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dholbachgood morning08:16
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HappyCamp_laptopIs there a meeting this morning???16:59
HappyCamp_laptopdavidm: ?16:59
agoliveiraHappyCamp_laptop: Hello!16:59
HappyCamp_laptopagoliveira: hello!  How's it going?17:00
davidmHappyCamp, hi17:00
amitkit was announced on email17:00
* HappyCamp_laptop should read his email17:00
Don_JohnsonHello, Don J is on17:00
agoliveiraHappyCamp_laptop: Still trying to put by butt back in shape after the 16+ hours in airplanes back here :)17:00
HappyCamp_laptopHello, John Villalovos is here17:00
* agoliveira waves all17:00
davidmI'll start the meetint in a moment17:01
Mithrandirmootbot's not here17:01
davidmOK I'll copy the log into the meeting notes.17:02
* agoliveira saw on TV mootbot watching the Carnaval parede in Rio.17:03
agoliveirarusty_: Hi Rusty.17:03
davidmOK first topic:17:03
davidmsmagoun, to talk to cjwatson about getting ckbcomp and such to not be run on each boot?17:03
smagounthis is fixed17:03
davidmOK thanks17:03
davidmSecond topic: ChickenCutlass to to produce boot charts for squashfs vs ext3 for hardy and boot charts for gutsy ext3 on CB17:04
ChickenCutlasswill post bootcharts to the list once I get a working Hardy image (just got one this morning)17:04
davidmNext topic:   Bob Spencer (bspencer) to continue checking that projects are tagged when they release and report back on whether this is the case.17:05
davidmbspencer, is it happing now or does it still need monitoring?17:06
bspencerafter sprint we are getting into the habit of build, tag, upload to PPA17:06
bspencerevery maintainer knows this 17:06
davidmThen I'll close this issue.17:06
davidmNext topic: Moblin plans on implementing gettext for i18n in apps and applets (kyleN)17:07
kyleNany such plans?17:07
bspencerI'm working on that for media player now17:07
bspencerwe have bugs for the apps in our db17:07
kyleNso you plan to implement in midbrowser too?17:07
bspencerbugs = "moblin-media needs i18n support"  for example17:08
bspencermidbrowser should already have this, no?17:08
bspencerwhatever firefox does is already part of the browser solution17:08
kyleNi checked today and didn't find it, but I may have missunderstood17:08
bspencerbut I'm not familiar with it.  I haven't looked into it17:08
kyleNi switched the locale to german and browser did not display in german whereaas other apps do17:08
bspencercwong1: do you know about i18n for browser?17:08
cwong1I am not sure but I will look into this.17:09
rusty_well, mozilla is definitly internationalized17:09
kyleNcwong1: thx. 17:09
rusty_it might night use gettext17:09
bspencermight night 17:09
davidmcwong1, I'll list an action that you are looking into i18n for midbrowser, OK?17:09
kyleNmoblin control panel applets?17:10
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bspencertodd isn't in this meeting I see17:10
bspencerI'll ask him about it17:10
kyleNcan we make that an action, just be be official please17:11
bspencerI think we already have an action for Moblin i18n17:11
bspencerwe can leave it open for another week17:11
davidmbspencer, I'll list an action that you are following up with todd to check on i18n for moblin control panel applets,17:11
davidmActually I've not carried that forward so I'll start to do so.17:11
bspencerdavidm: sure.  I think the current action item covers the whole project.17:11
davidmOK, good enough.17:12
davidmThis may be a VERY short meeting since I have no more open items on the agenda17:12
kyleNi'd like to raise a related issue if I may17:12
agoliveiradavidm: The best kind.17:13
davidmkyleN, go ahead17:13
kyleNlanguage packs. do we know what we are doing here?17:13
ToddBrandti'M HERE17:13
ToddBrandtJUST ON A LAG17:13
ToddBrandtoops, sry for caps17:13
bspencerToddBrandt: maybe you were on mute17:13
davidmBut kyleN please add it to the agenda too.17:13
bspencerToddBrandt: the question was just to check into i18n for applets17:13
kyleNhardy language packs seem to inlcude all packages with UI strings, we want subset17:14
ToddBrandtI'll send out an update with all the bug fixes, I've been head down in them and there are dozens of changes17:14
bspencerToddBrandt: rusty  did we decide to add an i18n switching applet inside control panel?17:14
kyleNin fact, we probably want the ability to make different subsets to support products/releases with different apps17:14
kyleNI'd like to touch base with someone in this area to see if we have a plan that will work17:14
rusty_all code needs to internationalized.... we are not localizing it for anything then english... but if the applets are not internationalized then it's a valid bug17:15
davidmkyleN, that would seem to be controlled by the MID team and it's customer(s) at the time. Not likely to want all sets at once.17:15
MithrandirkyleN: I don't believe anybody has looked into how we are going to make langpacks.  If you could investigate, it would be much appreciated.17:15
ToddBrandtthe applets have internationalization support but since we've changed so much of the text we need to retranslate all the strings17:15
kyleNMithrandir: I am looking at it. I will talk to Arne and maybe martin pitt17:16
ToddBrandtthe original gnome-control-center had a team of translators17:16
kyleNToddBrandt: so, if the apps and source packages are in main, then we can expose in launchpad for translation, I presume.17:17
kyleNdoes the PPA = main? 17:17
bspencerkyleN: no.17:18
bspencerkyleN: PPA is things not in main17:18
kyleNso therefore the code can't be translated now with launchpad, right?17:18
bfillerkyleN: moblin-applets will not be in main17:18
bspencerassuming you mean main = hardy17:18
bfilleror will it?17:18
kyleNbspencer: yes, I meant hardy17:18
rusty_eventually all the stuff in the hardy PPA will be finding it's way into main (on way or the other)17:19
ToddBrandtI checked moblin applets and moblin keyboard manager into ppa hardy, so they're there if that's what your asking17:19
kyleNin other words, i'd like to expose as much as possible in launchpad for translation17:19
rusty_does launchpad provide it's translation capabilities for PPA's?17:19
Mithrandirrusty_: I don't believe so.17:20
rusty_too bad17:20
Mithrandirbut I volunteer kyleN to investigate that.17:20
davidmAs we merge the PPA into main the problem would seem to go away17:20
rusty_yea, it's more of a short term problem17:20
kyleNdavidm: do we know what will end up in main and what won't? 17:21
MithrandirkyleN: at some point, we should be able to remove universe from the list of sources we pull from.  So, everything.17:21
davidmMithrandir, comments?17:21
Mithrandirunless something blows up.17:21
kyleNis there a rough 9or not so rough) time frame for everything being in main?17:21
agoliveiraMithrandir: Your optimism is so refreshing :P17:21
rusty_definitly anything that needs a translation17:22
rusty_i.e. the apps17:22
Mithrandirwe want security support for the bits that compromise UME, and to get that, it must be in main.17:22
kyleNthe apps, hildon desktop, mobline applets etc17:22
bfillerMithrandir: I would think everything would need to be in main by Hardy code freeze, correct?17:22
MithrandirkyleN: takes a while, so hard to tell.  It's very much an ongoing process.17:23
Mithrandirbfiller: there is no freeze by the name of "code freeze" for hardy, but it should hopefully be in main for Hardy Beta and must be for Hardy RC.17:23
davidmWe are pushing hard to get this done, taking care of any security issues as they arrive.17:23
bfillerMithrandir: yeah, that's what I was referring to..17:24
kyleNok, so it should all be exposed for translation via launchpad, expect project specific stuff17:24
bspencerwhen is the next hardy milestone?17:24
bspencerisn't it soon?17:24
Mithrandirbspencer: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardyReleaseSchedule17:24
MithrandirkyleN: what do you mean by "project specific stuff" in this context?17:24
davidmbspencer, look on the internal intel.canonical wiki 17:25
davidmit's more up to date17:25
kyleNI'd like to be able to product language packs for subsets of hardy (namely mobile plus arbitrary apps/packages)17:25
davidmthough the Hardy dates are correct.17:25
kyleNMithrandir: there may be parts of a product that are custom17:25
davidmbspencer, that is more up to date in terms of mobile releases to hardy schedule17:26
kyleNtypo: I meant to say, "produce lang packs"17:26
davidmkyleN, the custom work falls under MID team does it not?17:27
bspencerdavidm: ok.  I'm looking for the link17:27
kyleNI'm done with this for now: everything that can go into main will. I need to work on lang pack issues. intel to investigate i18n of their code.17:27
davidmthe shared wiki URL and /Mobile/RevisedSchedule0101200817:28
davidmbspencer, I can send you the shared wiki URL off line if you need it.17:28
GrueMasterShould I inquire about current MIC and Ubuntu-hardy daily images issues here, email them, or report them in some bug database?17:29
mawhalenbspencer: I sent you the login info17:29
davidmGrueMaster, feel free to inquire17:29
mawhalenWe should also figure out how bugs flow if inputted into the UME launchpad back to someone on our team if it's in components we work on17:30
bspencermawhalen: thanks.  I got it and got in17:30
davidmGrueMaster, our daily builds are working at the moment.17:31
GrueMasterOk, I do a daily git-pull of MIC (make uninstall && make install to clean up the environment).  I have tried building an ubuntu-hardy project with PLATFORM="menlow-lpia-ubuntu-hardy-ppa", but it only pulls from Gutsy.17:31
bfillermawhalen: this already occurs by assigning the bugs in launchpad to one of the moblin teams..17:31
GrueMasterThat's the current MIC issue I'm hitting against.17:31
mawhalenbfiller: thx17:31
bfillermawhalen: sure17:32
GrueMasterOn the Ubuntu-daily, the system won't allow root access via sudo.  It errors with "can not resolve ume hostname".  I can get around it by adding " ume.localdomain ume" to the hosts file if I boot into single user mode first.17:33
Mithrandirwhat's the reason for people using m-i-c from git rather than an actual release?17:33
GrueMasterIt is part of my daily testing mandate.17:34
MithrandirGrueMaster: as for "menlow-lpia-ubuntu-hardy-ppa" pulling from the wrong place, it sounds like a moblin/mic bug so probably talk to HappyCamp 17:34
bfillersmagoun: can you comment on the MIC that is in the PPA and if that fixes the problems GrueMaster is having?17:34
HappyCamp_laptopI will check it out, I thought it was working but will verify.  Myself or prajwal17:35
smagounbfiller: The MIC in the PPA is the most recent released version (0.40). It works properly, to the best of my knowledge.17:35
HappyCamp_laptopAnd the MIC in the PPA came from Moblin.org not too long ago, I believe.17:36
GrueMasterJust to clarify, make uninstall should clean up 'most" of the older stuff in case of config changes, right?17:36
smagounGrueMaster: I'm not sure I'd trust make uninstall, but sudo rm -rf /usr/share/pdk && sudo rm -rf /var/lib/moblin-image-creator do pretty well17:36
HappyCamp_laptop+1  Will wipe out most of image-creator17:37
HappyCamp_laptopExcept binary and a few other files17:37
GrueMasterI have a unique requirement to do both daily snapshots and maintain older snapshots.  Lately, these two processes have been in conflict if I have them on the same system.17:38
smagounAlso, you might clobber ~/.image-creator17:38
davidmGrueMaster, tarballs?17:38
HappyCamp_laptopGrueMaster: if you have a patch to make "make uninstall" work better, please let me know.  Or if what isn't working right in "make uninstall".  We can try to make it better.17:39
GrueMasterTarballs for what?  Projects?17:39
davidmentire paths?17:39
HappyCamp_laptopGrueMaster: he maybe talking about the fact you can save and load projects with MIC17:39
GrueMasterHappyCamp_laptop:  I'll check into it in my "spare" time.  :P17:39
HappyCamp_laptopGrueMaster: okay.  If you have specifics we can look into the code, I will add this to our list of things for prajwal and I to work on.17:40
GrueMasterI do save the older projects > 1 month.  But some of them are based on platform definitions that no longer are supported, which causes issues with MIC.17:41
GrueMasterOn a good note, I have the Beta 6 video drivers semi-working with the 20080205 Ubuntu-hardy daily snapshot.17:42
agoliveiraGrueMaster: Define "semi-working", please?17:42
GrueMasterI say semi-working because I haven't been able to rebuild the kernel modules without a build environment, and I had to replace ume-start-gui with twm.17:42
agoliveiraoh, ok.17:43
GrueMasterThe drivers I have were built with a build image from 1/2217:43
GrueMasterI have to force them into the kernel to load.17:43
davidmmawhalen, Mithrandir is having issues with Customs for the C0 board17:44
GrueMasterEverything works great on a Hardy image from 20080122.17:44
davidmmawhalen, can you work with him off line to fix?17:44
mawhalendavidm: Yes17:44
davidmmawhalen, thanks17:44
davidmOK is there more to cover?17:46
GrueMasterMinor note.  Alsa 1.0.16 works great on D0 with no "special" patches.17:47
GrueMasterTHought I'd throw that in.17:47
davidmGrueMaster, good to hear, thanks17:48
davidmOK, going once................17:48
amitkGrueMaster: Ubuntu will be syncing to 1.0.16 'soon'17:48
davidmOK, going twice........17:49
jaycamitk: when can I expect the lum package?17:49
agoliveirajayc: 'soon' :-D17:49
amitkjayc: -7?17:49
jaycamitK:yes, 717:50
amitkjayc: it needs build tests, so probably end of today or early tomorrow17:50
davidmamitk, jayc any more stuff?17:52
davidmgoing once................17:52
davidmgoing twice........17:52
davidmmeeting closed17:53
smagounIs a busted touchscreen on the Q1 a known hardy issue?17:53
Mithrandirsmagoun: yes.17:54
MithrandirI've asked mjg59 to look at it and I've asked for a status earlier today, but no response yet.17:54
smagounMithrandir: thanks17:55
davidmsmagoun, I also asked patm to look into it, he said he would have someone in Lexington take a look17:55
smagoundavidm: he did? oh. First we've heard of it..17:56
davidmYou all have someone that knows that area pretty good on staff (from what patm said)17:56
davidmI asked him a couple of weeks ago about this.17:56
smagounI just checked with ChickenCutlass. He says Pat never talked to him, but he suspects that the evtouch driver needs to be updated for an input subsystem change in X17:58
davidmsmagoun, with the sprint and all perhaps patm forgot.17:58
patmdavidm, hi, I heard my name18:16
patmdavidm, I now remember that conversation18:16
davidmpatm, can you still have someone look into it?18:18
smagounrusty_: The new moblin-media in the PPA is a bit busted - it depends on new versions of moko, hildon-theme-mobile-basic, and gstreamer-gbus-media-service that aren't in hardy or the PPA. Is someone from your team going to push those new versions to the PPA today?18:23
patmdavidm, michael is going to look into it, evtouch needs to be updated to the new X api18:25
smagounChickenCutlass: potential evtouch patch: http://www.postnuklear.de/xorg-patches/files/xf86-input-evtouch-0.8.7-misc.patch18:26
ChickenCutlasssmagoun, I will loook into it18:26
davidmpatm, ChickenCutlass thanks.18:28
inuka_deskChickenCutlass, I just heard the word evtouch...... where you able to get the calibration utility to work? I am trying to get it to work for a crownbeach screen and seems to be stuck18:28
ChickenCutlassinuka_desk, just got the patch for the new Xorg version , I will try it soon18:29
rusty_smagoun, we are slowly working our way through uploading all dependencies18:29
inuka_deskChickenCutlass, I am running it on gutsy18:29
ChickenCutlassinuka_desk, it break under Hardy because of a input ABI change18:29
ChickenCutlassinuka_desk, it should work under gutsy18:30
smagounChickenCutlass: inuka_desk looks like debian-unstable might have a new, functional version of the driver 18:30
inuka_desksmagoun, thanks I will check it out.18:30
smagouninuka_desk: ^^ 0.8.7-3 works somewhat on my Q1. The mouse moves in discreet (20px) steps, but at least it moves :)18:55
inuka_desksmagoun, I am trying to get it to work on a crownbeach....   the mouse moves for me smoothly but the pointer is following my finger :)19:08
smagouninuka_desk: I'm confused. Isn't the pointer supposed to follow your finger?19:08
inuka_desksmagoun, my bad it does not 19:09
smagounah ok19:09
smagouninuka_desk: try opening a shell then running the touchscreen calibration tool using the 'controlpanel' program19:10
inuka_desksmagoun, thanks I will chek that out19:10
cjwatsonsmagoun: did you have any luck with the suite-diff.py program I sent over?19:38
smagouncjwatson: I had to abandon that for the time being - we decided to rebase on hardy during our recent sprint, so I've been fulltime on that task.19:44
cjwatsonsmagoun: ok, let me know if we can do anything else. I think the thing I blocked on to start with was that I wasn't sure whether you needed a list of things that failed on lpia but not on i386 (fiddly because it requires talking to Launchpad to query build statuses) or just a straight list of what was newer on i386 than on lpia19:45
cjwatsonobviously the latter will have some noise due to packages that just haven't built yet, but that (a) might be OK or (b) might not even be noise19:46
cjwatsonso eventually I decided to just punt and give you the tools :)19:46
smagouncjwatson: I think ideally it's the former, but a simple list of what's newer is fine in practice. We (lexington folk) have had really bad luck with the hardy transition so far, so it's been slow going. I hope to return to the arch sync problem by the end of the month19:47
smagouncjwatson: I really appreciate your help on the problem. I'll let you know what ultimately works best.19:48
cjwatsonok, in that case 'suite-diff.py <URL to i386 Packages> <URL to lpia Packages> gt' should be good enough19:50
cjwatsonoh, but you might also have to figure out something for packages that have *never* built on lpia, some of which will be bugs and some of which will be deliberate19:51
cjwatsonso you'll probably need to use 'gt-ne', and get a slew of output that you have to filter for known don't-cares19:51
tremoluxagoliveira: I have noticed that the version of galculator that's in the UME PPE is quite a few patches behind the version at in the moblin repo20:02
tremoluxagoliveira: including a patch for osso support, some bug fixes, etc.20:03
agoliveiratremolux: Well, I didn't even know there was yet a galculator there and I thought we agreed that those patches would be sent over to be integrated.20:04
agoliveiraI took the latest upstream version we had (1.3.1 IIRC) and added my patches. I'll gladly integrate their patches too of course.20:05
tremoluxagoliveira: yep, ok, I believe that's true20:05
agoliveiratremolux: I just hope there *is* a patch, not just the modified tarball.20:05
tremoluxagoliveira: yep, it's a series of patch files, four or so beyond the two that are in the version in our PPA20:06
smagounagoliveira: there's even a git tree if you want: http://moblin.org/repos/projects/galculator.git/20:07
agoliveiratremolux: Crap. Well, if you feel it's important I can check those out.20:07
tremoluxsmagoun: agoliveira , right, that's where I got the version that I'm comparing20:07
* agoliveira would *love* if Intel just used our tools instead of keep this damn git tree for everything...20:08
smagounagoliveira: version control is a *good thing* :)20:08
agoliveirasmagoun: bzr does that as well :)20:09
tremoluxagoliveira: there was a discussion last week of bspencer planning to upload the latest galculator to the PPA (see wiki from last week)20:10
tremoluxagoliveira: (unless I misunderstand)20:10
agoliveiratremolux: Oh, correct.20:11
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agoliveiraMaybe we should touch again the issue of having the same source base aways with one responsible thus avoiding duplicity.20:13
agoliveirabspencer: Anyway, upload yours and I'll try to come up with a merged version and promisse me you will stick with that and make patches over it only :)20:14
bspenceragoliveira: where is your galculator source?20:15
bspencerI can make patches to that if it is part of ubuntu-mobile in launchpad20:16
agoliveirabspencer: You can pull it from the PPA20:18
tremoluxbspencer: thanks20:22
bspenceragoliveira: got it20:22
agoliveirabspencer: Thanks a lot.20:23
tremoluxagoliveira, bspencer cool, thanks guys20:25
agoliveiratremolux: My pleasure!20:25
ian_brasili am building google gears on lpia and noticed there are no add-ons for the midbrowser ..is this likely to change?20:27
bspencerian_brasil: there is support for addons, but each one has to be tweaked a little to work.  There is no menu item for addons now that I know.  cwong1 or asac could tell you more.20:28
ian_brasilbspencer: thx..i'll ping one of them20:29
HappyCampbspencer, are you in the office today?20:32
bspencerHappyCamp  yes... my home office20:32
bspencergoing to lunch now though20:33
HappyCampOh okay then.  Did you see my "git rm" helpful hint?20:33
agoliveiraHappyCamp: Like in "git rm -rf /"? :)20:33
HappyCampnot exactly ;)20:33
patmcwong1, ping20:36
smagounrusty_: any idea what the ETA is for getting the moblin-media dependencies into the PPA? You can't create a full image from the PPA without lots of tinkering as long as the dependencies are broken.20:40
rusty_smagoun, then let's just remove it for now20:41
rusty_i assume that's possible?20:41
smagounrusty_: it's possible - click the "delete packages" link listed under "actions" on the left side of the PPA webpage20:42
* rusty_ waits for launchpad to serve up a page20:43
smagounrusty_: for some fun, look at the last line of the source when the page comes up. It'll say something like <!-- at least 3382 queries issued in 15.27 seconds -->20:44
smagoun3k queries/page is not how you build a scalable system...20:44
rusty_smagoun, ok, it's deleted... i'll at it back later after i work through the deps20:45
smagounrusty_: thanks!20:45
smagoundavidm: I submitted a merge request for the latest evtouch driver from debian unstable, which includes a patch for the touchscreen on the Q1: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xf86-input-evtouch/+bug/19000420:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 190004 in xf86-input-evtouch "Please merge xf86-input-evdev 0.8.7-3 (universe) from debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] 20:55
smagounOn my Q1 the TS is still a bit jumpy and the calibrate tool doesn't work, but a jumpy TS is better than no TS for now20:55
davidmsmagoun, sounds good20:55
davidmMithrandir, Q1 TS issue getting better.20:56
Mithrandirsmagoun: does that include the patch from http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg-commit/2008-February/014648.html20:58
agoliveiradavidm: Already listening the anoying song...20:59
smagounMithrandir: that looks like a patch to the xserver itself, not evtouch?21:01
mjg59Yes, the inherent issue is in the server rather than the driver21:02
smagounmjg59: So the driver update isn't necessary? Or we need both the driver and server patches?21:05
mjg59I believe the server update should be adequate21:06
smagounmjg59: Are you testing the xserver patch? Any idea for an ETA into Hardy?21:11
mjg59smagoun: I'm blocked on not having access to an x86 build machine at the moment, but this is what upstream have given us21:11
StevenKmjg59: Anything I can do to help?21:28
mjg59StevenK: Testing the code from that patch would be great21:28
smagounStevenK: a warning, the patch doesn't apply cleanly to the xserver in hardy21:31
StevenKsmagoun: If you've already tried, I'm happy to base off your work21:31
smagounStevenK: I'm afraid I don't have anything useful. I spent about 2 minutes on it, and much of that was browsing gitweb.fd.o.21:32
* StevenK tries to figure out where to stuff this patch in xserver-xorg21:38
smagounStevenK: apt-get source xorg-server-core, then it applies (or not) to xorg-server-1.4.1.../dix21:40
smagounor did you mean where in the patch series should it go?21:41
smagounI think I decided that it didn't really matter, since none of the patches in debian/patches affect dix/getevents.c, which is where the changes go21:43
* StevenK tries to get this patch to apply22:17
mjg59asac: I've got a plan for dealing with automatically bringing the wireless up and down on network activity, so I'm looking at adding that to n-m22:18
mjg59asac: Should I look at 0.6 or 0.7?22:18
StevenKUgh. The dix/getevents.c differ too much between git and what is in Ubuntu.22:22
mjg59StevenK: Hang on, I have some older code that might work22:23
mjg59StevenK: www.codon.org.uk/~mjg59/tmp/145_fdo_10324_add_scaling.diff22:23
StevenKmjg59: That applies fine. Along with a .orig file :-)22:27
mjg59StevenK: Hahaoops.22:27
mjg59Let me know if it actually works22:27
StevenKmjg59: Will do, I'll be test building it in a few22:28
mjg59asac: Unf. Your ppa n-m package contains the libtool wrapper for nm-tool, not the actual binary22:33
smagounStevenK: I have to head home now, would you let me know how that touchscreen fix works? If you don't have a Q1 point me at a .deb + I'll test in the morning.22:37
StevenKsmagoun: I shall. I'm going to brutalise my Q1 in a bit22:38
StevenKmjg59: The patch looks to work23:07
mjg59StevenK: Excellent. Want to upload that?23:07
mjg59Should also fix wacom23:08
StevenKmjg59: I've had to apply the patch to the package, and I'm talking to Bryce about it, so I can handle it23:08
cjwatsonMithrandir: (or indeed anyone else) Do you know if you make use of the mobile seeds in any place other than the ubuntu-meta source package?23:25
davidmStevenK, do you know the answer to cjwatson's question?23:26
cjwatsonI ask since I'm going to land a seed restructuring tomorrow once a Launchpad change I've requested lands23:26
cjwatsonand in the process it seems like it'd be convenient for you guys to take the opportunity to split the mobile seeds out into something that's owned by the ubuntu-mobile team23:27
cjwatson(shout if this is a false assumption)23:27
StevenKcjwatson: From what I can recall, only ubuntu-meta makes use of the mobile seeds.23:27
cjwatsoncool; is my other assumption correct (that this would be a useful permissions relaxation?)23:28
cjwatsonI think it might become sensible to build the ubuntu-mobile binary from a separate source package, but I can organise that23:29
StevenKWith the caveat that ubuntu-meta still needs to be sponsored by a core-dev?23:29
StevenKcjwatson: I think the permissions relaxation would help, then people don't have to get blocked on Mithrandir or I23:30
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cjwatson23:29 <StevenK> With the caveat that ubuntu-meta still needs to be sponsored by a core-dev?23:30
cjwatson23:29 <cjwatson> ubuntu-mobile's in universe anyway, so if we split the source out that could be relaxed to ubuntu-dev if you'd like23:30
StevenKcjwatson: But will probably get promoted to main ...23:32
StevenKmjg59: xserver-xorg uploaded, thanks for your help.23:32
cjwatsonI'm not fussed really, it's your (plural) call, just indicating that it will shortly be technically possible and might be more flexible23:32
StevenKcjwatson: Shall we leave the status quo alone and revisit it if it's needed?23:33
cjwatsonif we split the mobile seeds out into a separate branch, though, which I do think we should do as they're a separate product, then that will either require splitting the ubuntu-meta source package or some work in germinate-update-metapackage23:33
cjwatsonwhat I'm trying to do is establish each product we ship as a separate seed branch, and have them actually include a central seed branch (or branches) rather than having to merge back and forward all the time23:34
mjg59StevenK: No problem23:34
cjwatsonthis probably hasn't been so much of a problem for you directly, but it is noticeable at the moment that any time you try to merge the Kubuntu seeds you have to resolve conflicts because mobile is missing there23:35
cjwatsonthis is among the problems I'm trying to fix23:35
* StevenK nods23:35
cjwatsonbut we can just as well leave the split-out mobile seeds owned by ubuntu-core-dev if you prefer23:36
StevenKI think it makes sense to have them owned by ubuntu-mobile23:36
StevenKI'm curious who will own the kubuntu seeds23:37
cjwatsonthey're ubuntu-core-dev at the moment23:37
cjwatson(they've always been split)23:37
cjwatsonthe new seed branches will be platform, server, and mobile23:37
cjwatsonI'll have the same conversation with server, and make platform be ubuntu-core-dev by personal fiat ;-)23:38
StevenK"I declare the world is shaped like this."23:39
StevenKAt this point, either of ubuntu-core-dev or ubuntu-mobile is okay. Since ubuntu-meta requires ubuntu-core-dev, maybe the seeds should still remain as owned by core-dev23:39

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