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Legendarioion_, thanks. Do i have to build the source again?00:03
jdongwhat's the etiquette with the /^REVU: New/ messages on ubuntu-motu? When should they be sent, etc?00:12
crimsunafter you've uploaded and received the NEW.00:13
Legendariogot make erro number 200:16
LegendarioNo rule to make target `/home/kemel/Downloads/Cube/cube-2005.08.29/enet'.  Stop.00:17
Legendarioany clues?00:17
jdongcrimsun: ah, okay. Good to know :)00:17
sladenLegendario: broken make file?00:21
Legendariosladen, i guess not... it was not finding the make file that was not on the usual place. So i used the DEB_MAKE_MAKEFILE string ion_ have given me00:22
Legendariobut now i got this message.00:23
ion_Perhaps you need to give something called enet to it before building.00:24
Legendariono, the /enet is the folder where the make file is00:26
Legendarioam i doing something wrong. i wrote on the debian/rules:00:27
LegendarioDEB_MAKE_MAKEFILE = /home/kemel/Downloads/Cube/cube-2005.08.29/enet00:27
mok0ScottK: New courier patch... :-/00:27
mok0ScottK: Not proud of that...00:28
ion_legendario: Use a relative path, and that’s not the full path to the Makefile. If you want -C instead of -f, there’s a CDBS variable for that as well.00:29
Legendarioion_, sorry. could u be more specific?00:30
ion_legendario: DEB_BUILDDIR is passed as the -C parameter and DEB_MAKE_MAKEFILE as the -f parameter. See make(1). Neither should be an absolute path.00:38
ScottKmok0: Stuff happens.  I didn't suggest you do courier because it would be easy.00:38
mok0ScottK: I knew as soon as I hit return that it was a mistake. I should've reverted it before I uploaded the patch, but I only thought of diff -b after your comment00:40
ScottKNo problem.  I'll try and have a look at it tonight.00:40
mok0ScottK: The init scripts are a bit closer to the debian version. I slightly modified the postinst scripts to make sure /etc/courier exists. I don't know if that explains the russian guys problems, it's a bit far fetched for an upgrade.00:42
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ScottKUsually it's /var/run on a tempfs disappearing when they reboot in the middle of an upgrade to 'fix' something.00:43
Legendarioion_, so how should i write on the file?01:11
ScottK2Legendario: Is the package named Cube and your current version is cube-2005.08.29?01:17
LegendarioScottk2, yes.01:17
ScottK2What you probably want is $(CURDIR)/enet.  That's a relative path from with the package structure to /home/kemel/Downloads/Cube/cube-2005.08.29/enet01:21
LegendarioScottK2, thanks dude. That's probably the solution.01:23
ScottK2No problem.01:24
LegendarioScottK2, so. it would be: DEB_MAKE_MAKEFILE = ($CURDIR)/enet01:25
ScottK2I think so.01:25
Legendariogreat. :-D01:25
Legendariolet me try it01:25
LegendarioScottK2 still getting error201:35
Legendario/bin/sh: Syntax error: "(" unexpected01:35
Legendariomake: *** [debian/stamp-makefile-build] Error 201:35
ScottK2OK.  Well play around with it.  That's the sort of syntax yo uwant.01:36
ion_First, you do not pass a directory to -f, but a filename. Second, you might want -C instead, see make(1). Third, you probably won’t need $(CURDIR) in front of enet. Fourth, $(, not ($01:39
* StevenK sighs. I need notes of what I did so I can undo it again01:41
ion_Look at the version control history.01:41
ScottK2rm -rf *01:42
StevenKion_: This doesn't help when I'm hacking files directly on an install01:42
ScottK2That'll take you back to where you started.01:42
TheMusoStevenK: Still battling that segfault?01:42
StevenKScottK2: I've been looking at this problem for the better part of 15 hours, it so won't.01:42
RAOFHm.  How's this for a copyright header "GNOME Do is the legal property of its developers.  Please refer to the COPYRIGHT file distributed with this source distribution", then the standard GPL headers.01:43
StevenKTheMuso: Yup.01:43
ScottK2Oh.  Nevermind.01:43
RAOFStevenK: That sounds particularly suckworthy.01:43
* StevenK thinks he has sorted it out01:45
ScottK2Yes it is.01:50
StevenKScottK2: And how sarcastic is your mood tonight?01:50
ScottK2Middle sarcastic.01:51
slangasekAnglo-Sarcastic with some Norman influence01:53
crimsunsaivann: did you file #189790?01:53
ScottK2It can't be as bad as the MOTU that filed a but with Debian suggesting they incorporate our change in a package and remove the iceweasel symlinks.01:56
saivanncrimsun : Yes01:57
Legendarioi gotta go now... thanks for all the help. I'll be back if in need.01:57
TheMusoScottK2: ouch01:57
ScottK2Yeah.  I've spoken to him about it.  He feels bad.01:58
TheMusoScottK2: Whoever did that needs to be publically shamed.01:58
ScottK2I think we've had enough of that for a while.  I figure I'll write a mail to the MOTU ML soon and anyone who wants to know who it is can figure it out.01:58
ScottK2Just as a reminder.01:59
crimsunsaivann: while the current source package is suboptimal (!), to ship the binary tarball with the source package is a violation of their license.01:59
TheMusoScottK2: Fair enough.01:59
saivanncrimsun : Do you think that it could be considered as a potential long-term solution for the actual problems with flashplugin?01:59
StevenKScottK2: Shall we say it was TheMuso and publically shame him?01:59
* StevenK chuckles01:59
* TheMuso gawks at the storm out the window. That storm shoudln't be for another 3/4 hours. :p01:59
* ScottK2 smiles01:59
TheMusoStevenK: Oh very nice.02:00
StevenKTheMuso: Sorry, I couldn't resist.02:00
RAOFTheMuso: What?  You've got the storm too?02:00
ScottK2I don't think I've seen StevenK and nice in the same sentence before.02:00
TheMusoRAOF: Yeah, one popped up out of nowhere.02:00
StevenKIt looks stormy here too02:00
saivanncrimsun : That's why I suggest canonical to look if it's possible to have these special rights, but perhaps that I'm too much idealistic02:00
crimsunsaivann: if Canonical were to obtain such a permission, I see no reason for it to even exist.02:00
ScottK2It mostly looks dark here.02:00
TheMusoAlthough it doesn't look like its going to either last long, or give much of a problem.02:01
crimsunsaivann: the point is that as the license currently stands, including the tarball with the source package is a no-go.02:01
saivanncrimsun : Right, would you suggest to set the bug to wontfix?02:01
TheMusoLightning sounds like its only cloud to cloud, judging by thunder clap sound.02:01
crimsunsaivann: I would, correct.02:01
saivanncrimsun : Thanks for your confirmation on this02:01
ScottK2I'm probably just bitter about Canonical core-dev applicants getting head of the line priviledges.02:02
TheMusoScottK2: I agree with you, even though I'm no longer in such a position.02:05
ScottK2If that were the policy, then I'd be fine with it.02:05
crimsunTheMuso: yay, you're core now?02:08
TheMusocrimsun: No.02:09
TheMusoNot yet.02:09
TheMusoWas supposed to be last week, but only mdz was around for the meeting, so it didn't happen.02:09
TheMusoSo next week.02:10
crimsunexcellent, right on FF02:10
ScottK2If they took as in straight order, I'd have been next.02:10
ScottK2Instead there are two Canonical employees stuffed in ahead.  One of which was one day after the MC gave their approval.02:11
ScottK2I also asked him if there was any reason he knew of to rush his application and he said no.02:11
TheMusocrimsun: Better than nothing.02:12
TheMusoYay. Manual merge complete. Now to test.02:21
ScottK2Does anyone know if Debian mia-query works for non-DD maintainers (and if so is there someone with access who'd be willing to check on something for me?).02:21
bddebianHeya gang02:25
ScottK2Heya bddebian02:25
bddebianHi ScottK202:25
uniscriptis it my imagination or did pbuilder change syntax from say pbuilder build to pbuilder --build?02:26
TheMusoStevenK: I take it from your upload, things are fixed?02:29
StevenKLooks like02:30
HobbseeScottK2: they still *should* be able to do 3 at once, i thought02:31
ScottK2Hobbsee: There are already 2 Canonical employees added today.03:17
effie_jayxis it possible to do an package upgrade when upstream has not documented the changes properly ? I have removed all the files that got removed in the new version03:17
HobbseeScottK2: they can't do 3 total?03:17
effie_jayxbut the added files are the ones I should include in the install03:17
ScottK2Hobbsee: I don't know how many they can do.  There are now three on the agenda.03:19
* effie_jayx thinks about droping the idea03:19
ScottK2effie_jayx: If they messed up the release tarball and put wrong files in it, ask them to release a new one.03:19
ScottK2Hobbsee: I just don't get any sign they are interested in community applicants right now.03:20
HobbseeScottK2: perhaps so - but i didn't think they were all canonical members on the TB03:21
effie_jayxScottK,  the source package from upstream has no changelog that can really document the changes to the software03:21
TheMusoHobbsee: Only mjg59 is not Canonical.03:21
Hobbseeah right03:21
ScottK2effie_jayx: Then you can document the changes in debian/changelog.03:22
effie_jayxI think I am not making myself understood :S03:22
effie_jayx1) the URL to the proyect in debian/copyright is not the url to the proyect anymore.03:23
effie_jayx2) upstream released 2.2 without a comprehensive list of changes from 1.103:24
effie_jayxhence it would explaing why the packages is orphan in debian03:24
ScottK2Is it the same upstream moving to a new location or a new developer that's grabbed/forked the package?03:25
effie_jayxyet we have ubuntu users saying... "I emailed the developer he says we should upgrade to 2 as version 1 is not supported"03:25
effie_jayxScottK2, same developer03:25
effie_jayxScottK2, http://kipina.sourceforge.net/03:25
AlohaPlease review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sadms03:26
ScottK2Then update debian/copyright to the new location and document the changes as best you can in debian/changelog.03:26
effie_jayxScottK2,  right... If I could only figure out the changes made by the developer... aparently the package is missing files (the ones version from 0.1.1) and the new files that the developer included are ????03:28
ScottK2Right.  It doesn't have to be detailed.03:29
effie_jayxI removed files from kipina.install but what are the new files he included03:29
ScottK2If he's using sourceforge and their CVS, there will be commit logs that might be useful.03:29
effie_jayxScottK2,  :S03:30
effie_jayxScottK2,  you have to admit I did pick a tought scenario for a beginner to be in ;)03:32
* effie_jayx has a knack for dead ends 03:32
jdongpoor effie_jayx, it seems like all the bugs you pick are cursed :)03:33
TheMusoeffie_jayx: THink of it this way. Its making you a better MOTU in the process.03:33
effie_jayxwell, It is frustrating as well03:34
* effie_jayx looks for a bug to fix in something like xteddy 03:34
TheMusoYes, true.03:35
effie_jayxnah really. I'll put it to rest for a week and see... a new bug is what I need03:35
leonelscottK I had no time today to check that list tomorrow I MUST give time to it  I hope it's not too late03:36
jdongeffie_jayx: I'll think of you and keep my eyes open as I triage bugs for things that might have happier endings :)03:37
effie_jayxjdong,  I'll step up. I promiss03:38
ScottKleonel: No.  Not to late.03:41
* jdong looks at KTorrent in gutsy and wonders if it's massive SRU time again :(03:42
jdongurgh I hate telling people "this crash is fixed in gutsy-backports"03:42
jdongthe problem is, there's about 5 distinctive crasher bugs, none of which can be readily reproduced in a 1-2-3 step method, it's all highly dependent on specific circumstances...03:43
jdongthe last KT SRU took nearly 3 months to roll out and by that time it was already pretty useless03:43
rootvzlahi ^^03:55
TheMusoIf I remember correctly, if an orig tarball is repacked, the tarball name shoudl reflect that correct?03:57
jdongTheMuso: yeah, either .dfsg or [\.+]repack03:58
TheMusojdong: Right, thanks.04:00
TheMusojdong: -EPARSE04:00
jdongTheMuso: I don't know if it's our mandatory policy, but usually get-orig-source in debian/rules to auto-do the repack?04:00
TheMusojdong: right04:01
jdongTheMuso: regex, .repack, +repack, etc04:01
TheMusojdong: Regexps are not my strong point. I assume you mean packagename.repack.orig.tar.gz04:01
jdongsorry, I've been (over)using regex a lot recently... it's made it into everyday conversations too04:01
jdongor +repack104:02
* TheMuso tres to think of a nice way to say "use google" on a mailing list04:02
jdongsure thing :)04:02
superm1TheMuso, you perform the search with some terms and copy the url that's in your address bar, and say "in the future, you can find answers to similar things like this"04:03
TheMusosuperm1: Right. Its someone who couldn'04:04
TheMusosuperm1: Right. Its someone who couldn't be bothered doing their own googling.04:04
superm1yeah so you just give them the nudge with the example google search04:04
TheMusoSo in that case, I couldn't be bothered googling myself.04:04
superm1and hope that they get the right idea04:04
TheMusoRight. Thats out of the way.04:08
ScottK2TheMuso: You can always hand them a copy of this: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html04:08
ScottK2I didn't mean that one.  Oops04:09
TheMusoScottK2: If he bothers me again, I will.04:09
ScottK2I meant this one http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html04:09
TheMusoember: Thanks for your prompt update.04:29
TheMusoI'll take another look.04:29
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* TheMuso thinks about writing a message to -motu about checking copyright notices in REVU packages. I've found a package that appears to have been rejected, and it had one ACK, yet the licensing to me appears incorrect, re debian/copyright.04:55
ScottKTheMuso: Please do.  I've been pondering the same thing myself.04:57
TheMusoScottK: Just to be clear, the library GPL is not the same as the lesser GPL is it.04:57
ScottKOne is version 2 and one is version 2.1/3.  I always have to look it up.04:58
ScottKIIRC 2 == lesser04:58
TheMusoyep you're correct04:58
ScottKSo far I've caused two repacked tarballs this due to non-distributable/linkable stuff that others missed.04:59
TheMusoSo far I've knocked back a package because of debian/copyright stating lesser, when its library04:59
TheMusoHrm. I think I'll return to a package update now.05:01
ScottKOf course no one's perfect.  During the Gutsy cycle I downchecked a package due to debian/copyright deficiencies that had been put on REVU by an archive admin.05:01
TheMusoRight. heh.05:02
Hobbseethat wasn't me05:09
* Hobbsee just has the advantage of not doing new packages.05:09
jdongHobbsee: makes life happier :)05:09
HobbseeScottK: i like your mail05:09
TheMusoScottK: Yeah, me too.05:10
Hobbseeawww, shit.05:10
jdongScottK: yeah, me $last+105:10
TheMusoOh well, upstream don't look like they're going to do a new upstream release any time, guess I'll upload this snapshot with tons of bug fixes in it.05:10
LucidFoxspeaking of +1, this reminds me05:31
LucidFoxIs it known when the name of Hardy+1 will be revealed?05:31
ScottKProbably just after it's to late to upload a lintian that knows about it for Hardy's release.05:33
* Hobbsee snorts05:34
HobbseeScottK: good answer05:34
jdongthe release of ridiculous visual effects?05:36
jdongor where  we get bouncy dock icons?05:36
ScottKItchy Iguana05:36
LucidFoxI'm 90% certain it will be Itchy, but no sure about the animal05:37
* StevenK doesn't like the sound of Itchy05:57
RAOFjdong: Too late; bouncy dock icons are here *now* (lp:awn)06:35
AnAntHello, I am using cdbs, and I need to pass a -l<path> to dh_shlibdeps, how can I do that ?06:51
ion_DEB_SHLIBDEPS_INCLUDE_packagename, or DEB_SHLIBDEPS_INCLUDE for all packages06:52
AnAntoh, thanks06:54
AnAntion_: where can I find such info ?06:54
ion_I just looked at the cdbs source.06:55
ion_cd /usr/share/cdbs/1, grep -r shlibdeps ., oh, there’s an DEB_DH_SHLIBDEPS_ARGS, grep -r DEB_DH_SHLIBDEPS_ARGS ., oh, its definition contains -l $(shell echo $(DEB_SHLIBDEPS_INCLUDE_$(cdbs_curpkg)):$(DEB_SHLIBDEPS_INCLUDE) | perl -pe 's/ /:/g;')06:56
AnAntI see, thanks06:57
HobbseeScottK: your mail really does scare me.07:36
slytheringeser: Is there any work remaining from my side on lucene2? Or is it just that you are very busy? :-)07:43
theseinfeldanybody up for checking the http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=libdc1394-2208:05
theseinfeldIt should be clean now for all errors :)08:06
dholbachgood morning08:16
* LucidFox bods08:20
LucidFox* nods08:21
IulianMorning dholbach08:21
HighNooh no, is't me again... short question: when I create the base structure of the deb package with "dh_make -c gpl -b --createorig" I will be asked for a version. Do I enter the upstream version or the complete ubuntu version? (blueproximity-1.2.2 vs. blueproximity-1.2.2-0ubuntu1)...09:16
man-diupstream version09:18
HighNocan anybody please check why my uploads to revu don't work? my key id is  DSA key ID 2298A62D for  "Lars Friedrichs <LarsFriedrichs@gmx.de>"09:23
HighNodput gives no error, the package is lintian clean and it does not pop up on the revu website.09:23
slytherinHighNo: what do you mean by don't work?09:28
HighNodput states: "Successfully uploaded packages." (to revu.tauware.de) but I can't see my package appearing on the revu website.09:29
HighNois the server revu.tauware.de ok? I did not change the preset settings of dput.09:30
HighNoslytherin: this is what dput gives me: http://pastebin.com/d578db3ee09:33
slytherinHighNo: there is no error, I think it will take some time before the packages show up on revu09:35
HighNoslytherin: do you know how long that would be? As I followed some discussion here yesterday stating "I just uploaded bla, can someone have a look at it please" and I saw it immediatly on the website. That's what kept confusing me.09:37
mok0HighNo: Remember, you need to build the source package (-S -sa) and upload the _source.changes file09:38
slytherinI don't know exact time but should be less than an hour09:38
mok0Uploads to REVU should show up after 10 minutes max09:39
mok0The cron job runs at 10, 20, 30, ...09:39
HighNomoko: that explains the nice timestamps with the packages :-)09:40
HighNomok0: but sadly - it does not tell me why my package does not show up as ten minutes are gone by now09:40
mok0HighNo: you probably uploaded a binary package09:41
HighNomok0: this is my dput output: http://pastebin.com/d578db3ee09:42
mok0Is your sig in REVU's keyring?09:42
jeromeganyone to review my merge of gnome-chemistry-utils ( bug 188404 ) ? Thanks09:43
mok0HighNo: Hm I dunno, you have to find an admin that has access to REVU09:44
lioneljeromeg: I'm on the U-U-S queue, I may reach it :)09:45
jeromeglionel: ok, thank you lionel09:45
HighNomok0: how could I check if my key is in the keyring?09:45
mok0HighNo: Looking at the output, it looks like your sig was recognized during the upload09:46
Fujitsumok0: That's dput, not REVU.09:48
mok0Fujitsu: Ah, yes of course. It's dput verifying on the user's end09:50
slytherinHighNo: you need to join https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-universe-contributors09:51
slytherinHighNo: and your public key needs to be available in launchpad so that it will be synced in the revu keyring09:52
HighNomok0: would it be possible to be signed twice by different keys? I have another key which was created two days ago, not just yesterday - if that was a timing issue... Can I sign the package with another key (another mail address too) without any problem? Both keys are assigned to my launchpad account.09:52
HighNoslytherin: been there - done that :-)09:52
HighNoslytherin: I joined that group two days ago, added one key two days ago and the other one yesterday09:52
slytherinHighNo: the keys ususally are synced every 24 hours IIRC09:53
mok0HighNo: You should define your signing key in the env. variable DEBSIGN_KEYID09:54
mok0HighNo: Of course you need to sign the package with the same key that is on REVU09:54
shibatahi all.09:56
HighNomok0: I know the key has to be there, but as the maintainer I use one mail address (and one key I created just yesterday) and for other stuff I use my company's mail address which I added the day before yesterday. So that key must already be there. The question is - the address for that key is not the same as the one I entered as the maintainer in the packages settings. Does REVU care or would it accept any key that is in the keyring?09:56
mok0HighNo: you signed the change file with the key 2298A62D. If that is the key you also sent to REVU, it should be ok. However, the email address that you use in debian/changelog must have a subkey in 2298A62D10:00
HighNomok0: OK, so I would have to change my mailaddress there too to see a difference. I'll try that.10:03
mok0HighNo: you can have as many mail addresses (uid's) in your gpg key as you want10:03
HighNomok0: I know now, that was just too late. I have two seperate keys now :-( I'll change my package building setup to try my other address now...10:06
mok0HighNo: Make sure you define DEBSIGN_KEYID in .bashrc10:07
HighNomok0: It is now signed with my other key I added the day before yesterday. If that does not work there must be something else broken. Wait a minute...10:09
HighNomok0: OK, the upload with dput worked (as always...) I guess I know have to wait ten minutes and see if it's ok10:11
mok0HighNo: ~7 minutes to next refresh :-)10:12
HighNomok0: thx. Anyway do get this correct: the login to the webpage will be created after my first package is accepted for review (does appear in the list). there will be a password mailed to the email address of my key, encrypted with that key?!10:14
mok0HighNo: No, when you try to login, and it fails, there will be a butten called "Recover". That will give you access to a file that you need to decrypt with your key to get the password.10:18
HighNomok0: so how is the login created in the first place?10:18
mok0HighNo: from your key10:19
mok0HighNo: the server can encrypt a message with your public key that only you can decrypt with the private one10:19
HighNomok0: yes, but when is the account created. Automatically when my key is in REVUs keyring?10:20
mok0HighNo: The account is based on the key you upload. Your login name can be any of the email addresses that are covered by your key10:22
HighNobtw, I have an official problem right now. The package is still not in the list. Even if the keyring is only updated once per day the key I used now must be in there. So my problem seems not to relate to my key.10:22
HighNomok0: Ok, so my first 'correct' upload will be the initial step. (Of course this seems to be my biggest problem atm :-))10:23
mok0HighNo: Hmm. You need to get hold of an admin with access to the REVU server. siretart, sispoty or Hobbsee are some of them10:24
HighNoAnybody with full access to REVU reading this? I have a problem.10:24
* Hobbsee looks in10:24
mok0HighNo: yes, once your first upload has succeeded everything works10:24
HighNoHobbsee: cool, thx10:25
HobbseeHighNo: which package?10:25
HighNoHobbsee: blueproximity10:25
vemonanyone care to review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=lashwrap10:26
Hobbseeoh sigh.10:26
Hobbseesomeone's about to get poked with a very long stick10:26
vemonlashwrap should be quite ready for advocation :)10:26
Hobbsee Thomas Dreibholz <dreibh@iem.uni-due.de> here?10:27
mok0Phew. Some german guy :-)10:27
HighNoHobbsee: I hope I'm not the one to see the wrong side of the stick...10:27
HighNomok0: I am german :-) but i am not Thomas10:27
HobbseeHighNo: no, you've uploaded a source package, not many binary packages10:27
ion_I am not German, but i am not Thomas.10:27
* Hobbsee wonders why the guy decided to upload it *three* *times* before noticing it was wrong.10:28
ion_Well, it’s not as if computers are deterministic.10:28
ion_Oh, wait.10:28
mok0Just keep doin' it until it works...10:29
HighNoHobbsee: to be honest, this is probably my fourth try to upload my package. (but at least I told you guys in here I was having problems :-)10:29
HighNoion_: "Hello IT - have you tried turning it OFF and ON again..." :-)10:29
norsettohowdy all10:29
HobbseeHighNo: yeah, you're not in the keyring10:30
Hobbseei don't think it's autoamted, either10:30
* Hobbsee updates it10:30
HighNoHobbsee: whoohooo10:30
* Hobbsee should really add that to cron10:30
ion_until dput ...; do echo Huh. I bet it works the next time.; done10:30
mok0Hobbsee: you mean, REVU does not regularly update the keyring?10:30
* HighNo would appreciate it10:30
Hobbseethen again, the upload never gets reprocessed anyway10:30
Hobbseemok0: don't think so10:30
HighNoHobbsee: so i have to upload it again?10:31
HighNoHobbsee: thank god bits are so cheap these days...10:31
HobbseeHighNo: no, i can let it thru when it's done10:31
HighNoHobbsee: great news10:31
mok0HighNo: -> HighYes10:32
HighNoI heard those before :-)10:33
mok0HighNo: Sorry, I know it's in bad taste making fun of someone's nick :-)10:33
* Hobbsee updates revu10:33
HighNomok0: I am >30, I don't mind - in a day I probably can't even remember :-)10:34
Hobbseesecurity patches might be nice....10:35
Hobbsee(REVU will drop out for a little bit)10:35
HighNoah, real question: if I find any errors or change things to be more ubuntuish, can I update the package by just uploading a changed version (with a greater ubuntu subversion number of course)?10:37
HobbseeHighNo: to revu?10:37
HobbseeHighNo: with revu, you keep teh same version # - it's diffferent to everything else10:37
Hobbseeto anywhere else, liek the main ubuntu archive, yes10:37
HobbseeREVU is back.10:38
HighNoHobbsee: OK then. I guess there is a queue REVU is working on and blueproximity is the last in line?10:41
HobbseeHighNo: as in, getting it processed, or getting humans to look at it?10:43
mok0Hobbsee: It's not listed on the webpage yet10:45
* slytherin wonders where geser or persia are :-(10:45
Hobbseemok0: i know.  the keyring sync isn't done10:45
Hobbseei'll tell you when it is10:45
Hobbseeslytherin: i ate tehm10:45
slytherinHobbsee: couldn't you wait till one of them sponsored my debdiff?10:46
Hobbseeit takes 20+ mins10:46
Hobbseeslytherin: nope :P10:46
HobbseeHighNo: Accepting upload blueproximity from Lars Friedrichs (Quattro-Scan GmbH) <l.friedrichs@qs.nitag.de>10:48
Hobbseethere you go :)10:48
HighNoHobbsee:  are there so many keys being added every day or does it just take so long to find the newest keys?10:48
HighNoHobbsee: whooohooo10:48
HobbseeHighNo: it has to do a full resync - i'ts not incremental :(10:48
geserslytherin: I'm here, I just got 30 min ago out of bed10:49
Hobbseei don't know why10:49
Hobbseethere you are.  REVU cleaned out10:49
HighNoHobbsee: (regarding package process) this is just linux - it does take much longer that you expect but you probably learned a whole lot about the system. [which is great for people wanting to learn the system - like me]10:50
slytheringeser: Can you tell me your location? I will add location to my clock so I will know when to ping you. :-)10:50
HighNoHobbsee: thanks again. It looks so sweet - lying there innocently on the webpage - until mean reviews will probably tear it to pieces :-) I hope I didn't make to many errors...10:51
slytherinHighNo: not 'tear it' but 'hammer and crush' it :-)10:52
HobbseeHighNo: hehe :)10:52
geserslytherin: Dortmund, Germany10:52
slytheringeser: is it 11:55 am there? And looks like you are having good sunny day. :-)10:54
ion_55? It was :54 when you sent that message. :-)10:54
HighNoslytherin: true - we have a wonderful sunny day here in germany. That increases the good-weather-day-counter for this year up to - ehm - one...10:55
slytherinSo the clock applet works correctly after all10:55
HighNogeser: (I am from Diepholz, near Bremen)10:56
geserslytherin: lucene2 uploaded10:57
Hobbseehm, a lot of this can probably be archived, too10:58
slytheringeser: Thanks. :-D10:58
man-diHighNo: hehe, here in Bremen the count is 2 already :-)10:59
mok0HighNo: afaics you are not using the proper python install tools11:00
HighNonow I can officially ask anyone to review  http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=blueproximity11:00
HighNowow, that was fast :-)11:00
mok0HighNo: I'm not a motu, but I can give a couple of comments11:01
HighNomok0: I know I don't use the standard way but I could always need halp with that one. A standard is a good thing to keep...11:01
mok0imho experience, the easiest is to use python's disttools11:01
mok0it works perfectly with cdbs11:02
mok0HighNo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic#head-1858e9b3d419609c46d89d3afc2b25b0f8e155a511:02
HighNobtw, does reviewing include testing that the software actually does what the description tries to tell us? because then I should add the "needs bluetooth" to my request for review...11:03
mok0HighNo: ubuntu wants to install python programs so they work with several different python versions, the tools take care of that11:03
HighNomok0: thanks, I will have a look at that11:03
mok0HighNo: yes, eventually. But let's first get rid of the packaging issues11:03
HighNomok0: ok, but the page you just mentioned refers to python modules. Those are installed at site-packages as I recall. Mine does not install any modules but runs from a single directory. But as you said, we first take a look at the packaging.11:05
mok0HighNo: another few point: debian/changelog: collapse both entries to one. And... "Initial release" cannot be true of a version 1.2.2, must be "Initial packaging"11:05
* slytherin says fixing lucene2 has been quite a learning experience. :-)11:05
mok0debian/control: Build-Depends: cdbs is there twice11:06
mok0Priority -> optional11:06
mok0ubotu, ! maintainer11:07
ubotuThe "Maintainer" field in a package's information (debian/control) should indicate the Ubuntu team responsible for the Ubuntu specific changes to a package (often the !MOTU for !Universe packages). The original maintainer is preserved in the field "XSBC-Original-Maintainer".11:07
mok0HighNo: See maintainer: policy ^11:07
HighNook, so I have to add myself as I am the upstream author of the package...11:07
HighNoI wasn't sure if I had to be in there twice...11:08
mok0HighNo: No, the maintainer is the ubuntu-motu mailing list11:08
HighNoahh, ok11:08
mok0HighNo: Put yourself as the XSBC-Original-Maintainer11:08
mok0HighNo: You have a homepage for blueproximity? Put it in a Homepage: field11:09
mok0HighNo: debian/copyright. Looks good, but remove the boilerplate #'s at the end11:10
Hobbseeeffie_jayx: excellent.  i can request a sync for rbot now11:10
RAOFmok0, HighNo: If it's the first time it's been packaged in {Ubuntu, Debian}, it's considered an initial release.11:11
mok0HighNo: debian/dirs is *only* for empty directories you want created. Don't use for things that are created by the install11:11
effie_jayxHobbsee, I saw that :D11:11
mok0RAOF: Hm, ok11:11
mok0HighNo: debian/docs: the README.txt file is not that interesting. Most of it is duplicated in the long description. The contributing author should be acknowledged in copyright11:13
mok0HighNo: you have quite a nice HTML manual. That should be included instead. Read about the doc-base system.11:14
mok0debian/rules: Cool, you're using CDBS. That should keep you out of trouble with the MOTUs :-)11:15
HighNomok0: hm, some of this stuff I cannot even see because debuild creates those on the fly... I will still try to fix everything.11:15
HighNowhat would be the exact entry for the maintainer then?11:15
mok0HighNo: I'm just browsing the stuff on the REVU page.11:15
mok0HighNo: Maintainer: Ubuntu MOTU Developers <ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com>11:16
mok0XSBC-Original-Maintainer:  Lars Friedrichs <LarsFriedrichs@gmx.de>11:16
HighNoHobbsee: If I upload my package again with the same name but a different key (because that's the one I ought to use) and the key is already in the keyring, will this give me a problem?11:17
mok0HighNo: I will paste my comments to the revu page for your reference. And for my future MOTU application ;-)11:17
mok0HighNo: you keep uploading same version-release11:17
HighNomok0: cool11:17
HighNomok0:  is the README.txt a real problem? Should I delete it then? Should it just refer to the HTML manual?11:21
mok0HighNo: Don't delete the file, just don't mention it in docs11:21
mok0HighNo: ... but credit the contributors in copyright11:22
mok0HighNo: then there's nothing else in readme..txt afaics11:23
HighNoI am not sure about the dirs file - since I don't have any 'make install' like installation does it still automatically create the necessary directories?11:24
HobbseeHighNo: is the new key in the keyring?11:25
Hobbseeoh right, yes it is.  then it should be fine11:25
HighNoHobbsee: must be, it was added in LP yesterday11:25
Hobbseeah right11:25
HighNomok0: contributors being also translators?11:26
mok0HighNo: Whoever you think deserves to be credited. In a sense they all contribute to your application becoming a success11:26
HighNomok0: ok, I now work on the doc-base stuff. I don't know what you meant there. Should I add a special dh_installdocs call to the rules file?11:29
mok0HighNo: no, you just add a blueproximity.doc-base file in debian/11:29
mok0HighNo: dh_installdocs takes care of the rest, and that is called by CDBS11:29
mok0HighNo: btw, use a spell checker on all the english texts in your package. I didn't see any spelling mistakes, but you never know. The MOTUs are evil, they will get you for anything :-)11:33
* Hobbsee laughs evilly11:36
HobbseeHighNo: Homepage:  <blah> at the bottom of the long description in debian/control would be nice too11:36
HighNoHobbsee: ok11:37
smarterwhat's the standard way to indicate that the .orig.tar.gz has been repacked?11:37
smarter<version>+repack-<revision> ?11:37
Hobbseesmarter: repackaged, as in, files taken out?11:37
Hobbseeor repacked, from tar.bz2 to .tar.gz?11:38
smarterHobbsee: file(actually COPYRIGHT) taken in and tar.bz2 to tar.gz11:38
Hobbseesmarter: usually <version>-repack-0ubuntu111:38
mok0Gotta run guys, see you later!11:38
HighNomok0: I have problems understanding the doc-base system. Although somewhat explained here: http://fts.ifac.cnr.it/cgi-bin/dwww?type=file&location=/usr/share/doc/doc-base/doc-base.txt.gz I don't understand how my .doc-base file should look like exactly11:38
smarterHobbsee: thanks11:38
Hobbseesmarter: or something like that11:38
smarterI've seen "+repack" and "-repack1", I think the first solution is more elegant11:39
HighNomok0: thanks so far!11:39
mok0HighNo: ok, good luck!11:39
smarterHobbsee: this is for the tar.bz2 to tar.gz or for the files added/deleted ?11:40
Hobbseesmarter: i don't think there's a policy on it, so you can pretty much pick11:40
Hobbseesmarter: files added/deleted11:40
Hobbseesmarter: sometimes it's mentioned in the changelog if you've converted it to .tar.gz, but that's rare11:40
HighNoHobbsee: maybe you can give me a little guide here: the .doc-base file should include (my ideas about nice values attached) Document: blueproximity Title: BlueProximity Manual , Author and Abstract I can do by myself but what to put in Section: part?11:42
HobbseeHighNo: no idea, i don't play much with docs, sorry11:43
sistpoty|workhi folks11:43
smarterIt's me, or does uscan --force-download doesn't force download anymore with hardy?11:44
norsettohodwy sistpoty|work11:44
sistpoty|workhi norsetto11:44
HighNoHobbsee: too bad :-/ I will upload a new version anyway. Should I comment on the changes?11:47
HobbseeHighNo: if you like, but stick all of the changes in one changelog entry11:49
smarterTheMuso: ping11:49
smarterTheMuso: you reviewed my package(http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=kde4-style-bespin) and said that most of the files are under GPL and not LGPL, they all contains "GNU Library General Public" in the header which is the other name of the LGPL11:50
smarterand the COPYING.LIB file explicitely state "NOTE! The LGPL below is copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation [...]"11:51
sladensmarter: is there a COPYING file in there somewhere/documentation that states otherwise?11:51
smartersladen: there's a COPYING with the GPL(two files are GPL) and a COPYING.LIB with the LGPL11:52
HighNoHobbsee: The changes I made are all in the debian dir, so I don't think they should be mentioned in the package itself. But I meant commenting on REVU's page11:52
smarterI even used licensecheck -r . to make sure11:52
sladensmarter: that could been the confusing---checking for a COPYING might have been what TheMuso did11:53
TheMusoNo, I saw a difference between what was stated in debian/copyright, and the COPYING files.11:53
TheMusodebian/copyright said lesser, the COPYING files said library.11:54
webwolf_27saivann, I sent you an email regarding the packaging of the Brother Drivers for Multiverse, Have you had a chance to check it?11:55
sistpoty|worksmarter: is there a copying file in the orig-tarball, that contains the LGPL?11:55
HighNoHobbsee: hmm "dpkg-source: warning: unknown information field 'Homepage' in input data in package's section of control info file" - did I misunderstand you telling me to add that "Homepage: http..." to the control file?11:56
HobbseeHighNo: hm, i thikn you ahve to put a space in front if it first11:57
Hobbseeso it doesn't think it's a field11:57
HighNoHobbsee: ahh, that makes sense11:57
Hobbsee(and we may have an X-homepage: field now, or something, come to think of it)11:57
sistpoty|worksmarter: if not, and there files inside the orig-tarball, that are licensed under the LGPL, you'll need to repack the tarball and a a copy of the LGPL11:57
sistpoty|workadd a copye11:57
sladen^^ smarter stated that there was both a COPYING.LIB and a COPYING  (LGPL and GPL)12:00
sladenbut the conflict here is presumebly between that and  debian/copyright12:01
sistpoty|workheh, didn't read irc thourough enough *g*... was confused by "(two files are GPL)"12:01
HighNoHobbsee: too funky, if I leave out the directories where stuff is supposed to get in the debuild for the binary package fails due to a call "install: cannot create regular file `/home/python/blueproximity-1.2.2/debian/blueproximity/usr/bin/blueproximity': No such file or directory" which is because the directory is not there. What shall I do here?12:02
smarterTheMuso: Library GPL == Lesser GPL == LGPL12:03
TheMusosmarter: Are you sure that they are the same beyond the title?12:04
smarterTheMuso: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Library_General_Public_License12:04
TheMusosmarter: And, why was the package originally rejected?12:04
smarterredirect to LGPL12:04
smarterTheMuso: I said that most of the files were GPL and some LGPL12:04
smarterTheMuso: you can check with licensecheck -r .12:04
smarterin devtools12:04
TheMusosmarter: The package was initially uploaded, but must haveen rejected. Why?12:05
smarter"[13:04] <smarter> TheMuso: I said that most of the files were GPL and some LGPL"12:05
smarters/I/debian/copyright if you prefer12:05
TheMusosmarter: Well I'm about to go to bed, so if someone else gives the ok, I will when I come online commorrow.12:06
smarterTheMuso: ok, thanks12:06
smarteractually, jpatrick acked it12:07
shibataMy native language isn't English. And I would like to improve my package description. Can anyone check it for me?12:15
slytheringeser: lucene2 built successfully. :-D12:15
Nightroseshibata: would help if you say which package and where to find it :)12:17
shibataNightrose: thx. My package is http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=kita212:18
luisbg_what's the best way to handle the placing of the app's .desktop file in the system for the menu to use?12:21
ion_dh_desktop(1) probably12:21
ion_Ah, it only seems to be required for .desktop files with MIME types.12:22
luisbg_ion_, ok, thanks let me check that12:22
luisbg_well.. if it's the best way in general12:22
Nightroseshibata: I would remove the !And" at the beginning of the second sentence - but I am not a native speaker either12:22
luisbg_I don't need the MIME types, but no worries12:23
shibataNightrose: Thank you very much. I will remove it.12:24
minghuaPutting the .desktop file in /usr/share/applications and use dh_dekstop, I believe.12:27
slytherinluisbg_: you have to install them in /usr/share/applications, you can do it in install file.12:27
minghuaYou don't need dh_desktop for now if you don't have MIME types, but it may be useful in the future.12:28
luisbg_slytherin, directly in the app.install file? I thought of that but it seams hacky12:28
luisbg_or .postint12:28
luisbg_now wait...12:28
luisbg_ .install sorry LOL12:29
slytherinluisbg_ where does the Makefile in the application install the .desktop file?12:29
luisbg_slytherin, the application has no .desktop file12:29
luisbg_I'm going to create one for it12:29
luisbg_and upload as a patch to the ubuntu package12:29
luisbg_so the makefile doesn't know about this file12:30
slytherinluisbg_: Oh. You will have to do some trial and error then. I don't know exact solution for this.12:30
luisbg_slytherin, I have done the .install method for some software I've developed12:31
luisbg_and clients wanted a deb package, just in a hacky way that didn't had to follow the debian/ubuntu rules12:32
luisbg_I'll try this approach and maybe in REVU I will be asked to change it to a better way12:32
slytherinluisbg_ .install method will work. I am not sure if dh_desktop will work if the file is not provided by upstream source12:32
luisbg_slytherin, ok12:35
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minghuaslytherin: It will.12:47
* norsetto -> lunch12:54
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
slytherinCan some one look into the 'New' queue and take some action on cglib2.1? It will hopefully clear 1-2 more depwait12:57
* norsetto <- lunch13:35
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mruizhi all14:08
coolbhavi Can we upload new packages of new software in ubuntu and new packages which arent there in ubuntu?14:09
* coolbhavi thinks of working towards becoming a MOTU14:09
coolbhaviany Info?14:10
slytherincoolbhavi: Can you please rephrase the question?14:12
Hobbseecoolbhavi: yes, until feature freeze (the 14th)14:12
=== LifeHacker is now known as tuxmaniac
Iuliancoolbhavi: Well, start packaging and upload to REVU, and like Hobbsee said until FF.14:13
IulianHi RainCT14:13
coolbhaviOk.. Will uploading packages help me towards becoming a motu?14:13
Hobbseecoolbhavi: yes14:14
ScottKcoolbhavi: It will help, but it's not required.  Showing a broad range of skills which you get through fixing packaging problems, helping with merges, and other more general tasks can be sufficient.14:14
coolbhaviOK will start active packaging from Hardy+1.. Thanks for the info14:15
slytherincoolbhavi: It is just a start. You need to do lot of practice, need to be consistent in following processes and improve over the time.14:15
coolbhaviOK.. :)14:16
* coolbhavi committed and fallen in Love with ubuntu14:16
slytherincoolbhavi: why hardy+1? You can still help with minor tasks like debdiffs, sync request etc.14:18
jdongcoolbhavi: no need to wait till hardy+1, there's plenty still to be done for Hardy :)14:18
coolbhaviOk... :)14:18
jdongcoolbhavi: packaging new software is only a small part of being MOTU -- for example, when my MOTU application was approved I had actually never personally packaged a new program from start to finish :)14:19
coolbhaviOk.. :)14:19
jdongcoolbhavi: though, as practice, packaging  some program you like will give you good introductory insight into what a basic deb source package consists of14:20
* slytherin wonders how jdong landed in backports team. :-P14:20
jdongslytherin: backports team doesn't generate new code / packages :)14:21
jdongslytherin: in fact, there's severe limitations to how much we can actually do that ;-)14:21
ScottKslytherin: He did it the hard way.  He invented it.14:21
jdongwhat ScottK said14:21
jdongbackports used to be a Sourceforge project14:21
jdongthat checked in an apt repo into Subversion :)14:21
coolbhaviWill start working towards it... Any Info on Howto on sync,merges and so on?14:21
jdongpackages were built for Warty using debuild -B and whatever environment I was running at the time :D14:22
jdongI'm sure I used to be the most hated person around here :D14:22
Hobbsee!jdong | jdong14:22
ubotujdong: <Hobbsee> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!14:22
jdongcoolbhavi: almost all MOTU related work and processes is documented at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU14:23
Hobbseeslytherin: backports == crack, so jdong was suited to it.14:23
tuxmaniacHobbsee, so what is suited for you?14:23
slytherinHobbsee: have you been feeding this nonsense to ubotu? :-D14:23
Hobbseeslytherin: erm.  maybe.  but it's not nonsense!14:24
coolbhaviOk jdong thanks for the info mate14:24
Hobbseetuxmaniac: good question.  ask soren or dholbach, who are certain to say that i just stick around to whinge.14:24
jdongslytherin: and she doesn't accept my !jfuv factoid :D14:24
coolbhaviIt was great talking to you jdong14:25
sistpoty|workHobbsee: just saw your mail on the motu ml regarding revu probs: btw, a quick check, if s.o. is in the keyring is sudo -u revu1 (pathto)revu-key list <keyid>14:25
jdongcoolbhavi: you too. Look forward to seeing you around here more often :)14:25
Hobbseesistpoty|work: this is true, but if the guy's managed to upload 3 versions of binaries, and a source too....14:26
* jdong sees he doesn't have posting permission to #ubuntu-devel....14:26
sistpoty|workHobbsee: there was/is a source upload? still in the queue, or did it show up on revu yet?14:26
Hobbseesistpoty|work: i suspect i rm'd the lot, as i only read the email later14:27
Hobbseeoh, tha'ts right14:27
Hobbseeit was an older source14:27
mruizhi all. For python packaging, which shebang should be used: #!/usr/bin/env python or #!/usr/bin/python2.4 ?14:27
sistpoty|workHobbsee: heh, than I hope that things will return to normal, once he uploads the next source (i.e. account created etc.)14:27
slytherinHas anyone looked at jboss related packages? Looks like there is some circular dependency.14:28
jdongmruiz: what version of python are you looking for?14:28
sistpoty|workif not, I'll hide *g*14:28
Hobbseesistpoty|work: hehe14:28
coolbhaviWill the hardy changes list keep track of syncs?14:28
mruizjdong, python 2.414:29
slytherincoolbhavi: of course it keeps track of any changes that occur in repos14:29
jdongcoolbhavi: yes. A sync is considered an upload and hardy-changes tracks all uploads14:29
ScottKmruiz: It should be /usr/bin/python14:29
jdongScottK: for python 2.4?14:29
slytherincoolbhavi: make sure that the package builts in Ubuntu before request a sync14:29
ScottKmruiz: Why do you need 2.4?14:30
jdongcoolbhavi: have you set up a pbuilder environment locally yet? That's a very useful development tool needed to do just about everything14:30
geserslytherin: re jbossas4: see bug #18455714:30
ubotuLaunchpad bug 184557 in jbossas4 "Circular build-depends, needs initial bootstrapping on the buildds" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/18455714:30
coolbhaviOK.. mean there should be no build failure for the package.. :) thanks14:30
ScottKjdong: /usr/bin/env python would point to 2.5 in an Ubuntu system anyway.14:30
jdongScottK: right, that's definitely wrong (tm) anyway14:31
ScottKjdong: Did you see there's a new ktorrent in Debian?  Didn't check to see if we have it already.14:31
mruizScottK, mnemosyne-1.0 needs it14:31
slytheringeser: I sometime wonder when will debian guys start using buildd for arch:all packages. It will prevent such type of headaches.14:32
jdongScottK: what version do they have?14:32
ScottKmruiz: Please teach mnemosyne to play nice with Python 2.5 if you can.  That's a better solution for the long term.14:32
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jdong[2008-02-07] Accepted 2.2.5.dfsg.1-1 in unstable (low) (Debian KDE Extras Team)14:32
jdongah I see14:32
jdongScottK: I put that in Hardy on the 27th Jan ;-)14:32
mruizScottK, I'll try with python2.5 :-)14:33
jdongmruiz: unless there's a really good reason to lock into one version, accepting the system default /usr/bin/python should be standard practice14:33
ScottKjdong: Yes.  It'd be good to re-sync with them probably.14:33
jdongScottK: right. I'll put looking at that diff on my todo list and see if there's anything that needs to be done14:33
ScottKDepends on zope is the only good reason I'm aware of right now.14:33
=== doko_ is now known as doko
geserslytherin: there were some discussions about it already on the debian-devel-ML but with no success14:34
* jdong curses DSFG repacks...14:35
ScottKjdong: Curse the upstream.14:35
jdongScottK: yeah I'll need to yell at them again for putting that non-free GeoIP data in there14:36
jdongScottK: but other than that, I think personally the other DFSG repack changes are nonsensical14:36
slytheringeser: By the way, I just took a look at lucene2 2.3.x changes. I think we should better be ready to get the package in Ubuntu. I guess I will try making a packaging in my PPA so we can have some testing.14:36
ScottKIMO DFSG is a compromise and a reasonable one.  As with all compromises, it sometimes produces odd results.14:37
geserslytherin: are that big changes in lucene2 2.3?14:37
jdongScottK: overall I've found DFSG repacks to be quite reasonable in nature, but ktorrent's particular repack sometimes drives me nuts14:38
HighNook, I managed to fix all previous problems, would somebody like to review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=blueproximity - thanks14:38
jdongScottK: they stripped out the flag icons because the terms say "You are free to use these in whatever way you want on your website" and ktorrent != website... despite Azureus and a few other P2P apps in Debian use the same flagset14:38
slytheringeser: big and supposedly good.14:38
ScottKjdong: They are right to do so.  Use restrictions are explicitly not allowed.  The other packages are wrong to leave them.14:39
geserslytherin: perhaps it would be good to get a FF exception even if the packages are ready before FF (which is next week)14:39
jdongScottK: *shrug* in that sense then I should bug upstream to switch to a new flag set too14:40
jdongand it'd be nice to have debian/rules get-orig-source in the package too. I'll put that on my TODO list14:40
slytheringeser: that is what I was going to suggest. For now let the official package be at 2.2.x so that netbeans guys do some proper testing. After that I can add package to my PPA and make a call for testing.14:40
ScottKYes.  That'd be nice or get the existing one relicensed.14:41
slytheringeser: do you have rights to accept a package in 'New' queue?14:43
ScottKslytherin: It takes an archive admin to do that.14:44
slytherinScottK: And can i request for package to be processed fast?14:45
ScottKslytherin: And that will get it done faster or slower depending on if the archive admin gets grumpy about you pestering them.  What's the rush?14:45
slytherinScottK: there is one package which may clear the depwait status of at least one more package14:46
ScottKslytherin: I'd just wait then.  We're early enough in the process that I think you should let them prioritize their work.14:47
slytherinScottK: Ok. I will wait14:47
geserslytherin: no, only archive admins have that right14:48
slytheringeser: do you think I should point to the w3c-dtd-xhtml package in Ubuntu on the debian bug?14:56
hexmode Hi all... Just joined the ubuntu-universe-contributors.  I have a couple of packages for revu when the keyring syncs. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/189928 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/18992614:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 189926 in ubuntu "include libapache-test-perl" [Undecided,New]14:56
hexmodeI just wait for them to sync from here, right?14:56
geserslytherin: I doubt that that it will convince the maintainer to accept this change14:57
slytheringeser: leave it then.14:57
RainCThttp://paste.ubuntu.com/4291/plain/   any idea why this is FTBFSing?15:01
LucidFoxhexmode> I assume so15:01
LucidFoxRainCT> try building the .dsc15:01
LucidFoxinstead of .changes15:02
* LucidFox never used pbuilder on .changes15:02
RainCTLucidFox: argh, right -.-15:02
hexmodeLucidFox: tyvm15:02
RainCTLucidFox: thanks15:02
jcfpMOTUs, please take a look at http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus15:15
jcfpScottK RainCT ^^^ :)15:15
ScottKjcfp: I'm busy with $WORK currently.  I'll see if I can get to it later.15:16
ScottKjcfp: In general it's not needed to ping me.  I look at REVU as I have time.15:16
RainCTjcfp: reviewing :)15:18
\shyeah $work is holding me up, too ;)15:18
jcfpduly noted, all of the above15:19
\shand now I know that I have to introduce ubuntu here, and push debian out of the dc15:19
linux__alienHey LucidFox15:20
LucidFoxlinux__alien> yes?15:21
=== greeneggsnospam is now known as jsgotangco
linux__alienJust wanted to say a big hi to you :)15:21
linux__alienam reading through the packaging guidelines15:21
linux__alienand will try a few examples and start contributing as early as possible :)15:22
ScottKlinux__alien: We are very near the freeze for new packages for Hardy, so I'd suggest you focus your initial contributions on trying to fix what we've already got.  Look for bugs tagged packaging and bit-size.15:23
linux__alienScottK, Sure will do that i am new to packaging so ve already started going through it and i could also fix bugs in some packages hopefully15:24
ScottKPerfect.  That's what we need is more fixing.15:24
LucidFoxWhat's the difference between the "Uploaded packages" and "Maintained packages" sections? Maintained are those where I'm listed in the maintainer field?15:25
linux__alienbut basically i need your help and support for first few days :)15:25
ScottKLucidFox: Yes.  Unless you've got packages in Debian that will almost always be empty these days.15:25
ScottKlinux__alien: There are lots of people here to help.15:25
linux__alienyes :) thats what i want :)15:26
RainCTlinux__alien: (*bit-size -> bitesize)15:26
linux__alienthat means ?15:26
LucidFoxScottK> Yes, my package from Debian got synced and that section appeared, hence me asking :)15:27
ScottKThat's exactly what it is then.15:28
RainCTlinux__alien: ScottK said "Look for bugs tagged packaging and bit-size." before, but this tag he mans is "bitesize" and not "bit-size"15:28
ScottKWhat RainCT said ...15:28
RainCTember: please forward the watch file that you created for nautilus-python to Debian if you haven't already done so (although it isn't really needed as there is a get-orig-source rule already)15:31
LucidFoxCan new packages be backported from Hardy to Gutsy?15:32
ScottKLucidFox: Yes15:32
ScottKThey have to go through New again so it may take a while.15:32
RainCTbtw, how can I unextract .diff.gz files using the terminal?  tar -xzf doesn't work15:32
ScottKBackports New is low on the archive's priority.15:32
LucidFoxRainCT> gunzip15:33
LucidFoxor zcat to output the contents to the terminal15:33
ScottKRainCT: I usually just rm -rf the dir and unpack a clean source again.15:33
RainCTLucidFox: ah, thanks :)15:33
LucidFoxto auto-apply the diff, you can use: zcat filename.diff.gz | patch -p015:34
pochuRainCT: zcat *.diff.gz | patch -p115:34
LucidFox-p1 if you're inside the source directory15:34
pochuRight, it will create a ./debian/ dir15:34
LucidFoxHmm, apparently multiverse packages are lower in the buildd priority than universe packages.15:38
ScottKMakes sense.15:40
pochuTheMuso: I guess your +1 in http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=deskscribe still applies, right?15:43
mneptokwho wants to take responsibility for the flashplugin-nonfree update that just got pushed?15:50
jpatrickmneptok: best check who did it on LP15:51
HighNopoor guy :-)15:51
DaveMorrisin the hardy build queue, gmyth is in there twice and 2 slightly different svn numbers, should 1 of them be removed, or will they do that before it's built?15:52
RainCTis there any package in the repos to "freeze" a user (so that any change that is made gets reverted on reboot)?15:53
ScottKDaveMorris: It'll sort itself out.  I wouldn't worry about it.15:54
DaveMorrisnot worried, just noticed15:54
ScottKmneptok: There's also who-uploaded (I think it's called) in devscripts.15:55
sorenmneptok: It's got Riddell's name written all over it.15:56
linux__alienI ve a very basic doubt in packaging should i manually create the changelog file and type the contents manually in it ?16:11
hexmodelinux__alien: use dch16:17
hexmodelinux__alien: emacs has a debian-changelog-mode, and something similar exists for vim, I think.16:17
mruizI'm working on a package using python 2.4 only... how should I define this situation: python (=2.4) on Build Depends?16:17
vemonanyone seen persia?16:19
linux__alienhexmode, i could also type it manually right?16:19
linux__alienis there any problem in that coz i am very new to packaging so till i get a hold of it or rather find it i could type it also right?16:19
hexmodelinux__alien: you could, but that is more painful16:20
hexmodeyou should just use dch16:20
linux__aliendch ?16:20
linux__alienok let me16:20
hexmodeman dch16:20
linux__alienhexmode, The Packaging Guide does not explain how to create these files however i ve managed to create the changelog using dch16:25
linux__alienis there any document which explains that ?16:25
hexmodethere is, I don't recall atm. 1s16:26
hexmodelinux__alien: is dch installed on your machine?16:26
gesermruiz: which package is it? doesn't it work with python 2.5?16:26
hexmodelinux__alien: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing has a bit on dch there16:28
sistpoty|workhi bddebian16:28
geserhi bddebian16:28
mruizgeser, mnemosyne. The new version (1.0) uses python 2.4. With python 2.5 it has problems.16:28
hexmodelinux__alien: From http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/4610: "changelog - The changelog lists changes to the Debian package, not necessarily to the original program. You can create it best with dh_make and add new entries with dch -i."16:29
hexmode 16:29
bddebianHeya gang16:29
linux__alieni did dch --create16:29
bddebianHi sistpoty|work, geser16:29
hexmodelinux__alien: that works too ;)16:30
linux__alienhow about for the control file?16:30
gesermruiz: build-depend on the specific python version (python2.4 or python2.4-dev if you also need the headers) and make sure that scripts use /usr/bin/python2.416:30
mruizthanks geser ... I patched the script to use /usr/bin/python2.4 ;-)16:31
linux__aliencan someone here tell me how to create a control file?16:35
linux__alienfor packaging16:35
linux__alieni read through the packaging guide but am not able to find the way  of creating these files using dch16:35
=== LifeHacker is now known as tuxmaniac
linux__alienbddebian, i just went through dh_make options but not able to find the way to create control file. i gave dh_make --createorig but it didnt get created16:44
linux__alienit said a directory by name debian already exists so it will not overwrite anything16:44
linux__alienand i also gave --addmissing16:44
linux__alienbut does not seem to produce the control file16:44
linux__alienok got it16:45
linux__alienbut am not sure whether what ive done is right16:45
linux__alieni ve got the control file16:45
linux__alieni gave dh_make --addmissing and then when it showed whether single binary and other options i gave cdbs and then it has created many files in the debian dir16:46
linux__alienok got it i guess its generated the file16:46
mok0ScottK: You had me worried for a while... I am inundated in goofs I've done at the moment :-/16:46
ScottKSorry about that.16:47
ScottKIt was late and I was tired.16:47
mok0ScottK: NP. Did you get the package to build?16:47
mruizgeser, should I remove python instead of python2.4 on Build Depends ?16:47
ScottKmok0: I'm up to my eyeballs in $WORK today and so I've not looked again.  It'll probably be tomorrow before I get to it.16:48
mok0ScottK: Tell me about it ;-)16:48
gesermruiz: yes, as python will pull in python2.5 which doesn't help you much16:48
linux__alienOk thanks for all your help got to go now cya tomorrow with some more updates :)16:49
linux__alienthis is getting very interesting16:49
linux__alienhave a nice day16:49
RainCTcya linux__alien16:50
linux__aliencya RainCT :)16:50
HighNomok0: could you have a look at my package again? http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=blueproximity16:54
mok0HighNo: Sure16:54
mok0HighNo: spellchecker: I use aspell, it's simple but ok16:56
HighNoI sacrificed my hole day where I should have done paid work or studying for my exams. I would be so depressed if it wouldn't go into hardy :-)16:56
HighNomok0: thanks, I'll apt-get it right away16:57
HighNomok0: funny - it was already installed... I'll have a look on howto use it then...16:58
mok0HighNo: You must be patient. It normally takes a long time and several reviews before a package gets advocated. But think about it this way: it's good to know that all the other packages have gone through the same careful scrutiny16:59
mok0HighNo: It's what makes Debian/Ubuntu such high quality distros17:00
mok0HighNo: in debian/control, move Homepage: line to the "source package" section, for example after "Maintainer:"17:03
mok0(but that does not matter)17:03
=== thekorn_ is now known as thekorn
HighNomok0: just used aspell to check my CHANGELOG.txt. works great.17:04
mok0HighNo: :-)17:04
mok0HighNo: it's fast to scan the words it doesn't like17:04
HighNomok0: I tried to put Homepage as a new tag below Maintainer: but dh_make doesn't like that tag. even now i get warnings about using a url in the control file. But using it as a tag by its own does lead to even more warnings though no errors...17:06
mok0HighNo: Consider using compat version 6. I believe the construction you use in rules actually does not work in gutsy (there variables need to be after the "include")17:06
mok0HighNo: yeah, you get some warnings from some of the tools, but it's ok17:06
HighNomy wife and kids want to see me for dinner. I'll read your posts in a few minutes. being afk for 20 mins...17:07
mok0HighNo: bon appetit!17:07
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
AlohaPlease review http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=sadms17:13
joejaxxHello All :D17:15
sistpoty|workhi joejaxx17:15
LaserJockhi all17:16
sistpoty|workhi LaserJock17:17
bddebianHeya LaserJock17:19
Alohalaserjock laserjock does what ever a laser can17:20
LaserJockhow are things in MOTU land?17:20
LaserJockI'm at a laser conference at the moment17:20
Alohai use lasers at work to setup chairs in a straight line17:20
LaserJockI use one at home to make sure picture are hung straight17:23
LaserJockwow, flashplugin-nonfree had a lot of activity17:24
ion_I use one at home to blind airplane pilots flying above.17:24
LaserJockion_, tsk tsk17:25
joejaxxion_: lol17:26
ion_I collect crashed airplanes.17:27
mruizgeser, I tried to build the package and I got:  pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: python (= 2.4) but 2.5.1-1ubuntu2 is installed.17:28
jpatrickmruiz: python (>= 2.4)17:32
gesermruiz: how does your Build-Depends line look like?17:33
mruizgeser, jpatrick : My Build--Depends: debhelper (>= 5), python (>= 2.4), python (<< 2.5), python-support17:34
gesermruiz: python is the meta-package which points to the default python version17:35
geserif you want python2.4 then replace "python (>= 2.4), python (<< 2.5)" with "python2.4"17:35
jpatrickmruiz: depend on python2.4?17:35
mruizjpatrick, yes17:35
jpatrickmruiz: http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/python-policy/ch-module_packages.html#s-specifying_versions17:36
mruizjpatrick, XB-Python-Version field is supported under Ubuntu ?17:37
jpatrickmruiz: I suggest reading Debian Devel docs - they're very good :)17:37
jpatrickmruiz: I think so17:37
jpatricktaking out something like that to a core thing would be just wrong17:37
gesermruiz: yes, XB-Python-Version is supported in Ubuntu, but XB-P-V is only used with python-central17:39
gesermruiz: python-support uses now debian/pyversion17:39
ion_Which one was first, and why was the second one made, btw?17:40
mruizgeser, then should I include it (python-support) as Depends ?17:40
gesermruiz: ${python:Depends} should fill in the correct depends on python and python-support17:45
mruizgeser, ok... I'll drop it :-)17:46
mruizuppps, Lintian error : E: mnemosyne source: missing-build-dependency python | python-dev | python-all | python-all-dev17:47
mruizagain: E: mnemosyne source: missing-build-dependency python-support17:47
HighNomok0: re17:48
* sistpoty|work heads home17:49
ScottKmruiz: {python:Depends} does binary depends, not build-depends18:01
mruizScottK, I added python-support to build-depends... but now: E: mnemosyne source: missing-build-dependency python | python-dev | python-all | python-all-dev18:03
mruizand I'm using python2.4 as build-depends...18:05
ScottKmruiz: Did you tell us why you can't use python2.5?18:12
mruizScottK, I did it before... The application doesn't work very well with python2.518:13
ScottKmruiz: In what way?  Does it crash?18:15
rzrhi any hardy users around w/ radeon video hardware ?18:16
ScottKrzr: Try #ubuntu+118:20
webwolf_27whats the proper way to submit a package available binaray-only18:20
rzrScottK: thx18:20
pochuNg: hey, will you release a new terminator before feature freeze? So you don't have to ask for a freeze exception ;)18:22
TuxCrafterhi guys i got a basic question: how do i list all the installed files from a packages from the commandline?18:22
Ngpochu: I'm really hoping so, I have one bug I absolutely have to fix, which I think might have been yours (a crasher)18:23
webwolf_27TuxCrafter, dpkg -c <packagename>18:23
TuxCrafterwebwolf_27: thanks18:23
webwolf_27TuxCrafter, np18:24
pochuNg: oh yeah. NB: terminator didn't closed18:24
pochuNg: were you able to reproduce it?18:24
Ngpochu: not in an en locale, which is quite annoying because if local specific stuff is going to affect the hotkeys, we're going to need lots more code for them ;)18:25
TuxCrafterwebwolf_27: ehm I is not working here dpkg -c maxima-doc18:25
pochuNg: my locale is LANG=en_US.UTF-818:25
webwolf_27I'm currently working on this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/25966 but the cups-wrapper rely on the lpr-drivers and they are binary only. As I understand it I can only upload source packages18:26
ubotuLaunchpad bug 25966 in ubuntu "Printer drivers for Brother needed" [Wishlist,Confirmed]18:26
Ngpochu: oh, that's weird18:26
webwolf_27TuxCrafter, that works on the deb18:26
Ngpochu: and pressing ctrl-} makes it go mad?18:27
TuxCrafterwebwolf_27: is there a way to doe the same with apt?18:27
ScottKwebwolf_27: If there's no source, but it's legally distributable, it can go in multiverse.18:27
webwolf_27ScottK, thats where it's planned for18:27
webwolf_27TuxCrafter, checking18:27
pochuNg: no, only the properties + one of []{} (at least)18:28
ScottKwebwolf_27: OK.  I'm not sure how to do it as I've never had to.18:28
Ngpochu: ah yes (sorry, not read the bug to remind myself exactly what it was). what's properties?18:28
ScottKYou might look for another binary only package in multiverse and see how it was done.18:28
pochuNg: the properties key is the one between the right control and the right left. I don't know how it's said in English.18:28
pochuNg: err the right control and the right alt ;)18:29
webwolf_27ScottK, I can make a tarball of the bin's before packaging18:29
mruizScottK, I've read comments about problems with 2.5 ... I send an email to upstream to clarify the situation18:29
ScottKmruiz: OK.  At this point Python 2.5 has been default for a year here.  Personally, I'd be very reluctant to add python2.4 only software to our repository now.18:30
webwolf_27TuxCrafter, not that I can find18:30
mruizScottK, indeed18:30
ScottKAnd a good point to encourage upstream if they care.18:31
Ngpochu: like a windows menu key?18:31
TuxCrafterwebwolf_27: ok than i will stick with the first command18:32
pochuNg: likely, but that acts as if you pressed mouse2 to open a properties dialog.18:32
pochuNg: this is an Spanish keyboard, btw.18:33
pochuNg: I could attach a photo to the bug report if that's useful18:33
=== never|mobi is now known as neversfelde|mobi
Ngpochu: I'll try and make the code fail sanely and ask you to test it, if thats ok?18:33
AnAntHello, what's meant by native package ?18:34
rzrno need to repackage it (cleanup etc)18:34
pochuNg: sure18:35
Ngpochu: excellent, thanks18:35
AnAntdoes it mean that 1) it doesn't have separate .orig tarball & .diff.gz file. or 2) that package version doesn't end with -0ubuntuX ?18:35
pochuAnAnt: 1)18:36
AnAntpochu: ok, thanks18:36
pochuAnAnt: 2) is that it doesn't have ubuntu changes.18:36
ScottKAnAnt: #1 and this is only for packages only useful in a Debian/Ubuntu context.18:36
AnAntScottK: ok, thanks18:38
TuxCrafterwebwolf_27: thanks for the info18:46
webwolf_27so time for me to go put the kids to bed. Night folks19:03
webwolf_27quit "Zzzzzzzzzzzz"19:03
mruizhi DktrKranz ... I have sent an email to upstream to clarify the python version issue (2.4 vs 2.5) related to Mnemosyne19:16
DktrKranzmruiz, GREAT! thanks :)19:17
mruizDktrKranz, thank you ... also I didn't change the shebang (it was upstream) ;-)19:17
DktrKranzmruiz, if python2.5 is supported, there is no need to change it IMHO19:18
mruizDktrKranz, I agree ... but #!/usr/bin/env python is the same as #!/usr/bin/python ?19:21
jpatrickmruiz: no, you can't pass python args to env19:22
mruizDktrKranz, then I have to patch the shebang ;-)19:22
mgunesif a debdiff closes multiple bugs, should I attach the same debdiff to each one and subscribe u-u-s separately?19:23
DktrKranzmruiz, let's wait for upstream, then. When you have a reply, ping me :)19:23
mruizDktrKranz, sure ... :D19:24
gesermgunes: pick one bug and attach the debdiff there19:24
mgunesgeser, and add separate (LP: #xxxxxx) entries for each in the changelog, and they'll be closed, am I right?19:25
mruizis Homepage field supported ?19:36
ScottKIn Hardy, yes19:37
squentinTo upgrade a package to a new upstream version, the wiki says I should attach an interdiff file, but I think this has been changed right ?19:44
squentinnevermind, I found the note on the interdiff page19:46
leonelScottK:   11 dapper's clamav bugs  and  counting ...  hold on  but not  hold your breath  :-P19:52
ScottKleonel: Excellent.19:59
ScottKleonel: The more the better as it solidifies the case.20:00
TheMusopochu: If there has been another upload, I don't think so. I think 2 acks are still needed.20:09
leonelScottK: I've reached  cves for  0.90 0.91  that may not apply  to 88.2 for the new code  ..20:09
ScottKleonel: That should be suffiicient then.  Would you please email me the list.20:10
leonelScottK: let me check the  remaining 7 cves  ..20:12
ScottKOK.  Thanks20:12
DaveMorrishow can I get uscan to only match on a number rather than a word20:17
ScottKDaveMorris: google regular expressions20:19
ScottKI'd give a more detailed response, but I'm low on time.20:19
hendrixskiI made a libMyfirstLib.deb and a libMyfirstLib-dbgsym.ddeb, ran "apt-ftparchive packages"  because I want to add it to my /etc/apt/sources.list   but the result doesn't have the libMyfirstLib-dbgsym.ddeb   ... is there some separate thing I should be running to get the debug-symbol ddeb's listed for download?20:22
hendrixskierr, listed in the repository I mean.  ?20:23
mruizis linda up to date? I got a warning "3.7.3 is a newer Standards-Version." and I defined it before.20:37
ScottKmruiz: No.  It's not.20:38
=== Kopfgeldjaeger is now known as KGJ|EEE_bestellt
wallyweekgood evening all!20:38
hendrixskiI know that regular repositories are made using apt-ftparchive... is there another tool for creating debug symbol repositories?20:41
wallyweekA small question: a build failure for unofficial archs (powerpc, sparc, hppa...) will prevent a package from entering multiverse?20:59
ScottKwallyweek: You should fix it, but probably not.21:06
wallyweekScottK: thanks, I'm looking through the logs and it could be a endness issue. Is there any way to try such builds on my ppa?21:08
ScottKHow do you know it's a problem?21:11
geserwallyweek: btw which package is it?21:12
hendrixski:-( I've been googling this one for a while.  I have dpkg-create-dbgsym installed and packaged something with the debug symbols but I can't seem to get either dpkg-scanpackages or apt-ftparchive to pick them up :-(21:16
=== lakin_ is now known as lakin
Coperwhen I have run pbuild build *dsc Is there anyway to verify that the package is complete? and work correct?21:18
wallyweekScottK: I'm guessing ;) I have none of that machine to try a build21:18
wallyweekgeser: sdlmame -> https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+source/sdlmame/+builds21:19
=== __infinito__ is now known as infinito_away
ScottKCoper: In KDE, I use ark namd_of_.deb to inspect the binary package and see that it's complete/correct.21:20
Coperokey but I don't get any deb file when I run pbuild or debuild.21:21
ScottKThat's certainly not good.  That or you're looking in the wrong place.21:25
ScottKCoper: If this is console-freecel the version you had on REVU that I looked at certainly produced one.21:25
Coperokey, but where do I find it?21:26
jcfpCoper: try /var/cache/pbuilder/result21:28
mruizbye all21:28
CoperI have to move my file /usr/bin/freecell to /usr/games/freecell using cdbs.21:32
CoperAnyone that know how to do that?21:32
ScottKLutin: Why did you raise the debhelper version dependency requirement to 6 in ristretto?21:42
ScottKCoper: IIRC if you look in debian/rules for pyspf you can see how it's done.21:42
blueyedTo get a new package from Debian contrib into Ubuntu before FeatureFreeze, you can just request a sync/upload a modified package? Who decides about the section (universe/multiverse)? Is contrib => multiverse? (also if the change would be to use icedtea instead of sun-java?)21:45
jpatrickblueyed: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/SyncRequestProcess21:46
ScottKblueyed: Archive admins will decide which place to stick it.21:46
blueyedjpatrick: so this applies to non-existent packages, too? Great, thanks.21:46
blueyedIn case of ubuntu changes, I would just upload and it would enter NEW then?21:47
ScottKblueyed: Yes21:47
jpatrickblueyed: "-n: Specifies that the package is a new package, and requestsync should not attempt to look it up in Ubuntu since it will not exist."21:47
geserblueyed: if you know that the package needs ubuntu changes it doesn't make sense to sync it first and upload then with ubuntu changes21:47
ScottKblueyed: You should also check after it's NEWed to make sure it's put the right place.  Sometimes the archive admins miss stuff.21:48
blueyedgeser: therefore I'm asking if I can just upload it directly. I don't mean to sync it first.21:48
ScottKblueyed: You can.21:48
LutinScottK: does it hurt ? (debhelper 6)21:50
geserLutin: it makes at least backporting a little bit harder21:50
ScottKLutin: It does.  It makes backporting harder.  Random increasing version dependencies isn't a good thing.21:51
mr_pouitScottK: ristretto is already for feisty and gutsy in the xubuntu-team paa21:51
ScottKLutin: Arbitrarily bumping to 4 from 1-3 is required because the earlier compats are deprecated.  4-6 should be set as required.21:51
ScottKmr_pouit: Yes.  Not in an Ubuntu archive.21:51
ScottKAs I understand it we discourage use of 3rd party archives.21:52
LutinI wouldn't really call the xubuntu team ppa '3rd party'21:53
ScottKLutin: It most certainly is.  It's not an Ubuntu archive.21:53
mr_pouitwell, it's as much 3rd party as the backports ^_~21:53
ScottKmr_pouit: Not at all.21:54
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mr_pouitScottK: then stop saying random_thoughts21:54
ScottKBackports is an official (but not enabled by default) Ubuntu repository.21:54
ScottKGo look at the standard installed sources.list and it's there.  Show me your PPA in the same file?21:55
CoperScottK: I have sent up a new release for review of console-freecell I have change from using only debhelper to cdbs and using patchs to fix the man page problem.21:55
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ScottKCoper: I'm unlikley to have any reviewing time today.21:55
LutinScottK: it's not because it's not listed in the official sources.list that it has to be considered just as $random_3rdparty_repo21:57
mr_pouitScottK: so why are you blaming Lutin for bumping the debhelper dependency if you don't care?21:57
ScottKLutin: It's certainly one I'd be more inclined to trust, but it's stil not official.21:57
Coperokey, time to sleep anyway. :)21:58
ScottKmr_pouit: I care about correct packaging, including potential for backporting.21:58
ScottKmr_pouit: If you look at Debian Bug #462547 you'll see he's not the only one I've said this too.21:58
ubotuDebian bug 462547 in clamtk "clamtk 3.70 has build-dep on debhelper 6, but doesn't actually need debhelper 6" [Minor,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/46254721:58
mr_pouitScottK: debhelper 6 is correct, and ristretto won't be backported, no issue there21:59
ScottKmr_pouit: This recently came up on debian-devel too as an increasingly common bad practice.21:59
Lutin(compat 6 is the new recommend version btw)21:59
ScottKmr_pouit: Is dephelper 6 required for the package?  I think not because it's fine in Debian without it.22:00
mr_pouit4 or 5 is ok. But using 6 won't break the package...22:00
ScottKmr_pouit: Are you the sole determiner of what packages get backported?22:00
mr_pouitScottK: No, you are :þ22:00
ScottKmr_pouit: Right, so no reason to push it to 6 and limit the possiblities later.22:00
ScottKI like to preserve the option when there isn't a reason to forclose it.22:01
ScottKTaken to an extreme, maybe we should have a script that goes through the archive and bumps everything to 6?22:01
mr_pouityeah, and everything to cdbs, that's not fun otherwise =]22:02
ScottKAlso, since we are by policy supposed to try and minimize our diff with Debian, it's bad for that reason too.22:02
StevenKUsually bumping from one debhelper compat level to another won't cause failures22:02
ScottKStevenK: Agreed, but it provides no benifit and only limits possibilities if new features of the compat level aren't used.22:03
LutinScottK: as long as there's a diff, I doubt a 2-bytes change matters much, diff-wise22:04
ScottKThis is true, but why make it harder?22:06
Lutinif it makes harder for you you do have a problem22:06
ScottKImagine a year from now Debian incorporates the other changes leaving that the only diff.  Somone else merges it and assumes you bumped it for a reason and keeps that diff.  We've now lost the chance to have the package auto sync'ed for no valid reason.22:07
slangasekScottK: how goes the bdb pruning effort?22:07
ScottKslangasek: Well getting libdb4.6-ruby out of bin New would help ...22:07
ScottK$WORK kind of has a hold of me right now, but maybe over the weekend I'll make another attack at it.22:08
LutinScottK: then you would catch whoever did that22:08
slangasekScottK: heh, hint taken.  I was asking because I'm rebuilding kolab-cyrus-imapd for libldap, and noticed a build-dep on libdb4.2-dev; I suppose you haven't looked at that one at all since it's 4.2?22:09
ScottKLutin: Probably not 'cause I don't see everyting.22:09
ScottKslangasek: I did look at it.  I think it needs to be on the same bdb version as (I'm blanking on the other bdb4.2 package) and so I was going to look at them together.22:10
slangasekcyrus-imapd-2.2 maybe?22:10
ScottKThat's the one.22:10
slangasekcurrently, that one's building against db4.3 ;)22:10
ScottKOK.  Well then it probably doesn't matter.  I just hadn't looked through it.22:11
slangasekok, no worries22:11
ScottKI'm pretty sure kolab can be bumped to 4.6 then.22:11
ScottKThat and Kolab in Debian/Ubuntu is somewhat broken anyway last I looked, so downside risk is low.22:12
slangasekwell, I'm not in a hurry to make the db changes if no one's looked through them yet, I was just checking whether it was something that could be batched up with the ldap rebuild22:12
ScottKI think it can22:13
ScottKThe one thing I wasn't sure about was the synchronizaton with cyrus which is clearly not an issue.22:13
slangasekScottK: the package uses BDB transactions, and I don't see any upgrade handling in the maintainer scripts; is this handled some other way within the upstream source?22:16
anthonyQuestion: Once u-u-s is subscribed to a bug with an attached fix, how long would you estimate it normally takes for it to get uploaded and closed?22:16
ScottKslangasek: Urgh.  Nevermind then.  I'll add it to my transactions list to deal with.22:17
ScottKanthony: Anywhere from 30 minutes to several weeks.  There's just no telling.22:17
ScottKslangasek: Sorry about that.  I thought I'd checked Kolab for that.22:18
slangasekScottK: ok, again no worries :)22:18
anthonyScottK: Ah, all righty then.22:18
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ScottKSeen on the web - "I did hear many complaints about Vista before buying it, but I frankly did not believe that it could be that bad, especially after as much as a year since its launch. You've got to see it to believe it!"22:33
slangasekScottK: ohwell, kolab-cyrus-imapd also has 64-bit issues with the new ldap anyway, so I'm giving the Debian maintainer time to act on this22:34
ScottKOK.  Maybe that'll motivate him to update to a newer release.  Last I heard he was declining for reasons that didn't make a lot of sense to me (IIRC it's been about 6 months).22:35
james_wHi all. The libx11-dev in Debian experimental has dropped the dependency on libxext-dev. This means that all the work done by MOTUs in adding Build-Depends: libxext-dev is now applicable there.22:41
james_wIf you fixed this in a package, or you come across one with the fix, please forward it to Debian, telling them that it applies to experimental, but it will be a FTBFS serious bug at some point.22:42
slangasekI think that's been the status quo in Debian experimental for months already, fwiw22:43
james_wsee http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=464593 for an example.22:44
ubotuDebian bug 464593 in 9menu "9menu: Needs to Build-Depend on libxext-dev" [Important,Open]22:44
james_wslangasek: I hadn't noticed until now, but there doesn't seem to have been a MBF for it, and Ubuntu has the patches, so we can help.22:44
* slangasek nods22:45
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wallyweekg'night all23:09
asantoniHi guys, I have a problem with REVU23:11
asantoniI used to have an account before the server wipe, but now it's gone apparently23:12
asantoniI still have my Launchpad account (with my GPG key registered), and I'm still a member of the contributors group, so how do I get my REVU account back?23:12
tsmitheasantoni, you need to upload a new package, and recover your login on the revu site23:13
asantoni(username is gamegod on Launchpad, old REVU account was gamegod@users.sourceforge.net)23:13
asantonitsmithe: ok, I tried uploaded a package a few minutes ago, and it hasn't appeared23:13
asantoni(like 20 mins ago)23:13
RainCTgood night23:14
tsmitheasantoni, was it a source package, not binary?23:14
asantonioh crap23:14
asantoniyes, it appears I uploaded the i386 binary23:15
RAOFdebuild -S is your friend :)23:15
asantoniRAOF: yeah, I used pdebuild23:16
asantoniit's all nicely rolled into Mixxx's build system now though, hah23:16
tsmitheguys, do you think that, as the "Fluid" soundfont is distributed with a file (README.doc) claiming it to be released to the public domain?23:17
tsmithe*, we can distribute it?23:17
tsmitheTheMuso, how does one find out?23:18
RAOFSounds OK to me, although "Public domain" apparently means different things in different countries.23:18
TheMusotsmithe: I am no license expert, so I don't know.23:18
tsmithebecause if it were ok, it would mean a distributable GM soundfont23:18
tsmithewhich would make a lot of people very happy23:19
tsmithei could always package it up, and see what happens23:21
asantoniI'm missing the source package still after "debuild -S" for some reason23:22
asantoni(updated the paste with some output)23:24
mok0asantoni: it's not missing?23:25
asantonimok0: hmmm23:26
tsmitheasantoni, try 'debuild -S -sa'23:26
asantoniwhen I uploaded, I used "dput revu *.changes"23:26
mok0asantoni: _source.changes?23:26
asantoniwell, there's no *_source.changes files23:26
asantonitsmithe: will try, thanks23:27
mok0asantoni: you need that23:27
mok0asantoni: ^^^23:27
asantoniok, that makes sense :)23:27
asantoninuts, same problem (new paste): http://pastebin.ca/89564623:31
tsmitheasantoni, no no. the files will be created in ../23:33
tsmithealso, you don't need sudo23:33
asantoniaha, I have a "mixxx_1.6.0beta1-0ubuntu1_source.changes"23:33
asantonitsmithe: the debs usually end up in /var/cache/pbuilder/result, and I'm too lazy to change the permissions or something23:33
asantonibut yes, I know I'm an idiot for running that as root :)23:34
tsmitheyes, pbuilder requires sudo. but debuild doesn't :)23:34
asantoniahhh ok23:34
asantonithanks :)23:34
tsmitheanyway, i'm off to bed now - night!23:34
asantonigood ngiht!23:35
* asantoni is uploading with the _source.changes now23:36
asantoniwoohoo, upload worked, thanks guys! http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?package=mixxx23:41
blueyedIs it sensible to add yourself to "Author(s)" in debian/copyright, when fixing something in a package? (It's in a debdiff, which I wanted to sponsor)23:53
crimsunI suppose you /could/, but I would argue it's not sensible unless you get the blessing of the author(s).23:55
james_wblueyed: it's not usually done, however I guess if the author makes a huge change to the project that would mean that upstream would (should?) add a copyright statement for them it could be sensible.23:55
blueyedwell, it's a minor bashism fix, so I'll request a new debdiff.23:57
blueyedHow can I find out if a package has been removed in Debian? apt-cache madison does not show it anymore and I could not find it on p.d.o or anything on bugs.debian.org.23:57

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