w00w00huhu =)00:08
nate_how can I log into edubuntu from a user account that I had in ubuntu00:20
johnnydid you reinstall?00:22
johnnyor what?00:22
nate_ok I had ubuntu this morning using a seperate /home partition00:22
nate_I install ubuntu server this morning not formating /home partition00:23
nate_now I get xession errors state I an not logged in for more than 10 secs00:23
johnnydid you readd the user to the accounts database?00:23
johnnyyou might have to clear out some files in your ~/00:23
nate_log fails from thin client giving no error message00:23
johnnyoh.. thin clients00:23
johnnyit could be many things..00:23
nate_tried loging in on both server and thin client00:24
nate_can't log in with X either place00:24
nate_can login using cli00:24
johnnybakcup all the . files00:24
johnnyor move them rather00:24
johnnyand then try00:24
nate_so move all files dele the dir and then create a new skeleton00:25
johnnythey will be recreated automatically00:26
johnnyyou could keep the .bash* files tho00:26
johnnythey won't cause a problem00:26
johnnyit's the gnome ones that you're prolly having trouble with00:27
highvoltage-cmpcogra: :D08:53
highvoltage-cmpcogra: ping?09:40
stgraberogra: You can give that to \sh : http://www.stgraber.org/download/ubuntu/italc/10:03
stgraberogra: it contains the binary and source packages + the backtrace and error in the "bug" file10:04
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nblracerhello again13:10
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lagaogra: please remember to comment on the mythbuntu plugin so i can fix it in time :) thanks14:50
RichEdogra_cmpc: ^ see request from laga | laga: ogra is working on 2 machines :)14:51
* pygi wonders what happened with iscsi magic that was supposed to be implemented *ages* ago14:53
pygiogra_cmpc, ogra : ? ^_^15:07
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GregRHello.  I Have Edubuntu 6.06.2, fully updated.  When users log in from the thin clients, they do not show up in commands who or last, so I can't use sac to keep track of time.  Anyone know how to solve this problem?  Thanks.17:13
johnnyhmm.. mine do.. not sure17:15
GregRThank you, Johnny.  What version of Edubuntu are you using?17:16
johnnynot using edubuntu, i'm using regular ubuntu17:16
johnnynot that it should make much difference17:17
GregRIt's something about the way the thin clients log on using LTSP in Edubuntu.17:20
johnnyit shouldn't be any different17:20
johnnyin regards to ltsp17:20
GregRPerhaps it shouldn't, but it definitely does.  When I log in directly to the Edubuntu server, the login shows up in who and last, but not from a thin client.17:25
johnnyi'm using the gutsy version17:28
GregRThank you for your help, Johnny.  Perhaps upgrading is the solution to my problem.17:32
johnnywhich one are you using?17:33
johnnyif so are you using some DIRECTX parameter in lts.conf ?17:34
GregR6.06, Dapper Drake LTS.  I am using the default setup with minimal or no changing of configuration files.17:36
johnnyoh.. you're way out for me17:36
johnnythat's like really old i think :)17:36
johnnyi started with feisty on this one17:36
johnnyand upgraded to gutsy17:36
johnnyif the ltsp on there is ltsp4,that might explain it, but i'm not100% sure17:37
GregRAccording to dpkg:17:39
GregRii  ltsp-server    0.87           Basic LTSP server environment17:39
GregRii  ltsp-server-st 0.87           Complete LTSP server environment17:39
johnnyi have no idea what versions those mean17:40
GregRI know that 6.06 is old, but I am waiting for the next LTS release to upgrade.17:46
johnnywell.. guess you could continue waiting :)17:48
GregRThank you much, Johnny.  I joined the Edubuntu-users email list and asked my question there.  If I don't get an answer, I'll upgrade.  Good day.17:48
johnnyi know the gutsy and hardy stuff uses ssh by default17:48
johnnyand feisty for that matter17:49
iariMy laptop doesn't go into hibernation / Suspend mode. When I try switching to hibernate the screen goes black and there's a blinking '_' like DOS mode... I can't type or do anything except shutting down using the power button..17:49
johnnyso you'll always get stuff showing up in who17:49
johnnyi'm guessing yours is using xdmcp only17:49
johnnymaybe there's a way to get similiar output to who with that17:49
johnnyyou could always try to parse ps if nothing else?17:49
johnnyGregR, i personally (and this is not representing ubuntu in any way) don't take much stock on lts yet17:51
johnnythe software is evolving too fast still17:51
johnnystill reaching feature parity with other systems17:51
johnnyso bugs fixes can often be hard to integrate a few years down the line17:51
johnnyas you can't rely on the original developers, but then have to rely on canonical developers who still have lots of work to do with the newer stuff as well17:52
johnnyas the original developers get flooded with bugs and get mad :)17:53
johnnybugs they won't fix17:53
lagaogra: i have finally posted the initramfs changes i've been talking about all the time20:17
lagaogra: mostly for review, still lacking testing :/20:17
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