Eggheadhaving trouble with lirc and pvr-150 cards, got two cards installed, one with ir and one without, could lirc be tring to the wrong card?00:01
Eggheadoops, trying to connect to the wrong card?00:02
npurcifulhey whats going on00:30
npurcifulsuperm1:  no trunk build this week?00:31
directhexit went to the wrong place by the look of it. 0.20-fixes users reported a sudden silly version jump00:34
alexvd_directhex: do you use digital audio out?00:36
directhexi do, actually00:36
directhexthis is your lucky day, really00:37
alexvd_any chance it is a envy chipset00:37
alexvd_directhex: I cant get my digital audio out to work.  My analog works fine but not digital out via optical.00:38
directhexit's bog standard intel hda00:38
directhexisn't there some utility for messing with envy boards? let me check00:38
directhexenvy24control, alsa-tools-gui package00:39
alexvd_directhex: any issue with the optical out for intel. I thought thier was some kind of issue?00:39
directhexnot that i've noticed. just flipped the IEC958 switch, and it JustWorked(tm)00:40
alexvd_shoot i have that on the mobo right now.  but i was told that it was wonky00:40
npurcifulme too Audigy (creative)00:40
alexvd_going to pull that card00:40
directhexno joy with envy24control ?00:42
lime4x4wierd error with nvc no password configured for VNC auth01:03
lime4x4i get the above error when trying to vnc into the mythbox01:04
lime4x4it was working then i had to reboot the box01:04
famiconfuck this DVB-C shit is hard02:11
* famicon hates kernel hacking02:11
rhpot1991!ohmy | famicon02:11
ubotufamicon: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:11
famiconwhy is everyone allways so offended02:14
famiconi mean02:15
famiconits not like i'm raping schoolgirls or anything02:15
rhpot1991I'm just telling you to be careful02:16
rhpot1991there is a code of conduct and you can get yourself banned for offensive language02:16
superm1particularly https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:17
famiconrhpot1991, do you happen to be an aspie by any chance02:18
superm1famicon, seriously watch what you are saying02:18
rhpot1991all I did was warn you out of courtesy so you don't get in trouble, go ahead and get yourself banned02:19
famiconyeah i know02:19
famiconi know02:19
famiconI jsut get annoyed at times about the whole "language" thing02:20
famiconI just don't understand why on earth people could be offended by it02:20
superm1you don't know the age of everyone in the channel02:21
superm1so there is a chance that youngsters may be in here02:21
superm1or watching over a parent's shoulder02:21
superm1its just to be courteous02:21
famiconwell, kids use bad language all the time02:21
famiconwhats the big deal02:21
superm1sure some kids do02:21
superm1but not all02:21
superm1and some parents try to not expose their kids02:21
famiconwell those people should be gassed02:22
famiconbut that's my personal view02:22
famicondoesnt mean i go enforce it on to others02:22
superm1it's the same reason there is a rating system on movies02:22
superm1and tv02:23
superm1so parents dont have to expose their kids to it if they would prefer not to02:23
famiconyeah but that's stupid02:23
famiconcause by the time they enter the real world those kids will get maimed02:23
superm1you're welcome to that opinion, but just respect the rules of #ubuntu* IRC channels02:24
famiconjawohl mein fuhrer!02:24
famicono dammit02:25
famiconjust godwinned myself02:25
famiconok, you win, I'll be good02:25
npurcifulfailed again02:25
superm1the failed reason this time is different however02:26
superm1looks like some faac changes upstream02:26
superm1i wonder why hardy didn't hit these02:27
npurcifuli dont know02:27
npurcifuli wounder if i can build the plugin from source, manage to built mythtv02:34
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kmythhow can i get mythbuntu to stop defaulting to 1600x1024 upon login?  i set it to 1280x720 and it just goes back to 1600x1024 upon reboot.03:16
slestaki have a gutsy mythbox that has been working fine for a couple of weeks.03:29
slestakmaybe 1 week ago, i started getting errors on recording saying the file for a recording is not avaialable (going from memory)03:29
slestakim looking at mythfrontend.log right now, and when i move the ui to the recording that throws an error, it appears to be looking for the wrong filename.03:30
rhpot1991check for errors in /var/log/mythtv03:30
slestakthe file it is logging as missing is 2008-02-05 22:28:45.052 Error: File '/var/lib/mythtv/recordings/1351_20080205200000.mpg' missing.03:31
rhpot1991verified that its missing?03:31
slestaknote the timestamp is 2008020520000, abt 2.5 hours ago03:31
slestakthe recording in question was recordewd on 2/3, and is present, its name is03:32
slestakjust a sec03:32
slestakand it plays fine in totem03:32
rhpot19911351_20080205200000.mpg != 1352_20080203005500.mpg03:33
slestakit just seems that FE is confused about the filename for that recording.  none of my recording in 2-3 days have worked.03:33
slestakrhpot1991: yes, you are right03:33
slestakbut when i click on Nova, it tries to read the 20080205 mpg (which does not exist.)  i dont know haow it got that filename.03:34
slestakive rebooted this machine, and the problem persists.03:35
slestakwhat is the part of the mpg filename before the underscore?03:36
slestakrecording number?03:36
rhpot1991should be channel ID03:36
rhpot1991then date03:36
slestakbasically, in its current state, i can play no new recordings, only recording from before 2/203:37
slestaklive tv works03:37
slestakwell, guess i'll lurk over at m-u03:39
rhpot1991can't say I've ever seen that happen, keep an eye out and see if anyone has an answer for you03:40
npurcifulhah it final built (mythplugins that is)03:44
slestakrhpot1991: got a hint, maybe what is going on.03:47
slestaki think at 8pm, a second showing of the same show was aired03:48
slestakso i have an mpeg from 2/3, and the FE says the show is from 2/503:48
rhpot1991the backend should be smart enough to know which one it recorded03:49
rhpot1991also you had a channel ID off, I think03:49
rhpot1991were they on different channels?03:49
slestaklet me double check i read that correctly03:49
slestaki read it wrong, they are both 135203:50
rhpot1991ok, that makes more sense03:50
slestakthat is just a guess that it was seconf showing, i wonder if it would work if i watched it before the second showing arrived?03:50
rhpot1991did it record both?03:51
slestakno, just the first03:51
slestakwonder if i tried to watch, while the secod showing was running?03:52
slestakthe same show is scheduled twice tomorrow, but it is marked as alreay recorded.03:52
slestaki just scheduled a 30 minute show starting in 10 minutes, see what happens03:54
rhpot1991check your recording file and see whats in there03:54
slestakwow, i need an ntp server for that box03:54
rhpot1991I have seen a recording accidentally contain 2 recordings before, for the life of me I can't recall what the cause was03:54
slestakits 3 minutes different from my laptop ;)03:54
slestaksometimes i have trouble watching a show that is currently being recorded.  i should be able to do that shouldnt i?03:56
slestaksays the tuner is alreay in use03:56
npurcifulslestak: uhh sudo install ntp03:57
npurcifulforgot the apt-get03:57
slestaki'll get arond to it.  the recording problem is a bigger issue right now03:57
* npurciful is updating to the latest SVN to break stuff that works03:58
npurcifulahh, i like a challenge03:59
slestakcrud.  looks liek up to a ft of snow tonight.04:00
slestakguess i better put thi sup so i can shovel in the morning04:00
npurcifuleverything works04:07
superm1kmyth, modify your xorg.conf04:10
superm1to take out that res04:11
npurcifulso superm1 what was the causing the problem04:13
superm1npurciful, faad in gutsy and hardy are different04:13
superm1so in hardy there is a pathc that isn't necessary in gutsy04:14
superm1didnt become apparent though until this build04:14
npurcifuli see04:15
npurcifuli am callin it anight later04:25
MythbuntuGuest19is there any way to use the windows media center remote and transmitter to control my satillite box05:03
superm1easily in 7.10... no05:06
superm1in 8.04 its a lot easier05:06
superm1( when that comes out )05:06
MythbuntuGuest19I have 7.1005:06
MythbuntuGuest19when does 8.04 come out05:07
MythbuntuGuest99with mceusb transmitter can I change channels on my satellite box05:14
MythbuntuGuest52can I use a mceusb transmitter to change channels on my satellite box05:19
npurcifulanyone awake in here still05:32
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rhpHi all. I am experiencing crashes of mythfrontend when I try to export recordings to DVD. Also selecting the different steps is quite slow, but after "Create DVD" the mythfrontend window disappears. I do not see any logging that could indicate problems. Ideas?07:54
rhpHi all. I am experiencing crashes of mythfrontend when I try to export recordings to DVD. Also selecting the different steps is quite slow, but after "Create DVD" the mythfrontend window disappears. I do not see any logging that could indicate problems. Ideas?16:03
Tar1try running mythfronted from a terminal16:04
Tar1that should give you some useful output to shed light on the problem16:04
rhpNo difference.16:04
rhpIt seems as if someone just programmed a exit(1) somewhere.16:04
* Tar1 shrugs16:07
directhex|bsp0.20.2? 0.20 was hairy at times when making dvds16:14
npurcifulstrange error flushing buffer ... VIDIOCGCHAN: Invalid argument16:31
npurcifulI am using SVN 15784, the error causes backend to go to 107% recording NTSC broadcast. Anyone know anything about this error?16:32
npurcifulit records fine with the error, i just am looking to figure out if there is a really bug here16:35
npurcifulI have checked trac, googled and removed cards and reinstalled them16:36
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akuma624downloading the ISO right now18:47
npurcifulstrange error flushing buffer ... VIDIOCGCHAN: Invalid argument? I am using SVN 15784, the error causes backend to go to 107% recording NTSC broadcast v4l card. Anyone know anything about the error!20:20
chuk1is the mythbuntu 8.04 alpha avail for public download?22:06
npurcifulsuperm1: you there?23:33

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