error. lsmod nvidia return Ok. 09:07
aboganiX tell me this: (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module! Please ensure09:08
abogani(EE) NVIDIA(0):     that there is a supported NVIDIA GPU in this system, and09:08
tjaaltonabogani: please put the full log somewhere09:08
tjaaltonalso the part from dmesg where it loaded ok09:09
aboganitjaalton: Ok09:11
aboganitjaalton: I have removed all -rt packages (linux-image-*-rt, linux-ubuntu-*-rt, linux-restricted-*-rt) and i have reinstalled the same and it works!10:37
tjaaltonabogani: good to hear :)10:38
lagatjaalton: any change #144322 will be fixed? (a bit off-topic in here, but since i just saw you here..)10:41
tjaaltonbug 14432210:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 144322 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "interlacing broken in gutsy on radeon/ati open source driver" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14432210:41
tjaaltonlaga: try the package from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XorgOnTheEdge10:42
lagatjaalton: for the ati driver?10:43
lagatjaalton: i compiled it manually from git and it didn't work a few weeks ago. of course, i'll try the package but i doubt it'll be fixed.10:44
tjaaltonlaga: then your best bet is to post your results on the upstream bug :)10:45
lagatjaalton: ah. which translates to "it'll never be fixed" because upstream is somewhat unresponsive10:48
tjaaltonlaga: alex happens to work for AMD/ATI now10:48
tjaaltonso maybe it's not high priority, but will be fixed10:49
lagawell, i figured it wouldn't be fixed because he's too busy working for them right now :) 10:49
lagathere's a workaround so i'll be OK, though10:49
amitkabogani: that is weird. We don't want to become windows, so it would be good to know what happened... ;-)11:00
ograthegodfather, dropping rpc sevices didnt help with bug 189224 ... i fear its actually the unlock thats broken for me (bug updated)11:01
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189224 in linux "sunrpc causes kernel oopses on 2.6.24-5-generic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18922411:01
aboganiamitk: sounds reasonable :-)11:07
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Kanohi rtg ,did you see that alsa 1.0.16 final is out now?16:11
rtgKano: nope, but I'll pick it up in the next couple of days.16:11
Kanoi guess not much changed16:11
Kanoit was out today16:12
tllHi, it's there a rt2x00/rt73usb module backport for the gutsy 2.6.22 kernel through the module-assistant?16:43
rtgtll: not to my knowledge. furthermore, its gonna be quite difficult because of changes in the mac80211 API.16:44
tllrtg, thanks for answering - I know I'm a bit OT here. So make-kpkg is the only way out? I fear this will break the network-manager et al. stuff.16:53
rtgtll: I have not used make-kpg in awhile. It stopped working for me during Gutsy.16:54
tllrtg, I just got lazy and stopped using kpg and debian. I hate that the kernel/userlevel interdependency breaks things - so I switch to ubuntu and hope for faster release cycles. :) So here it caught me again. And I was buying ralink for the gnu-feeling ;( 16:58
rtgtll: if you can get me open sources for the ralink drivers, I could put them in l-u-m.17:01
rtgassuming, of course, that they work with 2.6.24 and have no license restrictions.17:02
tllrtg, here: http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/rt2x00-cvs-daily.tar.gz, they should work with 2.6.24-rc1 and have no license restrictions, AFAIK, they are the only ones.  17:04
rtgtll: the rtl series are already in the kernel: rtl8187_rtl8225.c and rt2x00/17:05
tllrtg, yepp I know, so it's dist-upgrading to hardy then?17:11
Kanortg: as far as i know has rt73 problems with networkmanager17:12
rtgtll: boot the live CD first. The wireless stuff ought to work (or not as the case may be)17:12
rtgI've read that some folks are having better luck with wicd.17:13
tllrtg, thanks good idea. I will check the cd and wicd, nm is often painful. 17:14
tllKano, yes and rt73usb is really broken with gutsy and my card. I will try rt73 and wicd, maybe they'll like each other.17:19
tllhttp://wicd.sourceforge.net/wiki/doku.php?id=testing sounds like a hit, thanks. I will try now.17:23
Kanowith rt2500 others have got not problems, just rt73 seems stupid...17:23
Kanortg: wicd seesm to be a bit stupid, it shows WEP for WPA wlans..17:27
rtgKano: I didn't think WEP was possible for WPA. Perhaps its just a mis-type.17:29
Kanoit detects it false17:30
ograKano, i dont have any problems here with the recent hardy kernel and the NM 0.7 packages from asac's ppa 17:45
Kanowell i use hostap to test17:45
ograworking fine with WEP here at home as well as with th WPA in our main office ... 17:45
ograi didnt try unencrypted though 17:45
ograthat was the only mode that worked reliable in gutsy17:46
Kanoi never use wep, thats totally unsecure.. well forcing to use wpa1 worked however with that wicd17:57
maks_Kano is to lame to have an open network :)18:00
asacKano: nm 0.7?18:02
Kanoasac: 0.6.518:02
Kanousing that with hostap results in system crash after a few transfered bytes..18:02
asacKano: please try nm 0.7 from my ppa18:03
asacKano: do you use wext with wincd?18:03
asacthen try nm 0.718:04
Kanobut that wicd is not really stable18:04
Kanousually i write my network/interfaces manually 18:04
Kanowith that specific card18:04
asacbut still using wext for supplicant?18:05
asacKano: try https://edge.launchpad.net/~asac/+archive 0.7 in hardy please18:06
asacand let me know. thanks18:06
Kanoasac: i use etch + my own backports18:06
asacetch? why would this channel of any help then?18:07
Kanoasac: i use the ubuntu kernel - just a bit modified18:07
Kanoanything against reusing the kernel?18:08
asacits your system :)18:08
Kanobtw. there is no network-manager-kde in your archive18:12
asacthat doesn't exist for 0.7 yet18:13
Kanowell i need the kde interface18:14
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torkelasac: will nm 0.7 be included in hardy or is it too late already?19:04
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=== BenC changed the topic of #ubuntu-kernel to: Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | Latest kernel upload: 2.6.24-7.11 | Latest news: 2.6.24 Release in Hardy | Next meeting: Feb 12, 16:00 UTC | Kernel Team machine: http://kernel.ubuntu.com
smbmjg59: ping20:52
smbHi Matthew, I was told you would be a good contact regarding my current question of which hdaps driver might be more preferrable for ubuntu hardy. The one in the kernel or rather the one from tp-smapi (includeing the other stuff). For edgy you got tp-smapi into the kernel. But somehow stuff got dropped after that.21:04
mjg59The smapi one is probably more useful in the long run21:04
asactorkel: most likely hardy+1 (unless upstream goes final soon, which is unlikely imo)21:06
smbIt looked more recent and more powerful to me. I was wondering why nothing went into the mainline kernel. It was mentioned that this is rather due to some procedural reasons. Do you know a bit more of that history behind that?21:06
rtgmdomsch: do you know anything about USB keyboards not working on recent syslinux? Specifically on Dimension E520 and 9200. This is a change in behavior from Feisty to Gutsy.21:19
amitkmjg59: is there some question as to the provenance of the tp_smapi code?21:34
mjg59amitk: No, I think all those got answered21:35
amitksmb: ^^^21:37
smbamitk: mjg59: Hm, still the statement from Shen Multinymous was: mainline inclusion will not happen any soon.21:38
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TheMusough wrong tab23:21
mdomschrtg, nothing here23:30
mdomschhmm, though sounds somewhat familiar23:30
mdomschping hpa23:30
mdomschrtg, there was something either in syslinux or early boot that hpa had messed up briefly, but thought he had fixed23:32

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