coreymon77is it possible to make this one a little later so we arent waking up at 6 if we want to make it00:00
mhbwell, you can eat it in front of your PC instead of in front of the TV :o)00:00
mhbjust joking00:00
coreymon77im never gonna end up making t to one of these things am i00:00
mhbanyways, good night folks00:00
claydohfor me 6pm is the wife's keyboard time, 6am I have to fire up the crusty old thinkpad running puppy and irc from the oher room00:01
claydohso as not to further anger the mrs :)00:01
coreymon77in other words00:05
coreymon77for EST people00:05
coreymon77its impossible to make it to a meeting00:05
coreymon77can we maybe do something about that00:06
mhbcoreymon77: well, you can always adjust your schedule00:06
claydohwell if we are still asleep during the meetings, we can't take over then can we?00:06
mhbI mean my meeting times are either 1 pm or 1 am00:07
mhbso I either have lunch in front of the PC00:07
mhbor I keep myself awake00:07
coreymon77mhb: how do i adjsut my schedule00:07
coreymon77i go to highschool00:07
coreymon77i have no free time to play around with00:07
mhbon Saturday?00:07
coreymon77im not waking up at 6 on a saturday00:07
claydohI will00:08
coreymon77i wake up at 7:15 every day for school00:08
coreymon77and 6 for skiing on sunday00:08
coreymon77sats my one day to actually wake up at a sane time00:08
claydoh7 is sane :)00:08
claydoh6 is pushing it tho00:09
claydohluckily I have an early shift at work friday, so I can get to bed well enough to wakr00:09
claydohjust need to set the alarm, the dogs will make sure I am awake once they hear it00:10
claydohand, um hound me till I take em out00:10
coreymon77claydoh: well i dont00:11
coreymon77so this is impossible for m00:12
jjesseman i love the snow00:51
ScottKAnyone here who wants to do some packaging work to make something more KDE friendly?00:52
jjesseif i knew how00:53
ScottK2Me too.  Almost all the packaging work I've done is on server stuff.00:54
* jjesse has never packaged anything ever00:55
ScottK2Yes, but you help out in other useful ways.00:55
claydohI have just learned enough packaging to get something in  my ppa, so I cheat kinda as I let the ppa build it for me :)00:56
ScottK2The newest clamtk release includes a KDE friendly .desktop and I was hoping someone would figure out what needed to be done to let Kubuntu users get that one.00:58
nixternalover 4 hours of snow blowing...yay01:18
ScottK2nixternal: You ought to move to the South ;-)01:21
nixternalI think I will01:21
crimsunoh gosh no.01:21
nixternalfark, now the dog wants to go out01:21
ScottK2Glad I mentioned then.01:21
crimsunit was friggin hot today :/01:21
ScottK2It was.01:21
ScottK2Went outside without a coat.01:22
ScottK2Of course being a true Chicogoan, nixternal probably did his 4 hours of snow blowing with no coat too.01:22
jjessesince im from michigan i only wore boots01:24
nixternalsame here01:24
ScottK2Since 70% of the heat escapes from your head, with a good enough hat that should be fine.01:24
jjessei bet that's a great mental image01:24
nixternalwore boots and a fleese pullover01:25
crimsunmust be all that experience with Vista.  Bound to get you nice and toasty.01:25
nixternalhahaha, out snowblowing with just boots on.....01:25
* nixternal faints01:25
nixternalsudo rm -rf /usr/memory/*01:25
jjessejust have to make sure nothing gets caught in the snow blower01:25
ScottK2Don't forget the really warm hat.01:25
nixternaloh, I have one of the furry hats with ear flaps01:26
nixternaldefinitely keeps the heat from escaping01:27
crimsunoh yah you betcha.01:27
nixternalthis morning I snowblowed about half of the driveway, left the other half for later...what a big mistake that was01:27
nixternal13" of heavy snow is no fun to move01:27
jjessei did the front walk and were my car parks01:27
jjessewaiting for my plow guy to do the driveway for the 3rd time today :)01:28
nixternaland there is more on the way they said01:29
nixternaland now we have a lake effect band hitting us right now01:29
crimsunthank goodness we'll be getting that soon01:29
nixternalI thought you were going to get the thunderstorms and such01:29
nixternalI forgot to ask my daughter what the weather was like there01:30
crimsunyes, unfortunately all the bad and none of the good [freezing]01:30
nixternalI sent them a picture from the phone, there is about a 10' drift that goes up over our shed01:30
jjesseit snowed pretty much from 11am on01:30
jjessestill snowing here01:30
nixternalScottK2: did you live in the dc area for the ice storm in 94?01:30
nixternalor the nor'easter that dropped more than 3 feet of snow in 24 hours in 9601:31
nixternalhaha, both sucked01:31
nixternalin 96 I was driving my 74 vw bus, myself and my buddy in his 74 slant 6 dodge ram were the only ones on the road01:31
ScottK2Even worse we got another one like 96 in 2003, but it was 3 feet of snow one day and one foot of rain the next.01:31
nixternalhaha, I pulled out a 4x4 chevy 1500 with the vw01:31
nixternalnor'easters suck01:32
ScottK2I've also been underway in them too.01:32
nixternalthere was also a hurricane in 95 that made a mess out of the area too01:32
ScottK2I'll take the snow shoveling.  Thank you very much01:32
nixternalnever underway in a nor'easter, but underway in a hurricane01:32
ScottK2Yep.  I had no power for 4 days in that one.01:32
nixternaland I was on a destroyer...up, down, and side to side, like a gangstah rap video01:33
nixternaljjesse: nothing beats the blizzard of 79 though does it?01:33
nixternalsouthwestern michigan got over 5' of snow in 2 days, you couldn't open the door to go outside01:34
nixternalI have pictures of me standing up in the driveway under the snow we made a tunnel through01:34
nixternalmy dad drove a plow and I remember going down 94 and seeing 20' snow drifts01:34
ScottK2I was also underway on the extreme fringes of The Perfect Storm.01:35
nixternalthankfully I haven't seen any snow like that in a long time...though 96 in md was close01:35
nixternalthat ice storm really sucked too01:35
nixternalwe lived by PG&E and still was w/o power forever01:35
nixternalor is it BG&E01:35
ScottK2BG&E I'd guess.01:36
nixternali can't remember if it was baltimore gas and electric01:36
nixternaldon't get the gas though, since everything in that area was electric01:36
ScottK2The best underway storm I got was getting sent into the Gulf of Maine in January 1991 and we were told to go find big waves because they were testing out some hull mods.01:37
nixternalya, luckily I never got to do any of those01:38
* ScottK2 restrains the urge to tell Sea stories.01:38
nixternalI think I wore the patch pretty much everytime underway...I never got over it01:39
nixternalhaha, sea stories rock01:39
ScottK2I had to at first, but I got the hang of it after a while.01:39
nixternalmine are all boring except for 2 hurricane runs where I puked none stop, and doing drug ops with the coast guard between miami and cuba01:39
nixternalcoast guard are some mean mofos01:39
ScottK2We had one SKC who kit his rack about the time they hauled the lines in and stayed there until we tied up again he was so sick.01:40
nixternalwhen we hit big waves, I always got up in the turret of the mk 45 because of the stabilizers...grab a couple of pillows, line the sway panels, and chill...you could barely feel the waves01:42
ScottK2What class ship was this on?01:43
nixternalAegis was a little more rigid01:44
ScottK2Yeah.  And they roll like crazy in quartering seas.01:44
nixternalmy ship is now in service with the Greek Navy01:44
nixternalI had a chance to take a civilian job on it in 98 in Greece, but like an idiot I turned it down to work on computers instead01:45
ScottK2I did OK in the Gulf of Maine thing until we were at a GQ drill doing circle W tests (all the ventilation turned off for you land lubbers) and the guy next to me puked.01:45
ScottK2It was into a bag, but the smell got me.01:46
nixternaljust the smell period during circle w ops suck01:46
nixternalespecially if you were anywhere near the galley01:47
ScottK2I was in combat.01:47
nixternaloh, do circle w in the persian gulf when it is 120 on the weather deck01:48
nixternalI spent way to much time in the persian gulf01:48
nixternalI belly flopped into the persian gulf :p01:49
nixternalone of these days I will convert all of my mini tapes to dvd/digital...I have some amazing footage of all kinds of crazy stuff overseas01:49
ScottK2Sounds fun.01:49
nixternalI have good video of me and a british sailor fighting really good, and then 15 minutes later me and that same sailor drinking :)01:50
nixternalin gibraltor...that was a blast...he had one of them monkeys steal his 6pack01:50
nixternalif you weren't careful with your beer there, the monkeys would steal them and drink them...they were funny as hell, but man were they just as mean01:51
ScottK2Never stopped there.  Went by it.01:52
ScottK2I was OOD for most of our east bound transit.01:52
nixternalheh, did you put anyone on flying monkey watch when going through the straights?01:52
ScottK2I knew the CO had confidence in me as OOD when I looked over to give him yet another 300 yard CPA contact report and he was asleep.01:53
ScottK2I'm sure someone did.  I was making sure we didn't die.01:53
nixternalI hated working the bridge01:53
ScottK2We were leading the whole battle group.01:53
ScottK2It was a blast.01:53
nixternalbut had to just get over with in order to get ESWAS01:54
ScottK2I was primarily a CIC watchstander and then I got put on the bridge as OOD for one underway and never made it back.01:54
ScottK2So I was more tactically oriented than most OODs.01:55
ScottK2My nickname on watch was "The bridge TAO".01:55
nixternalI just wanted to stick in the gun mounts and the armory01:55
nixternalI hated the rest of the ship, they were no fun01:55
nixternalI think we did more 50cal and 20mm quals then any other ship01:56
nixternalI remember doing reps and the ships order going "wtf do you guys do with all of the ammo?"01:56
nixternalI got in trouble for telling him "getting rid of them green peace bastards"01:57
ScottK2The thing I remember about .50 cal shoots was needing targets.  I'd mention to the GMC that we were going to need barrels to shoot at when we got underway.  They were always there on the fantail.  I never asked.01:57
nixternalman, that was a blast...we had 2 spec ops groups on the kidd, 1 seals and 1 marines01:58
nixternalwe got to shoot everything01:58
Hobbseecoreymon77: you're not the only person on the planet, and that timezone is reasonable for you02:04
Hobbsee6am meetings aren't that bad02:04
Hobbseecoreymon77: if you want to say things, make sure you email the list about what you want to say, prior ot the meeting02:04
ScottK2The stick is starting roll through the scrollback.  Watch out.02:05
Hobbseei should get times put into this, i think02:05
* Jucato stays out of the way02:09
Jucato<nixternal> we got to shoot everything02:11
* Jucato really *really* stays out of the way02:11
nixternalhaha ScottK2, the stick is rolling!02:12
nixternalJucato: why do think the Phillipines do not allow the US Navy there any more?02:12
Jucatofor *shooting* everything... but in a perverted sense02:12
* Hobbsee uses the stick on nixternal02:12
nixternalgot sick of hearing gun fire, the drunkedness of many sailors (do sailors really drink that much?) :)02:12
* nixternal puts up his Tata Nano shield!02:12
nixternalI was going to get a Smart car, but now I want a Tata Nano02:13
nixternalit will make Hobbsee's car look like a tank it is so small :)02:13
Jucatonixternal: I'd add something to that.. but not fitting a logged channel02:13
nixternalJucato: add to what?02:13
nixternalthe US being banned from the Phillipines? :)02:14
Jucato<nixternal> got sick of hearing gun fire, the drunkedness of many sailors (do sailors really drink that much?) :)02:14
ScottK2I sure as heck did, although there were never any guns involved in my case.02:14
nixternalwell, I am pretty sure I know what you would add, seeing you said you wouldn't since the channel is logged :)02:15
nixternalstart with an R?02:15
nixternaland that was the Marines, not the Navy...we gave them losers rides :p02:15
Jucatowhenever I hear "navy"... I always picture (shiny) "seals"...02:17
Jucato(the animal)02:17
nixternalLike dude, that thing is TOTALLY unsafe! Like, what if a freight train hits it? Like for real Indians need to drive Tahoes coz they are so much safer. Like and to help the environment maybe they could, like, get the hybrid version and, like, make it totally off the grid by putting a solar panel on the hood and a windmill on the roof. Like that would be bitchin'. Like this is totally possible, dude. But, like, how do they exp02:17
nixternalgahahaha, that is in response to the Tata Nano02:17
coreymon77hey guys02:31
coreymon77how much space does kde4 take02:31
coreymon77because i have less that 5gb on my linux drive02:31
Hobbsee /dev/sda6     ext3    7.4G  5.5G  1.9G  75% / <-- with gnome and kde402:31
Hobbseejust run apt-cache autoclean first, you'll b efine02:32
Hobbseeif you have /home on the same place, thta might be different02:32
coreymon77i do02:32
coreymon77any way of changing that?02:32
Jucato/usr/lib/kde4$ du -sh 175 M02:33
HobbseeJucato: is that all of it?02:33
Hobbseecoreymon77: repartition, fix /etc/fstab?02:33
Jucatoshould be, probably not counting some .desktop files?02:33
Hobbseenot bad, then02:33
hads255M here02:33
coreymon77Jucato: so i should be fine?02:34
Jucatothat's just kde-core though02:34
Hobbseecoreymon77: you've given no indication of how much space you use at the moment - how could we answer that?02:34
coreymon77after cleaning out a bit02:34
Hobbseesarah@saturn:~% du -sh /usr/lib/kde4                                     1:31PM02:34
Hobbsee415M    /usr/lib/kde402:34
Hobbseewith all kde4 metapackages installed02:34
dschulzhi all02:34
coreymon77i am using 13.85gb of an 18.32gb drive02:35
coreymon77on my other drive, i have a 30gb partition that is used for storage02:35
Hobbseethen you should be fine02:35
coreymon77only 6gb of that partition is actually in use though02:35
coreymon77its not possible to put kde4 on a different drive is it?02:36
coreymon77because i have plenty of space on my other drive02:36
dschulzi guess how bad would be to use upx to save some disk space, compressing all those kde4 binaries02:36
Jucatoit's precompiled. unless you compile it yourself, you can't set the destination02:36
coreymon77so i am fine with 4.47gb of space?02:38
Jucato<Hobbsee> then you should be fine02:39
coreymon77now we just gotta hope that this old toaster can handle kde4 ;)02:40
coreymon77btw, someone should fix the kde 4.0.1 announcement02:43
coreymon77the repository is cut off by the picture02:43
coreymon77just though you guys should know that02:44
coreymon77and should i only install -core?02:46
Jucatoyou can start off with that. and #kubuntu-kde4 for KDE 4 support questions02:47
coreymon77okay, what about the announcement on the kubuntu website02:47
coreymon77is this the place to say that?02:47
Jucatoyou can ask Riddell about that (I think only he has access)02:48
coreymon77Riddell: ping02:49
lontracoreymon77: looks fine here02:50
Jucatoit depends on the size/width of the browser window02:51
coreymon77that fixed it on my macbook02:51
coreymon77but my kubuntu box's window is as big as it goes02:52
coreymon77shouldnt there be text wrapping02:52
miplasma-playground no update since 07.09.2007?02:56
jjesseintersting, with theu pdates today after i restarted kdm i lost the icons in the application launcher for any kde4 application?02:56
jjesseexample: kde4-konsole used to be Terminal or something like that02:56
jjessedoes anyone know how to keep the sound down low on the startup sound in gutsy kde4?03:04
jjesseits at the loudest setting upon logout and login03:04
nixternaljjesse: I cranked my volume down to quiet the login sound03:15
nixternal21:15 and I am crashing...no more snow please!03:16
coreymon77well, kde4 is nice and all03:30
coreymon77but it is definitely not meant for a low resolution computer03:30
coreymon77so it seems that the solution for me is to wait for kde4/mac to be perfected03:33
Hobbseeor to help out in getting it there03:38
Hobbseewhat resolution are you running it on, anyway?03:38
Hobbsee600x480 or something?03:38
coreymon77my desktop is 1024x67803:43
coreymon77my lappy03:44
coreymon77for the desktop03:44
coreymon77Hobbsee: i would help, except i dont know hwo and dont have the time to learn03:45
Hobbseemake time?03:45
coreymon77my school seems to have something against social lives03:45
coreymon77or any free time in general03:46
ScottK2This isn't social, so it'll be fine.03:47
Hobbseeyet you have time to be on irc.03:47
coreymon77im doing work at the same time03:47
ScottK2Excellent multi-task just a little more.03:48
jjesselol :)03:48
coreymon77its a miracle that i can do 2 thigns at once, dont go pushing it :P03:48
ScottK2Stretching yourself improves you brain.  The more you do, the more you can do.03:50
Hobbseebah.  pathetic men.03:50
jjesseok heres a question:  why can i see the folder when i do a smb://jjesse-laptop03 but when i click on the folder that is shared or navigate directory to the shared folder i get a message that it isn't available03:51
jjesseor there is no path03:51
jjesseok interseting problem, copied a ms word document to the desktop of my ahrdy vm, when i try to open it in OOO nothing opens03:55
jjesseclick on the file, see splash screen then nothing, no process rnning according to System Activity03:55
jjesseoh thats interesting, problem was copyed it to the desktop03:58
jjessethe copy to the desktop didn't actually create the file, created an icon04:01
Jucatoand hi jjesse! :004:02
* Jucato snaps fingers that he missed nixternal...04:02
ScottK2Better luck on your aim next time.04:03
JucatoI ain't no military man :P04:03
ScottK2That would explain the missing then.04:04
jjessehello Jucato04:04
jjesseyeah Jucato on kde404:05
Jucatoyeah, when you drag files/folder from Dolphin to the desktop, it actually creates an Icon plasmoid...04:05
jjessenot just Dolphin, but Konqi as well04:05
JucatoKonqi uses dolphinpart :)04:06
jjesseah makes sense then04:06
jjesseis there going to be a #kubuntu-kde4 channel and a #kubuntu for kde3.5?04:06
Jucatothere already is04:06
Jucatoyo da sKreech!04:07
ScottK2So that would be a yes.04:07
jjesseah didn't know that...04:07
jjesseso in the book, i'm only covering kde4 so i should reference #kubuntu-kde4 for support then04:08
dasKreechhow long is that expected to be up?04:08
dasKreech and will it redirect to the proper place when it's taken down?04:08
Jucatoyou can expect it to be redirected to the proper place when it's down. as to how long.. you'll have to ask jussi01 and Hobbsee...04:09
jjesseHobbsee: you around?  can you answer my question in regards to #kubuntu-kde4?04:10
* dasKreech asks jussi01 and Hobbsee04:10
dasKreechGood point. Assuming that we move KDE4 to main at some point would it get built for PPC ?04:13
JucatoPPC is no longer officially supported remember?04:14
ubotuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ04:14
jjessewow i didn't realize in kde4 if i go to the top right corner i get a dispaly that shows all my apps windowed... that is sweet04:20
jjessemuch better then flip 3d04:20
ScottK2Jucato: But that doesn't mean we won't do it on a best effort.04:21
Jucatojjesse: yeah, the "Expose" feature... forgot the proper name04:21
JucatoScottK2: sure. :P04:21
jjessenight folks04:22
Jucatonight jjesse!04:23
Jucatoright... /me gives up04:32
* coreymon77 has the real expose04:34
* Hobbsee fights rdiff-backup04:51
Hobbseejjesse: i'm not sure how long it's staying open for04:51
Hobbseeit'll depend on how much it seems required when hardy comes out04:51
=== uga is now known as uga|away
miktrafficanalyzer looks great but not part kde408:21
mior knetdockapp08:21
mhbknetdockapp is KDE3 I guess08:27
mhbwe already have such a nice quicklauncher?08:28
midid flip effects will be in kde4 ?10:39
Riddellmi: #kubuntu-offtopic for chat10:44
miRiddell: tq11:05
=== lorenzo_ is now known as Ignobile
Riddellvorian: comments on bug 18967511:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189675 in marble "new upstream release for marble 0.5.1" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18967511:55
vorianRiddell: ok, i'm on it11:56
vorianactually, latter on today11:56
* vorian is off to work now11:56
iRonух ты :)12:04
Riddelldo others get horrible italics text on planet.kde.org in konqueror 4?12:14
Nightroselooks fine to me12:15
Riddellok, thanks Nightrose12:17
apachelogger_Riddell: at least konqueror 4 is working now :-P12:20
* apachelogger_ revus monkeystudio12:20
apachelogger_stdin: ping12:20
emonkeymonkeystudio? sounds interesting12:30
Riddellapachelogger_: did you upload a fix?12:33
apachelogger_Riddell: for, the save as stuff, yes12:34
apachelogger_Riddell: mind sending me a screenshot of the planet?12:34
apachelogger_maybe something pops into my mind12:34
Riddellapachelogger_: http://muse.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/planet.png12:43
Riddellapachelogger_: how did you solve the save as issue?12:43
iRonRiddell: i've got such broken italic font not only in konqueror, but in kde sysguard too..12:45
apachelogger_I didn't tell you?12:45
apachelogger_Riddell: more worked around... /usr/lib/kde4/share/applications/kde4/foobar.desktop overrides default XDG, so the kde4 path includes a desktopfile without absolute path12:46
apachelogger_XDG default still does, which means that it is probably still broken in KDE 312:47
Riddellapachelogger_: right, thanks, we can look at that later12:47
RiddelliRon: me too12:47
apachelogger_Riddell: which fonts are you using for khtml?12:51
iRonapachelogger: DejaVu Sans12:51
apachelogger_iRon: can you please snapshot the font settings in systemsettings?12:53
iRonapachelogger_: may be it metters font size and dpi settings?12:53
apachelogger_yeah, that's my guess12:54
apachelogger_but I can't reproduce right now12:54
iRonok.. will try to play with settings12:54
apachelogger_iRon: first upload a screenshot ;-)12:55
* apachelogger_ want this effect as well12:55
apachelogger_maybe it actually is a feature12:55
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
Nightroseapachelogger_: new kopete still doesn´t open messages instantly and now also crashes at startup for me when I set it to connect on startup :(13:00
* apachelogger_ suggests removing kopete-kde4 completely from hardy13:01
apachelogger_this app isn't of any use13:01
apachelogger_in fact I think it's got a lot worse since 4.0.013:01
apachelogger_4.0.1 made me switch to kopete from kde3 again13:02
Nightrosemeh kopete kde 3 now crashes even more for me - not good13:02
apachelogger_all broken13:02
* apachelogger_ suggest removing kopete completely from hardy as well13:03
* Nightrose will stick to the new kopete13:03
apachelogger_psi is doing way better13:03
Riddellapachelogger_: it works for me13:04
Riddellnot that I use instant messenging13:04
apachelogger_all bugs are kopete related13:04
Nightroseapachelogger_: well the "open messages instantly" thing...13:04
Nightroseyou just didn´t include it right?13:04
apachelogger_Nightrose: did I fix this?13:05
Nightroseyou did13:05
Nightroseat least you said so13:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 182349 in kdenetwork-kde4 "Kopete-kde4 has an issue with message handling under behavioural settings" [Low,In progress]13:05
Nightrosesee your comment13:05
ubotuKDE bug 146882 in general ""Message handling" unset when setting it to "Open messages instantly" and reopening the configuration dialog" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]13:06
apachelogger_apparently that never got into KDE 413:06
apachelogger_can't check though13:06
iRonapachelogger_: http://img134.imageshack.us/my.php?image=brokenfontsbo2.png13:07
apachelogger_Nightrose: new neon is waiting for build, muhahahaha13:07
apachelogger_monkeystudio ftbs13:07
apachelogger_iRon: anything configured in anti-aliazing?13:08
iRonapachelogger_: Enabled, Hinting = Full13:08
iRonapachelogger_: look at buttons font size in fonts settings window and kde sysguard.. they are different13:09
apachelogger_iRon: are you running hardy?13:10
buziRon: the fontbug is in bugzilla13:10
iRonapachelogger_: hardy13:10
apachelogger_iRon: that isn't 4.0.1 is it?13:11
ubotuKDE bug 154919 in general "Konqueror wrong font rendering" [Normal,New]13:11
iRonapachelogger_: 4.0.113:11
buzits still broken in 4.0.113:11
apachelogger_iRon: did you ever install kde4 from src?13:11
buzon kde-look.org for example13:11
iRonapachelogger_: yep..13:12
apachelogger_iRon: you're using 2 different KDE's :D13:12
apachelogger_the close button isn't at the bottom of ksysguard for ages13:12
iRonapachelogger_: press ctrl+escape13:13
apachelogger_my shortcuts are b0rked13:14
apachelogger_though that is a good point13:14
apachelogger_throw that explanation to the other crappy ones13:14
apachelogger_iRon: IMO it's caused by some underlying issue13:16
apachelogger_especially since I can't reproduce it13:16
apachelogger_iRon: maybe create a new user and try whether you can trigger the issue there as well13:16
iRonok.. will try13:16
buzfor me the close button is there as well13:17
buzand i never compiled from source13:17
apachelogger_yeah, it is for the embedded mode13:18
* apachelogger_ never uses that one though ^_^13:18
buzi never use ksysguard :P13:18
apachelogger_harldy for me13:18
buztop is more useful to me13:18
apachelogger_htop ftw13:19
apachelogger_the only taks I would do is kill an app13:19
apachelogger_so killall is enough for me13:19
buzkillall is needed for kde4 :P13:20
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Riddellnixternal: can you add a kubuntu meeting to fridge at 11:00 on saturday13:56
mhbaah, waiting after the exam is terrible14:12
Riddellmhb: what was the exam?14:13
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tlaytonanybody have problems (with latest updates on hardy) with the left click actually performing a double-click, and the right-click not working sometimes.15:30
gribelutlayton: i don't have that problem..15:31
tlaytoni've check all possible settings, changed ports, and even rebooted. hmmmmm15:32
Jucatoyou can also try asking in #ubuntu+1 for other Kubuntu Hardy users if they're having the same problem15:33
Riddelltlayton: could be a linux problem, my other laptop likes to repeat mouse clicks sometimes and be unresponsive at others with acpi on15:35
tlaytonRiddell: possibly the new 2.6.24-7 kernel?15:35
tlaytonthat's only i thing i changed other than normal updates15:36
Riddellshrug, worth testing15:36
stdinapachelogger: belated pong15:37
Riddellstdin: remind me again what you said when I suggested you come to UDS?15:38
stdinRiddell: hmm, don't know what I said now. but I would love to go15:39
Riddellstdin: great, I've put you down15:44
apacheloggerstdin: can you please push latest workspace to the PPA15:53
apacheloggerkdm is broken in ubuntu115:53
stdindone :)15:59
mhbRiddell: computer principles16:22
mhbRiddell: ridiculous questions like "how many page faults does happen when you move 3MB of data with a 2B instruction and a 3-level page table"16:22
nixternalRiddell: meeting added to the fridge16:28
Riddellnixternal: great. how's that passport application going along?16:28
Riddell14:52 < Keybuk>  * it will be in Prague16:29
Riddell14:52 < Keybuk>  * Mon 19th to Fri 23rd of May16:29
Riddellincase anyone missed it16:30
nixternalRiddell: I have to pay $3500 in old parking tickets first :)16:30
jpatrickoh, just before my b-day16:30
jjessewow 3k in parking tickets?16:30
jjessewould that be part of your sponsorship? :)16:30
nixternalthose are from 1989 through about 199216:31
jjessei bet prague is nice16:31
jjesseit would be really nice to have more kubuntu devs then Riddell at UDS, unlike boston when it was just him16:31
jjesseand me but i'm not really a developer :)16:32
nixternalwell, if it was in the US I would definitely be there :)  but I gotta see about getting this passport first16:32
ScottKjjesse: I was there part of the time.16:50
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* ScottK2 turns the laptop's network off so the document will actually get written today ...17:10
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ScottKI thought you all would enjoy this: http://www.ttgnet.com/daynotes/2008/2008-06.html#Wed18:00
mhbRiddell: hmm, bad luck for me18:05
mhbRiddell: I failed this one, so I guess a few more days of learning for me18:05
coreymon77im lost18:06
jpatrickcoreymon77: UDS I think18:06
coreymon77im still lost18:06
Riddellmhb: :(18:06
mhbjpatrick: well I'm referring to my failed exam18:06
mhbjpatrick: which prevents further work on jockey18:06
jpatrickmhb: ah right18:06
coreymon77failed an exam18:07
mhbRiddell: when's the deadline again?18:07
coreymon77tough luck18:07
mhbno big deal18:07
mhbit's just that I have less time on free software18:07
dschulzRiddell: excuse me.. when you have some spare time, please take a look at this https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/2230518:13
ScottKdschulz: I can answer that.18:16
dschulzScottK: ok18:17
dschulzscottk: your answer clarifies all my doubts. Thanks a lot!18:31
ScottKdschulz: You're welcome.18:33
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jpatrickLure, stdin, apachelogger: /connect irc.oftc.net and /join #debian-qt-kde ;)18:39
Lurejpatrick: patry there?18:40
jpatrickLure: all the time18:40
mhbthis is bad18:42
mhbfeature freeze 14th18:42
jpatrickLure: oh, and as MOTU I think you should join here: https://alioth.debian.org/project/request.php?group_id=3022118:42
mhbin seven days.18:43
mhbI must not disappoint you guys.18:43
mhbno sleep mode activated :o)18:43
stdinjpatrick: any reason?18:47
jpatrickstdin: watch and help out with Debian?18:47
stdinok :)18:48
* ScottK encourages this sort of behavior18:48
* jpatrick puts such behaviour into action18:49
ScottKMy first big step is going to be pushing our Klamav package into Debian, but first I have to get the current maintainer declared MIA and hijack it.  That takes time.18:50
ScottKjpatrick: Have you got a few minutes to look into something?18:51
jpatrickScottK: sure18:51
ScottKjpatrick: Would you please grab the current scribus source package from Hardy and tell me why the upstream .desktop is getting installed and not the one in debian/?18:52
Riddellmhb: feature freeze a week today18:53
jpatrickScottK: downloading18:53
mhbRiddell: yeah, that kind of sucks18:55
mhbwell for me18:55
mhbbut I'll try18:55
Riddellmhb: mind that exams are your priority18:55
jpatrickRiddell: is there no way the freeze can be relaxed or it's final?18:56
Riddellit's possible18:56
mhbthey are, I'll just cancel my schedule with the sandman18:56
mhband it'll all fit18:56
ScottKmhb: Getting a freeze exception is preferred to uploading something broken and bugfixing it after the freeze.18:57
ScottKNot saying that doesn't happen ...18:57
mhbRiddell: also, I hope you don't mind that jockey won't have a shiny "model/view framework" just yet, do you?18:57
Riddellmhb: not at all18:58
Riddellthat model/view stuff confuses me entirely18:58
jpatrickScottK: is it meant to be a mix of cmake and autohell?19:04
nixternalyou gotta love a professor who gives homework right from the book...then you gotta love google for providing you all of the answers19:06
nixternal4 to 6 hours of homework done in about an hour :)19:06
nixternalnow comes the UML fun, but luckily for me, I know this guy who created an application just for UML :)19:07
Lurenixternal: that tells nothing about his knowledge of uml ;-)19:08
ScottKjpatrick: I'm guessing, but I know little about either, so I gave up early.19:09
LureRiddell: are you still maintaining it?19:09
nixternalLure: hehe19:10
nixternalI don't think he is still maintaining it...I think I saw some other names in the About dialog when I fired it up earlier19:10
Riddellonly in theory19:11
Riddellnixternal: my name has never been in there19:11
jpatrickScottK: remove lines 462 to 465 in CMakeLists.txt in a patch?19:11
nixternalPaul Hensgen seems to be maintaining it now according to the About dialog19:11
nixternalRiddell: ahhh19:12
ScottKjpatrick: Could be.  I'll have a look at it.  Thanks.19:12
Riddellhe's the original author from years back19:12
jpatrickScottK: no problem19:13
mhbcould someone do a little test for me?19:26
mhbhmm, not anymore19:27
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mhbI've never thought workaround can be elegant20:03
mhbbut they can20:03
mhbthank God Qt has everything in it20:13
mhbI was afraid for a minute that it doesn't have a KMessageBox alternative20:14
mhbbut there's everything there20:14
Nightrosenixternal: dot story for you - quick before Riddell gets it ;-)20:20
* apachelogger_ notes that we have too many upstream bugs in LP21:18
apachelogger_txwikinger: could you forward some [KDE 4] bugs, without link to a KDE bug, to upstream?21:19
txwikingerI will get on it apachelogger_21:20
apachelogger_txwikinger: thanks :)21:21
txwikingerapachelogger_: np21:22
txwikingerhow do I link an upstream series in launchpad?21:51
txwikingerwell.. or rather do I need to create a new one for koffice2?21:53
ScottKtxwikinger: Don't worry about it.21:54
txwikingerok I put it under koffice21:54
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txwikingerwhere is koffice2 for hardy? do I need to add a particular repo?22:28
jpatricktxwikinger: I think it's koffice-kde422:28
txwikingerah thanks... that works22:30
gribelu_hey umm.. i made a patch for kdebase-workspace that enables panel resizing and positioning with UI + the digital clock behaves + the clock can display seconds + the font on the taskbar buttons looks better + the taskbar buttons respect the font size set in systemsettings ..22:39
gribelu_i don't know what else22:39
gribelu_anyone interested in it?22:39
nosrednaekimgribelu_: I'm sure the devs would be, they were looking for someone to do that (I think)22:41
gribelu_apachelogger_ backported the multi-row taskbar .. afaik the rest didn't get done22:42
apachelogger_someone just needs to prepare proper patches for me :P22:43
gribelu_my patch is a huge piece of diff .. 92k22:44
apachelogger_gribelu_: please splitt it22:44
apachelogger_at least in appearance improvements and features22:45
gribelu_maybe bugs too heh .. i don't see any but who knows22:45
jpatrickI thought patches shouldn't depend on one another22:45
apachelogger_jpatrick: well22:45
apachelogger_gribelu_: that stuff is in stable, right?22:45
apachelogger_jpatrick: wouldn't matter if the patches get kicked in .2 anyway22:46
ScottKjpatrick: It's OK for them to have a sequence required.22:46
gribelu_apachelogger_: i got most of it from trunk but i hacked quite a bit to make it work22:46
apachelogger_gribelu_: you also need to differ stuff from stable and trunk22:47
apachelogger_since stable needs to get kicked for 4.0.222:47
gribelu_i'll try.. might take a while though i want to build the package a few more times to test some stuff22:48
gribelu_does http://websvn.kde.org/ work for any of you?22:51
jpatrickgribelu_: it's down22:51
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txwikingerSuch a shame... triaging Kword bugs makes me find and submit new ones23:57

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