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Alohapremeeting tailgate17:14
Rinchena pre-gate?17:17
Rinchenhead gate?17:17
Rinchenah, no, a jump start!17:17
Rinchenseems we've lost mootbot for today.  I've pinged the scribes team but I doubt it will be fixed in time17:18
Alohawhat happened?17:19
Rinchenyea! Welcome back MootBot17:37
thumperRinchen: bet you're happy about that17:41
Rinchenindeed I am!17:42
Alohawoohoo bot is back17:46
Rinchenwelcome welcome.  There are plenty of chairs.17:54
RinchenThere are a few down here in here front17:55
Rinchennow, let's see if this project works17:55
MootBotMeeting started at 17:55. The chair is Rinchen.17:55
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]17:55
RinchenWelcome to the Launchpad Developers Meeting!17:56
RinchenThe purpose of the meetings is to coordinate Launchpad development, and particularly to ensure that none of the developers is blocked from doing what they need to do.17:56
Rinchen[TOPIC] Agenda17:56
MootBotNew Topic:  Agenda17:56
Rinchen    *17:56
Rinchen      Roll call17:56
Rinchen    *17:56
Rinchen      Agenda17:56
Rinchen    *17:56
Rinchen      Next meeting17:56
Rinchen    *17:56
Rinchen      Actions from last meeting17:56
Rinchen    *17:56
Rinchen      Oops report (Matsubara)17:56
Rinchen    *17:56
Rinchen      Critical Bugs (Rinchen)17:56
Rinchen    *17:56
Rinchen      Bug tags17:56
Rinchen    *17:57
Rinchen      Operations report (mthaddon)17:57
Rinchen    *17:57
Rinchen      DBA report (stub)17:57
Rinchen    *17:57
Rinchen      Sysadmin requests (Rinchen)17:57
Rinchen    *17:57
Rinchen      New packages required (salgado)17:57
Rinchen    *17:57
Rinchen      A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)17:57
RinchenThumper just pointed out that my clock is apparently off17:57
stubOnly four minutes or so...17:57
stubI was just sobering up17:57
mrevellheh :)17:57
barryRinchen: dress rehearsal?17:58
* Rinchen kicks ntp17:58
intellectronicasince when are we having launchpad meetings dressed?...17:58
* sinzu1 covers up17:58
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Rinchenwell, let's do an early17:59
Rinchen[TOPIC] Roll Call17:59
MootBotNew Topic:  Roll Call17:59
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Rinchen[ACTION] Rinchen to fix intro script on the meeting page17:59
MootBotACTION received:  Rinchen to fix intro script on the meeting page17:59
flacosteam i late?18:00
Alohaflacoste, early18:00
Rinchen[ACTION] Rinchen to fix agenda so it's cut-n-paste-able18:00
MootBotACTION received:  Rinchen to fix agenda so it's cut-n-paste-able18:00
stubACTION Rincen to fix his ntp setup18:00
flacostestub: indeed!18:00
Rinchenyeah, my ntp is hosed.18:00
thumperstub: you missed the []18:01
matsubaraRinchen: the agenda is actually quite cut-n-paste friendly if you use raw mode :-)18:01
flacosteRinchen jumped the gun18:01
RinchenI'm doing my normal...let's start early routine apparently18:01
RinchenAnyone who hasn't said ME, please do so now18:01
kikosaid ME!18:01
Rinchen[TOPIC] Next meeting18:02
MootBotNew Topic:  Next meeting18:02
RinchenThe next meeting is on the 14th.18:02
Rinchenkiko, same time, 18:00?18:02
thumperI like this time more18:02
barryRinchen: maybe 17:58? <wink>18:02
Rinchen[AGREED] Next meeting 14 Feb @ 18:00 UTC18:03
MootBotAGREED received:  Next meeting 14 Feb @ 18:00 UTC18:03
Rinchen[TOPIC] Actions from last meeting18:03
barrywell, i /know/ one of these days i'll take a late lunch and forget :)18:03
MootBotNew Topic:  Actions from last meeting18:03
thumperbarry: get google calendar to remind you :)18:03
Rinchenthere were no actions recorded18:03
barrythumper: doesn't help when you're not in front of your lappie18:03
thumperbarry: it can SMS you18:04
Rinchen[TOPIC]  Oops report (Matsubara)18:04
MootBotNew Topic:   Oops report (Matsubara)18:04
* sinzui 's phone has the launchpad cal on it18:04
* barry has cheap-ass cell services :)18:04
matsubarajtv: Can you take a look at OOPS-764F1198? I think it's related to bug 186548, but didn't happen during an import18:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 186548 in rosetta "Still an "iterable argument required" on Slovenian translation import" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18654818:04
Alohaflacoste, the meeting is18:05
matsubaraintellectronica: the +roadmap timeout bug is targeted to this cycle, but has no assignee. It's currently the second top timeout of the week18:05
matsubaraintellectronica: bug 18513518:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 185135 in blueprint "+roadmap page still times out" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18513518:05
* Aloha likes the 1800 time18:05
danilosmatsubara: I was supposed to look at 186548, didn't have the time this past week18:05
kikomatsubara, I saw a couple of odd oopses in the latest reports -- have you gone through them?18:05
intellectronicamatsubara: i'll take a look18:05
kikoah! also18:05
matsubaradanilos: right. is the OOPS I pasted above related to it?18:05
kikoI have found a number of 404s related to merged accounts18:06
kikosalgado, have some time to look over them with me later today?18:06
danilosmatsubara: very much looks like it; how many of those do we get?18:06
Rinchen[ACTION] intellectronica to investigate Bug 18513518:06
MootBotACTION received:  intellectronica to investigate Bug 18513518:06
jtvmatsubara: certainly looks related18:06
danilosmatsubara: we used to have a single occurrence before, which is why I didn't bother18:06
abentleykiko: I changed my username and now I get 404s.18:06
matsubarakiko: I think we linkify a $name-merged in some portlet still18:06
salgadokiko, could it be tomorrow? I am on call today and have a call with flacoste after the meeting18:06
matsubarathere's a bug for open for that18:06
abentleyIt would be nice to have redirects.18:06
kikosalgado, okay, tomorrow then, please remind me18:06
flacosteabentley: the point of merging is to also free up the name space18:07
kikomatsubara, OOPS-763C1027, OOPS-763D1843 OOPS-767B2435 OOPS-767E228818:07
Rinchen[ACTION] Salgado and Kiko to discuss recent 404s18:07
MootBotACTION received:  Salgado and Kiko to discuss recent 404s18:07
matsubarathere's another oops in the DataTimeWidget which I haven't reported yet. will do after the meeting18:07
Rinchendid someone from Translations take the early oops request?18:07
abentleyflacoste: sure, but until the freed name is taken, you can redirect to the appropriate place.  A grace period.18:08
carlosRinchen: jtv did18:08
Rinchen[ACTION] jtv to investigate  OOPS-764F119818:08
MootBotACTION received:  jtv to investigate  OOPS-764F119818:08
* Rinchen waves to adeuring 18:08
danilosRinchen: I already looked at it, it seems to be instance of the bug matsubara mentioned18:08
matsubaraRinchen: that oops is related to the bug danilo will check out18:08
matsubara[ACTION] matsubara to file a bug about the DateTimeWidget oops (https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/oops.cgi/OOPS-765EB80)18:09
RinchenACTION] matsubara to file a bug about the DateTimeWidget oops (https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/oops.cgi/OOPS-765EB80)18:09
Rinchen[ACTION] matsubara to file a bug about the DateTimeWidget oops (https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/oops.cgi/OOPS-765EB80)18:09
MootBotACTION received:  matsubara to file a bug about the DateTimeWidget oops (https://devpad.canonical.com/~jamesh/oops.cgi/OOPS-765EB80)18:09
matsubarathanks Rinchen18:09
Rinchenmeeting chair permissions, sorry18:09
Rinchenanything else on oopses?18:09
matsubaraI think I'm done for now. thanks18:10
Rinchengreat thanks matsubara18:10
kikowhat about the oopses I posted matsubara?18:10
matsubarakiko: isn't that the 404 you and salgado are going to investigate?18:10
jtvkiko: The last one was a known problem with tar file uploads (from what I see in the source, malformed ones)18:10
kikomatsubara, no, none of them are 404s.18:11
Rinchen[ACTION] matsubara to investigate OOPS-763C1027, OOPS-763D1843 OOPS-767B2435 OOPS-767E228818:12
MootBotACTION received:  matsubara to investigate OOPS-763C1027, OOPS-763D1843 OOPS-767B2435 OOPS-767E228818:12
Rinchenmoving on...18:12
Rinchen[TOPIC] Critical Bugs (Rinchen)18:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Critical Bugs (Rinchen)18:12
SteveAI want to discuss https://devpad.canonical.com/~matsubara/oops.cgi/2008-01-30/B1498 with someone18:12
* kiko kicks Rinchen 18:12
RinchenHi, I have no critical bugs to talk about today but I would like to talk about bug which causes the "choose" widget to fail for beta team members. Thanks to sinzui for doing the initial problem determination.  I wanted a consensus that this is really high and not critical.18:12
Rinchen[LINK] https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/18974218:12
MootBotLINK received:  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/18974218:12
RinchenI have set that as high and not critical. Does anyone have any issues with that?18:13
* thumper looks18:13
SteveAdoes it actually cause something to not work?18:13
SteveAI'm kind of surprised at that18:13
RinchenYes. Clicking on it does nothing.18:14
SteveAI'd expect a JS error to be logged18:14
danilosSteveA: I remember jtv looking into it and suspecting some sort of cache issue18:14
kikono issues, but it's weird18:14
sinzuiSteveA: The popup widget will fail18:14
kikocache issue?!18:14
SteveAit's just going to the wrong host18:14
danilosSteveA: (the OOPS for 'TranslationMessage deleted')18:14
SteveAno problem -- we can fix it in apache easily enough18:14
jtvdanilos: the cache issue wasn't me18:14
RinchenWe're agreed to leaving it as high then.   Objections?18:15
SteveARinchen: I'd propose doing a workaround in apache then doing a proper fix as a medium priority task18:15
danilosjtv: didn't you mention something about looking into https://devpad.canonical.com/~matsubara/oops.cgi/2008-01-30/B1498 already?18:15
jtvdanilos: yes, but the cache issue wasn't me18:15
Rinchen[AGREED] work around should be done in apache and the proper fix can be a medium task18:15
MootBotAGREED received:  work around should be done in apache and the proper fix can be a medium task18:15
Rinchen[ACTION] Rinchen to update the bug report18:16
MootBotACTION received:  Rinchen to update the bug report18:16
danilosjtv: you are totally confusing me18:16
Rinchenany further discussion on critical bugs before we move on?18:16
jtvdanilos: I did not suspect a cache issue.18:16
danilosjtv: ok18:16
Rinchen[TOPIC] Bug tags18:16
MootBotNew Topic:  Bug tags18:16
RinchenWe have no proposed bug tags18:17
SteveAjust a sec18:17
SteveAto clarify18:17
SteveAthe cache issue discussion was about OOPS B149818:17
SteveAnot about the +dims on edge issue18:17
SteveAclarification over18:17
Rinchen[TOPIC] Operations report (mthaddon)18:17
MootBotNew Topic:  Operations report (mthaddon)18:17
mthaddonNothing major to report, rather disappointingly18:17
mthaddonunless there are any questions, back to you, Rinchen18:18
Rinchen[TOPIC] DBA report (stub)18:18
MootBotNew Topic:  DBA report (stub)18:18
stubDB review review call with Mark scheduled for Monday. I don't forsee any issues with this months patches so hopefully formal reviews will all be done Monday or Tuesday at the latest.18:18
stubPurchasing new kick arse db hardware to replace the existing kick arse db hardware is in the final stages. We can expect a little downtime as things are rsynced across. Thanks to elmo for the benchmarking and driving this through over the xmas break.18:18
stubhttps://launchpad.canonical.com/AuthPersonSplit isn't finished or polished but is ready enough for people to have a look and approve or scream.18:18
stubMe done.18:18
thumperstub: does this mean that the db won't be open until Tuesday?18:19
stubthumper: Given it is Friday, it can open as soon as someone lands a branch that opens it.18:19
stubthumper: If there is something approved from a previous cycle go for it.18:20
Alohastub, its friday for you?18:20
thumperAloha: and me18:20
jtvand me18:20
Alohawoah its thursday morning here18:20
thumperstub: I'll talk to you later about my patch18:20
SteveAI propose a call sometime next week with me, stub and some people from the Foundations team to talk over AuthPersonSplit18:20
kikogood idea18:20
stubIt will need discussion.18:21
thumperAloha: 7:21am Friday here18:21
Rinchen[ACTION] Steve to arrange a call sometime next week with stub and some people from the Foundations team to talk over AuthPersonSplit18:21
Alohathumper, almost 24 hours difference18:21
MootBotACTION received:  Steve to arrange a call sometime next week with stub and some people from the Foundations team to talk over AuthPersonSplit18:21
RinchenAnything else on DB?18:21
Rinchenhmm my ntp client is fixed18:22
Rinchen[TOPIC] Sysadmin requests (Rinchen)18:22
MootBotNew Topic:  Sysadmin requests (Rinchen)18:22
RinchenI have nothing to report on this, this week.  Is anyone blocked on an RT or have any that are becoming urgent?18:22
kikonot me18:22
RinchenI will add that since lamont has joined IS, we have seen in an increase in ticket closures18:22
kikoI posted an RT but forgot about it18:22
Rinchenflacoste, barry - are the mailman RTs still ok as is?18:23
flacosteRinchen: i think so18:23
mrevellRinchen: I wouldn't say it was urgent but it'd be nice to get the Launchpad News blog some spam filtering. I'm hunting for the RT number.18:23
RinchenI saw those 258 awaiting moderation comments18:24
mrevellRinchen: Yeah, and because one of the spams is huge, WP freaks out and prevents moderation18:24
Rinchen[ACTION] mrevell to ping Rinchen about new blog spam18:24
MootBotACTION received:  mrevell to ping Rinchen about new blog spam18:24
Rinchen[TOPIC] New packages required (salgado)18:25
MootBotNew Topic:  New packages required (salgado)18:25
salgadoif any of the features you have targeted to this cycle depend on any library which is not in launchpad-dependencies or inside our sourcecode/ directory, come talk to me18:25
thumperpackages for lp?18:25
salgadothat's not really a new topic18:25
kikosalgado, I have one18:25
Rinchenlp dependencies18:25
thumpersalgado: turbogears for codebrowse18:25
kikosalgado, cjwatson pointed out germinate is missing18:25
salgadoany others?18:26
* thumper wonders what germinate is18:26
SteveAare we getting launchpad-dependencies inside our sourcecode tree?18:26
SteveAI'd like that18:26
SteveAthumper: it's a tool to work out the packages that appear in a distro18:26
Rinchen[ACTION] salgado to investigate adding turbogears for codebrowse and germinate18:26
MootBotACTION received:  salgado to investigate adding turbogears for codebrowse and germinate18:26
SteveAthumper: from a set of initial seeds, then looking at their dependencies18:26
* thumper nods18:26
salgadoRinchen, I'm done, btw18:27
Rinchenwaiting on your reply salgado to Steve's question18:27
flacosteRinchen: i need to discuss this with salgado18:27
Rinchen<SteveA> are we getting launchpad-dependencies inside our sourcecode tree?18:27
flacosteRinchen: it was on my todo list, but forget about it during the sprint18:28
Rinchen[ACTION] flacoste to discussing adding launchpad-dependencies inside the sourcecode tree with salgado18:28
MootBotACTION received:  flacoste to discussing adding launchpad-dependencies inside the sourcecode tree with salgado18:28
Rinchenno problem, thanks18:28
Rinchen[TOPIC] A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)18:28
MootBotNew Topic:  A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)18:28
mrevellHello. I don't have any user-affecting issues this week as all the usual sources have either dealt with issues I've raised previously or have been quiet.18:28
kikoI'm concerned with rosetta timeouts again18:28
kikohow about we resurrect the ole ajax suggestions patch?18:29
kikoit's a simpler change and would work in the shorter term18:29
kikothan a big refactoring18:29
carloskiko: as I said last time you said that (I think it was last week) I prefer that we profile the code before going for ajax...18:29
daniloskiko: I'd still prefer going for the fixing only those messages which cause timeouts18:29
carlosafter having some profile information, we will know whether ajax is needed or trivial changes would improve the performance18:30
kikoaren't we sure we're timing out because of the multiple requests for suggestions?18:30
daniloskiko: we aren't18:30
kikookay. where's the profile, then?18:30
Alohawhats the address for LP news blog?18:30
stubI've been pushing strongly for suggestions to be done async18:30
mrevellAloha: news.launchpad.net18:30
jtvthere is no profile in the usual sense: we have oops reports.18:30
kikothat isn't a very straight answer18:31
daniloskiko: I am pretty sure we are timing out because of the few very common messages and their external suggestions18:31
Alohamrevell, thnx18:31
carlosdanilos: do you have documented your last profile work?18:31
kikocan someone do the investigation and conclude and make a plan to fix this by next week?18:31
kikoI just want a plan, not a fix18:31
daniloscarlos: that was before the refactoring18:31
daniloskiko: sure, I'll do that18:31
carlosdanilos: I'm not talking about the data you got but the procedure you followed to do the profiling18:31
* kiko nudges Rinchen 18:31
Rinchenwas that action for danilos and the profile or the whole time out issue?18:32
daniloscarlos: I don't have it documented, it's not really a big deal18:32
jtvList of possible ideas here: https://launchpad.canonical.com/Translations/Timeouts18:32
kikoRinchen, yes18:32
carlosRinchen: danilo does the profile, and the whole team prepares a proposal for next meeting18:32
carlosbased on the data we got18:33
Rinchen[ACTION] danilos to investigate profiling and Rosetta team to prepare proposal for next week to fix remaining timeouts18:33
MootBotACTION received:  danilos to investigate profiling and Rosetta team to prepare proposal for next week to fix remaining timeouts18:33
danilosmatsubara: can I get a list of all the timeouts for +translate pages (I need exact message IDs where fetching external suggestion fails)?18:33
jtvdanilos: it varies.18:33
danilosmatsubara: I mean, is it possible to get that? (for the last week or so)18:33
RinchenI see no special request topics.... does anyone have any last minute items.. steve kiko?18:33
danilosjtv: I know it varies18:33
SteveAI wonder if there's a way to get the data by analyzing our oops reports specially...18:34
jtvdanilos: I mean, once it's loaded, it stops timing out.18:34
matsubaradanilos: yes, I can get them for you.18:34
kikopas mois18:34
danilosjtv: not necessarily, I see many times same page timing out for 37 times or so18:34
danilosmatsubara: cool, thanks, should I ping you about it tomorrow?18:34
jtvdanilos: until it's fully loaded, yes.18:34
matsubaradanilos: yes, please do.18:34
danilosmatsubara: cool, thanks18:34
Rinchen[TOPIC] Blockers18:35
MootBotNew Topic:  Blockers18:35
Rinchen[AGREED] Releases Team:  Rinchen blocked on Moin OpenID nickname decision. Rinchen blocked on team support in Moin.18:35
MootBotAGREED received:  Releases Team:  Rinchen blocked on Moin OpenID nickname decision. Rinchen blocked on team support in Moin.18:35
flacosteFoundations: not blocked18:35
jtvTranslations team: Not blocked18:35
thumperCode: not blocked18:35
BjornTBugs: not blocked18:35
kikoRinchen, what's this openid nickname stuff?18:35
kikoI have read about it in emails but forgot all about it18:35
carlosRinchen: agreed?18:35
Rinchencarlos, yeah so it shows up in the summary18:35
matsubaraRinchen: [ACTION] matsubara to get last week +translate timeouts OOPS ids for danilo18:35
flacostekiko: OpenID returns the launchpad nickname instead of the wiki name18:35
Rinchen[ACTION] matsubara to get last week +translate timeouts OOPS ids for danilo18:36
MootBotACTION received:  matsubara to get last week +translate timeouts OOPS ids for danilo18:36
carlosRinchen: so all blocked things should be set as agreed?18:36
matsubaraRinchen: gracias18:36
flacostekiko: so on launchpad.canonical.com Rinchen is known as rinchen instead of JoeyStanford18:36
kikoflacoste, can OpenID not pass back more than one identifier?18:36
stubI think spiv was right all along and the wikis should be using emailaddress anyway18:37
flacostekiko: we can pass back the appropriate wiki name based on the connecting site and the information we have in the DB18:37
kikostub, that's still different from launchpad name18:37
flacostekiko: or we can pass extra information, but that requires the wiki to handle that extra information18:37
stub(or I have to move Person.name to Account.name too)18:37
kikoso either way a change needs to be made18:37
RinchenI think we should continue the wiki discussion after the meeting18:37
kikoflacoste, how overbooked is vednis yet?18:37
stubkiko: Yes. I'm just trying to push the direction it gets changed :-)18:37
flacostekiko: is not18:37
Rinchenkiko, soyuz team blocked?18:38
kikoflacoste, we could get him to look into this since it does block a big migration18:38
kikonot really18:38
Rinchenstatik's team blocked?18:38
RinchenSteveA, special circumstances blocked?18:38
schwukhwdb: not blocked18:38
SteveAjamesh, stub: blocked?18:38
SteveAI'm not blocked18:38
SteveASC: not blocked18:38
Rinchenbigjools, cprov - you guys blocked?18:39
RinchenI'll take that as a no.18:40
flacostekiko: yes, if that's what we want to do, it could18:40
SteveAdanilos, matsubara: I'd like to help you plan out how to analyze oops reports for maybe cacheing certain suggestions18:40
cprovRinchen: no18:40
flacostekiko: but i think stub has objections to syncing wikiname data across databases18:40
kikostub, only issue with using emailaddress is legacy links all over our wikis18:41
stubWe can sync stuff. But this is why we need the auth/person split discussion.18:41
EdwinGrubbslpcomm: not blocked18:41
Rinchenthanks EdwinGrubbs18:42
danilosSteveA: we're just going to look into them and see if my suspicion is correct (if it is, then we're going to play with caching them)18:42
stubThe wikiname table needs to be refactored anyway. Great big hairy WHUI IMO18:42
danilosSteveA: you are welcome to help anytime, though :)18:42
flacostewhat is WHUI?18:42
RinchenThanks everyone for attending this week's mayhem...er Development Meeting.18:42
SteveAflacoste: We Haven't Used It18:42
flacostethanks for a on time meeting18:42
SteveAflacoste: what happens when a YAGNI isn't considered early enough18:42
MootBotMeeting finished at 18:43.18:43
kikostub, well.. we use it in all our person pages actually18:43
mwhudsonwhat's the other one? DON?18:43
SteveAdanilos: I'm hoping we can get more specific than "we'll just look at them" :)18:43
kikothere are many people that have multiple wikinames18:43
mrevellthanks everyone18:43
flacostesub, and Rinchen is probably a big user of the feature18:43
flacostethat's why he's so vocal about it18:43
thumperit was good to be here for a change18:43
flacostekiko: how many?18:43
flacostehey, i've got staging access...18:44
flacostei can check that18:44
stubkiko: We use the information, but the design is my issue. Maybe WHUI isn't the term, but the table design is a pain to use the information the way we want to.18:44
danilosSteveA: well, I can easily be more specific... I am going to count on which msgid's has the suggestion fetching been timing out, and the number of all suggestions in DB for those msgid's18:44
SteveAstub: do a view on it, then mirror the view, perhaps?18:44
kikostub, how could it be different, though? sorry, I am unimaginative today18:44
SteveAdanilos: can we talk this over on a quieter irc channel in say 15 mins?18:45
danilosSteveA: in my previous tests, these cases have caused the most problems (i.e. strings like "Name" which have thousands of translations per language in different PO files, thus DB needs to go through all of them)18:45
danilosSteveA: I am mostly planning to be out in 15 minutes18:45
=== mrevell is now known as mrevell-afk
SteveAdanilos: so... grab hard and soft timeout OOPSes for +translate pages...18:46
SteveAdanilos: for a particular set of days18:47
danilosSteveA: yeah18:47
salgadothumper, kiko, bug 189994, fyi18:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189994 in launchpad "Add python-turbogears and germinate to launchpad-dependencies" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18999418:47
SteveAdanilos: then, collate them by msgid18:47
mwhudsonturbogears is fun, because of a crack headed conflicts: line in a dependency18:48
SteveAdanilos: then, work out how much time is spent in suggestion-getting queries?18:48
danilosSteveA: right, that's the plan (matsubara will provide me with an initial set of oopses for the last 7 days), I'll look for queries taking the most time18:48
mwhudson(turbogears depends: on python-sqlobject|python-sqlalchemy and python-sqlalchemy conflicts: with psycopg1)18:48
stubkiko: We will be logging into the wikis via openid using an emailaddress, so wikiname is purely legacy for our wikis. The table design where 99.9% have 'launchpad.net' or whatever as their wikiname is a bit borked.18:48
danilosSteveA: exactly, and the prime suspect is the query from getExternalSuggestions18:48
SteveAdanilos: I'd like you to do this scientifically -- a scientist will write down the steps to produce a result -- in your case some figures time taken to get suggestions for particular msgids18:48
SteveAdanilos: then someone else can reproduce the analysis on other data, easily, if needed18:49
danilosSteveA: uhm, that's how I am going to do it18:49
SteveAdanilos: to do this, the way of doing the analysis needs to be written down18:49
danilosSteveA: that's how I've always did it, including the previous performance improvements I did18:49
danilosSteveA: and that's what I always do (except for the specific 'import cprofile' and similar bits)18:50
SteveAcool.  I'm very interested to see how it goes.  I think you had a very insightful idea to cache just the most common suggestions18:50
danilosSteveA: sure, I'll keep you in the loop18:50
stubMy rationale for moving the suggestions async as the preferred next step is that the pages would no longer time out - just some of them will take a long time to fully load but they are still usable. Even if we optimize and speed up the translation db queries, it still only *might* stop timeouts and then maybe only for a time until our dataset grows more.18:50
danilosstub: there's another thing we're considering to actually remove exponential growth of data we have at the moment18:56
kikosalgado, thanks18:56
danilosstub: basically, sharing potmsgset's (between potemplates in different distroserieses)18:56
danilosstub: of course, solutions we've discussed earlier about db replication will never hurt, and are truly the only real solution18:57
stubdanilos: Rosetta is still affected by load on other parts of Launchpad. Even if rosetta remains stable or shrinks it doesn't mean other parts of lp won't step up and chew up all the resources you need18:57
danilosstub: agreed18:57
danilosstub: especially with all the other considerations, like implementing search and getting stable results out of it18:58
danilosanyway, done for the day18:59
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