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dholbachgood morning07:47
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jussi01Hello all, which browser does ubuntu mobile use, and is flash lite available for it?12:33
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agoliveirajussi01: UME uses basically firefox with a simplified interface so flash can run on it. I don't know what "flash lite" is though.12:46
jussi01agoliveira: flash lite is the version of flash made for mbile phones...12:50
jussi01ie: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashlite/12:51
agoliveirajussi01: UME's target hardware has more than enough power to run the regular flash plugin so, unless there's some specific need, I don't see a reason to use the lite version.12:53
jussi01agoliveira: ok, great. thanks :)12:54
agoliveirajussi01: No problem!12:54
mdz_agoliveira,jussi01: if it uses less CPU (and therefore battery power), that would certainly be a good reason to use it13:54
agoliveiramdz_: For what I've quickly gathered, I don't think we can use it. I've seen references to symbian, brew and arm processors only but, anyway, I didn't go much deeper.14:00
agoliveiraI found a FAQ that says: Does Flash Lite 2.1 support Linux? Flash Lite 2.1 can be ported to many real­time operating systems including Linux®. We are not 14:02
agoliveiraoffering a downloadable version of Flash Lite 2.1 on Linux at this time. 14:02
tonyespyamitk: ping16:46
Jay-laptop#launchpad-meeting 17:21
amitktonyespy: pong18:26
tonyespyamitk: i'm just putting together an email re: kernel sync, the ppa, and git trees...  right now i'm not able to build against the version of the hardy kernel in the ppa cause i can't match it to a corresponding tagged git tree...18:27
tonyespyamitk:  i'm mid-way thru composing the email... so give me a minute or two and i'll send it18:28
amitktonyespy: I will answer the email in a bit then.. dinner time18:28
tonyespyamitk: cool, thanks18:29
smagounbfiller_: Mithrandir the epoch has crept back into the hildon-desktop version number. Is that intentional? It happened at 1:0.0.43-1ubuntu1, so it's been that way for awhile. 19:32
bfiller_smagoun: what is the epoch?19:32
smagounthe 1: at the front of the version number19:32
bfiller_smagoun: right19:33
smagounlooks like horace li put it there, the h-d changelog suggests that Mithrandir's removed it once already19:33
bfiller_anyone know the best way to fix an amd64 build problem - compiler doesn't like a cast from gboolean to gpointer19:55
agoliveirabfiller_: Don't bother. We are not using it on amd64 platform anyway.19:59
agoliveirabfiller_: I mean, unless you want to fix it for the sake of fixing :)20:00
bfiller_agoliveira: just to have good form :)20:02
bfiller_agoliveira: so I don't get yelled at by anybody:)20:02
smagounagoliveira: we need all the motu points we can get20:03
agoliveirasmagoun: Can I give you mine? (If I actually have any, of course :) )20:03
suihkulokkibfiller_: libhildonhelp?20:10
bfiller_suihkulokki: what about libhildonhelp?20:11
suihkulokkibfiller_: is that where you have the gboolean issue?20:12
bfiller_suihkulokki: no, it's in a patch that I recently created (04_container_visibility.patch). I think I have a fix though, as I was doing something pretty dumb20:13
suihkulokkibfiller_: ok, I just fixed there a similar problem using GINT_TO_POINTER20:14
bfiller_suihkulokki: cool, I think I can use that macro as well. Thanks for the tip.20:14
* agoliveira sometimes makes some stupid english errors and notices just *after* send the email. Frustrating...20:23
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GrueMasterSo, can someone explain why a fresh install of MIC only installs the 2.6.22 kernel when building an Ubuntu-Hardy image when using menlow-lpia-ubuntu-hardy-ppa platform?21:48
smagounGrueMaster: It installs a 2.6.24 kernel when using that platform, I just made one. When you installed from the USB drive to the target, did the boot prompt give you an option of which kernel to pick?21:54
amitkGrueMaster: fresh install of MIC from where? Hardy or git tree?21:57
GrueMasterSorry.  Had my back turned.  I do a daily git pull of MIC from moblin.org as part of my support work.22:28
GrueMastersmagoun:  I have a script that does my project builds, basically feeding MIC with cmdline options.  It makes the project first, then the target, then adds the fsets.  I also tried this all manually using the GUI.  What I end up with is the 2.6.22-14-lpia kernel in the target/<target>/fs/boot directory.  No 2.6.24 kernel.22:30

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