telexiconI'm trying to setup a caching proxy with squid and I'm having issues where when accessing some web pages there is a 2 to 10 second delay, its intermittent, ive checked dns, gone through the logs, any ideas?02:52
bmac2I am having problems getting ubuntu to install on a dell poweredge 245003:24
bmac2even if I diable the raid portion of the controller and tell it to be ONLY scsi03:24
bmac2it starts the install and then errors out03:24
bmac2I can't find any documentation with google or around03:25
bmac2anyone know how to install on the dell with the PERC controller built into the system?03:25
ScottKI know it's possible, but I haven't done it.03:25
bmac2or any links?03:25
bmac2it starts to install/boot03:25
bmac2then gets an error03:25
bmac2and just hangs forever with error after error03:26
bmac2drivnig me nuts03:26
bmac2cause freebsd runs fine03:26
ScottKThis is a quiet time of day on this channel so I'd have some patience and hang out for a while.03:26
bmac2on the same machine03:26
ScottKAre you using the regular install CD or the alternate?03:26
bmac2tried both03:27
bmac2tried kubuntu03:27
bmac2tried ubuntu03:27
bmac2tried standing on my head03:27
bmac2tried different versions03:27
ScottKInstaller is the same for Kubuntu and Ubuntu.  The alternate has a different installer.03:27
bmac2did everything except throw the machine out03:27
bmac2the alternate started stuff then bombed just like the other03:28
faulkes-might be a bit more helpful if there were particular errors you tell us about03:30
faulkes-s/you/you could03:34
bmac2ok let me start the install again and tell you exactly what error it gives03:36
bmac2it is the same error, so hold on, takes like 4 minutes to get it booted and to the error03:36
faulkes-that's fine, I should be here for a bit03:47
faulkes-although if I don't answer immediately it's probably because I'm in another window working, I will check back03:48
bmac2I am running the install right now03:48
bmac2from teh alternate cd03:48
bmac2to tell you what the error is on that03:49
bmac2that was the first disk I found in the stack03:49
bmac2ok burning me a new copy of the ubuntu server 7.1004:02
bmac2the last copy was NOT granddaughter proof04:02
bmac2she kinda scratched it up a little04:02
bmac2what do you expect for someone who turns 1 year old in a copule of days04:04
bmac2everything to her is a chew toy04:04
bmac2and goes straight to the mouth, then thrown across the house04:04
bmac2ok got the error now04:27
bmac2ata:  abnormal status04:28
bmac2ata1: 00  configured for UDMA/2504:28
bmac2kernel:  ATA   HE complete04:29
bmac2those three lines repeating04:29
bmac2buffer i/o error  sr004:29
bmac2that a bunch of times04:29
bmac2ATA1:  port is slow to respond, please be patient04:30
bmac2and the isntall hangs at 21% when it is loading lib6c-udeb04:30
bmac2freebsd installs fine04:31
bmac2I am going to put a different cdrom drive in that server04:33
bmac2and see if it is the cd drive hosing the installs04:33
bmac2son of a04:44
bmac2it was a bad cdrom drive04:45
bmac2it is one of those little thin ones like a laptop has04:45
bmac2I had a dvd drive one and put it in04:45
bmac2and it blasted past where the error was before04:45
bmac2so thanks anyway!!!  if nothing else for listening to me04:45
tijnhey ppl08:12
tijnis it possible to really force delete a broken file? (15 Exabyte) it has the wierdest file attributes :S08:12
sorenrm filename?08:15
tijnnope, doesnt work08:15
sorenOr what do you mean "really force"?08:15
sorenDoes'nt work how?08:15
tijnwell, obviously the file is broken (15 exabyte is a lot ;)08:15
sorenThat's fine.08:15
tijnnot work like: cannot remove file: operation not permitted08:16
_rubensudo rm filename ?08:16
soren$ ls -l foobar.img08:16
soren-rw-r--r-- 1 soren soren 1413189101040959488 2008-02-06 09:16 foobar.img08:16
tijni am root08:16
sorenIt's no problem.08:16
sorenOk, check the mount options of the file system it's on.08:17
tijnthose are ok, only with 4 files, the rest is fine08:18
tijn-rwsrw---T 55339 505502668 2665305837 15E 1916-10-28 20:07 7  <-- this is the file08:18
tijnresult of ls -lah08:19
soren"those are ok"? Which ones? The mount options?08:20
sorenEr.. If you're root, and you can't delete a file, it's the filesystem driver, that's telling you to sod off.08:21
sorenEither it's buggy, or it mounted read-only or something.08:21
sorenCheck /proc/mounts rather than the output of mounts.08:21
sorenWhich filesystem is it on?08:22
tijnthe "broken" files a the result of a canceled backup08:22
sorenWhat sort of backup?08:23
tijnautomated process of scp and cp08:23
tijnit was in the middle of an scp transfer and i canceled it08:24
sorenExplain how you come to the conclusion that cancelling a read operation can cause filesystem corruption.08:25
tijnno no, the file is the backup08:25
tijnit's the backup server08:25
tijn(sorry for my bad English explanation)08:27
sorentijn: ...08:27
sorenIf you have all this information you could have said so to begin with.08:27
tijnyes sorry08:27
sorenIs the filesystem full, by any chance?08:28
tijnnope, freshly installed08:28
tijn/var has 3 TB free space left08:28
sorenWell, it's hardly freshly installed if you've already shoved backups onto it?08:29
tijnthe backups are beeing made in /var/backup/data08:29
tijnwell it was a test run08:29
tijnfresh like in new and clean08:30
sorenDoes dmesg say anything interesting?08:30
tijnhey, yes it does: [325895.828879] EXT3-fs error (device dm-8): ext3_new_block: Allocating block in system zone - blocks from 813957851, length 108:31
sorentijn: Is that the last line?08:32
tijnbut repeats alot with increasing numbers08:33
soren"dmesg | grep read-only" please08:33
sorenI don't know, really. I'd probably to an fsck and see if it fixes it and proceed with thorough testing to make sure it doesn't happen again. I've no clue what could have caused this (apart from hardware issues).08:40
avatar_tijn: which kernel version do you run?08:40
=== kaii is now known as gotcoffee
=== gotcoffee is now known as kaii
avatar_tijn: check al your disks in your raidarray for badblocks08:46
tijnkernel 2.6.2208:47
tijnavatar_, soren, ok i will fsck everything and if the problem wont go away i'll format everything and do a reinstall08:48
tijnthnx for the help !08:48
sorenAh, right. I get so caught up in hardy stuff, I automatically assume everyone else is running hardy, too :)08:51
sorenI didn't even think to ask the kernel version..08:51
tijnsoren, it works after a reinstall10:26
avatar_after all a weird issue10:27
tijnlucky it was not in production yet :)10:27
avatar_hmm, are you working for virtu?10:29
tijnhehe why?10:33
tijnwe are hosting @ virtu10:34
Gargoyleif apt-get upgrade is going to update linux-image-2.6.22-14-server, dies that mean my kernel is going to be updated?12:39
sorenGargoyle: What's the point of confusion?13:12
GargoyleI already have that version as the running kernel. Just wondered if I need to recompile any modules I have added?13:13
sorenIt's a new version, but it doesn't update the ABI, so any modules you have installed will still work.13:14
GargoyleHow do you find out which groups manage particular packages for ubuntu?13:18
Gargoyleare they all in launchpad?13:18
GargoyleWell, specifically DRBD and heartbeat13:21
sorenThere are two major groups: Core developers and MOTU's. MOTU's manage univers and multiverse, core-dev's everything else.13:21
Gargoyleor does ubuntu have a different direction for HA?13:21
sorenWe also have various teams, that generally tend to certain packages, but that's more of a convention than a hard rule.13:22
sorenAny core-dev can touch any package in main.13:22
sorendrbd and heartbeat is the server team's domain, usually.13:22
sorenSo this is the right place to discuss it.13:22
=== _emgent is now known as emgent
Gargoyleif I am using dpkg --install some.deb file and it says there are missing dependencies, is there a switch I can add to make it go off and install those?15:34
sommersoren: I'm getting a libvirt3.1 conflict with libvirt3.2 when trying to upgrade virt-viewer... just fyi15:47
sommersoren: I mean libxen3.1 conflict with libxen3.2 :)15:56
sommersoren: nm, found you conversation with zul on devel16:26
zulsommer: yep we are working on it16:26
sommerparty!, xen works with virt-manager correct?16:27
sommeror will work16:27
zulit should but I dont think it is tested16:27
zulnot by me anyways16:27
sommercool, I'd be glad to help test that, but noticed issues trying to install xen... so far anyway16:28
faulkes-quick question about testing actually, are you guys playing with real hardware or setting up your own virtuals (case depending obviously)16:36
faulkes-just looking how best to contribute, I just don't have much hardware kicking around to throw up the server version on16:37
zulfaulkes-: your right it is depending on the case but helping out can range from testing to bug fixing, to packaging16:44
faulkes-yes, true, I'm not discounting the other options, testing, bugs, docs, even in channel support16:47
faulkes-again, I'm still trying to find a place, I tend to move a bit slower and try to understand as much as possible before I start16:48
faulkes-so, right now, mostly I'm reading and attending the irc meetings16:48
faulkes-and of course, idling away in the channel ;)16:48
mathiazfaulkes-: one area we'd need some testing is KVM in hardy16:50
mathiazfaulkes-: so if you have some spare hardware that supports virtualization, you could install hardy on it and use KVM to setup guests for the other versions of ubuntu16:51
mathiazfaulkes-: that's how do most of my developement work when fixing bugs for example.16:52
* faulkes- nods16:56
faulkes-at the current time, my only real spare hardware is an old g3 I'm using as a fileserver, which isn't exactly mainstream for what is being done (imo)16:57
mathiazfaulkes-: correct. You need to have recent cpus that support hardware virtualization.16:58
sorensommer: :)16:58
faulkes-I do have experience with Xen, at least from an operational perspective, I just don't my work would appreciate me adding another virt ;)16:58
faulkes-I'm thinking the best way would be to have some spare hardware of relatively recent and decent configuration16:59
* faulkes- should go to ebay17:00
mathiazfaulkes-: right. I've just ordered some new hardware, opteron 1212 + 4 Gb of RAM17:00
sorenmathiaz: Shiny!17:00
mathiazsoren: yop - should get it by the end of this week.17:01
faulkes-just have to balance the budget though as I want to pickup a dell 1730 laptop fully specced out17:01
mathiazsoren: I'll install hardy on it and migrate all my developement work to KVM guest in there17:02
sorenmathiaz: I just got me one of these babies: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+17:02
faulkes-my old laptp is creaking along slowly to it's eventual death17:02
mathiazfaulkes-: well I got it for 650 $17:02
sorenmathiaz: 2.8GHz, 4 GB RAM, and on a 100 Mbps pipe. Booyah!17:02
faulkes-yeah, I've ebay'd for equipment before17:02
mathiazsoren: right. That's in a data center.17:02
sorenmathiaz: Yeah. No noise.17:02
sorenmathiaz: \o/17:02
faulkes-err, mathiaz even17:03
mathiazsoren: my new hardware will be sitting next to me... hopefully it won't be to noisy :/17:03
faulkes-damnation, I can't read this morning17:03
mathiazfaulkes-: I think I could have got something for less than 500$17:03
faulkes-most definitely you can17:03
mathiazfaulkes-: I added another hd17:03
sorenmathiaz: I've got a cunning plan for kvm  in hardy+1 that will make having the machine in the data centre even less significant than it is now.17:04
faulkes-heck, even the 1900 series dell 1u's are pretty cheap17:04
mathiazfaulkes-: well - my spec included 4 Gb of RAM so that raises the price17:04
* faulkes- nods17:04
mathiazsoren: how come ?17:05
faulkes-I'm not really concerned about $650 or so17:05
faulkes-just need to budget it out17:05
mathiazfaulkes-: I'd rather not have 1U server in my flat - I don't want to live in a data center.17:05
faulkes-because the laptop I want is like $360017:05
faulkes-I'd ship the 1u off to the colo17:06
sorenmathiaz: Well, now, it's a bit inconvenient that I have to move ISO's around and such to do certain things. I hope to eliminate that, so that the client you use to connect to kvm will make it appear as though you're at the machine.17:07
mathiazsoren: once I start using KVM, I'll probably fully grasp what your plan is for hardy+117:08
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ivoksmeeting in 15 minutes?20:46
mathiazivoks: yes - in #ubuntu-meeting20:46
zulcrap its nearly 16:00 already20:48
faulkes-hmm, I should get a coffee before the meeting kicks off20:52
faulkes-I didn't get much sleep last night20:53
zulhah...neither did i21:02
faulkes-mathiaz: you got the /msg with my email?22:58
mathiazfaulkes-: yes.22:59
mathiazfaulkes-: are you subscribed to ubuntu-server ?22:59
faulkes-kk, anything you want reviewed and comments on just send it over22:59
faulkes-yes, I am22:59
faulkes-or send it to ubuntu-server22:59
mathiazfaulkes-: ok. I'll send an email to u-server with my proposal for a mentoring program22:59
mathiazfaulkes-: I'll ask for feedback in there.22:59
faulkes-ah, I was talking about presentation for Dev. Week23:00
faulkes-to get more publicity / involvement of new people in -server23:00
mathiazfaulkes-: ah ok.23:00
faulkes-in either case, I am happy to contribute23:00
mathiazfaulkes-: I think it falls under the are.23:00
mathiazfaulkes-: I'm still thinking about how-to have more people contributing to the server team.23:01
mathiazfaulkes-: I wonder if the wiki page are overwhelming in information23:01
faulkes-well, I guess from my perspective it involves to key areas, one is ubuntu specific/general and one is server specific/general, and the need to not duplicate stuff23:02
ScottKOne suggestion I have is to have it documented (on the wiki I guess) who to talk to about stuff.23:02
mathiazfaulkes-: my idea with the mentoring program bein that having one single point of contact would help people navigating in the ubuntu world.23:02
faulkes-yes, I would agree, it can be quite overwhelming23:03
* faulkes- is patient though23:03
mathiazfaulkes-: have you read the GettingInvolved page on the Server Team wiki page ?23:04
faulkes-It was how I started and subbed to u-s and joined here23:05
mathiazfaulkes-: how did you get to this page ?23:05
faulkes-but the wider ubuntu world, which new people still have to work with, regardless of team, is overwhelming23:05
faulkes-iirc, I was going through a link of the forums page to getting involved23:06
faulkes-I was looking for a Loco near me as well23:06
mathiazfaulkes-: ok. So you came from the forums ?23:06
faulkes-yes, i have been active over there helping with issues when I find them, that I can help with23:07
faulkes-but specifically for the server team and involvement, it is because I work with linux based servers professionally and use ubuntu on my laptop personally23:07
faulkes-and I liked what I saw with the desktop side of things23:08
faulkes-figured I had alot of actual working experience that would best suit working with the server team23:08
mathiazfaulkes-: ok. That another point we're trying to address - how to get professional involved in the Server Team.23:08
faulkes-well, one key point I would make, is that the forums treat the server / security side as third party23:09
mathiazfaulkes-: In my view, contributors to the desktop team are a different crowd that the one in the server team.23:09
mathiazfaulkes-: probably. I think it's because ubuntu is well known for its desktop offering.23:10
faulkes-so what ends up happy is that most of the server stuff gets pushed into the other forums23:10
mathiazfaulkes-: which forums are refering to ?23:10
mathiazfaulkes-: hum - I meant "other forums" ?23:11
faulkes-ah, I see23:11
faulkes-dell ubuntu support23:11
faulkes-hardware & laptops23:12
faulkes-and in some cases general23:12
mathiazfaulkes-: right. I must admit I don't spend a lot of time in the forums.23:13
* faulkes- nods23:13
mathiazfaulkes-: But it's definetly a ressource we'd like to leverage more23:13
faulkes-just, I think in order to bring in more professionals, the forums offer a good lead in23:13
mathiazfaulkes-: in general too.23:14
mathiazfaulkes-: but a lot of professional don't/can't contribute directly to ubuntu23:14
mathiazfaulkes-: at least in an open process.23:14
faulkes-and if there was a specific server forum, that appeared to be in that first list of primary forums, we'd get alot more traction23:14
mathiazfaulkes-: I guess there is some education to be done in that area.23:14
faulkes-alot of the issues range mainly around general stuff, like hardware from specific vendors and such23:15
faulkes-but also server software configuration and such23:15
faulkes-and I agree, that alot of professionals can't directly contribute23:15
faulkes-I think it would help though if the server side was given equal opportunity23:16
mathiazfaulkes-: you may wanna talk to the ubuntu forum team about this.23:17
faulkes-I could do that, certainly23:17
mathiazfaulkes-: that would be a great to get started in the Server Team.23:17
mathiazfaulkes-: since you have experience with the forums, you could try to increase the importance of the Server are on the forums.23:18
faulkes-I will have a chat with them and add an item to the agenda for the next meeting to report on23:18
mathiazfaulkes-: I tought about adding a permanent link to the top of the server forums link to the ServerTeam page.23:18
mathiazfaulkes-: there is also the developer forum that is used by developers for testing.23:19
mathiazfaulkes-: I know that asac from the mozilla team uses it to ask for firefox/thunderbird testing.23:19
* faulkes- nods23:20
mathiazfaulkes-: we could use that channel to advertise for our virtualization testing.23:20
mathiazfaulkes-: I think that the forums could be a great ressource for the Server Team - we just need ways to leverage it.23:20
mathiazfaulkes-: seems like you could bring your experience in that area :)23:21
faulkes-I think if it's presented in the right way, it will help not only build a larger team base but also drive adoption of -server in the wider world23:21
* mathiaz nods23:22
faulkes-I will have a word with the ubuntu forum team and be ready to report back for the next meeting23:22
faulkes-as a group, we can decide how we'd like to move forward, generate some ideas and interaction23:23
mathiazfaulkes-: that seems like a good idea23:24
ScottKIn my experience, the experience level you see in ubuntuforums isn't the kind of people who professionally run servers.23:25
faulkes-from what i've seen, there is quite a range23:25
mathiazScottK: are you refering to the forums in general or to the servers target categories ?23:26
ScottKForums in general and the few times I've gone into the server area it seemed similar but not to active.23:26
ScottKI don't think ubuntuforums attracts the kind of people we're looking for as a rule.23:27
faulkes-well, I don't think the server side has been pushed as hard for community involvement23:27
mathiazScottK: well. I can't speak of the desktop side.23:27
faulkes-alot of that energy is still directed towards the desktop23:27
mathiazScottK: If there isn't a lot of activity in the server side, we can't really judge on the quality there.23:28
ScottKIME server oriented people tend to be older and more experienced and would tend to us ML more and shy away from forums, but that may just be me.23:28
mathiazScottK: yes. I'd agree.23:28
mathiazScottK: But I don't think we should put the forums aside.23:29
ScottKI particularly think the culture of ubuntuforums would be unlikely to be appealing.23:29
faulkes-I think what we want is to help publicize the team and generate involvement23:29
faulkes-so that those who are interested come to us23:29
ScottKMy experience on the desktop side is it's a poor place to recruite.23:29
ScottKI've made efforts in that direction for MOTU and gotten nothing.23:30
faulkes-and I would agree, but the desktop side is filled with a large base of inexperienced users23:30
mathiazScottK: right. But I think that the server crowd is different from the desktop crowd.23:30
faulkes-we are putting in place drivers to bring the interested to us and make us more open/transparent to the community23:31
mathiazScottK: this is probably why we need to find different ways to attract new contributors to the server team.23:31
faulkes-and to be honest, sometimes even getting a new jr. admin in on something makes experienced folks look at it and say "you know, I never tried that, let me see"23:31
faulkes-but overall, I think our direction in terms attracting new contributors needs the involvement of the team as a whole23:32
faulkes-so we present a consistent message and framework23:32
ScottKI do think that the team is large enough that we need some specialization.23:32
ScottKMyself, I really only do mail servers consistently and so that's what I tend to look after.23:33
mathiazScottK: right. That's what we're envolving to naturally I think.23:33
ScottKIf we had identified people in different focus areas, I think it'd make it easier for people to connect and get involved.23:33
mathiazScottK: sommer seems to be looking after documentation23:33
faulkes-I have a range and right now, all those servers are sitting with centos installed on them23:34
ScottKI've got no idea how that happened23:34
faulkes-mysql cluster, apache, amanda, xen vm's, etc..23:34
mathiazScottK: I'm thinking about adding names to each section on the GettingInvolved page23:35
mathiazor may be list people part of the server team with their interest23:35
mathiazthat could be a form of the mentoring program23:35
ScottKOne key issue from a team policy perspective is bugmail.23:35
ScottKI find it extremely troublesome to be required to suck up all the samba bugmail that I don't and won't care about.23:36
ScottKAs an example.23:36
ScottKSending all bugmail to all team members just doesn't scale.23:36
mathiazScottK: hum.. You briefly mentionned it at UDS but I hadn't had time to respond to it.23:37
mathiazScottK: I think that's what the ubuntu-server team in LP is made for.23:38
mathiazScottK: we only use the ubuntu-server as way to deal with bugs.23:38
mathiazScottK: Now what this means that the Ubuntu Server Team doesn't equal ubuntu-server in LP.23:39
ScottKThat's a bit obtuse.  It's not a clean API.23:39
mathiazScottK: We could also argue wether the ubuntu-server ml is actually the list of the Ubuntu Server Team.23:39
ScottKCould we?23:40
ScottKI'm aware there's actually a Canonical Server Team (with ML) too.23:40
ScottKBut that is and needs to be different.23:40
mathiazScottK: correct - that's for canonical employees and is used for specific reasons.23:40
faulkes-wheras we represent the community aspect23:41
ScottKSo what is the ML of the Ubuntu Server Team?23:41
mathiazScottK: what I've noticed with ubuntu-server LP team is that altough we have more people signing up, bugs don't get triagged.23:41
ScottKRight.  Lots of people sign up for teams because they think it's cool.23:42
mathiazIt seems that there is a misconception in the role of the ubuntu-server LP team (at least in my view)23:42
mathiazScottK: yes. And they want to be part of the Server Team.23:42
ScottKYou'll also notice that Postfix bugs have always been triaged.23:42
ScottKThat's because I did those even before there was a server team.23:42
ScottKSo it works both ways.23:42
mathiazScottK: For me, the ubuntu-server LP team is a way to track the bugs related to the server area.23:43
mathiazScottK: I know of you great work on postfix and I'm thankfull for that.23:43
ScottKFor other areas (e.g. MOTU, Kubuntu, etc, it means a lot more than that).23:43
mathiazScottK: in your case, I'd risk to suggest you to leave the ubuntu-server team and set yourself as a bug contact for postfix23:44
mathiazScottK: but again it doesn't mean you're not a member of the Ubuntu Server Team23:44
ScottKI am and have been a bug contact for a long time.23:44
ScottKMaybe we could have ubuntu-server Team and ubuntu-server-bugs.23:45
mathiazScottK: so if you don't want to receive the bugs for samba, you could just leave the team.23:45
ScottKThat's how Ubuntu does it.23:45
ScottKAgreed, but it feels like leaving the "Team" then.23:45
mathiazScottK: but that doesn't solve the problem of being a member of the team.23:45
mathiazScottK: agreed.23:45
mathiazScottK: May be two teams would be a proper solution to this then.23:46
ScottKSo I'm suggesting we make a team called ubuntu-server-bugs.  People join that to get all the bugmail.23:46
mathiazAnd we'd keep ubuntu-server to keep track of people that are member of the Ubuntu Server Team.23:47
mathiazScottK: another option is to create an ubuntu-server-bugs ml and use it as the bugmail address for ubuntu-server23:47
ScottKThat'd be fine too.23:47
mathiazScottK: people interested in receiving bugs for ubuntu-server should subscribed to it.23:47
ScottKPeople interested only in certain packages subscribe for bugs to those.23:48
mathiazScottK: so I wonder if we should change the criteria to be part of ubuntu-server then23:48
mathiazScottK: one of the reason for having such a low barries for approval is to get more people to receive bug mails.23:49
mathiazScottK: and hopefully get them triagged.23:49
ScottKI think you're better off to get people who are interested in triaging.23:49
mathiazScottK: obviously that target failed.23:49
ScottKI think if you want to encourage that, add a section to the meeting to commend community triagers who've done something of note.23:50
mathiazScottK: good point.23:50
mathiazScottK: but then should we change the critirea to be approved in ubuntu-server ?23:51
mathiazScottK: right now you just have to sign up on a mailing list and that's that's all23:51
ScottKI think that's enough.23:51
ScottKPeople will read about meetings and activities and gravitate to where their interests and capabilities lay.23:52
mathiazScottK: right.23:53
mathiazScottK: that seems like good ideas. I'll write an email to ubuntu-server with a proposal for these changes.23:54
ScottKmathiaz: I've got a bit of an off topic question for you.23:55
ScottKmathiaz: I saw your core-dev interview with the tech board got scheduled today (1 day after the MC approved you).23:56
ScottKmathiaz: Was there a rush on your application for some reason?23:56
ScottKmathiaz: I'm trying to understand why you got jumped ahead of a number of community members (including me) who've been waiting up to 3 weeks without getting scheduled.23:57
mathiazScottK: no23:57
ScottKOK.  Thanks.23:57

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