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Rinchenmeeting time beuno mrevell sladen nixternal etc15:59
Rinchen #ubuntu-meeting although it seems everyone forgot!15:59
mrevellRinchen: Any chance you could give me access to the doc on my matthew.revell@gmail.com addr please? I think Google Docs has mailed you16:07
Rinchenon it's way16:08
Rinchenmrevell, I've copied it over as Fridge Revision V2. I'll edit that one so I don't lose the history16:09
Rinchenyou should have access16:09
svakshahi, isnt the meeting today, sorry am late, had no network16:26
mrevellRinchen: Cool, just read the doc, after some LP-related distractions.16:27
Rinchenmrevell, I've just edited it and sent the collab link the fridge list16:27
Rinchenhi svaksha!16:27
Rinchensvaksha, like, you're never online when I'm here!16:27
svakshaRinchen: hi :) is the meeting cancelled?16:28
svakshaRinchen: lol16:28
Rinchensvaksha, yeah, not many ppl showed. Sent two emails.16:28
RinchenI'm using the meeting time to work on the Fridge rejuv stuff16:28
svakshaRinchen: blame the timezones16:28
* svaksha goes to check her mail16:28
* svaksha missed dinner to be here.... network sucks in India16:29
nixternalbah, sorry for missing the meeting :/16:30
nixternalwe have way to much snow here, out working on clearing out the driveway16:30
Rinchennixternal, yeah, you suck. We had like an inch and then it blew over.16:34
RinchenI'm sooo missing the snow16:34
nixternalman, I am not missing it at all16:36
nixternalwe had about 6" of old snow, and then got 13" of new powder yesterday16:36
* svaksha throws 2 snowballs at rinchen and nixternal16:40
Rinchenand one would think that being in the mountains of Colorado one would have snow16:40
svakshagosh i wish we had snow in bangalore ...wistful16:42
nixternalI will email you some snow :)16:45
* svaksha hugs nixternal16:45
svakshaits been so long that i touched snow :)16:46
svakshaRinchen: any news about the 'real name' discussion with LP dev's?16:47
Rinchensvaksha, I've been unsuccessful in getting that restriction lifted at the present time.16:48
Rinchensvaksha, as mrevell pointed out to me, it goes beyond just women16:48
Rinchenit also includes young kids who happen to be FOSS developers16:48
svakshaRinchen: too bad, beyond women ?16:48
mrevellYeah, we have some minors who are not allowed to use real names16:48
svakshaso althe more that the rule should be removed or modified atleast16:49
Rinchensvaksha, I agree.16:49
svakshadoes that mean they cant participate because of this rule...sad16:50
jpatrickRinchen: what's the age limit?16:52
RinchenThere are advantages to having them participate, certainly, but it's not integral to Launchpad.  Launchpad itself doesn't have that restriction so everyone can participate. It's only the beta team we're talking about16:52
Rinchenjpatrick, there is no age limit16:52
jpatrickah, right16:53
svakshamaybe keep it as an optional / individual choice for BT team participants, that makes it more women, kid and minors friendly16:53
* beuno waves17:06
* beuno is embarrassed his UTC <> localtime translation table got mixed up17:06
* svaksha waves a hi to beuno17:12
beunoI see some heavy online editing is taking place though17:13
* svaksha waves g'nite and goes to get some Zzz...18:41
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