jack_sprattDaisuke_Ido: yes ive been suffering at the hands of this chipset for months now, but today stdin got it working on kubuntu00:00
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jack_sprattgenii: i can easily resize an ext3 partition smaller, then add the difference to another on the same HDD cant I?00:00
jack_sprattgenii: so in other words give space from one to the other00:01
geniijack_spratt: If the freed-up space is next to the partition you want to add it to, it's not an ordeal00:02
jack_sprattgenii: not an ordeal - does that mean its easy? I usually use disk drake00:02
jack_sprattgenii: unlike win i dont suppose i have to pay for a good defragmenter and defrag like hell in order to not corrupt both partitions...:)00:03
geniijack_spratt: If the 2 partitions you want to merge are blank then not a big deal. If data on one then you might want to back it up before attempting. disk drake from the Mandrake/RH or Gparted off livecd should be fine to use00:04
jack_sprattgenii: yes, im thinking that if i install kubuntu onto a small partition at the moment, later on i can always shrink pclos to make more room for it,so long as they are neighboring oneanother00:06
jack_sprattgenii: sounds like thats a possibility00:06
jack_sprattby the way is this just a support channel or is there chat allowed too00:07
geniijack_spratt: Mostly support. Some offtopic is tolerated when slow here, but otherwise #kubuntu-offtopic for that ... it's usually pretty slow in there however00:07
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:07
* genii hands BluesKaj a large coffee00:08
w00w00huhu =)00:08
jack_sprattgenii: ok thanks00:08
* BluesKaj accepts gratefully :)00:08
jack_sprattalso, what is the key to enter verbose mode during boot on kubuntu?00:08
geniijack_spratt: interrupt grub and edit the defult boot line to remove the            quiet splash     parts at end00:09
geniijack_spratt: if livecd then I think is F6 (possibly F5)00:09
jack_sprattok, ill try that thanks00:10
BluesKajgenii, snowed in down there ?00:12
geniiBluesKaj: Oh yeah, tons.00:12
geniiBluesKaj: Lightning storm at same time too00:12
BluesKajno snow here, it's just bloody cold tonight.00:12
BluesKajyeah , saw that on global news00:12
geniiBluesKaj: I envy you not needing to shovel in the morning00:13
jack_sprattis the only way to configure x from cli without direct editing the lengthly "dpkg-reconfigure  xserver-xorg" command?00:14
BluesKajhad to shovel yesterday morning ,freezing  rain on top of the snow00:14
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geniijack_spratt: There is a tool for KDE, kX Generator which you can install from repos00:15
jack_sprattcan that be run in cli like XFdrake?00:16
coreymon77hi everyone00:17
jeismais there a way to see what all processes are takin up my memory?00:17
geniijack_spratt: No, it's a gui based in KDE00:17
coreymon77i dont have enough space on my linux drive for both kde3 and 400:17
coreymon77so is it possible to put kde4 on a partition on my other drive00:17
jack_sprattgenii: ok thanks00:18
coreymon77will that still work for running kde3 and 4 side by side?00:18
jack_spratterm im getting a strange error now, "hal-storage-fixed-mount refused uid 999" im getting that for both partitions on this laptop internal HDD00:19
geniicoreymon77: No, since it installs things to subdirectories of / and not in some dir of it's own00:19
jack_sprattany idea why? it worked last time i booted the livecd00:19
jack_spratt! log00:20
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BluesKajjeisma, install htop00:24
jeismaBLuesKaj what does that do?00:24
Jucatojeisma: Ctrl+Esc?00:25
BluesKajjeisma, it's a konsole app that shows processes like memory ,cpu etc and which apps are using them as percentages00:26
jeisma BluesKaj will i be able to turn processes off as well?00:26
BluesKajyes  jeisma , you run it in the konsole00:27
jeismaJucato thats much easier, is that the same thing BluesKaj is talkin about?00:27
sensaeBluesKaj: Is that similar to just top? What's the difference?00:27
BluesKajoh , the processes ...no only monitor them , sorry00:27
JucatoCtrl+Esc launches KSysGuard's processes monitor00:27
jeismafor anyone who knows this00:28
BluesKajJucato, can you turn off non-essential apps in KSysGuard ?00:28
jeismasince Xgl is taking up a lot of my memory00:28
jeismawould it be practical to get more memory so my sys isn't as slow?00:28
JucatoBluesKaj: you can kill them if that's what you mean00:28
Jucato(provided you have permissions to kill them)00:29
BluesKajXgl is pretty essential :)00:29
jeismaright i know00:29
jeismaim running compizfusion? and im assuming it neds xgl00:30
jeismabut sotimes it gets slow all of a suddens00:30
jeismaso would mor ememory be helpful?00:30
BluesKajdunno, not an eye candy user00:30
BluesKajmore memory is always useful, up to a point of diminishing returns like 4G or some such00:31
jeismaBluesKaj well im runnin 512mb right now00:33
jeismaand it says xgl is using up more than 30000:33
jeismaif i don't use konqueror, can i kill it in the processes list?00:33
jeismawait is Vm size in the ksysguard my memory?00:34
Jucatosure. but I doubt that will solve your problem...00:34
jeismaJucato would having more memory make things more smoother? what's wrong is the transition from one window to another or anything to another is slow00:35
Jucatoas for needing more RAM for compiz... that depends. I'm not familiar with Xgl, but if you're using 3D hardware acceleration (like using the binary driver for your video card), then RAM won't do much since it uses the video card's own memory (and processing power)00:36
jeismaso more ram would not be a solution, correct?00:37
Jucatoif you're using 3D software acceleration only (no binary driver), RAM might affect it. If you have a built-in/IGP video card (like an Intel), you're pretty much stuck with a specific amount of RAM it consumes00:37
jack_sprattwill the changes that ive made during the running of the livecd be present and effectual after it is installed?00:37
tzdcan anyone help me to get rid of my previous "home" directory please? I have recently moved it to another partition but when i rename the original "home" directory i get an error message when i try to login00:39
MurielGodoiHi, I am facing problems on set my grub to load my windows partition, when I select windows option the grub menu is displayed back again in loop. Any idea?00:40
BluesKajMurielGodoi, pls post your /boot/grub/menu.lst in pastebin, so we can have a look .00:43
BluesKajsome ppl have absolutely no patience or attention span00:44
coreymon77apt-get autoremove removes all packages that are no longer needed right?00:45
coreymon77because im trying to free up space on my drive00:45
Jack111hi, is there a better/ better maintained app than sttreamtuner?00:46
Jack111does anybody know how to add own streams to streamtuner?00:47
geniicoreymon77: You may also want to run  sudo apt-get clean   to clean out the apt cached downloads00:47
BluesKajJack111, depends on what you want to do...amarok streams with more stability and more stations available than streamtuner00:48
jeismawhat do i need to download to get flash to work on firefox?00:48
Jack111BluesKaj: recording, listening, i also wanted to be able to add some stations, which plugin do i need?00:49
Jack111BluesKaj: for amarok?00:49
BluesKajwhat stations do you want to add ? maybe amarok alreadyhas them00:50
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NegatratoronI get a generic segmentation fault error when starting Gimp...00:52
NegatratoronIt just says "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" when using the terminal...00:52
NegatratoronIs there any way to get more information, 'find out what might be causing it?00:53
tzdcan anyone help me to get rid of my previous "home" directory please? I have recently moved it to another partition but when i rename the original "home" directory i get an error message when i try to login00:54
Dragnslcrtzd- did you mount the other partition to /home ?00:57
geniitzd: You have to have at least an empty directory called home. Then the other partition where /home actually is gets mounted there under that empty one.00:57
tzdDragnslcr: yes i did00:58
DragnslcrAnd your home directory is at the root of that partition?00:58
Dragnslcri.e. that partition doesn't have a /home directory of its own00:59
jhutchinstzd: How long have you been messing with it?00:59
tzdDragnslcr: yes00:59
DragnslcrI dunno then00:59
paniqcan someone help me with ad-hoc problem?00:59
tzdgenii: i'm a bit slow now... sry :)00:59
tzdjhutchins: about 8-9 hours by now ;P00:59
jhutchinstzd: You can't rename /home.  You have to mount the new partition there.00:59
jhutchinstzd: I thought you were on days ago doing this.01:00
tzdjhutchins: oh ok... maybe it works now then01:00
Jack111BluesKaj: cool, i can add them; however it shows only cool streams and shoutchast streams as sources, how could i get more of them?01:01
paniqanyone with ad-hoc knowladge?01:01
jhutchinsFirst you mount it somewhere else, then you copy all the stuff from /home to it, then you mount it on /home.  If that works, you un-mount it, boot to rescue mode and delete the contents of /home, then edit fstab to always mount the new partition there.01:01
KtronCan I ask questions regarding running KDE4? Because right now I am (via the method suggested in the announcement) and I'm running into significant display issues (Desktop Effects not working, the update rate of things like Kopete is clunky and slow)01:02
tzdjhutchins: what i've done so far is mounting the home dir to a separate partition which increased my home dir size to roughly 30gb instead of previous 3gb. Then i was told to rename original home folder to e.g. homebackup and when i did that i was unable to login01:02
KtronI'm trying to figure out whether there's a problem with KDE4 and Xgl or KDE4 and fglrx or my version of QT or something01:02
Daisuke_IdoKtron: that's better suited to be asked in #kubuntu-kde401:02
KtronDaisuke_Ido: thanks01:02
jhutchinstzd: right, you can't do that.  /home has to be /home.01:02
jhutchinsYou mount the -partition- to the -folder/directory-01:03
Jack111BluesKaj: like googlestations eg?01:03
Daisuke_Idosome of the same people, but a lot of us here are waiting for a stable release (ie. 4.1) to go to kde401:03
tzdjhutchins: alright, but i should still be able to delete home in rescue mode?01:03
jhutchinsFollow the steps above and it should work fine.  You can't remove the original contents of /home while you're booted to the normal system.01:03
jhutchinstzd: Right, because then you're effectively the root user, and root's home directory is outside the /home tree.01:04
tzdjhutchins: sorry, just got the "content" part... i don't delete the folder, just the content :)01:04
jhutchinstzd: right.01:04
tzdjhutchins: great, thanks a lot :)01:04
jhutchinstzd: Sometimes easiest to delete the folder then recreate it - but make SURE you know the ownership & permissions before you do that.01:05
jhutchinstzd: (Should be drwxr-xr-x root root )01:05
CreationistCan anyone suggest a good Ruby IDE for a new programmer like me (although I do know VB fairly well)?01:08
tzdjhutchins: just to make sure; when i type: ls -l /home/ i don't get the same as you said. I get my user instead of root ?01:10
jhutchinsls -ld /home01:10
tzdah cheers :)01:11
tzdi have full rights though for all users01:11
tzdjhutchins: Thanks for your help. I'll give it a go straight away before I fall asleep!01:14
NickPrestahi cicero01:18
cicerohello nick.01:18
ciceroi am new.01:18
NickPrestawelcome to #kubuntu.01:18
DiceyDaysxAnyone know how I can add myself to vboxusers (for virtualbox) in kde 4 from the konsole?01:19
ciceroi am used to windows, but am getting the hang of kubuntu01:19
Daisuke_Idocicero: welcome to the fold.  there's kool-aid in the kitchen, just don't drink until everyone's ready :)01:21
ciceroi dont like burnt almond flavored koolaide...  ;)01:22
ciceroi had to load kubuntu twice and now there is another kernal when i load and it asks wich one. how do i erase the duplicate kubuntu?01:23
Daisuke_Idooh...  OH...  no no no, not that kind of kool-aid!  we're just waiting til everyone gets some so we can toast the people who've made kubuntu great :)01:23
Daisuke_Idocicero: did you get a kernel update?01:23
geniiElectric Kool-Aid01:23
Daisuke_Idoloading it twice wouldn't keep both kernels in the same menu.lst, unless you have it currently installed on two separate partitions01:24
Daisuke_Ido2.6.22-something and 2.6.22-14?01:24
ciceroi installed kubuntu but did a double click when it came to updgrading and the get=ap thingy froze up and it didnt dl the updates, and when i rebooted wouldnt work to update anything, so i reinstalled kubuntu and did it right. but when i reloaded there are now two sets of ubuntu01:24
cicerothat might be it. i could reboot and write it down01:25
ciceroinstead of going straight to login screen it does a text view and asks wich kubuntu i want to load.01:26
NickPrestacicero, there is a Kubuntu safe mode, a Kubuntu memtest and then your Kubuntu 'regular' OS. The other two serve a different purpose and can be ignored for the most part. If you are indeed referring to two different kernel versions, you can remove the extra but uninstalling the old kernel in Adept.01:27
Daisuke_Idohowever, i usually keep a couple versions of the kernel on hand "just in case"01:27
NickPrestaYeah, I usually keep the current and the previous.01:27
ciceroi have a small disk. i just wanted to make sure i didnt have a duplicate 8 gigs on my drive.01:28
Daisuke_Idono way...  the kernel's not nearly that big01:28
Daisuke_Ido(what do you think this is, vista?)01:28
NickPrestacicero, a kernel is no more than 100MB, if that.01:28
cicero:(  i am trying to avoid vista.01:29
ciceroi think i did something wrong then.01:29
cicerohow soon before the koolaide party?01:30
ciceroi can wipe the disk and reload the system including updates in about 40 minutes.01:31
cicerobrb. i will reboot and copy down what it sez....01:33
npurcifulthis is going to like a windowzy question but is the way to backup taskbar setting, system setting ?01:37
ciceroic what i did. i have two partitions. one with a working kubuntu and one with the frozen kubuntu01:39
cicerois it easy to delete the partition with the nonworking kubuntu?01:40
ciceroshould i just reinstall kubuntu, or is there an easy way to get rid of the partition?01:47
snarksterhow do i install a deb file?? Im used to rpms01:47
crxyemqtparted has a live cd as well01:47
crxyemyou downloaded a .deb01:48
cicerok. qtparted. i will look it up01:48
snarksteryah frostwire01:48
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crxyemright click install ???01:49
snarksterKpackage requires the SMART Package Manager to be installed in order to function01:49
crxyemcan't remember01:49
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about package - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi01:50
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:50
crxyemdpkg --install file.deb01:50
snarksterthank you01:53
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kubuntu_iḿ running a full install of kubuntu on this desktop and webpages are taking like 10 seconds to open, am i doing something wrong?01:57
crxyemwhat processor speed and amount of ram ?01:57
crxyemcould it be the website ????01:57
kubuntu_hm i tried a few01:58
crxyemok, I'm running kubuntu 6.10, if I pop in a 7.04 disk to upgrade are there any wierd issues I may expect01:58
kubuntu_it´s running fine, just seems like something wrong with the connection01:58
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NickPrestaIs there an easy to download dictionary (that features a word/definition combination)?02:06
rizadaboa noite02:09
Daisuke_Idoyou don't say02:10
becky_I installed kubuntu-desktop from ubuntu and have had a lot of issues using kde and programs previous installed after doing so is there a reason for this? will installing kubuntu fresh fix some of these?02:10
thechrisanyone here use mdadm extensively?02:11
happy__What kind of issues?02:12
lontrabecky_: can you elaborate a bit more?02:12
becky_lontra: some of my crossover office apps that worked fine before really bog down my system now and when using compiz my titlebars will sometimes dissapear and certain programs mainly open office will stay full screen and put certain windows like it's save window behind itself...02:13
becky_I have edubuntu installed on another pc and I installed kde-desktop on it and it doesn't have the same issues...02:15
lontrabecky_: the compiz makes sense as i don't think compiz fusion works anywhere near as well in kde as gnome imo ... as far as crossoffice not sure what to say there ... i don't use it02:16
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thechriswhat package contains mdadm02:17
lontrathechris: are you joking?  run apt-cache search mdadm and i think you'll find your answer02:18
Jucato!info mdadm | thechris02:18
ubotuthechris: mdadm (source: mdadm): tool to administer Linux MD arrays (software RAID). In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.2-1ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 214 kB, installed size 612 kB02:18
thechrisyeah, i don't have that one02:18
lontrateach the tools and help them learn?02:19
Jucatothechris: what version of Kubuntu are you running? it is a fresh install?02:19
thechrishmm, i guess it never set up the internet sources...02:19
Jucatothat would explain it02:20
thechristhe next Q is also important02:20
thechrisI need to add a partially bad device back to a raid array with mdadm02:21
thechrisis this possible?02:21
becky_anyone know any good tweaks or guides for best kde compiz performance? Also is there a way to use the kwin decorator with compiz?02:21
lontrabecky_: install compiz-kde02:22
norvbecky_: but you won't actually be using kwin, you'll be using aquamarine (which uses the kde border style)02:22
becky_norv: how do i choose it? i'm running with emerald now02:23
norvbecky_: if you are running the compiz tray icon you can just select it under window decorator02:24
norvbecky_: otherwise aquamarine --replace&02:24
Daisuke_Idodoes aquamarine even exist anymore?  i thought it was just part of compiz-kde now02:25
lontrabecky_: hrm ... it's compiz --replace & not aquamarine02:25
Daisuke_Idothat's what i thought...02:26
norvoh? beryl is what got re-merged02:26
lontrabecky_: but you need to install compiz-kde if you want the kde-window-decorator02:26
Daisuke_Idoaquamarine was beryl's kde window decorator02:26
becky_norv: how do i install the tray icon?02:26
norvoh, it's called kde-window-decorator now?02:26
lontranorv: just the win deco02:27
Daisuke_Idoyeah, but it's just available (normally in the repos) through compiz-kde02:27
lontrabecky_: so probably the best way to launch it is ... compiz --replace && kde-window-decorator --replace &02:27
dorkfaceAt the moment, for me, the volume buttons on my laptop, with kmix, change the volume by intervals of 10%.  Is there a way to make that more precise?02:27
lontraor use fusion-icon if it's in ubuntu02:27
lontradorkface: i don't think so w/o tweaking with kmilo02:28
becky_lontra: what's the best way to have this run at start-up?02:28
norvoh, called fusion-icon now.. I just forgot the new names02:28
dangaioOk, ever since I upgraded to Gutsy, things have been messed up with my box.02:28
norvbecky_: fusion-icon will do that if it works like beryl used to02:28
dangaioAmarok will alway "hic up" every 6 seconds.  Playing mp3, wave, ogg, flac, even cd audio.02:29
dangaioxmms or kcdplayer doesn't do this.02:29
dangaiodoes anybody know how to fix this?02:29
lontrabecky_: well i'm not quite sure ... you could make a script and drop it in ~/.kde/Autostart02:29
moria330anyone know how to play the protected files from the itunes store not in itunes and such?02:30
becky_lontra: ok that's what i didn for compiz --replace.02:31
dangaiomoria330, besides to make an audio cd with itunes and then rip it in linux... I don't know how.02:31
happy__I didn't think you could play drm songs bought from the itunes store02:31
lontramoria330: yeah you'll need to burn your songs on to a cd and then rip them in linux02:31
dangaioI haven't had any success in that.02:31
moria330i was afraid of that...02:32
crimsunmoria330: are you using iTunes 7.6 or 7.5?02:32
dangaioHey, I wasn't wrong on my suggestion. Yah!02:32
crimsunmoria330: d'oh.02:32
crimsunmoria330: there are methods if you use 7.5, but 7.6 breaks them.02:32
happy__(there's always the non-answer that isn't legal which is to just download the songs you bought off of itunes)02:35
moria330hmm well if i can find my 7.5 download i might be able to get it to work02:35
moria330yeah... but that risks the XP i also have on the system..02:36
becky_thanks for all the help guys!02:36
norvyou don't actually have to burn them to CD but that's a lot easier than say recording the audio02:37
moria330yeah it is02:37
happy__yeah thanks,I might give compiz another shot now02:37
shazow_in my recent aptitude upgrade of kubuntu, my internet stopped working... when i do ifconfig, no ip is acquired, anyone have any idea what might be wrong?02:39
happy__can you ping an outside adress ?02:40
wmoralesshazow_: dhclient ethX  ?02:40
sub[t]rnlshazow_➜ if you haven't rebooted, try restarting your network sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart02:40
sub[t]rnlshazow_➜ or bringing your device down and back up, sudo ifconfig eth0 down, sudo ifconfig eth0 up (example)02:41
shazow_i have rebooted02:42
shazow_I did try restarting my network, no luck02:42
shazow_if i attach a static ip to an eth, i get Network is unreachable02:42
wmoralesshazow_: how does your /etc/network/interfaces look ?02:42
sub[t]rnlcheck your /etc/network/interfaces02:42
shazow_auto on all eth's02:42
wmoralesshazow_: do you have dhcpclient installed ?02:43
shazow_i do02:44
wmoralesand another question that might help , do your kernel recognize the network card ?02:44
wmoralesdmesg | grep eth02:44
shazow_it says somtehing about CONFIG_PACKET or CONFIG_FILTER not enabled in my kernel02:44
shazow_no errors in dmesg02:45
sub[t]rnlwow, wonder why config_packet isn't enabled in the kernel02:46
wmoralesare you using standart kernel ?02:46
shazow_maybe it's time for a reinstall02:47
sub[t]rnlshow me uname -r just for grins02:47
lontrashazow_: are you running hardy?02:48
sub[t]rnlshazow_➜ you'll need to configure your kernel to support the tcpdump/config_packet stuff02:49
shazow_how do i do that?02:49
wmoralesshazow_: you are running gutsy ?02:50
boritekhello I use ubuntu but installed also fully kubuntu. I had no midi sounds so I have installed timidity which plays midi but kmid still can't play it02:50
boritekI have SB Live! card02:50
shazow_wmorales: yes02:51
sub[t]rnlboritek➜ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MidiSoftwareSynthesisHowTo02:51
dangaiois there a problem with the libxine1 package?02:52
wmoralesshazow_: but you are using the kernel from hardy02:53
sub[t]rnldangaio➜ shouldn't be, whats the problems?02:53
shazow_wmorales: hmmmm weird02:54
dangaiosub[t]rnl: any media I play with it (audio cd, mp3, ogg, flac, etc) will always "hic up" after every 6 seconds of playback.02:54
dangaiobe it in amarok, kaffeine. but when I use kcdplayer or xmms, they play fine.02:54
shazow_i tried using hardy sources for a bit for kicks, but i switched bcak to gutsy, things were fine for over a month, updates and all02:55
dschulzdangaio: wich soundcard are you using? is a laptop?02:56
boriteksub[t]rnl: I have checked that but while timidity plays the midis kmid doesn't02:57
dangaiodesktop creative sound blaster 4.1 or 128 here in the states.02:57
dangaioIt was working fine under fiesty.02:57
dangaionow, after the upgrade to gutsy, it doesn't work right.02:57
wmoralesshazow_: thats probably the problem ,you kind of mixed diferent versios02:57
dschulzdangaio: maybe its the new version of alsa02:58
dangaioOk, what can I do?02:59
dangaiowait, if it is, it should mess with all the audio on the system02:59
dangaioxmms and kcdplayer aren't affected by this.02:59
wmoralesdangaio: are the kernel modules for midi running ?02:59
godzerokent left?02:59
dschulzahh, ok03:00
dangaiowmorales: I have the generic current kernel.03:00
shazow_i rebooted into 2.6.24-3-383 if that makes any difference03:00
dangaiowmorales, I don't use midi.03:00
dangaiodschulz, that is why I believe it is the xine engine.03:02
dschulzi see03:03
dschulzlast week i had a hard time trying to get alsa to work, but it was on a laptop with a very crappy soundcard03:04
dangaiois there any way of installing the new libxine1 (1.1.8) instead of the 1.1.7?  How can I do that?03:04
dschulzi had to install the very latest version of alsa03:05
dschulz1.1.8 is in the repo. i have that installed on my gutsy03:06
dangaioI  only see 1.1.7... what can I be doing wrong...03:06
dschulzwich program are you using for installing software?  adept? synaptic ?03:07
ForgeAuscan grub boot Darwin and/or MacOSX?03:07
ForgeAusor does it chainload the bootmanager to that too?03:07
biovoreI think mac OS gets chainloaded03:08
dangaiohow do I update my repositories in order to get the latest package for libxine1?03:10
geniidangaio: It's in main03:11
genii!info libxine1 gutsy03:11
ubotulibxine1 (source: xine-lib): the xine video/media player library, binary files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.7-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 2431 kB, installed size 5528 kB03:11
dangaiogeni: explain because I have main and I don't want
dangaioIt is skipping on audio playback.03:12
dschulzdangaio:   sudo aptitude update03:12
geniior sudo apt-get update03:12
dangaiook, I will try that.03:12
dschulzdangaio:  then do a   sudo aptitude install synaptic03:13
dschulzdangaio: once you have synaptic installed, its very easy to install software03:13
dangaionever used synaptic03:14
dschulzdangaio: i like it, adept is not very intuitive03:14
=== logico is now known as Logico_h
Alex135Any idea why i cant boot up my kernel without the -nolapic boot option?03:16
Alex135(duel core 64 bit)03:16
dschulzdangaio: you have repositories configured.. right?   have you heard about /etc/apt/sources.list ?03:18
dangaiodschulz, I did what you said and I still only see 1.1.703:20
dschulzdangaio are you on gutsy?03:24
geniidschulz: apt-cache policy libxine1    on mine shows 1.1.8, dunno whats with his03:25
dangaioyes. I am on gutsy03:26
dangaiogenii, Candidate: 1.1.7-1ubuntu is what I get.03:27
dschulzdangaio it's your repositories, you should enable gutsy-backports03:27
dangaioI do that in the sources.list file?03:27
dschulzaha, thats on the main repository, but on backports you will find 1.1.803:28
dschulzyes, in sources.list03:28
dangaiook, let me change that.03:28
dangaioOk, now I see it. let me install and check.03:30
dschulzi'd recommend you to enable all the repositories. this is my sources.list: http://www.pastebin.org/1852603:32
epimethahoy folks!03:34
Alex135in Konsole, whats the difference between Linux Consol and midnight commander?03:37
dschulzAlex135: mc runs in the console03:39
Alex135dschulz: i know i was just curious what type of mode MC is...03:39
epimethAlex135: midnight commander is a console file manager03:39
Alex135ah, ok thx :)03:40
andresjI've seen some demos on the internet rotating plasmoids in the KDE 4 desktop. In KDE 4.0.1 resizing is possible by dragging the new icon, but how do I rotate it?03:40
Alex135(sorry, im a bit of a newbie in some parts of linux, im still exploring :P)03:40
andresjoops I gotta ask in #kubuntu-kde4, right? :)03:40
Alex135andresj: probably :P03:40
dschulzAlex135 you can think of mc as a konqueror but in the console03:40
Alex135dschulz: ah ok, thx, that clears things up allot :)03:41
dschulzas a comment i'd say that i hate mc03:42
epimethI'm with dschulz03:42
epimeththo hate is a little harsh03:42
epimethmore like 'prefer to avoid'03:42
Alex135i was just curious on what it was, i was doing a bit of exploring of some things and i came across something i didn't know about and decided to ask about it :)03:43
epimethfell free :-)03:43
dschulzthe first and only catastrophic data loss i had was due to mc03:43
epimethdschulz: ouch03:43
Alex135so i asume that the root MC is the same only for root?03:44
dschulzbut if you need an easy to learn text editor, you can try the mc's editor, mcedit03:45
fannagogannawhat about emacs?03:45
Alex135i like stuff like gedit and vim :)03:45
dschulzemacs? hahah03:45
fannagogannagedit or kate...03:45
dschulzim talking about the console03:45
Alex135i started with gnome and first learned about gedit, so gedit is a sortof habbit command for text editing :P03:45
fannagoganna"emacs -nw"03:45
epimethemacs! emacs! emacs!03:45
qccaptainhi, any french ?03:46
epimeth!fr | qccaptain03:46
ubotuqccaptain: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.03:46
dschulzemacs.. hahaha  i like vim more03:46
* epimeth chokes on absolutely nothing and sputters for a bit03:46
epimethheathan!  down with vim!03:46
qccaptainThanks ;)03:46
epimethqccaptain: no worries03:46
Alex135i hate the vi, why is vi so much more messed up then vim?03:47
fannagogannaless maintenance?03:47
dschulzemacs isn't an editor anymore.. emacs is an..03:47
epimeth"full blown ide"03:47
epimethno goot colors and tabbing for web developers tho :-(03:48
fannagogannawell, there's probably some merit in that. Good luck trying to customize emacs though :)03:48
epimethoh.. I know lisp... It will just take more time than its worth to write the damn thing03:50
dschulzusing emacs without knowing the minimal about lisp is foolish and futile03:50
happy__(+ 1 1 ) ?03:50
fannagogannathat is a bit of a misnomer03:51
=== nickpresta_ is now known as NickPresta
epimethdschulz: thats just silly... I used emacs before I knew lisp and managed just fine03:52
happy__what lisp stuff helps using emacs ?03:52
epimethhappy__: emacs is first and foremost a lisp interpreter03:53
fannagogannaconfiguration of emacs, but there's a bunch of .emacs files on the web. Most of the configuration is pretty simple (changing the fonts, etc.)03:53
fannagogannaotherwise, knowledge of lisp is not necessary03:53
epimethand frowned upon :-)03:53
doobehanyone know the name of the "SMART package manager" so I can install it via apt-get?03:53
dschulzbut you can't do anything worth having such an 50mb+ "editor"03:54
Alex135i have heard of it...03:54
doobehgood guess, but no fannagoganna :)03:54
Alex135doobeh: smartpm03:55
doobehthanks alex03:55
Alex135np :)03:55
fannagogannahmm, looks like beta right now03:55
epimethdschulz: unless the key combinations are so ingrained you hit ctrl+x ctrl+s to save no matter what you are using... :-)03:55
doobehkde4 seems to want it to install a .deb file03:56
Alex135i am not into kde4, its not ready yet, when 4.1 comes out i might03:56
dschulzhaha :)03:56
doobehIt does seem a bit slow-- but that might well be this temporary computer03:56
Alex135brb.. time to go eat my cake for my birthday :)03:57
doobehhappy birthday :)03:58
Alex135thx :)03:58
fannagogannatry 4.5, then it should be solid ;)03:58
dschulzhappy birthday03:58
fannagogannaKDE 4.5 that is03:58
Alex135(and thx to any of you who wish me happy birthday after this :P )03:58
epimethkde4 is ready... just not kubuntu's packages... it works great in sabayon...03:58
Alex135thx dschulz :)03:58
Alex135anyway, brb in a bit03:58
fannagogannaah, but is there kdepim for KDE4?03:58
doobehwhen's the next big kde4 kubuntu milestone?03:58
Jucatofannagoganna: not for KDE 4.0.x03:58
fannagogannakontact, kmail, knode, etc.03:58
fannagogannaso...not ready03:59
Jucatofannagoganna: it's in trunk (for 4.1)03:59
* epimeth sings "hippo birdy two ewes, hippo birdy two ewes, hippo birdy deer Alex135, hippo birdy two ewes"03:59
=== serga is now known as OxTxO
Jucatodoobeh: 4.0.1 was just released. 4.0.2 next month, and 4.1 in July03:59
fannagogannaplus, someone needs to make a script or a method to port all the nice customizations for KDE 3.X to KDE 4.X -- the styles and window decorations, for instance.04:00
Jucatofannagoganna: it can't be done, specially not with just a script04:00
fannagogannayes, probably not04:00
Jucatostyles and window decorations are applets/plugins. they're written in C++ code, which uses Qt 404:01
Jucatosince KDE 3 uses Qt 3, it can't be done without heavy lifting04:01
fannagogannaso when should KDE 4.5 be out? :)04:01
Jucatocalculate. 6 months per 4.x release04:01
geniifannagoganna: If on schedule then Oct04:02
doobehhow can I tell what processor this machine has got, without rebooting to see the bios details?04:02
fannagoganna2011 perhaps?04:02
geniino wait04:02
Jucatofannagoganna: hm.. too far ahead?04:02
geniiJucato: I need more coffee ;)04:02
Jucatogenii: apparently :)04:02
fannagogannai guess i'll wait till then04:03
Jucato4.1: July 2007; 4.2: Jan 2008; 4.3 July 2008, 4.4 Jan 2009, 4.5 July 200904:03
Jucatogood luck04:03
DragnslcrExcept this year is 200804:03
Jucatoer right04:03
Jucatosorry... off by 1 year04:04
Jucatoso 201004:04
fannagogannaso by 2011, KDE 4.x should be more stable than KDE 3.5.X?04:04
Jucatowho knows. maybe by 4.2 it's as stable and better already04:04
Jucatoyou can't do a 1:1 version number comparison04:05
fannagogannawhat about fewer bugs?04:05
doobehnot a massive fan of the new program launcher menu setup-- but I presume thats entirely configurable04:05
norvlikely configurable by replacement, though04:06
Jucatodoobeh: you can add/replace it with a more KMenu-like launcher. it's in the Add Widgets box04:06
doobehGood tip, cheers04:06
doobehI tell you what I really did like, the little eee pc menu-- that'd be great for dad-proof setups04:06
norvI had the eee pc and tried the default distro for about an hour04:07
doobehOnly seen video's-- looked very usable, Oo.org launches quicker then my xeon at work manages :)04:08
norvhmm, wonder if it was preloaded04:09
doobehIt's a lot of data to preload if that's the case, would hurt the rest of the sys04:09
yurimxpxmanI just deleted /dev/null. is there any way to get it back?04:10
dschulzyurimxpxman: yes. I have one for sale04:11
geniiyurimxpxman: It will recreate next boot04:11
sub[t]rnlor /bin/mknod /dev/null c 2 204:11
doobehany programs to view system specifications?04:11
doobehlike.. err.. 'system' in windows04:11
geniiOh yeah I forgot about makedev/mknod04:11
Alex135epimeth: thx for the birthday song :P04:11
norvdoobeh: it's be ghastly slow if it wasn't prelinked though, which doesn't take away any performance04:11
genii!helpersnack | sub[t]rnl04:12
ubotusub[t]rnl: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!04:12
* sub[t]rnl scurries to corner with cookie04:12
sub[t]rnldoobeh➜ lspci,lshw,free,df, are a few of the basics04:13
sub[t]rnldoobeh➜ theres kcontrol and kinfocenter if your looking for something with a gui04:13
dschulzsub[t]rnl: lshw also04:14
sub[t]rnlits in the listo04:14
dschulzlshal too04:14
dschulzand you can have a look at /proc/cpuinfo and /proc/meminfo04:15
doobehwee, info overload! :)04:15
doobehP4 3ghz04:19
doobeh512 ram though04:19
doobeh512 on the rather low end for kde yah?04:19
Alex135doobeh: there is a script called 'aboutme' that will show all kinds of system info04:19
doobehthat /proc/cpuinfo file did the trick-- kinfocenter couldn't pull any info strangely04:20
Alex135g2g, cya all l8r (tonight probably)04:21
doobehenjoy your birthday!04:21
dschulzdoobeh: kdesudo kinfocenter04:21
doobehaha, cunning :)04:22
dschulztheres also a package called linuxinfo that shows basic info04:22
dschulzsudo aptitude install linuxinfo ; linuxinfo04:23
doobehbogomips might be my favourite word of the day04:26
sub[t]rnland it gets even better when you read about the history of the word04:27
doobehthat might spoil the magic04:27
doobehno, it improves it :)04:28
doobehthe number of million times per second a processor can do absolutely nothing.04:28
doobehI think I must be pretty high on the bogomip scale..04:28
dick-richardsonunder my 'open with' context menu on a pdf file I have kpdf, but it isn't currently installed. How do I remove it?04:29
sub[t]rnldick-richardson➜ kcontorl -> kde components -> file association04:30
=== mubanet is now known as cE_niEz
sub[t]rnltry removing kpdf from the list04:30
dick-richardsonsub[t]rnl: nice! thank you!!!04:31
doobehHmm.. I've got the old style application launcher now.. on my desktop04:34
doobehhow do I get it onto the bottom menu bar?04:35
=== computer1 is now known as Lindsay
Agent_bobother than being able to /msg non-staff users,  how would registering help in even the most minute way ?04:37
doobehregistering with nickserv?  You get to reserve your nick04:38
Agent_bobhow would that help in even the most minute way ?04:38
doobehbecause people identify you from your nickname04:39
dick-richardsonum, unless you don't want to /msg non-staff users or keep you nick - it wouldn't04:39
Agent_bobyou think anyone else wants to be called Agent_bob ?04:39
doobehIf you spend a lot of time around here, it can be.. frustrating if someone uses your nickname04:39
doobehWould it bother you if you couldn't be called agent_bob04:39
Agent_bobnot in the least04:40
doobehthen for you, it really doesn't matter04:40
dick-richardsonthen why get your panties in a bunch? :P04:40
jeismaHow do you turn off compiz?04:40
=== Agent_bob is now known as airhead
airheadwouldn't bother me to be called airhead      except someone else has it registered    lol04:41
sub[t]rnlprivate messaging is allowed when your registered, and chanserv access04:41
airheadsub[t]rnl did you miss the first part of that Q  "other than being able to /msg non-staff users, ..."04:42
sub[t]rnlno i didn't miss it, just didn't understand it I suppose04:42
sub[t]rnljeisma➜ to go back to kde default window manager, use kwin --replace04:43
=== airhead is now known as intelikey
dick-richardsonintelikey: can I venture a guess that you're under 17?04:43
Alex135i have tried lots of stuff to get compiz working, never works right for me04:44
Alex135managed to get it to sorta kinda work, but not right at all04:44
dick-richardsonI had it working...I think kde4.0 is going to be better all around. I might just be drinkiing the kool-aid though04:45
Alex135dick-richardson: most real geeks are under 17, im under 17 myself and im a total linux junkie04:45
cicerocoolaide! :)04:45
Alex135as a kid i mean04:45
jeismaANyone know how to revert back to the kde windows manager?04:45
jeismafrom compiz04:45
ciceroreal geeks are under 17 or listen to under 17?04:45
Alex135i am alwase forced to logout and log back in04:45
sub[t]rnljeisma➜ kwin --replace04:45
dick-richardsonAlex135: you're gonna find that isn't as true as you'd like it to be ;)04:46
Alex135dick-richardson: ok im not a total junkie, but im well on my way to it :P04:46
cicerounder17 was a japanese cosplay themed music duet04:47
jeismathanks sub04:47
dick-richardsonthat's useful information right there04:47
doobehbah, winehq database down-- anyone know off the top of their head, which version of Photoshop is stable with Wine now?04:47
* Jucato would like to direct the offtopic conversation in #kubuntu-offtopic04:47
Alex135no idea04:47
ciceroi have reinstalled kubuntu, no bugs, the partitions are good.  :)04:47
Jucatodoobeh: and you can ask in #winehq04:48
doobehWhich version of Photoshop is currently stable is Wine?  I remember the last time I tried 7.0 it would die if I tried to move one of the tool menus04:48
Jucatoer.. make that "you should ask in #winehq"04:48
doobehsorry, I did join it :)04:49
doobehdidnt tab over04:49
dick-richardsondoobeh: may be time to take the plunge into gimp04:49
Jucatogoogle also helps find this http://wiki.winehq.org/AdobePhotoshop04:49
doobehnah, don't get on with gimp04:49
doobehtoo many years poking PS04:49
Alex135i will admit gimp is a bit more dificult to figure out then photoshop04:49
dick-richardsonso you're not under 17 is what you're saying ;)04:49
ForgeAusthere has to be a way to overlay an install04:50
Alex135dick-richardson: thats not what im saying... nvm... :P04:50
dick-richardsonrather than wine, you may want to consider codeweavers04:50
ForgeAusI mean I know its not the standard way ubuntu does it04:50
Alex135i use VMWare to emulate a windows box :)04:50
Alex135works great for me04:50
ForgeAusyeah vmware is good but not so much for 3D gfx stuff right?04:51
dick-richardsonForgeAus: no04:51
doobehI'll be a happy bunny when VMWorkstation gets the features from their fusion product04:51
Alex135but for gaming and such i just use my windows laptop :)04:51
coreymon77i got news for you04:51
coreymon77even fusion isnt that good for 3d gfx stuff04:52
coreymon77its quite buggy04:52
doobehis the 3d stuff in their release version-- last time I checked it was still beta04:52
coreymon77other than that though, i love fusion04:52
coreymon77unity mode is great04:52
ForgeAusfusion is VMware for mac isn't it?04:53
dick-richardsonForgeAus: yeah04:53
NightBirdI'm trying to get bochs to work in ubuntu, but I've found that if I don't wave the mouse over the bochs window, it won't update the image... anyone have any idea why?04:53
coreymon77vmware fusion is their mac product04:53
Alex135you know they came out with a cracked mac OS for VMware that will run on it04:53
ForgeAusso what updates are in fusion that aren't in worstation/server?04:53
* Jucato once more points to #kubuntu-offtopic04:53
coreymon77ForgeAus: unity mode04:53
doobehFusion lets you run directx happily04:54
Jucatoor #vmware04:54
ciceroi am new to ubuntu from windows. first day. :) i just wanted to say, "hello" and go back to figuring out how get some programs to work.04:54
dick-richardsonwelcome, cicero :D04:54
doobehcicero: here's hoping you make it to day two :)04:54
ciceroi will come on tomorrow and say hello. :)04:55
Alex135welcome, if you ever need help here is one of the best (and fastest) places to ask :)04:55
NightBird(windows and linux versions of vmware does support 3d acceleration of dx8 graphics as well... though Apples virtualization software supports virtualizing the gpu, so it has full 3d support)04:55
dick-richardsonget into Amarok and k3b and you'll never leave04:55
cicerohave a good day all.04:55
Alex135cicero: you too, bye04:55
NightBirdso anyone have any idea why I have to wave the mouse over the boch window to get it to update?04:55
NightBirdcould it be because I'm using kde4?04:55
NightBirdI don't remember it doing that in kde3...04:55
ForgeAusVmware is a bit chunky I think I'll stick with the one I have and/or virtualbox for now04:56
Alex135kde4 might as well still be in development phase, it was better off not released as of yet04:56
ForgeAuswell it should still be called kde4beta really04:57
dick-richardsonthat was admitted by the developers. But I agree that if it wasn't they wouldn't get people to start moving their apps over04:57
ForgeAusor RC somethingorother04:57
NightBirdAlex135: it's more of (KDE 4).004:57
Alex135NightBird: yes i agree with that, i am waiting till 4.1 before i even think of trying it04:57
doobehThe Google talks on it are pretty interesting-- can certainly see it's potential04:58
* Jucato sighs... here we go with this again....04:58
acee1234when i installed kubuntu most of my specialized keys (volume up down power etc) worked after a few updates none work and i hace to log out to reboot because there is no longer a shutdown/reboot option any ideas to fix these?04:58
ForgeAushehe Jucato yeah nothing new :)04:58
Alex135acee1234: odd problem, i have never encounterd this before... you could alwase try the hard shutdown method but i would be a bit hessitent to do that04:59
dick-richardsonit won't fix it on reboot, though04:59
dick-richardsonthere might be a dpkg --reconfigjure you can run...i'm seeing if I can find something relevent05:00
acee1234dick-richardson: thank you05:00
doobehacee1234: for the specialized keys, have a look at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17201005:00
Alex135try this: you could go into your home folder and deleat the .kde file.. and reconfigure everything05:00
doobehyou'd have to dig out the kde bindings, but should get you started (hopefully)05:01
Alex135Keytouch is a good solution for the specialized keys, however it sorta bugged up a few things when i tried it..05:01
Alex135should work fine for everything you need though05:01
dick-richardsonbut it had been working05:01
acee1234i also have some kind of memory leak05:01
dick-richardsonsomething's changed...there should be a log out option as well05:01
ubotukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts05:01
dick-richardsonacee1234: have you tinkered with compiz?05:01
acee1234i have to rebook every few hours because the system churns to a hault05:01
Alex135sounds like a few bugs i had when i had a failing hdd05:02
acee1234dick-richardson: some05:02
Alex135acee1234: then that could be part of your problem05:02
dick-richardsonok, sudo aptitude purge "all_your_compiz_stuff"05:02
acee1234dick-richardson: compiz=bad/?05:02
intelikeyacee1234 it's only a work around,  but you could make a script for shutdown and run it.    echo -e '#!/bin/sh \n\nkdesudo init 0' > ~/Desktop/power_down05:02
dick-richardsonno, but misconfigured can cause problems05:03
Alex135acee1234: compiz doesn't work right with KDE05:03
acee1234intelikey: i know how to reboot from consol05:03
dick-richardsonit can...but is difficult05:03
acee1234i just would like the gui to magicaly return05:03
dick-richardsonyank compiz completely...then you can start from a clean slate05:03
acee1234Alex135: gnome?05:04
intelikeyacee1234 that isn't from console.  that's a pointy clicky thingy for you...   but never mind.05:04
Alex135acee1234: compiz works great in gnome05:04
dick-richardsonacee1234: works greak with gnome05:04
Alex135try and it ctrl +alt+ backspace and log back in, then see if things are back to normal05:04
St0n3-C0lguys im having problem wid the latest kde 4.0.1 update05:04
St0n3-C0li can't see the top window of every application05:04
acee1234Alex135: on which count?05:04
Alex135acee1234: count?05:05
acee1234Alex135: which problem05:05
acee1234Alex135: restarting x doesnt unhault my system05:05
Alex135acee1234: to logout and log back in to try and fix a few things05:05
dick-richardsononce memory's been leaked - you're looking at a reboot05:05
acee1234ok brb05:06
Alex135compiz works great in gnome, but kde is not built to run it... too bad...05:06
Alex135i love some of the features it provides in gnome, i wish they would work just as good in kde aswell...05:06
dick-richardsonkde 4 will be better than compiz...i believe05:06
acee1234restarted x05:07
acee1234nothing changed05:07
dick-richardsononce memory's been leaked - you're looking at a reboot05:07
acee1234other than i havent started compiz yet05:07
Alex135acee1234: try full reboot then05:07
acee1234it hasnt all leasked away yet05:07
acee1234takes a few hrs05:07
Alex135acee1234: restart anyway05:07
acee1234i have 4gb05:07
Alex135dick-richardson: kde4 is not good at all so far, hopefully that changes verry soon...05:08
dick-richardsonI've run it05:09
Alex135dick-richardson: i mean from a stability point of view05:09
dick-richardsoni know. I've run it05:09
NightBirdhm.... kde3 is showing the same results....05:10
NightBirdin fact, it's worst now..05:10
dick-richardsonwith boch?05:10
dick-richardsonwhat is boch?05:10
NightBirdnow the menus don't show up at all05:10
NightBirdbochs is a pc emulator05:10
Daisuke_Laptopbochs is okay05:11
acee1234ok rebooted clean session no compiz activated05:11
NightBirdbochs is nice for debuggings Operating Systems05:11
Alex135acee1234: anything change?05:11
Daisuke_Laptopvirtualbox, or if you're an oldgame junkie, dosbox05:11
acee1234Alex135:  the buttons and memory leak arent dependent on my booting05:11
acee1234as for compiz i dont know05:11
acee1234things are pretty choppy if compiz isnt running05:12
Alex135then its beyond what i know (which isn't verry much compared to some other people on here :P )05:12
ForgeAusdosbox is nice :)05:12
Alex135well its time for me to go, otherwise i wont be able to wake up for school tomaro05:14
acee1234yaa for patchwork kubutu05:15
acee1234thanks for the help05:15
acee1234take it easy05:15
Alex135k, thx, sorry i couldn't be of much help...05:15
Alex135wait around a while or post on the forums, help will arive shortly there after :P05:16
acee1234its alright we can all know everything05:16
acee1234bad i cant type05:16
Alex135g'night all05:16
draikI have an AVI video that I want to put on DVD. How do I make it play as a DVD rather than AVI video (Data DVD)?05:24
=== subtrnl is now known as sub[t]rnl
intelikeyanyone ever hear of "Tom Brady"  ?    poll.05:33
intelikeyguess not...   i'll check on google and see if google has heard of him...05:34
intelikeyoh a ball player.      never heard of him.05:37
oneeyedelf1how do I make a dual mode cd, where it will play in a audio cd player, but contains an data track05:38
toyo|deskhey all05:43
toyo|deskI think there is something wrong with kubuntu's usb_storage module05:44
toyo|deskmy drive will randomly die while transfering things to or from it05:45
unix_infidelruled out hardware?05:45
toyo|deskand it will die all the time if I dont have write permissions to it05:45
toyo|deskit works fine on my GFs suse install05:45
* unix_infidel doesnt use usb_storage.05:45
draikHow do I put an AVI on a DVD to play as Video DVD instead of Data DVD?05:45
toyo|deskand it works in windows05:46
toyo|deskso I am at a loss05:46
unix_infideltoyo|desk: isnt the external drive supported without the module?05:46
toyo|deskthe only thing I can think that it would be is that kubuntu has a broken version of that module05:46
toyo|deskI dont know05:47
unix_infidelyou can always compile the module yourself.05:47
toyo|deskI could try rmmoding it and see05:47
draiktoyo|desk: I use an external HDD (usb) with 2 computers, a jump drive with all 3 and I don't have that issue. Check the usage on your non-working system05:47
unix_infidelyea, just -r and modprobe it again.05:47
toyo|deskdraik, I fear it has to do with the sheer size of my disk05:47
toyo|deskits 1TB05:47
unix_infidelmight be it.05:48
draiktoyo|desk: Oh. My external is 500GB, but who knows. Could be.05:48
unix_infidelor the chipset.05:48
toyo|deskit worked in gentoo05:48
toyo|deskbefore I installed kubuntu05:48
unix_infideldid you check for bug submits?05:48
toyo|deskthat was my next idea05:49
toyo|deskbut I figured I would run it past live chat first05:49
unix_infideli've had problems with small usb keys because they were faulty.05:49
toyo|deskhmm well I know this isnt faulty, as it works in windows and in suse 10.205:50
unix_infideland i troubleshooted usb_storage.  but you're not the only one with a 1tb external.05:50
biovoreTechnicaly Fat32 should be good to 2TB05:50
biovoreI think05:50
biovoreStarts getting weird after 32GB05:51
unix_infideluhh....totally different.05:51
toyo|deskits actually 2 500GB partitions one is NTFS and one is EXT305:51
posingaspopularhow to edit my hostname please05:52
toyo|deskI am gonna go through the bug reports now and see what I can see if anything05:53
toyo|deskBuffer I/O error on device sda105:54
toyo|deskis what dmesg says05:54
toyo|deskamong other errors05:54
toyo|deskscsi 4:0:0:0: rejecting I/O to dead device05:54
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dunnixHello all05:55
dunnixhey anyone have a problem in Kubuntu and Compiz-Fusion only show 2 desktops... and if you up the number of desktops to say 4 it doubles it but only lets your switch to two05:56
intelikeyobviously, not me.05:57
intelikeyi have one dead key on my keyboard, and i've been trying to think of a good use for that one key....06:00
intelikeymaybe i'll just have it run a script, and then i can do what ever i want in the script....06:02
toyo|deskhmm well I suppose my problem could be in the scsi emulation06:02
toyo|deskbut I really have no idea how to trouble shoot this06:02
toyo|deskunix_infidel, how did you trouble shoot usb_storage06:03
ForgeAushey intelikey :)06:05
intelikeytoyo|desk you might replace  quiet and/or silent   with  verbose  in the kernel line06:07
fulat2khi folks, anyone can recomend a good php editor which can open/save files via sftp?06:07
ForgeAusintelikey you know much about ubiquity?06:07
intelikeyForgeAus no.  jsut know that i don't like it   ;/06:08
=== patrick_ is now known as Dezine
toyo|deskintelikey, for specific modules?06:08
ForgeAushehe kubuntu uses it as its gui installer from the live CD doesn't it?06:08
intelikeytoyo|desk for the kernel    at boot time.06:08
ForgeAus(ie thats what the install icon is I think)06:08
intelikeyForgeAus yes it does06:09
ForgeAusso how does it work? it formats the drive and copies an image to the drive? or does it install packages to the drive? or what?06:09
toyo|deskhmm I am not finding anything about my problem on google or in the bugs thing06:10
ForgeAusI know it empties the partition and overwrites it with a fresh install effectively, just as to how it does that I'm not sure06:10
intelikeyForgeAus it runs parted for the disk work.  and copies/unpacks a small base image   then installs packages      as best that i can tell06:11
ForgeAusso it overwrites with the image, hmmm but theres not like any switch to rewrite without deleting (I mean overwriting files is ok but deleting others isn't)06:12
intelikeyso it overwrites with the image  <<< no06:12
intelikeyit's parted that you are addressing.    making the file system is what is "deleting" the files.06:13
ForgeAusI already have a filesystem I don't need to make one06:14
intelikeythat's why i don't like ubiquity.   too ridgid06:14
ForgeAusany other options?06:14
intelikeythe textmode install is only margenally better.06:14
ForgeAushmm I don't even have /eth0 running on my kubuntu since my /etc died06:15
intelikeyForgeAus try unchecking the "format" box on the root fs   but i don't think it will let you.06:15
ForgeAusand I don't really want to remove everything on the disk06:15
draikWhat app do I use so that I can put my AVI videos as Video DVD? k3b doesn't seem to do it.06:16
intelikeyit's last step before it commits everything to disk06:16
ForgeAusI got lotsa downloads and a beos image I wanna keep but I'm fine with putting feisty on it (overwriting my edgy) I don't expect everything to work tho06:16
intelikeybackups backups backups backups backups backups backups06:17
ForgeAusyou gotta find the space to put them tho :)06:17
intelikeydid i mention backups  ?06:17
ForgeAusyeah you mentioned backups06:17
intelikeyif M$ ever drove one point home to a billion people it  "backups"   make backups06:18
ForgeAusI don't use backups for my windows and its still running fine06:19
intelikeyno disk is ever "safe" with that os.   or any other actually.06:19
ForgeAusguess I'm just lucky06:19
intelikeyfor now.06:20
DarkmystereErr, Anyone good with the aircrack suite?06:20
ForgeAuslots luckier than I was with my Kubuntu but then I was doing things with kubuntu it probably wasn't designed for06:20
Darkmysterealso airoscript?06:20
toyo|deskhow often dose kubuntu release kernel updates06:20
Darkmysteremy reason is just doing it to test my wireless security wep before i switch to WPA06:20
intelikeyForgeAus and you probably don't do that kind of things with the other ?06:20
toyo|deskbecause I just noticed my GF has a newer version on suse06:21
ForgeAusoh I do but I know more about it... I don't seem to have too many problems recovering my problems with Windows06:21
posingaspopularim trying to sudo nano hostname my hostname (obviously) but then i get the following error: uable to resolve host (current hostname)06:21
posingaspopularany ideas06:21
ubotupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:21
toyo|deskmaybe it fixes my issue06:21
ForgeAusbut again my familiarity with it is lightyears ahead of my linux knowledge06:21
ForgeAusI'm not trying to be unfair to linux tho I do really like it alot still06:22
ForgeAusie if you read between the lines I was basically saying my problem with kubuntu was the user :)06:22
intelikeyposingaspopular sudo nano /etc/hosts06:23
posingaspopularunable to resolve hosts06:23
intelikeyoh that's the sudo error message.06:23
posingaspopulari recently changed my hostname06:23
ForgeAusbut I am learning alot about linux in the process06:23
posingaspopularfrom (y) to (x)06:23
intelikeyyeah you'll have to grab a root and fix that06:24
intelikeyreboot to safe mode06:24
posingaspopularthats okay, just walk me through it :p06:24
DarkmystereCan anyone help me i cant find my capture files that i wasted 2hours and 30mins getting..06:24
intelikeyposingaspopular set the hosts and hostname files correctly and reboot  should take care of it06:24
toyo|deskDarkmystere, look in your home dir06:25
ForgeAusdarkmystere what do you mean capture? screenshots, digicam?06:25
posingaspopularsafe mode or recovery mode in grub?06:25
Darkmystereforgeaus, From using aircrack-ng suite with a script..06:25
posingaspopularsafe mode from login correcT?06:25
intelikeyif not we'll try to find out why didn't .     recovery mode     what ever it's call.   just get a root shell06:25
Darkmysterei searched for .cap06:25
ForgeAusok well thats outta my league then06:25
sub[t]rnlfind / -name '*.cap' 2>&-06:25
Darkmysteredidnt see them06:25
NightBird:O  I think I may have multi tasking... finally06:25
toyo|desklook in /home/username06:25
toyo|deskor whatever dir you were in when you ran it06:26
ForgeAuslol NightBird, where've you been for this long?06:26
NightBirdForgeAus: work...06:26
Darkmystereall im finding is the 1s that replayed...06:26
Darkmysterenot the main big file..06:26
NightBird(litterally, that's why I haven't been around for the last half year)06:26
NightBirdprogramming video games is tiring buisness... :P06:26
ForgeAusnightbird! sounds like fun!06:26
ForgeAusactually I"d like to be a gamedev06:27
ForgeAusbut not these big 3d mmorpg's06:27
ForgeAussomething more like 2D puzzle games06:27
ForgeAusor card games06:27
* toyo|desk curses usb drives06:27
Darkmystereyou guys familar with airoscript?06:27
ForgeAusDark me no06:27
toyo|deskI should have got firewire06:27
intelikeynot me.    programming is not the cake walk it used to be06:27
ForgeAusintelikey at least it makes sense :)06:27
* intelikey wonders if that was an insult ?06:28
posingaspopularokay im in a root sheel06:28
DarkmystereWell, i know how to do by hand but i had to fix the problem with it not showing my router...so i was lazy..06:28
Darkmystereand now im annoyed by having nothing to do but watch the packets rackup.. and now i cant find the files06:29
intelikeyposingaspopular nano /etc/hosts06:29
intelikeyposingaspopular hosts and hostname need to match then  you can run   /etc/init.d/hostname.sh restart06:30
posingaspopulari didnt do that i did a hard reboot06:30
posingaspopularis that going to be a problem06:31
intelikeyjust unneccary down time.06:31
posingaspopulari see06:31
* intelikey always figured "why reboot when it's not needed" (this is not "M$ reboot fixes everything")06:32
toyo|deskanyone know what the kubuntu kernel release cycle is like06:32
posingaspopularnow there is another error: could not read network connection list. /home/username/.DCOPserver_hostname_006:32
posingaspopularplease check that dcopserver program is running06:32
intelikeyposingaspopular that's because the xserver just lost your address.06:33
intelikeyrestart x06:33
intelikeyand that's not the only way.  it's just the one i know.06:33
intelikeytoyo|desk ubuntu releases every 6 months.  and the LTS kernels update about every three bugs.06:35
intelikeybut same version.06:36
intelikeyi.e my dapper is still using an 2.6.Area51-38606:37
intelikeywow that's on the server.   sorry06:37
toyo|deskbut they do release security and bugfixes for the kernel right06:37
intelikeyyes that's the subversion -5206:38
toyo|deskwell maybe someone with more skill at me at determining what is wrong will be able to fix it06:38
toyo|deskmore skill than me06:38
posingaspopularhow to restart x06:39
intelikey/me has skill at me06:39
posingaspopularinit.d/X restart ?06:39
intelikeyctrl+alt+backspace  ?06:39
posingaspopularthats not working06:39
intelikey /etc/init.d/?dm restart06:39
posingaspopularor f106:39
toyo|desksudo killall Xorg06:40
posingaspopularyea the kdm restart06:40
* intelikey doesn't like kdm it writes in /root06:40
sub[t]rnlwrites what06:40
posingaspopularyea im still getting that dcopserver error06:41
intelikeyposingaspopular test the sudo command    sudo echo boo06:41
posingaspopularim getting a bad 'add' command line error06:41
toyo|deskhmm is there a way to make dmesg more verbose06:41
intelikeytoyo|desk kernel line06:42
sub[t]rnltake out quite06:42
posingaspopularintelikey: still getting the unable to resolve host on sudo echo boo06:42
toyo|deskoh it has to be done on boot?06:42
intelikeyposingaspopular pastebin   cat /etc/hosts /etc/hostname ;echo $HOSTNAME      for me06:43
posingaspopulargive me a sec, im going to have to manually transfer them from a non working to pastebin computer06:44
intelikeytoyo|desk and as i said you can add verbose06:44
toyo|deskverbose on the kernel line06:45
toyo|deskyeah I will do that06:45
intelikeywhen you remove quiet/silent06:45
toyo|deskmaybe my drive says something when it dies06:45
ahmosHi people,which one of these is recommended (1-grub 2-grub-efi 3-grub-pc)?06:48
ForgeAusgrub-efi sounds good :) if your running a hackintosh06:49
intelikeyahmos grub if it's not a hackintosh06:49
ForgeAusI agree with intelikey06:49
intelikeyunless i'm the one reccomending   then it's  4 lolo06:50
ForgeAuslilo makes me nervous06:50
Daisuke_Laptopso does stitch06:50
Daisuke_Laptopseriously creepy little thing06:50
intelikeyi have to use it.  grub is too weak.06:51
ForgeAusonly because it and some ancint partitioner killed my windows once upon a time06:51
ForgeAusyeah grub doesn't do unpartitioned disks like you have right?06:51
ForgeAusintelikey, just a thought could you convert the disk you have to one with a partition table?06:51
Daisuke_Laptopoh come on, that was comedy gold...  or at least bronze.  and on that note, it's bedtime06:51
toyo|deskwell it dosent really say a lot06:51
ForgeAus(sure there'd be overhead)06:51
intelikeyForgeAus yes but not without data loss06:52
ForgeAusand your system is probably quite efficient...06:52
Daisuke_Laptopnow, what's this about unpartitioned disks?06:52
ForgeAusdata loss?... thats nasty :(06:52
toyo|deskit just gets stuck in some kinda loop06:52
ahmosthank's for advice ;)06:52
ForgeAusDaisuke intelikey has a disk with a filesystem that isn't partitioned06:52
dancemusiconlyHi! I've got a problem with writing a CD on usb-drive.Can you somebody help06:52
toyo|deskusb 5-8: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 306:52
ForgeAusits not blank, it just doesn't have a partition table06:52
Daisuke_Laptop...how is that even possible06:52
toyo|desksays that A LOT06:52
intelikeyyes.   only the first and last files on the disk   (last only if full)   but that's still data.06:52
Daisuke_Laptopalrighty then06:53
ForgeAusDaisuke its.. um... difficult, I had troubles wrapping my head around it too at first06:53
Daisuke_Laptopweird, but neat.06:53
ForgeAuswell oldskool is more the term for it06:53
ForgeAusa little too oldskool for me unfortunately06:53
toyo|deskintelikey, ever see that message before06:54
intelikeytoyo|desk no.  but i don't play with usb much either.06:54
ForgeAusintelikey why can't you backup/restore the files? ie no data loss?)06:54
toyo|deskanyway thats all it dose is repeat that forever06:54
MGrundeMy screen just freaked out and now it looks like this: http://milencomputers.com/snapshot2.png06:55
ForgeAus(or aren't they files?)06:55
f00fI'm running kubuntu 7.10 latest kernel 2.6.22, and using fglrx 8.1 drivers.  But now whenever I exit my X session, black screen!06:55
intelikeyForgeAus well i could  but that's still not a "no data loss" conversion.    lossless conversion would require the tool to do the backup and restore,  and as of yet there isn't one that will do that.06:56
intelikeyposingaspopular k looking06:56
ForgeAusintelikey you only have one HDD drive?06:56
ForgeAusand nowhere to backup to/restore from ?06:57
intelikeyposingaspopular i think "maybe" i see it.   ilegal char  '06:57
posingaspopularintelikey: that was my suspecision06:58
intelikeyyou can use the underscore06:58
ForgeAusintelikey theres at least one tool that should do it, norton ghost?06:59
posingaspopularokay but edit this out06:59
ForgeAus(makes a raw image doesn't it?07:00
intelikeyForgeAus that's not what i mean.  ghost wont convert the drive from partitionless to single partition.   (note that i don't want a partition anyway)    when i said tool i meant that in answer to your question about converting it.  not saving the data.   there are a lot of ways to save the data.07:01
posingaspopularcan i do caps in the hostname07:02
intelikeyposingaspopular i think so.  but i'm not sure they will be preserved.07:02
intelikeyyou should ask the networking gurus   not me.   i'm network illiterate.07:03
* intelikey pokes Jucato 07:03
posingaspopularintelikey: i changed the hosts and hostname files in /etc to something all lowercase plaintext letters07:06
posingaspopularand restarted kdm and its still the same error07:06
posingaspopularright.... i checked them again and they reflect the new hostname07:09
toyo|deskintelikey, I figured it out I think07:10
intelikeyposingaspopular you also ran /etc/init.d/hostname restart  ?07:11
intelikeytoyo|desk welcome.07:11
toyo|deskthe module ehci_hcd was trying to run the usb hard drive but I guess that module is broken and I forced it to use uhci_hcd instead now it works flawless07:11
posingaspopulardamn thats what i forgot07:11
posingaspopularrebooted and it shows the new hostname though07:11
toyo|deskI dont fully understand it but I found a thread having to do with ipods having the same exact issue07:12
toyo|deskso I followed it07:12
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.07:13
toyo|deskalthough it seems that uhci is slower07:13
toyo|deskI cant win07:13
dgrantshould I install kde4 or kde4-core if I have kde3 now?07:14
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.07:14
toyo|deskugh uhci is usb 1.007:16
toyo|deskdamn it07:16
intelikeyposingaspopular all cleared up ?07:16
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gutsy and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.07:17
ubotuKDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde407:17
posingaspopularintelikey: im booting in kde4 atm, and its perfect07:17
posingaspopulari wonder if 3.5.8 will do the same07:17
toyo|deskthats the problem07:18
toyo|deskdamn it07:18
posingaspopularintelikey: all cleared up ;p07:18
posingaspopularthey couldn't build in an error msg?07:19
posingaspopulargosh darnit ;p07:19
intelikeyposingaspopular just running "hostname" might have given an error that would have helped    i didn't think of it...07:21
intelikeyoh well.07:21
posingaspopularah its okay07:22
posingaspopularwe learned a collective lesson07:22
abiramhi guys, im new to this, and i've a few questions. if someone could help me i'd greatly appreciate it ;)07:23
posingaspopular!ask | abiram07:24
ubotuabiram: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)07:24
abiramwhat command would I use to see what processes are currently running?07:25
toyo|deskso I found a more proper fix to my situation07:25
toyo|deskon the bug07:25
posingaspopularabiram: ps -aux in a konsole/terminal07:26
CreationistOkay, I have flashplugin-nonfree installed, but every Flash-based website still says I need Flash 8 or higher.. what gives?07:26
toyo|deskit is indeed a bug with the kernel module ehci_hcd07:26
toyo|deskand if you do echo -1 > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/autosuspend as suggested here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.22/+bug/88746 the problem goes away07:27
toyo|desknow I have to do that every reboot07:27
=== abiram is now known as CR
=== CR is now known as abiram
* Creationist is a wing-a-ling dragon... how about you? ;)07:29
toyo|desk/etc/sysctl.conf should be the place I put that command right?07:30
sub[t]rnltrying to run a command on startup?07:32
toyo|deskwell I dont know if there is already a place to put something like that07:33
toyo|deskecho -1 > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/autosuspend <----need to run that as root on startup07:33
sub[t]rnlthe buntu way would be create a script in /etc/init.d/ then using update-rc.d scriptname defaults07:34
sub[t]rnlyou can get away with putting it in your /etc/rc.local though07:34
sub[t]rnlplace it before the "exit 0"07:34
toyo|desknvm I celebrated too early07:34
toyo|deskit worked for a while then died07:34
munenephi pple07:42
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!07:42
intelikeyoe pple hi07:43
munenepthank you...07:43
ahmosis kde4 stable07:46
Daisuke_Idois the pope jewish?07:46
f00fshould be now that it's releast.07:46
Daisuke_Idof00f: keep dreaming07:46
Daisuke_Idowait for 4.1 if you want stable07:46
f00fhowever last time I tried it, it was a complete trainwreck07:46
f00fand probably still is...07:46
Daisuke_Idof00f: i was going to say, it still is07:47
Daisuke_Idoit's getting better though07:47
f00fDaisuke_Ido: I hope they make a kde-legacy fork..07:47
* f00f doesn't like kde407:47
Daisuke_Ido3.5 will continue to be supported07:47
Daisuke_Idofor the time being07:47
Daisuke_Idobut the majority of developer efforts are going into 4.007:48
f00fI'll grow into it.. it'll just take time...07:48
f00fmaybe when it starts to actually recognize my SB live07:49
ahmospretty INFOs07:52
ahmosso I should wait for sometime ,no?07:52
Daisuke_Ido4.1 is going to be out in a couple months07:54
Daisuke_Idothat's where we should really see some polish07:54
ahmosok thank's very much07:57
tyson_if i have kubuntu installed, is it possible to put gnome on also, just to check it out?07:59
hantuinstall ubuntu-desktop08:00
hantuquick question, i want a minimal kde installation without the other unnecessary applications like konqueror/kate/etc, how's it to be done?08:00
Jucatokonqueror (file manager *and* browser) and kate (along with kwrite, the text editors) are part of the most minimal but functional KDE install (kdebase)08:01
hantuJucato: thats what ive read - so there's no way to remove them?08:03
=== tyrese is now known as Heavy007
tyson_i installed kubuntu gutsy. then i put on kde4, it added an entry in the terminal type on the login screen. when i put on gnome, will it do the same thing?08:03
hantui can keep konqueror, seeing its the file manager, what about kate/kde?08:03
Daisuke_Idowhy would you need to08:03
ForgeAusheheh QT4 would be a more minimal install but that isn't KDE08:03
Daisuke_Idoare you *that* pressed for hard drive space?08:03
Daisuke_Idokate can't be more than a few mb08:03
ForgeAusKate is part of konqueror08:03
JucatoForgeAus: no08:04
ForgeAusthey're integrated hantu08:04
ForgeAusthru kparts08:04
Jucatoyes, but not kate. katepart. that's separate08:04
hantumm ok.08:04
ForgeAusuh Jucato I think I was giving the laymans version of what you just said :)08:04
Jucato(layman's version doesn't need to be inaccurate :P)08:05
Jucatooh well, your call08:05
ForgeAushmmm it does mess with modularity of kde tho I must admit08:05
ForgeAuslol Jucato well I wasn't being intentionally innacurate08:05
Jucatohttp://jucato.org/kde/kde-core.html <-- the most minimal but functional KDE installation you can get08:05
thanasi!virus > me08:51
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bentob0xanybody knows why Photoshop under wine can't read/use the .pfb fonts that are installed system-wide?09:10
Jucatobentob0x: might want to ask in #winehq09:10
=== tim_ is now known as smashi
bentob0xdid already Jucato :)09:11
bentob0xI just thought someone here might know the answer09:12
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zetheroocan I get USB working in Virtual Box?09:17
llutzzetheroo: http://virtualbox.org/wiki/User_FAQ > Linux Hosts09:18
llutzzetheroo: won't work with OSE of virtualbox09:19
zetheroowhats OSE?09:19
Jucatoopen source edition09:19
llutzOpen Source Edition09:19
ibou_does the new flashplugin work with konqueror ?09:22
ibou_!flash | ibou09:23
ubotuibou: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash09:23
zetheroollutz: ok thanks09:35
gladieris there a synergy howto for kubuntu anywhere?09:42
ubotuA list of common questions and answers about Ubuntu: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions - Official documentation: http://help.ubuntu.com - IRC FAQ: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage09:43
gladierbeen there09:44
DreadKnightany opensuse users or ex-users around?09:46
Jucatothe former would most probably be in #opensuse and/or #opensuse-kde :D09:47
zetheroohey I am trying to follow the Ubuntu Guide online about working with SAMBA ....... but I am a bit stumped here....sudo smbpasswd -a system_username09:47
zetheroocan someone help me09:47
llutzzetheroo: what's the problem with that?09:48
SlimeyPetezetheroo: eg sudo smbpasswd -a zetheroo09:48
SlimeyPeteor sudo smbpasswd -a bob09:48
zetheroowhat I am wondering is do I enter that exactly?09:49
SlimeyPeteno, you replace "system_username" with the username of the ser you are trying to grant access to09:49
zetherooor like sudo smbpasswd -a zeth    ?09:49
stefan_hmm when I add as user:09:50
stefan_ sudo smbpasswd -a testing209:50
stefan_New SMB password:09:50
stefan_Retype new SMB password:09:50
stefan_Failed to modify password entry for user testing209:50
stefan_what is wrong?09:51
SlimeyPetedoes the user testing2 exist?09:51
stefan_as a systems user?09:51
SlimeyPetethen you need to create it first09:51
stefan_is that the problem?09:51
stefan_hmm okay09:51
stefan_I have another issue09:52
stefan_In our firm there is an M$ exhchange 2003 and I want to use kontact as client09:53
stefan_I can not find away to connect to exchange directly nor imap is going09:53
stefan_can someone help?09:53
SlimeyPeteI think you can get an exchange plugin for Kontact, stefan_, but I'm not sure where to get it09:54
dystopianrayKontact comes with an exchange 2000 plugin09:55
sahin_hstefan_: Personaly I use IMAP connection to exchange. However it must be enabled by admins.09:56
sahin_hstefan_: Maybe IMAP just isn't enabled on the server side.09:56
ubotuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.09:56
combiniohow to pack files to *.ISO ? "09:57
sahin_hcombinio: use k3b09:58
combinioi just want to create ISO image with files :)09:58
combiniosahin_h: but i remember there was some command in console ? :>09:58
sahin_hcombinio: Ohhh, you would a command line solution...09:59
sahin_hcombinio: mkisofs, growisofs09:59
combiniosahin_h: better is mkisofs ?10:00
sahin_hcombinio: mkisofs generaly for CD iso, and growisofs for DVDs...10:00
combiniosahin_h: thanks a lot :)10:00
stefan_I have access to that machine and IMAP is enabled10:00
ctx144kanyone have experiences with xen under kubuntu7.10? - is there existing a good documentation?10:02
ctx144kdo i need compiling kernel myself on kubuntu? or can i use ready packages?10:03
sahin_hstefan_: Ok, I'm not an expert, just configured my Kontact (kmail) in the following way:10:07
sahin_hstefan_: I created an account and I use cachedimap, because I travel a lot.10:08
sahin_hstefan_: The settings:10:08
sahin_hstefan_: In the General settings:10:09
sahin_hstefan_: Account name: What you want10:09
sahin_hstefan_: Login: Your exchange login_name10:09
sahin_hstefan_: Password: If you want to kmail remember your password.10:10
sahin_hstefan_: Host: The exchange server name10:10
sahin_hstefan_: Port: 14310:10
sahin_hstefan_: I also modified the Trash Folder entry which point ot the exchange server Deleted Items folder10:11
sahin_hstefan_: In the security page I use the following settings:10:11
sahin_hstefan_: Encryption: Use TLS secure mail download10:12
sahin_hstefan_: Authentication Method: Clear Text (I know this isn't secure, but that's what is supported. And I use VPN)10:13
sahin_hstefan_: So that's it, and works for me.10:13
mitchellCiao a tutti10:17
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mitchellC'è qualche utente italiano ?10:18
Jucato!it | mitchell10:18
ubotumitchell: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!10:18
mitchellOkkk, grazie10:19
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xen_Hey how do i get this apollon program working in kubuntu?10:21
m-lundHan anyone else noticed the newest upgrade to flash-nonfree doesn't work with konqueror?10:24
sahin_hm-lund: I use firefox for browsing on the net. I tested the konqueror thing for you. And not works for me too.10:26
llutzsahin_h: seems that they manage to break the 9.048 too now :(10:27
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john_hi all10:42
=== till is now known as unnutz
unnutzhi. anyone has any problems with eclipse on kubuntu? it eats more than extra 300 mb... is it a bug? or may be it's okay? i've 1GB RAM and after 1 hour it's hard to compile..11:00
unnutzeclipse europa11:01
mitchellmi date il link per andare nel client di KUbuntu italiano ?11:14
mitchellKubuntu italy11:15
mitchellwhere ?11:15
mitchell!kubuntu italy11:15
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kubuntu italy - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi11:16
zetherooSlimeyPete: hey... you still there?11:22
SlimeyPetezetheroo: yeah11:22
zetherooSlimeyPete: oh cool11:23
zetherooso I am trying to complete that guide on Gutsy11:23
zetherooand the next part is this gksudo gedit /etc/samba/smbusers11:24
zetherooInsert the following line into the new file11:24
zetheroosystem_username = "network username"11:24
zetheroonow again is this supposed to be exactly that way?11:24
zetherooor system_username = "zeth"11:24
zetherooor some other way?11:24
zetherooSlimeyPete: ^^11:25
SlimeyPetezeth = "zeth"11:25
SlimeyPeteas far as I remember11:25
zetheroooh ok11:25
SlimeyPete(assuming you want your samba username to be "zeth"11:25
sebastian^good morning folks11:27
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Brazilian_JoeAnyone using umbrello 2.0? (KDE 4.0.1)11:29
Brazilian_JoeI am receiving an error message about being unable to export Diagrams11:29
Brazilian_Joe(when I try to export 1 or all diagrams)11:30
Brazilian_Joeit works on umbrello 1.5.811:30
Brazilian_Joeand also works on umbrello on windows11:30
Brazilian_Joe(Vista Business 32-bit11:30
zetheroois there a hotkey for closing windows?11:32
zetherooI am running virtual box on a machine which does not have a rightside ctrl button11:33
zetherooso I cannot get ahold of the mouse cursor11:33
thanasizetheroo: join #vbox for virtualbox problems11:37
tdnHow can a device (partition) exist in fdisk -l but not in /dev? I am trying to mount a partition from an USB harddisk enclosure, but this is what happens: http://thomasdamgaard.dk/paste/P1062.html11:44
=== lorenzo_ is now known as Ignobile
unnutztdn: and what if you specify only "sdb" but not "sdb1"?11:52
unnutztdn: have you specified fs type?11:53
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jack_spratthow to I boot to cli - theres nowhere to enter parameters at the boot menu?12:02
Olgemjack_spratt: hit esc as fast as possible when grub loads12:03
OlgemBefore it gets to the splash screen12:03
jack_sprattthen enter runlevel5 or something?12:04
ml-dbis there a good gui for connecting to WPA-protected wifi? WEP works great with knetworkmanager, but i cant find any WPA support in it.12:05
OlgemYou can do it from the grub command line, but it allows you to boot to cli as root with (single user mode) or something12:05
OlgemI'm not sure about debian runlevels12:05
naftilos76hi everybody!12:07
naftilos76just installed through adept 'KMyFirewall'12:07
jack_spratti pressed escape, now i can edit the boot commands, but its a bit strange, one of root, kernel, and intrd has to be edited, what do i change to get to cli do you think?12:08
naftilos76...and i cannot install firewall through the related menus12:08
naftilos76anybody has a clue?12:08
Lynourenaftilos76: Do you actualy need to boot to command line, without starting X, or do you just want a full screen commandline outside X? :)12:10
Lynourenaftilos76: oops, wrong person. What was your question again?12:10
ahmoshi, I need a good program to capture videos from my camcorder plz?12:10
GuiBlancomorning... does anyone experienced a webserver crash on update released yesterday?12:11
GuiBlancomy apache2.2-common is crashing on install now12:11
naftilos76i am in X and'd like to activate firewall to work with KMyFirewall12:11
tdnunnutz, in the log I pasted, I tried mounting /dev/sdb, but then it cannot find a filesystem.12:11
tdnunnutz, I have tried using -t ext3, and I get mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb,12:12
unnutztdn: i see. and you don't know the fs exactly?12:12
unnutztdn: ok. sorry then12:12
tdnunnutz, dmesg says: [162740.032000] VFS: Can't find ext3 filesystem on dev sdb.12:12
tdnunnutz, yes. I know the fs. It *is* ext3.12:12
tdnunnutz, but how come that /dev/sdb1 appears in fdisk but *not* in /dev? That does not make sense in my book.12:13
thanasiwhy does eth0 always come up when i reboot? i ran grep -r eth0 /etc/ and changed averything to eth1. when i run .../networking restart eth0 does not come up but as soon as i reboot it's back and then smb machines is invisible. any ideas?12:13
naftilos76iptables firewall  &  KMyFirewall ???? anybody???12:13
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).12:14
unnutztdn: i'm surprised too :) but i don't have any clue :)12:15
naftilos76i want to configure iptables through KMyFirewall but...in KMyFirewall, i have to go to a menu and select <install firewall> correct??????12:15
jack_sprattwhats the difference between normal and 'recovery mode'?12:16
tdnSomething wierd happened! I pulled out the USB cable and plugged it in again. Then the KDE-automount thingy asked if I wanted to mount it, and I did, and then this happened: http://thomasdamgaard.dk/paste/P1063.html12:16
tdnunnutz, is the device dead?12:17
unnutztdn: hm. i don't know. i think it's still something wrong with drivers or something..12:18
tdnunnutz, can I check the drive's health with smartmontools somehow?12:19
unnutztdn: may be you meant "ls" but not "ll"?12:19
tdnunnutz, ll is alias for ls -l12:20
unnutzah :)12:20
tdnI think it is a pretty common alias :)12:20
unnutzmay be :)12:20
naftilos76i want to configure iptables through KMyFirewall but...in KMyFirewall, i have to go to a menu and select <install firewall> correct??????12:21
jack_spratti booted to recovery mode, but no commands work, usually returning"the command could not be located because 'usr/bin' is not included in the path" etc12:22
jack_sprattwhats the point of booting into a cli if it cant do anything12:22
GuiBlancoI figure it out what was my issue... /var/www is another disk partition and kubuntu cannot recognize it correctly during update or install12:23
GuiBlancothen it cannot install if it's not part of the system12:23
SlimeyPetejack_spratt: that's odd, I don't see that when I use recovery mode.12:23
SlimeyPetejack_spratt: you can set the path manually, of course12:24
jack_sprattjust my lucky day i guess12:24
jack_spratti cant use less, dpkg, or even sudo12:24
jack_sprattok that would fix this? how do i set it?12:24
SlimeyPetejack_spratt: export PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games12:25
SlimeyPetethat'll give you the standard Ubuntu PATH.12:25
jack_sprattthats great, thanks12:25
jack_sprattthank you :)12:25
zizzfizzixhow to run kdm on startup?12:25
tdnCan I use smartctl on a harddisk that is connected via USB?12:25
zizzfizzixnor gdm nor kdm are starting12:26
zizzfizzixi must do it by hand12:26
tdnIf I try to use smartctl -a /dev/sdb I get this error: >> Terminate command early due to bad response to IEC mode page12:26
naftilos76anybody having installed KMyFirewall? has iptables got to be installed as well?12:26
jussi01naftilos76: iptables is installed by defaul12:26
naftilos76i know that!12:27
naftilos76do i have to uninstall it when installing KMyFirewall?12:27
naftilos76i guess no, right?12:27
tdnnaftilos76, you can see the dependencies of a package by issuing apt-cache show <package>. Do that and check if iptables is needed.12:27
jussi01naftilos76: is there a particular reason you want Kmyfirewall and not the recomended guarddog?12:28
tdnnaftilos76, isn't kmyfirewall a front end to iptables?12:28
DragnslcrYeah, it is12:29
tdnThen I guess that it does not make much sense to use it without iptables.12:29
trallabilleVan itt valaki?12:30
tdntrallabille, English please.12:30
SlimeyPetetrallabille: where are you from?12:30
naftilos76exctly....kmyfirewall is a gui for iptables...12:30
jussi01!hu | trallabille12:30
ubotutrallabille: Magyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál12:30
trallabillefrom hungary12:30
tdnnaftilos76, then why would you want to use it without iptables? How does that make sense?12:30
ubotuFor at få support til Ubuntu på Dansk bedes du venligst gå til #ubuntu-dk. I denne kanal tales kun Engelsk.12:31
jack_sprattis there anyway to boot using vesa by specifying it in grub?12:31
naftilos76pls forget that - assume that iptables is installed along with Kmyfirewall - the problem is that when i am running kmyfirewall....12:31
naftilos76....somewhere in the menus there is a selection: <install firewall>12:32
naftilos76when i press that12:32
naftilos76the errors start...12:32
naftilos76first seems to be kdesu12:33
naftilos76it says that kdesu was called with a -t opton which does not exist!12:33
naftilos76and the proccess stops there12:34
ubotufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire12:34
jack_sprattdoes kubuntu run well on 256 ram?12:34
Dr_willis_i wonder what firewall its actaully installing. :)12:34
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).12:34
Dr_willis_jack_spratt,  it can run. :) It will be using swap a lot. I would suggest tracking down at least 512mb. Or use a lighter desktop12:35
jack_sprattyou mean not kde12:35
Dr_willis_jack_spratt,  correct. kde proberly will run ok. But may be a bit slow at times.12:35
jack_spratton first boot the cursor has a delay of 5s at the moment :(12:36
naftilos76for crying out loud! guys...i want to use kmyfirewall - can anybody help me? with the kdesu -t option problem?12:36
Dr_willis_Kde preloads a lot of stuff.12:36
jack_spratti see12:36
Dr_willis_!info kmyfirewall12:36
ubotukmyfirewall (source: kmyfirewall): iptables based firewall configuration tool for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1ubuntu4 (gutsy), package size 1256 kB, installed size 4124 kB12:36
Dr_willis_naftilos76,  sudo apt-get install kmyfirewall12:36
Dr_willis_or was tyhe issue with using the program?12:37
naftilos76iptables & kmyfirewall are both well installed.....12:37
zizzfizzixhey guys do you know what to do if i want kdm running at startup?12:37
Dr_willis_kdesu kmyfirewall   to run it perhaps?12:37
Picizizzfizzix: instead of gdm?12:37
Dr_willis_zizzfizzix,  sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm  and tell it to use kdm  for the login manager.12:37
Picior just listen to Dr_willis_ :p12:37
jack_sprattis the first boot of kubuntu particularly slow or something, because the livecd was a lot faster than this12:38
naftilos76when i run kmyfirewall....right bottom corner says: <firewall not installed>12:38
naftilos76so i choose through menus: <install firewall>12:38
zizzfizzixthank you Dr_willis_12:38
Dr_willis_Theres no default firewall rulew. So that sort of makes sence. :)12:38
Dr_willis_ive never used kmyfirewall, perhaps a check of its homepage may have a tutorial.12:38
SlimeyPetejack_spratt: it'll be particularly slow if you hae no dhcp server or no network cable12:40
naftilos76thk guys....i ll sea what i can do.....12:40
jack_sprattSlimeyPete: so if no internet connection the super slow? i have wireless dongle attached but not configured=not working12:40
jack_sprattSlimeyPete: is adept running in the background or something causing all this slowdown? that would explain it. on other distros synaptic runs like treacle on thismachine12:41
SlimeyPetejack_spratt: I don't think it is, no, but networkmanager will be trying to connect.12:42
SlimeyPeteIt's too dumb to realise you have no cabl.12:42
SlimeyPeteso it'll just sit there for ages.12:42
jack_sprattSlimeyPete: i see that makes sense. btw what the best way to set up a dongle with ndis wrapper - cli or system settings or what? its a wg111v2 that can be temperamental12:42
SlimeyPetejack_spratt: not sure, sorry - my wifi is inbuilt and has Linux drivers available.12:43
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs12:43
jack_sprattk thanks12:43
SlimeyPetejack_spratt: personally I always disable networkmanager and use the old /etc/network/interfaces method, but that's a pain if you want to switch between different wired and/or wireless networks on a regular basis.12:44
jack_spratthmm, whats the /etc/network... method that you mention - editing text files directly? i need to setup ndiswrapper at some stage,12:45
SlimeyPetejack_spratt: yeah, editing text files. It's the old-fashioned method - if you google for "linux network interface" or similar you'll probably find a howto12:46
SlimeyPetethat said, it's best to persevere with networkmanager unless it really annoys you (like it does me)12:46
jack_sprattlol, ok, im use to using all the mandriva tools and configuring ndiswrapper in cli12:48
shaffydoes anyone know how to remove or change the blue wavy background that shows up on kubuntu logging in?13:02
epimeththe one time I tried to configure /etc/network/interfaces for a wireless network I failed abysmally... but all my wired boxes do things that way... no need to log in to be connected :-)13:03
epimethshaffy: edit /etc/kde3/kdm/backgroundrc13:04
shaffyepimeth: thanks :)13:05
thanasi!paste > me13:11
jack_spratti dont know whats causing it, but kubuntu is constantly writing to HDD, and going slow as hell. 100% of the time the hdd light is on  and i can hear it accessing13:12
jack_sprattksysguard claims kde is using 1gb of ram!!!!13:13
jack_spratton a 256ram machine with 1gb swap13:14
roflwhich process is it13:14
jack_sprattjust said kde i think, im restarting now to see if that helps13:16
orlandojhi all, how can i install the Acrobat Connect Add-in on firefox ?13:17
jack_sprattthe k menu took more than a minute to load13:17
rofljack_spratt: use ps aux to see which process takes the cpu time13:21
dscorbinFor some reason, none of my KDE windows are resizable.  Any ideas?13:22
dscorbin(Xchat is)13:22
akyhi; can anybody, please, give me a link to a good and technical comparison between qt and gtk? i want to start developement of a application and i'm trying to figure out what gui toolkit to use for it, so i need a reference to some "thoughts" about the two of them (without wasting years to experiment both to conclude what others might already); please, give me a hint! thanks13:24
alesanaky: well13:24
alesanin my opinion it's easy13:24
roflaky: just try them both, ie with lazarus13:24
roflaky: gtk looks like win3.113:25
roflaky: and lacks a lot of components like a treeview13:25
alesanaky: gtk is a old-style C toolkit, in my opinion very "confusing" to use13:25
alesandocumentation is so-so...13:25
akyrofl: i can't afford to waste and inves time in both; that's why i want to view what others already sum of from both of the toolkits13:25
alesanon the other hand 1) Qt's doc are extremely good, and again, I say they are very, very good13:25
roflaky: install gfontview that uses gtk+ and look at it... it looks 10 years old13:26
alesanthen it's a more modern C++ thing, and while I do not like C++ very much when compared to other, more modern languages, it's much better than C when you have to dela with graphics13:26
akythank you guys; but.. do you happen to know some good/tech articles on those [toolkits]? i really meant TECH comparison, not what google gives me: some very TUNED opinions13:27
alesanIn particular Qt4 has a lot of model-view paradigm based classes that let you write code in an extremely interesting way13:27
roflaky: i came to the conclusion when using a crossplatform guikit, the choice is either wxwidgets or qt13:27
alesanaky: forget comparisons, read the docs of both13:28
akyrofl: and you used to use gtk/gtk+ too?13:28
roflaky: yes, with glade. it was a pain in the ass13:28
alesanam I banned? it seems I cannot speak13:28
roflalesan: i read you13:29
akyalesan: i always search the good and the bad things for choices i have to make13:29
alesanaky: if you're a C type of guy and hate OO and C++, then go with gtk of course13:29
roflaky: the online downside of qt is the license13:30
alesanbut, using C for writing graphical apps in 2008 is *anachronistic* let's try to get modern13:30
BluesKajHowdy All :)13:30
akyso qt (and gtk) must have, both, goods and bads too; that's why i'd like to see the sum of those [bads and goods]13:30
alesanrofl: GPL? what's wrong? because gtk is LGPL maybe?13:30
alesanQt is very slow to compile, compared to gtk13:30
akyrofl: i heard trolltech (before nokia bought them) released qt on all platforms with gpl license too13:31
roflalesan: you need commercial license when you make somethin commercial13:31
alesanI am talking about compilation, not execution though13:31
alesanrofl: can you use gtk for a commercial program?13:31
roflalesan: thats a good question ;)13:31
akyalesan: that's an interesting aspect too13:31
alesanif gtk is GPL then, no13:31
alesanif it is LGPL, yes, but I am not sure what is the license13:32
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!13:32
alesanaky: the fact is, in my opinion, better to take less time to develop a *robust* app (and not a quick and dirty one that works 'most of the times')13:32
alesanthan having a fast compilation. Now we have dual core and quad core CPUs ;)13:33
roflalesan: what modern language would you use, when u speak about anachronisitc13:33
alesanrofl: anachronistic is, in my opinion "not object oriented" (talking about graphics)13:33
snarkstergood morning13:34
akyalesan: so you're telling me to chose qt13:34
akysnarkster: hi13:34
alesanaky: I tried gtk in the past (GPSdrive) but...13:34
jussi01Please confine your questions to Kubuntu support, or take the discussion elswhere. Thanks :)13:34
alesanyou know, a huge file with a main many thousands lines long ;)13:34
snarksterIm wondering why I se / and then the uui number for my drive in kdisjfree?13:34
alesanthat is not what I consider a good way to program13:34
snarkstersorry just woke up13:34
akyjussi01: maybe you can help me providing an in-depth tech discussion on qt/gtk; i just wanna read about pros and cons of both; thanks :)13:35
snarksterIm trying to figure out why in kdiskfree I / and /home with all their respective information and then see the uui for both them with no onformation13:36
BluesKajaky, you guys want to talk coding etc , perhaps a room where discussing Linux chops would be more suitable for you.13:36
akyBluesKaj: yes; i hoped someone cand give me a link to something good; i don't wanna disturb anybody13:37
roflrather have nothing say nothing13:38
roflnobody i mean13:38
kasta_1399ej kann man ins game investieren13:38
snarksterthats not very nice13:39
jussi01!de | kasta_139913:39
ubotukasta_1399: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de13:39
BluesKajaky,I'm sure there are rooms where C, C++ , GTK and QT discussion is encouraged ,and surely they can't be too hard for you to find13:41
alesanBluesKaj: I am sure any of those channels are very oriented by default13:41
RurouniJonesAh, topic answered my question....so, how does one rollback from the FUBAR'd flash install which has just delayed my zero punctuation enjoyment? :)13:41
alesanthank you, now I go to bed because I have fever13:41
* BluesKaj takes off the "heavy" hat and sips on coffee13:41
snarksterIm trying to figure out why in kdiskfree I see / and /home with all their respective information and then see the uui for both them with no information13:44
=== fideas_ is now known as fideas
jack-sprattk so my lattop is still running v v v v slowly, still waiting for ksysguard to load up after i clicked for it 4 minutes agi13:47
jack-sprattHDD is in use the whole time13:48
jack-sprattall the time without fail. i can think what the hell it can be writing, the swap perhaps, but what on earth could legitimately need all that memory??13:48
BluesKajjack-spratt, try htop, it may tell you something about memory usage etc13:50
jack-sprattthis is bizarre - it was alot faster on the livecd, even the last time i booted up didnt take this long13:51
jack-sprattill have to wait for the terminal to load..........13:51
BluesKajjack-spratt, what CPU and how much RAM on the lappy ?13:52
akyis there any gui app for kde [on kubuntu] which "knows" to search for bluetooth devices and initiate pairing with them?13:52
jack-sprattstill waiting for k menu to load......13:53
BluesKajaky, kbluetooth13:53
akyBluesKaj: i can't figure out how to tell kbluetooth to pair with a device13:53
BluesKajaky, just add it to autostart13:53
akyin "paired/trusted" devices (from configuration) it doesn't let me add new pairings13:54
BluesKaj!bluetooth | aky13:54
ubotuaky: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup13:54
akyBluesKaj: it does start automatically13:54
akyubotu: no option(s) to add new pairings13:55
BluesKajubotu, is a botscript13:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is a botscript - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi13:55
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots13:55
akyexcept if there is a HID (i have a bt mouse and i use configuration/input_devices option)13:56
jack-sprattBluesKaj: intel 2.4ghz, 256 crappy ram13:56
akyBluesKaj: any ideea?13:56
snarksterjack-spratt: restart with the live cd in the drive then open konsole and fsck /dev/sda1 -y13:57
jack-sprattBluesKaj: i tried upgrading the ram several times but dell have made it nigh impossible with only about 4 stick in the world being compatible it seems. kingston, crucial, cosair, elixir - non are compatible with this demon machine13:57
jack-sprattsnarkster: ok what'll that do?13:57
snarkstersame thing as chkdsk in windows13:58
snarksterbut better13:58
BluesKajahh jack-spratt , that's pretty "iffy" RAM ...you need more for KDE13:58
snarksterthis is true, but it should work13:58
snarksterhow big is your swap file?13:58
BluesKajjack-spratt, bummer :(13:58
khellli want an ftp client13:58
khelllwhat is the best one?13:58
snarksterkget. :)13:59
jack-sprattBluesKaj: yes but other distros work fine - pclos 07/08 run as fast as my 3ghz 4gb ram machine!13:59
jack-sprattBluesKaj: whats so special about the kde in kubuntu?13:59
BluesKajkonqueror FTP13:59
snarksterjack-spratt: Good rule of thumb u have found is always make swap partition 1.5 times your ram14:00
jack-sprattsnarkster: yes thers plenty of swap, 1gb=4x the ram14:00
snarksterjack-spratt: ah yes thats alot..14:00
snarkstercontact dell and find the ram you need to buy to upgrade.14:01
BluesKajerr special , it's called kubuntu due to the use of the KDE desktop Environment as opposed to Gnome for Ubuntu14:01
jack-sprattdisk isnt being accessed any more - mouse has not lag, all it took was for kde to crash14:01
snarksterbad install14:01
snarkstercould be video driver problem14:01
jack-sprattsnarkster: yeah and pay 6x the market value for it. i may have to do that but its a real pain in the a$$14:01
jack-sprattsnarkster: funny you should mention.........14:01
jack-sprattkdesktop crashed, now it runs smooth as milk14:02
BluesKajXfce might be a better desktop for your setup, jack-spratt14:02
jack-sprattBluesKaj: ok, but im not given up on kubuntu yet14:03
jack-sprattis there a way to quickly crash kde? like a shortcut because it would be a godsend to be able to do that in future14:03
jack-sprattthe option to choose the amount of vram is greyed out in settings - why and how can i set it14:04
BluesKajjack-spratt, I ran dapper & kde on an old 233mhz/128Mb RAM , it was a bit slow but it worked14:05
BluesKajkubuntu is ubuntu with KDE14:06
akyBluesKaj: is there any way to initiate bluetooth pairing from kubuntu's gui (kde)? i can only initiate the pairing from a phone to my laptop [with kubuntu] - first typed the pin on my phone and the kubuntu asked the pin; however.. i want to do it from the gui and initiate the pairing from the laptop - first search the device from the laptop, enter a pin and then confirm the pin on the device; is this possible? how? i can't find the option in the guy to do that;14:06
=== sivaji is now known as ksivaji
BluesKajaky, dunno much about bluetooth  and phones , sorry :(14:07
jussi01!portables | aky maybe something here helps?14:08
ubotuaky maybe something here helps?: Guides for smartphones and portable devices can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/14:08
m-lundAnyone else having problems with the new flash-update in Kubuntu?14:08
jussi01m-lund: Ive seen a few reports14:08
BluesKaj!flash | m-lund14:08
ubotum-lund: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash14:08
akyBluesKaj: thaks anyway; this feature should be in the gui, and not only for phones; from what i can see.. the only bluetooth devices which may start pairing with from kubuntu's gui are HID (mice/keybords)14:09
ml-dbm-lund: whats wrong with it?14:09
ubotuThe Flash plugin installation has been broken for some time. A fix has been released now, although it might not have yet reached all mirrors. If that is the case for your mirror, please wait a couple of hours.14:09
ml-dbah, ok.14:09
ml-dbworks fine here, except for that i cant go to fullscreen anymore.14:10
jussi01!bluetooth | aky14:10
ubotuaky: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup14:10
m-lundml-db: I have been able to install it. But it doesn't work in konqueror.14:10
m-lundml-db: Works fine in firefox though14:10
akyjussi01, ubotu: my bluetooth is working just fine; i wanted to find a way to start pairing from kubuntu's gui (kde), not from the device that actually is to be paired with14:11
jussi01!bot | aky14:11
ubotuaky: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots14:11
BluesKajm-lund, yes that's a common problem in gutsy .. it's regreatable that konqueror is so affected by that flsah problem. It made me start using FF again .14:11
llutzaky: have you tried kbluetooth to pair?14:12
m-lundBluesKaj: Tried it with Konqueror in 4.0.1 and it worked flawless.14:12
akyllutz: yes; there is no option on kbluetooth to start searching and then pair with one device14:12
m-lundBluesKaj: But I'd rather stick to 3.5.8 for some time. 4.0.1 is not yet ready for prime time.14:12
jussi01Im having a few issues with some icons not appearing in the systray when im running compiz.  Anyone got a fix for this?14:12
BluesKajm-lund, agreed !14:13
akyllutz: except from input devices14:13
llutzaky: usually it searches at start and if you click on a device found, it asks for pairing14:13
BluesKajjussi01, what is the fix for konq/flash and what repository is needed for it ?14:14
jussi01BluesKaj: it shoul be in -updates iirc14:15
akyllutz: if i turn on the bluetooth on my phone (for example) what could i do to make kbluetooth start searching for the phone and then pair with it (specifying a pin from kbluetooth and then confirm it on the phone)?14:15
m-lundBluesKaj: I think the issue jussi01 was referring to was the installation of the update package itself.14:15
m-lundBluesKaj: It wasn't able to download the flashpackage and therefore failed rendering flash useless in both firefox and konqueror.14:16
jussi01m-lund: BluesKaj yes thats orrect - Ive seen a few people complain that its still broken. not sure if there is an actual fix yet14:16
akyllutz: that's what i can't find in kbluetooth! an option to start pairing from kbluetooth14:16
snarksteraky: once bluetooth is started on the computer then intiat connection from the bluetooh device14:16
llutzaky: enter "bluetooth:/" into addressbar and press enter14:16
jussi01aky: you just click the device14:16
m-lundBluesKaj: But after having removed and purged the flash and installed it again it installed without a problem.14:17
m-lundBluesKaj: And works fine in firefox. But not in konqueror.14:17
jack-sprattthe option to choose the amount of vram is greyed out in settings - why and how can i set it14:18
snarkstergoto settings>configure konquror and click plugins14:18
akysnarkster: bluetooth on my laptop was already on when i turned on the bluetooth on the device; llutz: i don't want the OBEX service; i just want to pair with the device to transfer some pictures between the laptop and the device (and some "devices" don't allow transfers unless they were paired before with the other device/laptop)14:19
m-lundBluesKaj: You can see the error in details here:14:19
m-lundBluesKaj: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/18987514:19
akyso i need to pair first; for that reason i want to find an option on kbluetooth or any other gui app to start the pairing "process" from the laptop/kde14:20
snarksteraky right for security reasons14:20
snarksterdoes it have to be gui?14:20
akysnarkster: yes; this laptop is my girlfriend's14:21
BluesKajyes, m-lund so we're back to square one waiting for a real fix ...some of the forums are blaming konq for not supporting Xmbed14:21
akyand she doesn't have to know to handle console and commands14:21
aky(nwither she wants to)14:21
astanhm. would it be possible for me to make a gutsy install cd with a hardy kernel (2.6.24)..? i have a SATA RAID controller which is not supported on linux <
jack-sprattOK guys, i restarted after kde crashed, and now that ive rebooted it is working beautifully FOR NOW, i just really reallu hope that the next time it boots it works too - no idea what the problem was - perhaps adept was install a load of updates in the background?14:22
jack-spratti never told it to or was notified, ive no idea what could cause such a terrible slowdown14:22
astanis it even possible to use the hardy kernel packages with gutsy?14:22
astan(or has anyone made any unofficial 2.6.24 kernel packages for gutsy?)14:23
snarksterneed to take the kids to school cause its freaking cold outside.. (sigh move to the desert to be warm and freeze to death) brb14:23
* snarkster is away: Gone away for now.14:23
=== snarkster is now known as not
jussi01!away > not14:23
=== not is now known as snarkster
akysnarkster: i already read that (i have gentoo too installed); i still can't find a decent gui app for kde to fulfill my need: initiate pairing from the kde app); i only found this kind of apps for gnome - BLUEMAN; but this is not in (k)ubuntu's repos and i don't wanna screw this install (i wanna stick with the package manager).. and this is a gtk/gnome app! what's its qt/kde counterpart?14:25
jussi01aky: my workflow for conecting to the n95 is: turn on bluetooth for n95. open kbluetooth. click n95's icon. click obex file transfer, put in pin on phone, confirm on pc. navigate to where on phones file system files need to go. drag and drop. Isnt this what you are after?14:27
akyjussi01: yes, i know; but it is OBEX! i just want to pair a device! then.. i might want to transfer files from the phone to the laptop (or vice-versa) but.. i need the pairing first!14:29
astananyone know how hard (if even possible) it would be to modify the alternate install cd in-place to replace the gutsy kernel on it with a hardy one?14:30
astani mean, modify the ISO in-place (by loopback mounting it).14:30
akyjussi01: my phone will ignore all incoming transfers from the devices which it's not paired with14:30
jussi01astan: it is possible, wait a moment, Ill dig up a link14:31
BluesKajastan, just run the Hardy install cd, why fool around with the kernels?14:31
SlimeyPeteastan: very difficult I imagine. The kernel has no stable interface so software which relies upon it tends to need to be recompiled14:31
jussi01astan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization14:32
mdshaw89has anyone else had wireless problems lately?14:32
=== _czessi is now known as Czessi
akyjussi01: so i need to start pairing from a kde app and input a pin in kde and then on the phone; after that i can use "send file" from the kbluetooth's "context menu" (from the "tray")14:32
BluesKajmdshaw89, describe "wireless problems lately"14:34
astanjussi01: ah i just found that one. thanks a lot.14:34
astanBluesKaj: hm. but i'm not interested in installing hardy, i want to install gutsy, but with 2.6.24 kernel (since my SATA controller needs it).14:35
mdshaw89I have a T41 with Atheros chipset and a Dell Inspiron with a RT2500 PCMCIA card14:36
mdshaw89both stopped working - radio turns on - sees APs - can't connect to anything14:36
akyjussi01: please, take a look at http://blueman.tuxfamily.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=58&Itemid=66 ; this app has alot of features, including searching devices and pair with them; i need something to, at least, pair with other devices (from the gui/kde).. then i can live with "send file" from kbluetooth, if there are no more "features"14:36
SlimeyPetemdshaw89: no problems here with my atheros, but then I haven't updated in a few days14:37
mdshaw89I have tried encrypted and unecrypted - even switched to wicd14:37
astanjussi01: it says nothing about switching out the kernel on the install cd though. hm.14:37
BluesKajastan, you sata controller doesn't work with 2.6.22 ? that's difficult to understand14:38
astanBluesKaj: support was added in
astanit's an Areca ARC-1200, and the support from Areca was merged in
astan(the arcmsr driver).14:39
BluesKajastan, darn raid stuff ... it's a bloody pain ...running a server ?14:41
BluesKajastan, I understand the latest hardy is pretty stable ...why not try it ?14:42
astanBluesKaj: yea i know. no not a server i just got this controller for my workstation for redundancy.14:43
astanthat's an idea though.14:43
BluesKajyeah astan , I've heard good reports from ppl about Hardy , just don't try KDE4 yet :)14:44
astanthe thing is, i installed freebsd since that was the only free *nix with support for this controller in their latest stable release. but now i'm having problems which i'm afraid are hardware related (something with the raid controller).14:44
astanso i'd like to get some linux on it and confirm it's not a freebsd issue.14:44
* snarkster is away: Gone away for now.14:44
astanof course i'll run KDE4 ;)14:44
* snarkster is back.14:44
snarksterok im back14:44
astanwhen's hardy due btw?14:45
=== aky is now known as akh3n4t0n
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu14:46
ibouis there a compiz-like soft for kde ?14:47
BluesKaj!compiz | ibou14:47
ubotuibou: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion14:47
snarksterive installed kde 4 and if i make any changes to visuals it kills my card.  i have a very old mach64 card in my laptop14:47
snarksterwow getting mach64 support aint easy15:00
snarksteri thought they were going to start including that in the kernel builds15:01
Divilinuxhi all15:07
Demonho-brhello.. im running kde and my us keyboard is not working right.. i want to use the..  deadkeys  i choosed the layout  u.s   and intl  or alt-intl   but dead keys is not working.. what can i do.. please someone save my life15:15
Demonho-bri have a notebook .. model is pc10515:16
snarksterpc105 doesnt help us much.. who makes it15:17
VampireKingi got problem15:20
VampireKingi want to make similar system to windows in linux15:20
VampireKinglike you can create workspace15:21
VampireKingshare folders and printer15:21
snarkstergood luck with that15:21
VampireKinghow to make that ?15:21
VampireKingif one is kubunut and the other has ubuntu15:21
snarksterare you saying you want to share a printer between two machines?15:22
snarksterwth is the name of the kernel headers package15:22
ubotuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.15:22
Demonho-brwell i always used this config.. pc105 (keyboard model)    layout u.s   variant intl     but the dead keys arent working15:22
Demonho-bri also tried editing the xorg.15:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kmilo - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi15:23
Demonho-bris there another away i could try ?15:23
snarksterkmilo may help15:23
SlimeyPetesnarkster: linux-headers-2.6.22-1415:23
SlimeyPeteor similar15:23
Demonho-bri tried dpkg-reconfigure console-data  buttt  my keyboard is not working right15:23
Demonho-brin windows xp it works fine if i chosse u.s international.. why i have this problem in kubuntu ? :(15:23
jussi01!keyboard | Demonho-br15:24
ubotuDemonho-br: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts15:24
Demonho-brjussi01, i changed.. but the new layout is not working15:24
snarksterbecause windows is not linux15:24
VampireKingSlimeyPete: samba is to share between windows right ? But is something for linux share15:24
Demonho-brwill u say only me have this problem with keyboard ?15:24
Demonho-bri dont think so. i did nothing wrong15:24
SlimeyPeteVampireKing: samba is for windows and linux. It will work windows->linux, linux->windows and linux->linux.15:25
snarksterits not a matter of you doing anything wrong.15:25
VampireKingk ty15:25
MadTonydumb question #1 everytime I try to add a program with adept it goes through the motions, then comes up with an error saying there was an error downloading or the content would break a package... but it does this on about everything, even a bridge game.. any clues what I should check? it seems to download fine and see the net wonderfully otherwise..15:25
SlimeyPeteMadTony: do you update your package list first?15:26
Demonho-brsomeone here use u.s keyaboard ?15:26
MadTonyyes it goes out scans for packages, and brings up the list15:26
MadTonyis there a specific way to refresh it15:26
Demonho-bru.s keyboard in kde ... =\15:26
SlimeyPeteMadTony: click "fetch updates"15:27
snarksterapt-get install kernel should install the latest kernel, but of course no metapackage so no kernel15:27
SlimeyPetesnarkster: linux-image15:28
MadTonyok I've done that, it comes up with another list of packages, some installed some not15:29
Demonho-brdoes someone here use the u.s keyboard with dead keys in kde ?15:29
snarksterok well that doesnt make alot of sense for a new comer.. can some one make a metapackage called kernel?15:30
jussi01!repeat | Demonho-br15:30
ubotuDemonho-br: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience15:30
snarksterSlimeyPete: thank you btw15:31
SlimeyPetesnarkster: no problem15:31
MadTonynone are upgradable, seems I'm on the latest updates15:31
SlimeyPetesnarkster: the naming style comes from Debian I think, and Debian use the HURD kernel as well as the Linux one so I guess from their point of view having a single "kernel" package makes no sense.15:32
snarkstergood point15:33
=== xxx is now known as gukk_devel
snarksterwhen was made?? will a driver froom 2006 work?15:33
snarkstersorry is what i meant15:34
SlimeyPeteit came out last year15:35
SlimeyPetebut there's no guarantee an older driver will work - it's best just to try it and see.15:35
SlimeyPeteif it'll compile against the kernel headers, it should work.15:35
damianWhere are Polish hackers :P?15:43
snarksterin poland???15:43
SlimeyPeteI dunno, plenty of Poles here in the UK ;)15:44
=== fajro_ is now known as fajro
damianKubuntu ROX :))15:44
jussi01!pl | damian15:44
ubotudamian: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl15:44
ubotuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!15:49
astananyone know why k3b says it doesn't have permission to use my device, eventhough it's configured to use /dev/scd0, which i have write access to?15:49
astan(and what's even more weird is that before bailing out, it manages to write _something_ to the cd, thereby destroying it :/)15:50
jussi01astan: is something else using the device at the same time?15:50
astanjussi01: don't think so.. lsof | grep scd says nothing..15:51
astan(buring using kdesu k3b works).15:51
Demonho-brakh3n4t0n, hey son of the sun... help me :P15:52
astangoing to install hardy on the machine that gives me internet now, so i'll be gone for a while.15:52
Demonho-brkubuntu is not a O.S for notebooks15:53
akh3n4t0nDemonho-br: wassup? :)15:54
Demonho-brakh3n4t0n, is your keyboard u.s ? do u run kde ? and your dead keys are working ?15:54
Demonho-brakh3n4t0n, =)15:55
snarksterttyl need to get drm working15:55
akh3n4t0nDemonho-br: sorry, my keyboard layout is UK and "dead-keys" are working fine15:55
Demonho-brakh3n4t0n, what is the difference between u.s and uk keyboard ?15:55
akh3n4t0nDemonho-br: some symbol keys aren't in the same places15:56
Demonho-brakh3n4t0n, hehe its funny, because u.s and uk speak the same language15:56
akh3n4t0nDemonho-br: and yes, i'm running kde/kubuntu (last hardy)15:57
Demonho-brakh3n4t0n, kde 4 ?15:57
akh3n4t0nDemonho-br: nope; 3.5.815:57
Demonho-brakh3n4t0n, u are luck15:58
akh3n4t0nDemonho-br: kde4 is kinda beta right now15:58
Demonho-bryes.. i know15:58
akh3n4t0nkubuntu comes with the "old" stable 3.5.815:58
Demonho-bryep.. i use this one15:59
Demonho-brbut.. my keyboard is not working.. layout is ok15:59
Demonho-brdo u know some way to make it working ?15:59
Demonho-brlike.. hmm force it to use u.s intl ?15:59
=== scott__ is now known as arrrghhh
Demonho-brarghhh too16:00
arrrghhhdo what now16:00
Demonho-bri dont know16:00
arrrghhhhey i know this isn't directly pertaining to kubuntu, but does anyone know how to freakin get vlc to stream as a headless server?16:01
arrrghhhyea didn't think so16:03
BluesKajheadless  server?16:03
arrrghhhja, like i don't want a window to be shown on my computer16:04
arrrghhhi just want the stream to always be ready to go16:05
BluesKajarrrghhh, you can stream to the net from your files ,if that's what you mean16:05
arrrghhhwell i have the streaming part setup.  and you can run vlc as a deamon with -d.16:05
BluesKajdunno , never done that16:05
arrrghhhyea... seems like a lot haven't.  i figured it would be fairly popular, have a streaming server always ready to go?  at least i'd like to have a playlist loaded and the http interface running constantly, even if it's not streaming constantly.16:06
arrrghhhand #videolan room is dead... not surprisingly16:07
jussi01arrrghhh: man vlc any help maybe?16:07
brennaborsry, is this the english-spoken community?16:08
jussi01brennabor: what language would you like?16:08
arrrghhhjussi01: lol have you looked at that man file?  it's crap.  and their documentation makes me feel like a moron.16:08
brennaborOk, what are the minimal requirements of RAM for kubuntu?16:08
jussi01brennabor: 256 at a _minimum_16:09
=== MasterShrek` is now known as MasterShrek
brennaborOk, I just try with 64mb on a medion notebook, and its very slow, so I will try again with 25616:10
Daisuke_Laptopbear in mind that 256 isn't going to provide the desktop bling16:10
BluesKajarrrghhh, not everyone sees himself as a music provider :)16:11
arrrghhhit's not for music, but that's ok16:12
arrrghhhbrennabor: i'd try xfce, although i think they say 192 is required...16:12
arrrghhhor 128?  i don't remember.  i think it's 128 actually.  although the liveCD recommends 384 as i recall16:13
n1troanybody here using btnx ? the software to find mouse buttons16:13
Pici!requirements-#xubuntu | brennabor16:13
ubotubrennabor: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Xubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingXubuntu16:13
brennaborOk, I'll take a look there16:13
arrrghhhyea xfce is a lightweight gnome pretty much.  i install it on machines that aren't kde-friendly.16:14
brennabor@uboto, the site says something about xubuntu, but I'm trying out kubuntu16:15
arrrghhhbrennabor: that's a bot...16:15
walmikhello... can anybody pls me with configuring my nvidia driver... i have a compaq presario v6000 laptop ... amd 64... nvidia graphics card16:15
jpatrick!bot | brennabor16:15
ubotubrennabor: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots16:16
arrrghhhwalmik: use the restricted drivers manager16:16
brennaborOk ;)16:16
walmikhi arrrghhh16:16
jpatrickbrennabor: best ask for Kubuntu support in #kubuntu16:16
walmiki did that... i enabled the restricted drivers16:16
stdinjpatrick: this is #kubuntu ;)16:16
walmikbut nothing has happened after that16:16
brennabor@stdin: this is #kubuntu16:17
n1troi tought this is #windows :(16:17
jpatrickstdin: arg, too many channels ;)16:18
walmiki can come later if everyone s busy16:18
arrrghhhwalmik: did you see the nvidia driver listed?16:18
walmikyes i did its nvidia gls new16:19
Demonho-br´e C~ao16:19
walmikis that what u meant16:19
walmikarrrghhh: nvidia gls new (i think)16:20
walmikarrrghhh: downloaded it... before installing that i couldnt enable the restricted drivers16:20
arrrghhhwalmik: ok wait... go to k menu -> system settings -> advanced -> restricted drivers16:21
walmikarrrghhh: i ll do that... i really appreciate this16:21
arrrghhhi'm still here, just tell me what you see when you get there16:21
walmikarrrghhh: inside the window there are 2 items ... one for the nvidia and other for broadcam16:22
walmikthe for nvidia says (latest cards)16:23
BluesKajwalmik, you have to uninstall the proprietary driver before installing the default restricted driver , otherwise the proprietary one will remain the default16:23
arrrghhhwalmik: did you install the proprietary driver from nvidia's website?16:23
walmikarrrghhh: no16:23
BluesKajgood, makes it easier16:24
arrrghhhwalmik: ok, now does the nvidia driver say "enabled" and a green light by it or what?16:24
walmikBluesKaj : i have a fresh kubuntu nstall with nothing nr16:24
walmikarrrghhh: yes it does16:24
arrrghhhwalmik: ok... so what's the problem?  it seems to be working then16:25
walmikarrrghhh: i have a display of 800 x 60016:26
walmikarrrghhh: i want to change this to 1280 x 80016:26
walmikarrrghhh: when i did that from the hardware section16:26
walmikarrrghhh: it screwed up the screen16:26
akh3n4t0nwalmik: shouldn't you edit xorg.conf?16:26
tdnHow can a device (partition) exist in fdisk -l but not in /dev? I am trying to mount a partition from an USB harddisk enclosure, but this is what happens: http://thomasdamgaard.dk/paste/P1062.html16:26
arrrghhhno don't tell him to edit xorg.conf16:26
arrrghhhwalmik: ok, so go back to system settings.  go to monitor & display.16:27
BluesKajwalmik, sometimes installing an updated monitor driver (if applicable) will help with resolution16:27
sayucyofI have a question.16:27
walmikarrrghhh: ok16:27
sayucyofThe theme of kubuntu is not revokable.16:27
sayucyofIt doesn't go well though kcontrol was used.16:27
arrrghhhwalmik: screen size, can you change it or is the max 800x600?16:27
walmikarrrghhh: i m in monitors and display16:27
walmikarrrghhh: max is 80016:28
obituaryi habe kubuntu16:28
obituaryand my wireless doesnt work16:28
obituarywhat i have to do16:28
brennaborOk, my notebook doesn't recognize the 256ram - has anybody tried an installation with 96mb?16:28
akh3n4t0nobituary: what wlan card/chip do you have?16:29
BluesKaj!wireless | obituary16:29
obituarywait a minute16:29
ubotuobituary: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:29
walmikarrrghhh: max is 80016:29
arrrghhhhrm... and you're sure this montior can handle a higher resolution?16:29
arrrghhhwalmik: if that's the case, fire up a terminal and do a "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"16:29
arrrghhhand select the resolutions you want avaliable16:29
arrrghhhbrennabor: uhm we went over that...16:29
arrrghhhwalmik: did you try the dpkg-reconfigure command?16:30
walmikarrrghhh: ok i ll do that, but wont that change the screen16:30
walmikarrrghhh: to the black screen with all th command prompt kinda thng16:30
arrrghhhwalmik: uhm... alt-f2, konsole16:31
walmikarrrghhh: if i go into the black screen ... i can t come out here again unless i restart16:31
arrrghhhand put that command in... and it'll walk u thru the basic setup... it'll ask you screen resolutions, check all the ones that are compatible with your montior16:31
akh3n4t0nwalmik: or unless you restart x server16:31
arrrghhhwalmik: you don't have to exit your window manager, you can run a terminal within the window manager16:32
walmikarrrghhh: i have opened the Konsole with the alt+f2 thing16:32
walmikarrrghhh: will that run without exiting this chat room16:33
arrrghhhwalmik: so put the "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg"16:33
walmikarrrghhh ok16:33
akh3n4t0nwithout the quotation marks, walmik16:33
arrrghhhlol yea without the quotes16:34
arrrghhhi guess i assumed you had a working knowledge of linux...16:34
walmikarrrghhh: can i post the output here16:34
arrrghhhplease don't16:34
arrrghhhuse a pastebin if you have to16:34
walmikakh3n4ton: i pasted without quotes16:34
walmikarrrghhh: its just a single line that i think says overwriting possibly customized somthing ...16:35
arrrghhhwalmik: that's fine16:36
arrrghhhit's overwriting xorg.conf, which it backs up for you16:36
walmikarrrghhh: do i need to use the pastebin?16:36
arrrghhhwell generally pasting raw output in IRC is a no-no.16:36
walmikarrrghhh: ok cool... i ll remember that... now do i go bk to monitor setting16:37
obituary  Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter16:37
obituarythats the card i have16:37
obituaryi have a problem16:37
obituaryi have a laptop16:38
walmikarrrghhh: also is there me way i can get ur name directly in the chat without typing it everytime16:38
obituaryin wich i have windows and kubuntu16:38
obituaryi can connet to wireless i windows but not in kubuntu16:38
arrrghhhwalmik: tab autocompletes.  and restart either your window manager or the whole computer now.16:38
astanhello. at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia#head-26d824c59899f7a5692f83a8ffb1100498bd1ee1 it says that you should use the restricted drivers manager in system settings to install the restricted nvidia drivers.16:38
arrrghhhastan: yes...16:38
astanbut on hardy i have no restricted drivers manager there.16:38
sayucyofwalmik: sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:39
arrrghhhastan: we don't support hardy.16:39
arrrghhhno body does... it's unstable.16:39
vallhalla81hi all i am running a old laptop using kubuntu using 6.06 it has no ethernet cable but i have a modem that will run usb how can i get kubuntu to detect it?16:39
jussi01astan: hardy support in #ubuntu+116:39
arrrghhhsayucyof: don't tell him to edit xorg.conf!16:39
SlimeyPeteastan: you have to install it. Kubuntu doesn't have it by default. apt-get install restricted-manager.16:39
astanjussi01: ah right. sorry.16:39
astanarrrghhh: okay.16:39
sayucyofno no16:39
astanSlimeyPete: i see.16:39
sayucyofread only ;p16:39
astani can just install it on my own using aptitude, no problem.16:40
walmikarrrghhh: wat do u mean when u saycomplete tabs16:40
sayucyofwalmik: vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:40
sayucyofno su16:40
SlimeyPetewalmik: type "ar" then press tab16:40
Sbucatwhere is  packager  guy ?16:40
SlimeyPeteor "sl" and press tab16:40
* Pici has sl installed16:40
walmikSlimeyPete: ahhh thanks16:40
arrrghhhwalmik: like in linux?  when you type in part of a name, hit tab, it autocompletes.  yes like that lol16:40
walmikarrrghhh: cool... got it16:40
sayucyofDefaultDepth 2416:41
SlimeyPetewalmik: it also works for program and file names in a terminal16:41
walmikarrrghhh: now do i restart the system?16:41
walmikSlimeyPete: ok.. cool...16:41
sayucyofModes "1024x768"16:42
arrrghhhwalmik: ja.16:42
AlcapondHi - I just did my first Screen-Recording with KDE4. It seemed to have saved a file called kwin_video.cps - Now: how can I open and watch this file? Thx for help!16:43
walmikarrrghhh: i assume ja means yes16:43
arrrghhhit does16:43
walmikarrrghhh: ok i ll restart now.... thanks in advance.. u too SlimeyPete16:43
SlimeyPeteno problem.16:43
sayucyofI have a question.16:43
sayucyofThe theme of kubuntu is not revokable.16:44
sayucyofIt doesn't go well though kcontrol was used.16:44
sayucyofis kubuntu change  icon only? :p16:45
obituary Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter16:47
obituaryi have this card and i cant connet the wireless with kubuntu16:47
obituaryanybody please help me?16:47
arrrghhhobituary: have you checked the restricted drivers manager?16:47
arrrghhhand atheros cards should be detected automagically.  what happens when you right click on the network icon in your system tray?16:48
obituaryit says that you have it16:48
obituarybut i cant connect16:48
obituarythe card is detected16:49
obituaryi tried to put the codes16:49
obituarybut it doesnt work16:50
obituaryand i have installed windows and kubuntu16:50
arrrghhhhey wait16:50
obituarywhen i tried to connect kubuntu, windows wireless goes downs16:50
arrrghhhfirst off, quit using enter as puncuation.  second, that doesn't make any sense.  if you're in kubuntu, how can you also be in windows?16:50
DiceyDaysI forgot how I started gnome-settings-daemon in kde4 on a previous install. Do I just create a file named named gnome-settings-daemon in autostart?16:50
obituaryi have windows and kubuntu in the same laptop16:51
obituaryi reset the computer and i can choose between those sistems16:52
arrrghhhobituary: ok... so how are you in both at the same time then.16:52
ubuntuarrrghhh: brother... something went wrong16:54
ubuntuarrrghhh: i m walmik16:55
ubuntuarrrghhhhh: i logged in with th live cd16:55
ubuntusayucyof: if that lol was meant 4 me then i totally understand16:56
arrrghhhubuntu: ok... what happened16:56
sayucyofubuntu: can you reinstall16:56
arrrghhhdon't make him reinstall16:56
ubuntuarrrghhh: its the same microcode error16:56
arrrghhhsame microcode error?  i don't remember a microcode error16:57
ubuntusayucyof: i ve installed 4 times already today!!!16:57
arrrghhh4 times?!?  wth...16:57
ubuntuarrrghhh: i mean its an error i ve been getting since everytime i tried to do something16:57
arrrghhhubuntu: uhm... what's the error?16:57
sayucyofubuntu: you select f4 key?16:57
sigma_1234what is the error?16:57
ubuntuarrrghhh; error: microcode "bcm43xx_microcode.fw" not available or load failed16:58
ubuntusayucyof: no i did not16:58
sigma_1234whats the correct way to search for a file in konqueror?16:58
sayucyofubuntu: did you choice f4 key?16:58
arrrghhhubuntu: that's an error related to your broadcomm wifi card i assume.16:59
ubuntusayucyof: only thru live cd16:59
llutzubuntu: you need the bcm43xx-fwcutter16:59
sayucyofubuntu: live cd boot time push f416:59
ubuntuarrrghhh: ah! the broadcam error wil get resolved if i turn it on? there is this small switch16:59
smerilI have encrypted my 1 gb usm memory succesfully and i tested it it works but i would like to use pendrive linux on it how does that work can i have sp the pendrive is encrypted for other people ?17:00
ubuntusayucyof: will that get me back to 800 x 60017:00
sayucyofubuntu: then choice 1024x768 2417:00
ubotuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.17:00
ubuntuubotu: sorry man17:01
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about sorry man - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:01
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots17:01
samuel16The flash plugin install works again17:01
arrrghhhubuntu: ok... calm down.  does this error prevent you from booting?17:01
kalibhi all17:01
ubuntuarrrghhh: yes it does ... i mean it runs into the error and then kinda gets stuck there looping over it17:02
arrrghhhubuntu: ok... is your broadcomm wifi card "on"?17:03
hemanathanhi anyone help me ya17:03
sayucyofubuntu: what are your notebook? :)17:03
ubuntuarrrghhh: no17:03
SlimeyPete!ask | hemanathan17:03
ubotuhemanathan: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)17:03
ubuntusayucyof: its a compaq pressario v600017:03
hemanathanwhen i open adept manager i get an error message17:03
sayucyofokay google now :)17:04
ubuntuarrrghhh: shud i put it on n then try restart17:04
SlimeyPetehemanathan: what message?17:04
arrrghhhubuntu: well i'm not sure.  i don't know why that error is preventing you from booting.17:04
Pentarexhello guys is there any program like paint in kubuntu ?17:04
hemanathanapt database could not be opened17:04
jussi01!info tuxpaint17:04
ubotutuxpaint (source: tuxpaint): A paint program for young children. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.17-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 149 kB, installed size 388 kB17:04
hydrogenuse kolourpaint17:05
ubuntuarrrghhh: ok np... i ll reinstall and get in here again17:05
SlimeyPete!aptfix | hemanathan17:05
ubotuhemanathan: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »17:05
hydrogenits kde and everything17:05
SlimeyPete^^ try that17:05
hydrogen!info kolourpaint17:05
ubotukolourpaint (source: kdegraphics): a simple paint program for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 1049 kB, installed size 2360 kB17:05
arrrghhhlol ok17:05
hemanathanit says try running apt-setup again in terminal17:05
jussi01hemanathan: so run apt-setup in terminal ;)17:06
smerilanybody who knows?17:06
hemanathanhow to run a apt setup in terminal17:06
arrrghhhhemanathan: do you know how to get to the terminal?17:06
hemanathanthat i know17:07
arrrghhhhemanathan: so what's the problem17:07
hemanathani need a command to run apt-setup17:08
jussi01hemanathan: apt-setup17:08
arrrghhhi don't have an apt-setup...17:08
hemanathanubotu: how to run a apt-setup i terminal17:09
kalibhemanathan, what's goin on?17:11
JoshOvkihemanathan,  ubotu  is just a bot not a real person17:11
hemanathankalib: i need to install a apt-setup in terminal tell me the command17:11
orbitizeHello! Newbie Q: My taskbar/system tray has vanished, and will not come back. I have tried the kicker-trick, but it doesnt help. Anything I could type in terminal to bring up the configuration menu perhaps? Thanks17:11
Picihemanathan: who/what is telling you to run apt-setup?17:12
arrrghhhorbitize: i'd just do a ctrl-alt-backspace.17:12
orbitizearrrghhh: Have tried, does not help17:12
orbitizehave also restarted several times17:12
arrrghhhorbitize: and restarting the machine entirely doesn't either?17:13
JoshOvkiorbitize  so that part where you click the K  (equivilent of  Start) has gone too?17:13
orbitizeJoshOvki: Yes. And arrrghhh: Yes, restarted17:13
hemanathanpici: when i open adept manager it says some error message and says to install apt-setup in terminal17:13
arrrghhhorbitize: did you remove the panel entirely?  i've never heard of that.17:13
orbitizearrrghhh: I had set the panel to autohide, but it doesnt appear again when I move my mouse down17:14
hemanathani get an error message as "The APT Database could not be opened! This may be caused by incorrect APT configuration or some similar problem. Try running apt-setup and apt-get update in terminal and see if it helps to resolve the problem."17:14
hemanathananyone help me ya17:14
orbitizeI need to find the configuration menu by typing some command in the terminal, I reckon, so I can change it back again17:15
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »17:15
JoshOvkiorbitize on the left or right hand of the screen is than an arrow pointing to the side?17:15
arrrghhhhemanathan: apt-get update didn't fix it17:15
orbitizeJoshOvki: No17:15
arrrghhhorbitize: i'm sure it's in $HOME/.kde somewhere... but other than that i can't really help you.17:15
kalibhemanathan, what you wanna do?17:16
obituaryi am not in both at the same time17:16
orbitizearrrghhh: Any idea what I should be looking for?17:18
JoshOvkiorbitize: press alt + f117:18
JoshOvkianything happen?17:19
orbitizeJoshOvki: THank you! :)17:19
* JoshOvki bows17:19
orbitizeBrilliant, thanks a ton!!17:19
JoshOvkino problem orbitze17:19
JoshOvkinow turn off auto hide :P17:20
orbitizejust did...hehe17:20
arrrghhhoh yea forgot about that.  der.17:21
arrrghhhsometimes the best solutions are the simplest lol17:21
JoshOvkiit took me a while to remember the key press' i was using ctrl not alt17:21
JoshOvkiwell i gotta head off, going up the pub for dinner17:22
JoshOvkitake care all17:23
hemanathani need to run apt-setup in terminal how shall i do this17:23
hemanathantell me the command to run apr-setup17:23
hemanathantell me the command to run apt-setup17:23
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
hemanathananyone help me ya17:25
llutz!aptfix | hemanathan17:27
ubotuhemanathan: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »17:27
hemanathani tried but it remains unresolved17:28
arrrghhhhemanathan: sudo dpkg --configure -a doesn't fix it?17:28
hemanathanarrrghhh: yes that too has not fixed17:29
arrrghhhhemanathan: and what does "sudo apt-get update" do?17:30
=== Greenery_ is now known as Greenery
hemanathanarrrghhh: that also gives error message17:31
smerilanybody who knows how to encrypt pendrive linux so other people cant open i have already encrypted my usb memory with succes but truecrypt forced me to remove everything on the drive17:34
smerili removed pendrive can i install it again when the drive is encrypted and start it like normal?17:34
sayucyof smeril: http://www.google.co.jp/search?hl=ja&q=how+to+encrypt+pendrive&btnG=Google+%E6%A4%9C%E74%A2&lr=17:37
smerilor maybe send a link with info i have read all the basic i want to know how to use it with linux17:37
sayucyoffor linux :)17:39
=== errno is now known as dschulz
iariMy laptop doesn't go into hibernation / Suspend mode. When I try switching to hibernate the screen goes black and there's a blinking '_' like DOS mode... I can't type or do anything except shutting down using the power button..17:44
sayucyofshut down -h now ;p17:47
sayucyofshutdown -h now ;p17:47
sayucyofctrl+alt+F1 :P17:48
Pentarexhey what can u say about the game "second life"17:49
iarisayucyof: Was it intended to me ?17:49
sayucyofi rogged in 3min :)17:50
sayucyofiari: yes:))17:50
iarishutdown -h ??17:51
iariit'll hibernate wouldn't it ?17:51
llutz -h = halt17:51
jpatrickiari: pmi capabilities17:52
iariWhat's pmi ?17:52
BluesKajPentarex, uhmm second life = get a life ?  :)17:52
jpatrickiari: and if that says hibernate: "pmi action hibernate"17:52
llutziari: hibernation/suspend is a very poor part of the linux-story17:52
jpatrick!life | BluesKaj, Pentarex17:52
ubotuBluesKaj, Pentarex: life is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic17:52
BluesKajhehe :)17:53
arrrghhhlife... what?17:53
arrrghhhoh yea second life... creepy.17:53
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!17:53
arrrghhhi'm done.17:53
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BluesKajc'mon jpatrick , lighten up ...it's not real busy in here :)17:54
iariSo what should I do? I want to be able to close the laptop lid and make it sleep until I open..17:54
sayucyofyou must make #kubuntu-second-life17:54
jpatrickBluesKaj: yeah, but, ...whatever17:54
llutziari: study all of those million google-results given with "linux suspend" and hope that one of them will work with your laptop. i gave up some years ago :(17:55
jpatrickllutz: tried what I've said above?17:55
iarillutz: So what do you do? shutdown ?17:56
llutzjpatrick: that and a lot of other tricks17:56
arrrghhhsuspend works alright on my laptop17:56
llutziari: shutdown/reboot17:56
llutziari: i got suspend working on a Samsung X20, but hibernating/resuming takes longer than reboot.  :(17:56
llutziari: maybe tuxonice (former suspend2) will improve the situation17:57
iarillutz: So, every time I restart I'd have to reopen all apps...   What's tuxonice ?17:58
sayucyofstop suspend :)17:59
sayucyofbios setting :)17:59
sayucyofgoodnight all18:00
iariWhat did sayucyof mean ?18:00
iariStop suspend ?18:01
llutziari: apps may be opened by sessionmanagement again. visit tuxonice.net  for more info18:01
iarillutz: Ok, thanks for the help18:01
iboutryed to install compiz. i lost my windows borders although i installes emerald and executed emerald replace. Here is the konsole message after a compiz--replace : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55110/18:02
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about tuxonice - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi18:02
geniiBluesKaj: Is that anything like Stars on Ice?18:04
BluesKajdunno anything about stars on ice , genii ;)18:05
arrrghhhok, you pipe output with | right?18:06
stdinwell, there's a reason | is called the "Pipe character"18:06
arrrghhhwell it's not working.18:06
stdin"not working" means nothing, an example would help18:07
* genii hands out fresh coffees18:07
arrrghhhi'm trying to get the vlc help stuff, and someone suggested running "vlc --longhelp --advanced --help-verbose" - but the output is so long i can't read it.  so i try to pipe it to a file - " | /home/user/Desktop/new.txt18:07
Piciarrrghhh: vlc --longhelp --advanced --help-verbose > file OR vlc --longhelp --advanced --help-verbose | less18:08
arrrghhhPici: oh sweet, thanks!18:09
geniiarrrghhh: You use | to pipe to another process/command or > or >> to some file18:09
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arrrghhhi forgot... i see, thank you both.18:10
=== dr_raku is now known as dr-raku
dr-rakuhi; is there any way to disable/control the "policy" which doesn't allow mounting/automounting the local drives/partition? (i'm running kubuntu hardy); thanks18:21
merike_hello, anyone willing to help with CUPS?18:22
arrrghhhdr-raku: we dont really 'support' hardy...18:23
arrrghhhmerike_: and i think there's a room for CUPS...18:23
dr-rakukubuntu requests my password for mounting a local partition and, being the only user of this computer, i want to modify this behaviour - making the partition auto-mountable without a password request from kubuntu; can anybody, please, help?18:23
walmikarrrghhh: hello18:24
arrrghhhwalmik: yes...18:24
walmikarrrghhh: my 5th installation!18:24
dr-rakuarrrghhh: gutsy don't do the same? (i really can't remember as i used it some time ago)18:24
arrrghhhdr-raku: as far as i know, it's all in system settings -> advanced -> disks & filesystems18:25
walmikarrrghhh: do you think u can help me18:26
arrrghhhwell i'll try, i'm no expert.18:26
walmikarrrghhh: to start with... i m updating then system... just in case that was a problem18:27
dr-rakuarrrghhh: the bad news is that that "applet" in kcontrol (and systemsettings) doesn't work right now :(18:27
arrrghhhdr-raku: yea... which is why we don't support hardy lol.  why are you running hardy?  it's bleeding-edge right now.  like it'll draw blood from your system bleeding-edge.18:28
walmiki wish i cud just get a basic 1280 x 800 resolutin...18:28
walmikarrrghhh: do u think i must do it thru nvidia?18:29
dr-rakuarrrghhh: i run hardy because in the new kernel i have better support for my hardware18:29
arrrghhhwalmik: that dpkg-reconfigure should've done it.  you need to sort out all your other problems before you solve that problem.18:29
arrrghhhdr-raku: what kernel do they use for hardy?18:29
dr-rakuarrrghhh:  2.6.24-518:30
walmikarrrghhh: can u pls give me that dpkg-reconfigure command again?18:30
trond_any grub gurus around? ^18:31
ScorpKingtrond_: it depends ;)18:32
trond_how to generate a new list in grub?18:32
arrrghhhwalmik: you really need to sort out your other issues with wifi first so you can reboot properly but... "sudo dpkg-reconfigure - phigh xserver-xorg"18:32
arrrghhhtrond_: you edit /boot/grub/menu.lst18:32
trond_bah..edit :P18:33
trond_i wanna push a damn button!! ;)18:33
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
arrrghhhuhm then use a mac or windows where you can't change any of that easily.18:33
walmikarrrghhh: ok... thanks(i really appreciate ur help). i ll try by enabling the restricted driver for wi-fi as well in restricted drivers18:34
arrrghhhokie good luck walmik18:34
trond_yeah, but i have grub and now i cant get into my beloved windows :( lol18:34
arrrghhhtrond_: when grub was installed, it usually asks "here are all the other OS's installed.  make sure they're all listed or it'll break them" or something to that effect.18:35
nathan__Windows Disc Wont Boot What Can I Do?18:35
arrrghhhnathan__: in english please.18:36
ScorpKing!grub | nathan__18:36
ubotunathan__: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto18:36
arrrghhhuhm nathan__check your bios18:36
nathan__i have it boots from cd with the kubuntu but not with xp disc18:37
nathan__when i burnt it on a windows machine it said that it was bootable18:37
walmikarrrghhh: just one last question... how to see if a certain package is installed18:37
arrrghhhnathan__: so you have an official XP install disc?18:37
arrrghhhwalmik: adept can do that18:37
iboui plugged an external dd but i don't see it18:37
nathan__I Made A Copy From Before18:37
nathan__So Sort Of18:37
ScorpKingnathan__: you have kubuntu installed?18:37
walmikarrrghhh: even things like make, gcc or python-gtk218:38
nathan__im using it now18:38
iboui plugged an external hd but i don't see it.How to open it ?18:38
ScorpKingnathan__: read those links ubotu gave you18:38
nathan__ibou with the external hd make sure it has been installed or ty a diffrent usb port ( if its usb)18:39
ibounathan__: how to make sure it has been installed ?18:39
nathan__try a diffrent port and it should pick it up again18:40
nathan__or find the device manager or simaler18:40
ibounathan__: i tryed and it doesn't work18:40
ScorpKingibou: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/ will list all your disks afaik18:41
nathan__try restarting your computer18:41
iboualso tryed18:41
ScorpKingibou: once you know what disk it is you can mount it18:41
nathan__well i cant help u i have only been using this for a few days18:42
alakhiacan anyone help me? I can't do: sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools18:42
alakhiai get a message regarding unmet dependencies18:42
nathan__how do i install flash player using the terminal18:42
nathan__i have files18:42
ScorpKing!flash | nathan__18:42
ubotunathan__: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash18:42
vbgunzthe latest update to flash player yesterday, broke flash in konuqeror... is there any way to fix it?18:42
ibouScorpKing: with your command only my sda disks are listed18:43
ScorpKingibou: usb disks show as sd?18:43
ScorpKingibou: do you have sdb1 or something?18:44
ibouScorpKing: only sda18:44
ScorpKingibou: ok. that won't be it. type mount and see if it is already mounted18:44
ubotuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)18:45
ibouScorpKing: it's not18:45
ScorpKingibou: unplug the disk and plug it back in. type dmesg | tail and look for any messages about the disk18:46
ibouScorpKing: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55117/18:47
ibouthere is a sdb here18:47
ScorpKingibou: you have a problem18:48
ibouScorpKing: yes ?18:48
ScorpKingibou: end_request: I/O error, dev sdb, sector 0 means the disk is gone18:48
ibouScorpKing: you mean it is broken ?18:48
ScorpKingibou: yeah. same goes for the rest of those errors. it might be tha cable but i don't think so18:49
alakhiacan anyone help with apt-get? I can't install a package because of unmet dependencies18:49
ibouScorpKing: thanks i will try to replug everything18:49
ScorpKingibou: you're welcome. just type dmesg | tail and it will tell you what's going on18:50
ScorpKingalakhia: does it say what the dependencies are?18:52
alakhiaScorpKing: qt4-dev-tools: Depends: libqt4-core (= 4.3.2-0ubuntu3) but 4.3.2-0ubuntu3.1 is to be installed18:52
ibouScorpKing: lol after replug everything it's working :D but i have this message : hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options refused uid 100018:52
alakhiaScorpKing: I checked and I have 4.3.2-0ubuntu3.1 version18:53
ScorpKingalakhia: try sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade first18:53
alakhiaScorpKing: do I need to downgrade?18:53
ScorpKingalakhia: i have it installed without problems18:53
kocerhow can i register?18:54
kaminix^When could I expect to see the new Skype Beta in the Medibuntu repositories?18:54
alakhiaScorpKing: ok, let me try ... thanks18:54
ScorpKing!register > kocer18:54
ScorpKingibou: is there an entry for sdb? in /etc/fstab?18:54
arrrghhhkaminix^: i don't know how many beta stuff makes it into the repos... usually only final, stable stuff does.18:54
alakhiaScorpKing: this will take a while: 239 MBs need to be fetched18:55
arrrghhhobviously medibuntu does their own thing, but that's a pretty good rule of thumb18:55
ScorpKingalakhia: i think that will solve your problem18:55
ibouScorpKing: konqueror says my disk is sdf118:55
kaminix^arrrghhh: But the Skype thingie is always beta :p18:55
ScorpKingibou: ok sdf1 then18:55
kaminix^arrrghhh: The current version too ^^18:55
ScorpKingkaminix^: i think gimp is still beta18:55
kocer!register >kocer18:55
ScorpKingkocer: /msg nickserv register <password>18:56
arrrghhhScorpKing: gimp isn't beta... and neither is skype.18:56
tzdjhutchins: your advice regarding moving a home folder 16 hours ago worked perfectly. Just wanted to thank you for the help :)18:57
arrrghhhobviously there's beta versions... but there's stable versions as well.18:57
kocerolease wow can i register18:57
ScorpKingarrrghhh: ah i see it's been updated. it was beta for a while18:57
ibouScorpKing: there is sdb, c, d, e, f, f1 in/dev/fstab18:57
ScorpKingibou: what is the options for sdf1 ?18:58
kaminix^arrrghhh: There is no sharp Skype 2 for Linux, and we're using a Skype 2 in Medibuntu18:58
arrrghhhkaminix^: skype 2 is beta.  skype 1.4 is stable.18:59
kaminix^arrrghhh: Version:
arrrghhhkaminix^: no... it's still beta.18:59
kaminix^Yes, it is Beta.18:59
kaminix^That's what I've been saying.19:00
arrrghhhuhm... so what's the problem.19:00
kaminix^but I want the new Beta :p19:00
ScorpKingskype is beta - help --> about19:00
arrrghhhso compile it yourself! sheesh.19:00
kaminix^arrrghhh: You actually dload debs, so it's even simpler than that. But anyway, was wondering when it'd come to the repos.19:00
arrrghhhthere you go.19:01
arrrghhhi don't think this is really the right room to ask that question in...19:01
lontrahrm ... gmail emails aren't getting sent to kmail anymore19:01
kaminix^Why not arrrghhh?19:01
arrrghhhdo you notice what room you're in kaminix^?19:01
kaminix^Yes, kubuntu.19:01
hdevalence-how would I find what type of processor I have ? eg prescott, northwood, etc19:01
arrrghhhthis is NOT a skype OR medibuntu room... so...19:01
ScorpKinglontra: i think it's been like that for a while now19:02
kaminix^And this is about the medibuntu repository, which is made for *buntu19:02
arrrghhhhdevalence-: kinfocenter19:02
arrrghhhi'm sure there's a cli way, but i don't know it.19:02
lontraScorpKing: just happened for since last night19:02
ibouScorpKing: sorry i made a confusion : there is sdb, c, d, e, f, f1 /dev but not in /etc/fstab19:02
kaminix^lontra: I got mails from my gmail accounts into KMail today, why? :s19:02
lontrakaminix^: not sure it's not working here19:02
ibouScorpKing: in /etc/fstab there is only my sda disks19:02
ScorpKinglontra: then it should come right soon. gmail does go down every now and then19:03
lontrawas working fine yesterday ... today nope19:03
lontrawell i haven't been pulling in emails for like 24 hours now19:03
ScorpKingibou: try to mount it manually then19:03
kaminix^My last mail was from: 15:10 today, it's 20:03 now. (CET)19:03
kaminix^5 hours ago then.19:04
=== kaminix^ is now known as kaminix
WeedGrinchI was looking at how to install WoW, (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft) and it said i need to mount the DVD, (because it hides installer.exe, but when i try to mount it, it tells me it is already mounted, any suggestions?19:04
hdevalence-arrrghhh: I can't figure out which one it is. It says "celeron(pentium III)" por whatever, but not the actual type19:04
ibouScorpKing: ok i'ill do that but why doesn't it mount automatically ?19:04
ScorpKingibou: what filesystem is your disk and where do you want to mount it?19:04
ScorpKingibou: no idea. must be a problem with udev or something19:05
arrrghhhhdevalence-: well that's all the information the OS has bout it most likely.19:05
ScorpKingWeedGrinch: you have the disk or .iso?19:05
koceris there anyone from france?19:05
ScorpKing!fr > kocer19:06
WeedGrinchI have a disk19:06
ibouScorpKing: my file system is ntfs (:s) and i want too have it between my other disks in /media19:06
smerilhow can i change theme in kubuntu? i checked on google but it looked different from my system19:06
ScorpKingWeedGrinch: type mount to see where it's mounted19:06
ScorpKing!ntfs-3g > ibou19:07
WeedGrinch/dev/scd0 on /media/cdrom0 type udf (ro,noexec,nosuid,nodev,user=jake)19:07
ScorpKing!theme > smeril19:07
WeedGrinchThat what im supposed to paste?19:07
ibouScorpKing: thanks but i already have those drivers19:08
smerilevent nor found19:08
ScorpKingWeedGrinch: it's mounted in /media/cdrom0 then. look for the files there19:08
ubuntuhi, i'm installing kubuntu. what type of filesystem do you recommend to use as root?19:08
Piciubuntu: ext3 or ext219:08
ScorpKingibou: ok. sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o uid=1000,gid=1000 /dev/sdf1 /media/<dir>19:09
WeedGrinchScorpKing: I know, but the CD hides "Installer.exe" so i have to do a diff command, to mount it, and unhide all the files19:09
ubuntuPici: thax19:09
WeedGrinchsudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom0/19:09
ScorpKingWeedGrinch: sudo umount /dev/scd0 then and remount it19:10
WeedGrinchok tyvm19:10
knubbeusing kde4, how do i get this little thing in my system tray so i can see how much battery i have left?19:10
WeedGrinchYes! it worked!19:10
WeedGrinchThanks a lot man :D19:10
ScorpKing:) great19:10
WeedGrinch ./afk19:10
ibouWeedGrinch: how about a : sudo mount /dev/sdf1 /media/<dir>19:11
iboui meant ScorpKing19:11
smerilin what menu van i find theme19:11
ScorpKingibou: no19:11
WeedGrinchibou: I got it with scorps way, thanks tho19:12
remi_someone speak french ?19:12
ScorpKing!fr | remi19:12
uboturemi: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.19:12
WeedGrinchbeat me19:12
iboua +19:12
remi_but there is nobody !19:13
ScorpKingibou: if you don't add -t ntfs-3g -o uid=1000,gid=1000 you won't be able to write to that disk19:13
remi_they sleep ...19:13
remi_so i stay heure :d19:13
remi_here *19:14
remi_i installed armagedon advenced19:14
kaminixlontra: Just got another GMail mail, so the service seem to be running fine. :)19:14
remi_but when y clic it nothing happen19:14
smerilanybody who knows19:15
ibouScorpKing: i just tryed to rename or delete or add some directorys with this command :sudo mount /dev/sdf1 /media/<dir>   and it works19:15
lontrakaminix: strange19:15
remi_im lost who to run this game ?19:16
alakhiaScorpKing: finished upgrading and still cannot install qt4-dev-tools19:16
ScorpKingibou: you have to create a directory first with sudo mkdir /media/<somedirectory>19:16
kaminixlontra: Try checking your settings, maybe you've accidently changed something. Upuntil recently I could send mails just fine using Kmail, then I somehow changed the settings by mistake and had to fix them. :p19:16
ibouScorpKing: yes19:16
ScorpKingalakhia: same error?19:16
alakhiaScorpKing: yup ... it is needing a specific version that is older than what I have installed19:17
ScorpKingibou: then mount it to /media/the_directory_that_you_made19:17
smerilplease help19:17
ibouScorpKing: yes that's what i did19:17
ScorpKingibou: great19:17
ibouScorpKing: and i just uses sudo mount /dev/sdf1 /media/<dir>   command19:18
ScorpKingalakhia: try installing qt4-dev-tools19:18
mattikhello, could you say me how can i change al settings in kde4? I need sudo rights by some way. is it possible by grapg19:19
dorkfaceHI all.  I have a problem with vpnc where if I have a live ssh session and I connect to a vpn using vpnc, the ssh session freezes, and I loose my connectivity.  Which would be the best log to look at to see what is happening?19:19
ibouScorpKing:  i'll see the man to understand your command with -t -o etc19:19
ScorpKingibou: it will work but can you write to the disk?19:19
mattikgraphical way19:19
ibouScorpKing: yes19:19
Pollywogis there a way to set my default browser as Firefox?  Konqueror fails with many sites19:19
alakhiaScorpKing: yes, that is what i'm trying to do19:19
ScorpKingibou: hehe. ok then. glad it's working19:19
ibouScorpKing: anyway you were very helpful thanks a lot19:20
ScorpKingalakhia: does apt give you the option to downgrade?19:20
remi_i have a problem with my fps frame rate how to up ?19:20
ScorpKingibou: no problem19:20
alakhiaScorpKing: nope, tells me that a bug report should be filed and gives error "Broken packages"19:21
alakhiaScorpKing: I tried doing apt-get -f install but that didn't help19:22
ScorpKingalakhia: :( remove the broken packages with sudo dpkg --configure -a19:22
knubbedoes kde 3.2+ themes work in kde4?19:22
alakhiaScorpKing: doesn't help19:23
dorkfaceI saw someone read the contents of a file in realtime using cat, but I don't remember the flags he used.  Anyone know what it might be?19:23
ScorpKingalakhia: still broken packages? if yes try sudo aptitude install somecrapsdfg19:23
ScorpKingdorkface: cat filename maybe?19:23
Pollywognm I used update-alternatives19:24
alakhiaScorpKing: got a whole bunch of messages about building dep tree, but apt-get install still fails19:25
alakhiamaybe I can do this by bypassing apt-get and using dpkg directly?19:26
=== matt__ is now known as x3n0c1d3
ScorpKingalakhia: weird. try enabeling all the repos and see what happens. also try a different mirror19:26
smerilClick System → Preferences → Theme. dosent work for me because i dont have preferences in system19:27
ScorpKingalakhia: apt will remove it again if you install it with dpkg i think19:27
knubbeis kde4 slower than kde3?19:31
venikMy USB hard drive keeps disappearing... I installed kde4 (BIG mistake), and now that I have returned to normal kde I cannot see the USB drive!19:32
snarksterdoes anyone know the name of that program that will show you on the globe where a trcert is going?19:33
venikIn addition (related?) when I boot, I have to start kdm by hand.  It claims taht there is no image to restart from19:34
hi__hi, i have an external usb hard disk drive, which is sometimes called sda, sdb... how to make the drive have always the same same to mount it at the same place everytime? thank you very much19:34
Pici!uuid | hi__19:34
ZKAT8IThey, im trying to install kubuntu 7.10 64bit on my laptop and when it loads the kernel and stuff i just get a blank screen after that and the dvd stops spinning and the harddrive stops being accessed19:34
ubotuhi__: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)19:34
venikI did that, but there seems to be no sign of the large USB external drive I am using19:36
venikmaybe someone can tell me why I have to start kdm by hand.. ?19:37
venikit might be related...19:37
ScorpKingvenik: look in the logs19:37
venikcan you be a little more vague?19:38
venikwhich logs?  How do I look in the logs?19:38
venikin the user log I found: message_handler: message handler not found under /com/redhat/dhcp/eth0 for sub-path eth0.dbus.get.nis_servers19:40
arcticpenguin380why dosent Kmail display in the kmenu19:40
venikI am running kubuntu 7.119:40
Weed_GrinchI don't know what I did, to my knowledge, nothing, but last time i Rebooted, my speakers stopped working.  Any suggestions?19:42
tmalloyarcticpenguin380: kmail is rolled up into kontact under the office menu.19:44
alakhiacan I open uif files in kubuntu?19:47
hi__i have an mp3 player, when plugged (usb) the uuid given by blkid is: /dev/sdc1: SEC_TYPE="msdos" UUID="0000-0000" TYPE="vfat". is there a way to give a uuid to this device?19:48
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
stdinhi__: some filesystems don't support UUIDs, so you can't19:56
=== seth__ is now known as seth
* genii puts on more coffee and takes some Advil for the pain20:14
* sub[t]rnl files in behind genii20:14
geniisub[t]rnl: All this shovelling etc...bleh. Then the curb drains keep clogging every 20 mins-half hour20:15
sub[t]rnlew shovelling? i'm guessing snow?20:16
geniiWell, more slush now but yeah20:16
* sub[t]rnl nods20:16
sub[t]rnltime to pay the neighbor kid a shiny buffalo nickle to handle that. :>20:18
cWolfe:sub[t]rnl!n=subtrnl@unaffiliated/subtrnl/x-362560 privmsg #kubuntu :+time to pay the neighbor kid a shiny buffalo nickle to handle that. :>20:18
=== Agrajag` is now known as Agrajag
cWolfe:genii!n=user@host6411912762.biz.tor.fcibroadband.com privmsg #kubuntu :+weird20:19
sub[t]rnlkill the bot20:19
cWolfe:sub[t]rnl!n=subtrnl@unaffiliated/subtrnl/x-362560 privmsg #kubuntu :+kill the bot20:19
geniistdin: Hey you gonna boot the seawolf?20:20
cWolfe:genii!n=user@host6411912762.biz.tor.fcibroadband.com privmsg #kubuntu :+stdin: hey you gonna boot the seawolf?20:20
taraswho can help me with resolution settings?20:20
cWolfe:taras!n=taras@ool-182f6be9.dyn.optonline.net privmsg #kubuntu :-who can help me with resolution settings?20:20
ubotuops is Help! Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, stdin, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, Jucato,  haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild or jussi01!20:20
sub[t]rnltx stdin20:20
val0_how does one remove an app completely off the system. I have mutt installed (compiled myself, not aptitude) and I've tried to get rid of it but still when I type "mutt" from the command line it pops up!!!20:20
stdinmy highlights just came all at once :p20:21
tarasmy name is taken?20:21
taraswait what20:21
taraswho can help me with resolution settings?20:21
geniival0_: Go to the same dir you typed in "make" or "make install" and then type in "make uninstall" or "make clean"20:21
sub[t]rnlval0_➜ you might still have instances of the program left.  whic mutt will tell you where the binary is installed.  might want to run find / -name 'mutt*' 2>&-20:22
tarasi need to make it 1920x1200 and at 85 Hz, and i cant figure out how to do that20:22
sub[t]rnl!resolution > taras20:22
sub[t]rnl(most likely need a modeline for your monitor in /etc/X11/xorg.conf)20:22
sub[t]rnlval0_➜ s/whic/which20:23
val0_genii sub[t]rnl : thanks!20:23
GrenyarisHope this will be a quick question...but a friend told me about Kubuntu, so I moved from Fedora to give it a try...I had F8 trained to listen to the ethernet port and grab an IP if it detected a network. Is there an add on, something, that I can install to do the same with Kubuntu?20:24
llutzGrenyaris: look for ifplugd/guessnet20:25
sub[t]rnlgenii➜ your way was so much better :>20:25
tarasthos resolution commands are for ubuntu, im running kubuntu20:25
tarasdoesnt seem to be working20:25
geniisub[t]rnl: Since he compiled it it's the nearest thing to cleanly removing all the files it made with the "make clean"20:26
val0_sub[t]rnl: i run the find command and it came up with a list of locations, is it safe to just delete those files?20:26
val0_genii: i was an idiot and deleted the directory where i compiled the files :(20:27
sub[t]rnlval0_➜ run genii command first.20:27
sub[t]rnlval0_➜ if your sure they are part of the program your trying to remove, yup20:27
val0_sub[t]rnl: sorry i am still in the "windows" mentallity where deleting files doesn't guarantee anything20:28
=== val0_ is now known as val0
sub[t]rnlval0_➜ hehe, for future reference, you might want to use checkinstall when compiling20:29
sub[t]rnlif the repositories don't have what you need, and can't find a .deb20:30
geniival0_: Ah, I see (about that you removed the dir you did "make" from). An option is to re-download it just for doing the "make clean"/"make uninstall"20:30
val0genii: oh really?20:30
val0genii: woah, ok, i'll give that a try too20:30
sub[t]rnl!helpersnack | genii20:30
ubotugenii: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:30
* genii munches20:30
* sub[t]rnl cackles20:31
val0you guys must get quiet a kick out of watching us destroy our machines and then beg for help!20:31
sub[t]rnlnegative, the kick for us is simple.  help someone.20:31
Grenyarisllutz: thanks...I will look into them.20:32
andreas_hey i have a problem20:32
andreas_can anyone help me?20:32
gladierstate the problem20:32
andreas_ok i have installed java 1.5 with adept manager20:33
val0yeh, i've noticed the ubuntu/kubuntu users are notoriously nice people20:33
andreas_but when i run "java something" in konsole20:33
andreas_it says java command not found20:33
andreas_same happens with 'cjava' as well20:33
andreas_what's the problem20:33
gladierinstall JRE20:33
andreas_i have installed tha20:34
gladiersun-java5-bin and sun-java5-jre20:34
geniival0: Some days are more amusing than other days here ;)20:35
gladieras a whole IRC is getting quiet tho20:35
val0genii: i redownloaded the package, and ran "make clean". Result: make: No rule to make target 'clean'. Stop20:35
geniival0: Do instead then:   make dist-clean20:35
theThemeHey everyone, I am trying to compile uif2iso but I've never compiled anything ever.  The directory has these files in it: Makefile uif2iso.c uif2iso.exe uif2iso.txt  I've followed the instructions found here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4258646, but all it returns are error messages  Can someone help me?20:35
val0genii: same result20:36
andreas_yes i uninstalled and reistalled them and nothing happens20:36
gladiertheTheme: pastebin the error messages20:36
geniival0: Do then:   ./configure20:36
gladierandreas_: type in whereis java20:36
smerilhow can i acces root when ever i want? it says that i dont have permission20:36
andreas_java: /usr/bin/java /etc/java /usr/lib/java /usr/share/java20:36
geniival0: Then try again with the: make clean             or: make dist-clean20:36
chermanIs it me or does linux just suck? In Windows, I click a few things and I'm done. In linux I have to write at least 5 commands. Grow up and join the community of Windows users. There's a reason why the vast majority of computers run Windows.20:36
andreas_so what should i do?20:37
sub[t]rnlmake sure those dir's are in your $PATH20:37
gladierget over it cherman ... its horses for courses20:37
geniicherman: If you have a technical support quetion we'd be glad to help.20:37
Bauldrickcherman: yeah, you're right - grow up20:37
smerilvirus and spyware is the main problem with windows20:37
val0genii: ok, ran ./configure OK, ran make clean OK, and now it should be gone?20:37
sub[t]rnllol gladier20:37
geniival0: Yup20:37
sub[t]rnlsorry, that one made me laugh20:37
andreas_i don't know what to do20:37
gladiernot _everyone_ is going to use linux ... plain and simple20:38
chermanNo one bothers to write viruses for linux because no one uses it. Mac users make the same claims.20:38
geniival0: Maybe test by trying to run it from cli (mutt)20:38
gladierandreas_: try running your command with /usr/bin/java [commands]20:38
val0genii: awesome! thanks a lot, btw, is using make clean/uninstall a sop for removing apps that you compiled?20:38
geniival0: It usually works20:38
val0genii: did that and got exectly what i wanted to see! command not found!20:38
sub[t]rnlgladier➜ what does echo $PATH show20:38
chermanaren't you guys going to flame me? Aren't you flamers?20:38
val0genii: i guess you deserve another cookie!20:39
gladierthats my next step ....20:39
Bauldrickcherman: that's right - use what you like, it's a free world20:39
theThemegladier: the command i type in is gcc -lz uif2iso.c -o uif2iso and the errors are http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55130/20:39
LukeLMcherman, you're a waste of time to do anything with you :P20:39
MadTonyI believe you would have better luck in an onliner gamer's channel, they tend to flame alot..20:39
andreas_andreas@andreas-laptop:~$ /usr/bin/java dsfa.java20:39
andreas_bash: /usr/bin/java: No such file or directory20:39
andreas_what's wrong?20:39
* genii eats his chocolate chip cookie and sips coffee20:40
gladierandreas_: echo $path20:40
geniicherman: If you have a technical support question we'd be glad to help. If you're just here to rant we'll tend to ignore you unless you become abusive.20:41
andreas_andreas@andreas-laptop:~$ echo $path20:41
andreas_i get an empty line20:41
geniiheh, he left LOL20:41
sub[t]rnlandreas_➜ try all caps, $PATH20:41
Thecks_sub[t]rnl: You beat me too it.20:42
* gladier just woke up so im a little groggy20:42
Thecks_Linux is case sensitive, $path doesn't work, $PATH does.20:42
=== Thecks_ is now known as Thecks
sub[t]rnlgladier➜ genii's the coffee man :>20:42
andreas_my outpout: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games20:42
andreas_what does that mean?20:42
Theckssub[t]rnl: How do you do the arrows so easily? A script of sorts?20:42
sub[t]rnlThecks➜ aye20:42
* genii slides gladier a nice large mug of coffee just right temperature for sipping20:42
* gladier skulls coffee20:43
gladierandreas_: thats the places that when you type "java" it looks for the binary to run20:43
sub[t]rnlandreas_➜ thats where your shell looks for binaries.20:43
andreas_so is that ok?20:44
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
gladierthats completely normal20:44
sub[t]rnlsounds like you don't have the sun5-java-bin installed20:44
andreas_andreas@andreas-laptop:~$ cd /usr/bin20:45
andreas_andreas@andreas-laptop:/usr/bin$ java gig20:45
andreas_The program 'java' can be found in the following packages:20:45
andreas_ * cacao20:45
andreas_ * j2re1.420:45
andreas_ * kaffe20:45
sub[t]rnlandreas_➜ dpkg -L sun-java5-bin20:45
andreas_ * jamvm20:45
sub[t]rnldoes that list the contents of the package?20:45
andreas_ * java-gcj-compat20:45
andreas_ * gij-4.120:46
andreas_ * gij-4.220:46
andreas_ * sablevm20:46
andreas_Try: sudo apt-get install <selected package>20:46
andreas_bash: java: command not found20:46
andreas_why it can't find java now?20:46
gladierandreas_: pasting in chan is _BAD_20:46
geniiPlease, use pastebin next time20:46
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:46
dnordenbergHi, I installed kubuntu on a ps3 and can't get networking up :( I added "auto eth0" and "iface eth0 inet dhcp" to /etc/network/interface20:46
andreas_dpkg -L sun-java5-bin lists the contents20:46
andreas_now what?20:47
andreas_hey why are you not replying?20:48
WorldBFreeis there a way to boot from an iso if i have a working grub already?20:48
gladierquit bieng so impatient20:48
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about patiencs - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi20:48
dnordenbergI tried manual ip config too, still no network connection :(20:48
ubotuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:48
dnordenbergWhat can be wrong?20:48
fivetwentysixIs it a bad idea to install KDE 4.0?20:48
andreas_it's cause ive got lots of work to dp20:48
fivetwentysixOn kubuntu 7.1020:49
gladiertheTheme: gcc isnt looking at your includes for some reason20:49
sub[t]rnldnordenberg➜ are you getting an ip assigned in ifconfig20:49
andreas_fuck you ok? if you don't know the answer just say so , cause no one likes waiting.20:49
* sub[t]rnl sighs20:49
obituaryis it possible to use xchat in kubuntu?20:50
batouhi together, is there also a german channel?20:50
theThemegladier: Is there a difference between make and gcc (I'm sure there is, but I just want to compile it)20:50
gladierobituary: yea it is20:50
batouwhich name is it?20:50
dnordenbergno ip assigned20:50
sub[t]rnl!de > batou20:50
dnordenbergdhclient3 eth0 would just wait until it times out20:51
gladiertheTheme: your using this command right? gcc -lz uif2iso.c -o uif2iso20:51
dnordenbergnetwork led is blinking in ps320:51
theThemegladier: yes20:51
gladiertheTheme: im a little rusty on doing these things .. but gcc -lz uif2iso.c -o uif2iso -I /usr/includes20:52
dnordenbergsub[t]rnl: this is on kubuntu 7.10 alterative cd20:53
gladierone sec .. no space beterrn -i and /usr20:53
dnordenbergsearched the net for an answer but cant find any :(20:53
gladiertheTheme: use this instead : gcc -lz uif2iso.c -o uif2iso -I/usr/includes20:54
sub[t]rnldnordenberg➜ not sure if your /etc/network/interfaces file looks good.  Try bringing the interface down sudo ifconfig eth0 down and then back up20:54
dnordenbergchecked cables and ps3 networking is working in other ps3 software but not on kubuntu20:54
sub[t]rnldnordenberg➜ also, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart20:54
theThemegladier: capital i or l?20:54
gladiertheTheme: capitol20:54
theThemegladier: it gives me this error http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55131/20:56
dnordenbergsub[t]rnl: tried both of them20:56
dnordenbergmany guides on the net sais to add "auto eth0" and "iface eth0 inet dhcp" to the interfaces file so I think it should be ok. before I did that I didn't even have a eth020:57
gladiertheTheme: bah humbug for more typos .. its /usr/include20:58
gladiernot /usr/includeS20:58
theThemegladier: ok :) I'll plug that in20:59
theThemegladier: Looks like the same error message20:59
gladierone tick21:00
stdinyou shouldn't need "-I/usr/include", it's one of  the default search paths21:01
WorldBFreeok i found instructions to install kubuntu 7.04/7.10 will these instructions also work for hardy?21:01
theThemegladier: maybe I am just not understanding what the readme file says, here's the text http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55132/21:01
WorldBFreefrom an image that is21:01
stdinWorldBFree: ask in #ubuntu+121:02
gladiertheres a makefile in there21:03
gladierjust type make21:03
stdintheTheme: you'll need build-essential if you haven't got it21:03
theThemeahh, maybe I havn't21:04
gladierthat would explain no stdio.h21:04
theThemewow, it's a big package21:04
gladieraka you dont currently have it :D21:05
theThemeLooks like it :) also, never been prompted to put the distro cd in before either21:05
sub[t]rnlcheck to see if there is a cd-rom line in your sources.list21:06
=== Ark1 is now known as Ark1-java
sub[t]rnlgrep cd /etc/apt/sources.list21:07
theThemeIt finished but now when I type make I still get an error message (although this one is much shorter)21:07
gladiertheTheme: pastebin this error21:07
stdintheTheme: "sudo apt-get install zlib1g zlib1g-dev"21:09
theThemeOk, it said that the regulary package was already there but the developer package is being installed21:10
=== Extrapan100^BNC is now known as Extrapan100
theThemethat would be regular...not regulary...21:10
theThemeand now i type make and it returns no errors21:10
stdinthen it's done21:11
theThemeWooo awesome, thank you so much everyone21:11
=== no0tic_ is now known as no0tic
sub[t]rnl!helpersnack | stdin21:11
ubotustdin: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!21:11
sub[t]rnlget 'em while they're hot21:11
theThemeOne more question that will again expose how little I know about this, can i run the command from the folder that the uif file is in or do I have to run it from the uif2iso file with the path and file specified?21:12
theThemerun it from the uif2is folder...not file21:12
stdinyou can run it from anywhere, just give the full path to it21:12
stdineg: ~/uif2iso/uif2iso file.uif file.iso    (or however it's supposed to be used)21:13
vbgunzthe latest flash update (yesterday) borked konqueror... any workarounds or something out?21:14
theThemeAlright! it works, thanks so much one more time21:14
=== doplepopolis is now known as doplepopolis__
sub[t]rnl!flash | vgbunz21:14
ubotuvgbunz: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (for !Dapper and !Edgy, a recent version is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash21:14
sub[t]rnlerr, vbgunz21:14
stdinvbgunz: and update to konqueror-nsplugins should have fixed that now, make sure you're up-to-date21:15
vbgunzI don't understand. I've had flash installed since forever across 4 upgrades. this is the first time it breaks in konqueror... what happened?21:15
theThemeDoes anyone else who is dual booting between windows find that whenever Kernel headers get updated it erases the chainloader information for grub?21:16
vbgunzstdin: hmmm, I just did another apt-get update and have another update for flash21:17
doplepopolis__Hello! I'm new to Kubuntu and linux in general and have a question I'm hoping someone can answer. I've been messing around with Open Arena (Quake III port) and it woked fine last night when I downloaded it. However, now the screen just flickers for a second and then goes back to the desktop. Any one know whats going on here?21:18
stdintheTheme: move the chainloader part out of the "### BEGIN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST" part, put it before that or after "### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST"21:18
vbgunzflash is still broken in konqueror :/21:19
theThemestdin: my goodness you really are a smart cookie, thank you :)21:19
vbgunzkonqueror-nsplugins is the latest21:19
=== Extrapan100 is now known as Extrapan100^BNC
fibonacciHow do I set Konqueror as default rather than dolphin ?21:29
iskinI just updated KDE4 and now every time I click a hyper link to an HTML page Konquer wants to open a new window.21:30
sub[t]rnl!dolphin | fibonacci21:32
ubotufibonacci: Dolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.21:32
crackhead_25hey what's going wrong when i try to install from source and i get an error something about QTDIR not found???? how do i fix it??21:46
stdininstall the qt headers for the version you need21:46
crackhead_25how do i do that?21:46
stdinwhat version do you need?21:46
crackhead_25how do i know?21:47
crackhead_25im not sure21:47
stdindepends on the application you're compiling21:47
crookshanksis kde4.0.1 worth switching to?21:48
=== Deviance is now known as TimS
jpatrick!info libqt3-mt-dev > crackhead_2521:49
jpatrick!info libqt4-dev > crackhead_2521:49
jpatrickcrookshanks: if you want21:49
neo22I need to install kde4-core, right?21:50
neo22in hardy heron alpha 4, that is.21:50
jpatrickand KDE 4 questions in #kubuntu-kde4 please :)21:51
neo22I was just doing a dist-upgrade21:51
neo22and I got this when it was installing stuff:21:51
neo22Unpacking replacement kipi-plugins ...21:51
neo22Errors were encountered while processing:21:51
neo22 /var/cache/apt/archives/libgphoto2-2-dev_2.4.0-8ubuntu2_i386.deb21:51
neo22E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)21:51
jpatrick!paste | neo2221:52
ubotuneo22: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)21:52
stdinhardy support in #ubuntu+121:52
jpatrick!aptfix > neo2221:52
neo22jpatrick, so that will finish the upgrade?21:53
jpatrickneo22: hopefully21:54
crackhead_25jpatrick: why can't i find those packages in adept??21:54
jpatrickcrackhead_25: they're in main, do you have the main repo enabled?21:55
=== Igorots is now known as Knightlust
crackhead_25jpatrick: it still says qtdir variable must be set.. i dont know why/how to fix it??22:00
jpatrickcrackhead_25: did you configure with ./configure --prefix=/usr ?22:00
crackhead_25no.. just ./configure22:01
neo22I have no idea what I'm doing with kubuntu. I just fool around and hope for the best. Since I don't use it as my main OS stability doesn't matter that much to me. :022:01
neo22The only time I use it regularly is when internet breaks in XP.22:01
crackhead_25jpatrick: no.. just ./configure..22:01
jpatrickcrackhead_25: try that22:02
winterelfhi, does any1 know how to setup mp3 on amarok, when i exec mp3 it starts amarok and amarok ask me to download an mp3 support, when i press it to download it stacks... can anyone help?22:02
crackhead_25jpatrick: stil error22:03
jpatrickcrackhead_25: no idea, then, sorry22:03
jussi01!mp3 | winterelf22:04
ubotuwinterelf: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:04
neo22This is slick.22:04
=== l is now known as L\
=== L\ is now known as L
neo22what happened to that launcher thingy.22:05
jpatrick!hi | L22:05
ubotuL: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!22:05
jpatrickneo22: what launcher thingy?22:05
iDivineIf I install kubuntu-desktop, will I get KDE 3 or 4?22:05
marcocechow to install alsa driver ??22:05
jpatrickneo22: not ported22:05
nosrednaekimiDivine: kde322:06
iDivinenosrednaekim, how would I make it use kde4?22:08
jpatrickiDivine: install kde4-core22:08
nosrednaekim!kde4 | iDivine22:08
ubotuiDivine: KDE 4.0 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. KDE 4.0 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde-4.0.php - More information can be found at http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/ - Support in #kubuntu-kde422:08
iDivinejpatrick, so I get kubuntu-desktop first, and then install kde4-core?22:08
neo22wow, kde4 makes this all much more user friendly.22:10
nosrednaekimneo22: all what?22:10
nosrednaekimiDivine: nope,no need to kubuntu-desktop AFAIK22:10
neo22well, kubuntu in general. to the end user who knows very little about computers,22:11
nosrednaekimneo22: oh.... glad to hear its user freindly:)22:11
neo22except that it broke my compiz :(22:12
Dr_williskde4 dosent need compiz. :) it has its own 'eyecandy stuff'22:13
crookshanksneo22: really? i thought kde4 was supposed to make compiz easier to use with kde22:13
=== errno is now known as dschulz
Dr_willisI think. :)22:13
Dr_willisBut i found kde4's compositing features (i think thats the term) to be a bit slower then compiz22:13
neo22which kde component manages window decoration?22:17
=== L is now known as fivetwentysix
sigma_1234kde4 sure seems to be striding ahead. i just hope they fix all the performance bugs22:25
compyCan someone help me with cvscedega?22:26
compyI used the wineCVS script and everything installed and compiled fine22:26
compybut when I try to launch cvscedega to configure it gives me a command not found error22:27
compylike it was never their22:27
segfault2kHI! hardy its usable ?22:28
jpatrick!hardy > segfault2k22:29
nosrednaekimsegfault2k: ask in #ubuntu+122:29
segfault2ki only wanna know if its broken or somethin22:29
tarasI LOVE KUBUNTU22:29
tarasit wont read my external hard drive22:29
* compy prefers linux mint22:29
tarasmountind was refused for it22:30
nosrednaekimtaras: NTFS?22:30
segfault2ki really dont like kubuntu but well22:30
tarasis there any way i could get it to work?22:30
segfault2ki hvae to use it for the moment22:30
tarasno wait22:30
tarashow do i check?22:30
tarasits a maxtor one touch 300 gb external22:31
tarasim sure its ntfs22:31
tarasi cannot format to anything else22:31
Dr_willistaras,  you may want to install and run the ntfs-config tool.22:31
Dr_willisthat will let you mount it.22:31
tarasi can command install that?22:32
reginaldohello all !!22:32
compyI need help!22:32
nosrednaekimtaras: yes,  "sudo apt-get install ntfs-config"22:32
tarasi did type that22:33
LukeLM!ask | compy22:33
ubotucompy: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)22:33
compysegfault2k: i did. No one seems to be giving answers22:33
tarasThe following packages have unmet dependencies:22:33
taras  ntfs-config: Depends: libglade2-0 (>= 1:2.5.1) but it is not going to be insta                                                                                                   lled22:33
reginaldowhich kubuntu should I download for a core 2 duo ? The intel x86 or the other ?22:33
segfault2kcompy: i didnt read the question :B22:33
nosrednaekimreginaldo: how much RAM do you have?22:34
compy!read | segfault2k22:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about read - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:34
reginaldo2 Gigs22:34
nosrednaekimreginaldo: go with x86 then22:34
reginaldothanks .... why the RAM matters ??22:34
nosrednaekimreginaldo: if you had 4, you'd want the amd64 version22:34
Dr_willistaras,   do a sudo apt-get update, then sudo apt-get upgrade , then try installing it again22:35
reginaldohummm .... ok ... thanks and have a good night (GMT time here)22:35
nosrednaekimreginaldo: same to you :)22:35
tarasi get the same error when i apt-get upgrade22:36
aasodiWhy shouldn't he go with 64 if he has 2gigs??22:36
aasodiit should work sweet22:36
tarasim gonns install it through the adept installer22:37
taraswont let me apply changes to apps22:39
tarasim starting to think i should go back to windows22:39
llutzgo and enjoy22:40
tarasi cant install anything22:41
taraswith the GUi installer, or konsole22:41
tarasGUI installer has no apply or install button22:41
tarasand konsole keeps giving me the same error22:42
segfault2kwhat error?22:42
taras sun-java6-plugin: Depends: sun-java6-bin (= 6-03-0ubuntu2) but it is not going to be installed22:43
tarasE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution)22:43
tarasi tried the -f install22:43
tarassame error22:43
Dr_williswith a sudo?22:43
Dr_willisSome how you managed to confuse the packaging system.22:44
Dr_willisjava is in that main repo. thats.. weird.22:44
tarashow couldve that happened?22:44
tarasi installed kubuntu 3 hours ago22:44
tarasyou are saying i suck THAT much with linux?22:45
=== saizai_ is now known as saizai
Dr_willisOr you did some weird stuff.22:45
tarasi updated packages22:45
Dr_willisi wonder why your java broke.22:45
tarasand installed some programs22:45
tarasblender, firefox, and thats it22:45
holasameone know how to share a ppoe connection between host and client?22:46
Dr_williscould try a 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras' that should pull in java.22:46
tarasi did that half an hour ago22:46
tarasi could do it again22:46
Dr_willis!info sun-java6-bin22:47
ubotusun-java6-bin (source: sun-java6): Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (architecture dependent files). In component multiverse, is optional. Version 6-03-0ubuntu2 (gutsy), package size 25795 kB, installed size 77224 kB22:47
Dr_willisIt may be you dont have the multivers4e repo enabled.22:47
tarasi get the same problem22:47
tarasi gtg soonm22:48
tarasi might install ubuntu afterwards, i have some more experience with that22:48
segfault2kexists an alternative to knetworkmanager?22:48
segfault2k(sorry my english)22:48
tarasand it doesnt give me gfx card problems22:48
taraswhatev bye22:49
FaiDillinGerHi, i am running kubuntu 7.10 gutsy gibbon. my computer is running very well except for one little problem i have. I got my usb external drive that is always plugged into my computer, but when i boot up my computer, the usb external harddrive isnt mounted. the problem is that i have already set the auto option in /etc/fstab.... can someone please help ??? thx22:51
segfault2kexists an alternative to knetworkmanager?22:53
excitatoryFaiDillinGer: right click on your kicker panel, add applet, then add the storage media applet.. from there, you should see the drive show up in your panel.. click it, then select properties, then check the automount box in one of the tabs.. this panel applet is also useful for quickly mounting/unmounting storage media.22:54
excitatoryi actually wish this was enabled by default on kubuntu.. it would seriously help useability out for new users.. *hint, hint* devs..22:56
FaiDillinGerexcitatory: thx dude22:59
FaiDillinGerexcitatory: thats not exactly what i was looking for, but itll be just fine !22:59
excitatorywhen i set teh automount with that applet, it works past boot22:59
excitatorythe /etc/fstab stuff gets tricky and unreliable22:59
holasameone know how to share a ppoe connection between host and client?23:00
excitatorythat app is nice too, since it will display cds, dvds, thumb drives, ipods, etc.. when you attach them23:00
Jack111does anybody know how to record a web radios stream in amarok?23:03
excitatoryJack111: there might be a script for that..23:04
Jack111excitatory: where could i find that?23:05
Jack111i found one for strea ripper but it doenst really work, it converts in wav first23:05
segfault2knobody knows an alternative to knetworkmanager to manage wifi ?23:06
Dr_willisguess you could use the gnome tools. :) but i dont mess with wireless much.23:06
Jack111excitatory: thanks record radio is it then, i suppose23:07
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psi_evening all23:10
fliegenderfroschi don't get it... i just expanded my screen with randr, and after leaving frozen-bubble fullscreen, my screens are cloned23:12
arcticpenguin380is hardy going to have kde4 by defualt23:16
holasameone know how to share a ppoe connection between host and client?23:22
intelikeywheres the bot ?23:24
intelikeyi didn't get messaged by the bot,   i always get messaged.23:25
LjLyou always get messaged?23:25
LjLwhich bot?23:25
* Dr_willis likes getting Massaged by the bot!23:26
intelikeyyes you know says welcome and please spend some time on the freenode page and all that.    not sure  ubotu i thought.  but i have never paid much attention to join messages23:26
LjLintelikey, that would be chanserv23:26
intelikeyLjL yeah could be  but don't tell me chanserv is down ?23:27
intelikeynickserv is up23:28
intelikeychanserv is up23:28
intelikeyubotu is up23:28
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about is up - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:28
intelikeylike i didn't see that comming... :/23:29
intelikeyanyway i just noticed that i didn't get messaged and wondered why23:29
LjLintelikey: i don't get any on-join message in this channel, but i think i'm not supposed to in the first place...23:29
intelikeyLjL: yeah probably not.   and my setting of username=root may be what triggers it too23:30
intelikeyjust saw that what i always see didn't scroll by, and wondered why.    i'll move on now.23:32
intelikeysnarkster oh don't agg him on....23:32
iboui'd like to automaticaly mount my external hd / usb key because i have every time to manually mount them, and when i want to remove them and clik on safely remove i have this message: Device to unmount is not in /media/.hal-mtab so it is not mounted by HAL23:34
ubotuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter23:35
FaiDillinGeri am always loosing my wifi connection ... can someone help. its a ralink chipset23:35
FaiDillinGermy wifi connection wont last more than 5 minutes23:35
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions23:35
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs23:35
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see /msg ubotu NTFS-3g or /msg ubotu FUSE23:36
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intelikeyibou searching might be more fruitful in pm recon ?23:37
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ibouintelikey: yes thanks i didn't think i could do that23:37
* intelikey reaches over and turns genii's coffee pot on23:38
yao_ziyuani just installed fedora8-kde23:38
geniiintelikey: Hah, thanks. Though I think now I'm gonna start in on the beer :)23:38
yao_ziyuanone word: DreamOS!23:38
intelikeya fedora is a hat23:39
ibouyao-ziyuan is it very different from kubuntu ?23:39
yao_ziyuanredhat emphasizes internationalization more than any other distro maker23:39
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geniiyao_ziyuan: And so your Kubuntu tech support issue is .... ?    ;)23:39
BluesKajyao_ziyuan,` so what are you doing here ...promotion or looking for help?23:39
intelikeyso are you just trolling or is this *buntu related some how  ?23:40
yao_ziyuangenii: learn from fedora on chinese display & input features23:40
khaurhi, is it possible to configure things so that when i press the power button on my machine, the system is safely powered off? right now i only get the logout view with options to shut down, logout etc. by pressing it23:40
yao_ziyuanditch the SKIM b*tch23:40
yao_ziyuanfedora implements perfect chinese input in kde 3.5.8 totally without SKIM23:40
intelikey!troll | yao_ziyuan23:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about troll - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:40
* genii sips his coffee and contemplates learning Chinese so he might one day have need of Chinese display and input features23:41
yao_ziyuanif you install ubuntu first and then kubuntu-desktop, you get perfect chinese input too, also without skim. but the remaining problem is chinese displaying - the font is broken23:41
yao_ziyuangenii: there is your downfall23:41
intelikeykhaur yes it is.  but i'm not sure how upstart impliments it.23:41
ibouyao_ziyuan: i don't care i don't speak chinese23:42
BluesKajwell yao_ziyuan , Happy New year , anyway :)23:42
yao_ziyuanUbuntu Inc. has a lot more to learn23:42
yao_ziyuanRed Hat is the grandpa in this area23:42
yao_ziyuanBluesKaj: i don't care about chinese new year23:42
dbgltI'm on gusty now, is  Hardy Heron worth upgrading to? I'm just a normal home user23:42
dbglt(i.e. is it completely unstable?)23:43
geniidbglt: Wait until the official release then23:43
dbgltin terms of stability, how is it?23:43
yao_ziyuanbut people around me gave me a hot atmosphere in this cold winter23:43
dbgltI don't mind the odd bug23:43
intelikeyyao_ziyuan oh i totally agree one houndred percent, ubuntu is the worst distro that there is.    now.   you can stop trolling so the ops don't throw us both out.23:43
dbgltit's just nice to have a working DE23:43
yao_ziyuanjust want to say one more sentence: successful companies like microsoft emphasize globalization very much23:44
BluesKajoh , nice yao ... civility seems to be a problem23:44
* intelikey hates M$ with a passion23:44
geniidbglt: I'm running it exerimentally on a separate partition with kde4. I'm not sure if the bugs I'm experiencing are hardy or kde4 related. Mostly graphics problems and occasional freezes which require cold resets23:45
khaurintelikey: hmm... ok. it's just that usually when i need to press the button, the system is in some kind of half-frozen state where i can't choose the shutdown option from the screen that pops up, but directly going for the shut down option by pressing the button could work23:45
khaurnot that my system is often in that kind of state, but anyway :)23:45
intelikeykhaur ummm tried the kernel hot keys ?23:45
yao_ziyuanubuntu/kubuntu would only be successful when it has a R&D branch in china/taiwan/hongkong23:45
yao_ziyuanor singapore23:45
yao_ziyuanso they really have developers caring for the chinese issues23:46
khaurintelikey: ahh.. i've forgotten about those completely23:46
geniiyao_ziyuan: Volunteer. Thats how it works.23:46
Daisuke_Idoi smell bridge-dweller23:46
crimsunthere're also a couple Canonical jobs in Asia.23:46
intelikeykhaur   alt+sysRQ+[r,e,u,b]23:46
geniiDaisuke_Ido: Me too23:46
biovorethere anrn't maybe paid people on ubuntu.. its mostly comunity drivin.23:46
ibouyao_ziyuan: why are you talking about microsoft here ?23:46
yao_ziyuanthe volunteer model is good in that popular issues get resolved very fast23:46
yao_ziyuanbut the chinese people are still too poor to volunteer23:47
Daisuke_Idothat's nice...  stop.23:47
khaurintelikey: thanks, i'll have to try those next time :)23:47
Dr_willisWe can start charging for correct answers!23:47
intelikeywe could start charging for answers !     and charge dubble for correct answers  :)23:48
* BluesKaj could use soome extra revenue 23:48
coreymon77pay up or we will give you the wrong answer23:48
neo22What is the name of the default window decorator in kde 4?23:48
* Daisuke_Ido grumbles about totem23:48
Dr_willisDumb looks are still free. :)23:48
Daisuke_Idoneo22: kwin.23:48
yao_ziyuani accept chicks, not dollars23:48
coreymon77you dont pay up, my answer is always sudo rm-rf /23:48
iboui'd like to automaticaly mount my external hd / usb key because i have every time to manually mount them, and when i want to remove them and clik on safely remove i have this message: Device to unmount is not in /media/.hal-mtab so it is not mounted by HAL23:48
intelikeyDr_willis lol23:48
snarksterchicks as in baby chickens?23:49
neo22I accidentally lost my window decorattions23:49
neo22and can't get them back.23:49
Daisuke_Idosame as kde 3, but it's a newer version, of course23:49
ahmosI need to know a program that can capture a video from a camcorder plz?23:50
intelikeyi guess you fellaws will streighten up now that nalioth is here...23:50
geniiahmos: Does the camcorder output DV ?23:50
naliothyes, everyone had their chance to misbehave for the 10 minutes i've been offline  :|23:51
Daisuke_Idointelikey: fellow*s*?  i recall only one fellow23:51
* Daisuke_Ido glances around furtively23:51
neo22Do the desktop effects in kde4 include some kind of cube?23:52
neo22I can't find that function.23:52
* Dr_willis is SICK of hearing about the lame cube23:52
snarksteri could really use some help on the mach64 driver.23:52
Daisuke_Idoi didn't even know they had the compositing working in kde 4 yet23:52
neo22But I liked my cube :(23:52
BluesKajnalioth, are you the arbiter of room conduct, and who appointed you ?  :)23:52
geniiI'm waiting for the dodecahedron questions23:52
Daisuke_Idoooh, a desktop dodecahedron would be awesome23:53
Dr_willisI want a Hypercube desktop changer. ;)23:53
snarksterlmao dodecahedron23:53
Daisuke_Idoconfusing, but awesome23:53
intelikeysnarkster give us details,   you might get lucky and get an answer.23:53
coreymon77BluesKaj: maybe the fact that he is a freenode staffer appointed him23:53
geniiDaisuke_Ido:  Yes :)23:53
ahmosyes dv and usb genii23:53
snarksteri have a mach64 video card in my laptop but the howto is rather confusing..23:53
BluesKajIcosohedron ...enuff withe hedrons already :)23:53
snarkstercan someone compile that for me and make a package out of it?23:53
BluesKajcoreymon77, he should show his badge :)23:54
coreymon77BluesKaj: his badge is his WHOIS23:55
geniiahmos: Kino is pretty good for DV capture23:55
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ahmosand is there for usb23:55
* BluesKaj is too lazy too look ... besides , I like the attention :)23:55
geniiahmos: The usb driver for your camera is another issue, separate from the program you use to capture from it. Best to google for camera make and Ubuntu   to get an idea23:57
ahmosok ,thank you alot for help ;)23:57
geniiahmos: np23:58
intelikeysnarkster what url for the howto   i'll take a look but i promice nothing.23:59
snarksteroh thank you so much23:59
snarksterill dig that up.. its on the unbuntu forums23:59

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