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Mr__anyone here?05:07
johnc4510-laptopMr__: yes05:08
Mr__anyone here officially with ubuntu?05:08
johnc4510-laptopnot sure05:08
Mr__i c05:08
Mr__i wonder if they will flip over my domain name05:11
boredandbloggingMr__: whats your domain name?05:13
Mr__they asked me to change the other one05:14
Mr__which i am in the middle of05:14
Mr__the new name i picked is 05:14
boredandbloggingMr__: was the old one ourbuntu or something?05:15
Mr__still have a lot to do to totally switch it05:15
katkinelkbuntu: hey10:14
elkbuntukatkin, hi, in teleconf atm, can i get back to you?10:15
katkinelkbuntu: absolutely, no probs at all - just wanted to catch up about LCA and see how it went?10:15
elkbuntukatkin, i started writing a report up today, but have to find out the name of the sole volunteer that showed up to help run the booth.11:06
elkbuntui'll email it through when i get it done :)11:09
katkindid you see anyone from Canonical there?11:11
yamathere were several Canonical folk at LCA11:21

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