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ubuntumany people can't install XP on their SATA systems. If Ubuntu could help with that, it would put a lot of people in contact with Ubuntu. (I for example need XP for one stupid study related program)12:49
ubuntuin other words, put nLite functionality in ubuntu (liveCD)12:50
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jendastrange suggestion13:27
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emmajaneIs "LoCo" just short for "localization"/"localized"?17:45
desertclocal community17:57
emmajaneta :)17:58
juliuxbeuno, ping pong20:19
beunojuliux, pong ping20:20
juliuxhey you are at life;)20:20
juliuxhow are you?20:20
beunojuliux, pretty good. Doin' a lot of stuff lately. Yourself?20:21
juliuxa lot of work to20:21
juliuxso not much time for ubuntu20:21
juliuxbut still active;)20:22
beunosame here20:23
beunoI've been working on bzr though20:23
jpatrickjuliux: not enough time to sponser a package for Debian by me by any chance? :)21:24
juliuxjpatrick, ???21:24
jpatrickjuliux: http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=kguitar21:25
juliuxjpatrick, i am not a developer;921:25
jpatrickopps, confused you with someone else then21:25
* jpatrick continues his search for someone who cares21:26
juliuxgood luck21:26
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