rtcDid someone already fix the issue noted by Knuth in his "Flame About 64-bit Pointers" (http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/news.html)?00:31
rtcAh, found it in the bugtracker...00:34
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VadiQuick question, but how does dependency resolution work when I remove a package? I ran into this problem - installed the emacs package, it for 67mb of other stuff. Removed it, and it only cleared 40kb of stuff.02:10
VadiI had to manually go into synaptic and remove the things it dragged in. Not good, because there's a ton of other programs that can probably leave packages about and I won't know about them...02:11
mahmoud_!offtopic | Vadi02:11
ubotuVadi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!02:11
VadiUh huh. Exactly which do I go to?02:12
mahmoud_join #ubuntu02:12
VadiThat's a support channel, I was already there.02:12
VadiI need a technical explanation, please.02:12
ScottK2That doesn't make this a support channel, but in a console window do sudo apt-get autoremove and that'll get rid of it (assuming you aren't on Dapper).02:13
VadiI did it, but that didn't work.02:13
VadiIt said everything was okay.02:13
VadiBut, oh well, whatev. I'll file a bug report02:14
* Hobbsee waves02:16
RAOFHowdie, Hobbsee!02:19
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Alohawhats a sprint?04:11
lifelessits faster than a walk04:12
lifelesssorry ;)04:12
lifelessin general04:13
lifelessbut in Ubuntu04:13
Alohalifeless, thanks :)04:13
Alohalifeless, what gathering are ubuntu sprints centered on?04:16
Alohaoh ijust realized soyuz is russian for launchpad04:18
AfterDeathAloha: in the general sense, a sprint is using a burst of energy to run as fast as possible (unlike normal running, where you would run at a pace that would allow you to keep running for a long time)04:22
AlohaAfterDeath, i know. i was wondering about software sprints. i used to run track04:22
jdongAloha: sprint's an overpriced poor coverage north american cellphone provider :)04:29
Alohajdong, i use AT&T ;)04:29
superm1jdong, well the nextel side of things is overpriced at least, but my coverage is great04:29
jdongAloha: I use AT&T too... it's great at my home in MI04:30
jdongAloha: but here on the MIT campus, I can freaking use Skype to make calls from more places than I can use my cell04:30
superm1jdong, you need to hack together some sort of mic for the touch and then port over an SIP app04:32
superm1thats a much better project than what you mentioned in -motu the other day :)04:32
jdongsuperm1: well first I need to fix some.. er.. packaging issues.. with the MIT intro to EECS laptops :)04:33
jdongsuperm1: my predecessor went kinda metapackage-happy....04:33
jdongand to make matters worse, several metapackages contain VITAL INIT SCRIPTS04:33
superm1running what distro?04:34
jdongsuperm1: Feisty :)04:34
ubotu<Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!04:34
jdongUbuntu is well loved around here04:34
superm1jdong, just ditch feisty and port it all to hardy?04:34
jdongthe next version of the campus public workstation OS will be based on Ubuntu04:34
jdongsuperm1: wish I can, but we use a proprietary kernel module atm04:34
StevenKFor what?04:35
jdongsuperm1: fortunately, we have one bright student working on reverse engineering that04:35
jdongStevenK: NIDAQ data acquisition box04:35
superm1jdong, the module isn't available on newer kernels?04:35
jdongthe thing hardlocks and/or panics the kernel when it isn't happy04:35
superm1jdong, to build against newer kernels that is04:35
jdongsuperm1: from what I understand, it can give RMS heart attacks from 3 floors down04:35
Alohajdong, that sucks. i don't have to worry about coverage too much. I live on an island04:35
jdongsuperm1: but yeah.... it is full of problems the least of which is we have to force-dep on the original released feisty kernel04:36
jdong(YES... it's a BINARY kernel module....)04:36
superm1oh that's really unfortunate04:36
jdongthere's no such thing as "compiling" 'round here :D04:36
superm1you guys tried to contact NIDAQ?04:36
jdongonce this rev enged one kicks off, I'm gonna be happy04:36
jdongsuperm1: I'm not sure, this is the first day I've been submersed into the inner world of the 6.01 course04:37
jdongsuperm1: last term I served as a lab assistant primarily answering student questions on lab assignments and python code04:37
jdongthis term.... I'm kinda managing all the course laptops and stuff too04:37
superm1jdong, but for the machiens that don't end up needing support for the data acquisition box, they could go to a newer release could they not?04:38
jdongsuperm1: well they all will by the 4th week of labs04:38
jdongsuperm1: as I said, upgrading Ubuntu is one of the smaller concerns04:38
jdongright now, there's 4 padlocked RHEL lab workstations that are hardlocked04:38
jdongthe datestamp on one of them is 200004:38
jdongapparently it's padlocked so well nobody knows how to get in :D04:39
jdongoverall though it's a finely run class. Just shows how fun technology can be at times :D04:39
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pittiGood morning06:49
Hobbseemorning pitti!06:54
pittihey Hobbsee, hi ion_106:54
slytherinHi all, we have latest kernel in repos linux-image-2.6.24-7-generic but linux-image-generic still depends on linux-image-2.6.24-5-generic. Is this a known issue? The reason I am asking is that the latest kernel fixes ibook boot issue on hardy but it won't be installed in standard upgrade.07:29
Hobbseeslytherin: normal for a while, until each image has been out for a bit07:30
Hobbseeslytherin: has linux-image-* built on all arches yet?07:30
Hobbseeslytherin: and has l-r-m and l-u-m built on all arches yet?07:31
slytherinHobbsee: let me check07:31
mjg59slytherin: linux-ubuntu-modules isn't built yet, I believe07:31
pittino, lum and lrm weren't uploaded yet07:32
slytherinHobbsee: hppa build for linux-image has failed, ia64 is currently building.07:32
Hobbseeslytherin: the above 2 conditions are why, then07:32
slytherinThanks for info07:32
slytherinI am also eager to check if the new driver manager handles broadcom 43xx devices because there is now a new driver.07:33
pittislytherin: not yet, but I think I'll manage to add one for b43 in the next week07:46
pittislytherin: can I ping you once it's ready, for testing?07:46
pittislytherin: would be great if someone could test it before I upload it07:47
TheMusopitti: Add me to that list also. I've a mini here iwth a b43 I think it is, so I'd be happy to help with testing also.07:48
TheMusoYeah, a BCM430607:49
pittiTheMuso, slytherin: I don't know anything about b43 and b43-fwcutter; from a clean install, is it enough to install b43-fwcutter and it does the rest? if not, which steps are necessary in addition07:50
TheMusopitti: All I need do after an install, is install fwcutter, and I think, it works from there.07:50
pittiok, great07:51
pittithat should be easy enough, then I just need the detection07:51
pittiTheMuso: do you have the current jockey installed?07:51
TheMusopitti: I plan on doing a fresh install in the next few days, so will try the procedure again. If its any different, I'll ping you.07:52
pittiTheMuso: can you please do "jockey-gtk --debug --list >/tmp/jockey.log 2>&1"07:52
TheMusopitti: Just updating the box now..07:52
pittiTheMuso: and send me /tmp/jockey.log? that should help me to verify the current detection07:52
TheMusopitti: Will do.07:53
pittiawesome, thanks07:53
TheMusoAs soon as the mini update.07:53
* TheMuso gets dinner while waiting...07:54
slytherinpitti: I will be happy to test. It is jut that I am not sure if the firmware needed with new driver is same as the old driver. Also the old driver is now blacklisted in favour of new one. I will do some manual installation over weekend needed to make the wireless work with latest kernel and then let you know.08:08
pittislytherin: great, thanks; maybe you can do the same --debug --list command that I asked above?08:14
pittislytherin: the handler will just detect if you have a broadcom wifi, and if so, install b43-fwcutter08:14
pittislytherin: if you need anything in addition, please tell me, so that the jockey handler can do it automatically08:14
slytherinpitti: will do but I will have to wait for the kernel upgrade, right? because current kernel does not boot.08:15
pittioh :)08:15
* Hobbsee sighs at her connectino08:16
dholbachgood morning08:16
slytherinpitti: this is specific to ibook only. related to some old ide drivers. By the way, bcm43xx-fwcutter is in universe. Shouldn't it really be in main and included in CD? because how are you supposed to install it if your connection is not working.08:17
Hobbseemorning dholbach08:18
dholbachhey Hobbsee08:18
pittislytherin: if it's not working, then it's useless anyway, because it needs to fetch the firmware from the net08:21
slytherinpitti: You can have firmware saved locally. At least 'Restricted Manager' allowed using a local .so file.08:22
pittiMacSlow: introducing ubuntu specific strings in patches is ok, as long as the package updates the POT during build08:23
pittiMacSlow: if the package uses cdbs and gnome.mk, this will happen automatically08:23
pittislytherin: hm, true08:24
MacSlowpitti, the packages in question are libwnck and gnome-panel08:24
pittiMacSlow: if not, you have to call intltool-update -p08:24
MacSlowpitti, that one I know08:24
pittiMacSlow: ah, both use cdbs, and gnome.mk I suppose08:24
pittiMacSlow: so, just patch the strings, and the POT and LP translations will automatically get them08:25
pittiso that people can start translating them in LP08:25
MacSlowpitti, for testing I've provided my own translation for de08:26
pittiMacSlow: you can add your new translations as a patch, but IMHO it's easier to maintain if you just translate them in LP08:26
pittihi stgraber08:27
MacSlowpitti, well since I cannot add anything to LP myself (in an official packages) I've to wait for seb128/mvo/you to sponsor/integrate my stuff08:27
iiPingpeople i bump a lot, where can i find the ubuntu-app-developer for ubuntu channel?08:28
MacSlowgreetings carlos08:28
carlosMacSlow: hi08:28
pittiMacSlow: not? you should become a member of the German translation team then08:29
pittihey carlos08:29
TheMusoslytherin: Actually, I haven't been able to boot recent 2.6.24 kernels on my mini either.08:33
TheMusoAs the mini has notebook components, I'd say they both use the same IDE chip.08:33
pittiTheMuso, slytherin: FYI, I created the first version of the b43 handler, which should work at least in general; I'll do the testing/fine-tuning together with you later08:36
TheMusopitti: Sure.08:38
TheMusopitti: You should have mail from me sometime soon.08:49
pittibrb, testing new udev08:52
TheMusopitti: Actually, discard that. Seems the bcm43xx module wasn't loaded for some reason.08:56
slytherinTheMuso: it is blacklisted in favour of new driver. check /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist08:57
slytherinTheMuso: and the not booting problem is fixed in latest kernel uploads.08:57
TheMusoslytherin: Yeah I'm using 7.11.08:57
TheMusoslytherin: Is the newer driver in lum?08:57
slytherinTheMuso: the driver is in kernel itself. But I am not sure which firmware it needs. Check dmesg, it should have some message related to b43 firmware08:59
mjg59b43 needs revision 4 firmware. b43legacy needs revision 3.08:59
TheMusoslytherin: Whats the module name08:59
mjg59bcm43xx uses revision 308:59
MacSlowseb128, greetings08:59
seb128hi MacSlow09:00
slytherinand I guess b43 will need b43-fwcutter instead of old bcm43xx-fwcutter09:00
mjg59The issue isn't the application09:00
mjg59bcm43xx-fwcutter can extract version 4 firmware09:00
mjg59But you need different firmware for b43 and b43legacy, and we need to support both09:01
mjg59b43 can't drive everything bcm43xx can09:01
TheMusoah I see09:01
mjg59It's made even more difficult by the latest hardware needing even newer firmware09:02
slytherindamn, I thought bcm43xx chipsets are not used anymore.09:03
slytherinTheMuso: by the way, the module names are b43 and b43legacy. But I am not sure which one handles which chipset09:04
TheMusoslytherin: Yeah I worked it out.09:05
TheMusopitti: Oh ok, the one I sent you is the right one.09:06
mjg59b43legacy handles old cores. b43 handles new cores. You can't tell from the PCI ID alone.09:07
TheMusoWell on my mini, b43 gets loaded, and there is no firmware change needed.09:09
IulianGood morning.09:10
slytherinmjg59: then how can one decide which to use if not from PCI ID? Or do we trust the autodetection?09:12
mjg59Does it use the ssb bus implementation yet?09:14
MacSlowcan someone tell me what's wrong with the way I created http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch, which not apply to libwnck-2.21.90 when doing dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot ?09:21
StevenKMacSlow: Can you pastebin the error you get?09:21
StevenKMacSlow: It also doesn't patch configure09:22
MacSlowisn't configure always generated when one starts a package-build?09:23
StevenKMacSlow: Not always, depends on the package09:23
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cjwatsonpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4282/09:30
cjwatsonpitti: output of jockey-gtk --debug --list for me; no mention of b43, weirdly09:30
cjwatsonMacSlow: configure is in fact usually *not* detected to avoid build-depending on autoconf et al09:31
pitticjwatson: right, no ssb: modaliases, hmm09:31
cjwatsonwhich sometimes causes problems - generally regarded as better to have the maintainer generate that locally and verify that it's correct09:31
cjwatsonMacSlow: s/detected/generated/09:31
MacSlowStevenK, pitti, cjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/5506309:31
pitticjwatson: does the b43 module get autoloaded for you? or did you stuff it to /etc/modules?09:32
MacSlowStevenK, pitti, cjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/5506309:32
cjwatsonpitti: gets autoloaded, along with bcm43xx09:32
MacSlowI created the patch for libwnck like this09:32
asaccalc: any info on ooo + xul yet?09:32
cjwatsonpitti: I had to blacklist bcm43xx to avoid problems09:32
pitticjwatson: right, bcm43xx is blacklisted by default now09:32
asaccjwatson: i think latest update blacklisted it09:33
TheMusocjwatson: My log didn't have b43 either09:33
cjwatsonMacSlow: there should be a log somewhere with the output of patch09:33
pittihm, so I wonder how b43 can autoload if /sys does not have the corresponding modalias09:33
cjwatsonMacSlow: it may be that you didn't generate it against the immediate parent patch, and collided09:33
pittiMacSlow: unpack the source to a fresh and clean directory, cdbs-edit-patch 02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch, resolve the conflicts09:34
TheMusopitti, cjwatson, my ifconfig -a also gives this: http://www.pastebin.ca/89482709:35
TheMusoThis is with b43 autoloaded.09:35
mjg59b43 doesn't use PCI modaliases09:36
mjg59It uses ssb ones09:36
MacSlowcjwatson, I guess you mean these http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch.level-0.log http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch.level-1.log http://people.ubuntu.com/~mmueller/02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch.level-2.log09:36
mjg59ssb has the PCI modalias09:36
mjg59Broadcom uses a bus called ssb - depending on what sort of host bus you have, the ssb bus will be bridged onto that09:36
StevenKMacSlow: Yeah, that's them.09:36
StevenKMacSlow: You probably have them locally now, too. :-)09:37
cjwatsonpitti: /sys/bus/ssb/devices/ssb0:0 is my Broadcom card, though09:37
mjg59The PCI device is just a PCI to ssb bridge09:37
MacSlowStevenK, of course09:37
mjg59So ssb gets autoloaded, and then generates modalias events for the Broadcom cores09:37
MacSlowStevenK, still I don't understand why that fails09:37
mjg59pitti: Does that explain things?09:38
MacSlowI did use cdbs and created the paches as always09:38
StevenKmjg59: What does ssb expand out to? Wikipedia failed me.09:38
mjg59Silicon Sonics Backplane09:38
StevenKMacSlow: Because the patch doesn't apply for some reason.09:38
TheMusopitti: Mine is /sys/bus/ssb/devices/ssb0:009:38
StevenKMacSlow: Either too much fuzz, or failed hunks09:38
cjwatsonmjg59: ssb doesn't seem to expose modalias files in /sys09:39
cjwatsonwhich is what jockey is looking for09:39
mjg59cjwatson: That's potentially the case09:39
mjg59I'm in San Francisco right now, so I don't have access to a Broadcom right now09:39
cjwatsonMacSlow: level-1 is the relevant one; three failed hunks for some reason09:39
pittiTheMuso: wlan0_rename> udev bug, I filed it a while back09:39
MacSlowit drives me nuts when additional levels of "infrastructure" suddenly make my created patches not apply anymore09:40
StevenKMacSlow: But it just runs patch ...09:40
pittimjg59: yes, thanks; I just need to find a way how to grab it out of /sys then09:40
TheMusopitti: ah ok. My mini is on ethernet, and I never use wireless on it, so thats alright for now.09:41
pittiTheMuso: can you tar up your /sys and send it to me?09:42
TheMusopitti: Can do.09:42
pittiTheMuso: if I cannot rely on moaliases, I need to find a b43 specific way of autodetection09:42
pittiTheMuso: thanks muchly09:42
pittiTheMuso: I'll do "moalias present" || "b43 ssb custom detection" then09:42
mjg59pitti: The b43 and b43legacy modules do, at least, have the revisions they each support in them09:42
MacSlowe.g. just running: patch -p1 <../02_expose_wm_keybindings.patch (while in a freshly grabbed libwnck-2.21.90 works flawless)09:43
StevenKMacSlow: Ah ha. Then the first patch affects it09:43
pittimjg59: right; I hope I can pick out the vendor/product/revision IDs somewhere from /sys and compare it against the modalias lines from modinfo b4309:43
slytherinpitti: in my case b43 got loaded automatically and dmesg had a message that it needs firmware. That is on ibook G4. But I don't have access to the machine right now so can not give more info.09:43
slytherinpitti: I will be able to help on weekend though.09:44
MacSlowStevenK, but I started cdbs with the first patch as parameter09:44
pittislytherin: thanks; if all goes well, I'll already have a handler to test for you09:44
* mjg59 sighs at the kernel09:44
MacSloweven then it applied in the cdbs-session09:44
mjg59It's being mean :(((09:44
StevenKMacSlow: Wierd. I'd follow pitti's suggestion of using cdbs-edit-patch09:44
StevenKmjg59: Show me on the doll where the nasty kernel touched you09:45
pittimjg59: (BTW, jockey does not only look for pci modaliases)09:45
* StevenK hides09:45
mjg59pitti: Sweet09:45
pitti. o O { and I thought that modalias paradigm would be a reliable standard nowadays... }09:46
mjg59pitti: If ssb isn't exposing the modaliases in sysfs (it's certainly generating the uevents) then it probably needs fixing09:46
TheMusopitti: on its way09:47
pittiTheMuso: cheers09:47
StevenKpitti: Could I impose on you to process bug #189797?09:48
Hobbseebug #18979709:51
Hobbseeubotu: ping09:51
ubotuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore09:51
Hobbseeoh, LP is timing out09:52
Hobbseeubotu: go back to parking cars!09:52
pittiStevenK: synced09:52
Hobbsee[20:52] <ubotu> Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:52
StevenKpitti: Thanks!09:53
StevenKpitti: Can I bug you to let it out of binary NEW after it builds? :-)09:54
pittiplease bug me, yes09:54
* StevenK pastes that quote on the front page of wiki.ubuntu.com09:54
MacSlowf**king crap!09:58
MacSlowI did cdbs-edit-patch 01_workspaces_default_name.patch09:59
MacSlowapplied the patches to the .new-variant09:59
MacSlowfrom that created the new patch-diff between .new and the origianal10:00
MacSlowthen I tried to apply the resulting patch against a fresh grab of libwnck-2.21.90 I also did cdbs-edit-patch 01_workspaces_default_name.patch for10:01
MacSlowfailed again10:01
TheMusopitti: I hope you can find something in there thats useful.10:01
sorenCould an archive team member please take a look at netcat-openbsd? Pretty please?10:02
pittiTheMuso: aaah10:04
pittiTheMuso: $ cat ./devices/pci0001:10/0001:10:12.0/ssb0:1/uevent10:04
pittiTheMuso: did you tar this up as root or as user? and with -p?10:05
TheMusopitti: as user, without -p. I can do it again...10:05
pittiTheMuso: as user is great10:05
pittiTheMuso: can you please check the permissions of /sys/devices/pci0001:10/0001:10:12.0/ssb0:1/uevent on your system?10:05
TheMusopitti: -rw-r--r--10:06
TheMuso-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4096 2008-02-07 20:0310:06
pittimjg59: does it sound like a good idea to consider 'uevent' files which have a MODALIAS= line instead of/in addition to looking at 'modalias' files in /sys/devices ?10:09
ion_dholbach: D’oh, i knew i forgot something. Thanks. :-) (Re: the missing (LP: #...) in the changelog)10:09
mjg59pitti: Erm. Can we guarantee that the uevent will only be the modalias?10:09
dholbachion_: no problem10:09
mjg59Devices can generate arbitrary uevents?10:09
pitti$ find /sys/devices -name uevent|xargs grep MODALIAS|wc -l10:10
pitti$ find /sys/devices -name modalias|wc -l10:10
pittidoesn't seem to make a differnence on my box10:10
mjg59I haven't checked the defined smeantics10:10
pittiTheMuso: I take it above commands deliver more results for the udevent line on your system?10:10
mjg59But if it's guaranteed to always provide the modalias, then sure, just check that10:10
pittimjg59: well, to save a lot of file i/o I could probably just do it for the b43 module10:11
pittithe other things we support (nvidia, fglrx et al) don't seem to need it10:11
pittior, generally just for stuff below /sys/devices/.../ssb*/...10:12
pitti(that seems like the best option to me)10:14
hubuntuhello guys.. Wil network manager 0.7 be included in hardy? to coupe with netman 0.65 for an LTS release is probably not the best idea?10:26
hubuntufedora 8 has it already and its rocking.... Will netman 0.7 make it before the feature freeze?10:27
cjwatsonhubuntu: at present it's unlikely since the rewrite doesn't look like it'll be in good enough shape for us by feature freeze10:31
cjwatsonalthough the decision is not final10:31
cjwatsonhubuntu: LTS is not, in general, an argument for switching to new versions of software that are a complete rewrite and are still as yet rather lightly tested10:32
hubuntuthen it will probably end in backports? I10:32
sorenQuite the contrary, really.10:32
cjwatsonbackports obviously has a much less strict policy10:33
hubuntuI know, I'm just all excited about 0.7 and been waiting for a long time for its inclusion... Will the gnome-obex-vfs be included by default? Phones and ubuntu work perfectly now with it, shouldn't it probably be included by default?10:34
hubuntuit's just a shame that the bluetooth applet is there with the option to browse the phone and it just doesn't work out-of-the-box and has to be installed manually...10:36
seb128hubuntu: obex has not been ported to gvfs yet so it doesn't work at all in hardy10:36
hubuntucjwatson: yeah, but backports are not supported...10:37
cjwatsonthat's correct10:38
hubuntuseb128: so we are going for gvfs and drop bluetooth support? Anyone thinking about blueman as an option? I do not know if it supports gvfs but it sure works better than anything else i have tried...10:38
hubuntuok then hardy+1 will be the one to fiunally bring VPN to the masses :)10:39
seb128hubuntu: dunno about bluetooth10:39
slytherinhubuntu: For bluetooth work you should probably keep a watch on this blog, http://www.hadess.net/ :-)10:45
asachubuntu: are you using my nm 0.7 packages from ppa?10:47
hubuntuI have been giving it a try and things seem to work fine with several pcmcia cards10:47
hubuntud-link and netgear cards.. some with restricted drivers other with atheros and one with some open driver i don'æt remember10:48
hubuntuwpa enterprise wortk like a dream10:48
asachubuntu: do you have fedora?10:48
hubuntuwell I've seen it10:48
hubuntuand tried it a bit10:49
asacok ... would be curios to know if we lack some features compared to their release10:49
Hobbseeah yes, i need to try out the mangler again10:50
hubuntuI am justthere was an update i haven't checked on fedora 8: http://liquidat.wordpress.com/2008/01/24/networkmanager-enterprise-encryption-eduroam-style-works-again/10:53
hubuntugood work with those packages asac :) Netman really is the new Chuck Norris and you are the ubuntu Chuck Norris ;)10:58
hubuntuthat is logic, right?10:58
slytherinasac: which PPA has latest network manager?11:01
hubuntuwell it seems bluetooth got even better with gvfs :) - gnome-obex-send is dead, long live bluetooth-sendto. @ http://hadess.net gives me peace of mind11:01
asacslytherin: ~asac11:01
asacslytherin: https://edge.launchpad.net/~asac/+archive11:01
slytherinasac: oops I forgot, PPA doesn't yet support powerpc arch right?11:02
asacslytherin: nope ... you need libnl + wpasupplicant + nm + nm-applet iirc11:06
slytherinasac: that means I will first have to set the pbuilder on my ibook and then build these packages.11:07
Hobbseeasac: is it safe just to add the repo, or?11:07
hubuntuasac you should follow this guy closely: http://blogs.gnome.org/dcbw/ But i guess that's old news for you...11:11
hubuntuthanks for all your help :)11:11
asacHobbsee: for now you need to look what packages i have in there. I will use the ppa of ~network-manager team in future.11:11
Hobbseeasac: right.  when will that change over?11:12
asacHobbsee: next time i upload a nm to ppa. not ETA yet11:13
pittithekorn: current p-lp-bugs uses any() and thus crashes on python 2.411:20
pittithekorn: would you mind if that was rewritten to be 2.4 compatible or shall we just hack it locally?11:20
pittithekorn: I just manually added a definition for any() to commentsbase.py now :)11:22
YokoZarIs "Switch Page Direction" still on the right click menu for Hardy FireFox?11:37
Hobbseedoesn't look like it11:39
TheMusopitti: Sorry, been on the phone. I'll run sed commands and give you the results.11:50
pittiTheMuso: thanks11:50
TheMusopitti: 53 for the first find command, and 51 for the second.11:51
pittiTheMuso: ok, then you have two which are undetected by scanning for modalias; I guess those are the two ssb ones11:51
pittiTheMuso: when I'm done with wrestling with GTK, I'll tackle this to fix it generally in jockey11:52
TheMusopitti: No rush, I'm about to go to bed anyway, so feel free to email/leave an IRC message if further testing/commands are neded.11:52
pittiTheMuso: I'll put your /sys layout of the ssb devices into the test suite11:52
pittiTheMuso: I will, thanks (or ask slytherin)11:53
calcasac: been working on apt/dpkg backporting11:59
asaccalc: ok, today?12:01
calcasac: i'll try to get to it today, i'm still working on the backports but will get on the xulrunner stuff once they are done12:04
calcasac: i'm having to backport apt/dpkg lzma patches (once i find them all) to dapper and edgy for the buildds/servers12:04
* calc is going back to sleep now, his son had woken him up :-\12:05
asaccalc: ok. sleep well12:06
thekornpitti: py-lp-bugs is supposed to work under py2.4, so I will remove this 'any'/'all' statements12:07
pittithekorn: ah, danke12:07
* torkel hugs pitti for finally fixing #14800312:14
Ngwin 14112:15
pittiNg: >= 141 channels? wow, that's what I call a busy IRC client :)12:16
Ngpitti: or a lazy irc operator. once I get past 19 windows and can't use the alt key anymore, it becomes irrelevant how many there are, so I just don't bother closing them ;)12:17
pittiNg: heh, that's why I try to keep them <= 1012:19
ion_I use query autoclose.12:20
StevenKpitti: With irssi you can use alt + q w e .... for above ten12:23
pittiah, neat12:23
* Hobbsee likes alt+a12:23
pittialt+a is what I use for these, too12:24
pittisince I already put commands on alt+letter12:24
* mjj29 has bound all the letters and numbers to channels12:24
ion_I had all the letters bound to window change back in the day. Nowadays i try to limit the amount of channels. :-)12:24
mjj29and alt-` for active-window12:24
ion_I have tab bound to active window.12:24
mjj29ion_: just tab?12:24
mjj29what about tab-completion12:25
ion_I don’t find it useful on IRC. In shell, it is really useful.12:25
ion_(At least when you have a shell where you can type /u/s/d/compi/RE and get to /usr/share/doc/compiz-core/README with a small amount of keypreses)12:27
Mithrandirion_: it's useful for nick-completion, I find. I've pondered binding it to word-completion too, but suspect I'd develop zshenia in my irc client too.12:28
HobbseeMithrandir: is this a problem?12:29
MithrandirHobbsee: it wears out my tab key.12:30
StevenKzsh users only need Tab and Enter anyway12:30
Mithrandiron the other hand, I should be able to just bind all keys on my keyboard to tab and make do with that.12:30
ion_Nicks are typically short, and i prefer to talk to somedude instead of _someDUDE77^ no matter which nick he chooses to use. Also, every so often you complete to the wrong nick and only notice it after hitting enter. :-)12:30
* StevenK high fives Mithrandir 12:30
Mithrandirion_: I'm lazy. :-P12:30
Mithrandirand people suck at speling Mithrandir12:31
StevenKpitti: fbreader hasn't built on ia64, if you can cope with that, could you let it out of binary NEW?12:31
HobbseeMithrandir: and in the event of that, you then bind the tab function to your capslock.  problem solved.12:33
pittiStevenK: done12:34
ion_My caps lock is control, but i’ve been considering making it an escape instead. :-)12:34
Mithrandirmine's compose.12:34
ion_My right hand Windows® key is compose.12:35
Mithrandirlaptop doesn't have a windows key, so. :-)12:35
Hobbseemine does.  you need a bigger laptop12:35
Hobbseeor to bind it to right alt or something.12:36
Keybukmy caps lock key is CAPS LOCK12:36
MithrandirI use right alt for random things.12:36
* Hobbsee used to bind things to insert, long ago.12:36
HobbseeKeybuk: yes, but you're boring :P12:36
ion_I use the right alt mostly for “, ” and –.12:37
Keybukabout the only useless key on the keyboard for me is "Pause/Break"12:37
pittiand the menu key for me; I have never used it12:38
* ion_ just noticed his “Logitech” key opens a calculator. :-)12:38
ion_An idea: make it open irb in a terminal!12:38
MithrandirI have a calculator key on my desktop keyboard.12:39
Mithrandirand a house key.  And one with a letter (as in, what you put in a mailbox) on it.12:39
AmaranthI have a calculator key on my laptop12:40
charles_"By pressing down a special key It plays a little melody"12:40
AmaranthIt's handy, even enables numlock for me12:40
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pittiTheMuso, cjwatson: if you have a moment, could you please try running http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/tmp/detect-test.py and pastebin the output for me? it's the /sys walking ripped out of jockey, now with SSB support13:12
=== cjwatson_ is now known as cjwatson
pittiit passes my test suite with TheMuso's /sys layout, but I'd like to test it on real hw first13:12
cjwatsonpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/4287/13:15
pitticjwatson: rocking' that works; it even detects that the module b43 is linked to it13:16
pitticjwatson: thanks!13:16
tbfglatzor: since you packaged policykit for gutsy... do i have to take some special actions, before i can use policykit?13:30
tbfglatzor: currently there seems to be no 'org.freedesktop.PolicyKit.AuthenticationAgent' service on the session bus13:30
glatzortbf: I only backported them from debian experimental some monthes ago13:32
tbfglatzor: hmm. ok.13:32
glatzortbf: sorry, but I haven't looked at them for a time.13:32
ScottKpitti: I was wondering if there was any chance of MIR processing today?  I still have faint hopes of integrating amavisd-new in the mail server tasksel before feature freeze...13:50
pittiyeah, that was my plan; I'll start after the team meeting13:55
pittiScottK: doko wanted to process some today, too13:55
ScottKThanks.  He seemed skeptical about amavisd-new.  I'd rather you looked at it. ;-)13:56
=== doko_ is now known as doko
pygisiretart, poke14:46
pitticprov, mvo: hm, the symlink should have been mirrored by now, but it's still not on a.u.c.15:04
mvopitti: ok, I will mail elmo then15:05
pittiI guess symlinks pointing outside of /ubuntu don't work15:05
pittiso I'll do a copy instead15:05
mvopitti: he mentioned that the mirror script used may not pick it up15:05
pittimvo: ok, please do that first then15:05
mvopitti: I will and will CC you15:05
* pitti hugs mvo15:05
* mvo hugs pitti15:08
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dholbachsuperm1: does this look interesting to you:  http://www.murrayc.com/blog/permalink/2008/02/07/gnome-lirc-properties-a-gui-to-configure-infra-red-remote-controls/ ?15:27
superm1dholbach, yeah it looks quite interesting. It obviously won't take advantage of the patch that I'v got locally (upstream hasn't accepted it yet) for "include" files in lircd.conf15:50
dholbachsuperm1: ah nice15:50
superm1but that is going the right direction, and fairly similar to what upstream eventually had in mind15:51
superm1dholbach, hopefully next cycle that person authoring that gets in contact with us and we can work together on making it fit well15:52
dholbachsuperm1: that sounds awesome15:52
tseliotsuperm1: did you read my email?15:57
tseliot dholbach: hi15:57
dholbachhi tseliot15:58
superm1tseliot, should I be reading someone else's mail :)?16:11
superm1tseliot, ah yeah you were thrown in a different filter16:12
superm1that's why I didn't see it16:12
superm1tseliot, that is with the latest public release?16:12
superm1or with something else?16:12
tseliotand I also tried the tarball from phoro git16:13
superm1tseliot, you're on list - can you please try with a testing release?16:13
superm1there has been a significant amount of changes to the packaging scripts between last month and the next upcoming one16:13
tseliotI need to get Envy to work with it on Hardy16:14
superm1well that exact issue cropped up before due to the way that dh_shlibs was handling things16:14
superm1and it should have been corrected within the last couple of weeks16:15
tseliotI'm downloading the latest test release right now16:15
tseliotsuperm1: let's chat in private16:17
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CatachanHello, would this be the proper channel to ask abou how to change the color of the screen that pops up between logging in, and the actual Desktop?16:23
sistpoty|workCatachan: #ubuntu16:25
Catachanthank you16:25
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pittidoko: looking at amavisd MIR now16:42
dokosoren: could you have a look at kvm building with gcc-4.2?16:46
sorendoko: I'm realiably informed it won't work.16:47
sorendoko: Well, on i386, anyway.16:47
dokosoren: there are patches floating around, iiuc16:48
pittiScottK: just replied to bug 183418; would you mind doing the upload soon, so that we can actually promote it?16:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 183418 in amavisd-new "MIR for amavisd-new" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18341816:48
ScottKpitti: Will do.  Thanks for the advice.16:49
ScottKpitti: I'll upload it in the next 24 hours.  Up to my eyeballs in $WORK today.16:49
dokopitti: looking at the pam/radius MIRs16:50
sorendoko: Only bad ones.16:53
sorendoko: Although..16:53
tgelter hey all, is it currently possible to use the nvidia driver with hardy?16:53
tgelterI encounter errors when I try to install nvidia-glx-new. I also am unable to load the nvidia kernel module after a successful install of the driver straight from nvidia16:53
sorendoko: Fabrice (the qemu guy) wrote a new code generator that should alleviate the need for gcc-3.x. It's x86 only, so far, but that's all kvm should worry about.16:54
tgelteroh, in relation to my comment about nvidia, I'm running x86_64 hardy16:54
sorendoko: I can check next week. This week is completely booked.16:54
dokosoren: thanks!16:54
sorendoko: er.. When was gcc-3.4 demoted to universe?16:56
sorendoko: That's a *Very* recent change, isn't it?16:57
dokosoren: no, was done at the sprint16:57
sorendoko: That counts as very recent in my book. :)16:57
* soren grumbles a bit16:57
sorenI mentioned kvm needing it on several occasions.16:58
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pittitgelter: that's the same setup that I run here, and n-glx-new works fine for me17:07
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
tgelterpitti: brb and then I'll have a question for you17:12
tgelterpitti: pastebin.com/m34edd0017:28
pittitgelter: ah, that indeed does look like a packaging bug; tjaalton?17:29
tgelterpitti: note that I upgraded from gutsy, this wasn't a fresh install17:31
pittiright, or that17:31
tgelterso what're my options?17:32
pittitgelter: can you please file a bug against linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24, including this output?17:32
tgeltersure thing17:33
tgelterwouldn't this indicate a problem with nvidia-kernel-common rather than linux-restricted-modules?17:35
pittitgelter: oh, sorry, indeed; it's a separate source17:36
tgelteris there anything to explain why I can't load the nvidia kernel module after installing with the binary installer from nvidia?17:39
tgelteris there a particular log I should be checking to see if modprobe is returning any errors?17:39
tgelterah, looks like someone else already created that bug report17:41
zulpitti: around?19:14
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slangasekember: any chance you can follow up on bug #187328?  Now that seahorse has been rebuilt against openldap 2.4, there's a potential for crashes on 64-bit archs in the LDAP code20:02
ubotuLaunchpad bug 187328 in seahorse "seahorse: misbuild on 64-bit architectures due to missing ldap prototypes" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18732820:02
emberslangasek sure, thanks20:15
geserdoes somebody know if gimp will stay at 2.4.3 for hardy or will it get updated to 2.4.4?20:23
geserI try to figure out what to do with ingimp as it wants gimp < 2.4.3 and the latest version in Debian already wants gimp 2.4.4 (but there was a version in unstable generating the right depends on gimp)20:25
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hendrixskiis there a separate tool from apt-ftparchive for creating debug symbol repositores?  because it doesn't seem to pick up ddeb packages :-(20:42
slangasekdoko: are you aware of cwidget being dep-wait on i386 because it's grown an ikiwiki build-depends-indep?21:22
dokoslangasek: now I'm aware of it. thanks21:23
LCID_FireCould anyone give me a hand with grep?21:23
ScottKLCID_Fire: #ubuntu for support.21:24
slangasekdoko: ok, cheers :)21:25
hendrixskiI've made some debug symbol packages, but I can't seem to put them into a repository.  Is there a way to get dpkg-scanpackages or apt-ftparchive to pick those up?21:27
geserslangasek, doko: cwidgets needs also libhtml-scrubber-perl from universe to fulfil build-depends-indep21:28
hendrixskipitti, I've seen your name on a few posts dealing with repositories of ddeb packages.  If you get this, can you direct me to some documentation about how to make them.  Thanks :-)21:32
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* jdong reads Fedora 9's release notes and learns there's now something called PackageKit22:39
jdonghmm... redhat camp seems really Kit happy22:39
TheMusojdong: IMO its shameful.22:39
lifelessI find the *Kit naming bizarre22:39
TheMusolifeless: likewise.22:39
jdongwill we get BazaarKit anytime soon? ;-)22:39
jdongbecause I really version control belongs on top of dbus and HAL22:40
StevenKAre they trying to pay homage to Knight Rider or something?22:40
lifelesswe have it, import bzrlib.plugins.dbus22:40
jdongthere's actually a dbus plugin?22:40
slangasekKatKit, for managing your pet's diet in a trademark-infringing manner22:40
jdongStevenK: *Kit feels really Apple-y to me22:40
TheMusoI think I'll make a speechkit./22:40
TheMusoOr TTSKi.22:41
jdongTheMuso: shouldn't that be a part of ConsoleKit?22:41
jdongwhat's the subunit of a Kit?22:41
TheMusojdong: No.22:41
lifelessjdong: (in a word - yes there really is a dbus plugin)22:41
lifelessjdong: and avahi22:41
TheMusoavahi I can understand... But not dbus.22:42
jdonglifeless: I can understand the value of avahi branch announcements22:42
jdongbut... dbus...22:42
lifelessbzr commit-notify22:42
lifelesslistens on dbus22:42
lifelessgtk window pops up on each commit/push/pull/uncommit22:42
lifelessor branch22:42
lifelessbzr lan-notify shares these on the LAN22:43
jdongwhat's next? coreutils-dbus?22:43
lifelessso you commit to a public branch, I get a commit notify back through dbus and gtk22:43
jdongthe ability to pipe things into dbus and then for another coreutil to fetch it out? :D22:43
jdongI guess I just had a very different conception of what "utopia" meant :)22:44
TheMusolifeless: I actually like that.22:45
TheMusoTHat gtk notification stuff.22:45
lifelessthanks :)22:45
lifelessTheMuso: I haven't done much/any a11y stuff for it22:45
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TheMusolifeless: Oh I'm not so worried about that, although I should check it out some time. I just like the window notifications of branch updates.22:47
lifelessdo you use it regularly ?22:47
TheMusolifeless: I've never used it, but I'm interested enough to check it out.22:49
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