asacUbulette: can we stay with b3 until release on head?00:14
Ubulette_asac, sure but i'll probably fork the branch as my bot needs a b4pre buildable branch.00:29
asacalready broken again?00:30
Ubulette_your fault :) the >= b3 << b400:30
Ubulette_plus patches that needs to be removed00:31
Ubulette_btw, b3rc2 in my ppa is still corrupted on ati so it may be either cairo or the subpixel patch00:32
Ubulette_and a friend reported to me that gradients are not well rendered on i81000:32
asacUbulette_: ask for EXA XAA on i81000:34
Ubulette_the corruption i see on ati is always a part of my desktop so it looks like an uninitialized pixmap or something like that. I wonder why it's on ati only00:35
asacwell ... its for XAA on ati ... its most likely that the driver doesn't initialize X windows in the same way as other drivers do :)00:37
Ubulette_but the caller must not rely on initial content for rendering, it has to paint the whole surface with something00:38
Ubulette_i've written a lot of code using cairo and even with alpha colors, it's bad to not paint the background thinking it doesn't matter as it's supposed to be transparent.00:40
asacyeah ... ppure speculation00:40
asacin any case00:40
asaci think its cairo issue00:40
Ubulette_we could try to rebuild cairo without the subpixel patch and see if it's better or not00:41
asacwell ... i am pretty sure that i seee the same with in-source cairo.00:42
asacbut worth a try anyway00:42
asacif not, we can test the same package on gutsy and if its gone its X server00:42
Ubulette_really ? noone else reported that with nightlies00:42
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asacUbulette: what do you mean?00:44
asacwhich group do are you referring to by "noone"? people that use upstream mozilla?00:45
Ubulettesome users in the forum are running the moz nightly builds on hardy, none of them reported corruption but I can ask to be sure00:45
asacUbulette: well i see it ... you see it ... they most likely just didn't complain :)00:46
asacwould be interesting to see if upstream builds expose the same behaviour in hardy00:46
Ubulettewell, i've never seen that using a nightly.. i'll retry tomorrow00:47
asacyou mean upstream nightly?00:47
asacoh ... ok. then cairo is worth a shot i guess00:48
asacis that subpixel patch old (so it might have been rotten over time)?00:48
Ubulettesynced by it's author at 1.5.4, we're at 1.5.800:58
Ubulettethere was only 1.5.6 in between00:58
Ubulettehm, could also be gtk now that I think of it.01:00
Ubulettewell, i'll see that later01:00
Ubulettebed time01:00
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[reed]asac: ping07:07
[reed]mozilla bug 41589007:08
ubotuMozilla bug 415890 in Mail Window Front End "Help -> Release Notes points to an invalid address for custom builds" [Trivial,Assigned] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41589007:08
asac[reed]: what about that bug?09:23
[reed]that's the same issue that you were going to work around09:23
asacyeah ... true ... but not anymore :)09:25
asacwe used a different app name for beta testing ... in bzr head we returned to normal name already09:25
asacpersonally i don't know why a menu entry for release notes is needed at all.09:26
asacis there anyone reading those that couldn't find them on the net?09:26
[reed]you'd be surprised :)09:36
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Ubuletteasac, someone in the forum reported that miro has some rendering issues caused by xul 1.9: http://geekport.com/files/mirocrop.png20:04
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