lifelesspoolie: pulls of lp down to 49s00:41
lifelesspoolie: sneaking up on it, 8 seconds wasted on _ensure_real bs00:41
spivjohnny: approx 2-3 minutes00:41
johnnyyes.. wwe sure are ensuring real bs :)00:41
spivjohnny: it's not a very scientific test.00:41
johnnyhehe jk00:41
lifelessspiv: you have the same disk format right - knits at both ends ?00:42
spivjohnny: because I'm not pulling the same revisions each time, I'm just doing updates occasionally.00:42
spivlifeless: I think so, I'll double-check00:42
pooliespiv, reviewed00:42
johnnyif you had a quote bot in here.. that'd totally be in there :)00:42
poolielifeless, what bs is that?00:42
johnnynot that i think you should have one..00:42
johnnybut still00:42
spivpoolie: thanks!00:42
johnnyso, do you guys participate in that vcs mailing list?00:43
lifelesspoolie: its being tracked down still00:43
johnnyrevctrl ?00:43
lifelesspoolie: I'm guessing tags or something like that00:43
spivlifeless: yes, both ends knits00:43
johnnycrazy people ...00:43
johnnytoo smart for their own good :)00:43
lifelessjohnny: yes, I do00:43
johnnyi know the monotone folks are involved00:43
johnnythat's what i use with other projects00:44
lifelessjohnny: theres a strange mix of noise and signal00:44
johnnymonotone is great... but it's written in C++, and has not so good tools :(00:44
johnnyand git is insane... fast, but insane00:45
johnnynow i'm looking into hg as well, which i had never even previously considered00:45
johnnylots of amazing projects are using all of these systems00:46
johnnymakes it hard to choose..00:46
lifelesspoolie: I'd like a quick call if thats ok00:48
lifelessI think you forgot a ^V[[; there00:48
lifelessmeh, ^[[;00:49
poolieare you controllable by ansi sequences?00:49
lifelessnot anymore, I got upgraded00:49
pooliecss? :)00:50
lifelessso - quick call or not ?00:54
pooliego on then00:54
lifelessthank god for noise cancelling headphones01:03
lifelessmy house phone needs a mini-rca jack01:03
PengHmm, revctrl list? I'm in the channel, but it's almost dead.01:05
PengWhat type of noise cancelling headphones?01:05
PengAlso, crapcrapcrap. I have a Python installation with no bzip2 support, and now bzr requires it.01:06
pooliePeng, on what kind of machine?01:09
pooliehm i wonder if we really need it or not?01:09
poolieSpads, so is that review ok?01:09
pooliei mean spiv01:09
Pengpoolie: It's a Debian shared web host. They suck at Python (2.3.5 and 2.4.1 installed), so I've compiled 2.5.1 in my homedir, but it winds up without bzip2 (or readline) support.01:10
lifelessPeng: 2.4.1 should work fine for bzr01:11
lifelesspoolie: yes, we do - see the thread where I asked first :)01:11
lifelessPeng: actually bzr has required it for some time01:11
mwhudsonPeng: i guess the bzip2 headers aren't on the host01:12
lifelessPeng: just now needs it in another area01:12
spivpoolie: yep01:12
lifelessPeng: Sennheiser 350's01:12
lifelessPeng: they make the construction going on upstairs nearly entire go away01:12
spivlifeless: ooh, nice01:13
Pengmwhudson: Yeah, that's probably the case.01:13
Penglifeless: Yeah, but I want 2.5. And even if bzr already used bzip2, I'd so far avoided that part of the code.01:14
Penglifeless: That sounds good. I have a pair of Sonys that mostly make my loud computer fan tolerable . .01:15
lifelessPeng: what do you want 2.5 for ?01:19
c1|freakyhi all. umm, if i allready have set up a svn repository - should i use svn as repository? ... i just started reading the user guide ... well, if i dont use svn ...  is there any advantage or disadvantage?01:23
lifelessthe best way to use bzr is bzr-all-the-way01:23
Penglifeless: Just for stuff I screw around with, not bzr. Hmm, I could probably switch bzr to the system 2.4.01:24
lifelessthe stuff about svn is because many users we get have been using svn and have a number of systems to migrate01:24
lifelessso its easiest for them to migrate incrementally01:24
lifelessand some users have to work with other folk that use svn, and who won't change, but our users still want to use bzr because its nice :)01:24
c1|freakyok so, is it hard to migrate svn repos to bzr ones?01:26
lifelessnot at all01:27
lifelessinstall bzr, bzr-svn and do a bzr svn-import01:27
c1|freakydo i need to install bzr on the server?01:28
lifelessit depends how you configure it - and that depends on what you want. Bzr can run over sftp which requires no special server side support, or over ssh which does want a copy of bzr on the server01:28
c1|freakycan bzr have its own authentication mechanism like with svn and http?01:30
lifelessbzr uses your authentication; you can have it be authenticated by apache, - if what you mean is 'does bzr have to use my passwd database' the answer is no.01:31
lifelessin fact someone has recently done a ssh server for bzr with its own auth, but I've not tested that myself.01:31
c1|freakyi dont want to give anyone shell access - sftp also uses ssh authentication01:31
c1|freakyor whatever01:32
c1|freakyi need an own authentication mechanism for bzr repos01:32
lifelesssure, that ssh server I mention will do that01:32
c1|freakymaybe i should read the admin guide if there is any for bzr01:32
lifelessit doesn't use pam01:32
lifelessand you can do restricted ssh keys by the way - that prevents anyone having shell access (you can have /bin/false as the shell too for extra security)01:33
lifelessdocs.bazaar-vcs.org IIRC01:33
c1|freakyok thank you01:35
=== Verterok is now known as Verterok_
c1|freakyumm, does the trac-bazaar plugin work and is it as good as the subversion one?02:10
lifelessabentley: shaved about 100ms off of 5.5 seconds user time for indexes so far - using checkout ---lightweight of a treeless branch as my test02:13
lifelessabentley: still mainly refactoring to make it amenable to overhauling02:14
lifelessc1|freaky: sorry, I don't use trac, can't really comment02:14
c1|freakyok bo02:14
mwhudsonit seems bzr.dev push hasn't received the same love as bzr.dev pull yet?02:15
* mwhudson watches revisions.kndx trickle upstream02:16
spivmwhudson: not yet02:19
spivmwhudson: although packs make it better02:19
mwhudsoni'm sure02:20
mwhudsoni guess i should convert my devpad repo over to packs02:20
abentleylifeless: Wow, I can't get such steady timings on that workload to see 100 ms go away.02:21
abentleyStill, it sounds like movement, so that can't be bad.02:22
PengHa! I got it to work with Python 2.4 and virtual-python.02:24
lifelessabentley: the userspace timing is pretty consistent for me02:28
lifelessabentley: the wall clock is pretty jumpy02:28
lifelessI found while optimising commit to just ignore wall clock02:28
lifelessand run it several times02:28
lifelessthat or close everything down02:29
patterni just did a "bzr add foo" and "bzr add bar", but changed my mind about adding these file before doing a commit03:12
patternhow can i tell bzr not to version these files after all ?03:12
lifelessbzr remove --keep03:12
patternthank you03:13
patternwhat about "bzr remove --new" ?03:13
patternhow is that different from --keep ?03:14
poolieremove --new automatically selects the files just added03:16
poolieso i think you want --keep --new03:16
pooliei'm going to look into the pqm failure i got the other day, merging some already-approved branches03:17
lifeless--new is not needed03:17
poolieif he names the files it's not needed03:17
lifelessunless you want bzr to scan03:17
pooliespiv, ping me when you've merged your thing, please03:18
spivpoolie: ok03:18
poolielifeless, random comment03:18
pooliei find pqm is disruptive to my concentration because it makes me open my mail client, which is the mind-killer03:19
pooliei should probably procmail them into a special box and look at only that03:19
lifelesspoolie: fear!03:19
lifelesspoolie: but thats a good comment03:19
lifelesspoolie: pqm should blog or something03:20
lifelesstheres an open bug for showing recent results in the status page03:20
* fullermd doesn't wanna let pqm pass thru him.03:20
poolieor even dump them in an indexed web directory03:20
pooliei realized this is more than half of my unhappiness about its asynchronicity03:20
patternthanks for your help, guys03:20
c1|freakyafter a few hours of reading i still dont know if i should switch to bzr from svn or not ... what do you say?03:21
lifelessyou'll love it03:22
rollyjust try it out, it's very easy to make the transition03:25
c1|freakymy only problem, at the moment is03:25
abentleyc1|freaky: And you can go back if you want to.03:25
c1|freakyhow can i have people to easily authenticate for submit03:25
rollyI hit that snag too. I use bzr+ssh://03:25
c1|freakyin a way without PAM authentication03:26
c1|freakyi dont want to give everyone shell access who should be able to access a repository03:26
lifelessc1|freaky: there was a post on the list a few days ago about a plugin that implements its own ssh server03:26
lifelessc1|freaky: *also* you can "Use PAM but not give everyone shell access"03:26
rollythere are myrisad ways to restrict ssh03:27
c1|freakythey'd still have ftp access and a home directory03:27
c1|freakythat sucks03:27
abentleyc1|freaky: Your system requires all users to have FTP access?03:27
rollyadapt to bzr.03:28
c1|freakyim still not sure03:29
c1|freakyill have a rest now03:29
c1|freakyand continue later03:29
c1|freaky20 minutes or so03:30
poolieoh i see, having times in the trace log makes it a bit harder to test, foo03:38
AlohaAnyone know anything about Bug #189478?03:41
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189478 in bzr "man page has errors when typing "man bzr"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18947803:41
johnnyc1|freaky, the issue is never between bzr and subversion.. bzr always beats subversion :)03:42
c1|freakyi installed bzr manually because the ubuntu version still is 1.0.003:42
johnnyits' between bzr,mercurial,git,and monotone03:42
c1|freakywith subversion i can do http authentication03:42
c1|freakyi want protected repositories where the user don't have ssh shells03:43
c1|freakyan own authentication system03:43
johnnythe rest of svn won't make that worth it03:43
johnnymonotone has it's own03:43
johnnybased on public keys03:43
johnnygit can use http iirc03:43
bob2on the downside, the openssh people are almost certainly better at writing authentication systems than anyone else03:44
johnnythe new monotone uses ssh agent for local keys which is nice03:45
* johnny doesn't like having system accounts either03:45
Alohahow do i merge a patch into parent branch?03:46
c1|freakyim using trac and i just want to provide some friends with repositories, and with the best possibilities03:46
johnnytrac will always work best with subversion, cuz they designed it badly03:47
johnnyit wasn't abstracted enough03:47
johnnyso.. for 0.12 it should work nicer with distributed vcs03:47
johnnythere is a bzr plugin03:47
johnnyas well as git and mtn ones03:47
bob2Aloha: merge parent into your branch, then push to the parent03:47
bob2Aloha: or checkout parent, merge your branch into it, then push03:47
Alohabob2, the patch is from someone else. how do i merge their patch?03:48
bob2Aloha: is it really a patch, or is it a bzr branch or bundle?03:48
Alohabob2, its a bzr -o send patch03:49
spivAloha: "bzr merge patch", where patch is the file generated by "bzr send -o"03:50
bob2Aloha: "bzr merge patch_file"03:50
Alohaspiv, bob2, thnx03:50
Alohaso merge that into my branch and then push, yeah?03:50
bob2yup (don't forget to commit after merge)03:51
spivAloha: a merge is like any other change to your working tree, you need to commit it.03:51
spivAloha: but otherwise yes.03:51
Alohabob2, doesn't bzr -o send create a patch based off of parent?03:52
Alohaso does that mean my local branch has to be synced with parent?03:52
bob2it has to be at or ahead of it, but you'd need that before you could push to it anyway03:53
lifelessAloha: no it doesn't have to be synced03:53
lifelessAloha: it uses the revision graph to generate a good diff03:53
Alohalifeless, thats freaking cool03:54
* Aloha loves bzr03:54
bob2lifeless: it'll automaticaly fetch needed revisions?03:54
lifelessbob2: if the other branch is ahead, there is nothing to fetch; if the other branch is behind the new revisions are in the local branch03:55
c1|freakyhey guys, ill migrate from svn to bzr but i need some help. i have a 3 svn repositories on my server. i now want to "convert" them to bzr. how to do that? (i have one of them checked out)03:57
c1|freaky(i just reinstalled kubuntu on my laptop that's why i dont have them all yet03:58
johnnyread the docs03:58
johnnythere's a migration section03:58
c1|freakyin which documentation?03:58
johnnyonthe main site03:59
johnnyfor bazaar03:59
c1|freakyuser guide?03:59
johnnyit's right on the site04:00
rollydoes the pre-commit hook allow for modification of a versioned file, or addition of an unversioned file?04:00
c1|freakyoh ok found it04:00
c1|freakythank you04:00
igcrolly: no, I don't think so04:01
johnnymodifying versioned files === bBAD04:01
johnnythis isn't CVS04:01
igcrolly: we're looking at a start-commit hook for things like that04:01
rollyit's not ALWAYS bad04:01
johnnykeywords will never be expanded04:01
rollyigc: that would be so awesome04:01
rollyit would make my dreams of versioning my database come true04:01
igcjelmer recently raised a bug on lp for that04:02
* igc looks04:02
lifelessrolly: not currently; we will add one soon04:03
* johnny tries to think of a way you could modify a versioned file that was already committed 04:03
rollylifeless: cool! Yet one more step ahead of SVN04:03
johnnyas that sounds like it would invalidate it04:03
igcbug 18642204:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186422 in bzr "Ability to modify the tree from a pre-commit hook" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18642204:04
johnnyoh.. pre commit would be fine, but you'd have to be super careful :)04:04
johnnyi idled in #monotone in otfc for awhile, those guys were always talking versioning theory04:05
johnnypretty intense stuff04:05
rollywait, so I _can_ modify with pre-commit?04:05
* rolly reads04:05
johnnyi never rode the svn train04:05
johnnyi knew it was a lame idea04:05
lifelessjohnny: you can't alter history04:06
lifelessjohnny: but versioned file refers a file that is managed by bzr in general04:06
lifelessjohnny: so altering a versioned file in a working tree is what you do with emacs/vim etc all day04:06
rollyMaybe I can get by with a little hack to bzr.bat04:07
lifelessabout 150ms down stably now04:09
c1|freakywhen i checked out the svn repositories to a local place ... now i'd have to create the bzr repos on the server, right? but before that, i need an authentication mechanism and i still dont know which i could use04:20
c1|freakyi dont want ssh or any other PAM authentication04:20
fullermdIt sounds like an excellent solution to me.  I mean, that's the whole point of PAM...04:22
c1|freakyi dont want to give everyone ssh access04:23
fullermdYou don't have to.  You can just give them bzr+ssh access.04:23
c1|freakyhow to do that?04:25
c1|freakyand where should i create the repos? should i create a user called "bazaar"04:25
c1|freakyand in that directory create the repository04:25
c1|freakyfor the different projects?04:25
lifeless200ms now04:25
lifelessc1|freaky: I suggest you read the users guide and play with bzr *before* migrationg04:25
lifelessc1|freaky: start with it on your workstation and get a feel for how it works. This will help you a lot when you start thinking about group setups04:26
c1|freakyi have no project im starting right now i just want to migrate04:26
fullermdYou can use PAM to authenticate against a database or another file or something other than the system password file.  You can set allowable commands for the users via ssh.  They don't have to have home directories or real shells.04:26
lifelessc1|freaky: then just do 'bzr branch svn://urlhere local-disk-path'04:27
lifelessc1|freaky: and you'll have your existing projects to play with04:27
c1|freakyok cool04:27
c1|freakyill try that, thank you04:27
lifelessc1|freaky: I suggest that you learn the basic tool first because otherwise you are going to be learning new concepts in several directions all at once.04:27
c1|freakyi've allready read the whole user guide04:28
lifelessc1|freaky: and thats tough; we have much more facility than svn, but we *different* - you don't /need/ a "repository" for instance. (You can have one, but its not needed)04:28
c1|freakyok ill remove my svn checkouts04:28
c1|freakyand use the bzr branch dirs then04:28
c1|freakyand later when i created the repos on the server04:28
c1|freakyill use the bzr repos and commit them04:29
lifelessabentley: still around?04:30
abentleylifeless: Yup.04:30
c1|freakyBazaar has encountered an internal error :\04:30
abentleyubotu: paste04:30
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:30
c1|freakyPROPFIND request failed04:30
lifelessabentley: total time for bzr.dev's lightweight checkouts - of that what fraction is index from memory?04:31
lifelessabentley: (I'm not using your branch yet)04:31
lifelessI've shaved 5% off basically at this point04:31
abentleyOn my branch, it's 50%.04:31
lifelessc1|freaky: what url did you us ?04:31
abentleyTotal index.04:31
lifelessabentley: right, I'm asking bzr.dev :)04:31
lifelessabentley: IDK is fine04:31
c1|freakyi used: http://code-1.de/svn/freaky-tcl/04:32
lifelessc1|freaky: try svn+http://04:32
lifelessc1|freaky: I hear that that may work better04:32
lifelessfailing that, jelmer ^^04:32
abentleylifeless: I use dev as my sample data :-)04:32
lifelessabentley: yes, but bzr.dev's _code_04:33
c1|freakylifeless: still the same04:33
lifelessc1|freaky: do you have write access to the branch?04:33
lifelessc1|freaky: if so what url do you use ?04:33
c1|freakyi use http://code-1.de/svn/freaky-tcl/ i _have_ write access but it doesnt ask for login information? oO04:33
c1|freakystill anyone can read04:33
lifelessoh interesting04:33
abentleyI understood,  was explaining my dumbness.04:34
c1|freakyso i dont really need login information04:34
lifelessabentley: ok, I don't understand and am confused :)04:34
lifelessc1|freaky: its not that, I was hoping for a different url. We'll need some help from the bzr-svn author at this point I think04:34
spivc1|freaky: that SVN repo has many projects in it.04:34
abentleydev spends 53.43% in bisect_multi_bytes.04:34
lifelessabentley: thanks04:34
c1|freakyspiv: i just put them all together as one projects - my tcl scripts04:35
lifelessc1|freaky: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/bzr-svn04:35
lifelessI suggest asking a question there, and looking in the bug tracker too04:35
abentley(The percentages are similar for dev and my code because I also eliminated some lookups)04:35
abentleyAt least, I assumed so.04:35
abentleyIf it's cached, maybe there's another reason.04:36
spivc1|freaky: hmm, so there's no trunk/ or branches/ or tags/?  Just one branch at the root of the repo?04:36
c1|freakyspiv: yea04:36
lifelessabentley: if bzr.dev spends agreater fraction in the index layer, its more efficient at the other things04:36
c1|freakyit's just TCL04:36
lifelessabentley: unless the extra index use is disproportionately slow04:36
lifelessabentley: anyhow, my problem for now, and I guess 10% improvement in that region04:36
lifelessif I assume 2.5 seconds in index, I'm down to 2.304:37
abentleyThe percentage bisect_multi_bytes for my branch is 50.76, I think.  Getting some contradictory output.04:40
abentleyIter_entries time for dev is 57%, for mine, 51%.04:41
abentleyBut recall that I'm batching my index queries.04:42
abentleySo that may help on the initial bisect.04:42
lifelessbatched queries are a huge win04:46
lifelessI want! http://awaregeek.com/funny-stuff/usb-panic-button/04:48
=== asac_ is now known as asac
abentleylifeless: Would there be a performance win if indexes calculated build-dependencies all in one go?05:20
lifelessabentley: possibly; its been my intent to put some tasteful graph query support into the index layer05:21
pooliejml, my car is going to be ready in a bit, so i'll walk up and get it05:22
c1|freakyi got another question: say 2 people want to code ona  project together, and they want to use a server, do you have to create a user account for every project your users make together, in addition to their normal user accounts just for the projects - because they both need access to the repository which can only be on a account on the server to which they both have access05:22
lifelessthe only possible win though is slightly fewer round trips in extreme cases05:22
poolieyou're welcome to stay here05:22
c1|freakyor can u do that using groups?05:22
lifelessabentley: we could in fact choose to not resolve references to merges but only to the actual trees.05:23
lifelessneeds this refactoring finished and tweaked further I think.05:23
lifelessabentley: what would be a good result - (key, selected_reference, value) in an iterator?05:24
c1|freakyhow can i fix this: Unable to load 'bzr-gtk-0.93.0' in '/home/uwe/.bazaar/plugins' as a plugin because file path isn't a valid module name; try renaming it to 'bzr_gtk_0_93_0'.05:25
spivWow, PQM is taking an hour and a half to run tests for a single merge.05:25
abentleyPossibly.  Is selected_reference for accelerating future queries?05:26
spivc1|freaky: do what it says: rename the bzr-gtk-0.93.0 directory in plugins so that it doesn't have dots or hyphens.05:26
c1|freakyi removed it05:28
c1|freakyi installed it as root05:28
c1|freakydid that in the wrong direcotry05:28
c1|freakythank you05:28
c1|freakyand where do i install that PQM thingy? on the server? what does it compile? do i have to create testing-config files i mean, how to compile programs etc. or are there default ones which just work?05:29
c1|freakythat's all so much work for a private thing05:29
c1|freakybut i want something neat for coders on my server05:29
lifelessc1|freaky: in fact you should name that directory 'gtk' :)05:29
mtaylorc1|freaky: I use group permissions for shared repos on my server05:30
mtaylorworks great05:30
c1|freakymtaylor: and where do you put the directories for the shared repos?05:30
fullermdBlasphemously enough, I've got some in /home/cvs/bzr/[...]05:30
mtaylorc1|freaky:  I made a /var/lib/bzr05:31
mtaylorc1|freaky: then every time I add a new repository,  I go there and do chgrp -R src repos_name05:31
mtaylorand then chmod -R g+s repos_name05:31
c1|freakyok, so i can put several projects on there, one repository (/var/lib/bzr) and in there the different projects on which different users could work on. and for every project i would have to create a group on the system05:31
mtaylorand then I never think about it again05:31
mtaylorc1|freaky: I make a new repos for each unrelated project myself05:32
mtaylorc1|freaky: and if you really wanted to restrict access to project to a different set of people, then yeah, each one would want its own group05:33
mtaylorany chance that "InvalidRevisionNumber: Invalid revision number 5946" means something other than what it says?05:35
c1|freakynow i need to create a repo on the server05:36
c1|freakyhow do you do that? do you first create the repo on the server itself?05:37
bob2yes, the same as you would with svnadmin05:37
mtaylorc1|freaky: you can do it multiple ways, but I usually just go to /var/lib/bzr and do bzr init-repo --no-trees repo_name05:37
spivpoolie: at this rate, PQM should have merged my fix at about 6pm.05:38
c1|freakywhat does no-trees do btw, i didnt udnerstand it yet05:38
pooliespiv, +1 my pqm speedup patch then :)05:38
bob2c1|freaky: doesn't include a checkout-out copy of the source code in the repository05:39
lifelesspoolie: I've got about 10% so far05:40
c1|freakymtaylor: and when that repo is created, how to you put content on it?05:40
lifelesspoolie: I'm calling it a day at this point05:40
lifelesspoolie: I should have the refactoring finished tomorrow05:40
mtaylorc1|freaky: then you can just push a branch there from somewhere eles.05:41
c1|freakyi have a branch on my pc05:41
lifelessabentley: its my index.range_map if you want to give it a whirl05:41
mtaylorc1|freaky: so if you do cd /var/lib/bzr ; bzr init-repo --no-trees foo on your server05:41
spivHmm, SyPy tonight.05:41
c1|freakybut the server cant access my pc05:41
mtaylorc1|freaky: doesn't need to05:41
abentleylifeless: Where?05:41
mtaylorc1|freaky: go to your pc, and go into your branch05:41
mtaylorc1|freaky: and do bzr push bzr+ssh://yoursever/var/lib/bzr/foo/branch_name05:42
lifelessabentley: https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/bzr/index.range_map05:42
lifelessabentley: since I fixed register_branch I register them all :)05:42
lifelessabentley: alternatively, because 6 hour mirroring is bog05:42
lifelessyou'll want the external url http://people.ubuntu.com/~robertc/baz2.0/index.range_map05:42
c1|freakypush is always like svn commit right?05:42
lifelessc1|freaky: no, commit is like commit05:42
c1|freakybut if im not bound to the repo05:43
c1|freakyi can do commit and it wont commit to the server?05:43
mtaylorc1|freaky: right.05:43
abentleyOh, do I have one of those?05:43
c1|freakyso what is push then?05:43
lifelessmtaylor: except for history pivots05:43
lifelessabentley: try logging into rookery05:43
mtaylorc1|freaky: push is how publish your local commits to your shared branch05:44
lifelessc1|freaky: push is used to mirror your local work to a remote repository05:44
lifelessc1|freaky: mtaylor: the difference between commit and push is this: commit preserves the mainline history *always*, push does not.05:44
abentleylifeless, yep.05:45
lifelessabentley: then yes, yes you do05:45
* lifeless waves05:45
c1|freakyok ... i dont know what a mainline history is exactly. that's more like, the final part of the program after the rivisions from the branches have been put together?05:46
c1|freakyone moment need to revert a backup05:47
c1|freakyoh no i dont have a backup of that directory05:47
c1|freakyone moment05:47
abentleylifeless: Merging your index stuff, I get 4.9 seconds.05:47
abentleylifeless: no significant difference in the lsprof data for iter_entries05:50
lifelessabentley: what did you get before? 4.9 still ?05:56
lifelesswell at least I haven't borked it05:56
lifelessI'll finish the refactoring up and then get into serious tuning05:56
abentleybest of 4, mine: 4.7.  Best of 4, yours: 4.805:58
abentleythat is yours+mine05:58
c1|freakyi can't get that push to work it tells me:05:59
c1|freakyValueError: I/O operation on closed file05:59
c1|freakybzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)05:59
rollyIs there an easy way to "squash" a series of revisions into just one? The use case is that I've a bunch of little revisions that make up a single feature.06:03
c1|freakyit works06:04
c1|freakyforgot the write permissions06:04
mtaylorrolly: I've got a plugin for that06:21
mtaylorrolly: I haven't gotten around to releasing it yet... :)06:21
bob2that's basically what merge does06:21
mtaylorright, but the use case here is that you want to collapse into one revision before pushing06:22
rollyI could always merge, then uncommit, then pull. But screw that :p06:23
rollyplus, sometimes you want to squash even if you're not pushing anything06:23
mtaylorI should add squash as an alias. I like that06:24
bob2hm, do you want to lose the individual revisions entirely or just contain them within one "implement all of FOO" one?06:24
rollymtaylor: stole it from the git-rebase docs06:24
rollymtaylor: does your plugin operate on ranges?06:25
mtaylor(I think... lemme double check - but I'm pretty sure it does)06:25
rollyeven if one of the ranges isn't the tip of the branch?06:25
rollythat would be so sweet06:25
mtaylorhm... now _that_ I don't think I've got06:26
mtaylorbecause it's essentially using uncommit06:26
mtaylorunder the covers06:26
rollyGotcha :)06:26
rollythat's still really useful. I hope you release it someday06:26
mtaylorthanks for reminding me.06:27
mtaylorwe're using it at work... I just haven't gotten around to bundling it up sensibly06:27
c1|freakyis anyone using the bzr plugin for trac?06:28
* mtaylor uses launchpad for everything06:29
DebolazApples and oranges. :)06:30
mtaylorof course06:30
DebolazThat being said, I stay far away from trac usually.06:31
mtaylorah... I dunno... oranges and tangerines perhaps06:31
rollyI set trac up once, it was quite laborious06:31
DebolazIt's not that it's bad, it just doesn't seem to fit anything I do. It either does too much or too little.06:31
DebolazFor a small project, I don't want to go through all the trouble of setting up trac, but for a larger project its features just aren't enough.06:32
c1|freakyrolly: yea u need to experiment a lot but in the end i got it set up and running: http://scm.code-1.de06:34
c1|freakyis the publish bot put on the server or on the client?06:39
PengUnable to delete pending-deletion.06:49
PengAh, NFS garbage file.06:50
PengGah, limbo too.06:52
PengExcept, limbo is empty.06:52
PengOk, third try's the charm.06:52
=== jam__ is now known as jam
spivpoolie: I was right, it landed at 6pm, almost exactly :)07:06
c1|freakywhat is a good pqm bot?07:16
c1|freakywhat is bazaar-ng?07:19
PengHuh, a pack repo will autopack even if it just spews a "these branches have diverged" error (at least over bzr+ssh).07:19
Pengc1|freaky: Bazaar.07:19
Pengc1|freaky: Bazaar (baz) was originally a fork of Arch. Then they invented Bazaar-NG (bzr), a whole new VCS. Later, Bazaar was renamed to Baz and Bazaar-NG was renamed to just Bazaar.07:20
Pengc1|freaky: So, now they're interchangeable.07:20
c1|freakyoh ok, thank you :)07:20
rollyng = next generation?07:21
rollywhere no repo has gone before07:21
fullermdNo, totally not like that.  In this case the NG version is _better_ than the original.07:22
rollyNo one said it's not, unless I'm missing something07:22
fullermdWell, you started in with the Trek references...07:23
ubotuNew bug: #189841 in trac-bzr "plugin doesn't load?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18984108:35
c1|freaky:D that was me :o)08:41
mtaylorso the collapse thing I was talking about earlier...08:42
mtaylorshould I submit that to bzr.dev as a new builtin? or perhaps bzrtools? it seems sort of small to be its own plugin...08:43
lifelessmtaylor: what sort of collapse thing?08:44
rollyI would like to see it as a plugin mysql08:44
fullermdWould it make sense to roll it in as part of rebase?08:44
lifelessPeng: it's done a fetch of data in that scenario where it autopacks08:44
mtaylorfullermd: ah, perhaps...08:44
rollyare you talking about the 'squash' thing?08:45
mtaylorlifeless: it's a command that essentially does an uncommit all the way back to the last thing you've pushed08:45
fullermdJust because it's crammed in that package in git doesn't necessarily mean it should be here, but when you're collapsing the middle of a range, you'd have to rebase the later stuff anyway...08:45
lifelessmtaylor: so you do this when you know noone will look at your branch? :)08:45
lifelessmtaylor: (merging past that -> pain)08:46
mtaylorlifeless: yeah - it more like to clean up the thing you're going to send, to get rid of the 12 revisions you did that were all "fixed small typo" and "crap, fixed another small typo"08:46
mtaylorlifeless: I don't personally use it all that much, but it seems that it's a life-or-death thing for the folks who are in to it08:47
* mtaylor knows he's gonna have to write a test for it if he sends it to bzr.dev though... :)08:47
johnnywho uses that?08:48
johnnywhat system supports bringing revs together like that?08:48
rollyI guess your code could be useful in rebase, if --interactive is ever implemented08:48
johnnyaha.. bk08:48
johnnybut only the kernel and mysql folks use that :)08:49
johnnywe were the 3rd biggest user08:49
johnnybut nobody ever did that08:49
johnnybefore we switched to monotone08:49
mtaylorjohnny: who's we?08:49
johnnyweb app framework/cms thingie08:50
mtaylorthe bk folks I know (really large bk user that I'm trying not to name atm) use it alot08:50
mtaylormainly so that they can bundle up a set of things that are logically one change and re-submit them for a sensible code review08:50
mtaylorI think things like bundlebuggy already handle this problem from a different perspective though08:50
mtaylorgiven that I can submit a merge again and it'll effectively collapse it in the display08:51
mtaylorhrm. yeah. I don't really want to submit it to bzr.dev08:52
spivmtaylor: right, getting a useful diff for code review is a completely orthogonal issue08:53
spivmtaylor: you don't need to throw away history for that :)08:53
johnnyi use monotone for that, but trying to use bzr for a seperate project08:53
lostylostis bzr very well tested on windows machines?08:55
spivYeah, it we have quite a few people actively testing on windows.08:58
spivMore testing never hurts, of course ;)08:58
lostylostI keep getting errors commiting to a remote repo, that works fine on four other osx, linux boxes08:59
lostylostit just stalls out half way through at the status bar point08:59
lostylostbefore that I was having some wierd, pending-deletion errors08:59
ubotuNew bug: #189845 in bzr "hg-import:  ImportError: No module named hgimport.importer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18984509:00
spivlostylost: hmm, that's no good.  Please file bugs.09:01
spivlostylost: you're welcome to pastebin the errors and talk about them here too, of course.09:02
lostylostyeah, one of the other guys did re: the pending-deletion errors09:02
spiv(Unfortunately I'm about to have dinner, so I can't be much help right now)09:02
lostylostspiv, Thanks.    I think I will come back some time, I am starting to getcranky09:02
lostylostenjoy your dinner09:02
spivlostylost: thanks.  Put all the relevant details somewhere (ideally a bug report, probably), and someone should be able to help you with it.09:03
* spiv -> gone09:03
ubotuNew bug: #189848 in bzr "hg plugin crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18984809:10
lostylostwould it be unwize in the extreme to use cygwin bzr along with native windows bzr at the same time?09:17
lostylostit *shouldnt* matter but would it?09:17
johnnyif you can make it error that way, i'm sure folks would be interested :)09:18
johnnywhy does cygwin bzr exist anyways?09:19
lostylostI am not sure, some people just like an integrated environment and don't want to leave cygwin/bash. I can't see the advantage09:20
lostylostIt's weird native bzr keeps stalling out on a commit so I am trying cygwin bzr. It says that I have changed every file in the branch though...09:21
lostylostvery od09:21
c1|freakywhat pqm are u using with bzr?09:22
lostylostwhat do you mean pqm sorry?09:22
lostylostif you are addressing me09:22
c1|freakyi mean everyone09:24
c1|freakyi mean that thing which tries to compiles commits etc. and then puts it into the mainline09:24
spivc1|freaky: we use https://launchpad.net/pqm for committing to bzr.dev09:25
c1|freakydo u always ude dots for branches?09:30
johnnyi prolly would.. but that's an old habit09:30
c1|freakyshould i install that pqm as root?09:30
c1|freakyok ill remember that09:30
johnnyfor example09:30
fullermdDarn mtn'ers   :P09:32
speakmanhi ppl...09:32
speakmanI currently got the same file under "removed:" and "added:" under "bzr status". How come?09:35
Odd_Blokespeakman: Is it in the same location?09:35
speakmanFixed it by making a copy of "new" file and then removed it and did a revert from last revision. And finally 'cat' new contents into the "old" file and then it was printed under "modified:" instead.09:36
speakmanexactly the same location.09:36
speakmanidentical path09:36
spivspeakman: those are different files to bzr09:36
speakmanhow come? what's the "identifier" for bzr then, if it isn't filename?09:37
spivspeakman: note also that you do "bzr revert FILe"09:37
spivspeakman: file-id09:37
spivspeakman: there's a hidden command, "bzr file-id FILE" if you're interested.09:38
spivSo that bzr can track renames.09:38
* spiv -> dinner09:38
speakmanI did need to do a revert. Actually, the "strange" file was made out of a copy from a backup file with a 'cp', so there sure are some good explainations.09:38
speakmanhow these strange "hosts" on ppl? ubuntu/not/ubotu and such?09:40
speakman(O/T, sorry)09:40
Odd_Blokeubotu is a bot, which does helpful things (such as linking to the pages of bugs, and keeping people updated as to new bugs).09:41
c1|freakyok i still don't understand how to use a pqm09:42
c1|freakyhow do i install the bazaar smart server?09:52
c1|freakythat bazaar quickstartcard is cool i just printed it :D09:55
speakmanc1|freaky: use inetd09:57
lifelessspeakman: the strange hosts are an IRC feature09:59
lifelessfor registered users09:59
speakmanoh, i see09:59
c1|freakydamn why can't we download the launchpad software :(10:00
Odd_Blokec1|freaky: Because it's not Free Software.10:00
Odd_BlokeEven if you could, you wouldn't really want to, I suspect.10:00
c1|freakythat's a pitty10:00
c1|freakyspeakman: thank you10:01
PengI've read that the reason Launchpad is closed-source is because the point of it is to bring projects together (like how you can link bugs from one project to another), so having multiple LPs isn't so useful.10:04
Pengs/isn't so useful/counterproductive/10:04
Odd_BlokeThat's what I've heard.10:09
Odd_BlokeThe intent is also, I believe, to Free it once there's a mechanism to share between multiple Launchpad instances, so that problem can be overcome.10:10
joabrDoes any bzr plugin have something similar to this -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Hgk.png ?11:00
joabrgraph ancestry does some similar graphing, but not the textual extra info.11:01
joabri'm trying to sell bazaar to my boss :-)11:02
Odd_Blokejoabr: Look at bzr-gtk.11:04
Kinnisonyep, bzr-gtk has 'bzr visualise'11:09
Kinnisonwhich does exactly that11:09
Odd_BlokeQBzr might also have something, though I've never used it myself.11:11
joabrah, ok. Thanks alot.11:12
ubotuNew bug: #189874 in bzr "hg-import Can parse file names with spaces" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18987411:17
lifelessjoabr: bzr viz; in fact gitview is based on bzr-gtk's visualise11:22
joabrlifeless: sweet11:25
ubotuNew bug: #189886 in trac-bzr "Tracebacks when viewing log of a specified range of changesets" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18988611:35
elmoso, i know you bzr guys like to argue about this12:09
elmoif I have two runs of a script: old machine takes 95 minutes, new one takes 56 minutes12:09
elmois that 1.7x faster and 40% faster? or how do you do that 'n times faster / n% faster' math?12:10
jblack1 - 56/95 = 41.1% faster12:18
elmojblack: thanks12:29
jelmerc1|freaky: don't use the 0.4 branch but use the released version of bzr-svn12:34
datojelmer: is that general advice?12:36
c1|freakyjelmer: i soon wont need it anymore. ill just checkout, delete the .svn dirs and put it under bzrs vc :D12:39
c1|freakyas soon as i get the trac-bzr plugin to work12:39
c1|freakyi printed out the bazaar quick start card12:40
c1|freakyreally nice useful thing12:40
joabr do bzr have a svn equivalent to 'svn log --stop-on-copy'?12:51
mtaylorjoabr: what does stop-on-copy do?12:56
ddaait does not traverse copies12:57
ddaasuch as branch points or renames12:57
ddaabzr does not have explicit branch points12:57
ddaait _could_ stop logs on renames, but it's not clear that's what joabr wants12:58
ddaaand I do not believe the feature is implemented already12:58
joabrddaa: the idea is to see revisions only for a given branch.13:00
ddaaI'm afraid this request is a bit ill defined in bzr, you'll need to frame your problem a bit differently.13:01
ddaaOne way to look at bzr is that every commit is a branch point.13:01
ddaaI could use my hard won skills at divining user desires to wrangle it out of you, but I do not really feel like it today.13:02
ddaafor example, you could say "exclude from the log every revision that is in the ancestry of that other branch, defaulting to the parent"13:03
ddaawhich might do what you want13:03
joabrokay, how?13:03
ddaaa common approximation for what you seem to request is something like "bzr log last:1..ancestor:../other-branch"13:05
ddaa"bzr help revisionspec" for help13:06
ddaayou might also want to use "bzr missing"13:07
ddaathat's usually enough to make bzr folks happy13:08
joabri'll take a look. Thanks for the info so far :-)13:11
jelmerdato: not really13:26
jelmerdato: There is a regression in the http support in the 0.4 branch at the moment that causes exceptions13:27
jelmerhowever, this is not caught by the testsuite at the moment (since that would require setting up apache, etc)13:27
badrunnerHi all, im having problems trying to push to an https branch, i get an " ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir ..etc" message13:30
badrunnerI also just get "Bazaar has encountered an internal error" when doing a pull or merge, but branch works fine13:31
luksyou can't push over http(s)13:35
badrunnerluks: ok, what are people doing for having multiple users commit access to the same repository? I cant seem to find any info on this, i keep windind up at the shared-repository page, which means something different13:38
badrunnerluks: oh, and this is without the ability to add system users, so thats why i was hoping https with a .htpasswd would work here for me13:38
luksbadrunner: you can use any writable method with multiple users13:38
luksbut HTTP is not writable13:38
badrunneris there a list of methods anywhere?13:39
luksyou could setup the smart server over HTTP and use the web server to limit access13:39
luksand then use bzr+http:// instead of http://13:40
badrunnerluks: that sounds like a good plan, i'll look into that thanks13:40
mtaylorbzr+http works?13:41
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elmothe bzr 1.1 PPA dapper source packages are broken - are they the official source of things these days - and if, so should I file a bug about it?13:50
Lunkwillhi, I'm currently in the process of testing bzr - I've converted an SVN repository with several branches into bzr, using svn2bzr13:54
LunkwillI'm trying to merge one of these branches onto the main development branch (trunk)13:56
Lunkwillon this branch, though, there are about 3 merge revisions, which contain the contents of several changesets taken from the trunk13:57
Lunkwillof course that won't register properly in the bzr history13:58
Lunkwillwhat is the best strategy to merge this branch with trunk, excluding those few merge-revisions that came from the subversion trunk?13:59
ubotuNew bug: #189915 in bzr "bzr 1.1 dapper PPA debs FTBFS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18991514:01
LunkwillI've gotten the contents of the two branches merged properly by performing three merge operations, the first one starting from the branches' common ancestor.  the bzr history will only reflect the first merge as two branches merging, the two other merge operations appears as two single revisions14:05
Lunkwillanyone know how to hack this so the branch revisions will look like they've been properly merged with the trunk, or do I have to live with this history problem because of our subversion heritage?  any answers will be greatly appreciated :)14:11
Lunkwillk, I'll shut up now ;)14:12
LeoNerd"merge" makes a single revision that contains all the composite changes14:19
LeoNerdIf you want to see them all as individual commits, you have a problem. History diverged. It is no longer a single stream timeline14:19
LeoNerdYou can't just "merge" those divergant streams and have it appear as a single consistent historic timeline14:19
LeoNerdWhat you could do, if you were so inclined, would be to "rebase" the branch to the current head-of-trunk, then "pull" all the trunk revisions in, making them appear as new commits. But this can only work if the rebase operation succeeds; i.e. if there's no conflicts anywhere14:21
=== mrevell-lunch is now known as mrevell
LunkwillLeoNerd: how about merging the subversion merge revisions, and "resolve" the conflicts by reverting all the changes in that revision, then commit?14:32
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fbondHi, I think bzr is doing something weird with timestamps that is messing up an autotools build setup... does that sound familiar?15:07
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talloAnyone tried using the svn plugin on osx?  I need to use http basic auth, which seems to be broken, yet I don't see any bugs open for it...17:11
talloi.e. the two perl lines removing auth in http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrForeignBranches/Subversion17:12
talloor is this https://bugs.launchpad.net/subversion/+bug/71266 ?17:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 71266 in subversion "Problems getting things to work on Mac OS X" [Undecided,New]17:13
muszekhi... what do you guys use to be notified about revisions made to branches on remote servers?17:14
jelmertallo: Are you running 1.5?17:15
talloshould be, having followed the directions on the page (locally installed in ~/.bazaar/svn)17:16
talloactually looks more like 1.6.0...17:16
jelmertallo: Subversion 1.5, I mean17:17
tallo~/.bazaar/svn/bin/svn --version returns 1.6.017:17
tallocraps out with "Assertion failed: (g->gc.gc_refs != _PyGC_REFS_UNTRACKED), function instancemethod_dealloc, file Objects/classobject.c, line 2285." at the console17:18
talloOSX 10.5.1, intel core2duo iMac...17:19
jelmertallo: Those two lines you commented out disable password prompting17:19
talloI should clarify: when I comment out those two lines, bzr just fails to access the svn repo. :)17:20
jelmersorry, that's what I mean17:20
talloBut that's working-as-written17:20
talloWhen I leave them be, that's when things crash :)17:20
jelmerthose two lines hook in the password prompting17:21
tallowhich I need :(17:21
jelmerapparently them crashing is a bug in the python subversion bindings17:21
jelmerthere's an alternative way to authenticate though, see the FAQ for details17:23
talloYup, it's fairly obvious from the stack trace.  Hehe, even found a message from Brian de Alwis to you, with a (nearly?) identical trace17:24
talloHm.  Tried "svn info <url>", it doesn't prompt and properly returns data.17:25
talloTried "bzr branch svn+<url> mybranch", and it fails with Permission denied17:26
jelmerIt may be some OS-X specific thing17:31
talloSounds like it, from Brian's post.17:31
jelmerCan you try adding the following line:17:32
jelmerin transport.py:5417:33
tallobzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'get_keychain_simple_provider'17:35
talloperhaps I've got an older python-svn module?17:35
jelmerthis function is MacOSX-specific17:36
jelmerthere probably just isn't a python binding for it (yet)17:36
talloand yeah, I see the entries in Keychain that it would use17:37
jelmerare you on Mac OS X 10.2 or later?17:37
jelmerhmm, I don't actually see anything that could cause it to not generate python bindings for that function17:42
jelmermaybe it's the ifdefs in the header file that confuse it17:45
jelmerI can add the required bits to bzr-svn, but I can't figure out how to fix the python-subversion bits17:46
jelmersince I don't have Mac OS X here17:46
talloCan you point me to the general location where it should be generated?17:47
jelmersubversion/bindings/swig in the subversion source17:48
tallook, thanks so much!17:51
jelmerit's probably a matter of specifying -DDARWIN= or something to SWIG17:51
jelmerthe required bits should now be in bzr-svn17:59
tallocool, thanks :)18:00
abentleyfbond: Are you checking in built files?18:03
fbondabentley: yes; I've traced my problem to an unrelated cause...18:04
abentleyOkay, nm.18:04
fbondalthough I have seen the recent thread on the ML18:04
fbond(that may also be an issue for me .... )18:04
abentleyOkay.  So you know your built file may end up newer than its source.18:05
abentleyor older18:05
fbondWill that be addressed soon?18:05
abentleyfbond: Hard to say.  I'm rather busy in RL, but that area is usually left to me.18:12
bobboWhat is the bazaar equivalent of ViewVC?18:25
bobbothanks mwhudson18:27
mwhudsonthis branch is the most up-to-date: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/loggerhead/production18:28
bobbomwhudson: what dependencies do i need for loggerhead?18:30
mwhudsonbobbo: turbogears18:30
mwhudson(unfortunately :/)18:30
* abentley sticks his tongue out at mwhudson18:32
mwhudsonabentley: it causes more problems than it solves for loggerhead, it's the wrong tool for the job18:34
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-afk
fbondmwhudson: (my curiosity) what would've been the right tool for the job?18:50
mwhudsonfbond: good question, but something that didn't use cherrypy as it's http layer would be a good start18:53
fbondmwhudson: don't mean to pry, but I'm wondering why?18:55
fbondI've never used cherrypy18:55
fbond(also didn't mean to rhyme there ;)18:55
skvidalfbond: do the rest in iambic pentameter18:58
skvidalI was wondering if there was an easy way of going from bzr log > changelog-format18:58
skvidalsorry, hit enter too soon, there18:58
mwhudsonfbond: maybe it's just the way loggerhead uses it, but it has some annoying features18:59
mwhudson(totally unhelpful behaviour if there's an exception during url traversal, completely un-workaroundable url mangling)19:00
fbondmwhudson: so you just don't like cherrypy in general?  None of this sounds remarkably loggerhead-specific...19:05
mwhudsonfbond: from what i've read cherrypy3 is quite nice19:07
mwhudsonfbond: but no, i don't like cherrypy2, and that's what loggerhead is stuck with19:07
fbondmwhudson: interesting.  thanks!19:07
fbondmwhudson: have you used Django at all?19:10
mwhudsonfbond: no19:10
c1|freakyis anyone using trac with bzr?19:10
mwhudsonfbond: but the real complaint about loggerhead using tg is that it's just not helpful19:11
mwhudsonloggerhead isn't a database-backed webapp in any sense19:11
thatchc1|freaky: yeah, do you have a question about it?19:11
mwhudsonit and on-demand generated bunch of static web pages in some sense19:11
fbondmwhudson: but CherryPy is just an HTTP framework, and loggerhead uses HTTP, right?19:13
fbondmwhudson: I guess you think it's just not worth the overhead?19:14
c1|freakythatch: yea, are u using it with trac11b1?19:14
c1|freakythatch: look here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/trac-bzr/+bug/18984119:14
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189841 in trac-bzr "plugin doesn't load?" [Undecided,New]19:14
c1|freakyi submitted that bug19:15
c1|freakydid you have the same problem am i missing some step?19:15
thatchc1|freaky: actually still on r6306... but yes I got that problem initially19:15
c1|freakyand how did you fix it?19:15
thatchc1|freaky: let's continue in pm, it's not directly bzr related19:16
c1|freakyok :)19:16
aadisis there a way to send an automated mail on a bzr push?19:18
aadisie, server-side from the host being pushed to19:18
ubotuNew bug: #64658 in trac-bzr "[PATCH] Use trac to_unicode function when passing the revision message to trac" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6465819:31
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nessyI am trying to install bzr 1.0 or 1.1 on a Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) machine19:58
nessyis there a package?19:58
nessyhttp://bazaar-vcs.org/Download?highlight=%28Mac%29%7C%281.0%29%7C%28OS%29%7C%2810.4%29%7C%28X%29%7C%28bzr%29 only lists ppc19:58
nessyand my bzr-py25 in fink lists as 0.18-119:59
nessyI don't have MacPorts installed - get along well with finnk20:00
nessyis my only option to install from src ?20:03
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aadisnessy: installing from source is pretty simple as it is20:03
nessyam in the middle of it - but still wondered if there was a more adequate release :)20:05
nessyhmm - need to instally pycrypto and paramiko and make sure my default python is 2.5 :(20:13
nessymight as well upgrade to leopard!20:13
tallonessy: according to the first line of http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrForeignBranches/Subversion (which I've been working from)20:18
tallosudo easy_install -U paramiko pycrypto bzr20:18
talloclaims that it should work for tiger and leopard20:18
talloexcept some stuff about xcode 2.5 and libtool...20:18
nessyeasy_install : command not found :)20:19
nessyI don't have xcode20:19
talloOh, heh20:20
nessybut they were simple to install from src20:20
nessyjust running test on paramiko20:20
* tallo is happy on leopard20:20
nessyyeah - I should upgrade...20:21
tallojust having issues with bzr-svn :)20:21
nessyoh! :(20:21
talloThe upgrade was a pain on my macmini server box, as I'd forgotten how I'd configured it. :)20:21
nessyI just have a macbook20:21
tallothe leopard installer did a bunch of bad stuff, like overwrite crotab :(20:21
nessythat's what backups are for :)20:22
tallothankfully there was only 1 cron line :)20:22
tallodidn't nuke any "user data", just made exim and apache unhappy20:22
nessyif you remembered your crontab, that's ok :)20:22
talloagain, mostly because I forgot what I'd done a year before to configure it in the first place20:22
nessyhmm... the paramiko test hangs after Ran 100 tests in 110.393s20:23
nessylooks like it worked:20:29
nessy bzr --version20:29
nessyBazaar (bzr) 1.1.020:29
thatchFor future reference, the issue with trac+bzr and 'unsupported version control system' under mod_python just required a complete stop/start of Apache to work.20:41
lifelesshow are you going thatch ?20:43
thatchlifeless: I'm doing pretty ok.20:47
thatchJust got over some sort of cold20:47
thatchand school is keeping me occupied enough that I'm happy writing code20:48
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turnipHi guys, I'm new to bzr and dvcs in general. I think I'm fundamentally misunderstanding something... if I do "bzr branch someurl", I get a load of files. They have to exist somewhere, right? But if I do "bzr push someurl", it doesn't transfer the files, just the changes. So how do the files get to the remote server?21:35
lifelessturnip: the files are your working copy21:36
lifelessturnip: we don't copy around the working copy itself, because thats slow, we only copy the historical database21:36
lifelessif someone else whats what you've committed they can just bzr branch the thing you pushed21:37
turniplifeless: surely then they have to have access to my machine?21:38
turnipto get the files I've committed, they would need to be able to transfer them from my machine somehow21:39
turnipbecause they aren't on the remove server21:39
lifelesswhen you push to a remote server21:39
lifelessthe historical data base is pushed21:39
lifelessit contains the information to recreate a working copy21:39
turnipaaah right21:39
lifelesshave you used svn ?21:39
lifelessright - an svn server doesn't have your files in an editable form21:40
lifelessit just has a databse21:40
lifelesscalled a repository21:40
turnipyeah, I think I understand now21:40
lifelessbut the svn client can ask the repository for enough information to create a working copy21:40
turnipyep it makes much more sense now. I wasn't thinking in terms of repositories because of the whole distributed thing21:41
turnipso what I want to use this for is a personal website. I basically want to make commits on my local machine, and then every now and then update the web server with the changes21:42
turnipgiven that the web server can't connect to my machine, but I can connect to the web server21:42
turnipdoes it make sense to push the changes to the server, and then have a branch on the server which is a working copy... ?21:42
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rollyturnip: that's how I have it.21:49
turnipok great thanks for your help guys21:49
rollyI use the push-and-update plugin21:49
lifelessturnip: sure; on the web server have a working copy and do 'bzr update' there21:49
lifelessturnip: the push and update plugin will use that to do an update for you when you push21:50
turnipok thanks I'll check it out21:50
xifhey, I was wondering:22:02
xifat the time bzr was developed, why didn't Canonical just use the available Mercurial tool?22:03
lifelesshg did not exist when bzr was started22:06
ubotuNew bug: #190052 in bzr "bzr commit on a split tree crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19005222:30
LarstiQoh boy22:32
lifelessLarstiQ: dude!22:33
lifelessits alive!22:33
LarstiQI seem to be getting alive again, this much is true.22:34
* LarstiQ has even been reading code today22:34
fullermdShucks.  I had the high voltage all ready, too...22:34
LarstiQgranted, not bzr, but still22:35
beunoLarstiQ, python at least?22:35
LarstiQbeuno: yes22:35
LarstiQbug 190052 looks like something I'd need to look at22:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190052 in bzr "bzr commit on a split tree crashes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/19005222:36
lifelessxif: also, even if hg had existed, they have sufficiently problematic limitations I doubt we would have gone with it.22:36
* beuno starts preparing for the "welcome back LarstiQ" party22:37
lifelessthats in London right ?22:37
LarstiQis that a suggestion I should attend?22:37
LarstiQwouldn't do to miss my own party22:38
lifelessLarstiQ: naturally22:39
tallojelmer: So, I'm guessing this has to do with swig not having the full environment when extracting function defs22:45
talloThere are some #defines for keychain support; when I hardcode them to #if 1, I get some bits of keychain_simple_provider in the wrapper22:46
tallonot enough, yet22:46
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Odd_BlokeWhy is it that ConfigObj is kept in bzr.dev?23:03
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