^Elfboywould some one know how o can set ftp so i can load thing and stuff to server04:08
^Elfboyor point me to something to read04:09
ScottK2Don't use ftp.  It's insecure.04:10
^Elfboywhat shojuld i use04:10
ScottK2You can use sftp.  On ubuntu-server you just have to install the openssh-server04:10
^Elfboyopenssh-server is install04:11
^Elfboyi can ssh in to server from laptoop04:12
^Elfboyuseing locAL host04:12
susscorfahi does anyone know a good way of backuping to a server without rsync on the destination04:12
ScottK^Elfboy: Then if you have an sftp client on the laptop, you'll be able to use sftp.04:14
^Elfboysftp in term04:14
^Elfboyis there a ugi04:14
ScottKThat'll work or there are gui clients04:14
ScottKWhat is the laptop04:15
ScottKGnome or KDE04:15
ScottKKonqueror will do it.04:15
^Elfboylet me try04:16
ScottKsusscorfa: My first thought is install rsync.04:16
susscorfai dont have admin rights otherwise i would have done that04:16
susscorfascp ing a few gigs every time is not realy a option04:17
^ElfboyScottK:  thanks man04:17
ScottK^Elfboy: You're welcome.  That'll work if you want to switch to Kubuntu too...04:17
ScottKsusscorfa: I don't have a suggestion that doesn't involve having rights to install stuff on one end.04:19
susscorfahmm ok ill look on04:19
^Elfboyok back04:28
^Elfboyi have the sftp set up in server04:28
^Elfboywhen i tryed to move fil i get access denied04:28
^Elfboyin server was there some thing i need to change ?04:30
^ElfboyScottK: u around04:35
^Elfboyi got in the server  but cant remove or add anything04:39
ScottKGenerally you access sftp as a normal user and copy onto the server in your home directory.  From there you can use sudo cp or sudo mv to put the files where you want them.04:39
^Elfboy i get access denied04:39
ScottKYou need to move stuff to where you have full rights.04:39
^Elfboyon gentoo i have rights to all04:40
ScottKThat doesn't sound very secure.04:41
^Elfboyi change permasion in /home/user04:42
^Elfboyshold work04:42
ScottKAnd make sure you login in with the same user via sftp04:42
^Elfboyok i give up05:04
^Elfboyhi hi05:05
^Elfboyis there a better sftp then konr05:06
^Elfboyose thats one is not working for mr to good05:06
* antdedyet gets ready to find server release notes for ubuntu hardy alpha 4 05:06
^Elfboyim runing gentoo-kde05:08
ScottK^Elfboy: It works great on Kubuntu, so I don't know what to tell you.05:29
^Elfboybeats me05:30
^Elfboyim o gentoo05:31
^Elfboycan some tell me where i can read on how to use term as sftp05:48
antdedyetScottK: you are up for MOTU soon. Cool!06:02
CrummyGummyHi all, I'm trying to upgrade my Feisty box to Gutsy. It keeps aborting with no error. Any ideas where to look?06:40
nealmcbwow - long server team meeting today - lots of good work - kudos to the team!06:41
CrummyGummyMaybe its got something to do with this. ->  sshd[27882]: fatal: Cannot bind any address.06:46
faulkes-thats interesting07:07
faulkes-what does ifconfig say about your network interfaces07:07
faulkes-unless you've told sshd to bind only to certain addresses, it should bind to loopback/localhost as well07:08
CrummyGummyI havn't restricted the binding to sshd. I'll put my ifconfig on pastebin. I don't think this is my real problem but I noticed that the advertised sshd on 9004 didn't work on my other box during upgrade.07:13
CrummyGummyI think that the problem is that nfs-common is being kept back. I'm not sure how to upgrade this.07:14
CrummyGummyI can't remove it because /var/cache/apt/archives is mounted on nfs.07:15
faulkes-well, yes, I think you can discount the sshd message, the network stack seems to be up07:24
faulkes-I take it nfs is on the 10 network07:24
faulkes-and /var/cache/apt/archives is mounted RO?07:24
CrummyGummyYes its on the 10 network, no its rw,07:26
faulkes-ok, I'm new, so forgive me this question, is there a particular reason you can't remove it because it's mounted via nfs?07:27
CrummyGummyapt uses /var/cache/apt/archives which is mounted via nfs so I can't remove nfs-common. Or is that dumb?07:30
faulkes-I'm not an apt expert so I couldn't say07:31
faulkes-is there a reason you need /var/cache/apt/archives mounted via nfs or a particular reason for that setup?07:32
CrummyGummySaves on bw costs. Its not a huge issue but its a saving non the less.07:34
faulkes-and you are doing what for the upgrade, "sudo apt dist-upgrade" or some such?07:35
faulkes-all these scientists really need to find better ways to make us healthy07:36
faulkes-because while I appreciate research showing that drinking 500ml of beet juice / day reduces blood pressure07:37
faulkes-ITS BEET JUICE07:37
CrummyGummyK, I've unmounted it so nothing is using it. nfs-common is still being kept back on dist-upgrade and upgrade.07:37
* CrummyGummy shivers.07:37
CrummyGummyThat sounds aweful.07:37
faulkes-is there a message associated with it being kept back?07:37
CrummyGummyDEBUG demoted: 'binfmt-support gcj-4.1-base gij-4.1 libgcj7-jar libglib1.2 liblzo1 libttf-dev libttf2'07:38
CrummyGummyERROR Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'07:38
CrummyGummyhmmm, that was an hour ago.07:38
CrummyGummylemme look further.07:38
faulkes-no offense to the scientists but if they want to be taken seriously, they should be studying what health benefits a 3 martini lunch provides you07:39
faulkes-alot more people would buy into that kind of health diet07:40
CrummyGummyhehe, that sounds much better.07:40
CrummyGummyfaulkes-: I removed it reinstalled it and the upgrades working now. Thanks.07:45
CrummyGummyit was a wierd dependancy problem...07:46
faulkes-not sure I really did anything but glad to help07:47
CrummyGummylol, its way better than talking to a void...07:48
avatar_% sudo ufw status07:48
avatar_ERROR: problem running ip6tables07:48
faulkes-you're just lucky I can't sleep ;)07:48
faulkes-avatar: do you have ipv6 disabled?07:49
faulkes-I havent really looked at ufw yet so07:50
avatar_faulkes-: ipv6 support was just committed tonight :)07:50
faulkes-iirc from the meeting today it is supposed to be functional with ipv607:50
avatar_appearently with some bugs07:50
avatar_hmm, server meeting was yesterday right?07:51
faulkes-what does  /sbin/ip6tables -L -n report07:52
faulkes-hrmm, so everything appears to be ok there07:54
faulkes-have you looked to see what the status argument is calling in ufw?07:54
avatar_no, i just updated en tried after reading my mail wich about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ufw/+bug/18893407:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 188934 in ufw "default ipv6 policy is block " [Medium,Fix released]07:58
faulkes-not sure I can really help with it more than that08:01
faulkes-and I should crawl into bed so I at least get a couple hours of sleep08:01
avatar_goodnite :)08:02
avatar_i've just started my workig day :)08:02
antdedyetmorning ...08:26
krautwhere do i change the language, which dpkg uses for example for dpkg -l?08:45
avatar_with setting your 'locale' ?08:46
krautavatar_: how with daper?08:48
krautdpkg-reconfigure locale doesn't work08:48
avatar_set LANG=en_US.UTF-808:49
krautwhere do i configure that permanent?08:50
krautlocale shows me allways "LANG=de_DE.UTF-8"08:51
avatar_sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales08:52
avatar_with default locales configured in /etc/environment08:53
krautah, i found the error in /etc/environment08:54
clustyhaving issues getting X running for the server10:01
clustyi am getting "no valid fontpath" fatal X erroe10:02
clustyis it misconfigured or missing packages10:02
tjaaltonhardy install on an ESX-server guest went fine, using our server installation package set (646 packages)10:50
sorentjaalton: Awesome news!10:54
sorentjaalton: I don't see why it wouldn't work, but it's still nice to know :)10:55
tjaaltonyeah, it's pretty straightforward10:56
tjaaltononly thing that I'm normally nervous about is that if the package set installs, since one single package failing to install halts the whole thing :)10:57
tjaaltonbut it's mostly a desktop install issue anyway10:57
tjaalton(conflicts, migrations etc)10:58
tjaaltonand when the next d-i image is built, we'll be able to use ssh-key based remote access to the machine, and monitor the installation logs remotely from a log server (thank you Google :)11:01
nijabatjaalton: any tries with JeOS?11:12
tjaaltonnijaba: no, it would need a special setup. What's special about it? Isn't it just a task which installs a minimal set of packages?11:13
nijabatjaalton: the kernel also has a lot less drivers11:14
nijabaand it seems we were missing some for proper ESX install on 7.1011:14
nijabacould not verify it though11:14
nijabatjaalton: hence my request....11:15
avatar_tjaalton: you tried ons esx 3.5?11:16
tjaaltonthe problem is that the ESX frontend server isn't on public network, so I'm not sure how I'll be able to push the image there :)11:16
avatar_right now i'm installing a few ESX hosts for a customer11:16
avatar_i can spend a few minutes installing JeOS11:17
nijabaavatar_: that would be awsome !11:17
tjaaltonnijaba: seems to be 3.0.211:17
avatar_tjaalton: okay, i'll give it a try on esx 3.511:17
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ScottKantdedyet: I am already a MOTU.  I'm up for core-dev (from the scrollback about 7 hours ago).13:22
sommerhey all13:37
nijabahello sommer13:39
ScottKHello sommer13:49
ScottKHello ivoks14:47
ScottKivoks: pitti gave me some hope I may have an answer on the amavisd-new MIR today.14:48
ScottKSo maybe there's a chance to integrate it into the tasksel.14:48
ivokswe can always add diff once it's accepted14:50
ivoksi would go with very basic setup with amavis14:51
zulhey ivoks14:51
ivokszul: hi14:51
ivokszul: umm... could you just brief me on drbd status in kernel?14:52
zulivoks: its in the archive now14:53
zulas of 2.6.24-6 I believe14:53
=== nijaba_ is now known as nijaba
ivoksit's just in -server kenel?14:53
zulgeneric as well I believe14:54
ivoksoh, i'm on -514:54
zulthat could be your problem :)14:54
ivoksinteresting... i don't have -6, but i do have -5 in archive14:55
ivokser... -714:55
ivoksok, first i'll deal with bacula :D14:56
zul2.2.8 is sitting in merges.ubuntu.com so you might want to merge it first14:58
soren-6 failed to build.14:58
sorenzul: Someone did that earlier today.14:58
sorennorsetto, I belive.14:58
sorenbelieve, even.14:58
sorenMoM just hasn't run since then.14:58
ivokszul: i already have merged them localy...14:58
ivoksi'm working on a diff that would sort some things out..14:58
ivoksi've talked with upstream about changes i'm planing to do, and they are ok with it14:59
ivokswe don't want -sqlite version in main, right?14:59
ivoksjust -mysql and -postgresql?15:00
sorenWhy not -sqlite?15:00
sorenI prefer that one. By far!15:00
ivoksso, we do want it?15:00
ivoksok :)15:00
sorenWhy wouldn't we?15:00
zulwe dont support sqllite dont we?15:01
ivokscause for free you get whole sql :)15:01
sorenSure we do.15:01
sorenIt's just the command line interface for it, that's in universe (which is rather silly, if you ask me).15:01
sorenlibsqlite3-{0,dev,doc} are all in main.15:02
sorenEr... sqlite3-doc. Not libsqlite3-doc.15:02
avatar_pff, vmware--15:02
sorenI think sqlite is sexy.15:02
avatar_indeed, sqlite is nice.15:03
ivoksright, 2.2.8 is merged15:03
ivoksgood to know that most of the ubuntu changes in bacula were accepted in upstream or debian15:04
ScottKlamont: I'm running your postfix 2.4.7 backport to Gutsy on my test server right now.  Upgraded and works without issue.  Thanks.15:24
lamontrock.  I'll push it back to the others then15:25
lamontScottK: and then I just need to know what we're doing for 2.5.1... I figured I'd let Wietse move that past -rc1 before I upload it...15:26
ScottKAh.  Right.15:26
avatar_fresh install of vmware esx. Create new guest, configure it to boot from hardy iso. Power on. Poof, crash :(15:27
ScottKlamont: I'd suggest pushing 2.5.0-1 to Sid/Hardy now and then updating to 2.5.1 when he releases it.  That way you'll get more 'feedback' if there are packaging issues to deal with at the same time.15:27
lamontgood point15:28
mathiazsoren: any tought on the ubuntu-server-bugs mailing list used as a contact email for ubuntu-server LP team ?15:28
mathiazsoren: see my email on ubuntu-server from yesterday15:28
lamontwhich still gets back to "what did ScottK want me to do to postfix, again?" so I can put that into 2.5.0-115:28
mathiazzul: ^^15:28
lamontI'll upload postfix this afternoon15:28
sorenmathiaz: I've seen it and it looks reasonable.15:28
sorenmathiaz: In fact, it looks quite good.15:28
ScottKlamont: I'll ping you with some bug numbers in a few minutes.15:28
lamontob nit.  how about if you ping me and then give me bug numbers. :)15:29
* lamont ducks15:29
zulmathiaz: Ive looked and sounds good to me15:29
lamontbug numbers hurtseses when they bounce off my hull.15:29
* ScottK regrets the lack of ordnance he used to have available when he was in the Navy ...15:30
* faulkes- loves him some good ordnance15:31
ScottKBeing Gunnery Officer on a 10,000 ton Cruiser was fun.15:32
zulits not size of the gun that counts its how you use it15:32
faulkes-hrm, some good ufw feedback on planet16:00
faulkes-or rather, positive feedback in it being liked and being human16:00
ScottKFrom a very prominent Ubuntu blogger too.16:01
hsn_how to resize ntfs partition?16:22
ScottKlamont: I sent you mail on postfix updates to your debian.org address.  Thanks to greylisting you don't have it yet, but it's in the air.16:39
lamontheh.  ok16:40
lamontd.o, u.c, c.c all come the same place in the end16:40
ScottKRight, just figured that was the most reasonable one to send it to since we're discussing Postfix 2.5 in Debian.16:40
lamontthey're all just .forwards or aliases to lamont@m.c16:41
ScottKWell debian.org took the mail, so you should have it now.17:00
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^Elfboyhi all17:12
^Elfboyim trying to install a psybnc on my server but i got this http://www.pastebin.ca/89518917:17
^Elfboysome take a look for me please17:18
zulScottK: ping20:31
zulhow well do you know the clamav maintainer in debian?20:31
ScottKWe've had a not insignificant, but not steady dialogue.20:33
ScottKHe takes some of my Ubuntu changes and tells me to get stuffed when I mess up.20:33
zulIf I ask him about updating freeradius debian nicely how would he take it?20:33
ScottKI think he's not hostile to Ubuntu, but not extremely interested in it.  If you offered help/patches/etc, I think he'd take it well.20:34
zulis he on irc?20:35
ScottKsgran has been idle for 2 hours, 27 minutes, and 38 seconds.20:36
ScottKSort of.20:36
ScottK(on OFTC).20:36
zulok thanks20:39
^Elfboyis there a ftp serveer that will run so i can load  and get stuf odd the server21:38
faulkes-mathiaz: got a good response from forum council on the email, I believe you were cc'd21:41
* ScottK waits for mathiaz to get it done so the bugmail stops.21:42
ScottK... unwanted bugmail ...21:42
mathiazfaulkes-: yes - saw that. Look good ! Thanks for taking this task :)21:44
mathiazScottK: I've asked the creation of ubuntu-server-bugs mailing list.21:44
ScottKmathiaz: Glad to hear it.21:44
mathiazScottK: Once it's created, I'll update the LP configuration.21:44
* ScottK nods21:44
faulkes-mathiaz: I'll work on the first part of what was discussed tonight so it can be reviewed and the forum council can act on it22:08
faulkes-I should have something fleshed out for tomorrow22:09
mathiazfaulkes-: excellent !22:15
jcastroHi guys, is the likewise-open in dendrobates' PPA supposed to work?22:50
jcastroI just tried joining to a domain today and it gave me an error 0004 and was wondering if the package was ready for general consumption22:50
faulkes-I'm not sure on it's readyness (that doesn't it isn't, just that I don't know)22:54
seanyhas anyone had any luck getting LDAP authentication working in 7.10? i'm having a hell of a time getting local logins to work22:54
seanyi want to say i'm hitting a issue with libnss-ldap, but i'm not really sure22:54
faulkes-jcastro, seany, I probably can't help directly but maybe if you put some more details about the issues you're encountering into the channel, one of the fine u-s members can pick it up23:15
seanyi've set it up and it doesn't work :-p23:16
seanyhold on let me type it up23:16
seanyi'm fairly sure i've getting caught on this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnss-ldap/+bug/15594723:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 155947 in libnss-ldap "ldap config  causes Ubuntu to hang at a reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:17
seanyi setup openldap +samba like i normally would have, and when i get to changing the pam stuff, when ever i reboot the machine it hangs after trying to login23:18
seanysome times it will let me enter a user and pw, other times just a user23:18
jcastrofaulkes-: well, I can't even find a log for the likewise thing, so I guess I'll just wait until it hits universe and give it a shot23:18
seanywhen it's in this state all of the external services are down, can't ping it, no ssh etc23:18
mathiazjcastro: a new version of likewise has been uploaded to dendrobates' ppa23:19
mathiazjcastro: and published about an hour ago23:19
seanybooting into single user mode and starting things manually gets me to a place where things are usable, and i can fire off services one at a time to get things working, but that's not a solution23:19
jcastromathiaz: I don't have an AD environment at home but I can get to one during lunch, I'll give it a shot tomorrow23:19
mathiazjcastro: looking into the source code, your error code seems to be CENTERROR_DOMAINJOIN_NO_ETH_ITF_CFG_FILE23:55
jcastromathiaz: I just installed the package and tried to join via the cli command, I must have missed a configuration step someplace23:59
* jcastro failed to read documentation23:59

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