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kwwiiwell, this is certainly a busy channel11:02
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bersaceHi everyone11:27
bersacei largely prefer having a polished theme for LTS rather than a new buggy theme11:27
bersacebreaking thing is a matter of LTS+1 ;)11:27
bersacekeep up the good work11:27
bersaceandreasn: congrats for all you icons, much nice :)11:27
andreasnbersace: hm? what icons?11:30
andreasnall of them?11:30
kwwiihi bersace11:30
kwwiihi andreasn11:30
kwwiiandreasn: check those icons out and let me know what you think11:31
kwwiinaturally they are not perfect yet :-)11:31
andreasnI defenitly want to push gnome upstream in this direction too11:32
andreasnI mean, we do that on other platforms, like n810 and openmoko anyway11:33
andreasnI can't make out the icon on the left, is that deskbar-applet?11:33
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bersacekwwii: kind of OS X like ;)11:39
bersacekwwii:  is think you should not be so simplistic11:40
bersacesee, Apple has its own logo plus spotlit logo color11:40
bersacei mean, please keep update, logout and application logo11:40
bersaceupdate needs to be coloured11:40
kwwiiupdate would be colored when it needs action11:41
kwwiiactually, it would not be shown when it is not in use I guess11:42
kwwiisome things will have color11:42
kwwiiand the long term idea is to look into using an etched look down the road some days11:42
kwwiimaking simple shapes is the right way forward, I think11:42
kwwiiandreasn: yeah, it is supposed to be the deskbar applet :-)11:45
kwwiiandreasn: have there been any discussions about using this kind of idea upstream?11:45
andreasnno big discussions really11:46
andreasnI just chatted with vuntz a bit about it11:46
kwwiione thing I notice is that if we use simple icons they need to be a bit smaller or they stand out too much11:47
kwwiiof course, I have no idea how this can be implemented yet :-)11:47
bersacekwwii: do you actually intend to drop the distributor logo ?11:48
kwwiibersace: no, that was just something I missed when making the mockup11:49
kwwiiit will be the only thing that is always colored, I guess11:49
bersacei did a wallpaper last month : http://bersac.hd.free.fr/~bersace/tmp/tango-blur.png11:49
bersace(not yet named)11:49
bersacedo you like it ?11:50
bersace(this is NOT a proposal for Ubuntu ;) )11:50
kwwiistill loading11:51
kwwiihehe, I like the things you can do with fyre :-)11:51
kwwiiI thought about using some kind of program like that to randomize the defualt wallpaper11:52
kwwiijust create one on the fly  - but I guess that will never work well11:52
andreasncool idea though11:58
elkbuntukwwii, svg animations could almost work, if you want to torment yourself12:21
kwwiiI want to be known as the guy who brought javascript to the Gnome desktop :p12:37
andreasntoo late :)12:39
kwwiinothlit: I suggested you for UDS this year, hope you don't mind :-)14:59
kwwiierm, s/year/May15:00
kwwiibtw, who made Fela Kuti?15:05
nothlitkwwii: oh ok great :)21:00
nothlitkwwii: https://launchpad.net/~cogneato (AshCogs) made it21:00

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