konqui-89Oh, thanks. I appreciate being enlightened. But I definately wouldn't have been so disrespectful had I known they were a moderator. Also, I apologized already for all that I had done to infringe upon the channel rules. I understand that you have to enforce your authority but after all this do you honestly think I am going to cause trouble again? Its not like I repeatedly spammed the room, harassed users or caused a major disturban00:01
konqui-89ce. I violated a few rules in a way that is miniscule compared to what people usually get BANNED for.00:02
Seveasso you are disrespectful to people who are not ops?00:02
Seveasnow that's an attitude that's not welcome00:02
SeveasI think you're gonna cause trouble more often, and if memory serves my you have done so before00:03
konqui-89Do you honestly think you are doing your job by banning somone who is just looking for help? If I just wanted to cause problems with people, dont you think I would have moved on to a new group of people now??00:04
Seveasyou were looking for help with knoppix -- after pointing out you were in the wrong place you got offensive00:05
PriceChildkonqui-89, would you like to publically change your opinion on the difference in treatment of operators and other users?00:05
Seveasyes, ompaul did his job by banning you00:05
Seveasbedtime here00:06
konqui-89PriceChild, No. I would definately be more hesitant/apprehensive to refute an op 00:07
PriceChildDo ops deserve better treatment?00:07
konqui-89not that I take pleasure in arguing with people for the hell of it00:07
LjL... refute00:07
konqui-89ops deserve the respect that the channel rules command i guess00:08
PriceChildthe channel guidelines demand no extra respect for ops than any other user00:08
LjLso does everyone else00:08
naliothkonqui-89: i suspect you're missing the point that is trying to be made here  :(00:08
konqui-89No im just not going to abandon common sense00:08
konqui-89I understand that in order to be part of a productive, active and enjoyable enviornment everyone must be respected, not just ops.00:09
konqui-89I imagine thats the point that is being hinted at, correct, nalioth?00:09
konqui-89Look, I've made an honest attempt at trying to settle this with an honest apology and promise of future respect. I am about to stop wasting my time.00:10
LjLyes, i do suggest you come back at a later stage.00:11
konqui-89You're really going to just ignore my pleas like this...00:11
LjLeh, it's been discussed, i don't think it's been ignored00:12
PriceChildkonqui-89, several of us dislike your opinion of how operators should get better treatment. I'm pretty sure we also believe that this is a sign of several other ways you disagree.00:13
konqui-89I dont see the logic in keeping the ban. This is not what I would call customer support. Even if I didnt BUY ubuntu, I've invested time into downloading and installing it. I've invested hours into learning it. Thats about as valuable as money. So after all that, this is the support that I get???00:13
naliothkonqui-89: sometimes we make hard choices.00:13
konqui-89How many of you guys have a social work degree that allows you to psycho analyze me over the internet?00:13
LjLkonqui-89: we don't have any sort of technical support certification either, so we aren't really the best people to seek support from.00:14
LjLalso, you're now clearly trolling.00:14
konqui-89Because I dont know you personally but I do know that psycho-analysis cannot be done in a chat room.00:14
* PriceChild imagines if irc experience lead to recognised qualifications.00:14
konqui-89I remember one of the KEY factors of linux being the community support. Its a pillar in the usability of the software.00:15
LjLyes, and respect.00:15
konqui-89Im being denied a great portion of the "LONG TERM SUPPORT" from this choice.00:15
naliothkonqui-89: did you have anything further?00:15
jdongkonqui-89: none of us in this room are being paid. We do this out of love for the project and there's nothing obligating us to put up with negativity00:16
LjLLTS as in Long Term Support is what is provided by Canonical commercially.00:16
LjLYou still have that option.00:16
ubotuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org00:16
konqui-89Two of which have been tried for my circumstance.00:16
LjLfine, you still have the paid support option, where you're actually entitled to support.00:17
LjLhere, you're only entitled to seek support, and only so while abiding by the irc guidelines. you didn't, and we deem that your ban should stay set for a longer time. that is our decision. you had the opportunity to discuss this, but we didn't change our minds.00:18
LjLplease come back at a later stage if you so desire. bye.00:18
konqui-89Okay, what have I done wrong here. Its honestly grating on my nerves that you guys still proclaim that I am a disturbance when I have only been diplomatic.00:18
konqui-89You, obviously have no respect for your users. Its incredibly apparent.00:19
* pleia2 winces a bit at the nick "DirtySanchez" in #xubuntu00:22
jdongjust came back up00:33
PriceChildjdong, that was quick.00:38
PriceChildpleia2, I can understand people finding jackass "funny" but sanchez... dearie me...00:38
ubotuThere are people around who think it is funny to abuse a bug in certain routers by sending invalid DCC commands. When bitten by this bug ops in #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit02:28
m0nkhey LjL you around?03:36
m0nki am just wondering if today is my luckyday and my ban could be lifted03:37
=== robotgee1 is now known as robotgeek
xxploithello, it seems im affected by this router bug, i guess it just started happening a little bit ago cause i was on the ubuntu channel just a bit ago then all of a sudden i cant get in, can some1 help?06:35
jussi01xxploit: have you read and followed the instructions?07:22
jussi01xxploit: so the automatic test didnt help?07:24
xxploiti changed the port for xchat07:25
xxploitdidnt do anything07:25
xxploiti can still get in my other channels07:25
xxploitbut not unbuntu07:25
jussi01xxploit: so what happened when you typed test me in that channel?07:26
xxploitjust disconnects then reconnects07:27
xxploitand i get put bak into the read topic channel07:28
jussi01xxploit: ok, so what does the topic say to do next (you havent done it ;)07:29
xxploitfirmware? or join this channel07:30
xxploitsays join this channel and ask to be tested by an op07:31
xxploiti thought thats wat i was asking for?07:31
jussi01there we go. 07:31
xxploitso can you test me? =)07:32
jussi01anyway, you will need to wait for one of the #ubuntu ops to help you. 07:32
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (bullgard4)08:20
ubotuastro76 called the ops in #ubuntu (dimcho23)08:31
jimcooncatI got kicked from #ubuntu while leaving my channel open overnite. Sorry if that's not a good thing. I tested with #ubuntu-read-topic, and my connection was reset with no other feedback. Now things are ok -- but is there anything I should do?09:04
Tm_Tjimcooncat: theres nothing wrong in idling09:06
Tm_Tfurther help stand by and someone will help :)09:06
jimcooncatThanks Tm_T09:06
no0ticjimcooncat, if you have been bounced to read-topic, probably you need to change your connection to freenode. Did you read the wiki page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit ?09:08
jimcooncatYes, I read it. I should change my port? I was hoping the automatic test would tell me.09:09
no0ticjimcooncat, if you failed the automatic test, yes09:09
no0ticjimcooncat, fail = connection reset09:09
jimcooncatthanks no0tic, that part wasn't obvious09:10
jimcooncatno0tic: is this a concern for other servers, too? I frequent OFTC.09:10
no0ticjimcooncat, this concern your own router09:11
jimcooncatno0tic: it's a new router. I'm surprised it has a vulnerability out of the box, but what should I expect from Walmart? Thanks.09:12
no0ticjimcooncat, change your connection port to 8001 and go to #ubuntu-read-topic type "test me" and if you don't disconnect again (you shouldn't), move here and wait for an op to unban you09:16
jimcooncatno0tic: I'm doing the change, but I'm not currently banned from #ubuntu09:17
no0ticjimcooncat, sorry, I thought you were09:18
jimcooncatno0tic: I'm back using port 8001, but the Floodbot won't accept my nick to test me. Strange. 09:21
no0ticjimcooncat, as said before I'm not an op, wait for one to assist you09:22
jimcooncatno0tic: sorry, I missed that. I guess I'm ok now anyway.09:22
jimcooncatI'll stay on the channel a while for an op09:23
xxploithow long does it take for an op to come and test?09:29
Tm_TI could test if I knew how or have time to learn now09:30
Tm_Tsorry 'bout it, I'm quite busy atm09:30
xxploitwell ive probably been here like more than an hour lol09:30
Tm_Txxploit: that is very short time in human life, patience ;)09:32
ubotupopey called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:20
ubotudgjones called the ops in #ubuntu (alpaco)10:20
nemilarany ops awake?10:20
ubotunemilar called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:22
nemilar[alpaco] (n=srv@ alpaco        is being: offensive, a troll, obnoxious, a potty mouth, a bot-abuser... the list goes on10:23
nemilar<alpaco> I'M A NEWB MIDDLE-EASTER TROLL10:24
nemilarstuff like that.10:24
ubotuahmadinejad called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:26
ubotunemilar called the ops in #ubuntu ()10:26
nemilaryo dgjones are you an op in #ubuntu ?10:27
nemilarplease please please for the love of all that is holy say yes10:27
dgjonesis there anybody around that can have a look at #ubuntu10:27
dgjonesnemilar, nope, i'm here for the same reason you are10:27
nemilardarn it10:27
nemilarit broadcasts a message in here everytime someone !ops but still, I mean, this is getting rediculously annoying 10:27
popeymez, alpaco is trolling / offensive10:28
nemilar<3 we love you mez10:28
Mezpopey, no user iun there called alpaco10:29
popeyhe may have changed nicks10:29
popeyi ignore nick changes10:29
Mezfinally tracked him down10:30
nemilaryou're the man now, dog!10:30
popeythanks Mez 10:31
dgjonesMez, this was a whois i did when he started http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/54973/10:31
MezI managed to get the ban in place quite easily ;) just not the kick10:31
Mezdoesn't he have to wait till April this year for that ?10:33
dgjonesMez, Its early, middle of March this year, but i'll leave now anyway10:34
MezI thought easter was april this year10:34
elkbuntuhe may have missed a letter in his eager typing10:56
ubotuIn ubotu, popey said: pulseaudio is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio11:02
jussi01Hmmm, did anyone else get spammed with: [13:46] <Ajenomoto> #Linuxers on Dalnet needs some good company and good channel operators. wana join? type /server -m irc.dal.net and join #Linuxers to see. ??11:48
jussi01nalioth: can you do something about that?11:49
Mezjussi01, about 17 hours ago - hes11:59
jussi01Mez: weird, i got it ~ 15 mins ago12:00
elkbuntujussi01, i believe it's the same tard that's been doing it for days12:14
elkbuntuthe staff are constantly chasing him around12:15
no0ticjussi01, me too12:18
no0ticjussi01, 4 minutes ago12:18
ubotuBodsda called the ops in #ubuntu ()12:22
Piciyeesh, lots of ops hilights in my backlog for last night.12:29
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
jussi01Pici: yeah, was a busy night...12:32
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
LjLeh no14:27
axodHi is there any chance of having a ban from #ubuntu lifted?14:27
LjLyou can't greet someone who hasn't yet joined the channel14:27
LjLaxod: chance? yes.14:28
LjLwhy were you banned?14:28
axodfor using a web client lol14:28
ubotuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as !TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks14:28
axodit's an understandable restriction for random web clients that don't pass on information14:28
LjLPici: in fact, those three were all clones. dunno how i didn't notice the first time14:29
PiciLjL: *headdesk*14:29
axodPici: we have a cloak for our webclient14:29
LjLaxod: yes but the cloak doesn't allow identifying the user, who can then go on to use web clients to "dodge" bans for instance14:29
axodit'd be really nice to allow access to our users though14:29
axodLjL: the users IP is in the username, and their host is in the realname14:30
axodand afaik in the cloak14:30
LjLaxod: but still a ban on the hostname won't pass on to the cloak14:31
LjLit banning by IP worked...14:31
Dave2the IP is in the ident14:31
axodbut a ban on the user works fine14:31
axodI haven't seen any other channels with this restriction for us,14:31
LjLDave2: yes but if i ban host86-129-150-213.range86-129.btcentralplus.com, axod when using the gateway isn't banned14:31
axodit's just a shame14:31
Dave2you can ban *!?=[IP in hex]@gateway/* , and that'll ban a user from most places14:31
LjLDave2, not what i'm saying14:31
LjLDave2: what i'm saying is: a user first joins with their normal account14:32
LjLthey get themselves banned14:32
LjLthey find a web gateway, and join from that14:32
LjLthey get themselves banned14:32
LjLthey find another gateway, and join from that14:32
LjLrepeat the process14:32
axodI was under the impression the "x-afac4833d922d1f1" in the cloak was related to my username/realname IP info14:32
axodand so you could ban on that14:32
Dave2axod, it's not, it's random14:32
axodhmm not su useful then14:32
LjLaxod: let me try something, please rejoin14:32
axodstill, banning on user works14:32
Dave2LjL, well, they'd only do that process once, since CGI:IRC and mibbit share the same format for identifying users14:33
axodLjL: there aren't *all* that many gateways14:33
LjLaxod: see, banning by IP normally works for cloaked users14:33
LjLbut not with gateway cloaks14:33
axodit's a shame freenode don't do webirc14:33
LjL(this is your IP yes)14:33
axodso you have to ban on the hexip part14:34
LjLaxod: yes but that's not the same ban that we can put on a user who's connected directly... if freenode could match the IP automatically, that would be nice14:34
PriceChildI think LjL's point, is that a ban on someone using a real irc connection, won't stop them just joining on a web proxy.14:35
LjLso i could ban your IP, and the gateway cloak corresponding to that IP would get banned14:35
PriceChildWhich means extra work.14:35
LjLbut that's not the case14:35
axodtrue... you have to ban them twice14:35
LjLaxod: not only that, but we're unlikely to find out they're the same user in the first place, unless we already suspect that14:35
axodit's just a shame our users can get on all other channels,14:35
axodbut not #ubuntu etc14:35
LjLaxod: i mean, sure, the IP is there, but in the realname it's not precisely easy to match it unless you know it already14:36
axodI think you're assuming most people are evil though14:36
PiciWe get a lot of abuse from people using webclients unforunately.14:36
axodhow do you know?14:36
axodthey can't get on the channel14:36
Jack_SparrowIt is more of a shame that all users dont behave themselve14:36
PiciHow? Because we've experimented with lifting the bans before.14:36
LjLaxod, no, we assume a large percentage of people joining from gateways are using it as a proxy to dodge bans14:36
LjLand that's an assumption based on experience unfortunately14:37
axodok, well, it's a shame. Mibbit does not have that intention. Clearly states that their info will be passed along14:37
axodwe even track and count kicks for abusive people14:37
axodbut if that's still your policy, I guess I'll have to stick with it14:37
LjLaxod: another problem - your gateway gives that information14:38
LjLbut do all other gateways (which have freenode cloaks) do the same?14:38
LjL(genuine question, i'm not very sure)14:38
axodmost likely not no14:39
axodso lift the ban for mibbit and not others :)14:39
LjLaxod, but that isn't possible14:39
LjLthere isn't a ban on mibbit14:39
LjLthere is a generic ban on gateways14:39
axodyou can't make an exception for gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com ?14:39
LjLaxod: no, because an except would make it impossible to ban anyone from mibbit14:40
axodok so the other question though,14:40
axodyou ban web proxies that freenode knows about and cloaks14:40
axodwhat about the rest?14:40
LjLaxod, when i realize that something is a proxy, i do ban14:40
axodsurely because I have a cloak setup, taken steps to make things work get rid of abusers etc, that should make things better....14:41
LjLaxod, i understand your point of view14:41
LjLaxod: look, perhaps it would be possible to arrange a different cloak with freenode, for gateways such as yours which provide the hostname information (hopefully in a standard way)14:41
axodsure. It's just irritating for me..14:42
LjLaxod: so we could ban the kind of cloak that doesn't14:42
axodthat would be cool, I've asked freenode about WEBIRC, but I'm not sure they surrport it currently14:42
LjLaxod: and i suppose we can think of technical ways to alert us when someone who's banned joins from a gateway14:42
LjLaxod: what is WEBIRC?14:42
axodfor servers such as irc.mozilla.org we do WEBIRC which allows us to spoof the host. So these problems go away14:42
LjLaxod: i.e. to directly show the user's hostname in the mask?14:43
LjLwell that would be the smoother solution i suppose14:43
axodwe tell the ircd server their hostname and it shows up exactly as a direct connection would14:43
axodI've sent freenode staff another email about it, so I'll see what they say14:44
axodI do understand what you say about abusive people and dodging bans etc. It's a tough problem14:44
LjLaxod: well, lacking that, though, if you could have a cloak like gateway/web-ident/* (or something, meaning that your users' host is given in the realname field, or wherever) instead of gateway/web/*, that would allow channels to just ban the latter cloak14:44
axodah ok, sure. Perhaps I'll suggest that to freenode also14:45
axodthanks for the help/ideas, I don't mean to moan, but I'm sure you understand I have a lot of users moaning at me because they can't get on #ubuntu14:46
LjLaxod: otherwise, the only option would be for us to have a list of *every* gateway, and ban them singularly14:46
LjLi'm not sure that is feasible14:46
axodsure. Not quite as workable14:46
LjLaxod, look, while we all work out a solution with freenode, what i can do is monitor #ubuntu-proxy-users, and give a temporary exempt to people connected from your gateway after checking they aren't supposed to be banned14:47
LjLi'm not here all day though and i really can't force other operators to do this14:48
PiciWe could bring it up as a discussion point for the next irc-council meeting.14:48
* LjL looks at pici with a menacing expression14:48
axodok I'll suggest the cloak change to freenode, unless they suddenly support WEBIRC14:49
axodsounds like that would be a start anyway14:49
axodthe other option surely would get their bot to make our cloak related to the IP/hostname I pass on14:50
axodeg gateway/web-ident/mibbit.com/6e7a8493/x-43368736414:51
axodso that you can then ban on IP at least14:51
PriceChildisn't that the same situation we are in now?14:51
axodat the moment the cloak is random afaik14:51
axodand doesn't include the users own IP/host14:51
PriceChildah ok14:52
LjLaxod: how random?14:52
LjLaxod: if you disconnect and reconnect, it changes, is that correct?14:52
axodnot sure I'll check14:54
LjLPriceChild: what i care most about is the "web-ident" part, which would allow to distinguish (in the banlist) between gateways that do provide the host information and ones that don't14:54
axodit's given by idoru bot on connection14:54
LjLDave2, are you still around?14:55
Dave2the cloak changes on each connection14:59
LjLDave2: yes, i just checked that and found out. but any idea on the feasibility of giving gateways such as theirs (which give the IP in the ident/realname) a different sort of cloak, so that we can only ban the rest?14:59
LjLgateway/web-ident/* as opposed to gateway/web/*, say14:59
Dave2I believe that all cloaked gateways give the IP in the ident15:00
LjLDave2: ah, so they do?15:00
Dave2it's the default config for CGI:IRC, IIRC15:00
axodbut you can disable that with cgi::irc15:01
axodor just write your own that doesn't15:01
axodmibbit will always15:01
LjLi'm thinking of something a bit involved15:01
LjLthe main problem with it being the fact that an exempt overrides a ban15:01
LjL(well, which is also why it would work in the first place... but makes banning difficult)15:02
LjLaxod: do you need to be leaving anytime soon?15:04
axodno should be about for a while yet15:05
LjLaxod: is the thing that shows up in the realname always the same thing that would normally show up in the host part of the mask?15:09
axodafaik, yes15:10
axodI'm just rdns'ing the users IP,15:10
LjLi'm thinking mainly of IP vs hostname15:10
LjLi can't gethostbyname everyone in the banlist15:10
axodthe hostname lookup is actually quite expensive for me,15:12
axodbut I thought it would be useful for banning15:12
axodso you can see what actual host they are from etc15:12
axodand the IP is already in the username15:12
LjLaxod: yep, hostname lookup would be expensive for me as well, and yes it is indeed useful for bans if it does always match what freenode would normally put in the hostmask15:14
axodI can't see why it wouldn't15:15
axodunless it resolves to several hostnames and we choose different ones for some reason15:16
axodI'm just using a standard java call to resolve it though so likely to be a standard method15:16
LjLaxod: mind trying to join #ubuntu?15:49
axodtakes me to #ubuntu-proxy-users15:54
LjLaxod: read the message there15:55
axodah cool sorry :)15:59
axodnice :D15:59
LjLaxod: now do you mind if i kick you from there? need to test something15:59
LjLeh, too late16:00
axodsorry will join again16:00
axodoh not allowed now?16:00
axodstart again....16:00
LjLaxod: it's temporary - i.e. when you leave it goes away16:00
LjLok, it works16:01
axodkick worked16:01
LjLaxod: it worked, and the bot removed the exempt16:01
LjLthat's the important part16:01
axodthat seems like a good solution,16:01
LjLaxod: now i can't guarantee that this will stay, because i need to discuss it with other operators first16:02
LjLaxod: and hopefully it's not too buggy (not bugs that prevent us from banning people at the very least)16:02
LjLaxod: but, we'll see16:02
axodok, thanks a million for getting it working,16:04
axodhopefuly it'll allow some techies in that can't otherwise access it16:04
naliothhi axod16:04
axodhi nalioth16:04
naliothaxod: have you not looked into tor IP lists?16:04
LjLPriceChild, nalioth, elkbuntu, what do you think? the mibbit.com IRC gateway gives all their users a unique identifier, i.e. sets their real hostname as the realname. when people using it join #ubuntu-proxy-users, the floodbot checks that field against the #ubuntu ban list. if the hostname appears to be banned, nothing is done. otherwise, an exempt is set. the exempt stays active until the user parts, quits, or is kicked16:04
naliothor open proxy IP lists?16:05
naliothLjL: that's your department.  if the user isn't banned by IP, no reason they should be banned because they use a gateway16:05
naliothLjL: and your method can be used for other gateways, too16:06
LjLnalioth: as long as they provide a way to identify by hostname, yes.16:06
LjLnalioth: the only gotcha i can think of, right now, is that it will not recognize bans by IP (as opposed to hostname)16:06
naliothLjL: most of the gatways provide a hexed IP  1234abcd@ljl.box.of.death16:06
LjLthat would involve a gethostbyname() call, which is synchronous, and so could potentially lock the bot up, which is not something i want to happen16:07
axodat the moment we don't look for tor, we do recognise proxies though and can use that if there is abuse16:07
LjLnalioth: IP alone isn't really good, because it requires a reverse DNS request to match against the banlist16:07
naliothi'm just wondering why someone would need to connect to a gateway using tor or an open proxy16:08
LjLnalioth, axod: uhm, what you're saying is that there is a loophole in that Tor users, who are not normally allowed in (banned by cloak), can connect to mibbit, which will not give them a Tor cloak... correct?16:08
naliothLjL: that is one point, yes.16:09
axodor they could just use a tor node that isn't identified yet16:09
axodwe will probably block tor from mibbit soon though16:10
LjLaxod: i suppose. but i think you should blacklist the Tor exit nodes that are identified by freenode... no reason those people can't connect directly using tor (except, of course, that they might be banned in some channels, such as #ubuntu, but that's, well, wanted)16:10
axodI'm hoping to take a more algorithmic approach though16:13
LjLaxod: well i suppose we can all just keep quiet about this little loophole while you prepare a blacklist :)16:13
axodthat would be cool, I'm working on a lot of stuff, especially anti-spam/abuse things16:14
naliothLjL: too late for that16:16
* nalioth notes we're in a public channel here16:16
LjLnalioth: like anybody would check the logs16:16
PriceChildLjL, how do we stop exempts if needed?16:17
jussi01nalioth: did you catch the spammer report from me earlier?16:17
LjLPriceChild: stop them from being set, or remove them?16:17
naliothjussi01: did you /msg seenserv seen [spammer] ?16:17
PriceChildLjL, say someone gets in with this system, bots set an exempt. If they're nasty, what do we do?16:17
LjLPriceChild: you kickban. the kick will cause the exempt to be removed.16:18
jussi01nalioth: no. should I have?16:18
LjLPriceChild: and the ban will cause the hostname to be flagged as "don't allow in again"16:18
PriceChildLjL, why can't they just get another exempt?16:18
PriceChildright ok16:18
LjLPriceChild: until the bot is restarted16:18
PriceChildby hostname you mean username?16:18
naliothjussi01: that is how one finds out where they've gone16:18
naliothjussi01: spammers don't last long here16:18
LjLPriceChild: no, i mean hostname - the stuff that appears in the realname field16:19
jussi01nalioth: ahh, ok. 16:19
LjLPriceChild: one second, i'll give you a demonstration16:19
LjLjoin ##ljl anyone who's interested16:19
LjL(and -ops-monitor)16:19
jussi01nalioth: what is the correct protocol on that - should I have used !staff | reason ?16:19
naliothjussi01: if you like16:20
naliothjussi01: best to check and see if a kline was issued already16:20
jussi01nalioth: ok, thanks. (just dont want to abuse it (; )16:20
Piciirssi changelog in hardy says that they are making the default setup join #ubuntu on freenode.16:23
PriceChildPici, otb? before you've set anything up?16:28
PiciPriceChild: Thats what it sounded like to me.16:29
PiciNyle: Hello there, how can we help you today?16:37
Nyleprobably not16:37
PiciProbably not what?16:37
Nyleas most of your ops are morons it seems (not intellectually, but socially)16:37
Nylewith all due respect16:37
Nylewas that harsh?16:38
NyleI apologize.16:38
PiciEr. I dont think the "all due respect" thing negates your comment.16:38
NyleI go into ubuntu, and I ask for help16:38
Nyleand people won't stop talking about stuff absolutely NOT related to ubuntu16:38
NyleI wasn't getting any help, and I asked them to go to somewhere offtopic and I was attacked, and your ops didn't do jack16:38
Nyleother than that, I don't have any comnplains16:39
PiciNyle: Which channel was this? And when?16:39
NyleI will have to grep the logs16:39
NyleI ignored the person, infact, of of the guys there asked me to pop in here and officially make a complaint16:39
stdinNyle: so why did you just do that in #kubuntu ?16:40
Nylestdin: don't worry about it.16:40
stdindon't worry? you think that's OK?16:40
PriceChild!info flashplugin-nonfree gutsy16:42
ubotuflashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 17 kB, installed size 156 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)16:42
LjL!no flashissues is <reply> The Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If that is the case for your mirror, please wait a couple of hours.16:42
ubotuI'll remember that LjL16:42
LjL!no flash is <reply> To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash16:43
Nyleyou know what16:44
NyleI think I figured it out16:44
NyleI think its the mindset that I have regarding ubuntu16:44
Nylenow that I think about it, since I have been a dedicated debian fan, I rejected ubuntu and anything to do with it16:44
Nylebut thats on my part16:44
PriceChildNyle, so far you have made a lot of general accusations against everyone in this room despite not having talked with most of us. Please give us timestamps to look at your complaint.16:44
mneptokNyle: it's probably more likely that walking into a group of strangers and having the first words out of your mouth be "fuck you."16:45
NyleI still find you people irritating and I am glad to say I don't have to talk to you anymore16:45
Nylemneptok: exactly16:45
mneptokNyle: although an interesting strategy, i think it's not going to get you very far.16:45
stdinNyle: then leave if you don't want to talk to us16:45
NyleI'm not a crazy guy, but maybe I've been driven to a point where I say it16:45
Nyleits still not alright16:45
Nyleits still a horrible thing to do on my part, you're absolutely right16:45
Nylebut you can't clap with one hand my friend16:45
Nyleyou just can't16:45
PriceChildNyle, so far you have made a lot of general accusations against everyone in this room despite not having talked with most of us. Please give us timestamps to look at your complaint.16:45
Nylegood day.16:45
* Pici scratches his head16:46
mneptoki'll bet i know what that other hand's doing ...16:46
PriceChilddown boy16:46
stdin"stoned" has been a trouble maker in #kubuntu for a while, then he disappeared for a while16:46
PriceChildThe basis for his complaint: http://pastebin.ca/89401516:52
PiciJust because his complaint was legitimate didn't mean he had to be a complete jerk about it.16:57
PriceChildhe had a legitimate complaint?16:58
PiciWell, gmcastil was being a bit trollish.16:59
PiciBut his behavior wasn't commendable either.17:00
PriceChildmmmmmmm hot vimto17:06
popeycheeky vimto FTW17:07
PriceChildyou drunkard17:07
* mneptok pours butterscotch pudding into popey's frilly underthings17:08
popeyhave you been looking at my webcam!? >:17:09
popeyEeek, my mouth!17:09
* nalioth ships popey an ant farm, courtesy of "Break-Em-On-The-Way Shipping"17:10
PriceChildLjL, maybe try changing the message into -proxy-users again?17:23
ubotuCpudan80 called the ops in #ubuntu (mohammed)17:23
Picitaken care of.17:23
=== PriceChild is now known as pricechild
=== pricechild is now known as PriceChild
ubotuNickPresta called the ops in #kubuntu ()18:01
naliothnixternal: that guy has been on 6 IPs in the last 10 minutes18:03
nixternaloh fun18:03
nixternalas soon as I k/b'd him he started messaging me that crap18:03
nixternalthen it stopped, so I know what that means :)18:03
naliothyeah, it means we got a game of whack-a-mole18:04
ubotuIn #kubuntu, vesimaenaudio said: ubotu: sorry..my english is so bad and is hard explain my problem in english. im from finland18:06
Pici!bot > vesimaenaudio18:06
jpatrickPici: !fi > vesimaenaudio ?18:46
Picijpatrick: oh, I guess I really didnt read his entire comment. oops.18:47
jpatrickpoor him18:47
Picijpatrick: someone took care of him though.18:48
LjLPriceChild: i thought if you're connecting from a proxy, then you ought to be smart enough to understand that "you've been granted access" means "try joining again"20:00
LjLbut i suppose i can change it20:00
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore20:18
ubotuIn #ubuntu, indigo196 said: ubotu: while Envy is not supported it does a good job.20:24
stdinubotu: !bot > indigo19620:25
ubotuIn ubotu, |test| said: cuz is for a beta app20:30
* PriceChild is now annoyed20:37
PriceChildMy ubuntu won't boot anymore :/20:38
naliothPriceChild: you broke it?!?!?!?20:39
PriceChildI'm on mostly hardy, but kept to gutsy kernel as hardy one won't boot. Decided it'd be a good idea to install the latest gutsy-security kernel, and now the same issue with that... no other working kernel.20:40
* PriceChild has an idea and goes to try20:44
no0ticPriceChild, what issue?20:58
=== PriceChild is now known as pricey
=== pricey is now known as PriceChild
=== PriceChild is now known as pricey
Seeker`pricey: any luck?21:54
m0nkhello, think today my ban could possibly be lifted?21:59
=== pricey is now known as PriceChild
ompaulm0nk, what did you do that was wrong?22:07
m0nko i've been banned for posting a site that was pretty messed up for about 4-6 days i would say probably longer22:09
m0nkit was bad22:09
m0nkpretty dumb of me22:09
Jack_SparrowPriceChild: I just removed a guy named paule118  < I feel it was appropiate, but would you double check me when you get a chance22:10
ompaulJack_Sparrow, you were proved right22:10
ubotuDRebellion called the ops in #ubuntu (paule118)22:10
Jack_SparrowYep.. would you go ahead and ban him when you get a chance22:11
m0nkompaul: do you guys double check with eachtother's actions?22:11
Jack_SparrowYes we do22:11
m0nkeven though im on the wrong end of that system...i like it22:11
Jack_SparrowWe try to be fair22:13
Jordan_UI am not affected by the dcc exploit yet this is the sixth time I have been banned to #ubuntu-read-topic 22:13
Jack_SparrowYou seem to have the right attitude, that counts in how soon your ban is lifted22:13
m0nkyeah i understand that it seems to work well no one really gets upset over things that way22:13
m0nkJack_Sparrow: i was just being stupid that night...and got what i deserved i would've done the same thing had i been an OP22:14
Jack_SparrowObvioulsy he was wrong22:15
Jordan_UWow, maybe I am affected?22:15
Jordan_UThat is a first22:15
m0nki think i am going to message LjL and see what he thinks *he is afterall the person who banned me*22:16
m0nkhe is away but he will get it..anyway i will leave you guys alone for now22:17
Jordan_U_Can someone test me again for the dcc exploit?22:26
Jack_SparrowHi again22:27
jpatrickJordan_U_: tried #ubuntu-read-topic?22:28
PiciJordan_U_: follow the instructions in #ubuntu-read-topic 22:29
Jordan_U_jpatrick: Yes, and the strange thing is that I have not been affected by the dcc exploit for months, my firmware is up to date and supposedly fixes the exploit, I will try the port change but it's still strange22:29
Piciompaul: was that website that bda?22:52
ompaulno he did it in more than one place22:52
ompaulI have not looked at it yet22:52
ompaulcs d22:53
ompaulKitar|st, ehh you got removed from #ubuntu 22:53
ompaulplease don't do that kind of stuff in that channel 22:53
ompaulit is for Ubuntu support only22:54
ompaulnot random "ohh I found this site and I thought it was funny"22:54
ompaulokay I'll remove your ban22:54
ompaul!guidelines > Kitar|st ( have a read of those 22:55
ompaulyou just got a message from ubotu22:55
Kitar|sti'm really sorry22:55
ompaulban lifted22:55
Kitar|stthanks for the lift22:55
Kitar|stthanks :))22:55
ompaulKitar|st, there is nothing else I have to add, is there anything else we can do for you?22:56
* ompaul subtly points at the topic22:56
ubotuIn #ubuntu, gustavonarea said: ubotu: The system is not broken. It's working perfectly. It just turns out that many files were deleted22:56
ompaulKitar|st, please do not loiter here22:57
PiciJordan_U: Is there anything else we can help you with?22:58
ompaulPici, has he passed the test?22:58
ompaulgustavonarea, ?22:59
ompaulthis is not a support channel22:59
Piciompaul: he used #ubuntu-read-topic22:59
Jordan_UPici, No, thank you22:59
ompaulcheers Jordan_U have a nice day22:59
* Jordan_U thinks #ubuntu* has the nicest ops :)23:00
gustavonareaompaul: I don't know what I'm doing here; I've been forwarded here23:00
ompaulfrom where?23:00
Picigustavonarea: Did ubotu tell you that your factoid was forwarded here?23:01
Picigustavonarea: Its because you used "is" in your message to it, and it thought you were suggesting something.23:02
ompaul<ubotu> In #ubuntu, gustavonarea said: ubotu: The system is not broken. It's working perfectly. It just turns out that many files were deleted23:02
ompaulgustavonarea, it is a bot23:02
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore23:02
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots23:02
ompaulgustavonarea, is there anything else?23:02
ompaulJordan_U, please read the topic for this channel23:03
ompaulcheers ;-)23:03
gustavonareaompaul: hmm, no. Thanks23:03
ompaulgustavonarea, have a nice day23:04
ompaulikonia, ping23:04
* ompaul grumbles about the world and its wife etc23:04
* Pici grumbles about people with no respect23:05
ompaulPici, and the difference is?23:06
Piciompaul: Just reiterating 23:06
Jack_SparrowKill they all, let god sort it out..23:07
ubotuIn ubotu, runemaste644 said: bsod is <reply> Linux doesn't show blue screens of death. However, if there is a critical unrecoverable error, it is called a 'kernel panic'. You do not need to worry about kernel panics as they are very rare.23:07
ubotuIn ubotu, runemaste644 said: bluescreen is <alias> bsod23:09
* Pici doesnt think we need those.23:10
ompaulif you have one you will worry23:12
ompaulI had one the other day 23:12
ompaulstandard build :)23:12
* ompaul was shocked23:12
ompaulbut then if you have fried hardware don't be surprised what your software will do23:13

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