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mcr hmm. I'm trying to debug an install of hardy heron alpha on my spare laptop. ... it seems to have missed the xorg kbd and mouse input modules.00:00
mcrcan someone with it running do an dpkg -S /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input/lib* ?00:00
mcrer, s/lib*/*.so/00:01
crimsuncrimsun@Box:~$ dpkg -S /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input00:02
crimsunxserver-xorg-input-vmmouse, xserver-xorg-input-wacom, xserver-xorg-input-evdev, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, xserver-xorg-input-elographics, xserver-xorg-input-mouse, xserver-xorg-input-kbd: /usr/lib/xorg/modules/input00:02
lufisIs the displayconfig applet totally useless with the new xorg?00:02
mcrthat solves the problem.... that doesn't seem to be a dependancy of ubuntu-desktop.00:03
mcrI had installed LTS 6.06, and upgraded.00:03
mcrI thought it was a good experiment, and I didn't have a cd burner handy to burn a hardy cd.00:03
crimsunI wonder if you had xorg installed.00:05
mcrit wasn't a clean apt-get dist-upgrade.00:06
mcrfor a number of days, there was a udev vs dmsetup vs lvm2 conflict, which was unresolveable, I was about to report it tonight, but it worked.00:06
crimsunhmph, probably not.  I wonder, actually, if you had xserver-xorg installed.00:06
crimsunin Dapper, xserver-xorg depends on xserver-xorg-input-all00:07
mcrto resolve some other things, I had to apt-get remove some things, and try again, and then I kept installing ubuntu-desktop to get everything back.00:07
crimsunin turn, xserver-xorg-input-all would pull in those packagezs00:07
mcrI did have xserver-xorg installed, and X did in fact start.00:07
mcrbut, X 1.4.0 can run without any input devices available when it starts... they are hot-pluggable :-)00:07
crimsunright, I'm not so much concerned about that as I would be with upgrade-manager -d00:08
hmullercrimsun: I spent a half a year or so in linuxfromscratch land, that was simple.  I can see I need to spend more time learning the distribution specific tools.00:16
mcrcrimsun, is it likely that hardy heron doesn't have an ubuntu-restricted-extras package yet?00:49
crimsunmcr: no, it's unlikely that it doesn't:00:59
crimsun Version table:00:59
crimsun     12 000:59
crimsun        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com hardy/multiverse Packages00:59
crimsunuh oh, we have a regression in 1.0.16 final.01:01
mcrcrimsum, I couldn't parse those inversions (too many not..)01:08
crimsunmcr: it's an 'n', not an 'm'.  And:  hardy definitely has that binary package.01:09
mcryou are saying that hardy heron ought to have such a package, but the "uh oh" means that there might in fact be a regression.01:09
crimsunmcr: and no, the "1.0.16" string refers to alsa-driver final.01:09
mcrhmm. now it's there. I wonder if my mirror is behind :-)01:10
DanaGEverything on that device works, though -- at least, everything I've tried.02:26
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h3sp4wncrimsun: In case it interests you - that new alsa-driver messes up my usb soundcard (Tapco Link USB) How much work or even for me just to hack it in would it be. Something to do with the sample rates not being detected or available. (I deally I don't want to have loads of custom packages - too much other stuff to mess with.)03:38
antdedyetanyone noticing screen blackouts with X in hardy alpha 4?04:07
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* DanaG wonders how CPU-intensive the "CM106(+)" audio chip is.04:41
* antdedyet wonders when ubuntu's pulseaudio package is going support JACK again04:46
DanaG Fatal: glXCreateContext failed04:51
slackernmmm hardy feels so snappy :)04:55
xophermm, I should seriously do a clean install04:59
xophermy installation (based on hoary) is starting to get really slow -- I think04:59
xopheris hardy broken atm?05:00
antdedyetxopher: yep, if you use JACK it is.05:04
DanaGmmm, hardy feels so stucky to me.  i.e. Xorg starts thinking a key is stuck down.05:21
antdedyetDanaG: I have a similar problem on my notebook05:22
Vuenhey guys05:22
antdedyet[ 4984.708251] atkbd.c: Unknown key released (raw set 2, code 0xd5 on isa0060/serio0).05:23
antdedyetI get a couple of those a second in dmesg.05:23
antdedyetStarted with Alpha 405:23
DanaGI don't get that in dmesg.05:23
DanaGAnd a ctrl-alt-backspace fixes it.05:24
antdedyetI haven't felt the need to restart X.05:24
Vueni just upgraded a kubuntu 7.10 box to 8.04, and it can't seem to login. it freezes while "initializing system services", then reboots X. anyone know what might be wrong, or what log files i could look at?05:25
anthonyDanaG: I had that one day - went away after I clicked a few things though05:25
Vueni installed kde4, and i can log into kde4 just fine, but i can't seem to log in to kde3.05:26
Vuenanyone know where kde's log files are stored? xorg.0.log and kdm.log have nothing of interest05:28
antdedyetVuen: I'm not sure, but you might check ~/.xsession-errors for output05:29
Vuenah perfect, thanks05:29
antdedyetVuen: np05:31
Vuenhmm, says "can't contact kdeinit". that's bad.05:32
Vueni'm thinking i should just purge a package and reinstall... but which one?05:32
antdedyetVuen: I think it'd be the 'kde' pkg?05:33
antdedyetVuen: it will likely complain about dependencies needing the pkg and won't allow you without a force.05:33
antdedyetVuen: but I run gnome most of the time ...05:34
Vuenactually it's telling me the 'kde' package isn't installed.05:34
Vuenmaybe that's the problem, ha05:34
antdedyetVuen:  you may not be able to run kde3 + 4 simultaneously ... but try. :)05:35
Vuenyeah, i think that's the problem05:35
Vuenmaybe it didn't like the fact that i had both installed... then when i uninstalled kde4 it removed parts of 305:35
Vueni was bored and felt like testing, so i basically did sed 's/gutsy/hardy/g' /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get install kde405:36
Vuenso i was basically asking it to break05:36
h3sp4wnI tried it a few weeks ago and it was unusable for me05:37
Vuenit downloaded about 1.7gb of stuff05:37
Vuenand surprisingly it worked perfectly fine, kde4 that is05:38
Vueni found it pretty empty in terms of features though05:38
Vuenswitching back to kde3 is what's giving me problems05:40
Vuenalright, installed kde and still no help, gonna try a reboot05:42
h3sp4wnI guess I was messing around with the xrandr 1.2 stuff and that was totally screwed05:42
Vuenwish me luck05:42
h3sp4wnI think there should be a version provded that just conflicts05:43
Vuenblarg, doesn't work. .xsession-errors says "Communication error with launcher. Exiting!"05:50
h3sp4wnYou didn't do a huge upgrade whilst still in X by chance ? (That akways seems to cauce issues for people)05:51
h3sp4wnWell actually not always never for me at least05:52
Vuenyep, i definitely did :)05:52
antdedyetI do my upgrades in X :)06:00
antdedyetat least one the notebook06:00
Vuenwell, she's definitely busted. ah well, 1am; sleep now, fix later.06:00
Vuennight all06:00
antdedyetnight Vu06:01
h3sp4wnI wish I could get some sleep but I have trashed one of my ribs which means if I lie in a bed it takes me 4 hours to get out06:05
h3sp4wnand I have to see someone in 2.5h06:06
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antdedyeth3sp4wn: ouch, ribbage errors suck.06:10
antdedyetAnyone have reference to a proper way to handle gnome launcher's such as synaptic's touchpad program?06:15
DanaGOOh, 60 FPS compiz-fusion while running folding@home!  Take that, 2.6.24 -- 2.6.22 scheduler is better (for me).06:18
DanaGAnd no more lag on unminimize.06:19
DanaGI think CFS sucks.  It's not "Fair" at all.06:19
DanaGdon't bother, wrong channel.06:30
ethana3i bothered ;)06:33
ethana3..very nice06:33
RAOFDanaG: And people were complaining that we didn't backport the "just better" CFS sheduler to Gutsy's kernel before release :P06:36
ethana3why the heck would i need a new scheduler?06:37
ethana3was it broken?06:37
ethana3Did the solaris folks invade kernel trap?06:37
ethana3...i really have no clue what kind of scheduler solaris uses, but i'd bet on them calling it 'just better'06:38
TheInfinityanyone qho tried kde4 on hardy am? i have a dependency problem since alpha3 ...06:39
ethana3updates...  dash?08:10
ethana3is that a typo or are we getting a new shell?08:11
ethana3iiiinteresting description08:11
ethana3ooh, new ghostscript.  perhaps the Brother DCP-7020 will be supported properly now..08:12
ethana3new intel drivers, how exciting..08:13
ethana3i think running an alpha operating system is well suited to the way i think08:14
RAOFethana3: dash has been the default /bin/sh for *ages*.08:14
ethana3i thought that was bash08:14
ethana3i don't know, i just paste commands into the gnome terminal thingie ^_^08:15
DanaGOoh, "     o Added infrastructure for automatic printer driver download from       the OpenPrinting web site."08:15
* antdedyet fails to get excited without the addition of JACK support to PA08:20
ethana3it's all on it's way08:20
ethana3the question is time08:20
* DanaG wants emu10k1 surround, and at whatever resolution my audio SOURCE is at.08:21
DanaGI want my 24-bit 96KHz 6-channel DVD-A rip to play at that res and bitrate.08:21
DanaGRight now, my emu10k1 doesn't even do pulseaudio surround.08:21
ethana3i remember installing PA on hardy08:23
antdedyetyeah ... but JACK worked before PA!08:23
ethana3turns out, one of its main awesome uses.. is as a PA08:23
ethana3Jack could stream over wifi networks with no advanced configuration?08:23
antdedyetethana3: feh, if you can't master your own music while JACK is non-supported, you don't have anything to stream over that wifi network.08:24
antdedyetI guess some day I will get around to figuring out why JACK isn't in main yet.08:25
antdedyetor pushing PA support upstream in apps.08:27
antdedyetwhich is kind of pointless if you use the philosophy: "if it ain't broken, don't break it."08:27
antdedyetor better known as: "if it isn't broken, don't fix it." :)08:28
RAOFantdedyet: For most purposes, upstream having ALSA support is sufficient.08:30
antdedyetRAOF: for an example with substantial user base that doesn't work without JACK: Ardour1 + 208:32
antdedyetOr Hydrogen08:33
RAOFYeah.  Professional-type music apps tend to like jack.  You should still be able to use them - try "pasuspender <app_to_run>"08:33
antdedyetplus I don't get the granularity of Jamin.08:33
antdedyet(when mastering a track)08:34
antdedyetRAOF: I will try pasuspender.08:34
antdedyetRAOF: that would be ok if the latency were acceptable.08:38
antdedyetRAOF: it produces major skippage during playback alone08:38
RAOFantdedyet: Yeah.  For *most* app purposes.08:38
RAOFI am aware that authoring/dj/etc is better served by jack, or native pulse support.08:39
antdedyettons of buzz over the top of playback with ardour2.08:39
antdedyetRAOF: that is my point! jack was working great, hehe08:39
antdedyetlast thing I wanted to see is another RPM or NetworkManager, hehe08:40
RAOFYou can always turn off pulse - System->Preferences->Sound, disable sound server.08:40
antdedyetRAOF: Circa Alpha 2 that left me without sound entirely.08:41
antdedyetRAOF: will systematically go through the options over the next week or so an see what has changed08:41
RAOFantdedyet: You may want to "asoundconf unset-pulseaudio" to change the default ALSA device to something that isn't pulse.08:42
Le-Chuck_IT2hi there. What is the program to regenerate /etc/X11/xorg.conf as the default ubuntu one?10:13
Le-Chuck_IT2it's not dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg because that asks questions. I want to be sure to have the file that ubuntu would install to me10:14
Le-Chuck_IT2I ask this because, to add info to a bug report, I messed up mine using the automatic tools that didn't work10:15
Le-Chuck_IT2and I can no longer scale resolution down on my laptop10:15
Le-Chuck_IT2nobody knows?10:17
Le-Chuck_IT2if I run dpkg-reconfigure, it won't configure the wacon stylus10:17
Le-Chuck_IT2so it's not the one shipped with ubuntu10:18
Le-Chuck_IT2Ok so I will be more careful next time10:21
hubuntuWil network manager 0.7 be included in hardy?10:30
df7hubuntu: probably no10:33
df7pathetic not having VPN out of "box"10:38
hubuntuI know...10:39
hubuntuI don'æt understand that really10:39
hubuntuis just like the bluetooth think... no obex installed, but the applet still gives you the option to browse bluetooth devices (and of course it dopensæt work)...10:39
hubuntu* bluetooth thing...10:40
df7fedora have gui for setup cisco vpn or openvpn, but not pptp, i don't know if it will work with my ISP that way10:41
df7i maybe just switch to fedora... it have more features10:41
hubuntuI read about 0.7 supporting pptp out-of -the.box10:41
df7well pptp package is on cd10:43
df7but its involve manually editing config files10:44
hubuntubut it works in fedora8 doesn't it?10:44
df7or maybe with pptp config... i have not tried10:44
df7same with pppoe10:46
df7but pppoe you can setup with pppoeconf10:46
hubuntuppoe is built in hardy now by default10:49
hubuntui was thinking under net man 0.710:49
df7you mean gui setup for pppoe? where?10:49
qzioany known problems with sun-java6-bin package?10:50
avatar_java is broken for me10:50
df7yeah i see it in network-manager... have not tried... and it is not showing my manualy configured pppoe10:51
df7and gprs here too ... nice... i should test it10:52
df7can i have more than 1 ppp connections in network-manager? for pppoe and gprs10:53
hubuntuI think you can.. let me check10:54
hubuntuare you thinking hardy or gutsy?10:57
hubuntuwell it seems bluetooth got even better with gvfs :) - gnome-obex-send is dead, long live bluetooth-sendto. @ http://hadess.net gives me peace of mind11:01
awalton__hubuntu, there's an experimental obexftp backend in gnome's zilla.11:03
awalton__*gvfs obexftp backend11:03
hubuntugnome-user-share seems to have it built in11:04
hubuntuor not... I will take a peek at that11:05
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qzioavatar_: yeah the sun-java6-bin-fsckup has crippled apt for me..11:23
qziocan't do shit :(11:23
avatar_qzio: hmm, thats not my problem11:24
qziocant install/remove/purge/ anything apt-get install -f doesnt help11:24
avatar_java is installed11:24
avatar_only a few java apps don't work anymore11:24
avatar_most important, sun elom remote console is broken :(11:24
picard_pwns_kirkGNOME crashes every time I log in11:41
picard_pwns_kirkI already removed all of the things that I know that changed11:42
picard_pwns_kirkoh, my bad11:43
gino--i have downloaded and installed hardy, i got passed by bootup and successfully entered hardy by editing (hd0,1)12:21
gino--how do i fix hardy permanently, to always successfully boot everytime12:22
PiciModify your /boot/grub/menu.lst to point to the correct drive12:22
gino--pici: what will i modify, sorry im just a newb12:24
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kn4rFhello, is there anywhere a 8.04 changelog?13:40
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu14:19
gino--having grub errors on ubuntu hardy, i edited the file exactly as what the ubuntu website said, but i still cant go to the ubuntu splash screen without modifying (hd0,0) to (hd0,1)14:37
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zzatsHas anyone else faced synaptics touchpad configuration problems after the recent xorg upgrade?15:38
zzatsI'm having them, and I'm not sure if it's my configurations or xorg itself15:39
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tgelterhey all, is it currently possible to use the nvidia driver with hardy?16:42
tgelterI encounter errors when I try to install nvidia-glx-new. I also am unable to load the nvidia kernel module after a successful install of the driver straight from nvidia16:43
joerlend_does anyone here run hardy in vmware workstation? I've had some problems with it. It seems to run extremely slow.16:55
Assidim trying to  install alpha416:56
Assidthe partitioner keeps hanging up on me16:57
Assidthe partition manager hangs if i set it to dont_use16:59
Assidcan someone report this for me please17:00
hydrogen!launchpad | Assid17:01
ubotuAssid: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/17:02
Assidhydrogen: yeah im aware of it.. but am trying to install this17:03
hydrogenand if it's not working, you should file a bug17:04
Assidlast time i tried to make a report.. i think i went to some other project17:04
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Assidyeah i normally report apport bugs tho17:04
hydrogenthen I'd suggest reporting it to the right project17:04
hydrogenand if you are not capable of that, I would suggest that you use gutsy17:04
Assidnah.. gutsy is worse than hardy at times17:05
hydrogenhow would you know that? you can't even install it17:05
Assiderr. i have.. im using hardy on my laptop.. i just dont open new bugs without apport anymore.. last time i marked in ubuntu as [hardy] in the subject.. i dont think it was looked into17:06
Assidoh damn.. i think i marked in the main ubuntu tree thats why17:06
Assidoh well17:06
Assidbah was targetted for the alpha cds apparently.. but never done17:09
Assidgotta love the ubuntu -desktop live cd install17:13
Assiddoes everything in the background.. and you can just chill17:13
Assidhydrogen: any better irc clients out there besides kvirc ? and any better messenger clients than kopete/pidgin17:14
Assidpidgin would be nice if it allows you some kind of customizations like disabling/show grouping17:14
Assidmust say tho.. ubuntu looks better on an lcd than it does on crt17:16
Assiderr.. 2nd time i installed alpha4 on this machine.. and 2nd time its stuck at scanning the apt mirror17:18
joerlend_are you connected to a network that isn't linked to the internet?17:19
Assiderr.. im online as we speak17:19
Assidsame machine17:19
Assidit just sits there17:19
joerlend_check to make sure your repositories are available.17:20
Assidhrmm crap.. i m on my slow connection atm17:21
Assidthink thats why17:21
Assidumm.. if i swich routes.. will apt continue from where it is17:21
Assidyeah.. thats why.. now i guess i gotta wait it out17:22
Assidis there a way to subscribe to a bug.. but not get emails everytime its updated?17:22
Assidi  sit and report soo much (mainly cause i dont have much work pending with me atm) that i get over 100 emails a day or so17:23
Assiderr brb17:23
Assidfound one more bug17:24
Assidit catches the clock of the computer as UTC.. for some weird reason17:24
Assidclock preferences is messedup i put location bombay.. and it says im in karachi timezone17:25
Assidwill report this bug..let me reboot first17:27
h3sp4wnethana3: dash has been /bin/sh for ages17:27
h3sp4wnDamn I was scrolled loads up forget that17:28
zzats_has anyone got xmms-flac working?17:32
zzats_or is there a reason the input plugin is not available with the name xmms-flac ?17:32
h3sp4wnWhy not use gstreamer or xine based they sound alot better anyway17:33
zzats_I find the medialib-programs repulsive17:34
h3sp4wnThere is some cli ones that use those backends anyway17:36
zzats_some of us prefer graphical interfaces :)17:37
h3sp4wnAnyone using a HP 8710w17:56
tgelterif I've run into a problem installing the nvidia driver when updating from gutsy to hardy, what can I do to get to a good state? can I load an install cd with the rescue option?18:04
tgelteror is there a better way?18:04
tgelterneither the binary from nvidia works, nor the nvidia-glx-new package18:04
tgelter(this is on a laptop with an nvidia quadro)18:04
h3sp4wn(HP 8710w ? I hope not just bought one a few days ago)18:07
tgelternaw, it's a t6118:07
rzrhi any hardy users around w/ radeon video hardware ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/atitvout/+bug/18939318:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189393 in atitvout "TV not detected with Radeon IGP 320M" [Undecided,New]18:20
hitrzr, yes18:23
dr-rakukubuntu requests my password for mounting a local partition and, being the only user of this computer, i want to modify this behaviour - making the partition auto-mountable without a password request from kubuntu; can anybody, please, help?18:25
dr-rakuare both kcontrol and systemsettings broken for the "disks & filesystems" applet/module?18:28
dr-rakucan anybody, please, help?18:29
rzrhit: can you test atitvout ?18:29
arcticpenguin380is the package importing done from sid18:29
h3sp4wnmain would have18:31
webwolf_27dr-raku, are you mounting with sudo?18:32
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: nope; i configured the mounting from gui/kde; i haven't do it in cli, nor modified fstab :|18:33
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webwolf_27dr-raku, then your using gksu (or kde equiv). You'll probably have to modify the sudo configuration file18:34
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: modify it not to ask for password at all (for my user)? this ca be dangerous, isn't it?18:35
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: btw, it's kdesu :)18:35
webwolf_27dr-raku, no modify the /etc/sudoers file so it doesn't ask for your password to do admin tasks. I'd still call it dangerous though18:37
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: well, that's what i [at least tryied to] said18:38
webwolf_27dr-raku, sorry I don't get to speak english often18:39
dr-rakuit is a dangerous "thing" to let ME [ :)) ] -> my user to do everything like it's the root18:39
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: neither me18:39
webwolf_27dr-raku, yes it's be like activating the root account and using it exclusivly18:40
webwolf_27dr-raku, you could also just add the partition to fstab and use the user option18:40
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: so it must be a way to set the new "policy" thingie in hardy18:41
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: yes, that's a final "solution" to this; but i hope to understand where hardy keeps its "policy" settings.. just in case18:42
webwolf_27dr-raku, you don't meen selnux policies do you? They have nothing to do with it18:42
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: nope18:42
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: from what i saw until now.. hardy has it's own brand-new "policy" thing18:43
webwolf_27dr-raku, /etc/PolicyKit18:44
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webwolf_27dr-raku, don't ask me what needs to be done to the PolicyKit.conf though18:45
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: thanks; i'll look deeper into that; (at first sight it's almost nothing - just a very little conf file: 410 bytes.. with nothing interesting in it)18:46
webwolf_27dr-raku, I'm slow to new things. So I hadn't even considered it18:47
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: thanks anyway; [or even for trying to help] :)18:47
mrtimdogHi. Is the output from the rc scripts logged anywhere?18:47
h3sp4wnThe thing is for such things to be used efficiently takes 8 times the sys admins]18:48
h3sp4wnIf you don't really need it then its so time consuming18:48
webwolf_27dr-raku, man PolicyKit.conf should help further18:49
dr-rakuwebwolf_27: :) thanks again; i'll `man`18:51
webwolf_27dr-raku, np18:51
JDahlare there any plans to include gcc-4.3 with Hardy?18:52
dr-rakuJDahl: from what i heard.. debian will; so, maybe; let's hope so :)18:52
JDahldr-raku, I also found some Debian posts,  but nothing about ubuntu18:53
dr-rakuJDahl: ubuntu is importing packages from debian [if i'm not mistaking]; so.. i belive they'll import that thing too [gcc 4.3]; i also want gcc 4.3 (i have 2 core2 systems)18:56
JDahldr-raku, OpenMP for multiprocessor is also my motivation for wanting gcc4.318:57
h3sp4wnI don't think they would want a new potentially buggy compiler for an LTS18:58
h3sp4wnWhy can you not just use intels compiler18:58
dr-rakuh3sp4wn: well.. "they" allready put the newest kernel in the new LTS :D18:58
dr-raku(and so on)18:59
dr-raku(do i have to mention gnome 2.21.x :) )18:59
h3sp4wnNo but putting stuff in like that later in the cycle19:00
JDahlh3sp4wn, I actually hadn't given that much thought...  I should download their trial versions19:00
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dr-rakuh3sp4wn: and another thing: the fact that debian will use gcc 4.3 may count! if debian guys will manage to compile their packages with 4.3.. maybe ubuntu will make it too :)19:01
webwolf_27I don't have and smp machines so I wouldn't notice much differance :-(19:01
webwolf_27so time for me to go put the kids to bed. Night folks19:03
dr-rakui'm waiting for 4.3 to hit ~ in portage! when gcc 4.3 will be in ~arch (for the most used platforms: i386, amd64, ..).. it means it is stable enough :D19:04
h3sp4wnProbably be redhat who does alot of the work as usual19:06
dr-rakuyeah; :) almighty redhat :))19:06
dr-rakui have a [little] question:19:08
Assidhow little is little?19:09
dr-rakuwil ubuntu *ever* include things like omnibook in the default install (or at least in the repos)? it happens that i (and others) have a toshiba laptop who's bluetooth stays off if that module isn't loaded (just to turn bt on)19:09
dr-rakuand is not a good thing to tell everybody to just get that from svn and compile for themselves19:11
Assidwell.. you could disable it from the init i think19:11
Assidand then start the service when you need to19:11
dr-rakuAssid: i had to get omnibook from svn and put it "manually" because there is no "omnibook" in the ubuntu's repos (and that module is not in the vanilla kernel neither)19:12
bob__when is he beta of Hardy expected?19:12
dr-rakuand as far as i can see ubuntu's users aren't all very tech persons19:13
Assidhrmm.. whats the trigger for the bot19:13
ubotuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases19:13
Assidthere you go19:13
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about hardyschedule - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi19:13
ubotuHardy Heron is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (8.04-LTS), due April 2008 - For more info, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyHeron - CONSIDER IT TO BE PRE BETA (ALPHA) SOFTWARE - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1, NOT #ubuntu19:13
dr-rakuso it will be a good thing to build a package from "omnibook" for everybody (to try)19:13
Assiddr-raku: dunno mae19:14
dr-raku(if they have problems turning on wlan cards, bluetooth or the special buttons on their laptops aren't working)19:14
dr-rakubtw, i haven't verified.. but maybe sombody here already saw that reported.. i have 2 laptops: one with ubuntu hardy and one with kubuntu hardy, both are last alpha; the battery in notification area (for the laptops) shows 2 batteries for the laptop with kubuntu and 3 batteries on the one with ubuntu (gnome); well.. i only have a battery for each of them :) is this a [allready reported] bug?19:22
dr-raku..and only one of them [batteries] is correctly showing the actual status19:23
DanaGIt is already reported.19:24
dr-rakuDanaG: thanks :)19:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 177570 in hal "[hardy] two batteries display when left clicking on g-p-m" [Medium,Confirmed]19:26
dr-rakuDanaG: the hilarious thing is that the laptop with ubuntu (an HP) shows THREE of them :))19:27
dr-rakui dunno.. maybe two is a mistake, but three.. three is something to be sure of - "it's working" :))19:28
PiciThree is a magic number.19:31
rubeezhi all..is there an awn-applet package for Hardy19:34
dr-rakuone thing [i think] i noticed during the last update (for the repos - in adept) was.. it donloaded a 2.6.24-7 kernel and a 1.0.16RC[maybe `pre`] alsa, but uname and /proc/asound/verion are showing me the same values: 2.6.24-5 (for the kernel) and 1.0.15 for alsa; wel.. my intel hda have only PCM volume slider (no master volume) and mute doesn't really mute the sound :| what about the version showed during the update? why aren't the kernel and alsa19:36
dr-rakui forgot to mention: i restarted after the update19:45
dr-rakuso.. nobody has any ideea on what was showing the update (but it didn't actually updated)?19:57
DanaGOh, I noticed that too; to get the new alsa, I had to build it from the alsa-source package.19:58
dr-rakuDanaG: i avoid compiling things to let the package manager do its job; that's why i have chosen a binary distro this time20:01
DanaGWhen you compile (easiest with module-assistant), the modules will be packaged.20:01
dr-rakuand.. the only thing i did compiled is "omnibook" module (to get bluetooth on and use my bluetooth mouse)20:01
arcticpenguin380how do i enable the nvidia driver20:02
dr-rakuinstall nvidia-glx; it depends on your chip, arcticpenguin38020:03
dr-rakuyou may need nvidia-glx-new..20:03
arcticpenguin380i did install it20:03
dr-rakuthen sudo nvidia-xconfig20:04
dr-rakuDanaG: you said something about packaging what i compiled? i want to do this with that "omnibook" module; where can i get the info on how to do that?20:06
dr-raku(i'm kinda new to debian/ubuntu)20:06
ubotuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports20:06
dr-rakuPici: thanks :)20:06
DanaGI don't think module-assistant (which is what I used) uses the svn version.20:07
dr-rakui'll dig for it; DanaG, have you installed that "omnibook" module too?20:09
DanaGI don't have a use for it on my laptop.20:09
DanaGOh, and module-assistant is a package.20:09
dr-rakuDanaG: you're lucky then20:09
Assidhrmm is there a vnc server or something for gnome20:14
Assidlike how kde allows you to manage invitations20:14
PiciOr just use the built-in Remote Desktop20:15
Assidthere is one?20:15
Assiderr where is it?20:15
Assidokay i got it enabled in preferances..now i gotta check it20:17
=== Agrajag` is now known as Agrajag
Assidworks on vnc right?20:18
ubuntu_holaaa victor20:20
ubuntuhola que tal estás Sonia?20:21
ubuntu_bien aki aburria20:21
ubuntuSonia com va anar a les comparses?20:22
ubuntu_les comparses noooo el carnavall!!!20:22
ubuntuGinés dile a la Sonia que te deje hacer algo, que ha pillado el chat y ya no lo suelta...20:23
* Pici pokes ubotu 20:23
ubotuSi busca ayuda en español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es, allí obtendrá más ayuda.20:23
ubuntu_como se cambia el nick????20:24
=== ubuntu_ is now known as soni
Assidsome of the fonts i see.. even like what google uses.. looks kinda bad20:26
Assidthose small ones20:26
ubuntuGinés dile a la Sonia que te deje hacer algo, que ha pillado el chat y ya no lo suelta...20:26
tumbleweed__spanish sucks20:27
Pici!english | ubuntu20:27
ubotuubuntu: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat20:27
sonik hablassss tumble!!!20:27
ubuntuEl Inglés si apesta a pescado con papas fritas20:27
PiciThis is a support channel, not a chat channel.20:27
sonik penita eh20:28
ubuntuSorry Pici20:28
soniwhere are u from tumbleweed?20:29
PriceChild!offtopic | soni20:29
ubotusoni: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!20:29
Assidi have a usb wifi card20:29
Assidi want to start using that instead of my internal20:30
Assidhow do i get it to show as an alternate net connection source20:31
=== Dana1 is now known as DanaG
h3sp4wnwell when its plugged in is it in ifconfig -a20:43
Assidnah.. but i found a link lemme check if that does20:45
Assidthat does the installation20:45
h3sp4wnWhat is the other card ?20:46
Assidipw2100 - built in.. but its wifi -b only20:47
h3sp4wnwifi takes ages messing with something like openwrt to get reliable or commercial grade aps20:48
h3sp4wnIf I had known how much effort it would have been to get mine working I wouldn't have bothered20:48
h3sp4wnThe linux drivers aren't exactly great for ap's either20:54
h3sp4wnIt doesn't have all the features of the commercial hal to start with20:56
* DanaG uses dd-wrt on his router.20:57
DanaGIt works wonderfully.20:57
Assidndiswrapper is not installed?!?!?20:57
h3sp4wnfor what definition of wonderfully ? (I know neither Openwrt or dd-wrt have a reliable wds with wpa220:58
h3sp4wnon broadcom20:58
WorldBFreeok i found instructions to install ubuntu 7.10 from an image on an hd, will these work with hardy?21:04
h3sp4wnI with a little fiddling made a usb stick that can boot hardy alpha421:10
h3sp4wnHow was you intending to do it using the full cd on the partition or just loading the  netboot21:11
=== lakin_ is now known as lakin
lz7i'm back to hardy, fedora 8 have some strange networking issues21:27
tgelterwelcome back21:28
tgelterso if I am trying to install a package that's failing out cause it's trying to use update-modules, how can I get it installed?21:29
tgelterI assume I can use the source package, but I've never done that before, and I'd likely be needing to edit the source as well21:29
tgelterwhich I can probably do, if needs be, but I just want to know what the common strategy is before I start banging my head against the wall21:29
tgelteroh, and the package I want to install is nvidia-kernel-common21:30
tgelterto be able to install nvidia-glx-new21:31
dr-rakutgelter: i use nvidia-glx-new; adept just installed it; no problems at all with nv-glx21:54
neo22Will I encounter any problems with my prexisting compiz installation after my upgrade to hardy?21:54
tgelterneo22: depends on whether or not things work like they *ought* to21:55
dr-rakuneo22: read the topic21:55
tgelterdr-raku: I found out the problem I'm running into:21:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 56021 in sysklogd "requires versioned Depends for update-rc.d with 'multiuser'" [Undecided,Fix released]21:55
dr-rakutgelter: i had no problems installing nvidia-glx-new; i think i'm lucky for not "suffering" from that bug21:57
tgelterwell, that was a good learning opportunity for me, I had to get my hands dirty looking into a source dep and into the pre and post scripts21:57
tgelter(which I had never done before)21:57
tgelterso I guess I was lucky too21:57
tgelterthough I still don't understand why a call is being made to update-modules21:58
tgelterthat still makes no sense21:58
phixxorwhat are the haps my friends?22:18
phixxorspecifically, what's new in heron22:19
mikeymouseI have been running Hardy for 2 weeks now and found none of the problems the topic is about.. its been running so much better than 7.422:19
dr-rakuyeah, it's almost stable22:20
mikeymousethe only thing i have missed so far are the nvidia drivers22:20
dr-rakuam i in an unique, happy sutuation here? nvidia works fine on my hardy22:21
mikeymousesorry I meant they use to have the 3d drivers that you had to place in action from the administration22:22
dr-rakuwell.. i was talking about 3d too22:23
mikeymouseoh  thankyou22:23
dr-rakui got around 6000 from glxgears22:23
Piciglxgears is not a benchmark.22:24
dr-rakuPici: you're right22:24
dr-rakubut.. without glx i only had around 1000-2000 (at a maximum)22:25
tgelterah, so nice to have high resolution and compiz of course22:25
dr-rakucompiz is kinda tricky to install/config for me [kde] :|22:26
dr-raku(and emerald su**s!)22:27
tgelterah, yeah, I tried to install it in kde once...but only ended up using kde for about 15 mins and thought it wan't worth the effort since I knew I was bothered by kde anyhow22:27
tgelterit sucks getting used to an interface and being too stubborn to try anything else...=)22:28
dr-raku:) let's hope kde 4 will be polished in the near future (as right now it's awfull at best)22:28
DarkMageZkde 4.0 is equal to a vista beta.22:29
tgelterawesome! my sound controls on my laptop automagically work under hardy! =)22:29
tgeltertime to unplug my wire and see how wireless is doing...22:29
dr-rakukde 4 is <<< vista beta :)) (even worse than vista)22:30
tgelteractually, I guess that's what iwconfig and networkmanager are for...22:30
segfault2khi! a question before update, hardy its broken in anyway? or its "usable"?22:30
tgeltersegfrault2k: experiences will vary22:30
zzats_segfault2k: for me, it's broken.22:30
dr-rakusegfault2k: read the topic22:30
segfault2kzzats_: thanks for the answer22:30
segfault2kdr-raku: thanks for nothing :)22:30
tgeltersegfault2k: it's working great for me22:31
tgelter(after a small 1-hr battle w/ the nvidia driver)22:31
segfault2ki dont use nvidia :D22:31
segfault2kthe only thing to have in mind before the update its my broadcom wifi adapter22:31
dr-rakusegfault2k: my pleasure! hardy is intended for testing and nobody can assure you that will work on your system (or not)22:31
segfault2kim using linux since 2001, i KNOW its intended for testing purposes, thats why im asking if its broken in someway22:32
segfault2kbtw sorry my english22:32
tgelterumm...*linux* isn't intended for testing purposes...22:33
dr-rakusegfault2k: then give it a try and come back to tell us how was your experience with hard22:33
tgelteralpha versions of a particular distro certainly are however22:33
dr-rakuthat's the point of alpha releases: to get people [willing to "risc"] to test it22:34
tgelterout of curiosity, how many of the people in this chat are directly involved in the ubuntu devel process?22:34
tgelter(other than submitting bug reports)22:34
dr-rakutgelter: yeah, let's count the rised hands :))22:34
* tgelter doesn't know what you mean22:35
dr-rakui meant you'll get no answear for your question22:36
tgelterwhy is that?22:36
tgelterI thought maybe you knew, I realize that not everyone is watching the screen or even around22:36
dr-rakuhow could you possibly count them? the devels should rise their hands for us to count them? :))22:37
dr-rakunope, sorry mate :|22:37
smallfoot-will 8.04 ship with ext4?22:37
dr-rakusmallfoot-: hardy has 2.6.24 kernel, AFAIK; so.. there is [improved] support for ext4 there (if i'm not mistaken)22:38
smallfoot-ya, but default install?22:39
achtunghow many alphas are there going to be for hardy?22:39
smallfoot-where is the roadmap again?22:40
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about roadmap - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi22:40
hydrogendiaf ubotu22:40
smallfoot-will 8.04 come with encryption?22:41
bardyrsmallfoot-, alternativ cd already has encryption22:41
arcticpenguin380is ext4 compiled in the kernel?22:42
smallfoot-bardyr, yeah but thats alrenative cd, i dont use it22:42
smallfoot-arcticpenguin380, dont know22:42
smallfoot-and why dont they put the alternative install on the normal cd?22:43
smallfoot-so its just 1 cd istnead of 222:43
dr-rakumaybe the only thing i will install (/compile) is the kernel; too bad the default kernel isn't compiled with that "config" option in (to read it from /proc/config.gz)22:45
smallfoot-where is hardy roadmap?22:46
=== rzr is now known as rZr
dr-rakusee you, guys! i gotta go22:49
lz7when i start firefox i can see for some milliseconds artefacts on desktop, white lines, just before firefox window will open22:59
segfault2kexists an alternative to knetworkmanager?23:00
segfault2ki have problems with it, it stuck at 57% with a wep wlan internet23:00
RyanPriorWhen I use the Driver Setup to install the ATI video driver, X won't start. How can I figure out what the problem is and how to fix it or report it?23:01
lz7look into xorg log file23:02
RyanPriorWhere is that?23:02
tgelterdoes hardy still load extra modules according to /etc/modules?23:03
RyanPriorfind /var/log | grep xorg doesn't show anything23:03
segfault2knobody knows an alternative to knetworkmanager to manage wifi ?23:06
RyanPriorI see a bunch of RADEON stuff23:06
RyanPriorBut it says "direct rendering disabled", among other things23:06
RyanPriorBesides, the Driver Setup program reports that the ATI driver is not installed presently23:07
lz7yeah i installed my nvidia driver twice in hardy to it to work23:08
crdlbRyanPrior: which driver are you intending to use?23:09
UnNaturalHighsegfault2k, Wicd23:09
RyanPriorcrdlb: whichever one the Driver Setup would install. It doesn't ask me which one.23:10
mattfletcheris there a simple test i can perform to check that i am running hardy? i ran update-manager -d but nothing seems to have changed23:10
RyanPriorI've tried installing it 3 times; it always keeps X from starting, and I need to reconfigure X before it will start again.23:10
RyanPriormattfletcher: lsb_release -a23:11
mattfletcherit's hardy alright! where are all the programmes mentioed in the release notes? the vnc client etc23:12
RyanPriorI don't know. I haven't seen such a thing yet.23:12
mattfletchermaybe a fresh install might be needed23:13
RyanPriorI have been messing with the new firewall utility, but it isn't installed by default. You have to install it manually. So, perhaps the VNC client is the same way.23:13
RyanPriorJust because it's "In Hardy" doesn't mean it's installed by default.23:13
lz7applications->internet... maybe you have no links and should run them from terminal23:13
mattfletcheri'm sure i read that it was installed by default23:13
RyanPriormattfletcher: in Applications -> Internet, do you have Remote Desktop Viewer?23:14
mattfletcheror maybe i'm a fool, and the entry "remote desktop viewer" was there all along23:14
RyanPriorYup, that's Vinagre, the new VNC client.23:14
mattfletcherthat said, remote desktop has a specific meaning in the windows world. should it really be labelled as such?23:14
RyanPriorI don't know, having never used remote desktop on Windows myself.23:14
mattfletcherfirefox is a tool for exploring the internet, but i bet no-one suggested labelling it "internet explorer"23:15
lz7i agree apps should be called by names, and not like "instant messaging program" lol23:15
lz7mattfletcher: haha pidgin labeled instant messagin program in fedora 8 ))23:15
RyanPriorI disagree, personally. I don't like attaching cute little names to everything. It makes it hard for newbies.23:15
mattfletcheri'm all for calling them by what they do, but RD has connotations already23:15
lz7and evolutions is called "Email" in fedora 8 )))23:16
arcticpenguin380fedora sucks23:16
hydrogenthats fine23:16
hydrogenit allows users to find what they want23:16
mattfletcherthat's silly too. why hide all its other functionality behind such a short name?23:16
hydrogenwithout having to learn the names of the randomest apps in the world23:16
RyanPriorI agree - I'd just as soon dispose of all this per-app branding.23:17
hydrogenEvolution can barely do email.. what do you mean "All it's other functionality?"23:17
RyanPriorVinagre? XSane? Totem? Evolution? WTF do any of those names mean?23:17
mattfletcherkde used to list both, with an option to switch which was in brackets. dunno if it does nowadays23:17
RyanPriorGnome is terrible in that regard. Waaay too much branding, and it's all for vanity.23:18
arcticpenguin380gnome is a disease23:18
lz7actually this 7.10 shows both labels like "pidgin internet messenger"23:18
mattfletcherkI kPrefer kGnome's kWay kOf kDoing kThings kTBH23:18
lz7i think kde is ugly23:19
arcticpenguin380gnome treats its users as idiots23:19
mattfletchermaybe i like being an idiot23:19
hydrogenlets get back on topic :)23:19
smallfoot-GNOME is nice and simple23:19
hydrogenfeel free to take this discussion to #my-e-penis-is-bigger-than-yours23:19
smallfoot-KDE is just too much clutter everywhere, too much useless buttons and whistles23:19
RyanPriorKDE TreaKs IKs kUsers a LiKtle bitK stranKely k2.23:20
arcticpenguin380i dont use gnome because in striving to be simple it has reached the point where it longer does what i need to do23:20
mattfletcheranyway, is there somewhere i could record a comment on the menu entry for vinagre? it's not a bug i suppose23:20
RyanPriorebut enot eas ebd es efl23:20
smallfoot-GNOME need what i need it todo, KDE on other hand provides so much unnescesary clutter that i dont need23:20
RyanPriormattfletcher: If it's a usability problem, it's a bug. Otherwise you could propose a blueprint.23:21
lz7mattfletcher: in main menu applet23:21
ubotu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!23:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ext4 - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi23:21
mattfletchercan i do an upgrade that will leave my machine just as it would be had i done a fresh cd install?23:23
lz7mmm nothin taste like fresh install23:23
Dr_willisupgrades are not idententical toa fresh install.23:23
arcticpenguin380gnome treats its users as idiots23:23
arcticpenguin380gnome treats its users as idiots23:24
arcticpenguin380gnome treats its users as idiots23:24
lz7shut up23:24
Dr_willisthe users will keep their home settings during an upgrade23:24
* Dr_willis ponders the irony of spamming a irc channel claiming others are idiots.23:24
mattfletcherDr_willis: i realise that. my question is, is there a way NOT to do that, and to wipe everything, without having to download an iso, and burn a disc23:24
Dr_willismattfletcher,  Thers some 'out there' ways to install.. but ive never done so.23:25
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:25
Dr_willistheres the netbooting installs, debootstrap, and otehr  things ive never needed to try23:25
Dr_willisNot sure how well any of these work with  Hardy :)23:26
mattfletcheri was hoping for an "update-manager -d -amnesia" option23:26
mattfletchernever mind, will have to find a disc23:26
arcticpenguin380is alpha1 the same as being up to date on all the updates23:27
Dr_willisif you updated. you shoupd be up to date23:28
Tuv0kdo people not know about apt?23:28
lz7what is it?23:28
Tuv0ksee the topic23:28
Tuv0kthat question gets asked alot here23:29
Tuv0klike the hysteria when aplha 4 iso was late23:29
Tuv0kthey refused the alpha 3 cd23:29
Tuv0kwhich is basically 4 after a one line cmd23:29
pwnguinis there anywhere I can go to see reports of ubuntu installs that worked on a given mobo?23:29
pwnguinmy roommate's PC has given us massive problems, and im curious if it's ever worked =/23:30
Tuv0kwhy not googel the board23:30
Tuv0kwith ubuntu in the search23:30
Tuv0kgreat place to start23:30
pwnguini have23:31
Tuv0kno results?23:31
pwnguinplenty of search hits, but no results23:31
lz7what kind of problems?23:31
Tuv0kand what doe s"massive problems" equate to?23:31
pwnguinmostly grub says "read error"23:31
mattfletcheryay, bbc iplayer works properly in firefox now!23:32
Tuv0kpwnguin, does te livecd work?23:32
Tuv0kthen chalk it up to user error23:32
pwnguinthe live CD works, and appears to install, but grub just dies23:32
pwnguini refuse to claim it's user error when theres five threads on different forums complaining23:33
lz7what partitions you have and how many hard disks etc?23:33
Tuv0kcomplaing of what?23:33
lz7and where you installing it23:33
lz7o have issues with grub too23:33
pwnguinthere's an ide drive and an sata drive on a core 2 duo gigabyte board23:34
lz7thats the problem, 2 drives23:34
pwnguinhow so?23:34
pwnguinwe've set it up before23:34
pwnguinon his last computer23:34
pwnguingrub doesn't even pull up a menu, just read error23:35
pwnguinread error 25 if i recall23:35
Tuv0kdid you install grub to the mbr?23:35
lz7well... you can try to read manuals, for manual installation of grub, or change your hdd config like removing one of the drives...23:36
pwnguinwe've done all that23:36
pwnguinremoved the drive, changed some bios settings, etc23:36
crimsunh3sp4wn: do you have anything more descriptive/verbose than "messes up my usb soundcard" and "samplerates not being detected or available"?23:36
Dr_willisgrub is a tool thats well well worth reading/learning all about. :)23:37
Dr_williserror 25. Hmm.. Not sure what that oneis.23:37
crimsunh3sp4wn: e.g., what would help would be "strace -fF -- aplay /usr/share/sounds/*up.wav" pastebinned.23:37
pwnguinanyways, im just curious if there's a DB I can go to to see if there's any positive reports for the mobo in question23:38
Tuv0k25 : Disk read error23:38
Tuv0k    This error is returned if there is a disk read error when trying to probe or read data from a particular disk.23:38
pwnguinthere's a service out there, surely the data lands somewhere23:38
Dr_willisthat almost sounds like a drive controller issue.23:38
Dr_willisor failing hd.23:38
pwnguinnot a failing hd; the liveCD can handle it and shows it installed just fine23:39
pwnguinbut my theory is grub doesn't support it in the stable versions23:39
Tuv0kdoesn't support it in the stable versions?23:39
pwnguinmeaning an update to grub in 8.04 but not 7.10 may have fixed the problem23:40
Dr_willisLive cd dosent boot using grub i thought.  -  But  this whole thing sounds odd..23:40
Dr_willisYou could set up the system to boot the ide drive. and put grub on it.23:40
pwnguinit's being installed to the IDE drive23:40
Tuv0kwhat filesystem?23:41
pwnguinnothing fancy23:41
Dr_willisi would be tempted to remove/disavle the sata on the  machine for a test.23:42
pwnguinwe did remove it23:42
Tuv0kdid you check the first link to the forums I dropped?23:42
pwnguinyes; we saw that months ago23:42
lz7not sound odd for me. i know for exaple, grub not obeying boot order of disks in bios, like it should to name disks hd0 ,hd1 etc... instead it uses phisical configuration23:42
Tuv0khave you tried another distro as a test?23:42
pwnguinwe nabbed fedora 823:43
pwnguinsimilar if not identical problem23:43
pwnguinim grabbing the recent fedora9 alpha right now23:43
pwnguinDVD =(23:43
pwnguinanyways, remember that system test tool?23:43
lz7fedora 8 uses different scheme for grub install, i think it uses uuid and it allow to choose mbr or partition install23:44
pwnguin"is your sound working" etc23:44
Tuv0khave not seen that in a while23:44
pwnguini was hoping it might still be active and available on sensible request23:46
lz7i was hoping about improvement about grub installation in hardy btw23:46
pwnguinlz7: was there a spec for it?23:46
lz7sorry cant understand23:47
pwnguindid you see a blueprint for developers to follow on launchpad about improving grub in hardy23:47
pwnguinthen its silly to expect it'll happen magically ;)23:48
lz7i have 3 hdds... in fedora 8 i was able to choose 2nd hdd in the list to install os and same 2nd for grub... and i have tried that in ubuntu, and it never worked23:50
lz7i tried hd123:50
lz7and i encounter verious grub error with loading os23:51
lz7in fedora it just works23:51
pwnguinif it gets to the menu at least, i can fix it23:51
lz7well i know my explanation is not usefull, sorry, just emotions23:55

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