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mythtv_is there going to be imon pad support in lircd or do i have to compile from source01:54
baalanyone using an Imon remote control ?02:04
Siph0nhey, is it better to hook my computer to my plasma tv with an svideo cable? or VGA cable?02:07
Siph0nall i want to do is watch movies from my comp on my tv02:07
alexvd_vga cable02:18
alexvd_svideo is limited to 480p02:19
Siph0nok, what is vga limited to? :)02:19
alexvd_how old is plasma02:20
alexvd_you should be able to full output all the way up to 108002:20
Siph0nok! :) i just got this plasma 3 weeks ago02:20
alexvd_I am not a plasma expert but if you do a check in your manual it will usually tell you what it outputs on what interface02:21
Siph0nok :) thx02:21
alexvd_i am guessing it should have no issue doing 1080i02:21
alexvd_if it can do 1080p speciffy that in your xorg02:21
Siph0nwell this plasma tv is only a 720p02:22
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Tuv0kbasically, like this guy asks, is there a way to just use nuvexport as a jon?03:12
Tuv0kI've hunted for documentation but cant see anything that mentions it. Is03:13
Tuv0kit even possible?03:13
superm1yeah it is possible03:40
superm1user job03:40
superm1you'd have to script the commands into a text file i'd suppose03:42
superm1something like nuvexport < blah.txt03:42
Tuv0kLike that script?04:11
superm1yeah that looks pretty good04:13
MythbuntuGuest08hi all16:10
MythbuntuGuest08I'm upgrade mythbuntu to hardy, and the last update broke allmost all plugins. Do you know if will be an updated packages soon ?16:12
directhex|bspmaybe. maybe not. that's the fun of running pre-release unstable software16:25
superm1MythbuntuGuest08, yes they will be available this week17:03
superm1MythbuntuGuest08, if you want to grab them, let me get you a link17:04
superm1they're already built, just waiting in the NEW section of the hardy queue for archive admin ack17:04
superm1expand the mythplugins thing on that page17:05
superm1and you can grab any of the binaries that you wanted/needed17:05
MythbuntuGuest08superml, thanks a lot I checkit when i return home.17:20
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npurcifulwhats going on18:01
feshaDoes anyone have MythTV and Fiber optic TV?18:21
feshaI am having trouble with how to gwt Myth Tv to work with the set top box18:22
hendrixskifesha, if nobody here knows, someone might answer faster on #mythtv-users18:24
superm1fesha, i'd like to hear on that too though :)18:27
superm1ATT uverse is avail in my area18:27
hendrixskihhmm, this is strange.  Ubuntu's mythtv packages are built with --compile-type=debug... but mythplugins are not.  Is there a reason why?18:27
superm1that should be sourced from the config file included in mythplugin build18:27
superm1when it includes libmyth-dev18:28
hendrixskiI do want to debug something in a mythtv plugin I'm modifying...18:29
superm1well i'm pretty sure that parameter carries over18:29
superm1but in case it doesnt , we can fix the build :)18:29
hendrixskisuperm1, the debug debug symbol parameter?18:30
hendrixskiwhere does debian store the symbols anyway?18:31
superm1when the package crashes the package gets grabbed18:31
superm1its a .ddeb18:31
* hendrixski confused... packages crash?18:32
hendrixskioh, so if the program crashes it grabs the debug package automatically?18:32
superm1when a binary in the package crashes18:32
superm1or if the package upgrade crashes18:32
superm1both cases trigger apport18:33
superm1or package removal too18:33
hendrixskiah, now apport is that thing that reports useful information from the crashes, right?18:34
superm1including stack traces18:34
superm1which it builds from debug symbols18:34
hendrixskiah... wow, I totally didn't see that anywhere while googling this before :-/18:34
superm1that discusses it all18:35
superm1and that is useful to see18:35
superm1some stuff has changed to an extent though18:35
superm1i want to say the ddebs are stored somewhere else18:35
superm1but i dont know where the updated spec is on it18:35
hendrixskiaha, and I can use those symbols with stepping through gdb the same way that apport does, right?18:36
superm1i'm pretty sure that you should be able to18:36
superm1that will explain the process18:36
superm1of how the crash report is made18:36
superm1and where it shows up18:36
superm1so the apport-retrace command is probably what is most useful for you18:37
hendrixski:-) and gdb on Ubuntu is patched to read wherever it is that those ddebs store the symbols right?  or would I need to configure it to look there myself?18:38
hendrixski... :-p or should I be asking this question on Ubuntu-motu instead :-p18:38
superm1you'll have to look at how apport does it in more depth to see18:38
superm1ubuntu-devel might be the better place to ask if you cant sort it out yourself18:38
hendrixskiah Ok18:39
hendrixskiso I'll read the links you sent me and then ask on ubuntu-devel if I need to18:39
superm1best of luck :)18:39
hendrixskithanks superm1, that really clears it up a lot for me18:39
npurcifulhey superm1: doing another build20:50
npurcifulgot a question i am starting over mythconverg db but i want to keep my show recording information so i copy 'data' form record* to new db is there anything else?21:07
hendrixskinpurciful, umm, I think so lemme double check21:22
hendrixskiit does interact with channel, record_temp, recordmatch, recordpasswd, etc.21:26
hendrixskiyou might want to look at what you have in those as well, if it's required information21:26
hendrixskiman, I can't get debug symbol packages into a repository.  apt-ftparchive and dpkg-scanpackages just don't pick them up :-(21:28
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npurcifulhendrixski: hey i checked out channel (pulled that form listings SD), recordtemp (havent got that table), recordmatch ( populates on backend startup), recordpasswd (no passwords)21:35
npurcifuli transfered data and it seems to be running normal21:36
hendrixskinpurciful, nice.  Yeah, I just looked up a few diagrams of what other information that table might possibly need, hoping that it would help avoid any crashes.21:37
npurcifulyep everything seem to be cool21:56
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javatexanhey guys...I am having trouble getting a new FE to connect to existing BE....Its almost like the port is not open to the 'public', just on localhost.  Anyone have that before?22:35
directhexjavatexan, that would be pretty normal behaviour22:51
directhexjavatexan, 1) ensure mysql is network-enabled (it's off by default in debian-based distros) 2) go into mythtv-setup and ensure mythbackend is bound to a network address, not
javatexanwell I am on mythbuntu....22:52
directhexsame rules apply22:53
directhexthe file you want is /etc/mysql/my.cnf, update bind-address with a network address22:54
javatexanokay...him work22:55
javatexanthank you22:55
javatexanwow...this is getting easier and easier to understand.  Crap! I am being assimulated.....NO!!!   LMAO22:56
lime4x4anyone here farmilar with vnc?23:24
lime4x4i was able to vnc into my mythbox now i can't i get the following error "no password configured for VNC auth23:25

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