Ubuletteasac, ephy crashes on me now.00:04
Ubulettemaybe it needs a respin against a fresher xul.00:05
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asacUbulette: yes ... i saw the same crash yesterday ... thats why i asked if it still works for you or so ;)08:46
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asac[reed]: who are the key bug/qa people for firefox/mozilla?10:06
[reed]I'll answer that later. I'm going to bed now.10:17
asac[reed]: sleep well10:33
asacUbulette: something broke the dont_install_so_in_dev.patch ... the links are not created in my package anymore15:02
asacdoing a rebuild from latest bzr now to verify15:02
asac(well from the one from yesterday)15:03
asacUbulette: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4252/15:03
asaci noticed it because packages that use dependent glue now fail to build15:03
asac(but i am sure it previously didn't)15:04
asacthe sdk/lib dir should contain links to all .so files15:04
asacdo you still have those in your -dev install?15:04
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jimmy_asac: ping18:46
Ubuletteasac, i've fixed it locally18:56
asacjimmy_: Ubulette: out for some travel ... bbl18:56
jimmy_asac: can i ask u a quck question?18:57
asacjimmy_: back21:03
asacjimmy_: usually just ask ... not ask to ask ;)21:06
asacin that way a more asnychrounous conversion can still take place ;)21:06
Ubuletteasac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/4266/21:08
jimmy_asac: we integrated the grabanddrag add-on to the mid browser's extension directory, and it builds fine, and it's working, however, Carl has problem getting the deb package to build, because the extension is not being packaged up correctly when he uses pbuilder21:08
Ubuletteasac, nsIXPCNativeCallContext is gone now21:08
jimmy_the extension gets build in the /dist/xpi-stage directory, not the in dist/bin/extensions21:08
asacjimmy_: you should make a separate subpackage out of it21:09
asaclike what we did for dom-inspector (which you disabled anyway)21:09
asacjimmy_: yes, the make install target is now implemented in a tricky fashion21:09
asacthe rules are in xulrunner/installer ... or something21:09
jimmy_we want it behave like the dom inspector21:10
[reed]asac: so, are you talking about MoCo QA people or triagers in general? Also, are you talking about only Firefox or Mozilla in general?21:10
jimmy_Carl is doing a hack now to copy the extension over to the bin/extensions directory because he needs to check stuff in the PPA by today, but we need to fix it the right way21:10
asac[reed]: context?21:12
[reed]<asac> [reed]: who are the key bug/qa people for firefox/mozilla?21:12
asacjimmy_: i will let you know tomorrow ... please don't do any hacks till then21:12
asacwill send a mail21:12
asac[reed]: right ... moco QA + triagers ... mostly firefox/xulrunner i guess21:13
asacjimmy_: ok?21:13
Ubuletteasac, epy now ftbfs since mozilla bug 411327 landed21:13
ubotuMozilla bug 411327 in XPConnect "nsIXPCNativeCallContext should not inherit from nsISupports" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41132721:13
jimmy_asac: so r u gonna look at it?21:13
jimmy_if so, I'll let Carl know so he doesn't check anything in yet21:14
asacjimmy_: i will tell you how to properly do it ... most likely i won'Tdo it on my own though21:14
jimmy_asac: yeah, sure, but we were asked to check everything in by today21:14
[reed]so, we have a number of MoCo QA people who go through bugs and triage things, and then we have a group of volunteer triagers who go through new bugs and send them off to their proper places. What type of info are you looking for on them?21:14
asacjimmy_: well ... go ahead and check in ... we can backout later then21:15
jimmy_asac: because i think u guys are cutting the beta RC tomorrow, right?21:15
jimmy_asac: ok21:15
asacjimmy_: maybe tell carl that he should backout his singleton hacks from widget/ et al21:16
asacas well21:16
jimmy_asac: ok21:16
asacjimmy_: i think he already told me that those are not needed anymore ... maybe he already did it, but i want to doa system-xulrunner enabled build this week21:17
asacso just remind him about that :)21:17
asac[reed]: our QA team wants to know the most important QA people from upstream projects. no idea who that might be for mozilla/firefox :)21:18
jimmy_asac: I just told Carl, he said there's no singleton hack now21:19
[reed]asac: hmm, for what reason?21:19
jimmy_asac: for now, he'll just check in the hack to manually copy the extension into the bin/extensions directory, and it seems to work fine, so I'll just wait till you show me how to do it like the dom inspector21:20
jimmy_i need to work on something else now21:20
asacjimmy_: good21:21
jimmy_allright, thanks21:21
asac[reed]: i think they want to send out invites for a small bugmaster (sub-)summit at UDS21:21
Ubuletteasac, i've committed the symlink fix21:26
asacUbulette: what regressed it?21:31
Ubulettei haven't checked that21:34
Ubuletteprobably the order in which things happen21:34
asacUbulette: i verified that the links are in debian/tmp and debian/xulrunner-1.9-dev after build21:57
Ubulettewell, the initial $(wildcard) was against the full installed path (ie /usr/lib/xulblabla) so it was obviously wrong21:59
Ubuletteanyway, it's fixed & clean now22:00
Ubuletteyeaaah, patch for mozilla bug 344818 committed :)22:14
ubotuMozilla bug 344818 in Build Config "Linking - missing library deps" [Major,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34481822:14
Ubuletteis the Get Addons recommendation list a kind of random roulette ?22:37
UbuletteI sometimes see 1 addon listed there, I restart and retry, it's gone22:38

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