superm1xivulon, use -us -uc00:05
superm1avoids signing files that way00:06
xivulonsuperm1 thx00:06
evandhrm, mpt is missing.07:38
evandcjwatson_: is this acceptable in your eyes: http://evalicious.com/resize-partition.png07:38
evandI figured the names can be grabbed from os-prober and .disk/info respectively07:39
evandcolor suggestions welcome (I'll probably grab the theme colors)07:39
evandoh and I'll shrink the height down when I wire up the size request to the label height.07:43
evandor perhaps I should replace Ubuntu 8.04 with "Install Target" or something along those lines.  Hrm.07:47
cjwatson_evand: looks good!09:24
cjwatson_fishing it out of .disk/info if possible would be neat, maybe with a fallback for when it isn't possible09:24
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sorencjwatson: I need some more help with this iscsi.. I can't figure out the easiest way to test it. If I shove the udeb into the initrd (using EXTRAS), it's already unpackad, so it seems anna-install doesn't do anything, but I need it to execute the postinst script for it to ask me the relevant questions.. How to do?09:44
cjwatsondo you have an installer-menu-item field in control?09:46
cjwatsonif so, you should be able to go back to the main menu and select it09:46
cjwatsonotherwise, (a) you probably should, (b) try udpkg --configure09:47
sorenAh, no I don't.09:47
sorenJust Installer-Menu-Item: something or X-&?09:49
sorenXB-&, it seems.09:50
cjwatsonif you want tedious facts ;-)09:58
sorenErm.. Ok, now I get:10:00
sorenUnable to set title for open-iscsi-udeb.10:00
sorenand shortly after:10:01
sorenMenu item 'open-iscsi-udeb' succeeded but requested to be left unconfigured.10:01
sorenI'm guessing this means something to you?10:01
sorencjwatson: ^^10:01
cjwatsonthat means it exited with status 1010:06
cjwatsonunable to set title means you forgot to include a debian-installer/open-iscsi-udeb/title template, but is otherwise harmless10:07
cjwatsonexiting 10 usually means either you deliberately backed up or else you failed to handle some other error from debconf10:07
sorenExited with status 10? I'm guessing something debconfy does this if you don't play nicely? I certainly neve explicitly exit 10.10:07
cjwatsoncode 10 from debconf means "question does not exist"10:08
cjwatsonso perhaps you messed up your templates somehow10:08
sorencjwatson: Ah, that's quite possible.10:10
sorenYes, my templates are not even in the udeb. wtf..10:10
cjwatsonthat would do it. missing dh_installdebconf?10:11
sorenEr, yes. I probably removed it when I got offended that it didn't want to install my .config because it was a udeb... I was quite tired at that point :)10:12
cjwatsonwell, it was correct10:13
cjwatsonyou don't use .config in udebs10:13
sorenI wasn't thinking straight.10:13
sorenI'm better now (I hope).10:13
sorenOh, right, it's in control, not data. Never mind.10:15
sorenWith a bit of luck this'll be ready later today, so we can have a new installer tomorrow with shiny new kernels full of virtio love and iscsi magic. Woo!10:16
cjwatsonmaybe by then my mirror run will have stopped eating ALL MY BANDWIDTH10:18
sorenHmm... Where are templates stored in the installer? They're not in /var/lib/dpkg/info..10:20
sorenAnd /var/cache/debconf doesn't exist.10:20
cjwatsonthey're in /var/lib/dpkg/info in the initrd, until /lib/debian-installer-startup.d/S30templates runs and loads them into the debconf db in /var/lib/cdebconf/10:23
cjwatsonS20templates I mean10:23
soren...at which point they'll disappear from /var/lib/dpkg?10:23
cjwatsonS20templates explicitly removes them to save memory10:23
cjwatsontemplates files tend to be pretty big, what with translations and all10:24
sorenI was just about to mumble something about memory :)10:24
sorenWoo! It's asking me about iscsi now.10:57
* soren does a victory dance10:58
sorenHm... It needs a few modules to be installed. Should I just add them to the core-storage-modules or should I be adding a new udeb for that?11:01
cjwatsonare they iscsi-specific?11:02
sorenSo add another udeb to the kernel build for the icsi modules and make the open-iscsi-udeb depend on that?11:05
cjwatsonI think so, yeah11:06
sorenOne step forwards, two steps backwards.11:07
soren*headdesk* Why, oh why, is the key combo for closing a kvm window and for switching to the syslog vt in the installer the same?11:30
* soren <---- not bitter11:31
sorencjwatson: Any reason why getpwuid would fail in the installer?11:43
sorenOdd.. open-iscsi doesn't care if your uid is 0. It cares about whether or not the username assigned to your uid is "root".12:08
sorenand for some reason getpwent(0) fails in the installer.12:08
* soren -> lunch12:10
cjwatsonmight need to depend on libnss-files-udeb12:18
cjwatsonthe nss modules you need aren't necessarily there otherwise12:18
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sorencjwatson: Ah! Yes, that helped significanly.13:04
sorenW00t! http://warma.dk/iscsi-installer.png13:04
soren14:04:23 < soren> cjwatson: Ah! Yes, that helped significanly.13:05
soren14:04:42 < soren> W00t! http://warma.dk/iscsi-installer.png13:05
cjwatson_soren: nice!13:12
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sorencjwatson: Final piece of the puzzle: The finish-install bit. This is where I'm supposed to install the iscsi package into the target system and copy over the configuration, correct?15:37
cjwatsonyou'd usually want to install it a bit earlier than that15:44
cjwatsonyou can call apt-install at (almost) any point, as long as it's before the CD is unmounted15:44
sorenOk. I thought that was exactly the sort of thing finish-install was for.15:46
sorenWell, I can't do it until there's a filesystem to install it onto, so I need to hook into something that runs after partman.15:46
soren(Just get back to me when you're off the phone. No rush)15:46
cjwatsonsoren: do you need to put the configuration in place before or after installing the package?16:20
cjwatsonsoren: usually it's best to ask for the package to be installed as part of pkgsel, which involves running apt-install in a post-base-installer.d hook16:20
sorencjwatson: Doesn't matter, I guess.16:20
sorenI see.16:20
soren"apt-install foo" just queues foo for isntallation later?16:21
cjwatsonsoren: if you can arrange it, the most elegant way tends to be to create the configuration in post-base-installer.d (when /target exists and has a base system in it) and queue it for installation with apt-install16:21
cjwatsonactually, wait a moment16:21
cjwatsonyeah, that's right16:21
sorenI create the configuration before partman runs.16:21
sorenI just need to copy it over to the target system at some point.16:21
cjwatsonapt-install queues for installation if it's running before apt-setup, and installs it immediately if it's running after apt-setup16:21
sorenAh, ok.16:21
cjwatsonthe benefit of queueing if possible is that it's faster and you get to piggyback on pkgsel's progress bar16:22
cjwatson(saves starting up apt yet another time)16:22
sorenSo /usr/lib/post-base-installer.d/<some number>open-iscsi, I guess?16:23
cjwatsonit is possible to install stuff from early finish-install.d hooks, but I prefer not to if possible16:23
sorenAny advice on the numbering?16:23
cjwatsondoesn't make much difference16:23
cjwatsonhmm, let me just see how other similar things do it16:24
cjwatsonnotwithstanding the above it might be better to be consistent :-)16:24
sorenI just noticed that the ordering in finish-install could be very important.16:24
cjwatsonfinish-install definitely, post-base-installer not really16:24
sorenThat too, yes :)16:24
sorenThis has been an interesting exercise. This is my first package to a) be a udeb and b) use debconf. Not to mention all the installer integration stuff.16:26
cjwatsonthe nearest thing I can find to standard practice is actually to queue the package for installation with apt-install in a suitable partman hook (basically once the user has committed to using it) and create configuration in finish-install16:26
cjwatsonit's not really hugely important where you put the configuration in place, so meh, whatever16:27
cjwatsonone of the problems with flexibility is that you can use it. :-)16:27
* soren chuckles16:28
sorenSo in finish-install, it should be <20, or thereabouts?16:30
cjwatsonapt-install must be <1516:32
cjwatsoncopying configuration to the target must be <9516:32
cjwatsonlook at what's there and pick the thing that seems closest in spirit16:33
sorenWill do.16:33
xivuloncjwatson diff of iso-scan is here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/55041/16:36
xivulondid not test it though16:36
cjwatsonthanks, I saw16:37
cjwatsonwould be better as a bug if you don't want it lost :)16:37
xivulonBug #18963016:37
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189630 in lupin "d-i/hdmedia should have hooks similar to the ones in lupin/casper" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18963016:37
xivulonwill add iso-scan to it16:37
xivulonhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/iso-scan/ or https://bugs.launchpad.net/iso-scan/ ?16:39
cjwatsonthe former16:39
xivulonplease feel free to comment on custom-installation/preseed part16:40
xivulonin casper basically I use a custom-installation folder that contains preseed + override files (if required) + hook scripts16:41
xivulonat the moment I do not require much more than preseed, but in the past hooks and overrides were handy16:42
xivulonwould like to add something like that to d-i hdmedia too16:44
xivulonin the patch above I noticed they were using find | grep -i as opposed to find -iname. Is that because the version of find is crippled? I assumed it supported maxdepth16:56
evandre moving wubi from nsis to python and friends> with feature freeze next friday, I don't think it'd be a good idea.  NSIS may be losing its maintainer, but it seems stable in its current form.17:23
evandnow that's not to say you can't work on that in a separate branch with the intention of using it for the Wubi UI in Hardy+117:24
xivulonI agree with that, we can use python in next cycle, also for winfoss17:24
xivulonThat will bring up space requirement by about ~ 2MB17:25
xivulonIn my experiments, using pywin.mfc + py2exe/pyinstaller + upx, I can get away with 1.5-2.5MB for a full gui executable17:25
evandnot terrible.17:26
xivulonalso it will be inpractical to use native nsis package for building wubi this time around17:27
evandthat's ok17:27
evandI think our current setup works fine for this release17:27
xivulonsince it does not support System plugin calls (low level dll calls) and that requires a C wrapper for each time I use that17:27
xivulonevand if you manage to build it, I'd rather have you generate the builds17:28
xivulonI do not feel confident in having those being downloaded from a public server17:28
evandwhat do you mean by public server?17:28
xivulonI and the old wubi contributors have ssh access, but if any of our passwords has been compromised that would be a big issue17:30
evandYou can't rotate the passwords?17:30
xivulonfor me yes17:31
evandif you're really concerned, we can move the stable wubi release that gets pulled in to http://people.ubuntu.com/~evand17:31
xivulonI like that better17:32
evandpulled into the live cd*17:32
evandI'll take care of that later today17:32
xivulonI was also working on a much overdue wubi code cleanup (including makefile reorganization) but I do not think I will have that by friday17:35
xivulonthat should not affect functionality, but would make the life of others accessing the code much easier17:35
xivulonthat becomes less urgent though considering that I will probably not use native makensis for the time being and that I might recode in python later on17:37
evandmmm, I imagine it will have to wait until the next release if it's not ready by Friday.  This being a LTS release I imagine that slangasek will not appreciate freeze exception requests.17:38
evandah, indeed.17:38
evandxivulon: thoughts on Henrik's email and follow up on the wiki page?  Is coding proposal 2 something you can take care of?17:39
cr3evand: hiya, you might know this: what's the name of the command to grab all the packages from a system which can be piped to another command so that the same packages can be installed on another machine?17:39
evandI usually use dpkg-query for such things.  I'm not sure if there's a more elegant solution though.17:40
xivulondpkg --get-selections?17:40
evandcr3: dpkg-query -W -f='${Package}\n'17:42
xivulonevand I haven't tried that with nsis and nsDialogs, if I can hook mouseover and click events should be doable, will need suitable artwork though17:43
xivulonI might not be able to complete it by friday though, or maybe I will be able to do only a rougher version (no graphics)17:44
evand dpkg-query -W -f='${Package}\n' | tr '\n' ' ' | sudo xargs apt-get install17:44
cr3xivulon: that's what I was looking for, thanks!17:44
evandwould be both ends17:44
evandxivulon: ok17:45
xivulonI am also looking at the buglist now17:45
xivulontranslation staff I can postpone correct?17:45
xivulonI will need to change translation strings a bit17:45
evandI thought wubi had i18n support, no?17:46
xivulonyes but need to update some translations17:46
xivulonso far someone else was taking care of that, now it's just me17:47
xivulonand have to hook to rosetta17:47
evandso by postpone do you mean postpone until after FF or until the next Ubuntu release?17:48
xivulonafter FF17:48
xivulonthat will mostly involve updating PO files and changing strings around17:49
xivulonwill try to do as much as possible before ff though17:49
evandI *think* that's ok as the language pack deadline is April 17th.17:49
xivulonthat was my understanding too17:50
xivulonbut on top of importing po files I may also change some strings/variables internally17:50
xivulonthat too requires a cleanup17:50
evandI'd make as much of an effort to minimize the size of the delta post-FF.  Obviously do what you have to wrt to i18n updates, but the less code that gets changed, the less chance there is of a bug appearing in the 11th hour.17:51
xivulonof course17:52
xivulonI am going through my list should be doable by friday, would need some help on #189630, I will submit a patch for custom-installation-scan mimicking iso-scan18:11
CIA-24debian-installer: cjwatson * r873 ubuntu/ (build/config/common debian/changelog):18:21
CIA-24debian-installer: * build/config/common: Update for Hardy (oops; fortunately this only18:21
CIA-24debian-installer:  mattered for manual builds).18:21
xivulonevand on your side (tag wubi) any item that seem problematic?18:24
xivuloncjwatson re metalinks, even if the feature is not implemented yet, we'd need to agree metalink urls soon since they will be hardcoded18:25
xivulonin an ini file at least, but it will be annoying changing that before releases to reflect metalink url name changes18:26
xivulonI might point to some symlinks/redirectable urls as well...18:26
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2439 ubiquity/ubiquity/components/summary.py: You probably don't want to install grub to a swap partition.21:09
CIA-24ubiquity: evand * r2440 ubiquity/ (bin/ubiquity-dm debian/changelog): * Updated the location of gnome-settings-daemon in ubiquity-dm.21:30
CIA-24oem-config: evand * r408 oem-config/ (debian/changelog oem-config-dm): * Updated the location of gnome-settings-daemon (LP: #190029).21:33
CIA-24oem-config: evand * r409 oem-config/ (aclocal.m4 configure configure.ac): Forgot to bump to 1.2721:34
CIA-24oem-config: evand * r410 oem-config/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):21:36
CIA-24oem-config: * Automatic update of included source packages: console-setup21:36
CIA-24oem-config:  1.21ubuntu2.21:36
CIA-24oem-config: evand * r411 oem-config/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.2721:43
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