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jdongcharles_: when you get a chance, can you weigh in on bug 189439? I have a feelign it might errupt into a huge mess unless someone authoritative weighs in :)15:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189439 in transmission "Transmission should use a temp-dir to exclude from indexing" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18943915:10
charles_my first reaction is that storing torrents in a temporary directory is a recipe for unhappy users who wonder why part of their torrent has disappeared15:23
jdongcharles_: right, I disagree with a temporary torrent dir too15:24
jdongcharles_: it's a UI complication to deal with a problem via a workaround15:24
jdonga dirty hack that complicates Transmission for everyone15:24
jdongI recall on OS X transmission can tell spotlight to leave an active torrent alone15:25
jdongI wonder if there's a similar call for tracker15:25
charles_it also makes me think of http://trac.transmissionbt.com/ticket/685 which I was submitted yesterday15:25
charles_does trackerd know to ignore g_get_user_special_dir()?15:26
jdongcharles_: jamiemcc in #ubuntu-devel is the tracker author, he'd be a good one to talk to about this15:27
jdonghopefully you guys can come up with a solution that's also applicable to other P2P type apps15:27
charles_jdong: thanks for the heads-up15:42
charles_if the feb 14 release of trackerd has an `ignore' API, will Transmission be able to get a release in after that to utilize it?15:43
jdongcharles_: yes, I will file a feature freeze exception if the changes are small, or backport the patch if the new release is too intrusive :)15:58
jdongbut one way or another, we will fix this thing before release15:58

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